If there is one thing that, I think, we can all very safely agree on it would be the fact that if *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden is actually a bona fide expert on anything it would have to be…what constitutes ‘confusion.’ You see, it was our fraudulently selected *president who recently claimed that it was “confusion” on the part of the American electorate that was the reason his party took such a political shellacking in elections this past Tuesday. Pointing to ongoing coronavirus ‘plandemic,’ potential tax breaks, and schools remaining open he said, “I just think that people are at a point, and it’s understandable, where there’s a whole lot of confusion.”

And the *president actually took a couple of questions from reporters at the White House after a speech on the need for giving coronavirus vaccines to children and he responded to Democrats losing four political races across the country to Republicans. ‘Creepy Joe’ was asked about his political failure to get his agenda through a Democrat-controlled congress before Election Day, where Democrats suffered some pretty heavy losses. And it was when asked about his agenda that ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “I think it should have passed before Election Day,” but admitted he was uncertain whether it would have helped if Democrats had won Virginia.

The *president also seemed to dodge specific questions about Republicans running on issues like Critical Race Theory (CRT). ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “Well I think we should produce for the American people.” And when a PBS ‘reporter’ asked about how Democrats should fight back against Republicans “lying about Critical Race Theory,” ‘Creepy Joe’ replied saying, “Well I think the whole answer is to just speak the truth, lay out where we are.” Speaking the truth? Like that’s going to happen. Anyway, ‘Creepy Joe’ repeatedly went back to his talking point that Americans wanted to see “results” in Washington saying, “I think we need to produce results for them.”

‘Creepy Joe’ was also asked about a recent Wall Street Journal report regarding how his Department of Justice (DOJ) would be settling legal cases filed by those illegal immigrants separated from their families under the prior administration with payments of $450,000 per person. When asked if news of the payments would increase illegal immigration to the country, ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “If you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah, but it’s not true. That’s not going to happen.” And in trying to be funny, I guess, he cracked a joke about Trump when a reporter’s phone rang. He said, “If that’s Trump, tell him I’m busy.” Adding, “Bad joke, but anyway…”

If there is one thing that I’m very sure of, it’s the fact that when it comes to what ‘Creepy Joe’ and the Democrats are so desperate to pull off here, there is absolutely zero confusion by those of us on the Right. We reject this Marxist BS and being told that we’re considered domestic terrorists for simply defending our kids. But we have miles of videotape of ‘Creepy Joe’s confusion. This creepy, child molesting demented old fool realizes his anti-American agenda is failing and his rationale for that seems to be that we, the American people, are simply confused when it comes to what exactly it is that he’s trying to do ‘for’ us, especially when it’s all for our own good!

And so once again, it’s not the insanity of the liberal Democrat agenda that’s preventing people from voting for Democrat, it’s the fact that folks like you and me are somehow “confused.” You see, it’s WE who are the real problem! We just don’t understand how continuing to allow the Democrats to destroy our country is actually a good thing and is for our benefit. We’re just not sophisticated enough to see what they’re trying to do. We’re too stupid to realize just how awesome ‘Creepy Joe’ and the Democrats truly are, I guess. That said, there are some things that ‘Creepy’ should avoid when talking in public: numbers, names, and cliches. I think that’s it.

And it’s on the subject of voter confusion that I can only assume he must mean things like telling folks not to take “the Trump vaccine” before then mandating that everyone, including kids, MUST take it! Or saying, “We are getting everyone out of Afghanistan,” and then leaving hundreds of Americans stranded there! Or maybe, he meant that $5 Trillion of graft, payoffs and theft are actually supposed to go to American citizens! Or claiming that the same $5 Trillion in spending is “actually paid for” and will not cost the American citizens one thin dime. Lastly, it could be the confusion that ‘Creepy Joe’ just can’t remember who he’s talking to or where he is.

And you know, I think when you get right down to it, the ones who are confused are those who voted for ‘Creepy Joe,’ and continue to support him, after the Democrats and those in the ‘fake news’ media assured them that ‘Creepy Joe’ was the man for the job. Because after the first 10 months it is very clear that he is NOT the man for the job. I think some people still think the media got it wrong. Those people have not yet realized the media did not get it wrong, they were complicit with the lies coming from the Democrats. People who voted for ‘Creepy Joe’ were deceived. Democrats take responsibility for nothing and insult Americans at the same time.

Look, what’s really going on here may not actually be an issue of confusion at all. More likely it’s disgust and distrust, and the reality that Americans are being treated as if we’re all third-class citizens and potential domestic terrorists. Americans are fed up with ‘Creepy Joe’ disastrous policies, Executive Orders, mandates, and his moronic ‘Build Back Better’ idea that’s crushing our economy, forcing thousands of Americans out of jobs, and threatens the safety, health and welfare of all of us. This administration has put citizens on the back burner using the excuse of social justice, reform and equity, while they forge ahead to achieve their agenda of socialism.

There is no confusion, at least on our part, we know full well what it is that ‘Creepy Joe’ and every member of the Democrat Party stands for. And course that would be open borders, reparations for illegals, and for blacks, much higher taxes, LGBT crap being taught in elementary schools, ‘vaccine’ mandates, much higher energy prices, attacking personally those who dare to disagree with you, taking from the producers and giving to the takers, being soft on crime and so very much more. This guy is basically saying we don’t have a clue, that we’re confused and clueless, which would be funny if it were not coming from him, from him it’s just kind of bizarre.

Yup, we’re confused, alright. Confused about who it is that’s really running our country, because it most certainly isn’t ‘Creepy Joe.’ I love it when these idiots claim to have lost an election because we, the voters were simply too stupid to exercise our right to vote in the first place. They don’t say that when it’s they who win/steal an election. Nope, it’s then that they loudly proclaim that “the people have spoken.” It suggests to me that they they’re not going to change, instead they will double-down on their agenda, policies and rhetoric to the point where even those who supported, and voted for, them will finally see the light and likely abandon them.

Finally, it’s now for the first time in our history that there are no adults in charge of the running our government, and pretty much at every level. Most certainly it is not the fraud who has spent nearly half a century in government. Meanwhile, the ‘Deep State,’ that a self-perpetuating pile of crap, ensures these idiots remain propped up and in charge. The U.S. has now become little more than the Democrats’ dumping ground which they are currently polluting with their leftwing/Socialist BS. They absolutely hate and despise the “normal and deplorable” citizens or anyone else who dares to disagree with them. It’s now way past time to change that tune.



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