Don’t you just love it when we have leaders from various third world countries who presume to tell us all what’s best for America?  And how they think they are able to dictate to us how it is that we should go about allowing illegal parasites into our country.  And I find it more than a little irritating when the leaders of these very same countries lecture us when we are trying to do nothing more than what they themselves do when it comes to being watchful of who it is that comes into our country.

And it was none other than the ex-president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, who was the most recent example of those who feel that they somehow are entitled to dictate to us how is it that we are to manage our immigration policy.  And judging by some of his idiotic comments I can only assume that Fox must actually be a card-carrying member of the American Democrat Party.  Because Democrats also seem comfortable with allowing those outside of our borders to tell us who we MUST allow into our country.

It was just last night that this hypocrite from ‘South of the Border’ made an appearance on the ‘Fox News’ Sean Hannity show.  And when Fox said, “I respect very much America. That’s why I intervene, “I thought my head would explode.  This moron went on to say, “Let me start by saying please wake up, America, from this Republican nightmare that is causing a lot of noise outside of United States.  And I say it with clarity that (it) is nothing personal but is really worrying us outside of the United States.”

Fox seems to particularly object to Trump’s immigration plans.  Trump has said he will build a big, beautiful wall to keep illegal immigrants, as well as drugs, out of the United States. And he says he would deport the millions of people who are here illegally, eventually letting only the “good ones” back in, once a process for doing that was established.  Fox agreed that people are entering America illegally (most from his country). “Of course it (illegal immigration) exists. But you don’t finish with that with a stick or with violence or being aggressive.”

Hannity noted that Trump isn’t calling for violence. “We’re just building a barrier. What’s wrong with building a wall, sir?”  Fox said, “No, it’s your right. It is your right. But walls don’t work.”  But if walls don’t work, as Mr. Fox so enthusiastically claims, then why is it that Mexico has a pretty substantial wall on its southern border with Guatemala?  And I’d be curious to know why is it that Fox seems to think that it’s ok for Mexico to build a nice big, beautiful wall and yet he sees it as being racist for us in America to want to build one?

And it was from there that Fox then went on to warn that Trump is “going to take this nation to the desert. He doesn’t understand about creating jobs. He only lies and lies and lies and uses whatever is convenient for him without any attention to facts. That’s why I say he’s an egocentric. He’s only looking for himself and not for the rest. He believes in the white supremacy.”  White supremacy?  Doesn’t understand about creating jobs?  It was at that point that Hannity, apparently, had had enough, saying, “That’s ridiculous, I have to go.”

But Fox wasn’t quite done.  He continued with his idiotic rant, saying, “That’s Hitler. I mean, that’s–” And it was then that Hannity interrupted him by saying, “That’s Hitler?”  Hannity said, “That’s a disgraceful comment, sir, for you to say.”  Senor Fox then repeated, “I say, wake up, America.”  It is on that point that I can heartily agree with Fox.  America had better wake up, and soon, or we’re not going to have a country left to pass down to our kids.  And we’re already going broke trying to pay for all of those who a flood into our country illegally.

I’d like to ask Fox why it is that he feels America should somehow be prevented from enforcing that which is nearly identical to the type of immigration policy that Mexico has not only established for itself, but has also very strictly enforced for decades.  Does he consider Mexican leaders to also be like ‘Hitler’?  Or is such a sentiment reserved only for those of us in this country simply because we seek only to keep out those who wish to come here and break our laws?  What is it, I’d like to know, that makes Mexico so much better than America?

So anyway, what follows here is but a brief summary, of sorts, of how, when it comes to the subject of immigration policy, Mr. Fox’s own country of Mexico chooses to address the issue. And as you will be able to recognize almost immediately is how what American wishes to do, isn’t all that different from what Mexico does.  And you will also see how Mexico welcomes only those foreigners who will be ‘useful’ to Mexican society.  And that’s something that Senor Fox views as being racist when practiced by the United States.

So it is then that according to Mexico’s central immigration law:

  1. Foreigners are admitted into Mexico “according to their possibilities of contributing to national progress.”
  2. Immigration officials must “ensure” that immigrants will not only be useful additions to Mexico, but that they have the necessary funds to sustain themselves and their dependents.
  3. Foreigners may be barred from the country if their presence upsets “the equilibrium of the national demographics”; if they are deemed to be detrimental to “economic or national interests”; if they have broken Mexican laws; and if they are not found to be “physically or mentally healthy.”
  4. The Secretary of Governance may “suspend or prohibit the admission of foreigners” if he determines such action to be in the national interest.”

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