So according to a guy who, without a doubt, knows a good bit about what it takes to be a farce, that venerable ‘faux journalist’ Dan Blather, the presidency of Donald Trump is simply nothing more than a farce.  Keep in mind that this coming from the very same guy whose entire ‘career’ was truly the farce by which all farces are to be measured!  And it was also our esteemed Mr. Blather who, during an appearance at ‘fake news’ HQ, aka the Communist News Network (CNN), on an episode of “Reliable Sources” said President Trump “would score in the high 90’s on an IQ test.”

Blather said, “As members of the press, we have to keep doing our job, which is keep telling people, keep reminding people through use of facts and quotes of how unusually unique this is to have, number one, a president who says in advance of the election that if it doesn’t appear to go his way, he is going to try to tie it up in the courts and he will not commit to a peaceful transfer of power at the top, even if the indication is that he has lost. Number two, there has never been anything approaching this in the way of voter suppression by any president of the United States.”

He said, “And the president has to continue to frame things in that way.”  And he went on to say, “As to his mental condition, I know there is a theory — he is mentally unstable. I am not qualified to say that. I will say this. He is constantly engaging in anger, manic behavior, abusive behavior, mocking behavior, and so often indicating that he would score in the high 90’s on an IQ test. We have a combination of selfishness and stupidity operating our White House. People, I think, will see that eventually. Will they see it in time to avoid what is ahead for us?”

And he said, “Frequently, in the past, and what I will call normal times, that there is a fine line between a tragedy and farce. Unfortunately, that was a long time ago. The story of the Trump administration is both tragedy and farce.”  I suppose Blather might as well try for a comeback.  After all, that which is laughingly referred to as our  ‘mainstream media’ long ago lost all standards and became all about lying, so Dan would fit right in. Heck, his fake story about Bush is tame compared to the fake stories about President Trump that are manufactured daily by CNN, WaPo, NYT, etc.

Someone really must tell old Dan that his time has come and gone.  He really should just sit back and keep his mouth shut, there is really no one who cares what he thinks.  Even the Democrats don’t really care what he has to say.  All this talk about the president and nothing about BLM and Antifa?  So, can we assume you support their violence?  What about the Democrats’ scheme to pack ‘The Court?’ What about the coup perpetrated against President Trump and the involvement of ‘BO’ & Co., and the many documents proving that Hitlery was behind the entire Russian mess?

Of course not, old Blather has nothing to say about anything but how Donald Trump’s administration is somehow both a tragedy and a farce.  Blather always fancied himself as another Walter Cronkite, but where Cronkite was easily just as far to left as Blather, he was better at keeping is insane side under wraps. Now there were those times when even Cronkite let his inner crazy see the light of day, just not quite as often as Blather.  Cronkite died still being perceived as an icon, of sorts.  Meanwhile it was Blather who essentially disgraced both himself and his entire profession.

But if what Blather says about President Trump is true, how does Blather explain how is it that President Trump has been far more successful in a shorter period of time than was his predecessor, a Democrat.  This “farce,” referenced by Blather, has been nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize.  President Trump has done more for Middle East peace that any president in the past 50 years.  And this “farce” has created one of the strongest economies in history.  And this “stupid” man has actually done more for black and Hispanic people than anyone could have imagined.

Look, Blather, we get it, we really do!  You don’t like President Trump, but like him or not you can’t deny the fact that the country, overall, is in far better shape than it was when he first entered office.  Except, of course, in those states, and cities where Democrat politicians, for what are purely political reasons, are determined in their effort to use their own citizenry in what is a continuing effort to do political harm to the president.  These same Democrats have shown that there is nothing they will not do to prevent the president from getting reelected.  And Blather must agree?

Like most on the left, Blather is another walking/talking example of what happens when a Democrat just makes shit up to advance ‘their’ narrative.’  I really don’t ever recall hearing President Trump make the claim that if the election were not to go his way, he is going to try to tie it up in the courts and he will not commit to a peaceful transfer of power, even if the indication is that he has lost.  What he has openly and honestly said is that he thinks this vote by mail mass ballot scheme is rife with fraud, and it’s been very much of a fiasco in so many states, and he is right to be concerned.

And while President Trump did not say he would tie things up in the courts, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden has bragged about how the Democrats are readying an army of thousands of lawyers that is already busy strategizing ways to challenge the election outcome should ‘Creepy Joe’ lose.  And all of that seems to be just fine with Mr. Blather.  Blather lost all credibility decades ago, and by aligning with the Democrats of today and perpetuating their lies, like so many other faux journalists, he has shown that corruption and collusion doesn’t change just because one is no longer in the limelight.

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