CNN has long been jokingly referred to as being the Communist News Network because of its obvious penchant for creating the ‘news’ instead of ‘reporting’ the news.  It has long been accused of being little more than the voice of the radical left and the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.  And it’s these days that there seems to be much truth in referring to the network in such terms.  And I say that only because it would now appear that the network, along with any number of others, is little more than a wholly owned subsidiary of the government of Communist China.

And it is that that has now become all the more obvious, of late, because these people who we are supposed to be able to rely on to tell us all the truth have made a conscious decision not to.  You see, when they knew who it was that was responsible for unleashing upon the world the Covid-19, aka Wuhan virus, they chose instead to do as instructed by their Communist Chinese masters and to spread what was nothing but disinformation in an effort to defend those same masters, going so far as to claim that it was racist to identify this virus with the country in which it originated.

Because the government of Communist China has become desperate in its effort to deflect any and all attention away from itself as being the source of this virus, it has issued marching orders to the useful idiots spread all across America and employed in the ‘fake news’ media, who have now been instructed not to refer to this virus as having come from China.  And it is those at CNN, from the top down, who have been quite obedient when it comes to complying with those orders.  CNN has repeatedly demonstrated that is really nothing but a communist front organization.

CNN employs very few, if any, actual journalists, and that would seem to be quite appropriate in that reporting on the news and providing to its viewers usable information seems not to be the primary interest of the network.  No matter which program you may happen to tune into, what tends to be the focus is a rather twisted preoccupation with maligning President Trump.  And yet, it’s whenever criticized regarding their lack of interest in doing anything other than spreading propaganda, though well deserved, the numerous ‘anchors’ always take great offense.

To be clear, there was once a time when CNN was careful and self-consciously nonpartisan — or, at least, it was keen for viewers to believe that it was. Its slogans were “This is CNN” — well, yes — and “The most trusted name in news.”  It could be sensationalist and intrusive at times, but it was sensationalist and intrusive in the way that the paparazzo is rather than in the way that protesters who bang drums in your face and insist that you give up gasoline are.  In short, it was what it said it was: a news network.  But over time, it has morphed into something different.

It’s today that CNN most certainly is not what it refers to itself as being.  These days, CNN is a peculiar and rather sordid combination of progressive propaganda outlet, over-the-top media apologist and frenzied hater of Donald Trump.  When news breaks, it is no longer useful or is it appropriate to turn on CNN.  Because if you were to actually do so you would be likely be presented with how whatever it was that had taken place was somehow the fault of Donald Trump. Today, CNN does not broadcast the news, it broadcasts what it wants you to think the news is.

The entire world knows this virus came from China, and just because some dolt on CNN is trying to tell me different, simply matters not.  Frankly it’s rather sad that the American people have so few options available to them in their effort to remain even minimally informed.  But it’s not only CNN that has abandoned the American people, there’s also MSNBC, all three of the major commercial television networks and all manner of print media.  They all seem determined in their effort to persuade anyone willing to listen to them that China had absolutely nothing to do with this virus.

Those who appear regularly on the network routinely pay homage to their masters on the left, and spew all manner of ‘fake news’ that they KNOW is ‘fake news.’  And yet, they still demand that they be taken seriously, and even behave as if they actually are serious.  And it matters not how many times they are called out regarding what it is that they misrepresent as “breaking news,” they continue to demonstrate the fact that don’t really care if they’re taken seriously of not.  And if you’re not going to be taken seriously then why is it that you would even want to be a ‘journalist?’

Far too many in our ‘fake news’ media today seem driven by their hatred of Donald Trump and their hatred of America.  They seek to smear President Trump with all manner false accusations, and for the very simple reason that he was not supposed to win.  But because he did, the new masters of the modern day media, issuing their dictates from far off lands, demand that no stone be left unturned in what must be the continuing effort to ensure that he is removed from office one way or another.  And being the dutiful stooges that they are, they simply do as they are told.



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  2. Thanks for this article. I am surrounded by Lefties who have been drinking the CNN kool aid for years. It’s like Zombieland.


  3. What we’re seeing, and also tracking backwards to our youth and before, is an effort to modify our thinking. It’s been there, I suppose, from the inception of this beautiful, free country. From the beginning, there were always those who didn’t like freedom. And we gather, from WWI onwards, from readings and research, that mind control was in their minds. For myself, I started wondering early in life, questioning when things didn’t sit right. With time, we realized the full-depth of propaganda and mind control. **Why do people think all those international films came to America? Why, during the 50’s and 60’s did we get all those frightening films. Fear controls. And all the agendas today can be found in those films. Ponder.

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  4. CNN has and is truly the communist news networks. Paid for by China their partner in crime. All reporters are members of the CCP


  5. The coming revolution will necessarily be filled with the sweet stench of decomposing, seditious fomenters of socialist (Communist) dictatorially liberal anti American ideologists. Cant wait…Goose and Gander stuff!

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  6. CNN is the Cummunist News Network abd should be censored along with Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter, HuffPost, and the rest of the Marxist scum.


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