We all know that those on the Left have a long history of accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of doing.  ‘BO’ was, by most accounts, pretty much of a foreign policy flop, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden was, and remains to this day, a crook, and it was Hitlery who colluded with the Russian far more than Donald Trump ever even thought of doing.  And so on and on it goes with these people.  And it might be worth mentioning that ‘BO’ was the very first American president in history to be viewed negatively by a vast majority of Israelis. Less than 10% viewed him favorably whereas President Trump is the most popular American president in their history.  Just saying.

All of which, it just so happens, brings me to ex-president ‘BO’ and something he said in a recent interview on the “Pod Save America” podcast that he gave just this past Wednesday.  You see it was then that ‘BO’ claimed that President Trump didn’t “have the patience and the focus to really substantially change a lot of U.S. foreign policy.”  Tommy Vietor, who is someone billed as being a ‘political commentator and podcaster’ asked ‘BO’, “You spent countless hours with Vice President Biden talking about national security. What did you learn about how he thinks about diplomacy and counterterrorism and the use of military force that others would not have seen?”

‘BO’ responded by saying, “Well, a couple of things. One, and I think this is most important, is when people ask me what surprised me most about the presidency, you know, what I always tell them is: I understood but didn’t fully appreciate the degree to which we kind of underwrite the international order. And in the sense that even our enemies can expect us to behave like adults on the international stage. You know, if there’s a crisis somewhere, people don’t call Moscow or Beijing. They call us and say, ‘What are we going to do to help?’ If there is ethnic cleansing, if there is a conflict, if there is a natural disaster.”  What a bunch of typical ‘BO’ malarkey!!!

‘BO’ went on to say, “And the reason that we can serve in that role, even if we’re not perfect, is that we have the infrastructure. We have experienced diplomats. We have institutional traditions that allow us to show leadership on the international stage — whether it’s in the Paris Peace Accords, whether it’s on the Iran Deal, you name it.”  And ‘BO’ continued, “The thing that over the last four years, it’s not as if Trump has been all that active internationally. I mean, the truth is he doesn’t have the patience and the focus to really substantially change a lot of US foreign policy. What he’s done is he’s systematically tried to decimate our entire foreign policy infrastructure.”

‘BO’ said, “And the thing I know about Joe is that he respects people who know history and have expertise, and he’s going to pay attention to somebody who has worked in Africa to find out, like, ‘how should I deal with a particular crisis there’ as opposed to calling it a bunch of I won’t say the word countries, right? He has a respect and understanding for what American leadership can do.”  Right, so we’re supposed to believe that the guy of whom it has been said has been wrong on every important foreign policy and national security issue for the last 40 years “has a respect and understanding for what American leadership can do.”  How crazy is that?

So we have this guy, ‘BO’, who on his way to becoming president, went from being a community agitator to a mediocre state senator before then completing 2 years of 6 year term as a U.S Senator.  A guy who possessed virtually zero experience of any kind when it came to dealing with individuals on the level of world leaders, who is now offering up a lame critique of a successful businessman who brokered deals all over the world for 40 years and become a billionaire in the process. These empty suits are inflated by hot air from a complicit media propping up what it is that they created.  I’m thinking that perhaps ‘BO’ needs to get out of Martha’s Vineyard a bit more.

Let’s face it, the ‘BO’ doctrine consisted of an eight year apology tour, pallets of cash sent to a country that supports terrorism, a red line drawn in Syrian sand, allowing four Americans to die in Benghazi, one of which was our ambassador, appeasing Vlad Putin by not providing a missile defense system to two NATO allies and on and on.  Since then it has been the Trump Doctrine that has gotten us out of endless wars, defeated ISIS, blocked Iran from developing nukes, brokered record setting peace accords between Israel and Moslem nations, settled tensions with North Korea and restructured horrible trade deals.  President Trump seems pretty focused to me.

And lest we forget it was also ‘BO’ who chose interfere in the 2015 Israeli election in an attempt to defeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and then chose to mislead Congress about what had been done.  But we are rarely if EVER reminded about that.  But as we have seen, ‘BO’ also has a penchant for interfering in elections right here at home.  ‘BO’ tries to sound so smart, experienced and measured.  But minus his ever-present teleprompter he spews nothing but gibberish.  President Trump talks less and does more. His foreign policy has been refreshingly pro-American whereas that of ‘BO,’ and perhaps to a lesser degree that of G.W. Bush, was very much less so.

And compared to his immediate predecessor it’s President Donald Trump who has now been nominated, not once, but three times for the Nobel Peace Prize for exactly what this clown, ‘BO,’ once claimed could NEVER be done, but also claims is something that President Trump would be incapable of doing, changing foreign policy to usher in peace in the Middle East through use of economic cooperation rather than military intervention. Three different countries have now nominated President Trump for his unique approach to foreign policy initiatives that started four years ago.  Now remind me again, what was it that ‘BO’ was nominated for?  Oh, that’s right, getting elected!

To be perfectly blunt, President Trump has accomplished more in less than four years in his effort to get American foreign policy back on track than ‘BO’ did, with the assistance of inept boobs like Hitlery and John Kerry-Heinz, in eight long years of bowing and kissing rings. ‘BO’ was nothing less than an unmitigated disaster in all areas of American foreign policy!  The entire premise of the ‘BO’ Doctrine had America leading from behind and relinquishing the leadership role it had held since the end of WW II.  And it was in so doing that ‘BO’ was responsible for creating a vacuum, a vacuum begging to be filled by the world’s more unsavory players.  

And finally, it’s in ‘BO’ that we have someone who tried to overthrow a sitting U.S. president, someone who actually funded terrorism and who was, without a doubt, the most corrupt president ever to be elected in our history. He is someone who set race relations in this country back more than 50 years, and being the nation’s first black president that should be seen as unforgivable.  Sadly, we are still dealing with the consequences of his being elected.  He was handed a golden opportunity to change our country in a positive way, but he chose to piss it all away choosing instead to be consumed by the politics of his leftist mentors.  His time in office was such a waste.

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