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So what do you suppose it is that really has folks such as the failed candidate for vice-president and current U.S. Senator from Virginia, ‘Little Timmy Kaine, the most concerned?  Might it be the fact that there are more Americans who are likely to die from the ‘ChiCom virus,’ or might it be, instead, that the leaders of the Communist regime in China might get their feelings hurt when President Trump refers to, and rightfully so, this virus as the “Chinese virus?”  Never mind, that’s really a rhetorical question because most anyone who is the least bit familiar with Kaine’s rather shady past associations with known leftists already knows the answer to that question.

But for those who are not all that familiar with this man who finds it so easy to attack our president and to defend a communist regime, it might be worth it to take a look at Kaine’s little ‘mission/field’ trip to Honduras back in 1980 during which he embraced the Marxist-based, heretical strategy of ‘liberation theology.’  In so doing we would discover Kaine’s political formation wasn’t pro-American or pro-Catholic, what it was, was pro-Soviet.  And as we set about in our effort to connect the dots buried within Kaine’s personal history it’s a rather alarming picture that soon emerges regarding his ‘adventures’ with radicals and revolutionaries in 1980s Latin America.

It was then that Timmy embraced not some reconstituted, post-Marxist version, but the hardcore, Cold War variety, an avowed Marxist ideology detrimental to the institutional Catholic Church and to the United States.  So I would argue that we have more than sufficient reason to call into question the ease with which Timmy willingly chooses to side with the Communist regime in China over our sitting U.S. president, as well as the American People.  So the more we find out about the man the less we are all that surprised by his behavior.  Behavior that should not be considered as acceptable when coming from a U.S. Senator, and would not be if he weren’t a Democrat.

Anyway, it was during a speech on the Senate floor earlier this week that Kaine said, “One more thing, quit the inflammatory China-bashing. Did this virus originate in China? Yes. But Mr. President, that does not excuse your weeks and weeks of tweeting lies and misinformation about the virus, while the leaders of other nations were taking steps to make sure their populations could be safe. The fact that the virus originated in China does not excuse the massive missteps that have led to the United States being so far behind other nations in the world in the ability to provide testing, basic testing to citizens, including citizens who have serious signs of illness.”

And he said, “The president’s decision to call this China virus or Wuhan virus or other epithets that he and members of his team use are a crass effort to deflect blame away from the acceptance of responsibility that a president should do. The buck stops with you, Mr. President. You cannot blame this on anyone else. You have to own responsibility and you should stop inflammatory China-bashing that is exposing Asian Americans in this country to prejudice.”  I fail to understand what’s wrong with calling this virus exactly what it is.  This virus started in Communist China and had they chosen not to hide it for as long as they did things would now be very different.

And of course Kaine laid all responsibility for any delays in America’s response at the president’s feet.  But also, as expected, Kaine made virtually no mention of the fact that in mid-January, both Communist China and the World Health Organization were still emphatically assuring the rest of the world that the ‘Chinese virus’ could NOT be spread person-to person.  And Timmy also failed to mention Dr. Anthony Fauci’s claim that President Trump’s early decision to close off travel from Communist China, and later Europe, may have bought the U.S. time in dealing with the crisis that other nations did not have.  But hey, why would Timmy bother to mention such things?

Timmy is nothing but a stooge in every way imaginable.  Personally I am very much in favor of President Trump calling things exactly what they are.  I don’t see any reason to ‘sugar-coat’ the obvious.  The world needs to know that Communist China did everything possible to keep anyone from finding out about or learning of this virus that began in Wuhan.  Because they delayed, many lives have been needlessly lost.  Communist China should have much to answer for when this is over.  Calling this the Chinese virus or ‘ChiCom’ virus or anything else that ties it to the Chinese doesn’t bother me in the least. President Trump is simply calling a spade, a spade

Bootlickers like ‘Little Timmy,’ who have a rather long history of siding with repressive governments wherever they are, have got virtually no business criticizing this president over anything, least of all when it comes to the terms used by the president when discussing the ongoing coronavirus that, whether or not Timmy wants to admit it, has its origin in Communist China.  And before he chooses to criticize President Trump, or anyone else, for using inflammatory language perhaps he should first look a little closer to home at those who have spent the majority of the last three years directing nothing but inflammatory language at this president.

Kaine is the perfect example of those on the left continue to hurl all manner of accusations about how President Trump did not respond appropriately or timely and yet they are never able to cite exactly what his specific ‘missteps,’ might have been.  What I see coming from the president is his handling the crisis far better than any other leader, while all I see coming from the Democrats is the same old, tired ‘Orange Man Bad’ routine.  And it continues to disgust me that they seek political opportunity instead of uniting behind the President.  And I’m also getting tired of these claims of racism when we all know where it was that this virus originated, in Communist China!

And it tells us all we need to know about the Democrats that they are now, nearly en masse, out in force determined, or so it would seem, in their effort to protect the regime in Communist China against what we all know is fact.  The very same regime responsible for unleashing what has become this massive pandemic affecting, with few exceptions, the entire world and all courtesy of its carelessness, its dishonesty, and what was a near complete suppression of all information regarding just how truly dangerous this ‘coronavirus’ was and remains.  That Democrats can find it within themselves to defend such behavior should cause even their supporters to pause.

This is the very same Communist China that harvests organs from political prisoners and that continues to steal from us our intellectual property, including secrets from both our military and private businesses. The same Communist China that keeps its people living in fear. And yet, it’s Democrats, like Kaine, who continue to worry more about offending Communist China than forcing the regime admit responsibility for being behind what has led to this global ‘pandemic.’  I find it nothing short of unbelievable that there are people who continue to vote for them.  Democrats continue to make clear what’s in America’s best interest does not concern them.

Kaine is nothing more than a disloyal American which, for a Democrat, is standard operating practice.  To chastise the president for daring to criticize Communist China, a country which clearly steals our technology and our secrets and IS the country which lied over and over while this virus grew, really is beyond the pale.  Kaine is a waste of skin and needs to stop bashing the president, who is doing a fantastic job, far better than would Timmy’s former running-mate, Hitlery, been able to do.  He has gotten rid of all manner of red tape, to help the American people get the medicines they need.  What has Kaine, or ANY Democrat, done thus far except to criticize?  NOTHING!


Kaine 3

Look, we all know that there is, today, an overabundance of dim bulbs in Washington, but there are few who are dimmer than dim bulb ‘Little Timmy’ Kaine.  And it’s every time that this guy opens his big mouth that he continues to prove that that still remains to be very much the case.   He’s like every other Democrat, in that he really never knows when to shut up.  And is usually the case with these people, it’s like they are driven to reveal their contempt for this president whenever they have any opportunity to do so.  And think about, this guy could have been our vice president.  But for the grace of God he isn’t and neither is Hitlery our president.

And it was Wednesday night, during a broadcast of MSDNC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” while discussing Nancy Pelosi’s ‘decision’ to tear up her copy of the president’s SOTU speech, that ‘Little Timmy’ seemed to justify her behavior, going so far as to describe it as being an appropriate response to what ‘Timmy’ also described as President Trump’s acting like a “jackass.”  And why is it that no matter how reprehensible any Democrat may act, somehow it’s never really their fault.  The fault of their behavior ALWAYS rests with someone other than themselves.  In this case, Pelosi’s bad behavior is not her fault, but is instead the fault of the president.

It was Ms. Mitchell who asked, “The president has been slamming Nancy Pelosi — he and his allies — for tearing up the speech at the end of the State of the Union. He did not shake her hand when she proffered it at the beginning. She left out it is my high privilege and distinct honor the traditional words.  There were snubs back and forth. Did it warrant her tearing it up to see all of those factual misstatements claiming that the Republicans are protecting pre-existing conditions when they’re in court fighting to overturn Obamacare and all those other claims about the economy and trolling her with the Rush Limbaugh Medal of Freedom?”

Timmy replied by saying, “Andrea, you’ve kind of given my thoughts about this.”  And he then went on to say, “I didn’t see the end of the speech when she did that. And so I got asked about it later and I was just surprised because I hadn’t seen it. But I said wait, he won’t shake her hand and he gives a Medal of Freedom to somebody who’s called her every name in the book for years and he stands up there and lies about health care but we’re going to talk about how she should respond? He can behave like a jackass but we have to jump all over her back? I mean, I don’t get the double standard.”  Of course he doesn’t, because he too is a hack politician!

So he doesn’t “get the double standard?”  Am I hearing that right, from a Democrat? Welcome to my world, Timmy!  And just what does ‘Timmy’, or any other Democrat for that matter, really know about being on the receiving end of a double-standard?  Seriously folks, it’s a pretty rare event when we have anyone on the left ever held to the same standard that those on the right are held to.  It simply doesn’t happen.  Democrats are ALWAYS permitted the luxury of operating under the premise of ‘do as I say, not as I do.’  Republicans are never afforded the same opportunities.  And hear ‘Little Timmy’ whining about some double-standard makes absolutely no sense.

And look, say you’re President Trump, and you know this crazy bitch, Pelosi, hates your guts. What sense would it make for you to provide this obvious wackjob an opportunity to embarrass you on national television?   And I have absolutely no doubt that that was exactly what old ‘Crazy Nancy’ had intended to do.  But when that failed, because the president chose not give her the opportunity, she was then forced to resort to what was very clearly her Plan B, the tearing up of the speech.  So yes there was someone who, during the evening, did in fact act like a ‘jackass,’ but it most certainly was not the president, it was the Speaker of the House.

Let’s face it, we all know there is no love lost between Pelosi and the President.  After all, President Trump has spent the last three years working on those things that got him elected and Pelosi & Co. have been working just as hard to do everything they can, including impeachment, to prevent him from doing so.  How truly sick is that?  And the real victims in all this mess has been the American people, who the Democrats claim care about.  It is they, the American people, who have to suffer the loss of meaningful reforms to get them back to work and to be able to provide for their families.  And yet Democrats, like Timmy and Pelosi, have other priorities.

So Timmy calls the President Trump a “jackass?”   So I’m wondering is that like being called a deplorable or perhaps even a dreg of society?  Or is it Timmy’s own little way of describing someone who is responsible for bringing about our current booming economy?  Or, is it what he calls someone responsible for our massive increase in manufacturing jobs, or who made it possible for millions of people to get off food stamps, or who created an environment that encourages less dependency on welfare, and who is responsible for record employment and record low unemployment?  Hell, if that’s what he means by “jackass” then I’d take that as a compliment!

I think Timmy is just pissed because the bloodless coup attempted by the Democrat Party, against President Trump, did not quite go off according to plan.  Personally, I’m one of those who happen to be of the opinion that it backfired, and rather spectacularly so. Bummer!  President Trump’s poll numbers are now the highest they have been, despite the impeachment nonsense and higher even than Timmy’s beloved Barry ‘O’ at the same point in his presidency. The Democrat Party is getting its collective ass kicked by President Trump, and has been for the entire three years that they have been working so hard in their attempt to get rid of him.


Kaine 1

It’s a very rare thing when I see taking the advice of a Democrat as being something anywhere near worth pursuing.  But it was this past Friday, on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports, of all places, that Little Timmy’ Kaine, scumbag Democrat from Virginia, said senators cannot give President Trump funding for his border wall because that would be backing down to a “bully.”  Yup, that’s the best rationale this moron could come up with.  But that said, there was some truth in his bringing up the topic of bullying, because there is some bullying taking place here.

‘Little Timmy’ said, “Let me tell you what we can’t do. I have a long rule from about elementary school that you do not back down to a bully. You never back down to a bully. We had a bipartisan deal that the White House signed off on and the Senate passed unanimously less than 48 hours ago. Now the White House is backing down, and the president said, ‘Although I said that I would take the deal, I am not. Give me five billion dollars.’ Now normally, if you want to add something, you offer something.”  Now I may be wrong, but that’s not exactly how the Democrats operate.

Anyway, ‘Little Timmy’ then went on to say, “What he has offered? Get this; my offer is I will not punish 800,000 federal employees before Christmas by shutting the government down. That is a bully tactic. This president caves to bullies, and so he bows to bullies like North Korea and Russia, and Turkey and even China.”  And he added, “You are not going to see this senator and I don’t think you will see the United States Senate cave to a bully saying you give me what I want or I will punish 800,000 federal employees.”  Punish 800,000 federal employees?  Really?  What a crock!

After all, isn’t it really ‘Little Timmy’ and his fellow Democrats who are really doing all of the bullying here?  And doesn’t that seem to be straight out of the Alinsky playbook?  I watched Chuckie Schumer’s speech from there on the Senate floor. His argument is last year 1.3 billion was allocated, and the majority has not been spent. His next argument is that Trump supporters “are never happy.”  I was pretty damn happy when the Freedom Caucus rose up in defiance.  Chuckie is playing politics just as is ‘Little Timmy.’ Somehow if we don’t throw open the border we’re bullies.

But ‘Little Timmy’ is 100 percent when he says there’s bullying go on here.  But he’s being a bit more than disingenuous about who it is that’s real perpetrator of that said bullying! And that is, of course, ‘Little Timmy’ himself and his fellow Democrats.  And it is President Trump, and the nation, who now need to follow Timmy’s advice and stand up to this ‘No-Borders, No Walls’ cabal! The Democrat-Progressive-Statist-Socialists have lived in power and have refused to solve the nation’s problems. It is time to protect our rights, and our countrymen, from invasion and bankruptcy.

‘Little Timmy’ has a well-earned reputation for being little more your typical leftwing ‘loud mouth’, and was likely one who instigated the fights throughout his youth, then ran to the back of the crowd, like the little wimp that he was, and remains still, once the fists started flying!  Democrats are traitors to our country and their position on any issue is always determined by the politics of the issue.  As in which position will garner for them the most votes.  And the desire here is to create for themselves a flood new voters who will then proceed to vote for them and only for them.

What President Trump is employing here are not the tactics of a bully. As I said, if anything he’s actually the one standing up to those who are the true bullies on ALL of this. President Trump is only doing what he promised to do, that being doing all that he can in his effort to protect America from leftist bullies like ‘Little Timmy’ who resort to using bully tactics like name calling (deplorables, or “dregs of society”), intimidation (courtesy of Robert Mueller), and violence (Antifa and BLM).  President Trump is standing with America not the global elites who constantly bully America.

So you see President Trump isn’t the bully, it’s the Democrats, Mueller and the ‘fake news’ media who are the bullies. Based on what ‘Little Timmy has said, President Trump should have the Republicans pull all the funding from the bill that Democrats want, from the Mueller investigation, and from NPR/Planned Parenthood and let the negotiations begin. For every dollar the Democrats get the president should get an equal amount from them, it is only fair.  ‘Little Timmy’ and all his friends own the shut down because they voted down the funding. You can’t blame this on the president.


Kaine 2

Democrats recently got what was some pretty idiotic advice and from the guy who, but for the grace of God, could today be just a heartbeat away from being our president.  You see, it was in commenting on how Democrats can strengthen their party by effectively targeting those Trump administration policies they oppose, that Senator ‘Timmy’ Kaine, Democrat, declared that liberals must “fight in the courts, fight in the streets” and “fight at the ballot box.”  And in so doing he’s advocating a plan that could very well ensure that the Democrat Party become the permanent minority party made up of crazy disaffected morons.

It was on a recent episode of MSNBC’s Morning Joe that co-host Mika Brzezinski asked Timmy: “So, broad question about the future of the Democratic Party, especially given your firsthand experience with what we’ve all been through. There’s so much going on here that we clearly see, you know, places where you — we can criticize what the administration is doing, but how does the party rebuild? How do you prevent overreach in a situation like this? How do you prevent a continuation of the bubble in a situation like this, and how does the party reclaim its reach across the country while fighting these battles?”

And it was in responding that Hitlery’s former running mate said, “We are so excited that the American public is energized to speak out against the abuses of this administration.”  And this dolt went on to say, “Democrats, senators led healthcare rallies — Save Our Healthcare — on Martin Luther King Day in about 75 cities around the country, including Richmond,” he said.  “Tens of thousands of people rallied to save our health care. Then, the Women’s March that was organized at a grassroots level. Then, people coming out in protest of these orders.”  These people are NOT protesting, they’re rioting!

Timmy went on to say, “So, the way we get outside the bubble is we take advantage of this tremendous public outcry against the administration.”  And he added, “What we’ve got to do is fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box, and now there’s the momentum to be able to do this,” he said in the 2017 interview.  “And we’re not afraid of the popular outcry, we’re energized by it and that’s going to help us do our job and do it better.”  That we have someone in a position of power, like Timmy, who spews such drivel makes clear the state of today’s Democrat Party.

And keep in mind that it was just last week that we heard Hitlery herself say, and rather defiantly, that liberals can no longer be civil with the Republican Party.  She said, “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.”  And added, “[T]he only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.”  So I guess my question would be, why is it seen by leftwing crackpots like herself as acceptable to want to destroy everything that those of us on the right stand for?  And yet I see no one on the right calling for Democrats to be harassed.

And let’s be honest, everything the Democrats say about the Republicans is really nothing than projectionism.  Remember all of the predictions of violence if Trump were to lose and not support the results of the election?  And yet who is it, nearly two years later, who has not only refused to accept the results of the elections, but has now become so completely unhinged in what is nothing more than an attempt to turn back the clock by exhibiting the type of behavior that is far more common in third world countries.  And such behavior has now become commonplace for Democrats as they seem to have lost their collective mind.

And oddly enough it’s in fighting against President Trump that Democrats are, in effect, actually fighting against things such as: Job creation and companies staying in America, Better education, Improving healthcare and lowering costs, Stopping crime and drugs from coming across our borders, Lowering taxes and keeping more of your own money, Lowering the debt and Increased national security and stopping terrorism.  And I’m still a little confused on how it is that they see that as way for them to convince more Americans to vote FOR them than AGAINST them come this November’s midterm elections.  Or is it me?

Democrats, like Timmy, are in favor of a fast-track, open border type system of immigration, even from terrorist exporting nations, higher taxes, and to slow-walk to the greatest extent possible, anyone nominated by President Trump to fill nearly any position, even those critical to national security.  And now they are encouraging anarchy.  Politicians promoting anarchy and the overthrow of our government should be charged, jailed and immediately removed from office.  If this is not nipped in the bud now, it will only get worse. Some examples need to be made now with these politicians being held accountable.

I find it rather funny how scared the Democrats now appear to be of the Trump administration.  They have become increasingly unhinged over the course of the last nearly two years to the point where they are sounding like little more than the scalded dogs that they are.  All of which only proves to me how President Trump, and his administration, are right on the money.  The Democrat Party is comprised of delusional fools, contemptible morons and unhinged degenerates, and must now be reduced to the point where they can never again mount any sort of a serious threat to our freedom.  They are a bunch of loons and liars.


Campaign 2016 VP Debate

To say that Democrats are bending themselves into pretzels in their continuing efforts to create the notion that they played no role in the continuing ‘Russia scandal’ would be an understatement.  And they continue to be provided with all manner of political cover by their devoted allies in the state-controlled media by pushing the narrative that this is somehow a Trump only problem.  However, as more and more information comes to light, Mueller’s recent indictments notwithstanding, it’s becoming all the more clear that it’s a Hitlery & Co. only ‘scandal.’  And am I the only one able to recognize the fact that it’s the Democrats who always accuse the Republicans of doing what they themselves are buried hip-deep in.

Which, of course, brings me to our failed candidate for vice president, ‘Little Timmy’ Kaine.  You see, it was during a recent interview that Timmy saw fit to falsely accuse the ‘Washington Free Beacon’ of being behind the funding of the Russian dossier when it’s quite clear they stopped paying Fusion GPS before the firm began working on the dossier.  The Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hitlery & Co., of which Timmy was a primary player, were revealed as funders of the dossier that alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  Timmy tried to deflect from that fact during a Tuesday interview on the Crappy News Network (CNN), instead incorrectly blaming the ‘Washington Free Beacon.’

It was CNN anchor, and former Fox News reject, Alisyn Camerota who asked Timmy, “Do you see these things as equivalent–of the Hillary campaign looking for dirt from Russians and Russians offering dirt to the Trump campaign?”  To which Timmy responded by telling little more than a big fat whopper.  In responding to Camerota, Timmy said, “If you’re asking about the dossier, that was funded by a conservative, online news publication–the Washington Free Beacon.”  Timmy went on to say, “And they hired a British secret service agent and then when they decided to drop it, apparently…some of the funds used to continue the investigation were used by the Clinton campaign.”  And Timmy knew he was lying.

Because recent reporting would seem to indicate that Timmy’s rather unique version of events is very clearly incorrect.  Because while the ‘Free Beacon’ did in fact pay Fusion GPS for standard opposition research, Fusion GPS did not contract with ex-British agent Christopher Steele until after the conservative news outlet stopped paying the group.  The creation of the dossier also did not occur until the ‘Free Beacon’ had completely removed itself from the equation.  Thus, the DNC along with Hitlery & Co. were the ones solely responsible for funding the creation of this sleazy dossier.   It’s odd that Timmy, who was Hitlery’s running mate, remains so uninformed about this particular timeline.

Which can lead us then to one of only two possible conclusions.  Either we believe that Timmy is one of the most ignorant dupes on the entire planet, or he is purposefully lying.  Which as we have seen, seems to be standard operating behavior not only for Timmy, but for Democrats in general.  And Camerota is no better because I’m quite sure she views herself as being a bona fide journalist, and as such she should, by this time, know the timeline of the Fusion GPS story.  But, as is usually the case with these journalistic wannabes, she made no attempt to correct Timmy’s blatant false, and very dishonest, assertions.  Just one more example of why we view CNN as being the “fake news” organization that it is.

And can we all agree that it would appear that Timmy clearly does not have a very tight grip on reality?  I mean seriously, he’s like the crazy old uncle who lives in the attic and only comes down whenever the family needs a little comic relief.  He’s also the proud father of a member of Antifa, we found that out when his son was arrested not that long ago, along with other members of Antifa, and forced to remove the mask over his face, how proud Timmy must have been.  What we have is yet another case of where the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.  But I digress.  My point is that he’s a liar and he knows he’s a liar.  That’s what is so confounding about the Democrats, lying has become second nature to them.

And finally, can you possibly imagine this dolt being a heartbeat away from the Presidency?  He is dumb as a brick, and no offense to bricks everywhere.  He likely would have had a very difficult time understanding his role as vice president and we know this only because he makes ‘Slow Joe’ Biden look like a Rhodes Scholar.  So here we have Debbie Wizzerman-Schultz who has said she didn’t know, John Podesta who said he also didn’t know, Hitlery who said she had no idea and now Timmy attempts to make the point how he didn’t know either.  Now I may have become a little cynical in my old age, but I’m thinking that at least some of these boobs just might not be telling the truth.



Well it would seem that, at least in the case of Timmy Kaine and his number two son ‘Woody’, the nut doesn’t fall very far from the tree.  Because word comes that ‘Woody’ was arrested in Minnesota over the weekend for rioting against President Trump.  Linwood Michael Kaine, aka ‘Woody’, was arrested with four other malcontents and charged with second-degree riot for his activities during a pro-Trump rally held in the rotunda of the Minnesota state capitol in St. Paul on Saturday.

According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, around 400 Trump supporters and 50 protesters were gathered at the “March 4 Trump” event.  And apparently ‘Woody’ was with a group of morons who set off fireworks in the rotunda, as well as a smoke bomb.  When ‘Woody’ was being apprehended, he reportedly “turned around and squared up to fight” with the arresting officer,” and I’d like to think that, maybe, in the ensuing tussle, ‘Woody’ took a tumble and maybe ‘bumped’ his head.

Anyway, it apparently took three cops and a chemical spray to subdue ‘Woody’, after he was identified as one of the rioters who used fireworks to disrupt the rally.  ‘Woody’ and four others were arrested on suspicion of second-degree riot and a sixth person was cited for disorderly conduct.  Rioters clashed with Trump supporters in the Capitol rotunda after they disrupted the proceedings with air horns, whistles and chants.  And at one point, someone even set off a smoke bomb.  Woody?  Maybe!

It was according to a St. Paul police spokesman that ‘Woody’, a Minneapolis resident who attended Carleton College, chose to resist arrest when confronted by officers outside the Capitol grounds.  He was later released from the Ramsey County jail on Tuesday morning pending further investigation, law enforcement officials said.  No charges were filed against him or his four compadres who were arrested by St. Paul police.  I guess it pays to have good connections, like daddy.

Timmy, as to be expected, later issued a statement on Tuesday expressing support for his son.  It said, in part, “We love that our three children have their own views and concerns about current political issues.”  And it went on to say, “They fully understand the responsibility to express those concerns peacefully.”  So is that was ‘Woody’ was doing, expressing his concerns peacefully?  Just with pepper spray, fireworks and a smoke bomb?  Timmy did such a wonderful job of parenting.

Now as it just so happens it was the Students for a Democratic Society, the radical left-wing group, that advertised it was holding ‘counter-protests’ at the capitol building.  And while it’s unclear whether or not ‘Woody’ was part of that group, knowing his father as we all do and his rather questionable history of cavorting with some rather unsavory characters while on what he refers to as being a ‘mission trip’ to Central America in the 80s, I think the answer is pretty clear that he was.

Students for a Democratic Society, which launched violent protests all over the country during the Vietnam War, was supposedly dissolved in 1969.  So were young Woody and his imbecilic friends perhaps trying to take us all back to those bad old days by digging up the rotting corpse of SDS?   So while I am delighted that Hitlery is not now running the country, I am now doubly delighted that the moron who raised this pathetic little creep isn’t sitting in the number two chair either.

And from what I’ve been able to find out, the Trump supporters had permission to have the rally in the Rotunda of the State Capital while ‘Woody’ and his fellow miscreants did not.  They should have all been arrested when they showed up to cause havoc.  Many of the Trump supporters were sprayed with pepper spray by the protestors who should also be charged with assault.  The police were far too nice to these anarchists who claimed to be protesting but were simply rioting.

And so it is that I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank Timmy for helping Hitlery lose the most crucial election in my lifetime.  He definitely contributed to the justification to vote for Trump.  Along with ‘Chuckie’ Schumer, ‘Raghead’ Ellison, Perez, Fauxahontas, Hitlery, Barry, Maxine Waters, Pelosi and a host of others who strongly made the case for voting Republican.  While we can only hope that the Democrats are heading into oblivion, it’s still far too early to tell.

But the Democrats are reaching total desperation as their “Party” would seem to be disintegrating right before our very eyes.  All the Democrats have going for them is Pelosi, Schumer, Ellison, and Waters making absurdly crazy comments with no logic involved, and Franken is doing his best to look like a complete idiot, which for him comes naturally.  And while everyone I know has been turned off by the slime and corruption of the Democrats, so far we’re less than impressed with the Republicans.



As concerns continue to mount regarding Hitlery’s rather questionable health status, and as it becomes more of a serious issue, perhaps even a show stopper as it relates to her presidential ambition, her VP pick Tim Kaine is drawing an increasing amount of scrutiny as the election draws near.  And at least some of that attention now focuses on the fact that Kaine took what’s described as being a life transforming “mission” trip to Latin America in 1980.  However, conveniently left out of all these stories, is the radical reality of the Cold War in Latin America as well as Kaine’s Soviet sympathizing mentors.  In fact, whatever Kaine’s intentions, it would seem that he more likely met Karl Marx than Jesus Christ while he was there.

And it’s upon digging a little deeper into Kaine’s supposedly life-transforming “mission”, during which he embraced the Marxist-based, heretical strategy of liberation theology, that before long we stumble across some rather interesting revelations.  For instance, it’s in relatively short order that we are able to determine that Kaine’s political formation wasn’t pro-American or pro-Catholic, what it was was pro-Soviet”.  And as we set about in our effort to connect the dots buried within Kaine’s personal history it’s a rather alarming picture that soon emerges regarding his ‘adventures’ with radicals and revolutionaries in 1980s Latin America.  Reports indicate that while in Honduras, “Mr. Kaine embraced an interpretation of the gospel, known as liberation theology.”

It’s my understanding the Liberation Theology itself was a product of a Kremlin disinformation campaign designed to undermine the Church and bring Catholic countries into the Soviet sphere. The top-ranking Soviet Bloc defector of the Cold War, Gen. Ion Pacepa admits he was personally involved in the operation.  This wasn’t mainstream “Catholic thought” at the time. It was a radical, Marxist-based ideology at odds with the Church, the pope, and the United States, but supportive of (and supported by) the Soviet Union.  To counter Vatican opposition to this theology, now published documents from the Soviet and East German archives show “active measures” were undertaken to undermine the Vatican and the pope — key barriers to a Soviet influence in Latin America.

And contrary to the myth, this was never Pope Francis’ theology of choice.  According to Argentine Jesuits, he was never favorable to Marxist-tinged theology.   In 2005, he directly discussed “Liberation Theology,” “Christian socialism” and other “revolutionary” ways of thinking, saying: “After the collapse of ‘real socialism,’ these currents of thought were plunged into confusion. Incapable of either radical reformulation or new creativity, they survived by inertia, even if there are still some today who, anachronistically, would like to propose [them] again.”  Liberation Theology’s recent second wind has been achieved by disavowing its Marxist roots.  Francis’ doctrinal chief Cardinal Mueller is seen as friendly, but stated: “true liberation theology is opposed to Marxism.”

But that most certainly was not the case back in the 1980s.  And it was then that Kaine embraced not some reconstituted, post-Marxist version, but the hardcore, Cold War variety — an avowed Marxist ideology detrimental to the institutional Catholic Church and to the United States.  Just how hardcore were Kaine’s Jesuit teachers?  Well, around the time Kaine was there, Jesuits were being arrested for gunrunning, and, the very next year, the Honduran government banned any more American Jesuits from coming into that country because of their left-wing activism.  They also expelled one American-born Jesuit, who also had to leave that religious community because he was, apparently, even too radical even for them.

That priest was Father Jim Carney, and he was the one the New York Times tells us that Kaine sought out across the border in Soviet-supported Nicaragua, taking a bus and then walking several miles just to meet him.  Carney was a full-blown revolutionary.  A recent New York Times report says his death was “murky” and hardened Kaine’s distrust of American involvement in the region.  What isn’t so murky is what led to his death.  In 1983, Carney was part of a 96-man unit that invaded Honduras to bring the Nicaraguan Communist revolution there too.  The insurgents were Cuban and Nicaraguan trained and led by Jose Reyes Mata, Cuban-educated, and Honduras’ top Marxist.  Reyes Mata had previously served with Che Guevara in Bolivia.

After a firefight with Honduran troops, Reyes Mata was captured and later killed. Carney was reported dead as well.  Some think he was captured and killed too. Kaine worried about American complicity in an extrajudicial killing, but he didn’t seem all that bothered by Carney’s participation in a Communist-sponsored insurgency and invasion of Honduras.  The Nicaraguan Sandinistas had been founded by KGB operative Carlos Fonseca.  Eastern Bloc archives also show that they were supported massively by the Cubans, the Soviets and the East Germans — with guns, ammunition, money, prison building, etc.  They were pretty brutal too, with more political prisoners than any other country in the region except Cuba.

Some prisoners were executed by being hacked to death, or by being flayed alive. Others had family members raped in front of them.  By every measure, the atrocities the Sandinistas committed were far worse than the dictatorship they had replaced.  What blocked them from total victory was the Reagan administration and the Catholic Church.  Why Kaine felt the need to go Nicaragua, and meet a friend of violent revolutionaries is murky at best.  But his relationship with Carney’s successor, Father Melo, continues in the open.  Melo, incidentally, wants to redistribute land throughout Latin America by 2021.  Did Kaine’s mentors teach him the art of Soviet disinformation — call yourself the very thing you seek to undermine and try to destroy it from within?  Just sayin’.

If that is what he’s doing, does it apply just to his faith, or to his country as well?  In Virginia Kaine ran as a moderate but ruled as a liberal. Today he runs as a “Pope Francis” Catholic but on abortion and marriage, Kaine opposes Francis.  On the conscience rights of groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor, Kaine sided with Barry.  Francis sided with the Little Sisters, whom he visited in Washington a year ago to publicly show his support.  As in the 1980s, Kaine’s “Catholicism” serves neither his Church nor his country, but instead a Leftist political agenda that has proven to be on the wrong side of the Church, on the wrong side of history, and against the interests of freedom and the United States.  In other words it puts him right where he feels the most at home.

So this is the man who could very well end up being just a heartbeat away from becoming president.  If that doesn’t send a chill down your spine then you must be a hardcore leftist Democrat who hates the country they’re currently living in.   So therefore it is his highly questionable past that needs to be very thoroughly scrutinized, and it’s upon doing that that one quickly realizes why it is that he was selected in the first place.  We now have on one side of this campaign two people of whom it can be said represent to our nation a very clear and present danger, and on any number of levels.  The disdain these two possess for our country should frighten every freedom loving American.  They would seek nothing more than to finish that which was begun by Barry.

And yet it’s individuals like Jesse ‘The Extortionist’ Jackson and Al ‘Not So’ Sharpton who continue to advocate voting for Democrats because “they gonna to fix this stuff.”  Because Democrats are going to make sure that there isn’t any racism anymore.  The Democrats are going to protect you from the cops. The Democrats are going to protect you from evil corporations that won’t hire you. The Democrats are going protect you from the evil racists and the bigots. The Democrats are going to punish the evil racists and bigots. The Democrats are going make sure you have work.  The Democrats this, the Democrats that. You can’t trust the Republicans. The Republicans don’t like you. The Republicans are racists, bigots, sexists, and on and on it goes.

That’s what a large percentage of blacks in America are told.  So that’s what they think. That’s how they’re raised.  A lot of us believe that what’s holding people back is nothing more complicated than the Democrat Party.  Blacks have been voting for people who’ve been promising to fix things for over 50 years.  And sadly, they are just as bad off today as they were 50 years ago, if not worse off.  But they never seem to be mad at the people who are actually responsible for their continuing plight.  They’re never mad at the people whose promises are never kept.  Barry has had two terms to change that, and has failed miserably.  So even after having had a black man in the White House for eight years, blacks are still worse off today than they were on Barry’s first day in office.

And I’m just not sure how many people realize, or care, how far to the left it is that today’s Democrat Party has moved.  Because it has been made to morph into what is nothing more than a Leftist-Revolutionary Party.  And most who consider themselves as proud, card-carrying members of the party are nothing but radical leftwing crazies who utterly despise America, which is why their collective platform is all about working toward the “fundamental-transformation” of it.  But the fact is that most are nothing more than “useful idiots” who are likely not the least bit aware of the leftwing doctrines supported by their party, much like those involved in religious cults don’t know the deep teachings but like the perks that the cult provides to them.

At the end of the day there are now less than 60 days before those of us who still love this country will be confronted with making what will likely be one of the most important decisions we will have ever been called upon to make.  We will be choosing between a devout socialist and someone who actually loves this country.  The point of this election will be to vote for the candidate who we think most capable of changing the direction of America.  There’s an old saying that you go to war with the army you have, not the army you wish you had.  Well in 2016 we will have an election that involves the two candidates that we have, not the ones we wish we had, nor the ones that we think we should have had.  So please choose wisely!



Well, rumor has it that it’s the Democrat senator from Virginia, Tim Kaine, who now at least appears to have the inside track when it comes to who might be tapped as Hitlery’s vice president.  And after seeing how well this guy is able to tap dance around two of the issues that have already been shown to be pretty important this election season, abortion and gun control, it’s easy to see why he’s become the guy that those who get paid to ponder such things see as being the odds on favorite for the VP slot.  For instance, it was on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” that little Chuckie Todd quizzed Kaine a bit on both issues.

Todd asked Kaine how he would go about describing his position on abortion.  Kaine essentially took the easy way out by saying, “I would say people use labels all the time.  But I’m kind of a, look, traditional Catholic.  I don’t like — personally, I’m opposed to abortion, and personally, I’m opposed to the death penalty.”  It was than that this dope went on to say, “I deeply believe — and not just as a matter of politics, but even as a matter of morality, that matters about reproduction and intimacy and relationships and contraception are in the personal realm.”  So we’re to believe that politics never enters into it?

It was then that this dolt said, “They’re moral decisions for individuals to make for themselves. And the last thing we need is government intruding into those personal decisions.” And then he went on to say, “So I have taken the position, which is quite common among Catholics — I have got a personal feeling about abortion, but the right rule for government is to let women make their own decisions.”  So we’re to believe that as a traditional Catholic his is someone who apparently has virtually no qualms about the killing of defenseless babies?  So, is that what it means to be a traditional Catholic here in 2016?

Kaine also made sure to point out how today the Supreme Court was going to issue a ruling in a case which he described as one that would challenge what he described as being the “onerous regulations” Texas has imposed on abortion clinics.  He said, “We fought those off in Virginia when I was governor because you have got to let people make their own moral choices when it comes to matters of reproduction, intimacy and relationships.”  And as it turned out he was correct and I’m sure he was quite pleased with the ruling since it turned out that 5 justices said there is nothing wrong with the murdering of helpless babies.

And it was from abortion that Mr. Todd, a self-described journalist, moved on to the subject of gun control.  And it was during this part of the conversation that Kaine went on to describe how he had previously voted for an “assault weapons” ban, but that he now thinks an even better way to “go at the problem” is to pass “limitations on the size of magazines and ammunition clips.”  Todd asked him if he is in favor of an assault-weapons ban.  Kaine responded in the affirmative saying, “I have voted for it, and I would likely vote for it again.”  And he then added, “But here’s a practical problem I think you’re aware of.”

Kaine said, “As soon as you define what an assault weapon is — you can’t sell a weapon and here’s how we describe it — gun manufacturers just make one adjustment or two and they say see, this isn’t subject to the limitation, whereas if you say you can’t sell an ammunition clip or a magazine that would have more than 10 or 12 rounds…I really think that’s probably the way to tackle the problem more effectively.”  This guy Kaine is such a disgustingly sleazy character, and as such there is little doubt that he’d make the ideal running mate for someone like Hitlery.  Hitery, she who is also nothing more than a slimy socialist.

It’s on the subject of abortion that Kaine is the perfect example of how it is that Democrats see virtually no reason which should prevent the killing of an innocent baby.  So while he claims that he personally doesn’t like abortion, he asks who is he to tell someone else how to live their lives.  Which is a little like saying, “While I personally don’t like people being murdered who am I to tell people that they shouldn’t go around killing other people.” Or how about if when slavery was very legal Republicans had said, “We personally don’t like slavery but who are we to tell someone else they can’t own other people.”

I think most intelligent people actually would view abortion as being something “intrinsically evil” even if it were determined, somehow, to be a “right”.  Excuse me if I seem more than a little confused, but how is it that possessing the ability to legally murder one’s own baby, right up to the time of giving birth, has now become so important to so many women in this country. This is quite the generation of mothers that we seem to have raised. And why should it be legal for a woman to murder another human being, but not legal for me and only because I’m a man?  How is it that we have allowed ourselves to have fallen so far?

And when it comes to gun control I’m quite sure that Mr. Kaine agrees wholeheartedly with Hitlery when she says that gun makers must be held accountable for the violence perpetrated with their guns.  So according to that logic, car makers, motorcycle makers, plane makers, knife makers, swimming pool makers, bicycle makers, skateboard makers, etc., etc., etc. must also be held accountable for the injury and death they cause.  And oh yes, what about the politicians who make decisions repeatedly to send our men and women off to war to be injured and killed, without giving them the necessary tools?  Shouldn’t they be held accountable?

And lastly, let’s be honest here shall we?  Criminals couldn’t care less what politicians choose to ban. These stupid laws do nothing but to turn law abiding citizens into criminals.  What Democrat scumbags like this douche bag, Kaine, choose to ignore is that what needs to be done is not to create even more gun laws, but to simply enforce the many gun laws already on the books. But look, the ultimate goal here is to prevent individuals from owning a gun.  So the purpose behind allowing laws to go unenforced is to increase the likelihood that events will take place that can then be exploited by Democrats to make the claim that all we need is stricter gun laws.