It was one of the two more prominent leftwing loons on all of ‘Fox News,’ Juan Williams (the other, of course, being Donna Brazile) who offered up what was a rather harsh critique of the Cuban refugee who appeared at the Republican convention and gave a speech during which he dared to speak out against Socialism.  Williams criticized Maximo Alvarez’s speech, describing it as “disgusting” for comparing Democrat nominee ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden “to a communist dictator.”  Alvarez, whose parents escaped Fidel Castro’s Cuba, expressed his support for President Trump in a Monday night convention speech that compared Democrat policies to communism.

This is what is wrong with Democrats, they’re like children in that they never actually listen to what’s being said.  They just go off on some bizarre tangent/rant and make all manner of idiotic, and patently false, accusations.  Mr. Alvarez never called ‘Creepy Joe’ a dictator, he said that he recognizes the rhetoric of communist dictators.  When Castro was asked if he was a communist, he answered, “I’m a Roman Catholic.”  It is true that, oddly enough, ‘Creepy Joe’ claims to be a practicing Catholic, but what Mr. Alvarez was talking about was the Democrats’ rhetoric and how ‘Creepy Joe’ has signed on to the radical agenda the left seeks to implement. 

And it was in his speech that Mr. Alvarez said, “I’m speaking to you today because I have seen people like this before.”  Mr. Alvarez then went on to say, “I’ve seen movements like this before. I’ve seen ideas like this before, and I am here to tell you, we cannot let them take over our country. I heard the promises of Fidel Castro. And I can never forget all those who grew up around me, who look like me, who suffer and starved and died because they believed those empty promises. They swallow their communist poison pill.”  And apparently Williams was none too pleased that Mr. Alvarez would dare to compare Democrats to Communists.  But if the shoe fits…

And it was Greg Gutfeld who called Alvarez’s experience the “best attack on leftism.”  Gutfeld said, “What he was trying to say is if leftism is allowed to take over America, and then there will be no place, period, ever for freedom.”  And, he said, “What if these riots and the arson and the class warfare became like a permanent thing?” he added. “It’s happening in Portland. 90 days now … This is the most important message I think, to get it from somebody who saw it up close in Cuba.”  And Gutfeld was exactly right.  People need to hear from those like Mr. Alvarez who have actually lived under the system that the Democrats are trying to implement here in America.

And as expected, it was Williams who took obvious exception to Mr. Alvarez’s speech, saying, “Hearing a speaker at a major party convention compare Joe Biden to a communist dictator, I thought that was pretty disgusting.”  And Williams then went on to say, “I just thought that was so wild. And again, we know Joe Biden. He’s been around. He is a pro American, moderate politician. So why would anybody think ‘oh, that’s cute,’ or unless it’s just name-calling?”  I can only assume that Mr. Alvarez must have obviously struck a nerve to cause Williams to react in such a manner.  But knowing Williams as we all do we shouldn’t really be all that surprised.  

And then it was Jesse Watters, who I have recently become quite a fan of, who argued that ‘Creepy Joe’ “has left himself open to being attacked on street crime and socialism.”  Watters said, “The Republicans last night shot that gap and just dropped a huge hand grenade there and now it’s a choice.”   And he went on to say, “He’s [Biden’s] not a nice guy, because nice guys don’t let mobs and communists come in and destroy decades of hard work.”  And his assessment, too, was spot on.  I mean, how is it that anyone can listen, and I mean really listen, to what comes out of ‘Creepy Joe’s mouth and not understand what it is that he intends for our country?

And am I the only one who sees it as being more than just a little ironic that Williams seems quite comfortable, even content, in ignoring how it is that the Democrats, along with their numerous cronies in the ‘fake news’ media, routinely accuse President Trump of committing the most heinous acts, comparing him to Hitler and any number of other evil people.  But a guy with firsthand experience living under real, bona fide, tyrants can’t warn us all of how he is now seeing similar signs of tyranny in ‘Creepy Joe,’ and what it is that the Democrat Party is talking about putting into place here in America?  Williams is nothing if not just plain stupid.

And it’s according to this moron, Williams, that a Cuban refugee comparing Democrat policies and responses to what he experienced in Castro’s Cuba is “disgusting”, but sitting Democrat politicians (such as ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters) comparing a sitting U.S. President to Hitler is somehow seen as being acceptable?   What is wrong with these people?  The left is in a state of a total and very complete meltdown today.  And it was very recently that ‘FOX and Friends’ had to cut away during a segment during which the infamous ‘Black Kow’ Donna Brazile became completely unhinged, attacking Tammy Bruce.  Ms. Bruce’s offense?  Again, it was daring to speak the truth.

Williams is, quite literally, out of his cotton-picking mind, and has been for some time now.  He has no problem with Democrats continuing to call President Trump ‘Hitler’ and his supporters “brown shirts.”  Meanwhile, look at what Democrats are allowing, and dare I say seem to be actively encouraging, to take place in numerous cities all they ‘control’ across the country.  Can you imagine what they will allow to take place if the American people are actually foolish enough to put ‘Joe and the Ho’ into office? Maximo Alvarez was warning us of the reality of Socialism and Communism.  His speech was a warning shot to America and, of course, Williams chose not to listen.

According to Williams, ‘Creepy Joe’ “has been around. He is a pro American, moderate politician.”  A moderate?  Pro American?  ‘Creepy Joe?’  Seriously?  Williams really does need to come to grips with the fact that here in 2020 there is no longer any such thing as a moderate Democrat as they, long ago, became officially extinct.  And he’s also lying through his teeth when he describes ‘Creepy Joe’ as being pro-American, he most certainly is not.  Maybe compared to some of the lunatics he is currently surrounded by and will be if he gets elected president.  But even so it’s ‘Joe and the Ho’ who are both nowhere near being either moderate, or pro-American.

Williams has essentially proven how far removed from the suffering of slavery he and every black born in America truly is. His comments on this REAL refugee to America is a statement to the total BS that is the BLM movement.  They know nothing about being abused.  A person who appreciates liberty and opportunity, is the epitome of the American spirit.  Mr. Alvarez is the definition of a GREAT AMERICAN!  Strong, hardworking and knowledgeable.  I always assumed that Williams was just playing the clown, just trying to be contrarian.  But it’s now become painfully clear that he is a true leftist believer and will say whatever he must to further the leftist agenda.

Socialism has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with helping anyone other than those fortunate enough to hold all the power.  And if there is one certainty in this ever changing world it’s that Socialism has never worked wherever and whenever it has been tried.  EVER!!  It has never accomplished any of its objectives anywhere in the world.  It has not made people prosperous, instead it has created only all manner of poverty and abject misery.  It has not expanded liberty and freedom. It has not created more open-mindedness and tolerance.  Socialism is essentially where the citizens of a country hand over their freedom, liberty and individuality to the state.

What Socialism does is to turn everybody into a dependent-on-government-for-survival person. It strips them of self-reliance and individuality, and that’s just the opener.  Now, the thing about Socialism is that in practice, as you live it, it is a hideous and demeaning form of government.  It is presented as a panacea.  It’s presented as utopia. It is presented as complete equality, fairness, and sameness.  It assumes that individuals are not capable of being fair to each other. It assumes that individuals are not willing to share equally. It assumes that individuals are not capable of making the right decisions to live their lives according to the desires of the state.

I think that it can now be very safely stated that ‘Creepy Joe’ has officially sold out to those on the radical left.  He has enthusiastically embraced communist regimes for 47 years, and would likely continue to do so as president.  Williams is very well aware that Mr. Alvarez did not specifically compare ‘Creepy Joe’ to Fidel Castro, what he did do, and very clearly so, was to describe what is now happening in this country and how it could, if the American people are not vigilant, bring about the end of freedom here in America.  And it’s imbeciles like Williams who will say or do whatever they feel is necessary to cast aspersions on those who are only trying to sound the alarm.

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