Clooney 2

I may be taking a wild shot in the dark here, but I’m guessing that old George ‘Looney’ Clooney, whose only claim to fame is that he has made even more box office bombs than Johnny Depp, isn’t a very big fan of ‘The Donald’.  Now I suppose I could be wrong here, but judging by some ‘Looney’s’ recent comments, I’m thinking that I’m pretty close to being right on this one.

It was during an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend for his latest bomb, the upcoming film “Our Brand Is Crisis”, that Clooney described GOP frontrunner Donald Trump as “idiotic” and “intolerant.”  This movie, produced by Clooney, focuses on the use of American political campaign strategies in South America.  Yup, I’d say he has another surefire bomb on his hands.

Anyway during a press conference this past Saturday Clooney was asked about Trump’s position on illegal immigration.  Clooney, who is known for going to great lengths to keep interested parties from coming on or anywhere near his properties, responded, “Clearly, what he said is idiotic, of course it’s idiotic.”  But apparently George is unaware of the hypocrisy of his statement.

Because Clooney went on to add, “Anybody who says as intolerant words as those should be laughed at and that’s pretty much [what] I think eventually history will do. Who’d have thought Donald Trump would be at 30 percent?”  Actually, it’s the guy who’s been involved in making some of the worst examples of cinematography ever made that’s the one who should be laughed at.

And as an example of his blatant hypocrisy, Clooney came under fire this past July, when he sought to install security cameras around the property of one of his expensive European homes.  He wanted to that in order to keep unwanted guests away.  Neighbors complained the added security measures jeopardized the privacy of the neighborhood. But hey, ‘Looney’ is special, right?

And as amazing as it might sound to some, Lake Como, Italy now even has in place a few special fines, specifically for Clooney, which are designed for the purpose of keeping out-of-towners from entering his private property.  So as we can once again very plainly see, this imbecilic jerk-off is nothing more than just another Hollywood hypocrite.  But he’s far from being the only one.

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