It never ceases to amaze me whenever we have some RINO who seems so surprised when taking a major hit in the old favorability rating after they’ve chosen to take a stand against President Trump and his millions of supporters. They’re always so dumfounded. Like, what is it, exactly, that they were expecting to have happen, for everyone to be cheering them and slapping them on the back? They made a conscious decision to stand against he who is, without a doubt, the greatest president in decades, if not forever. I, for one, do not hate President Trump, I have voted for him twice and, with luck I’ll have the opportunity to vote for him for a third time.

Which brings me to a recent Politico poll showing Liz Cheney’s nationwide favorability rating is now underwater and the apparent cause for that is likely her decision to remain rather fixated on President Trump from her perch there on the blatantly partisan January 6 Committee. And it was this same poll that found only 32 percent of voters view Cheney favorably, while 35 percent view her unfavorably. And apparently it was 18 percent who apparently had never even heard of Cheney. And, as is always the case, there were those who claimed to have no opinion, and in this poll that number was 15 percent. Now, seriously, she had to have seen thar coming.

The poll comes after Cheney has spent the majority of the midterm campaign season in Washington, D.C. helping the committee. As vice chair, she has been in the spotlight during the regularly occurring hearings, speaking negatively about the defenseless former president. And it was this past Thursday, during the hearing, that Cheney said of President Trump, “We have considerably more to do. We have far more evidence to share with the American people, and more to gather.” Merely another attempt to blow a little smoke since she has, at this point, a zero chance of being able to get herself re-elected. She seems determined to go down swinging.

Meanwhile, multiple polls show Cheney is well behind in her race to win reelection on August 16 against Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman, who surged in second-quarter fundraising. Hageman is endorsed by Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Kevin McCarthy. Hageman earned their support after Cheney was ousted from her conference chair position by the Republican House caucus by a vote of no confidence. Cheney had previously helped Democrats’ attempt to impeach President Trump, along with reportedly orchestrating “unprecedented” Republican sabotage in the Washington Post. As a result, the Wyoming GOP no longer recognizes her as a Republican.

And as bizarre as it may sound it was in an interview with the New York Times that Cheney actually alleged that her weird obsession with President Trump is not in any way political but is, instead, educational. When it came to her ‘work’ on the January 6 committee she went so far as to say, “I don’t look at it through a political lens.” And she went on to say, “I look at it through the angle of: People need to understand how dangerous he is and how unfit for office he is.” Now for anyone who is actually stupid enough to believe any of this pathetic drivel, I do have some prime oceanfront property in Arizona that I would be willing to let you have dirt cheap.  

If this polling data is actually accurate then it would seem to indicate that Cheney clearly miscalculated, politically, by her constant obsessing over President Trump, who won her state in 2020 with nearly 70 percent of the vote. And it was Brad Coker, managing director of the polling firm Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy, who believes that Cheney will lose the August 16 primary against Hageman due to her very obvious alliance with Democrats on the committee. Coker said, “This race is more about Liz Cheney than it is about Donald Trump.” And he went on to say “The big story is Liz Cheney is going to get beat.” And he added, “That’s a foregone conclusion.”

The main thing that Cheney NEVER got and, like so many others in Congress on both sides of the aisle, still doesn’t get for that matter, is that Donald Trump was, and remains, ‘We the People.’ That’s why WE elected him twice and will likely elect him for a third time. What Donald Trump DID, was to show all of America what a bunch of frauds our members of Congress truly are. And how it is that instead of working for us they are clearly working for themselves. They are greedy, selfish, self-righteous and patently dishonest. We will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy whose only agenda is personal enrichment. It is time for all of them to go.

Donald Trump accomplished three things that even my revered Ronald Reagan was unable to accomplish: 1) He was able to show that those in the ‘establishment media’ are nothing more than communist water carriers for the Democrats, 2) He showed the ‘Deep State’ for what it is and made clear the danger it represents to all of us regardless of political persuasion, and 3) He appointed three conservative justices who are closer to originalists, than activists. That’s why they are so desperate to destroy him. They being the legacy media, the Democrats, the RINOs, and the Deep State represented by the hopelessly corrupt DOJ, and their Chinese masters.

And so, I guess the main question that I have is, why it is that there is anyone who has more trust in our government, and those who run it, as well as in the ‘fake news’ media than they do in the truth of what President Trump accomplished in such a short period of time, politically speaking. President Trump represented the people. RINOs, like Cheney, represent only themselves and, of course, their donors. She played her cards and lost. She had plenty of warning to change her direction but I’m sure her last name gave her a sense of false confidence and she refused to listen. Now she pays the price. No pity from me…. Hopefully she’ll never hold political office again.



  1. “Now she pays the price. No pity from me…. Hopefully she’ll never hold political office again.”

    In all likelihood after she loses this next election and make no mistake about it, she is going to lose her next election and lose very bad. 1 of 2 things is going to happen. 1. After she loses, she will go into hiding for a few years.

    2. Then she will come out of hiding and, run for a local office.

    And depending upon what happens here is what will really determine her political fate. If she loses big time! and I do mean if she loses this by a really wide margin? Then she will leave politics completely and you’ll never see her again. Never. Ever again. If she wins and wins BIG—TIME!!!!

    If, IF, she wins by a good wide margin it will be bad for citizens but it will be good for her. Because it will “RE-ENERGIZE” her “POLITICAL-BATTERIES.” because when the time comes for this small position SHE-WON is over with, she will set her sites on a much higher federal office!!!!


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