Buttigieg 2

To hear Democrat presidential wannabe Pete Buttigieg tell it, the American people would be nothing short of foolish if they were to actually pass up the opportunity to elect him as their next president.  Because, you see, Mr. Buttigieg claims that courtesy of his being the mayor of that booming little metropolis of South Bend Indiana, population roughly 102,000, he has come to possess more executive experience in government than either President Trump or Vice President Pence.

It was when asked about his lack of experience in Washington that Buttigieg said his time as mayor of a mid-western city has given him all the executive experience he needs to be president.  It was during an interview with a New Hampshire TV station that he said, “I’ve got more executive experience than the president or the vice president of the United States in government.”  So seven years as a mayor, a good chunk of which has been spent running for president, qualifies him to be president?

Now while he may have a point when comparing himself to President Trump who is new to the ways of government, in all fairness the president was the head of a multi-billion dollar real estate company, with over 20,000 employees, before running for president, something I doubt Mr. Buttigieg is anywhere near capable of.  As for Vice President Pence, he served twelve years in the U.S. House representing the folks of his district there in Indiana before serving four years as Governor of Indiana.

Buttigieg said, “I view it this way, I have the executive experience of guiding a city and knowing that as a mayor, you are close to the ground, you are working with constituents, you are also responsible for everything from incident management to economic development.”  The city of South Bend, Indiana has a population of just over 101 thousand and is 42 square miles in size. Comparatively speaking, The U.S. has a population of 329,451,665 and is 3.8 million square miles in size.

And how is it that Buttigieg has guided his city?  Well it was been under his ‘leadership’ that South Bend is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. There were 1,012 violent crimes in South Bend for every 100,000 residents in 2016, more than double both the state and national violent crime rates of 405 incidents and 386 incidents per 100,000 people, respectively.  Under Buttigieg South Bend as seen more crime, more unemployment and has become a sanctuary for illegals.

The South Bend mayor also boasted he had more military experience than recent presidents.  He said, “I’ve got more military experience than anybody to walk into that office since George H. Bush.”   He was, of course, referring to his time serving in the naval reserve.  He served six years as an intelligence officer in the Navy Reserves and was deployed to Afghanistan for six months, but it would appear that he was safely tucked safely away far from what would have been any actual combat.

Buttigieg, who is currently polling in single digits in most Democrat presidential primary polls, argued Democrats were ready for a “different” candidate who was not from Washington, D.C.  He said, “I think there’s a real appetite for a different kind of candidate who can speak to the values that have held us together as Democrats for some time, but with a different background in a different vocabulary.”  The only ‘values’ that he is able to speak to, are certainly NOT American values!

Let’s face it, Buttigieg has executive experience in much the same way that Hitlery had foreign policy experience.  Hitlery crowed about her foreign policy “experience” being greater than Donald Trump’s lack thereof, but she skipped over the fact that her experience was highlighted by such fiascos as Benghazi and the resulting death of four Americans including our ambassador, the hilarious Russian reset and an endless string of events that only served to weaken America internationally.

Meanwhile it’s President Trump has engineered the greatest economic boom in recent history and has done it with the globalist forces of the multinational corporations, Wall Street, the Democratic party, the ‘fake news’ media and an army of bureaucrats working unwaveringly against him on a daily basis.  President Trump has continued to make very clear what his priorities are, and they are my priorities.  He promised to ‘Make America Great Again,’ and he has done much to make good on that promise.

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