I cannot be the only person in all of America who wishes that Hitlery would simply die in her sleep and by so doing removing any and all possibility that I would ever again be made to set eyes on her.  She is the personification of evil, and if Democrats were ever to be honest with the rest of us, which is unlikely to happen, they too would admit that they would be much better off, as a party, if they were wake up tomorrow to the news that Hitlery had passed away during the night.  But as luck would have it, she seems to be like that damn ‘Ever-Ready’ rabbit, stubbornly hanging onto life.  

It was a Tuesday of this week, on ‘comedian’ Conan O’Brien’s podcast “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend,” that our ex-secretary of state and failed 2016 Democrat candidate for president said that she hoped President Trump would soon be defeated.  Hitlery’s anger at having lost the 2016 election has never subsided, as she has yet to get over her humiliating defeat.  All the negativity over President Trump during the last four years was initially generated by Hitlery and she feels no remorse for all that she has put this country through.  She has no conscience, she has no shame.

Hitlery said, “I do think that we have to admit that we’ve made progress. We’ve made progress in these two really thorny, difficult areas of our communal life namely, namely race and sex. We’ve seen racism, and we’ve seen sexism that we’ve had to fight against and overcome, and we’ve had to change the laws, and there’s a constant pushback that sometimes is not as visible or effective as it can become. So when I look at where we are, I think that Trump and his enablers gave a lot of permission to people to say things and act in ways that were deeply racist and misogynistic.”

She said, “Part of what I hope part of this election will be about is reclaiming any ground that’s been lost and continue to push forward because it’s unfinished business. If anybody lived through the last months, how can you not see the need for a moral reckoning with systemic racism? How can you deny that?” O’Brien said, “You do not have to be an ethicist to know that this president has completely undermined the norms of behavior, and as a dad, I’m embarrassed. I’m embarrassed, and I’ve, several times, said to my kids, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that this is the president that you’ve got.”

Hitlery said, “This is an aberration. I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of presidents, Republicans and Democrats, and on human level, as you’re describing, you could feel the humanity. You could sense the values whether you agreed with them or not. But you knew that this was a person who had thought a lot and really struggled and often overcame problems in his or her own life.”  She added, “What we’re going through now is so different from anything that I think we’ve ever experienced, really. So I’m hoping that we end this experiment, this national nightmare, in this election.” 

The only national nightmare that we the American people are forced to endure is the one where we wake every day and realize that corrupt politicians with names like Schumer, Pelosi, Durbin and Clyburn to name but a few, are still permitted any role in the running of this country and that those like Hitlery and ‘BO’ are still paid attention to as if they had ANYTHING to say worth listening to.  And it’s people such as these who define our “national nightmare” as Americans having too much freedom, having a job, the right to free speech and the right to keep themselves and their families safe.

Actually, in truth, our true national nightmare will come about if it’s ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ who win on November 3.  A national nightmare that will essentially open the floodgates when it comes to the butchering of our babies, up to and even after the moment of birth, illegals allowed to come into the country pretty much at will, the calling for an end to ALL fossil fuels driving up energy costs, federal judges having the power and authority to silence free speech, and where mayors and governors are able to close churches while allowing bars, strip clubs and abortion clinics to stay open.

No, our national nightmare continues to be fueled by those in the Democrat Party and it will only come to an end when enough of the American people come to recognize that the Democrat Party of 2020 bears very little resemblance to the Democrat Party of 1970, 1990 or even of 2010 and relegate it to its rightful place on the outer fringe of American politics.  These people can no longer be trusted when it comes to the everyday running of our country, they have repeatedly demonstrated that theirs is not a quest to make America better for all, but a quest for more power for themselves.

This is all about the party’s inability to come to grips with the fact that they lost in 2016. They disagree with the existence of the Electoral College in favor of a popular vote that the Founders knew could be corrupted, hence the check and balance of the Electoral College.  But it also goes well beyond just elections. This is about the progressive left trying to redefine America’s political, cultural, and economic values to conform with their ‘progressive’ definition of America.  Unfortunately, the conservative media is not fighting on all the fronts. It is reactionary, not proactive.

And it’s hypocritical, don’t you think, how these Democrats demand that President Trump answer the question about accepting the outcome of the coming election when she, and her entire party, has yet to accept the outcome of the election that took place four years ago. And now they question this President about peacefully transitioning power when the handoff was NEVER made to his Administration.  Instead, we have FBI Agents sauntering about the White House interviewing Senior Staff Members without predicate and to then concoct baseless charges.

And as we get closer to our next election, my biggest fear, even after all the crimes that Democrats have openly committed and openly advocated, there will still be enough gullible Americans who will accept their fake return to the middle. The Democrat Party is not, never has been, and never will be a moderate, center-left party.  Democrats are hardcore leftists, extreme in their positions regardless of the issue.  And to see them as being anything other than that places the future of this great country in severe jeopardy.  To vote for ANY Democrat is beyond foolish!

Finally, it’s a cornered animal that will make some of the strangest noises one has ever heard, and right now that’s what we’re dealing with as far as the Democrats are concerned.  Because if Donald Trump is reelected Democrats see so much of what they feel they have worked so hard for essentially going up in smoke.  And while I realize the phrase, “The most important election in our lifetime” has come to be rather overused, it is in 2020 that it can safely be said that truer words have NEVER been spoken.  Love him, or hate him, Donald Trump is the right man at the right time!


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