Our many RINOs are showing their true colors as they continue to make very clear how it is that they have been lying to us for years, even decades.  They do so by continuing to demonstrate an unwillingness to at least question the outcome of an election were obvious voter fraud did occur, on a massive scale, and to side with the supposed ‘winner’ of the 2020 presidential election and against the president of their own party who, without a doubt, was cheated out of a well-deserved victory.  And in so doing they also stand firmly against those who voted for Donald Trump. 

These people, these RINOs, are neither Republicans nor are they conservatives in spite of how they constantly refer to themselves as being such, or how often they may be referred to as being by others.  What they are, are traitors to the party they profess to be members of and to those who believed, trusted and voted for them for what has likely been years.  And sadly they are traitors to their own country.  And as I have said before these individuals are worse even than Democrats, because the entire time they have claimed to be on the side of America, they have been lying.  

And so it was, once again, that that well-known RINO John Kasich who once again came running when summoned by the Communist News Network (CNN) to speak out against the latest attempt to correct the 2020 election.  And it was on Wednesday during CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” that Kasich referred to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and the 17 state attorneys general who support his lawsuit to contest the presidential election results of four battleground states as being “morally and ethically bankrupt.”  And he appeared to be quite serious!

Kasich said, “I can’t believe what I am seeing in our country. These Republican leaders— and think about this—18 attorneys general across our country, members of Congress —You were just talking about the Republican leader— you know, I’ve just become convinced that these leaders are morally and ethically bankrupt. I don’t know how they can look in the mirror. I don’t. I’m flabbergasted about this. I mean, these are attorneys general. These are people who are in a position to be able to uphold the law and for them to be joining into something like this.”

And he went onto say, “I’m glad to see that the attorney general of Ohio did not join this, this amicus brief. You know, it’s the leadership that’s just lost it. Like I say, they’re bankrupt.” He continued, “The reason why my heart is bleeding because, you know, I have been a Republican all of my lifetime. But I’m an American first.”  What a bunch of pure, unadulterated bullshit!  I’m sorry, but I just need to know, am I the only one to see the irony in Kasich’s accusing ANYONE of being “bankrupt?”  Especially when it comes to something are seriously as the integrity of an election?   

And he said, “What I see happening here are the people who are supposed to be the shepherds and lead the flock in the right direction, are shepherds who are not treating the flock right. The flock is scattered. It’s a tragedy for my party and a tragedy for our country that we’re seeing this. Just morally and ethically bankrupt. I don’t know what else to say. It’s just so upsetting. I have been upset about this from the moment I have heard about it. I have been losing my temper about it. But I wanted to come in here today and not just be yelling and screaming.”

Now it’s to my way of thinking, knowing him as I do, that if Kasich is against this lawsuit going forward then it most definitely must be the morally correct thing to be doing.  Kasich is the same RINO who betrayed the pro-life movement when he chose to veto the Heartbeat bill, yet he has the audacity to call others “morally and ethically bankrupt?”  What a pathetic joke he is!  Not really sure why he refers to himself as being either a Republican or a conservative because he is so very clearly neither.  He as much a fraud as were many of the votes cast for ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.

Kasich, like Willard and any number of others, have long provided nothing more than the appearance of opposition to leftist Democrats and their agenda.  President Trump is the TRUE opposition to their corruption and criminality. That is why they despise him.  Kasich is more of an old-school Republican.  He loves cajoling, bowing, capitulating, surrendering and cozying up to Democrats.  Plain and simple, he’s a RINO through and through.  He’s disgusting and is everything I hate about the old-guard Republican establishment, and why I am a supporter of President Trump.

There is something uniquely disgusting about men like Kasich who dishonestly call themselves Republicans while not so clandestinely serving the interests of the left. RINO is too polite of a term for people such as he.  Anyone who can look at what’s going on with this attempted theft and see nothing wrong, they are the ones who can safely be accused of being morally bankrupt.  Anyone who can look at ‘Creepy Joe’ and see a man worthy of being president, is morally bankrupt. And then there’s ‘The Ho,’ and what can I say about her.  We have quite the dynamic duo here.

And Kasich is also another of those, like Willard, who can always be counted on to run to CNN or MSDNC at the drop of a hat whenever the call goes out for any ‘Republican’ willing to dump on President Trump, or others, who are the bona fide conservative Republicans.  And what’s “morally and ethically bankrupt” is how Kasich can so casually ignore the level of election fraud that we now know took place and can disregard, totally, the mountain of evidence that has been presented or can appear on television simply to accuse President Trump of being a sore loser.

So I guess, if I have this right, it’s according to Kasich that now merely the act of choosing to expose, and to possibly rectify, all of the illegal shenanigans undertaken by the Democrats, these Attorneys General, whose only interest is in preserving and ensuring adherence to our Constitution, by the actions that they have now taken, are somehow making clear how it is that they are guilty of being morally bankrupt?  Yeah, that makes sense, Mr. Kasich.  How absolutely insane is that?  Ya know, it becomes all the more apparent, every time this boob opens his mouth, that he hates America.  

If RINO traitors like Kasich refuse to stand up for the Constitution, then you have to ask yourself, what the Hell good are they?  They literally exist in contradiction to the oaths they swear when taking office.  And if leftwing judges and politicians are allowed to fundamentally change the election process, even while the election is ongoing, and without the consent of the state legislatures, then they can pretty much run roughshod over the entire Constitution and abuse their power any way they may wish to benefit them electorally or in any other way.

Republicans wouldn’t be in this position to begin with were it not for the spineless RINOs who failed to move forward with the job of securing the election process (e.g. voter ID) years ago.  And the same goes for immigration, big tech censorship, outsourcing, and on and on and on.  But they were far too busy trying to straddle both sides of the fence or cowering in fear of being called mean names for upholding electoral integrity.  That and taking too many kickbacks and hoping for some lucrative post-Congress lobbyist gig, to bother working to safeguard the Republic.

Kasich is such a sad, pathetic little man.  And it’s the 74 million American voters who voted ‘legally’ who, I would argue, have Standing to join the lawsuit as they were disenfranchised by the corrupt and unconstitutional election tampering/fraud and laws changed illegally in these states right before the election. They were treated differently from those able to vote illegally in major Democrat cities where fake ballots were used to cancel out and to overrun legal ballots.  Action must now be taken to prevent what has happened this election from ever occurring again.

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