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It’s a very rare thing when I see taking the advice of a Democrat as being something anywhere near worth pursuing.  But it was this past Friday, on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports, of all places, that Little Timmy’ Kaine, scumbag Democrat from Virginia, said senators cannot give President Trump funding for his border wall because that would be backing down to a “bully.”  Yup, that’s the best rationale this moron could come up with.  But that said, there was some truth in his bringing up the topic of bullying, because there is some bullying taking place here.

‘Little Timmy’ said, “Let me tell you what we can’t do. I have a long rule from about elementary school that you do not back down to a bully. You never back down to a bully. We had a bipartisan deal that the White House signed off on and the Senate passed unanimously less than 48 hours ago. Now the White House is backing down, and the president said, ‘Although I said that I would take the deal, I am not. Give me five billion dollars.’ Now normally, if you want to add something, you offer something.”  Now I may be wrong, but that’s not exactly how the Democrats operate.

Anyway, ‘Little Timmy’ then went on to say, “What he has offered? Get this; my offer is I will not punish 800,000 federal employees before Christmas by shutting the government down. That is a bully tactic. This president caves to bullies, and so he bows to bullies like North Korea and Russia, and Turkey and even China.”  And he added, “You are not going to see this senator and I don’t think you will see the United States Senate cave to a bully saying you give me what I want or I will punish 800,000 federal employees.”  Punish 800,000 federal employees?  Really?  What a crock!

After all, isn’t it really ‘Little Timmy’ and his fellow Democrats who are really doing all of the bullying here?  And doesn’t that seem to be straight out of the Alinsky playbook?  I watched Chuckie Schumer’s speech from there on the Senate floor. His argument is last year 1.3 billion was allocated, and the majority has not been spent. His next argument is that Trump supporters “are never happy.”  I was pretty damn happy when the Freedom Caucus rose up in defiance.  Chuckie is playing politics just as is ‘Little Timmy.’ Somehow if we don’t throw open the border we’re bullies.

But ‘Little Timmy’ is 100 percent when he says there’s bullying go on here.  But he’s being a bit more than disingenuous about who it is that’s real perpetrator of that said bullying! And that is, of course, ‘Little Timmy’ himself and his fellow Democrats.  And it is President Trump, and the nation, who now need to follow Timmy’s advice and stand up to this ‘No-Borders, No Walls’ cabal! The Democrat-Progressive-Statist-Socialists have lived in power and have refused to solve the nation’s problems. It is time to protect our rights, and our countrymen, from invasion and bankruptcy.

‘Little Timmy’ has a well-earned reputation for being little more your typical leftwing ‘loud mouth’, and was likely one who instigated the fights throughout his youth, then ran to the back of the crowd, like the little wimp that he was, and remains still, once the fists started flying!  Democrats are traitors to our country and their position on any issue is always determined by the politics of the issue.  As in which position will garner for them the most votes.  And the desire here is to create for themselves a flood new voters who will then proceed to vote for them and only for them.

What President Trump is employing here are not the tactics of a bully. As I said, if anything he’s actually the one standing up to those who are the true bullies on ALL of this. President Trump is only doing what he promised to do, that being doing all that he can in his effort to protect America from leftist bullies like ‘Little Timmy’ who resort to using bully tactics like name calling (deplorables, or “dregs of society”), intimidation (courtesy of Robert Mueller), and violence (Antifa and BLM).  President Trump is standing with America not the global elites who constantly bully America.

So you see President Trump isn’t the bully, it’s the Democrats, Mueller and the ‘fake news’ media who are the bullies. Based on what ‘Little Timmy has said, President Trump should have the Republicans pull all the funding from the bill that Democrats want, from the Mueller investigation, and from NPR/Planned Parenthood and let the negotiations begin. For every dollar the Democrats get the president should get an equal amount from them, it is only fair.  ‘Little Timmy’ and all his friends own the shut down because they voted down the funding. You can’t blame this on the president.

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