Of all the Democrats now vying to be the one to go up against President Trump in 2020, the one who I, as a non-Democrat, have the most difficulty taking seriously is that dipshit from Texas, ‘Bea-Toe’ O’Rourke.  And his most recent campaign promise that he intends to prosecute the president, if elected, makes him even more difficult to takes seriously.  And so, if I have this right, despite the fact that this idiot, along with and 99% of ALL Democrats, still cannot pinpoint exactly what ‘crime’ it is that the president has committed, he is still somehow deserving of being prosecuted?

And why is it, do you suppose, that the loss of a single election, one that was nearly three years ago, has succeeded in driving those in the Democrat Party completely insane?  And has their continued reaction to that loss revealed something about themselves, something that they had long been able to keep very well hidden, and yet something that most rational people have known for a long time?  That would of course be the fact that Democrats are not what they have long professed themselves to be.  They are not the protectors of weak, sadly, they are just the opposite.

And so it was this past Sunday that we had presidential wannabe ‘Bea-Toe’, making it very clear just how completely bonkers his party has now become over the fact that she who had an election all but won, lost.  And then it was right there on national television, for all to see, or at least the few who were likely tuned in, that we had potential presidential candidate ‘Bea-Toe’ accusing President Trump of having committed all manner of supposed crimes and then boldly declaring that, if elected, he will prosecute President Trump.   Although for what, he wasn’t exactly clear.

And where, and to whom, was it that ‘Bea-Toe’ made this rather bold declaration?  Well, where else but on ABC’s “This Week,” and to that former Clinton hack and now wannabe ‘journalist’ George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos.  I’m not quite sure what ‘Bea-Toe’ might have been hoping to accomplish here, after all, he’s gone nowhere but down in the polls ever since he declared himself in the running to be the Democrat to take on President Trump in 2020.  But apparently this is now the new standard within the Democrat Party, running on nothing but their hatred of the president.

Anyway, it is a partial transcript of this bizarre little exchange that follows:

Stephy: We heard House Speaker Nancy Pelosi say this week, she wants to see the president in prison. Do you think the president committed crimes that could be prosecuted?

Bea-Toe: He did. I think that’s clear from what we have learned from the Mueller report. But I think those crimes might extend beyond what we have seen in the Mueller report; using public office for personal gain, for himself and for his family, the relationship that he has with Vladimir Putin, which has never been properly explained from the invitation as a candidate to have Russia involve itself in our election, his efforts to obstruct justice, the fact that he called Vladimir Putin after the Mueller report was released, called it a hoax, thereby giving him a green light to further participate in our democracy and our elections. If with don’t hold the president accountable we’ll set the precedent that some people in this country, because of their position of power, are in fact above the law. And if we do that, we’ll lose this democracy forever. Regardless of the popularity of the idea or what the polling shows us, we must proceed with impeachment so we get the facts and the truth and at end of the day there’s justice for what was done to our democracy in 2016.

Stephy: Even if the House impeaches, the Senate isn’t going to convict the president. If you win in 2020, would you the Justice Department to pursue charges against President Trump?

Bea-Toe: I would want my Justice Department, any future administration’s Justice Department to follow the facts and the truth and to make sure at the end of the day there’s accountability and justice, without this, without that, this idea, this experiment of American democracy comes to a close. We were attacked unlike any other time in our 243-year history and we have a president who yet to acknowledge it and a president who has yet to be brought to justice. Yes, no matter who that is.

Look, anyone can accuse anyone of a crime, and there has been no shortage of accusations being made against this president, practically since election night 2016.  But Democrats seem to have hit a rather substantial roadblock in their attempt to actually prove, although not from a lack of trying, that anything even remotely resembling a crime actually took place.  After all, it is not yet a crime in this country for a Republican to win an election, no matter how unlikely that victory may have been.  So with such a thing not yet against the law, Democrats enacted their Plan B.

Now for a guy seeking to become the highest law enforcement official in the land, ‘Bea-Toe’ seems to be more than just a little confused regarding how it is that this system of justice we have is supposed to work.  That the accused is not required to prove he did not commit the crime in question.  Also, our man ‘Bea-Toe’ seems to have no clue regarding the responsibilities of the office that he is so desperately seeking.  His presidential campaign is ‘elect me president and I will prosecute Trump!’  What a lofty goal to possess when seeking the presidency.

We’re constantly being told by the Democrats that they possess all manner of evidence proving that our president is an agent of Russia, and how he has worked very hard in trying to cover that up.  For instance he helped destroy Russia’s economy by helping to make the U.S. a net exporter of natural gas and oil which cripples Russia’s economy. Then he forced Europe to pour billions more into NATO, and helped Russia get control of major uranium resources in exchange for millions of dollars of donations to the Clinton Foundation.  Oops, wait, that was Hitlery. Yup, it all makes sense now!

I think it safe to say that ‘if’ Hitlery was supposed to have been the most qualified person to ever run for president, ‘Bea-Toe’ is most definitely the least unqualified person ever. Rarely has there been a candidate, in either party, who is as dumb as he is dangerous. He would throw open the borders, but has no idea what that would do to the country. He says things without properly thinking through their consequences.  And now he would prosecute President Trump for no identifiable crime, and based on nothing more than pure speculation that eventually a crime will be ‘found.’

Ok folks, let’s go over everything one more time. Defeating Hitlery was not a crime. Nor was overturning Barry ‘O’s unconstitutional Executive Orders, a crime. Also, being falsely accused of doing exactly what Hitlery did, which was to collude with Russia, is not a crime. Firing people who are employed “at the pleasure of the President,” nope, not a crime.  In fact, not one of these Democrats who claim President Trump lied and committed crimes have been able to cite one single instance where the president has done either. Those that try, cite rumor and hearsay, not facts.

So with ‘Bea-Toe’s promise to prosecute the president, the Democrat platform going into 2020 is one that calls reinstating onerous regulations that hamstring business’s, tearing down the wall on our southern border and inviting in the entire world, to immediately reverse our energy plan and make us once again energy dependent, raise taxes, institute a single payer health system and remove millions of people from the plans they currently have, make education free and balance the budget.  So I ask you, how is it that President Trump will have any hope of winning against that platform?

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