I can only assume that there in the island state of Hawaii pickings must be pretty slim when it comes to finding those deemed to be suitable candidates for higher office. And with so few from which to choose those who reside there are left with very few options. And it’s in a scenario such as this that you end up with dim bulbs like ‘Crazy Mazie’ Hirono being elected to Congress. And if she truly is the best that could be found then I truly am glad that her state is an island in the middle of the Pacific. Because those who vote for dolts like Mazie clearly need to be quarantined. 

And for those who may have forgotten just how stupid this woman truly is, although I’m not sure how that’s even possible, it was those who might have tuned in this past Friday to watch MSDNC’s “The ReidOut,” hosted by the racist homophobe Joy Reid, who were quickly reminded of that fact when ‘Crazy Mazie’ argued how it is that Republican lawmakers exemplified what she called, “anti-women fervor.” But at least her accusation would seem to imply that Republicans know what a woman is. Which, as we all know, is something that those in her party have a very difficult time doing.

But anyway, it was Reid who started things off by saying, “The Veterans Administration (VA), I know you sit on the committee that oversees them. They announced they would offer abortions in cases of rape, incest, and when a mother’s life is at risk. Republican lawmakers just this Wednesday reintroduced a resolution to reverse that policy using a process that would force the vote in the Senate even though it is controlled by Democrats. You have them doing that. You have Republicans who have been lying this whole time, all lying and saying the states should control it.”

She went on say, “We’re glad Roe is gone because it’s going to be all up to the states. They don’t believe that. They all want a national ban, and it seems they’re trying to get it by any means necessary.” Mazie said, “Exactly. Frankly, that’s why we can’t trust them on issues like Medicare and Social Security either. So yes, what they’re doing is they will find every way to gain control. This is about power and control over a woman’s right to bodily autonomy. That’s what it is. The kind of anti-women fervor that is exemplified by all of these actions by the Republicans is just awful.”

And she added, “We have to fight back.” All this talk about “anti-women fervor” from a member whose party consists of those who are unable to define what a woman is. Does that make sense? ‘Crazy Mazie’ is another example of how the Democrat Party is chock full of morons from which the supposed ‘best and the brightest’ are chosen for higher office. How does Hawaii keep electing some of the most incompetent people in all of the U.S. Congress? Hawaii has an insane cost of living and what is it, exactly, that any of those Democrats they’ve elected to Congress have done for their state?

It’s rather hypocritical, don’t you think, that this moron speaks of “anti-woman fervor,” when it’s every one of those in her party, the Democrat Party, that is fully onboard with endorsing the butchering and doping of little girls so they can never have children, who have been complicit in the murdering of millions of the unborn, who make it mandatory that men be allowed into women’s bathrooms and as well as be allowed to compete against women in sports. Yeah, there’s lots of “anti-woman fervor” going on here, it’s just that it’s ALL coming from the Democrat Party.

And look, is it unreasonable on my part to say that if you are unable to define what a woman is, then you can’t claim to defend a woman. And if you can’t defend a woman then you can’t be outraged that someone is downgrading or belittling anything related to the word. Just how stupid are Democrats? But more importantly, just how stupid do they think the rest of us are? After all, biological sex is the second most obvious thing about being human. They are constantly telling how it is that we are supposed to ignore those things which we clearly see with our own two eyes. It’s insane!

Championing men who are mentally ill, who think they’re women, AND giving them preference over biological women, is what the Democrats do. I can’t think of a better indication of just how much they hate women. They are trying to transition us into accepting all things that do not honor life and life-giving. Mazie represents the absolute lowest level of intellect known to women. Her cognitive abilities fall somewhere between ‘woke and joke,’ leaning heavily on the joke side. The American people don’t need to be lectured to by one of the dumbest people on the planet.

Democrats think that women only have value if they deny the true power that only women have, the power to bring new humans into the world, in order to become copies of the men which they despise. They cancel women all in the name of equity. No one degrades woman the way that the Democrats do. And yet many women continue to demonstrate their rather unique mentality by voting for the very same party that would like nothing more than to see them eliminated, much in the same manner that blacks keep voting for Democrats. It’s all really quite bizarre.

Everyone just needs to stop taking these people seriously. It’s clear that the only reason they make proclamations like this is to keep people stirred up. It’s so obvious what they’re trying to do and why they’re trying to do it. With each ludicrous and bizarre statement she makes, ‘Crazy Mazie,’ like most Democrats, proves just how out of touch with reality she is. And apparently, it’s those who continue to vote for her that must suffer from the same condition. I mean how else can you explain the fact that she has been a member of the Senate since she was first elected in 2012.

And another thing, Americans need to be asking their elected officials just why it is that the VA should be offering abortions in the first place. The VA was established to care for veterans with “service related” medical requirements. An unwanted pregnancy is not a result of past service, it’s a result of behavior that was nothing more than a little selfish. In fact, the VA system, as a whole, is misused as a community health center. If the VA would focus on their core responsibilities (treating service-related injuries) they would be better able to serve the veteran community.

And finally, I must admit that I have enjoyed the time since we last heard from this moron, ‘Crazy Mazie.’ One would have thought that, with luck, she would have gone to meet her maker. It’s been a blessing to not be constantly subjected to her idiocy. Perhaps she should have remained silent a bit longer to allow people to forget just what a fool she truly is. But, like the proverbial turd in the punchbowl, she once again came bobbing to the surface. We purge those like Mazie, if we wish to save our country we can no longer afford to neither listen to them nor to believe them.


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