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Ya know, ever since Barry first strutted his cool self into the Oval Office he has proven himself, time after time, to be a pretty ardent defender of those who practice that most violent of all cults, Islam.  He very much enjoys talking about what he describes as being the supposed common values that unite us in our humanity and reinforces the obligations that people of all ‘faiths’ have to each other.  He also takes great pleasure in bragging about what he sees as being the many achievements and contributions made by Muslim Americans in building the very fabric of America and strengthening the core of our democracy.  And he’s serious!

And it’s Barry’s overt favoritism toward Muslims that helps to explain his rather sanctimonious proclamation this past Monday that America does not have a religious test when it comes to admitting refugees into America, even though the actual math would tend to show that it’s just the opposite that’s true.  Because if one were to take the time to actually examine the data, one would quickly come to realize that while only 53 Syrian Christian refugees have been allowed into America, 2,098 Syrian Muslims have been ‘welcomed’ in.  And yet, I don’t ever recall hearing about a Christian walking into a crowded market, and detonating themselves.

Look, I think that we can all safely agree that everyone of every faith is suffering to some degree in a Syrian civil war that has been further complicated by the successful creation of an Islamic State throughout much of the country.  But there is absolutely no question that it’s has been the Syrian Christians who have been singled out for the worst kind of persecution under ISIS, including mass beheadings that do not discriminate against innocent women and even small children.  And despite the idiotic claims made by our monumentally idiotic president that ISIS is not to be considered a Islamic terrorist group, it very much is!

And it was during his snippy little news conference, just yesterday, that Barry “Almighty” raged, no not against the terrorists who murdered more than a hundred innocents in Paris, but against what has become a growing list of his American critics, specifically Republicans, who are uncomfortable with the idea of resettling tens of thousands of Syrian refugees here in America with every single one being a potential terrorist.  The F.B.I. has admitted that it cannot adequately vet all of these refugees. And Barry doesn’t seem too concerned that ISIS has promised to use the Syrian refugee process as a means to infiltrate the West with terrorists.

And about those bigoted Republicans who suggested we bring in Syrian refugees who are Christians, Barry raged “We don’t have religious tests to our compassion We do not close our hearts to these victims of such violence and somehow start equating the issue of refugees with the issue of terrorism.” But according to the actual numbers Barry is lying.  But then what’s new about that?  This guy’s entire life is based on a series of lies. Because the truth is, we do have a religious test, and it’s for the purpose of providing plausible deniability to Barry, that the process is, believe it or not, being administered by the United Nations.

And it’s as a direct result of this United Nations oversight that those refugees being discriminated against by the process just so happen to be both Christians as well as those who are the most victimized and persecuted in Syria. Now while sure that that is just a coincidence, there should be no role for the UN play at any point of the vetting process.  Sadly, the genocide which has taken place against whole villages of Christians in both Iraq and Syria has, up to this point, been completely ignored by Barry.  And with now being the time for him to show compassion for those he says are his brothers and sisters in Christ, what does he do?  Turns his back!

As for these Muslim refugees, sure, I suppose we could take them, but at what price?  It is simply not the smart thing to do since our country is already being overrun by economic refugees from Mexico, our bad neighbor to the South, even though in 90% of individual cases it would be the Christian thing to do.  But there comes a point when the safety and security of our citizens here at home, needs to take precedence.  And anyway, there aren’t there any number of Muslim nations, right there in the neighborhood, who could very easily be taking care of these Muslim refugees?  And the Christians could very easily be left to the West to take care of.

Now I suppose I can see why it is that Barry tends to favor allowing undocumented Muslim refugees, versus Christian refugees, to roam free in the US.  I mean, after all:

Christians are the refugee group that has been and is in the most danger, and has suffered the most prejudice, persecution and slaughter at the hands of ISIS.


Christians refugees tend to quickly assimilate into American society, whereas, many Muslims aim to live in their own society with their own rules, undermining the culture of the “infidel” Americans.  Something they are directed to do by their religion.


Christians, on the whole will not cut off the heads of innocent men, women and children given the opportunity. Instead Christians simply pray for someone they disagree with unless physically attacked.

And, of course…

Christians in the US are members in good standing of the most tolerant and educated society on the face of the earth (tolerance of genocide notwithstanding).


Muslims from Iraq and Syria are members of the most intolerant, backward and ignorant “society” on the face of the earth.


Muslims routinely degrade and abuse women, including their wives and daughters.


Muslim society has recently been shown to be accepting of rape and abuse of male and female children.


Muslims are taught prejudice from an early age and are brought up to think of American Christians and Jews as the great Satan.

And finally…

Muslims aren’t big fans of same-sex marriage and routinely throw gays from rooftops.

So you can pretty plainly see why it is that Barry is so busy showing favoritism towards Muslims, and has almost total disregard for Christians in need. It was really wasn’t all that long ago that the population of the Middle East was 40 percent Christian.  But now, thanks to what is essentially the black plague known as Islam, that percentage is now down into single digits with the goal of those who practice the so-called religion of peace, being zero percent.  So maybe we should just bring all of the Christians here and then simply go back and turn the entire region, minus Israel of course, into glass and finally solve this Muslim infestation problem once and for all.


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