These days, in this era of Trump, if you were to ever take the time to look up ‘unhinged’ in the dictionary it’s difficult to say exactly which Democrat it might be that you would most likely see a picture of. But I think it’s now gotten to the point where the Democrat that we would likely see, as being the perfect definition of ‘unhinged’ is that greasy leftwing hack from Maryland, Jamie Raskin. This guy is such a scumbag, I have no doubt that those in his district must be so very proud of themselves for having voted for this creep. I mean, it’s every time that he opens his mouth that he makes clear just how much the Democrats hate this country.  

And it’s now according to this guy that because I voted for President Trump, and that I continue to support him, I’m to be considered some sort of monster. What is it with these people? If you dare to oppose them, or their agenda, the goal of which is the destruction of this country, then you are described as being a “deplorable,” one of the “dregs of society,” and now a monster. That’s a rather odd way to convince people to come over to your side. You see, it was during an appearance this past Monday on MSDNC’s “Deadline,” that this moron, Raskin, claimed that President Trump had unleashed racism, authoritarianism and neo-fascism on America.

It was the host of this program, one of the many resident bimbos employed by the network, Nicolle Wallace that said, “My next question, I know the press is hung up. We’re all hung up on the criminal referrals. It seems to a person your perhaps greatest commitment is to is the story, and there’s an impact on what the committee did. We went to school learning about how endangered our democracy really was. We heard from lifelong republicans testifying that story. To you, what is the most important thing that people take from the body of the committee’s work?” And Raskin said, “Well, I think that’s a nice way of looking at it.” Well of course he does.

And it was from that this boob went on to say, “We can get up, and we can, you know, read people the Constitution, we can talk about the principles of the Constitution and democracy and the rule of law, but America itself is the story of people struggling for a more perfect union. And every generation has had to struggle to improve the country, and we began, as everybody knows, as a slave republic, but today, here we are, still, even with Donald Trump at large, the greatest multi-racial, multi-ethnic, constitutional democracy on earth.” And Raskin added, “Still, the wonder of the world to people all over the place.”

And Raskin said, “But we have got to keep struggling to make ourselves a more perfect union if we’re going to keep moving things in the right direction because Donald Trump has unleashed a lot of the monsters of the last century against us, the racism, the authoritarianism, neo-fascism, all of those things are out there. So Americans have got to hang tough in order to defend our democracy and to keep it growing because democracy is always a thing that’s in motion, getting better all the time.” Raskin and Wallace, what a pair! Raskin is a cover-up artist and Wallace makes up facts as she goes. These two add nothing of value to any discussion on Trump.

It’s strange, don’t you think, that Raskin fails to mention that most destructive-ism that has resulted in the death of more people and destroyed more lives than all the others combined. That would, of course, be, Communism. But then again, Raskin is a scumbag Marxist inflicted with a rather serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), so his failure to mention that nugget of history is not surprising. People like Raskin have unleashed pedophiles and transgenders and then headlined them, and constantly push racial conflict in the schools and cities. And they want to blame President Trump every time it is that one of their many idiotic schemes backfires.

Their hatred of President Trump has done more damage to this country than anything else in American History. But no matter what boobs like this sleazy character say, it’s really not about President Trump, not really. It wouldn’t matter who it was, he’s just the current target of the times. They used to say the same about Bush 41, Bush 43 and, of course, Ronald Reagan before them. They said the exact same things. And the next opponent will get the same treatment. Raskin is a diabolical degenerate programed like a robot to defame anyone in his way. Whomever the next Republican is he’ll make the exact same statements because it’s simply what Democrats do.

And it’s Raskin who embodies every anti-Semitic stereotype there is and yet Democrats put him in office. The same Democrats who support the Palestinians. President Trump unleashed anti-Semitism? Seriously? He designated the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem to be the U.S. embassy. Meanwhile, the Democrats support Ilhan Omar and Farrakhan. Democrat surrogates Antifa and BLM behaved like the leftist National Socialist brownshirts of the 1930s. Projection is the ‘art’ of accusing your opponent of doing the very things you yourself are guilty of. And this radical scumbag, Raskin, is doing the very thing in this idiotic interview with MSDNC, a supposed ‘news’ network,

And let’s not forget how ‘BO’ and Joey B stabbed Israel in the back in December 2016 by abstaining instead of vetoing a U.N. resolution requiring Israel to return to 1948 boundaries. Implementation of that now enacted U.N. resolution would have Israel surrendering the West Wall and Temple Mount. From 1948 to 1967 when others controlled the Temple Mount, Jews were prohibited from visiting or praying at the West Wall. Since 1967, under Israeli control, people of all faiths may visit the West Wall and Temple Mount after going through security to prevent terrorism. It was ‘BO’ and Joey who did that to Israel as lame ducks in December of 2016.

And finally, it says far more about Democrats than it does President Trump that they possess so much hate for the man who put this country back on top of everything. He made America energy independent, started no new wars, made trade agreements fairer and more equitable to America, he secured the southern border, created a booming economy and so much more. The Democrats’ pathological hatred of President Trump can mean only one thing, that he must be doing something right. Raskin is a radical leftwing hack projecting and spewing lies and expecting people capable of rational thought to buy his gibberish. Some do, but many more do not!


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