Democrats 91

So I’ve been listening to the gaggle of Democrats all of whom are now competing against one another to become the nominee of their party to take on President Trump in our next presidential contest which is now looming just over the horizon.  Now keep in mind it’s as we rapidly approach the next election that these very same Democrats remain unable to accept the outcome of the last election.  And so, what is it that these ‘candidates’ now seem so very determined to run on?  Is it the advancing of those ideas that if put into action will improve the lives of all Americans?  Hardly!

All of these candidates, all 23 of them if my count is right, seem to be running on the very same things, not the least of which is their hatred of our current president.   Now I realize the majority of those who tend to vote Democrat likely don’t need to hear much more than how any of these prospective nominees feel about President Trump, but as we all know, if they are to have any hope of actually winning they’re going to need those voters who, or so we can only hope, are looking for a bit more than the degree to which the Democrat candidate may hate President Trump.

Now of course, there is more to the Democrat Party’s platform than just hatred of the president.  There’s the reinstating of thousands of regulations that serve only to strangle our economy, there’s the total elimination of any sort of impediment at our southern border, the complete reversing of an energy policy that has, for the first time in decades, made this country energy independent, the instituting of a single-payer healthcare system and the doing away with the Trump tax cuts.  These are but a sampling of what the Democrats will be running on against President Trump in 2020.

But still, what you hear most of these presidential hopefuls talking about is the danger that President Trump somehow represents to this country.  Of course that may likely have much to do with the fact that he’s the guy who recently ‘convinced’ the Mexican government to be a bit more ‘helpful’ in detaining those seeking illegal entry into our country, he’s responsible for putting in place those policies that assisted this country becoming energy independent, and he was the one who did a little arm twisting in getting tax cuts through Congress.  Hence the reason for their hate!

And in what is more than a little reminiscent of 2016, and that can be said to be an example of déjà vu all over again, is that we’re now hearing about polls which are showing the president in trouble, and trailing, rather badly, he who has been identified as the ONLY guy who can defeat the president, none other than ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.  Personally, after the polling debacle of 2016, it’s pretty rare that I pay much attention to any of these polls, you don’t really know who’s behind them or how they may have been slanted the questions in order to obtain the desired result.

So I voted for President Trump in 2016 and I fully intend to for him again in 2020.  Because even by leaving the various personalities out of the decision making process, why is it that any rational human being would EVER want to vote for a candidate advocating those things the Democrats have now made very clear that they wish to inflict upon this country.  It simply makes no sense.  Hate is simply not a good reason to vote for anybody, nor are any of those policies that the Democrat Party wish to advance that would be extremely detrimental to this country being able to survive.


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