It’s official, according to everyone’s favorite political guru (NOT), ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace, the 2020 presidential race is “absolutely up for grabs.”  He made this stellar observation during a Monday afternoon appearance on “Bill Hemmer Reports.”  Now as far as I’m concerned this election is nothing short of a no-brainer.  As I have said before, you’d have to be a complete moron not to be able recognize exactly what it is that the Democrats wish to turn our country into.   All you have to do is to look at any Democrat run big city and it’s right in front of you, staring you right in the face!

And so, it was as the Republican National Convention began in Charlotte, North Carolina, that anchor Bill Hemmer broke down the most recent polling showing how close of a toss-up the state is, before asking ‘Commie Chris’ to explain how he sees things “breaking right now.”  And ‘Commie Chris’ said, “Well, North Carolina, obviously, is a toss-up.”  And went on to say, “I think you’d say nationally at this point Joe Biden is ahead. He has had a steady lead. Sometimes it goes to double digits. More often it’s more around where it is now, around seven points.” 

‘Commie Chris’ argued that while “Biden is leading,” the overall race “is absolutely up for grabs.”  He said, “You’ve got the Republican convention this week.”  And he said, “You’ve got three presidential debates. Who knows what happens to the coronavirus and the economy over the next 71 days?  So, you know, fasten your seat belts. This is gonna be a bumpy ride.”  Look, I see no reason to waste a second of my time listening to a boob who hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about.  And he appears desperate to convince folks that ‘Creepy Joe’ already has this thing won.  

And it was from there that ‘Commie Chris’ went on to analyze President Trump’s key role in the convention.   He said, “I think Donald Trump thinks, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t think it, that the best weapon Donald Trump has and the thing that appeals most to the Trump base, is Donald Trump.”  And it was from that this boob went on to say, “If he’s the top talent, if he’s the top star, why not put him on the stage as often as you can?”  While I do want to watch the convention, I have no interest in listening to ‘Commie Chris,’ so I’m always poised to hit the ‘mute’ button.

‘Commie Chris’ has long been a part of what is the permanent ‘swamp media.’  He’s another of those who like to pretend to play to the middle but when it comes to trying to raise his status among his contemporaries among the ‘fake news’ elites, as we have seen, he will say whatever he feels he must.  Personally, I’m one of those who happen to be of the opinion that if ‘Commie Chris’ declares the election “up for grabs” then, more than likely, it means that President Trump is way, way ahead.  Because it’s a very rare event when ‘Commie Chris’ is actually right about anything.    

‘Commie Chris’ possesses what is a very clear bias that’s always very obvious in any comments that he makes.  But it’s the rest of the ‘fake news’ media talking heads that are so much worse that his bigotry becomes almost bearable.  There is no advantage for the media to honestly report on President Trump’s obvious advantages.  ‘Creepy Joe’ is obviously demented, and his newly selected running-mate is a flat out racist.  ‘Joe and the Ho’ appear to have gotten ZERO bounce from their convention.  This is the least inspiring campaign since the 2004 campaign of John Kerry-Heinz.

And for whatever bizarre reason ‘Commie Chris’ continues to be someone considered, at least by many of his peers, to be a highly reputable ‘journalist,’ and someone whose opinion is highly regarded.  And I can only assume that because he has now been around so long, those who would not otherwise do so, seem to hold him in rather high regard.  Which is really kind of silly.  ‘Commie Chris’ only pretends to be ‘fair and balanced’ and in his own bizarre way likely thinks he is.  But from the outside looking in, he is most definitely neither fair nor balanced.  He just can’t help himself.

Finally, on a bit of a side note, it has been never before in the history of our country that we have had a political party so consumed by hate as is today’s Democrat Party.  And where I hate what it is that the Democrats are now so desperate to do to my country, the Democrats seem to hate me personally because I object to their desire to destroy the country that I love.  Apparently I am now to simply sit idly by and allow them wreak as much havoc and create as much chaos as they want.  And meanwhile, it’s ‘fake news’ imbeciles like ‘Commie Chris’ who seem to be cheering them on!

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