Crazy Mazie 2

You know, it was once upon a time, and really not all that long ago, that I thought Shelia Jackson Lee and ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters had to be the dumbest things on two legs ever to be elected to the U.S. Congress.  But then I suppose it had to be only a matter of time before even they would be shown to be mere runners-up, or second stringers of a sort, and that someone would come along to surpass even these imbeciles, and in rather spectacular fashion.  And of course it is ‘Crazy Mazie’ Hirono from the great state of Hawaii who did just that, and who has now come to show to both Jackson and Waters what true stupidity really looks like both up close and personal.

And she did so, just this past Wednesday, when she expressed how she is quite sure that members of White House, under President Trump’s administration, do little more than to sit around in the Oval Office brainstorming on all manner of new and better ways to harm illegal immigrants.  It was during a recent appearance with MSNBC dolt, Chris Hayes, that ‘Crazy Mazie’ said, “I think that the Trump Administration people sit around every single day thinking of new ways to be cruel to these migrants.”  And she went on to say, “That’s what they do and tomorrow they will probably come up with something else.”  Yup, by golly, hapless boob has got it all figured out.

‘Crazy Mazie’s’ remarks were in response to questioning regarding the conditions of the nation’s largest family immigrant detention center, which is located in Dilley, Texas.  She had visited the facility back in December 2018, which she claimed at the time was “disturbing.”  She said, “These families should not be detained and that’s the bottom line, and so we’re now contemplating thousands and thousands of migrant families being detained, doing irreparable harm to little children.” And she added, “When I was in Dilley, we can’t forget seeing in one of the areas a little boy just silently crying. Heaven knows what’s going through his mind but, not good.”

And of course she continued by saying, “Clearly, [the detained children] are harmed irreparably.”  And then went on to say, “And our country should not be imposing this kind of cruelty on children.”  So while she witnessed all manner of cruelty there at the border, she is yet another Democrat who remains unconcerned regarding the “irreparable harm” that continues to be inflicted upon the unborn in this country.  She apparently has no issue with that.  Which, at least to my way of thinking, would make her out to be a far more depraved individual than Donald Trump has ever even thought of being.  But then she is a Democrat, so being depraved is to be expected.

Anyway, it was actually back during the administration of Barry ‘O’ that the federal courts ruled that the government is prohibited from detaining children for longer than 20 days. Since the 20-day window is generally nowhere near long enough to process the detained immigrants, children and their accompanying adults are consequently separated as not to violate what is referred to as the 1997 Flores Settlement Agreement.   Democrat lawmakers, such as ‘Crazy Mazie’ and members of the ‘fake news’ media have harshly criticized the Trump administration for continuing the family separation policy that started under ex-president Barry ‘O’.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently revealed that it will be using a new work around, of sorts, for the Flores agreement as a way to address the worsening immigration crisis at the southern border.  DHS introduced a new policy where family units will be kept together in “family residential centers” during immigration court proceedings.  The residential centers will be structured in a “campus-like” environment with classrooms for minors and areas where adults can meet with their attorneys.  Thus it allows families to stay together during immigration proceedings and has conditions appropriate for the care of children.

But of course, ‘Crazy Mazie’ was quick to rebuff the plan as just another way to detain poor immigrant children indefinitely.  She said, “We already know from so many child specialists that detaining children in these kinds of facilities does irreparable damage to them. There are alternatives to family detention that this administration could care less about.”  Before then going on to say, “The only way they can get around the Flores consent agreement is by getting around it.”  And she added, “They want to detain families indefinitely, children indefinitely, held in situations that do them absolutely no good when there are alternatives.”

If she were being honest (like that’s going to happen) it’s Democrats like ‘Crazy Mazie’ who actually while away the many hours of each and every day dreaming up ever more inventive, and more costly, ways to be cruel to law-abiding American citizens.  She’s a hater, as are all Democrats.  And racist as well.  Democrats are the ones who choose to favor those here illegally over those who have either been born here or migrated here legally. Remember, it was Alexandria Occasional Cortez, another braindead Democrat, who actually said that those here illegally are more American than are the border agents enforcing our laws and defending our border.

And let’s get something else straight, it’s not our country imposing some perceived cruelty on any of these children, it’s their very own parents who have decided to subject them to the harsh reality of what can happen when one breaks our laws. Quit acting like illegal immigrants are innocent, they’re GUILTY!  No one forced them to come here, they came here of their own free will with the specific intent of breaking our laws. If they are seeking asylum then go to a port of entry. If they want into America then follow the process as it has been designed, apply for the proper paperwork and wait just like everyone else.  ‘Crazy’ doesn’t have a clue.

Perhaps I’m letting my imagination run away with itself, but I think the only true thing any Democrat has ever said was awhile back when they kept calling all of this a “manufactured crisis.”  Except they forgot to mention that it was they who were doing the manufacturing.  All of a sudden, there’s tons of people trying to game the asylum system who clearly don’t qualify, resulting in our system being forced to handle many times over the numbers that it was designed to handle.  Democrats do all that they can to encourage people to come here in order to create what they hope will be a no win situation for President Trump.  You see, it’s ALL about politics.

You know, it’s a pretty sad commentary in 2019 America, the third most populous nation in the world, that a major political party supported by half of the electorate can only win an election by polarizing the other half and by making the opposition the personification of evil itself.  And it doesn’t look like things are going to be improving any time soon.  While I understand that we have always had politicians demonizing opponents at election time, what we didn’t seem to have is the non-stop and out-in-the-open undermining, plotting and scheming from election night forward by every ‘fake news’ outlet who has come to see their job as being to lead the opposition.

And finally, I’m having an extremely difficult time understanding how it came to be that this moron is the best the good people of Hawaii could come up with to be one of their two members of the U.S. Senate.  Yet, we are, after all, talking about an island, and likely an island where I’m quite certain, during brief periods in its history, some level of inbreeding might have actually occurred.  Now while I am in no way claiming that ‘Crazy Mazie’ could be a product of said inbreeding, it would certainly go a very long way in explaining just how she came to be so freaking stupid.  But then, maybe that has nothing to do with it at all.  Maybe she really is just that STUPID!!!



  1. excuse me dumbass? inbreeding? maybe check your own backyard. the reason why idiots like hirono get in office is because flaming liberals from the mainland US come here after fucking up their own state. These clowns keep voting democrat and that’s the problem, so before you make any assumptions, maybe you should do some research, This is the reason why people stray away from the republican party, elitists like you, put yourself above everyone else. And by the way, hirono is not from Hawaii, she was born in Japan and is another one of these immigrants who took advantage of the American way to get what she wanted then stabbed it in the back, similar to duckworth and omar.


  2. “spirit of divinity” thinking, all immigrants are noble… no matter how violent, nancy praising ms13 for murdering high school kids, decapitation, heart cut out…. that native Americans practiced ritual torture and human sacrifice is never mentioned, that Sacagawea was a 13 year old slave, captured when her people were raided and murdered, sold to a french trapper and pregnant… with another girl also called “wife” buy the trapper… the thousands of bodies found, women, children… tortured, mutilated in burial sites in the midwest, the crow creek massacre, the aztecs, a militaristic society of slavers… (a dirty word to liberals unless the slaver is “dark”) enslaving those they did not murder, ritual torture, human sacrifice esp of women and children still practiced by violent drug cartels and vicious street gangs south of the border where they rule cities today… consider the rate of violence, uganda, somalia, nigeria, the middle east…. and the vicious violence of japan in china, south east asia… but they preach hate of “whiteness” while people from all those violent and oppressive nations enter the USA, hirono and her kind, pretend western culture is the most hateful…. only works on the most ignorant. like “reparations” in CA, where only wealthy southern plantation owning democrats wanted Calif to come into the USA as a slave state… no wonder liberals make sure they take over education, only lies and ignorance can sustain any credibility to the money laundering venture they call “holding office”, political performance art… thank you, was looking for info on crazy maizie for a BB comment


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