If it seems to you see that the Democrats are becoming increasingly unhinged as we inch ever-closer to the upcoming midterm elections, you can relax you are not imaging things.  Because as we head into the final months of the president’s second year in office ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ (TDS) seems to be reaching what is near epidemic levels, all across the country.  Those affected by the disorder are so consumed by their hatred of this man, our president, that they feel compelled, even driven to attack not only him, but anyone they deem to be in support of him.

TDS was first diagnosed back before Trump was even elected and since that time it has become increasingly malignant with symptoms having grown much more violent. For those who may keeping score, in just the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen a knife attack on a Republican congressional candidate in California, a threat of mass murder against supporters of President Trump gathering at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., a GOP office in Wyoming attacked by an arsonist, and a conservative journalist going into hiding after receiving serious death threats.

It’s just all gotten so weird. It’s no longer about simply possessing differing political opinions.  It’s as if we live in completely different worlds.  In theirs, America is some right-wing hell-hole where everything bad that could possibly happen IS happening right now, or is absolutely CERTAIN to happen any day now and all because Trump is President.  In mine, President Trump is a different kind of President from what we’re used to but he doesn’t herald the apocalypse and he’s not capable personally, OR constitutionally, of doing 1/100th of the damage that Democrats claim that he can.

And when looking at how things are going in my own little piece of the world, I see life going on a little better than usual, both for me and for most of the people around me. The ONLY Trump-induced suffering going on seems to be taking place deep within the minds of Democrats.  If they didn’t persist in trying to force the symptoms of their derangement upon the rest of us, things would be pretty quiet.  In the big scheme of things, this country has had 12 Presidents thus far in my lifetime, counting President Trump.  And to be honest, he’s neither the worst nor the best of them.

As for all of these morons running around like their hair is on fire, you’d think that they reside in some sort of alternative universe, and not in the real world.  These are the people who “don’t believe evil exists.”  They’re the dimwits who try to hitchhike for peace across Moslem countries and wind up being raped and murdered in the first Moslem country they come to.  Their elevators just don’t go all the way to the top.  Some can break through their programming with intense exposure to the truth, but many will just stick their head deeper into the sand until they suffocate.

And to be honest, before this there was Bush Derangement Syndrome.  Barry’s election got the left hopeful.  In their view the country was “finally something they could be proud of” to paraphrase Moochelle Obummer.  But then Trump got elected. You have to remember the leftists believe everything should be done by government and it’s socialism that will save us.  Those of us on the right believe that we can solve our problems privately, with less government involvement not more.  As we have seen time and again, unelected bureaucrats simply are not to be trusted.

For the left, it’s socialism that they apparently think will be the answer for all of their problems and will satisfy all their needs.  But when Trump was elected president he became a threat to their worldview.  His election is seen as being nothing more than a fluke, and as such it must not be allowed to stand.  It is so illegitimate in their mind that all they can bring themselves to talk about is…Impeachment.  There was supposed to be no way that his victory could happen.  It wasn’t supposed to happen, and yet it did.  And it continues to drive them ALL absolutely insane.



If you get your information from watching CNN, MSNBC, or any of the major purveyors of ‘fake news’, or choose to read such rags as the New York Time or the Washington Post you were probably very surprised, even shocked, to hear that the president’s approval rating is not in the single digits.  But as they say, truth is stranger than fiction because despite the continued, and constant, hyper-hysterics from the anti-Trump state-controlled ‘fake news’ media over the course of the last 18 months, including the meltdown after President Trump said kind words to Vlad Putin, President Trump’s approval rating has, oddly enough, continued to rise since May.

According to Rasmussen President Trump’s approval rating now sits at 50%. And as difficult as it may be for his many devoted followers to accept, it was Barry ‘O’ who had an approval rating of 45% at the same point in his first term.  So President Trump is now 5 points ahead of where Barry was at a similar point in his presidency. But they’ll likely try to make the claim that it’s only because Barry was black, because with the left it must ALWAYS be about race.  Because they simply cannot bring themselves to admit that Barry did an absolutely horrendous job as president, and for the most part Trump has done much of what he promised to do if elected.

But as we all should know, if there is one constant in this ever-changing world of ours, it’s that you can always trust polls to be more than just a little unreliable. And this poll is likely wrong as well.  Because I’d be willing to wager that President Trump’s true approval rating is very likely much closer to being 60%.  After all, his approval rating among blacks and Hispanics has been reported as being much higher though most will never publicly, or even privately, tell their friends, coworkers or pollsters how they really feel towards President Trump or whether or not they intend to vote for Trump, or the Republicans, once they enter the voting booth.

Barry ‘O’ got what was 24/7 praise from his buddies in the ‘fake news’ world, as well as from his many friends in the entertainment world, numerous foreign liberals, academia, etc., while they have been relentless in their attacks on President Trump.  And yet this president still polls higher than did Barry, even taking into account how polls were likely very heavily tilted in Barry’s favor. If all things were equal, Barry would have polled 5% approval and Trump 95%.  After 8 miserable years of a Democrat administration working tirelessly to undermine the country, we now have a president who truly does love this country. The contrast could not be more stark.

As we all know, Barry came into office with a stated mission to “fundamentally transform” America.  Donald Trump came into office with the promise to “Make America Great Again.”  And much of the progress made by Barry toward completing his ‘mission’ has now been successfully erased by President Trump simply keeping his promises.  What’s amazing to me is how both the media and politicians still believe that polls are accurate in Democrats’ favor. Rasmussen is probably closest to Trump’s actual approval rating, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is actually higher. The same goes for the generic GOP/Democrat ballot polls for this year’s mid-terms.

Now regarding this November’s midterm election, while I have no doubt that liberals may very well be motivated to get out to the polls, they only comprise 20% of the American electorate (Gallup) and are pooled in just a few states. People who self-identify as conservative compose 36% of the electorate (again, Gallup) and are the core of President Trump’s supporters. Even if all 20% of liberals vote in the mid-terms, Trump only needs a portion of his base to come out. While I know there has been much talk about a ‘blue wave’ this fall that will sweep Democrats into power, I can’t help but think that it’s little more than wishful thinking on the part of Democrats.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that those on the left hate President Trump for no other reason than because he’s lowering unemployment, increasing the GDP, getting companies to come back to America and creating future jobs, reducing the national debt, gaining American respect around the world, making America safe again.  In other words, everything the Democrats hate because Democrats despise individual freedom and need a lousy economy, which they got from Barry making it easier for them to encourage more Americans onto the government teat.  Remember that great Marxist philosopher Obama once said negative growth is the new norm.

So my fellow Americans, do you want our booming economy to continue? Do you want greater border security? Do you want a president who seems determined to put Americans first?  Then work as hard as you can from now until November to get out the Republican vote.  And the same goes for 2020.  Trump will likely go down as being one of the greatest presidents in history while Barry has already been identified by many as being one of the worst!  Trump has endured more sick attacks from the ‘fake news’ media than any other president in history. He has also endured attacks by those from within his own party, those we refer to as RINOs.

One of the greatest things to come from the president’s rising approval numbers is the unintended consequence of having nudged many of those on the unhinged left ever closer to the edge of the cliff.  Make no mistake, these left wing radicals will continue their campaign of violence against President Trump’s supporters while CNN stooge Jim Acosta and the NYT all snivel that the president’s legitimate criticism of the ‘fake news’ media encourages violence against faux journalists, of which there has been none to date.  These same ‘journalists’ have been accomplices in what has been numerous, well-documented, and quite violent, attacks against Trump supporters.


Trump Derangement

The meltdown of the left that was initially brought about by the election of Donald Trump as president, and that has only intensified over the course of the last 18 months because of the president’s unprecedented level of accomplishment, has now intensified further because of what has been described as comments deserving of nothing less than impeachment.  And now we have another Democrat busy searching for some way to bring about the impeachment of our president, a Democrat whose family patriarch was known for being little more than a common bootlegger.

And yes I’m talking about Democrat Rep. Joe Kennedy III.  You see, it was Kennedy who recently called on the White House, actually it was more a demand, to publicly recount what occurred in the private meeting between President Trump and Russian President Vlad Putin.  Now how is it in any way appropriate to make such an insane demand of a president?  Would this boob ever have made the same demand of Barry ‘O’?  Of course not!  The Democrats have become increasingly unhinged and are desperate to grab at any straw they can in their quest to bring down the president.

It was during an interview on, where else but, the Communist News Network (CNN), our ‘fake news’ headquarters, that this genius actually suggested that if the White House does not come forward, Congress should bring the president’s translator to testify, and under subpoena if necessary.  While he acknowledged that the proposal is complicated by potential legal issues around privilege, he said “it shouldn’t get that far.”  He argued that without the testimony of officials or from the translator, the U.S. will have to depend solely on the Russian readout of the private meeting.

Kennedy said, “This is a horrible thing to say: The President of the United States has no credibility when it comes to this issue.”  And he went onto say, “This is a serious national security issue, and all that I’m asking for is that we understand what the president agreed to.”  Kennedy refused to call Mr. Trump’s comments treasonous, saying instead he preferred to leave that to constitutional scholars.  Because, as we all know, with all of the inbreeding that has taken place within his bizarre little clan of drunks, perverts and drug addicts, scholars are pretty hard to come by.

The congressman said his Republican counterparts “wring their hands” over President Trump’s comments in Helsinki, but they aren’t working to take any sort of action on the issue.  Kennedy also suggested that they are more focused on impeaching Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein than “oversight of Trump and Russia.”  So once again those on the left so very obviously allow themselves to be controlled by their affliction of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ as they pursue an issue that the American people, as pointed out by a recent Gallup poll, couldn’t care less about.

Strange that we have a Kennedy who has the nerve to question President Trump’s honesty, considering he has so many family members who possess some serious honesty issues.  The Democrats have become so unhinged over what President Trump has been able to accomplish, in spite of entire ‘The Swamp’ being against him, that they want to use what he may have discussed with Putin in a private meeting against him, so much so that they are calling for the president’s translator to appear in a hearing on Capitol Hill.  To hell with executive privilege or government rules

And then in causing me to wonder if there may be something in the water up there in New England, we had Kennedy’s fellow Democrat, Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, also saying that President Trump’s interpreter “can help determine what President Trump shared/promised Putin on our behalf.”  Shaheen tweeted: “I’m calling for a hearing with the U.S. interpreter who was present during President Trump’s meeting with Putin to uncover what they discussed privately. This interpreter can help determine what @POTUS shared/promised Putin on our behalf.”

But seriously, we have Nancy Pelosi unable to string enough words together to form a coherent sentence and still Democrats worry what our duly elected President said to another world leader?  I’d like to know what Lynch and ‘Slick Willy’ talked about on the plane, so let’s subpoena the pilot!  I’d also like to know how those in Congress get wealthier every day on the salary they make, so let’s subpoena their accountants!  I’d like to know how the DOJ gets away with funding leftwing terrorist causes from the DOJ slush-fund, so let’s subpoena the former AG!  So where does it ever end?

Personally I’m thinking that President Trump is likely setting Putin up for a rather sizable fall. And I couldn’t care less about what he says, I watch what he does.  Think about it, oil is quite literally the life blood of Russia.  And understand this, oil accounts for 52% of ALL federal revenue for Russia.  That is insane.  If the price of oil crashes on Russia, the country will be devastated.  And we have the power to do it.  Be honest, weren’t you surprised when President Trump, out of the blue publically called out Germany for Russian pipeline deal?  And I loved every minute of it!

This is yet another fake Russia scandal that is nothing more than another half-baked attempt at impeaching the president.  These traitorous deep state stooges can’t do anything to President Trump, or his interpreter, for holding a run-of-the-mill diplomatic conference with the leader of Russia. I get the feeling this was supposed to be their supposed ace in the hole in their continuing effort to take down the president, but their plans to overthrow America have been badly falling apart, so this ‘ace in the hole’ is built on quicksand and it just ain’t working.

I think we can count on the fact that every day there will be some new hysterical reason for impeachment. This is what the hate America crowd really wants. Continual uproar, deep state plots, threats, investigations, riots, etc. And now a Kennedy is going to investigate a diplomatic meeting of the President.  We can trust this Kennedy because he’s an up and coming young one brought up in the proper Kennedy–Save the Nation–mode.  Sorry, but the last thing we need, and I mean the VERY last thing, is to have the fate of our country resting in the hands of a Kennedy!