Moderators 1

What seems like for years those who are part of our state-controlled media have long denied that a liberal bias exists anywhere within their ranks.  And even though those of us on the right continued to very vigorously point out example after example of what we viewed as a blatant bias, they would continue to just as vigorously deny it and say we were all just imagining things.  During elections past there has always been present a certain amount of liberal bias, sometimes to the point where many of us on the right wondered why it was that Republicans continued to tolerate such unprofessional behavior.

But for those who tuned in last night to the Republican presidential debate it would be hard to deny that some of the most egregious examples of bias ever to be witnessed were on full display.  And also on display were candidates who seemed to be sick and tired of it, and who weren’t going to take it anymore.  The best retorts came from Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and, to a lesser degree, Mike Huckabee.  Each of them, at some point during the evening, took the opportunity to score some points at the expense of what were really some pretty pathetic moderators.

But the behavior on the part of these moderators should really have come as a surprise to no one.  And while the die hard liberals will continue to make the claim that the moderators did nothing more than to ask some very tough questions, you’d have to be significantly detached from reality to think that any of the questions were substantive in nature and designed to do anything other than to tear down the candidates.  I thought the purpose of these debates was supposed to be to provide Republican voters with an opportunity to learn more about their prospective presidential candidates.

And I think it was on that point that CNBC so very badly missed the mark, and probably on purpose.  Because it was obvious that none of these moderators was the least bit interested in delving into what many Republicans voters view as being the most important issues of the day.  To be perfectly frank, what this was last night was an exercise in journalistic malpractice the likes of which hasn’t been seen in quite some time.  And anyone who prides themselves on being a journalist should be extremely embarrassed, but I doubt very much if that will ever happen.  The night likely gave them all a bit of a chuckle.

But I have to ask you, when was the last time anyone can recall tuning in to a Democrat debate, regardless of which office the candidates were all vying for, and witnessing such deplorable, even sophomoric, behavior on the part of the moderators?  Now granted, I don’t usually watch Democrat debates, but on those rare instances that I have, I don’t seem to remember ever seeing anything that was anywhere near the level of rudeness that I witnessed while watching last night’s Republican debate.  That liberal bias exists is now irrefutable and to deny it exists is to deny reality.  It’s just that simple.

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