I have no doubt that Kathy Hochul, Democrat, is now breathing a very heavy sigh of relief now that one hit wonder Mark Ruffalo has come to help in her battle to get elected governor of New York. Let’s face it, Ruffalo’s only claim to fame is playing a green cartoon superhero in ‘The Avengers’ movies. Ruffalo is nothing more than a Hollyweirdo who thinks those of us living out here in the real-world care about what he thinks. We don’t! I mean the guy is a nut, a 100 percent, certifiable fruitcake, yet he thinks he can convince people to vote for Hochul who is just as nutty as he is.  

The ‘climate change’ loon, and well-known anti-fossil fuel zealot, warned Republican candidate for New York governor, Lee Zeldin, to get out of the way of Democrat ‘incumbent’ Kathy Hochul. He based his support on Hochul’s declared opposition to fracking and the construction of new gas power plants, urging Democrats to get the vote out in her name while calling Zeldin “a far-right extremist wacko.” Ruffalo’s imbecilic endorsement of Hochul is, in fact, nothing more than an unwitting endorsement for Zeldin when it comes to those who care about the country.

Hochul has served as 57th governor of New York since August 24, 2021 gaining her exalted position, essentially by default, when Andy Cuomo got himself entangled in by his unsavory behavior regarding numerous women. It was Cuomo who had permanently banned fracking in New York, and Hochul who continued the ban. Ruffalo wrote Friday on Twitter: “New Yorkers, join me in telling Republican candidate for Governor Lee Zeldin to #FrackOff! Let’s get out the vote for Democratic Gov. @KathyHochul! She will protect New York’s fracking ban & lead on climate action.”

Zeldin has been pressing for a reversal of New York’s ban on the natural gas extraction process, one that supporters have argued would bring much-needed jobs and people to parts of upstate New York. Ending a ban on hydrofracking, put in place administratively in 2014 by then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo and into law by the Democrat controlled Legislature last year, would also do much to help alleviate high energy prices now dominating across the country because of the policies of *president Joey B. But such things are of little consequence to leftist loons like Ruffalo AND Hochul!

This is not the first time Ruffalo has gone public with his opposition to fracking. It was back 2016 that he wrote an editorial for tinsel town’s Variety blasting then President ‘BO’ for supporting fracking and announcing the release of his film, ‘Dear President Obama: The Clean Energy Revolution Is Now.’ Ruffalo is another of those who has no formal education beyond high school yet views himself as being a font of wisdom. He is just as ignorant as every other Hollywood moron who confuses celebrity status with intelligence. He’s an actor because he lacks the intelligence to do anything else.

Ruffalo claimed in 2010, while living with his family of five on an “idyllic” 50 acre estate in southern New York’s Sullivan County near the Pennsylvania border, he heard about fracking “coming to our town.” And this genius then went on to add that he discovered “Drinking water had been poisoned, the air was polluted with toxins, and families described health impacts including skin lesions, clumps of hair falling out, projectile vomiting, terrible migraines and digestive problems. In some cases, tap water was so full of methane gas that you could light it on fire.”

In real life Ruffalo is an anti-hero and his superpower is naivety. He uses his celebrity status to promote idealist causes, without regard for their destructive consequences. It is an occupational hazard of being an actor to forget how to actually think. And it’s in his indorsement of Hochul that Ruffalo fails to mention how it is that Hochul is doing a rather stellar job at reducing the population of her state courtesy of a significant increase in crime coupled with even higher taxes, more business regulation and a higher cost of living. Who wouldn’t want to live in such a leftwing utopia?

So sure, by all means, let’s keep Hochul in her job, so the increase in crime continues to get worse due to her support of the NO BAIL, NO JAIL laws. Sure, let’s keep Hochul, and continue with the liberal left-wing New York politicians with their continuing foolishness of preventing fracking in upstate New York. Sure, let’s keep Hochul and continue to lose out on tens of millions of new income into the state. Sure, keep Hochul, and continue with NOT bringing prosperity, with great paying fracking jobs to New York. If Hochul wins I think we can all kiss New York goodbye.

Actors, like Ruffalo, have never been known for their intelligence. Hochul would likely prefer that this guy not be yapping about her anti-fracking anti-oil policies right now. So shout away Ruffalo. Kathy Hochul is for HIGH prices of everything that trickles down from high oil prices, like outrageous heating bills that many New Yorkers may now be facing with winter rapidly approaching. These climate cultists should be made to give up everything they own this is made by petroleum. The whole climate cult is one big lie, even the part where oil is called fossil fuel. A fairy tale for morons.

And so here we have yet another actor who can afford anything in the world telling us what we should afford. Half of his character is even more pretend than it is animated. The way to handle these leftist nuts is that when they tell you not to pollute, use less gas, or cut down on your carbon, do just the opposite as openly as is legally possible. Use more gas, pollute more, use more carbon. When you give an inch, they demand more. Do the opposite. Personally, I’m out to make the biggest damn carbon footprint I possibly can! And there’s nothing that clowns like Ruffalo can do about it!

And sadly, Ruffalo is really doing nothing more than to root for the demise of both New York and America. You know, I wish there was a way that we could give these “environmentalist wackos” exactly what they want and somehow have it confined specifically to THEM and only them! Put them all in an “isolated environmentally friendly zone” with no fossil fuels, no nuclear power and none of the products that have fossil fuels as their source! These people possess nothing more than a bumper sticker mentality, so far removed from realities of economics, resources and science.

And just why is it, do you suppose, that these wealthy actors continue to be trotted out to spew that which is nothing more than untrue nonsense, pure unmitigated drivel, and to go against the working class people of New York? Union guys are brainwashed Democrats who possess a misplaced sense of loyalty to a party that has changed dramatically from what it was in the past. The party of working class is the Republican Party, minus the remaining RINOs, and the Democrats are the party for the elites like Ruffalo and against the worker, their livelihood, and their values.

Personally, I love it when these elitist Hollyweirdos stump for Democrats! Frankly, I wish more of them would. There is nothing that will drive people away from the Democrat candidates than this. These people are arrogant and not all that bright! Hochul is doing a great job if you like crime, high gas prices, high food prices, high rent, high taxes, economic decline, savings being wiped out, kids exploited at their schools by teachers, child genital mutilations at the recommendations and hands of strangers, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and mass prison releases.

It is the nature of Democrats, as well as those who support them and who vote for them, to destroy all that they are unable to control. It’s also in their nature to attack people who dare to disagree with them and to then accuse those same people of being the aggressors. Leftists cannot live with any other group in peace, they will seek to absorb and/or eliminate all but their own, this is what they do, and in the process many people end up being hurt or dead. These people truly are mentally ill. They have no sense of right and wrong, only that they are never to be seen as wrong.


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