De Niro 12

I’ve often wondered how it is that a guy who has made a career out of playing the very same character in virtually every single movie he has ever been in can somehow be seen, by anyone, as being one the greatest ‘actors’ of all time.  Once again we have a washed up, has-been Hollyweirder, Bobby DeNiro, seeking what all has-beens want: attention and relevance.  And while he has gained some attention, he remains irrelevant, but for being a vulgar, foolish moron seeking attention any way he can get it.

And so it was that Bobby once again took advantage of an opportunity presented to him to unload on President Trump, just this past Sunday at ‘Samantha Bee’s Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, describing the president as an “unrepentant, lying scumbag.”  Speaking at the “Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner” in Washington D.C., an event intended to rival the real Correspondents’ Dinner, Bobby made the claim that it was his civic duty to stand up to the current administration.

Bobby said, “I’m happy to stand with Samantha Bee tonight to support the First Amendment – the right of the president to be a relentless and unrepentant, lying scumbag, the right of his supporters to not give a shit, and our right to do something about it.”  The real White House Correspondents’ dinner took place on Saturday, although it was a rather silly affair. And for the third time the president again chose not to attend, opting instead to hold a rally for supporters in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

I think most folks are well aware of how Bobby has repeatedly attacked President Trump for over 3 years now, often using award ceremonies and speaking engagements as his venue of choice.  Just this week, Bobby fantasized about putting President Trump in handcuffs and taking “him away in an orange jumpsuit.” And to be honest at first I wasn’t even going to bother commenting on this loon’s latest outbursts.  And really, it’s more of a plea on my part for him to just give it all a rest for a while.

And it was in an interview with Stevie Colbert that Bobby said, “We have a wannabe gangster in the White House now.”  Going on to say, “Even gangsters have morals; they have ethics, they have a code, and you know, when you give somebody your word that’s all you have is your word, especially in that world. This guy, he doesn’t even know what that means.”  But where was all this same ‘supposed outrage’ during the eight long years that we had what was nothing less than a thugocracy under Barry ‘O’?

Poor little Bobby. He seems to be stuck in a different decade, in a time when perhaps more of us were all in a little awe of our celebrities, celebrities who tended to keep, for the most part, their politics to themselves.  These days we all know, or should, that what we have is a bunch of satanic freaks. They grossly underestimate the intelligence of most Americans.  Sorry Bobby, but you’re basing your significance on those within your own little “circle of trust” who are all just as warped as you are.

And you’ll notice Bobby never actually provides any real evidence to back up any of his nutty accusations or name calling, nor does he explain how being in favor of border security, fair trade, low taxes and more prosperity for all is the equivalent of being an immoral gangster.  As if morality means anything to those on a hypocritical left which has come to consist of all manner of perverts, drunks and drug addicts.  Morality on the left has long been dead, and yet they continue to lecture us.

Bobby has become just so predictable with his endless spewing of easy one-liners and as a result has deteriorated into nothing more than a media hyped, overpaid moron who rarely, if ever, utters a single intelligent point or rational criticism.  Like most of those in Hollyweird, Bobby seems to think that just being able to read words written by someone else somehow equates to being able to advocate for certain policies and to make decisions affecting ‘real’ people, living ‘real’ lives in the ‘real’ world.

Bobby is a tired, demented old man who knows that his ‘career’ is now pretty much over, and having now reached the end is desperately seeking some way, any way, to gather a crowd.  And so he attempts to stroke his wounded vanity by making a spectacle of himself.  And he seems not to care that in his effort to attack President Trump he comes across as being nothing but a buffoon.  But still he persists, as if by receiving accolades from those around him alters how many Americans view his antics.

Bobby is simply another one of those on what has become a rather long list of many who are really nothing more than uneducated, high school dropouts who pretend to be someone smarter than they really are.  They seem to think that just because they can act, or sing, that somehow we’re supposed to see them as being extremely intelligent.  But on the contrary, acting, or singing, are both activities that actually require a very limited amount of actual intelligence.  These people merely pretend.

Bobby obviously loves to spew his hatred of this president, but he has no problem supporting a Democrat Party that has now moved so far to the left as to make it barely recognizable from what it was just 10 years ago.  And how it is that we know that?  Well, you need look no further than at what the party platform now consists of here in 2019.  Because the party platform makes very clear just how radical the Democrat Party has become and why those like Bobby so enthusiastically support it.

So what does the platform of the modern day Democrat Party, the party of Bobby and his friends there in Hollyweird, consist of?  Well I’ve put together a short list of just a few of those things supported by the Democrat Party and it follows here:

  1. Felons, even those in prison, should be allowed to vote.
  2. To disenfranchise less populated states by doing away with the Electoral College.
  3. To pack the U.S. Supreme Court with many more Justices.
  4. To impeach President Trump for defeating their candidate in 2016 and without any EVIDENCE of an actual Crime.
  5. To use taxpayer dollars to do what is essentially ‘Opposition Research’ for the DNC regarding the 2020 election.
  6. To impose stricter gun control laws against law-abiding citizens since criminals do not obey laws. (That’s why they’re criminals)
  7. To support unrestricted abortion right up to the moment of delivery and even after.
  8. To do away, completely, with our nation’s borders, and to provide unfettered access to ANYONE who shows up wishing free admission.

And so this appears to be where the Democrat Party is today, and therefore anyone who dares to support President Trump, or chooses to stand in opposition to the level of pure insanity that is now emanating from the Democrat Party are to be attacked in the most vicious way possible.  It’s all about intimidation!  We who disagree with this leftwing insanity must be beaten into submission, sometimes figuratively and sometimes not, and forced to agree with all that which we view as being wrong.

But I for one will continue to proudly stand in opposition to this party of lunatics that seems to be so determined in its effort to destroy the country that I love.  And too, I will proudly vote for those, including our president, who do not hesitate to do the same.  Punks like Bobby are little more than the equivalent of the dog crap one scrapes off the bottom of one’s shoe.   And if it’s anyone who can be described as being a “unrepentant, lying scumbag,” it would be Bobby and all of those like him.


de niro 10

I chose not to comment on most of Bobby’s more recent insane outbursts because, frankly, I just didn’t see much sense in doing so.  And I wasn’t going to do so this time, but for the reason I somehow felt compelled to.  Losers like him really aren’t worth the time it takes to discredit their imbecilic remarks, there’s nothing that can be said that will change their mind.  Their insanity has now become so complete that there is simply no way back to any semblance of sanity and therefore there is no manner of proof that makes clear to them the idiocy of their argument.

In an interview with The Guardian’s David Smith, Bobby claimed that he initially gave Trump the benefit of the doubt, but that his actions since his rise to power prove that he is a “real racist.”  Now I must have missed something, because I don’t recall hearing about how it was that Bobby ever gave the president the benefit of the doubt on anything.  He’s always been one a little too quick to attack the president, going all the way back to even before he was elected, once claiming that he wanted to punch Mr. Trump in the face. How are we to take someone like that seriously?

Anyway, Bobby said, “When you see someone like [Trump] becoming president, I thought, well, OK, let’s see what he does – maybe he’ll change.”  And he went on to say, “But he just got worse. It showed me that he is a real racist. I thought maybe as a New Yorker he understands the diversity in the city but he’s as bad as I thought he was before – and much worse. It’s a shame. It’s a bad thing in this country.”  No, Bobby, what’s actually bad for the country is having irresponsible morons such as yourself spewing all manner of hate filled drivel that you know is untrue.

And when asked whether he believes the president is a “fascist” and a “white supremacist,” Bobby confirmed that he did, comparing him to Adolf Hitler and Italy’s deadly dictator Benito Mussolini.  Bobby said, “I guess that’s what it leads to,” And he then went on to say, “If he had his way, we’d wind up in a very bad state in this country. I mean, the way I understand it, they laughed at Hitler. They all look funny. Hitler looked funny, Mussolini looked funny and other dictators and despots look funny.”  So he’s implying the president looks funny?  Has he looked in a mirror lately?

Anyway Bobby said, “What bothers me is that there will be people in the future who see him as an example and they’ll be affected in some way, but they’ll be a lot smarter and have many more colors to their personality and be more mercurial and become someone with the same values as he has but able to get much further and do more damage as a despot.”   Every time this moron opens his mouth he accomplishes nothing more than to make crystal clear just how ignorant he truly is when it comes to all things historical.  There is no basis in fact for anything that he says.

Now as I mentioned, Bobby is well-known for his expletive-laden rants against President Trump and the current administration. In June, Bobby used a speech in front of high school students to call President Trump a “mean-spirited, soulless, amoral, abusive con-artist son of a bitch.” Last month, Bobby also described the president as a “nightmare” and one of the “worst things” he’s seen in his lifetime.  Ok, so Bobby was born in 1943, and I have a really hard time believing that in all that time Trump being president is one of the worst things that have occurred.

And then in June President Trump responded to Bobby’s repeated attacks through mockery, nicknaming him “Punchy” and calling him out as being a “very Low IQ individual.”  And you know it’s really hard to disagree with that assessment.  Although, I am willing to give credit where credit is due, because if Bobby has succeeded in being able to do anything it is to have built an entire ‘career’ for himself out of doing little more than to play the same exact character in every single one of his movies.  And to be honest, Laurence Olivier he ain’t. Not by a longshot.

And I hate to be the one to point out to Bobby that our president is not murdering people because he doesn’t like their race.  Neither is he encouraging others to do so.  But what Hitler DID do was to confiscate guns, just as the leaders of Bobby’s beloved Democrat Party want to do. Our president wants people to come to our country legally, not to start out by breaking our laws in coming illegally. Our president has been transparent as to the type of person he is and what his goals are.  Bobby simply refuses to admit how it is that the president wants ALL Americans to do well.

We all know, of course, that whatever Bobby says has got to be true because, after all, he’s an actor and as such is to be considered an expert, by virtue of his being able to speak words others have written, on any topic he may wish to speak about.  But all Bobby really is, is your typical uninformed Trump hater. He calls the president names without ever being able to actually cite specific examples of President Trump saying anything that is racist, fascist or something that would expose him as being a white supremacist.  Bobby only repeats what he hears in the ‘fake news’ media.

And let’s be real, if the president truly was the fascist tyrant that Bobby makes him out to be, Bobby would have long ago been arrested and would today be rotting in some prison cell.  But’s that’s not the case.  Instead he’s allowed to publicly bash the president day in and day out with zero consequences. Only in the mind of those on the left is someone who wants to reduce the size of government looked upon as being a fascist dictator.  Bobby’s false claims accomplish nothing more than to confirm that which most of us already knew, that he’s just another wacko leftwing actor.

While we may be surprised at the level of hatred we see coming from those on the left, it’s behavior most of us would never even consider emulating. The level of hatred towards President Trump has now rendered the left, and the ‘fake news’ media, incapable of making moral judgements because their hatred blinds them to reality. They have set new standards for ‘hatred’ while claiming it’s the other side who is spewing hate. Their hate knows no bounds as those in the ‘fake news’ media provide them with all manner of cover and while encouraging the insanity.

The type of behavior that we continue to see coming from Bobby, as well as others in his chosen profession, is typical for someone in the twilight of their ‘career’ as they struggle to remain in the spotlight that they have become, so very obviously, addicted to, and by any means necessary.  And it’s Bobby’s behavior that actually says much more about himself than it does about President Trump.  And while I’m sure there are many within his little circle of friends nodding in agreement, to many of us out in flyover country he comes across as being nothing more than a raving lunatic.


De Niro 8

Ya know, the more I hear from those dingbats out in Hollyweird, the less inclined I am to fork over what it costs today to go see one of their stupid movies.  As it is I can’t honestly remember the last time I did see a movie.  Just like I can’t remember any time in my nearly 66 years of life that I ever once took any advice, especially political advice, from some hapless nitwit who wasn’t smart enough to make it through high school and was qualified for no other source of employment than that of reading words someone else has written while pretending to be someone other than who they are.  And yes it’s that moron Robert De Niro, aka Bob De Nitwit, of whom I speak.

Apparently there was recent a gala, of sorts, that took place allowing those in Bob’s chosen profession to come together and tell each other just how great they all are.  It was something called the Tribeca Film Festival and oddly enough there have now been 17 of these silly little get-togethers.  Bob kicked off the festivities in what has become typical fashion for him, with a idiotic speech in which he applauded reporters as “saviors” and called President Trump a “madman.”  After watching a video of his rant, a better description would be a rabid diatribe bordering on psychotic and coming from someone suffering from a pretty serious mental disorder.

“Look at all the Fake News writers here today,” Bob joked in front of a crowd of reporters at the Thalassa Restaurant.  Bob went on to say, “The country has had a bad year, and you — the press – have taken a lot of hits. America is being run by a madman who wouldn’t recognize the truth if it came inside a bucket of his beloved Colonel Sanders Fried Chicken.”  Bob said, “When he doesn’t like what he hears, he dismisses it by saying it’s un-American and damning it as ‘fake news.’ But we know the truth. All thinking people do.”  So Bob views all of those who support the president as non-thinking people?  Coming from a moron like Bob that’s hilarious.

Anyway, Bob went on to say, “Your job is difficult enough without being attacked by our Lowlife-in-Chief. The press has done an admirable job this past year.”  And he added, “We’re looking at journalists as our saviors, in the same way we used to look at our political leaders.”  As many already know, old Bob has long-derided President Trump, describing him, nearly two years ago, as being “totally nuts.” The Hollyweird veteran ramped up his anti-Trump talk just a few months later, announcing in a celebrity voter registration PSA that he’d like to punch Trump in the face.  After Trump’s election, Bob said it made him “feel like I did after 9/11.”

Like I said, Bob is nothing more than a high school dropout who has made his fortune being paid to be someone that he isn’t.  He’s surrounded by Hollyweird elitists most of whom ‘think’ as he does. He lives in a bubble where the only people he ever comes into contact with are his fellow Trump haters.  When he gives hate speeches about the president, and the crowd roars its approval, he’s under the impression that the applause represents the feeling of the entire country.  What it really represents is a tiny sliver of the electorate, the sliver inhabited by the Hollyweirdos. Bob’s been living in a make-believe world for 60 years and it would appear that he still is.

And besides being of very limited talent, as evidenced by the fact that most every part he plays is essentially a knock-off of himself, Bob seems to be a rather extremely insecure individual.  And let’s be honest, it was movie industry marketing experts that turned Bob into the ‘legend’ that he seems to be in the minds of many Americans.  And Bob looks a bit more unhinged every time I see him. I think it’s fair to say that before long he’ll be ready for a nice safe padded room.  Let’s face it, Hollyweird has become little more than a Communist enclave.  Most there long ago sold their soul to the Devil in exchange for fame and fortune. That’s why they behave the way they do.

And I can only assume that this latest rant may have something to do with the fact that Bob may again be experiencing a feeling of being irrelevant.  Like all of us, time is passing us by and where some of us are better able to cope with that fact, narcissists like Bob always have a difficult time dealing with it.  They’ve become addicted to being in the spotlight, and in an effort to keep it trained on them for as long as possible, many, such as Bob, will resort to almost anything.  I’d be curious to know who it was that might have recommended to Bob that trashing the president would do wonders for his career.  But then I guess any publicity is good publicity.

It’s a little sad really that these has-beens like Bob don’t realize just how unimportant they really are.  And you almost want to ask Bob, where was it that these sudden morals might have come from.  He has worked in what is one of the most perverse industries for decades and never once opened his mouth and suddenly he thinks he’s somehow entitled to tell the masses what is holy and good.  He has been a willing accomplice and an enthusiastic enabler of Hollyweird’s known sickos, hanging out with them and calling them people worthy of respect.  Yet he dares to open his mouth to not only slam our president, but all of those who voted for him as well.

Meanwhile, it’s our modern-day Hitler who set the job market on fire using two proven accelerants, tax breaks and deregulation, got North Korea to realize we are dead serious about ending their nuclear dreams, got better trade deals with China, Japan, and the EU, got the U.N. to start paying their fair share, made stronger connections with our allies in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and is attempting to reverse the damage illegal aliens and dangerous drugs are doing and would be much further along in the process of sealing our border with a wall if not for brain dead individuals like Bob.  It’s from idiots like Bob that we must protect our Republic.

And it’s only as a side note that I want to say a little something regarding this November’s midterm elections.  I read somewhere today about how it’s going to be a blood bath for the Republicans with them likely losing control of both the House and the Senate.  And while I know there is a significant level of frustration out there with our current batch of congressional leaders, I maintain that our focus MUST remain on ensuring that that does not happen. Schumer and Pelosi running Congress is the true nightmare scenario.  And let’s keep in mind here that if the Democrats win it’s people like Bob and his many Hollyweird friends who also win.  That MUST not happen!


De Niro 6

So once again we had that hapless, no talent boob, Bobby DeNiro opening his mouth to prove yet again that being a big-time actor requires very few, if any brains.  And I say no talent for no other reason than because this guy has essentially played the very same character in every single movie he’s ever been in.  And it is as an unabashed Trump hater who this past Tuesday Bobby chose the rather unusual venue of a charity benefit to let fly with another round of petty insults directed at our president.

And so on the same day that President Trump was in San Diego, California to view prototypes of his proposed border wall before then heading off to a fundraiser in Los Angeles, we heard how Bobby used the occasion of a charity event in Hollyweird to blast the president as being “spoiled” and an “idiot.”   Now let’s face it, when looking at these two men it becomes very obvious very quickly which one of them is spoiled and which one is an idiot.  And in neither case is it President Trump.

Anyway, it was while speaking at some ritzy dinner at something called the Dolby ballroom in the Hollyweird & Highland complex at a benefit for the Fulfillment Fund, a group described as one that helps the poor enter into higher education, that Bobby ripped into Trump with his typical brand of personal attacks.  So instead of focusing on why he was there, he chose to use the opportunity to rant.  But I’m sure Bobby felt comfortable in doing so as he was likely surrounded by many like-minded boobs.

Bobby said, “A college education is important, but education without humanity is ignorance. Look at our president. He made it through the University of Pennsylvania, so he was exposed to a quality education, but he’s still an idiot. And he lacks any sense of humanity or compassion.”  So here we have a guy, Bobby, who was unable to make it much beyond grade school accusing the president of being an idiot?  I think we can all agree that if there is anything on which Bobby is an expert, it’s being an idiot.

And Bobby went on to say, “Of course, he did have to overcome the curse of growing up rich and spoiled.”  And he added, “And endure the heartbreak of bone spurs. Maybe that had an effect.”  The attack on Trump’s “bone spurs” is a reference to the reason why Trump received a medical draft deferment during the Vietnam War.  But what might have been Bobby’s excuse for never having served in the military.  I can only assume that it had to do with his lacking the required level of intelligence.

Bobby said, “Trump treats education as a con – a way to make a profit at the expense of the suckers.”  He asked, “Anyone here planning to get their education at Trump University?”  And he went on to say, “To be silent in the face of such villainy is to be complicit.”  This was far from being the first time that Bobby has launched into venomous personal attacks against Trump and his supporters.  In the past he has attacked Trump as a “flat-out blatant racist” who is “going to sink himself.”

It was in February that the rather embittered, and obviously senile, leftwing crackpot, speaking overseas in Dubai, attacked Trump as “dangerous” and America as a “backward” country suffering from “temporary insanity.”   And in January, he blasted Trump as a “fucking idiot” and “fucking fool” and “jerkoff-in-chief.”  If Bobby proves anything it’s that just because you have tons of money, it doesn’t mean you’re all that smart nor does it mean that you possess any amount of class.

Over the course of the last couple of years DeNiro has turned into a raving lunatic.  He doesn’t like Trump, and because he doesn’t, everyone who does has to suffer his continuing juvenile temper tantrums in protest.  Just the mere mention of Trump’s name sends Bobby into a fit.  Bobby’s a crybaby, a snowflake who refuses to shut up until he gets his way.  He’s your typical self-important pompous jerk.  Another member of the elite who thinks that no one’s opinion is as important as his.

Let’s face it, being able to ‘act’, or to pretend to be someone other than who you really are, and to do so by reading lines that others have written for you is really no great feat or accomplishment.  It is perhaps one the most useless ‘professions’ there is.  Actors provide zero benefit to society and even less benefit to their fellow man.  And yet they view themselves as being so very far above the rest of us and somehow feel that they are deserving of being taken seriously.  In reality, they’re a joke.

Bobby is certainly entitled to his opinion, but it should be given absolutely no weight beyond his single voice.  There is a great difference between celebrity and fame. The first is based simply on public exposure; the second on accomplishment in the field in which one wishes to be recognized. I would say DeNiro’s critique of a film director is worth considering, but his view of an elected official is worth no more than that of an 18-year-old high school dropout who has just voted for the first time.

The progressives continue their meltdown at an ever-accelerating rate.  And having sold what little was left of their souls are starting to exhibit the effects of doing so.  They advocate more and more for the tearing apart of America.  Working in concert we have the media, Hollyweird, and the leftist politicians are working as hard as they can to bring our country down.  Each tries to one up the other as their vitriol has now gotten out of hand.  Just look around at how absurd the progressives have become.

And as their many political ploys continue to fall apart, those on the left have now resorted to simply making up all manner of ‘fake news’ backed with made up unverified sources, rumors and all manner of innuendo. The other tactic they’re now employing is to simply not report, or to barely mention, the successes of the Republicans.  Just sit back and watch them continue to “crack up” until they realize that all they’ve done is to make themselves look foolish and completely unhinged.


De Niro 5

Never in my life have I witnessed a group of individuals more eager to prove just how little they know about everything, than our current batch of celebrities.  And stranger still, than the fact that they continue to present themselves as being some sort of authorities on whatever the subject may be, is the fact that they are actually accepted as such by those our state-controlled news media and even touted as being some sort of scientific experts.  This despite the fact that they have no special training, education, or insight regarding such things as so-called ‘climate change.’

Which brings me to something that I recently saw being reported on Fox News.  Apparently, actor and well-known expert on all things considered to be scientific, Bobby De Niro, already well-established as being someone who is no friend of President Donald Trump, gave a speech, for some bizarre reason, this past Sunday at the ‘World Government Summit’ in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  And it was during this idiotic little speech that Bobby dismissed the Trump administration’s position on ‘climate change’ as “backward” and “a case of temporary insanity.”

Bobby was commenting on remarks from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Chief Scott Pruitt, who suggested last week that there may be an upside for mankind in global warming.  It was during a recent interview that Pruitt said, “We know humans have most flourished during times of warming trends. There are assumptions made that because the climate is warming that necessarily is a bad thing.”  And he added, “Do we know what the ideal surface temperature should be in the year 2100 or year 2018? It’s fairly arrogant for us to think we know exactly what it should be in 2100.”

Bobby apparently found this attitude triggering.  He said, “I am talking about my own country, the United States of America. We don’t like to say we are a ‘backward’ country so let’s just say we are suffering from a case of temporary insanity.”  Bobby drew applause and laughter when he told the audience at the Summit that America “will eventually cure itself by voting our dangerous leader” out of office.  Actually, America will begin to cure itself regarding its strange affection for leftist insanity when we stop paying any amount of attention to pathetic old losers like Bobby.

I must say that I am more than a little curious as to why anyone in their right mind would ever waste their time listening to this guy who couldn’t even make it beyond his high school freshman year.  And despite that fact, because he’s ‘Bobby’ D., he thinks that sufficient for him to lecture the rest of us on all matters scientific and that we need to heed what he says.  But the massive amount of what Bobby doesn’t know is staggering. Maybe he should shut his pie hole, and stick to pretentiously method acting his way through the same movie role over and over again.

And think about it: the two loudest and most obnoxious ‘climate change’ cult celebrities in all of Hollyweird, Bobby De Niro and Lenny DiCaprio, are both high school dropouts.  Just stop for a minute and let that sink in.  Then the next thing you need to ponder is, is something that has so captivated the left, really something that the rest of us really need to be all that concerned about?  I mean, here we have two of the most clueless individuals on the planet, sounding the alarm about something that they know absolutely nothing about, and we’re supposed to take them seriously.

And how about we all agree to just call the ‘climate change’ “Paris Accord” exactly what it is.  Another method by which the globalist progressive minded elites plan to steal more dollars from hard working, tax paying American’s.  The goal here, of course, is to weaken the people while simultaneously forcing more and more of us into a greater dependence on big government.  Yes that’s correct, true motivations of epic proportions all hidden behind the facade of some ominous, albeit quite bogus, catastrophe.  And they nearly got away with it, if not for Hitlery losing the election.

Now I know Bobby, has every right to remain just as clueless as he wishes to be, however he also has the obligation to be a bit better informed.  I often wonder if any of these propaganda spewing celebrities, like Bobby, actually believe any of what they say, or if it’s all just some sort of silly charade, the motive of which I’m not quite sure.  Because I’m sure that Bobby refuses to use cars and airplanes, preferring instead to bike everywhere that he goes.  As well, I’m sure he avoids such things as central heat and air.  Just like all virtue-signaling, ‘green’, limousine liberals.  Right?


De Niro 2

Call me silly, but does anyone actually believe that there will ever come a day when the lunatic blowhards of our entertainment industry will finally come to realize that the vast majority of the American people really don’t care about their opinion of our president or, for that matter, anything else?  And what is it about those in Hollyweird that so compels them to cast themselves as being little more than brain dead, hapless twits who have absolutely no idea how it is that the world actually exists.  Or that there are real people out there, dealing with very real problems every single day.

I mean, come on, do any of these rabid leftwing lunatics really think that such sophomoric, and downright rude, behavior will actually succeed in convincing any rational individual, or those folks who genuinely work for a living, that their continuing position regarding our president is anything other than some weird psychotic episode related to only the fact that their most favored candidate lost?  After all, I think it very safe to assume that for most, if not all, of those out there in old crazytown, aka Hollyweird, it was Hitlery whom they voted for.

Case in point, is one ‘Little Bobby’ De Niro, a guy who, during yet another pointless, and rather silly, award show, offered up, courtesy of one of his typical foul-mouthed rants, another of his critiques of President Trump referring to him as a ‘f***ing fool’ as he presented fellow Weinstein enabler Meryl Streep with a best actress award on Tuesday night.  It was in introducing Streep at the ‘National Board of Review Annual Awards Gala’ in New York that Bobby proceeded to become completely unhinged, spewing yet another of his juvenile rants about President Trump.

Bobby also referred to the president as the ‘baby-in-chief’ and ‘jerk-off-in-chief’ while discussing Streep’s new film The Post.  Bobby said, “It was fascinating to watch The Post. That story took place nearly 50 years ago, but there are many parallels with today obviously.”  And he then went on to say, “At the time of the story Donald Trump was suffering with “bone spurs”. Today the world is suffering from the real Donald Trump.  This f***ing idiot is the President. It’s The Emperor’s New Clothes – the guy is a f***ing fool.  Who acts like this?

Bobby has long been a vocal critic of President Trump, saying during the presidential campaign that he would “like to punch him in the face.”  Since then he has used any public speaking opportunity that has comes his way to trash the President, calling him a “blatant racist”, a “bozo” and a “motherf***er”.  Classy guy, right?  He also used an awards speech just days before the 2016 election to call for people to vote for Hitlery.  How delusional must this guy be to think that anyone who cares about this country would ever stoop to taking advice from a loser like himself?

I can only assume that these actors really do not understand how silly and pathetic they sound.  The endless tears of all those sore losers telling Americans “you should have voted for Hillary.”  The election is over.  Deal with it.  Interesting that Mr. De Niro disparages Mr. Trump’s intelligence when De Niro himself could not even handle the rigors of high school.  As an actor, his sole responsibility is to memorize and recite lines, create a character persona and hit his marks.  When it comes to intelligence and the ability to get things done, I’ll stick with President Trump every time.

Bobby is just another aging-not-to-well-has-been struggling to remain in the limelight by any means necessary.  It’s all quite sad, really.  And the harder he tries the more irrelevant he becomes while succeeding in doing nothing more than to further embarrass himself.  He’s another of those on the long list of Polanski and Weinstein enablers.  And as De Niro and Streep rage at the president they say nothing about those young women forced onto the casting couch, or worse.  Perhaps Bobby should seek to more aggressively clean up his own act before attacking our president.

But let’s face it, De Niro has always been a Marxist, one of those useful idiots who think they are just so much more sophisticated than we who make up the unwashed masses.  He’s another of those Hollyweird high school dropouts who thinks that he’s just oh so much smarter than someone who has actually been able to create a multi-billion dollar business.  Maybe this is what you turn out to be when your dad is gay.   To see a true American and enterprising president like Donald Trump come along, I’m sure is more than a little infuriating to old Bobby.

Why is their opinion on anything, including President Trump, any more important than the guy working at a 7-11 in Cedar Rapids or rancher in Montana or a shrimper in Baton Rouge?  Who do these people think they are?  On average, they have LESS formal education than the rest of the public and restrict themselves to news and a circle of people who think exactly the same way they do on every single issue.  These people live and work in that which is nothing more than one huge echo chamber.  And yet we are somehow supposed to take them all seriously.

And yet Hollyweird and the National Felon’s League (NFL) wonder why their sales and advertising revenues tanked in 2017.  Gee, I can’t imagine why!  Maybe it’s because when actors and football players flagrantly insult, offend and disparage 50%+ of their customers on a daily basis, it’s only logical that those consumers as well as some advertisers would decide to abandon and even to boycott them. They seem to forget that their sole purpose in life is to ENTERTAIN US, not to lecture us when it comes to their rather twisted, illogical, irrational and uninformed views of things.

Bobby is nothing more than another Hollyweird hypocrite who preaches socialism while living a royal lifestyle.  He’s upset because the president has delivered on many of campaign promises, reduced the tax burden and has made it possible for millions of Americans to finally find a job. He fails to understand that no one cares what he thinks and his continuing rants mean next to nothing to most people.  The best advice I could offer him would be to keep his idiotic opinions to himself or those in his rather twisted circle of ‘friends.’  Otherwise you only make yourself look like a moron.


De Niro 4

Let’s face it, these Hollyweird types are, without a doubt, a hopelessly dishonest and very classless bunch.  They continue to prove, on nearly a daily basis, that just because one may have a lot money, it doesn’t necessarily equate to possessing any amount of class.  And when this band of morally bankrupt scum-buckets continues with their steady stream of increasingly outrageous attacks on our President, it makes those of us who voted for him feel all the more confident that we truly did make the right choice.

Which brings me to one of the more vocal of the Trump haters, ‘Little Bobby’ De Niro.  I’m pretty sure that most folks are well aware of the fact that old Bobby is far from being a supporter of our president.  And just in case there were those who were not aware of that fact, Bobby took a recent opportunity to remind everyone during a ‘charity’ speech this past Thursday when he again attacked President Trump, describing him as a “lowlife” and banning the president from sitting on a park bench dedicated to himself.

This time Bobby’s rant took place at the Annual Hudson River Park Gala and it was there he said, “One of my pleasures will be keeping people off my bench who don’t deserve a view of the park like Donald Trump.”  And I guess it was just for good measure that he went onto add, “F**k you, Donald Trump. It’s a horror with this motherf**ker.”  And it was from there that he went on to describe President Trump as a “low life.”  Now if one were to go looking for the perfect example of a lowlife, there is no better example than Bobby.

Bobby proves my point courtesy of his repeated attacks and threats made against President Trump, today as well as during the run-up to last year’s presidential election when he went so far as to say he would like to “punch him in the face.”  It was then in a video that Bobby said, “I mean, he’s so blatantly stupid. He’s a punk, he’s a dog, he’s a pig, he’s a con, he’s a bullsh*t artist, a mutt who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, doesn’t do his homework, doesn’t care, thinks he’s gaming society, doesn’t pay his taxes.”

And it was in that very same video that Bobby was heard to say, “He’s an embarrassment to this country.  He talks [about] how he wants to punch people in the face… I’d like to punch him in the face.”  And the fact that President Trump actually won the election over Bobby’s favored candidate of choice seems only to have driven him closer to the edge.  Because as recently as this past August, Bobby again attacked President Trump, describing him as a “blatant racist” whose days in the White House are numbered.

It was then during an interview that Bobby said, “He’s dangerous as it is.”  And then went on to say, “He’s terrible, and a flat-out blatant racist and doubling down on that, and it’s good that he does because he’s going to sink himself.”  And yet Bobby has, so far, refused to comment regarding his friend Harvey Weinstein and the escalating sexual harassment scandal surrounding the now disgraced producer.  The Daily News noted that Bobby said he hadn’t spoken to Weinstein since the scandal first broke.  Really?

I must admit that I am more than a bit confused over how it is that Bobby can have no problem whatsoever with speaking of the president in such a manner while at the same time refusing to utter so much as a word about Harvey Weinstein.  I can only assume that Bobby must care very little about Harvey’s victims, as he goes about coming up with new accusations to make against President Trump.  Keep crying Bobby.  You’re now the poster-boy for Harvey Hypocrisy!  I can’t wait to watch Bobby’s head explode after Trump’s 2020 victory.

And I love the double-standard under which people like Bobby feel entitled to operate.  They can allow 30 years to go by, knowing full well what their favorite pervert, Harvey Weinstein, is up to and never utter a word.  And yet, at the same time, they view as being acceptable their constant haranguing of our president.  And with the number of allegations that have now surfaced, and that continue to surface, I think it’s fair to ask how was it that no one within Weinstein’s circle of ‘friends’ knew nothing of his sick behavior?

And I’d be willing to bet that not only did most of these rich and powerful elites, like Bobby, know about it, but most of them also very likely followed Harvey’s perverted example by exploiting those around them, and in much the same manner that Weinstein did.  Look at the disgusting Ben Affleck video that surfaced last week.  Money and power corrupt, and in the upper echelons of Hollyweird, a man is free to become as corrupt and perverted as he may wish, knowing full well that he won’t be ‘exposed’ by his friends.

Personally I’m glad that the Democrats prefer to associate themselves with all of these perverted celebrities.  Patriotic, God fearing, Americans who love this country will vote for those who support President Trump in 2018 and again for the man himself in 2020.  It’s obvious that those who don’t like President Trump also don’t really care about America.  They hate the president because all he is trying to do is make the country better for all Americans.  And no matter how are Bobby may try, he won’t keep the president from winning re-election.

Frankly I find Hollyweird to be made up of, for the most part, those who are less than intelligent and more than a little arrogant.  They are misfits whose only apparent redeeming quality is that they happen to look good on film or are unusually adept at memorization.  And while they may sound intelligent when speaking lines written for them, it’s when they become themselves and begin to speak that they very quickly reveal just how ignorant they truly are.  And it is without a doubt that Bobby is one of the most ignorant.

Actors who publicly speak out about politics only do damage to themselves.  Intelligent folks realize that these are folks get paid to pretend to be other people for a living, and just because they may play the part of an intelligent, moral person in some movie, that certainly doesn’t mean that that’s the kind of person they are.  I’m sure Bobby now fears that some of the skeletons in his own closet might now be in danger of being exposed.  I see this revelation about Weinstein as having started a chain reaction that may not end well for many.

And lastly it was long ago that I stopped worrying about what a bunch of amoral self-absorbed drug addled, alcoholic, perverts think about those issues that are most important to me and my family.  These people embrace degeneracy and herald pedophiles and rapists, while holding up murderous Communists and Marxists as idols.  They make fun of Christians and belittle those with high moral standards.  Maybe they should stick to what it is that they do best and stay the heck out of politics.  Not that that’s likely to happen any time soon.



It was just this past Friday that Bobby De Niro was seen hanging out with a few of his intellectual equals there on ‘The View’. And together, if one were to take the time to add up all their IQs the number one would come up with would be less than the shoe size of any single member of this rather bizarre little group.  Anyway, it was in discussing his 2016 election video in which Bobby said he would like to punch then presidential candidate Donald Trump “in the face,” that Bobby said “of course” he wanted “to punch him in the face,” but added it was “only a symbolic” because he said “when people are bullies” that’s what you have to do, “bully them back.”

Bobby said, “I said that because he said that about somebody, that he would like to punch them in the face.  How dare he say that to the crowd? How dare he say the things he does.  Of course I want to punch him the face.”  Bobby continued his little rant saying, “It was only a symbolic thing anyway. It wasn’t like I was going to go find him and punch him in the face, but he’s got to hear it. He’s got to hear it that, you know, that’s what he makes people feel. It’s not good to feel that way. It’s not to start that stuff up, but at the same time sometimes when people are bullies like that, that’s what you have to do to shut them up….Bully them back.”

Bobby went on to say, “When you have people going in there just to win, it’s not about winning. It’s about what’s right for the country, the people. And we hear a lot of lip service about that and even from Trump.”  And he added, ”But now is the time to see what he’s going to do. So far it doesn’t look good.”  So I’m assuming that Bobby actually thinks that with Hitlery it wasn’t all about winning?  Is he serious?  And what makes very clear just how warped old Bobby really is, is the fact that he actually thinks Hitlery was what was right for the country.  How frightening is that?  That kind of thinking is nothing short of demented.

Bobby sounds like little more than a spoiled brat who got caught doing something wrong and the only bright idea he has is to “bully them back”, and on “The View” no less.  Thank God President Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Hollyweird “elites” like Bobby D.  He talks pretty big when surrounded by the hapless bitches of ‘The View’.  The truth is Trump is not the bully, instead it’s Bobby and his leftist buddies who are the bullies.  Does he really think that our party and voters would be acting like this if Trump lost?  No way.  Was there rioting by the right when Barry won?  Either time?  Bobby and his fellow Hollyweird elites are TOTAL BOTTOM FEEDING SCUM!

Every time they open their mouths those like Bobby demonstrate just how truly weak minded they really are.  I mean let’s face it, it’s a rather significant percentage of those in our ‘entertainment’ business who weren’t even smart enough to successfully navigate through the rigors of your average K-12 public education.  And also what public good do they really serve?  They are actors, or singers or whatever who do absolutely nothing to actually ‘improve’ society in any measureable way.  These self-adoring celebrities have taken every advantage of American privilege and society yet when it comes to those who are less fortunate, they simply turn their backs!

Find any filthy, anti-American, anti-family, anti-Christian, obscene, depraved cause, and you’ll find a hypocritical, empty-headed, vulgar, preening, egotistical, show-biz celebrity like Bobby D. willing to support it.  In their pathetic, narrow, little world they only associate with other self-adoring, self-important, celebrity snobs.  They spew their anti-American venom to the unwashed while they flaunt their moral depravity and mental illnesses in front of the World.  Donald Trump has vowed to make America First to, ALL women, ALL millennials, ALL blacks, ALL Hispanics, ALL Ages, ALL Colors, ALL Genders, and ALL Political Parties… ALL AMERICANS!

Bobby is one of these actors who believes that because he’s thrown a few ‘phantom’ punches in a few movies, that he is somehow a true tough guy.  In truth, kicking his 73 year old raggedy ass would require only the minimum of effort.  Therefore he surrounds himself with an armed security detail, lives behind walled and secured properties and would run screaming like a little girl at the first sign of trouble.  While I’m not going to say Trump is a ‘physical’ tough guy either, what I can say is that Trump does NOT run away and does NOT back down – from anything.  Why should American’s care what Hollyweird morons like Bobby think?  About any topic or issue?

All people like Bobby do is pretend.  And it’s more often than not that I think they get the characters they play in movies confused with real life.  Hollyweird has built up this huge fantasy world that is all about pretending? Nothing you do has to be truthful. Nothing! It is all about pretending.  I prefer the truth and the real world thank you.  The American people, at least those in ‘flyover country’ have had it with Hollyweird!  Bobby will not be remembered as a tough guy actor but rather as a pathetically WEAK anti-GOD/anti-American anarchist who chose to be evil rather than be a good person! That is if he is remembered at all by anyone other than his kind!



After hearing how it was that if Trump were to win on Election Day, all manner of Hollyweird ‘celebrities’ would likely head north of the border, only to find out after Trump did win that they were all simply kidding, I came to be so depressed.  But apparently not as depressed as was old Bobby De Niro upon hearing the news that Trump had beaten Hitlery like a bastard stepchild.  But Bobby felt the need to take things a step further.  You see, it was after campaigning heavily for Hitlery that Bobby now states that the election of Donald Trump as president makes him “feel like I did after 9/11.”  How pathetic is that?

Bobby lamented how the loss of Hitlery has left him with a case of post-election blues.  In an interview with ‘Agence France-Presse’ last Friday, Bobby was asked if he supported protests across the country, which has included the closing of metropolitan freeways at times.  And it was in typical fashion that this mental midget replied, “Yes, absolutely!”  And he went on to say, “Things aren’t being done right.”  Bobby then called on his ‘comrades’ to stay “vigilant” under Trump saying, “We have to just wait and see how things go and keep our eyes ever-vigilant on the new government.”  Vigilant for what, exactly?

Bobby had been virulently against the election of Trump pretty much throughout the entire campaign, even doing a stupid monologue this past October in which he called Trump “an embarrassment” to the United States and said he would like to “punch him in the face.”  He also said that a Hitlery loss would be a “tragedy.”  He did not say that the “tragedy” to which he referred would be akin to 3,000 people losing their lives to Islamic terrorists.  And now that I know what he meant, I wish I didn’t.  But look, I’m far from surprised to hear that this is how he feels, this is the caliber of people who now call themselves Democrats.

So let me see if I have this right, 3000 innocent people were murdered in cold blood by 19 Islamic fanatics and Bobby claims he was made to feel the exact same way as a result of his corrupt candidate losing an election?  Say that to the families of the 3000 who were murdered.  What about those of us who were sad and depressed both times Barry was elected?  Did we take to burning down our neighbors homes, destroying their businesses or calling for the rape of the first lady.  Please, Bobby, do us all a huge favor and move to some socialist country and take all of your Hollyweird buddies with you.

My parents always taught me to respect my elders, and while I’m much closer to Bobby’s age than I care to admit, yet every time I see this asshole’s face it seems to be taunting me into wanting to punch it.  I promised those people who perished on 9/11 that “I WILL NEVER FORGET”, and Bobby’s disrespect for their memories is so shameful.  I guess I could say that I will never go to see another of his movies, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I went to the movies.  The entertainment value provided simply doesn’t match the cost that I’m now expected to cheerfully pay just for admittance, never mind the cost of the munchies.

Bobby is another one of those Hollyweird imbeciles who thinks just because he can read lines written by others it somehow provides to him some special insight into the lives of others and gives him a special position on which he can influence the thinking of others.  No one cares what this leftist loony thinks nor that he supported the most corrupt candidate ever to run.  He lives in the Hollyweird bubble where reality long ago departed and was replaced by overpaid imbeciles who are nothing more than political groupies and advocates for Socialism.  That is, socialism for the great unwashed, but not for themselves.