And so once again we had she who continues to refuse to accept the fact that she lost the election for Georgia governor back in 2018, Stacey Abrams, during an recent appearance, just this past Monday, on MSDNC’s “The ReidOut,” hosted by one of the network’s many resident racist Joy Reid, making the blatantly idiotic claim that the mere act of Republican state lawmakers choosing to move forward with voting legislation is, in reality, nothing less than a continuation of what the Democrats, as well as number of RINOs, still describe to this day as an act of “insurrection”  whenever speaking about the events that occurred on January 6 at the Capitol.   

And it was this genius, Abrams, who said, “We have got to pay attention to the fact these laws do things. One, they are anti-voter. They are designed to stop voters the Republicans found inconvenient in this last election. Namely, young people, people of color, the disabled. Number two, these are anti-election worker bills. They are designed to get good people to abandon their post. To criminalize those who still want to do their job and to replace them with those who will undermine the administration of elections. Three, they are designed to subvert democracy.” All that these laws do is to make it more difficult for those like Abrams to cheat.

This ‘Black Kow’ went on to say, “The challenge is, to the extent we have secretaries of state, who support and suborn this behavior, they are hastening the demise of our democracy, and this is not hyperbole. This is exactly what happens across the world when, you know, past, long-standing democracies start to erode.” She continued, “It begins by undermining how people feel not about the democracy that they have but about the administration of that democracy. And what this is intended to do to convince voters that it is not worth the effort, to your point, about being GOP TV. It’s to convince those who decided to show up for the first time.”

And she continued by saying, “Who, you know, decided they were going to push through those barriers, once more, that’s not worth it, and it’s trying to convince those who want to believe the big lie that there is something in it for them, on the other side. That, if they break down democracy, they get something better on the other side. Unfortunately, we know that is autocracy. It is not designed for their benefit and not designed for America’s benefit.” Abrams added, “We know there are a number of U.S. senators who stand to lose their elections in 2022 if we do not protect our democracy.” And on what does she base that claim?

She concluded by saying, “But we also have to remember that, beyond each individual candidate, it’s about who we are as a people, as a nation, are we willing to lose our nation to those who had the failed insurrection in January and decided to franchise it to every single state? The insurrection is continuing, and we have got to stop it in its tracks.” “Who we are as a people?” Seriously? What has been made abundantly clear by those like Abrams, is the level of outright hatred that Democrats possess for both our country and for the American people. Democrats are increasingly desperate in their effort to acquire more political power, that’s all any of this is really about.

Perhaps someone should ask Abrams where we might find any of these supposed ‘victims’ of all these Republican voting laws. The media just loves victims. No matter what happens, they ALWAYS run out and find some hapless victim to shove in front of a camera to tell their sob story. Have you ever known them to fail to find a victim? Well, where are the victims of these voting laws? Out of a nation of 330,000,000 people, they have yet to find ONE actual victim of these laws. They cannot find ONE credible person who will stand in front of a camera and claim to have been prevented from voting because of these laws. Now why do you suppose that is?

Abrams simply ignores those things like widespread signature match check abuses, ‘naked’ ballots lacking outer envelopes, ballots accepted without post marks and backdating ballots, voters not properly registered allowed to vote, higher standards of certification and ID verification applied to in-person voters, different standards of ballot counting, large scale voting machine inaccuracies, inexplicable vote switching and vote surges in favor of ‘Creepy Joe’, excessively high voter turnout (at times exceeding 100%), statistically improbable vote totals based on party registration and it’s the attempt to put a stop to this nonsense that is now taking part in an “insurrection?”

I’m pretty sure that Abrams, just likely every other Democrat, has seen the numerous polls that make it very clear that it’s now a majority of the American people who are not buying the ongoing con that these voting laws, that do nothing more than to make it more difficult to cheat, in any way prevents those legally able to vote from doing so! What’s being put in place here are nothing more than the most basic of normal security measures regarding out election process. So you have to ask yourself, when was it, exactly, that ‘normal’ became “racist?” Well, that would be exactly when the Democrats realized that they could no longer win elections without cheating.

Requiring an ID to vote is the most American thing we can do to help secure our elections. Requiring all districts in all states to clean up their voter rolls every two years isn’t racist, it’s common sense. Requiring citizens to show up in person at the polling places on election day isn’t unconstitutional. Requiring all absentee ballots and mail in ballets to have matching signatures and a verifiable chain of custody isn’t an imposition. Auditing election results where there are hundreds of citizens who have filed sworn affidavits testifying to irregularities and blatant law breaking isn’t a white supremacist plot to disenfranchise anyone other than, the CHEATERS.

If the left really believed that there is no there-there regarding all of the claims of voter fraud, and the ongoing audits are simply a waste of time that will uncover no wrongdoing, would they not be demanding an audit to prove their case. Especially in a country where anywhere from 50 to 60 percent of Americans, depending on the poll you believe, are convinced there were irregularities. The fastest way to shut the nonsense down is to audit the results and prove once and for all the Republicans are liars. Their opposite reaction tells you all you need to know. The audits must continue and they must be expanded. Abrams is nothing but a willing tool of the radical left.

And finally, here’s an idea I’m sure Abrams won’t like. Every citizen does not deserve a vote. Citizens on generational welfare should not be allowed to determine how the tax dollars, taken from hardworking people, are to be spent. They always vote Democrat because Democrats promise to continue with the ‘freebies’ and to come up with more ways to make more money from hardworking folks. Only working taxpayers and retired persons receiving what they worked for all their lives and other legitimate exceptions should be allowed to vote. But it’s the overwhelming percentage of these folks that don’t vote Democrat. Hence the need for Democrats to cheat.


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