Well my friends, I think by now it has become pretty obvious that the future of our country is looking pretty bleak.  And nothing makes that more apparent, at least to me, than taking even a brief stroll through the local mall.  Because it takes little time at all, after glancing around at those members of today’s younger generation, these millennials, before I become more than a little uneasy when considering the fact that it’s those who I am observing that represent the future of our country.  And I can’t help but feel that they are nowhere near prepared for such an undertaking.

And then when I read, or hear, from some of the more ardent Democrat cheerleaders in the state-controlled media say, and with great pleasure, that today’s young people are planning to turn out in significant numbers in 2016, and that they have a clear choice about who it is they want to see as the nation’s next president, I get even more uneasy.  Because, of course, that very clear choice, or so we are being told, is none other than Hitlery Clinton.  And I have to ask myself, where are these kid’s parents?  Can they ALL be Democrats devoted to the progressive cause?

We are told, again by those who determined in their effort to promote Hitlery, that those who comprise our younger generation are increasingly engaged ahead of the all-important election.  But it’s also clear that engaged is not the same as being well-informed.  But let’s face it, being uninformed ever prevented anyone from voting for Democrats.  And let’s face it, Democrats, Hitlery Clinton included, prefer that Americans, and particularly those who vote, remain uninformed.  And Democrats rely on their minions in the state-controlled media to make sure that they do.

Someone needs to point out to these younger folks, that at some point in their life they are going to be required to become an adult.  And since no one else seems to be interested in explaining to them some political facts of life, then I will do my best and do it myself.  Not that I’m naïve enough to think that any of them will listen, but still I feel it needs to be said.  So I will get certain things off my chest, things that will go in one ear and out the other of those to whom my comments are directed and when all is said and done we will have made no significant progress.  But still:

  1. Hillary Clinton is a liar. I don’t mean this as political conjecture, but a proven, verifiable liar.  The fact it is that even New York Times columnist William Safire once called Hitlery a congenital liar.  She lied about the Irish peace process, her vote in favor of the Iraq war, her reason for illegally using a personal email server, that her family was dead broke when they left the White House, about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia, where Chelsea was on 9/11, who she was named after, Benghazi… and the list goes on.  We don’t need a liar-in-chief.  We tried that already.  It just doesn’t work.
  2. Hillary Clinton was MIA when that 3am phone call came from Benghazi. What difference does it make?  The life of four Americans – a huge difference.  The Russian Reset?  Russia invaded Ukraine on her watch.  Again.  And again.  And again.  Boko Haram?  Hitlery Clinton’s State Department refused to call it a terrorist organization.
  3. Hitlery Clinton defended a child rapist. And then laughed about it.  If you don’t know this story, you need to.  Read all about it. I repeat. She defended a child rapist… and laughed about it.  In her 1975 defense of this rapist, Hitlery helped this scum avoid a lengthy prison term by relying on a technicality relating to the chain of evidence of his blood-soaked underwear, as well as arguing at the time that the 12-year-old victim may have exaggerated or encouraged the attack.  Hitlery’s defense strategy also included aggressive claims about the victim’s character, including allegations that the 12-year-old “sought out older men” and was “emotionally unstable.”  The rapist ended up being sentenced to one year in jail, with two months off for time served. He had been facing 30 years to life in prison for first-degree rape.
  4. And you have to hand it to Hitlery who proved to be quite the entrepreneur in seeing her position as Secretary of State as being a real money-making opportunity and then going on to make what was the very most of it. She accepted millions of dollars, albeit illegally, from foreign governments while serving as Secretary of State that went straight into the coffers of The Clinton Foundation.  Literal boatloads of cash was taken from countries that fund Hamas, harbor terrorists, suppress women, and regularly execute gays and lesbians.  Can you say, “Conflict of interest?”
  5. Hitlery Clinton is endorsed by fellow disciple of Saul Alinsky, Barry “Almighty”. Although, given his track record, he may not have meant what he said about her being an “excellent choice” for president.  Ask your friends how many of them feel if they are better off today than they were back in 2008.  Ask your friends if they like the direction in which our country is now headed.  If they answer “yes,” well then I guess they could legitimately like Hitlery enough to vote for her.  But if they want some serious hope and favor some real change, they can’t vote for more of the same.  That’s would be the definition of insanity.
  6. Hitlery Clinton wants women to shut up. At least all of the women who tried to come forward regarding ‘Slick Willie’s’ sexual harassment, misogyny and overall perpetuation of “rape culture“. She referred to these victims as being “trailer trash” and even went so far as to threaten one of the victims in person.  And when it comes to women voters, I mean intelligent women voters, is the most serious issue on the table really unrestricted abortion and ‘free’ birth control?  If so, then I would argue that we have no ‘intelligent’ women voters in this country.
  7. And last but not least, actually I could go on far longer, Hitlery Clinton is not a champion of the middle class. Despite her campaign slogan, she is definitely not just like you or me.  Hitlery Clinton was married to an ex-president (albeit an impeached ex-president), had a personal chef, flies in an environment polluting personal jet, has sent her daughter exclusively to private schools, and makes about $250K for every speaking engagement.  That’s so you, right?  And your middle-class neighbors – they’ve got a private jet out back, right?

I suppose the adult thing to do would be for me to excuse these young idealistic ‘dreamers’ for being stupid, but I don’t.  I just can’t bring myself to do it, not when their stupidity is likely to have such an adverse effect on the ones I love.  I will admit that the fact many of our young think the way they do is a testament to the efficiency of our public school system in indoctrinating them.  But still, that doesn’t excuse them from the responsibility of getting, and staying, informed.  They choose not to, other than to watch someone like Jon Leibowitz.  And that’s not being informed.

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