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We all know that because Donald Trump was able to win the last election those in our state-controlled media complex have had their panties in a twist ever since.  And it would appear that the fact the Republican won Thursday’s special election in Montana has only served to cause those panties to become just a bit more twisted.  Republican Greg Gianforte won Thursday’s special election for the U.S. House in Montana, defeating Democrat challenger, Rob Quist despite being charged with misdemeanor assault the day before the election.  Mr. Gianforte will now take over former Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke’s House seat.  Zinke vacated the seat when he accepted the post of Secretary of the Interior in President Donald Trump’s Cabinet.

The election results, with Gianforte winning over 50% of the vote and leading by a seven-point margin, were a major blow to Democrats’ anti-Trump efforts, and to the media’s rather high expectations, after Gianforte had allegedly body-slammed a ‘reporter’ before his final campaign event on Wednesday.  So once again Democrats’ hopes of being able to turn the race into a referendum on President Trump’s performance as president, fell flat.  Because despite national attention and considerable outside funding, as well as Trump’s recent controversies in Washington D.C., Democrats were once again unable to turn the anti-Trump “resistance” into a victory at the ballot box, a bad sign for Democrat chances in the 2018 midterms.

Democrats had also been handed the gift of a last-minute controversy when the UK Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs was allegedly assaulted by Gianforte.  Jacobs said that Gianforte had “body-slammed” him in response to questions about the Congressional Budget Office score of the GOP health care plan.  An audio recording released by the Guardian showed Jacobs asking Gianforte a question, before a loud crashing noise was heard, followed by Jacobs saying Gianforte had attacked him and broke his glasses.  Gianforte’s campaign pushed back against Jacobs’s claims, saying that the reporter entered the office without permission and “aggressively shoved” a recorder in the candidate’s face.  So Jacob’s being disrespectful, likely got him what he deserved.

And as expected many members of our state-controlled media complex began placing blame where they thought it rightfully belonged and where else but squarely on President Trump.  According to several ‘journalists’ appearing on CNN, as well as on MS(LSD), President Trump is the one to blame for Gianforte’s bad behavior because of his negative rhetoric towards the media.  One such ‘journalist’, Matt Lewis, said “I think it’s pretty clear that Donald Trump has contributed to what I would call a hostile work environment for reporters.”  Before going on to say, “My fear was that there might be some person out there, like an unstable person, who might hear what Donald Trump was saying, hear this rhetoric, and do something stupid.”

And it was Fox News reject, and now CNN host Alisyn Camerota who went on to suggest, “We can look at [the incident] as sort of growing aggression against the press.” And then of course not be outdone it was Washington Post reporter Karoun Demirjian who chimed in saying, “You’ve got this kind of culture, you know, the reporters are the enemy going on…you see a lot of Democrats pointing the finger at the president right now saying you’ve created this culture where people consider reporters to be the enemy.”  She finished up by saying, “It creates a culture where there is somehow okay.”  Never mentioned anywhere in the conversation is how this ‘reporter’ actually contributed to the events that took place.

And then we had MS(LSD) host, and supposed conservative, Joe Scarborough joining in on the action, arguing “you can draw a straight line” between Trump’s rhetoric about journalists and Gianforte’s body slam.  A rather unhinged Scarborough said, “When you have Donald Trump berating reporters…using the Stalinist term ‘enemy of the people…’ it’s dangerous for CNN reporters!”  And it was according to Scarborough’s inane theory that he went on to say, “Trump is whipping people into a frenzy. This is not a big leap from what the head of the Republican Party is saying and what happened last night in Montana.”  And it was MS)LSD) contributor Mike Barnicle who very enthusiastically agreed, saying, “it leads inevitably to something like this.”

And then of course there was CNN host Don Lemon who, to the point of being somewhat comical, literally exploded on his guest Paris Drennard Wednesday night when Drennard refused to assign blame to Trump.  Lemon said, “All of a sudden we’re having incidents like this now…you think it’s just a coincidence?” Drennard tried to explain that reporters have been assaulted since before Trump was a politician, but Lemon was having none of that.  He said, “I’m telling you I am [making a connection with Trump]. I’m just saying I can’t believe that you believe the words that are coming out of your moth.”  Before going on to say, “You feel that you have to defend everything about this particular person in office.”

Look, the fact is the American people have now grown tired of what many now view as being little more than ‘fake news’ we now hear coming from the media.  And it’s those in the media who seem determined to take no responsibility for the fact that we can no longer trust them to give us the honest and unvarnished truth.  And because we can no longer believe what they’re telling us, we have been left to our own devices, forced to ferret it out on the internet what these supposed ‘journalists’ refuse to tell us.  We are DONE with the slobbering press looking for the next “gotcha”.  Gianforte is simply our answer back, STAND YOUR GROUND does mean something.  I’d say the “body-slam” may have actually helped Gianforte win.

Today’s state-controlled media types differ very little from those who had nothing to say regarding ‘BJ’ Clinton’s perverted behavior in the Oval Office, as well as the numerous accusations of rape or the fact the Teddy Kennedy got away with murdering a young woman.  Today, Barry’s illegal wiretapping on citizens goes ignored, as do the illegal activities of Hitlery.  While I do not condone what Mr. Gianforte did, I can most certainly understand his frustration given the situation.  There was a time when the press actually reported the news rather than try to create it to serve the Democrat Party. When, if ever, we have a free press again, instead of the Democrat propaganda machine it has become, perhaps then we’ll talk about treating them more civilly.


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