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So once again we had a Democrat trying his hand at rewriting history, or was he?  While it is something we should all be pretty used to by now, so too is the fact that we have in the frontrunner for the Democrat nomination for president a man who ain’t near as sharp as he used to be.  During an interview that aired during Tuesday’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “11th Hour,” 2020 Democrat presidential candidate, ex-vice president ‘Senile Old Joe’ Biden remarked that “it would be wise” if President Trump called BO to maybe get some pointers regarding our current ‘Chinese virus’ pandemic.

It all started when host Brian Williams asked, “About the guy you worked with, do you think it’s time for Americans to hear, in a more public setting, from Barack Obama?”  ‘Senile old’ Joe responded saying, “I think that it would be wise if the president — if Trump called President Obama. I’m going to say something that sounds self-serving, but I think we handled the last pandemic very well. We handled the last economic crisis very well in an organizational structure, how we did it, what we did, who we put in charge, how it got done, where there was no waste of time and money.”

So, are we to assume that Williams was actually suggesting an ex-president come out and opine about the job the current president is doing, and to give advice on how to better handle it?  We should remember that before BO was president he had been in charge of absolutely NOTHING of consequence, and yet we’re to believe that he would have something constructive to offer regarding how best to handle this current ‘crisis?’ President Trump, was a successful businessman and head of a multibillion dollar company and has a long history of getting things done, and done quickly.

Look, ‘Senile Old’ Joe is 77.  President Trump is 73.  President Trump is meeting with numerous experts and working with a large task force and is seen giving a sendoff to the USNS Comfort headed to New York City.  Meanwhile, where is it that ‘Senile Old’ Joe can be found?  Well, holed up in his basement giving advice to President Trump!  Taking some big risks there, aren’t you Joe?  Afraid you might catch something?  How presidential!  How would it be if President Trump was holed up in the bunker under the White House for a month?  Is that where we’d likely find a ‘President’ Biden?

And in looking back we see that in the last pandemic that occurred on BO’s watch, he didn’t declare national emergency for 6 months and then not until 1,000 people had died.  He didn’t issue a travel ban from anywhere in the world.  He didn’t notify the public of what was going on, and business continued as usual.  In the end 61,000,000 Americans ended up being infected, 300,000 were hospitalized and 18,000 died before the H1N1 was no longer a threat.  Also, it was BO who failed to replenish the PPE in emergency supply and I don’t remember BO distributing PPE to hospitals and states.

During the H1N1 swine flu ‘pandemic’ there was nothing that was done. I don’t recall BO having a daily briefing and updating the people on the status of the virus.  Honestly, BO and ‘Senile Old’ Joe were little more than a couple of inept boobs who were obviously in over their heads.  Many lives could have been spared if they hadn’t been quite so inept.  And this is how ‘Senile Old’ Joe defines handling a pandemic very well?  Really?  What expertise could BO possibly offer?  Do people really want to have the Democrats in charge of our current situation instead of President Trump?

And of course, it was the communication arm of the Democrat Party, aka the ‘fake news’ media, that went above and beyond in its effort to cover BO’s derrière, not only during the entire time of his eight year reign, but more specifically during 2009-2010 which specifically covered this last pandemic.  There is virtually no reason for President Trump to be calling BO as there is nothing to discuss with he who will likely go down in history as the worst president we in this country ever had the misfortune to elect, and headed one of the most blatantly corrupt administration in our history.

As I mentioned there were18,000 deaths, and no shutdowns in 2009, during the H1N1 epidemic.  It also took a year to develop a vaccine. That is just part of what makes up BO’s less than impressive legacy.  I love how the Democrats, and many in the ‘fake news’ media, are now trying to portray BO & Co. as if they were some kind of heroes when they actually did nothing but to allow thousands to die needlessly.  And for anyone to think that BO would have anything to offer in the form of advice, or would be willing to offer even if he did, is nothing short of absolutely ludicrous.

Why is it that President Trump should be expected to call BO?  I mean what useful information is it that BO could provide other than to recommend what ‘NOT’ to do. Wouldn’t you think it far more appropriate, and dare I say even presidential, if it was BO who were to call President Trump and ask if there is anything they could do to aid in stamping out the pandemic?  Not that that’s likely to happen.  After all, our community-agitator-of-a-president is far more interested in trying to score political points than he is in doing whatever he can to assist our current president.

And it was earlier in the week that BO actually implied the President Trump had not reacted quickly enough in responding to the impending crisis.  Well, at least he didn’t wait for thousands of people to die before he decided to take some sort of action.  For BO, a man who couldn’t concern himself with a virus that was causing the deaths of thousands of American men, women and children, to now point fingers is beyond the pale, but not totally unexpected . Heaven forbid he blame China and his buddies at the World Health Organization for misleading the world until it was too late.

And in looking back at events as they actually occurred during the reign of BO, and not through the revisionist lens of the Democrats, how many thousands was it that died for no other reason than because of the obvious ineptitude and incompetence of BO & Co. of which ‘Senile Old’ Joe was a major player.  And is it that the type of ‘leadership’ that most Americans would like to return to?  I would like to hope not but if nothing else these are some pretty strange times.  If we were smart, as a people, we would never again elect ANY Democrat to ANY office, but, sadly, we are not.

And finally, what follows is but a brief synopsis of what Democrats have done so far to combat the ‘Chinese virus’: 1. Impeach Trump, 2. Label President Trump as “xenophobic and racist” for placing a travel ban on China, 3. Label President Trump as hypocritical for not taking test, 4. Label President Trump as hypocritical for taking test, 5. Demand open borders, 6. Call for dismantling ICE, 7. Demand a halt in building ‘The Wall,’ 8. Promise free healthcare, housing, education for ALL illegal aliens and 9. Pack the homeless like sardines into various ‘recreation’ centers.

And I do find it to be rather strange that there are people who seem quite comfortable when comparing a lowly community agitator, universally recognized as being the worst President in U.S. history, to someone who is universally viewed as being one of the greatest presidents this country has ever been fortunate enough to elect.  And not only that, but we have a Democrat Party whose members saw virtually nothing wrong in anything that was done by BO, but who now see everything wrong in virtually everything that has been done by President Trump.  How pathetic is that?


Trump 44

So despite the best efforts by the Democrats and their plethora of allies spread all across what has come to be commonly referred to as our ‘fake news’ media complex, a new poll by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News finds that approval of President Trump remains unchanged since the start of the coronavirus freakout.  And I have no doubt that both the Democrats and those in the ‘fake news’ business will only continue to ramp up the hysteria as they attempt to portray the president as inept and in over his head in trying to deal with this supposed “pandemic!”  So stand by, it will continue to get even crazier until this ‘Chinese coronavirus’ comes to an end.

And it was according to The Journal:  The survey of 900 registered voters found little sign that a crisis with potential to define the 2020 election has altered the political standing of President Trump. Some 51% disapprove of how he is handling the virus outbreak, while 45% approve. That is nearly identical to his overall job-approval rating, which is essentially unchanged from last month and from much of his tenure as president.  Republicans and Democrats hold nearly inverse views on his emergency response, with 81% of Republicans saying he has done well and 84% of Democrats saying the opposite. Among independents, 43% approve and 52% disapprove.

Personally, I would argue that his approval should be going up.  Everything he has done to deal with the ‘Chinese coronavirus, has been both timely and proper.  The criticism has been that he didn’t declare a national emergency after the first death in China.  But that would have been completely insane.  And let’s face it, had he done so who among us thinks that both the Democrats and those in the ‘fake news’ would not have pounced on such action accusing the president of being nothing short of reckless.  There is absolutely nothing that he can do that will not cause any of these people to off any amount of praise to the president.  That is simply not acceptable.

And I feel very confident in saying that were it not for the Democrats and the ‘fake news’ media constantly telling anyone who listen that the ‘Chinese coronavirus’ has become so dangerous, and will likely continue to become even more so, is somehow all the fault of President Trump, his approval numbers would be far higher than where they are today.  Those in our ‘fake news’ media, at the direction of their handlers in the Democrat Party, continue to criticize everything he has done, and continues to do.  And no one is to mention any of the many good things he has done.  The sole purpose of advancing their anti-Trump agenda is to damage him for the next election.

But I would have liked it if perhaps this poll would have also asked a question regarding how just confident people would be if it were either ‘Senile Old’ Joe or perhaps ‘Socialist’ Bernie was the one leading the charge against the ‘Chinese coronavirus?  And I’m pretty sure that neither one would have hit double-digits.  And it’s my fervent hope that both the ‘fake news’ media and the Democrats will ultimately come to be seen as the ones behind all of the virus chaos, and mass hysteria.  Because in truth the public has far more to fear from the ‘fake news’ media and in Democrat Party than they have to fear from the ‘Chinese coronavirus.’

Just like those in the Democrat Party, those in the ‘fake news’ media thrive and revel in pandemics, wars, disasters and crises of every kind that are both real and imagined.  They compete to see who it is than can succeed in pouring the most gasoline on the fire.  They have as one of their primary objectives the shutting down of our economy as a way of damaging what has become a major issue for President Trump’s re-election bid.  The president has overcome all manner of obstacles placed in his path by his political adversaries, from the Mueller probe to a bogus attempt at impeachment.  And this latest attempt, too, will not hurt his re-election chances.

The majority of those in our ‘fake news’ media today believe their job is to criticize the president and the administration. Their goal, of course, is to damage him, to the greatest extent possible, politically and to prevent his reelection in November.  Our ‘fake news’ media cares not a lick if our country, our economy or the American people are harmed in the process.  The removal of Trump has become paramount and is considered by them as being ‘Job 1!’  And remember it has been the Democrats who have seized on this ‘pandemic’ as little more than an opportunity to advance all manner of wasteful spending that they could not have advanced in any other way.

It will always be an uphill battle for President Trump and his supporters. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to get positive numbers when you are up against a constant drumbeat of negativity coming from the Democrats, the ‘fake news’ media as well as many in your own party.  And sadly, far too many people are nothing more than sheep.  You can see that today by walking into any grocery store.  They have bought into the nonsense that yes “the sky is falling” and we’re all gonna die, and yes it’s all the president’s fault.  It’s times like this that you’re able to see who it is that are true morons among us, and as such should be avoided when times return to normal.



And so, another true believer in what we all recognize as being a murderous cult built entirely on hate, violence and death has now been not so peacefully sent off to rendezvous with the 72 virgins said to be enthusiastically awaiting on his arrival in Hell.  Which begs the question, with all of those that President Trump has recently escorted off to the great beyond, might there now be a looming shortage of virgins?

But anyway, the White House confirmed earlier this week, on Thursday, that U.S. forces had executed yet another precision, and dare I say flawless, strike resulting in the premature demise of one of the founders and the current leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), Qasim al-Rimi.  So Mr. al-Rimi is no more, leaving behind, I can only hope, a rather sizable crater which would be only fitting.

In a statement released late Thursday afternoon, the White House announced,  “At the direction of President Donald J. Trump, the United States conducted a counterterrorism operation in Yemen that successfully eliminated Qasim al-Rimi, a founder and the leader of al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and a deputy to Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.”  So I guess we got two for the price of one?

This is the third major terrorist taken out at the direction of President Trump in recent months thus the reason for my aforementioned question regarding a possible dwindling reservoir of available virgins.  And it’s the list of those recently expired that includes Qasem Soleimani, leader of the Quds force in Iraq and general of the IRGC, and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

The statement went on to say, “Rimi joined al-Qa’ida in the 1990s, working in Afghanistan for Osama bin Laden.  Under Rimi, AQAP committed unconscionable violence against civilians in Yemen and sought to conduct and inspire numerous attacks against the United States and our forces.”  And yet, I’m quite sure that the Democrats were more than a little saddened upon hearing the news of his death.

This was the latest operation that reaffirms President Trump and his administration’s commitment to the eradication of terrorism and protecting the United States’ and its interests around the world.  And it was President Trump who said in his State of the Union address earlier this week, “Our message to the terrorists is clear, if you attack our citizens, you forfeit your life.”  And still these monsters seem not to believe him.

Confirmation of Rimi’s death came just days after al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released a video clip claiming responsibility for December’s deadly shooting by a Saudi military officer training at Naval Air Station Pensacola.  Mr. al-Rimi featured rather prominently in that video.   His life could have been very different, but he chose the path of hate and violence and now he’s dead, going out with a bang.

AQAP was responsible for several terrorist plots, including an attempt to bomb a Detroit-bound aircraft on Christmas Day 2009. It failed when the Nigerian terrorist was restrained after trying to detonate explosives hidden in his underwear.  The following year, an AQAP plot to ship bombs to the U.S., hidden in packages on commercial cargo planes, was foiled.  Yes, members of a ‘religion’ of peace.

An AQAP-associated threat was cited as the reason for the temporary closure of more than 20 U.S. embassies in 2013, and in 2015, AQAP claimed responsibility for the killing of 12 people at the Paris offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The two shooters were French-Algerian Muslim brothers, who had visited Yemen in 2011. Barry would likely have viewed them as another ‘JV’ squad, but not President Trump.

Rimi was named AQAP leader in 2015, after his predecessor Nasir al-Wuhayshi was killed in a U.S. drone strike in eastern Yemen.  Wuhayshi had been leader since AQAP’s formal launch was announced in 2009, and like Rimi after him, was also named a deputy to al-Zawahiri.  So as he moved up the ladder in the terrorist world, he ended up making himself a far more sought after target until one day, BOOM!

The State Department designated AQAP as a foreign terrorist organization in 2010, and months later designated Rimi, then its “senior military commander,” as a global terrorist.  Thus he was made worthy of extermination and at our earliest possible convenience.  And now that time has finally come.  And so now we have one less of these murdering ragheads hanging around, saving the lives of God knows how many.

President Trump has continued to make it very clear that he has no intention of fooling around with those who proudly profess themselves to be enemies of America, and who wish to do our country, and our people, grave harm.  And the president has continued to demonstrate that these terrorists can run, but they most certainly cannot hide.  They’re living on borrowed time and don’t even know it.

And I think it worth mentioning that were we unfortunate enough to now have Hitlery as our president instead of Donald Trump, ISIS would most certainly still be thriving, and scumbags like this al-Rimi guy, as well as Soleimani and al-Baghdadi would still be alive and well, and be free to go about the murdering of all manner of innocents.  Because, as we’ve seen, Democrats have virtually no interest in killing terrorists.

And you can’t tell me that there does not exist, today, some sort of twisted alliance between members of our Democrat Party and members of any of these radical Islamic terrorist groups.  After all, regardless of what motivates them, be it politics or religion, radicals are radicals.  Both seek to bring about as much anarchy, chaos and violence as possible because they can use it to them makes themselves stronger.

And it’s the radical Democrats and their radical Moslems allies who, I would argue, possess much the same goal, that being of course, to bring an end to America as we know it.  And it’s at the present time that the ONLY person truly standing in the way of both of these radical groups is President Donald J. Trump.  But he’s only going to be around until January 2025 and right now we have no one to replace him.

And with no one willing to stand up to the left in the manner which we have grown accustomed to seeing President Trump do, how much difficulty with the Democrats have in simply waltzing right back into the White House, potentially with a majority in both Houses of Congress.  And once they are firmly in control is there any doubt that they won’t then welcome in their Moslem allies to share in the fruits of their labor?

And it’s that scenario that is truly the most frightening.  If that were to happen, my friends, then the end would be virtually guaranteed.  If we are to have any hope of preventing what looks to be right now as being inevitable, we must do all that we can to not only ensure President Trump wins reelection, but that we have a bona fide successor at the ready for when he departs.  And it’s never too soon to start looking.


Trump 12

Yes, by all means, President Trump is indeed a racist.  After all, how else is it that one can possibly refer to a president who has put into place policies that have made it possible for the unemployment rate for black men to be the lowest it has been in history?  And the truth of the matter is that President Trump has done more to improve the lives of black Americans in the three years he has been in office than his predecessor, the first black president, Barry ‘O’, did during his entire eight year reign in the White House.  And yet he’s routinely referred to, by Democrats and their ‘fake news’ minions, as being a racist, a white supremacist and, worse, a Nazi.

All of the policies that President Trump has worked to put in place are now all working together.  And it’s really nothing that anyone else could have done had they only been interested.  But President Trump was, apparently, the only one willing to do what it was that everyone knew needed be done.  That being to: First, cut back regulations on businesses, cut taxes, reduce our number of illegal immigrants and bring about energy independence for America.  Second, level the playing field regarding trade with China. And third, sign USMCA, institute welfare reform and win reelection.  This is an agenda that results in the creating of more jobs.

The economy added 266,000 jobs in the month of November, which was far more than the supposed ‘experts’ had expected.  And it was Black men over 20 who picked up over 14,000 of those jobs.  As a result, the unemployment rate for black men stayed at the all-time low of 5.1 percent that was hit in October. The total number of black men employed in the U.S. rose to a seasonally adjusted 9,014,000, which is the highest on record. The total black male civilian labor force is comprised of just under 9.5 million individuals. And it is President Trump who can take credit for these number.  Also, the labor force participation rate held steady at 68 percent.

And while the unemployment rate for black women ticked up a notch to 4.9 percent, it still remains near to its recent record low of 4.8 percent.  The combined unemployment rate for black men, women, and young people between 16 and 19 is a 5.5 percent, that too is a tick above the all-time low of 5.4 percent hit last month.  And this all the while we’re continually being told that the president is some clueless stooge who is destroying the country.  And oddly enough, such drivel usually comes from the very same ones who thought, and continue to think, that Barry ‘O’ was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  And it’s just the opposite that’s so very true.

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that the Democrat Party has done precious little to improve the lives of the black Americans.  In fact, I think it fair to say that at times the Democrats seem to have gone out of their way in what has been an ongoing effort to ensure the lives of your average black American becomes considerable worse.  And despite all that has been said about him, it has been President Trump who has worked the hardest to make sure that these people, too, are able to live out the American dream.  And what is it that he gets in return?  He’s repeatedly called names by those who, while they know it to be true, just can’t bring themselves to admit it.

Contrary to what may be popular belief, there a great many blacks who actually would prefer not to be on food stamps.  And who actually want the opportunity to earn their own incomes and to support themselves and their families instead of being dependent upon government.  And it continues to amaze me how it is that so many liberals continue to misjudge and mischaracterize black families.  But that said, I’m not naïve enough to believe that if Barry ‘O’ were eligible to run against President Trump in 2020 that it would still be roughly 90 percent of blacks who would vote for Barry.  Because it’s just what they do, even if it’s against their best interest.

But I think there may yet be some hope, here, as more and more black folks are finally beginning to see the light. When you have working class black people starting to appear in larger and larger numbers in support of a white guy who is not some nutty leftist and who is allegedly a racist, who helped them get jobs, put more money in their pockets, and to become more successful overall, it’s obviously not good news for the Democrats.  What makes it all worse is the fact that we had a black president in office for eight years who did absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to help anyone but himself.  He spewed the same racist tripe Democrats always have.

Blacks choosing to leave the Democrat plantation in droves will not likely be happening any time soon.  But an awakening is taking place, and it is the reason why the Democrats want larger numbers of illegal immigrants to keep flooding in across the border.  Democrats see absolutely no need for a border wall, are for an open border, want amnesty for all of those already here, albeit illegally, and see no need for placing any sort of restrictions when it comes to how many people, from just about anywhere, enter into our country.  Democrats need more voters for the very simply reason that their hold on the black vote is slipping, however slightly.

Blacks have been owned by the Democrats in one way or another practically from the very beginning.  What’s taken place over time is that one form of slavery has essentially been supplanted by another. Lyndon Johnson was like most Democrats. He hated blacks. So he and his fellow Democrats came up with, and passed, the ‘Great Society,’ the purpose of which was to destroy the black community.  Poverty is nothing more than a tool of the Democrat Party. For five generations now, Democrats have followed Democrat President Johnson’s philosophy, when he said, with welfare, the Democrats could keep the blacks voting for them for the next 200 years.

Democrats do not want people to work, because once a man begins to work he tends to become less dependent on government, and therefore the Democrats.  Democrats do not want people to be prosperous, they want people to be poor and needy so that they will depend completely on government, aka the Democrats.  Democrats are perfectly willing to give money to the ‘needy,’ as long as the ‘needy’ follow orders. If the Blacks are prosperous and have their own money they have worked for, they don’t have to obey the Democrats’ orders. They can leave the plantation and take care of themselves, building a family and making a home for that family.  Imagine that!


RINOs 29

And so it begins.  I know everyone was curious when it would begin, and knew that it would only be a matter of time, but it would appear that that time is…NOW.  And just what is it that I’m talking about?  Well, that would be the fact that the RINOs have now decided it’s time to make their move to do what’s best for them, and NOT for the people who elected them.  And that would be to come rushing to the defense of not their president, but to one of the Democrats hoping to unseat him.  Therefore they have now begun to circle the wagons around who else but…’Crooked Joe’ Biden!

For instance, it was Mitt Romney, RINO Senator from Utah, who just this past Friday, boldly declared that President Trump’s suggestion that China and Ukraine investigate ex-vice president ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden’s dealings with those two countries is both “wrong and appalling.”  It was in taking to Twitter that Romney said, “When the only American citizen President Trump singles out for China’s investigation is his political opponent in the midst of the Democratic nomination process, it strains credulity to suggest that it is anything other than politically motivated.”   Really Mitt?

And Mitt then went on to say, “By all appearances, the President’s brazen and unprecedented appeal to China and to Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden is wrong and appalling.”  Romney made his remarks after President Trump said on Thursday that China should investigate ‘Crooked Joe’ and his son, Hunter, for alleged corruption.  And also after it had been pretty extensively reported that Hunter Biden’s investment firm secured a $1.5 Billion investment deal with the Bank of China shortly after traveling with dear old dad on Air Force Two to the country back in 2013.

But talk about wrong and appalling?  Has Romney done anything that wasn’t wrong or appalling for decades?  He was a terrible RINO governor of a very liberal state, he had O-Bummer beat and then went limp in 2012, begged President Trump for his endorsement for the Senate from Utah and after the president gave it Romney then proceeded to shove a knife in his back.  Romney is a nothing more than a bitter, jealous, sanctimonious loser who takes every opportunity to criticize President Trump. Romney is far closer to being a Democrat than he is even a traitorous RINO!

Meanwhile, it was over at ‘fake news’ HQ, the Communist News Network (CNN), and also on Friday, that fellow RINO John Kasich referred to it as “shocking” that President Trump had asked China to investigate 2020 Democrat presidential candidate ex-vice president ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden and his just as crooked son Hunter’s Ukraine business ties. Kasich said, “What’s really bothered me, this whole business of the president trying to get the Chinese to get in the middle of this and to conduct an investigation against Biden is just shocking, frankly.”  Shocking, John?  Really?

Kasich said, “And our founders warned us about foreign, you know, entanglements, and for the president to not double down has gotten me really, really disturbed, upset, and it’s forcing me to continue to think through all of this very, very carefully.”  And he said, “Then the question gets to be, as we see the president’s continuing aberrant behavior, never seen anything like this, are there guardrails? Are there limits to what we should tolerate in terms of presidential conduct, whether it’s the name-calling which he’s done all along, but the way in which he’s behaving is really concerning to me.”

He continued, “And then the question gets to be can there be some sort of bipartisan agreement that this behavior is out of control and unacceptable?”  He added, “We can’t have somebody operating completely outside the norms of presidential behavior. This has serious consequences. The investigation should continue, the inquiry should continue, the more evidence that gets gathered, that if there is more and more evidence that absolutely creates a quid pro quo, then even people who are Republicans might have to say be grudgingly, yeah, this is terrible, we need to do something. But we have a ways to go and they need to proceed carefully.”

With Romney, I truly think that it all comes down to jealously and the fact that he wanted the Secretary of State gig so he could then attack the president from the inside.  He is a gutless coward and, of course, a RINO.   He wanted a position within the Trump Administration and when he didn’t get it he then had to run off to Utah and settle for getting elected to the Senate.  Granted, it wasn’t as good as being on the inside, but it was the next best thing.  Because it still provided him with a platform from which he could continue to spew his baseless accusations at the president.

And Kasich is really nothing but a liar of the very worst kind.  He has never forgiven President Trump, essentially a novice in the world of politics, for showing him up in the 2016 debates.  Kasich said then that he would support whomever the Republican Party nominated for the Presidency in 2016 and then refused to back Trump when he was selected as the nominee.  Kasich says he is not used to this and we haven’t seen anything like this before.  True, before President Trump, corrupt politicians, like Kasich, in both parties covered for each other while stealing billions from taxpayers.

But with that said I suppose Kasich does have a point.  After all, we certainly can’t have a President who stands up for the American people and against those adversaries who are intent upon ripping us off and insist upon trying to threaten us.  And we most definitely can’t have a President who calls out corruption, lies and laziness in government wherever he sees it.  And most of all we can’t have a President who works tireless in an effort to secure our Nation.  What’s shocking is that Kasich thinks it’s shocking for the president to want to investigate Deep State corruption.

What Romney, Kasich and many others seem oblivious to, for one reason or another, is the fact that the president’s suggestion that ‘Crooked Joe’s’ actions be looked into has very little to do with politics, the fact that Biden is a candidate for president notwithstanding.  What it’s about is the fact that Biden used his position as vice president by threatening to cut off funds to a foreign government unless those involved did exactly what he was demanding that they do.  And yet both Romney and Kasich, because of their hatred of President Trump, claim it’s all about politics.

I guess the sad moral of this story is that if, and I do mean if, the Democrats and Republicans took their job seriously, doing what it was that they were elected to do, there would be no need for President Trump to even get involved.  I think we can all agree that Hitlery has continued to get away with murder! And yet where were Romney and Kasich in calling for her to be held to account?  And these two seem to be quite willing to allow ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden, someone who could actually become our next president, to get away as well with what is a provable act of obvious corruption.


Trump 30

President Trump recently made a point that many of us have known for a very long time when he expressed his frustration with those in ‘The Swamp”, the Democrats, and the media in particular, for attacking his staff while giving ex-vice president ‘Creepy Joe’ a pass for what was an obvious act of corruption in the Ukraine.  I suppose one reason for his growing frustration is the fact that he is new to the world of politics and all of the corruption, dishonesty and hypocrisy that it breeds.

Anyway, it was during a press conference in New York City, on Wednesday, that President Trump took the opportunity to speak about ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, saying, “If you’re a Democrat, you have automatic protection.”  And he went on to say, “That is years and years of people putting in certain people into positions.”  And, as I said, he’s was completely correct in his assessment of how things work.  Democrats, as we know, can actually get away with murder, just as did Teddy ‘The Drunk’ Kennedy.

President Trump pointed to the enormous pressure put on his administration and his staff by Democrats and the media, suggesting that ‘Creepy Joe’ and his family experienced nothing similar.  He said, “When you look at all of the trauma that these fakers have caused, and the press, look, much of the press is not only fake, it is corrupt.”  And he said, “These stories they write are corrupt. They’re so wrong and they know that.”  There is no longer a responsible ‘news’ outlet in this country.

President Trump said that House Democrats were vicious in their pursuit of his administration.  He said, “When you see little Adam Schiff go out and lie and lie and stand at the mic — smart guy, by the way — stand at the mic and act like he’s so serious, and then he goes into a room with Nadler and they must laugh their asses off.”  The Democrats know they can say absolutely anything they want because they will NEVER be called out on anything, no matter how false or dishonest, they say!

And President Trump is exactly right in everything he says.  And for anyone to claim, somehow, that he is not is to deny the reality of the situation.  Democrats have always gotten away, and continue to get away, with so much because of a complicit media that simply refuses to do its job by shining the bright light of truth on what has been a rather long list of Democrat misdeeds.  But truth is something that no longer exists in today’s ‘news’ media.  It long ago went the way of the dodo.

There is no doubt that the liberal ‘fake news’ media can safely be considered as nothing less than an enemy of the people.  They long ago went delinquent when it comes to what their primary responsibility is supposed to be, that being, of course, to be a watch dog over those involved in our government, not a lap dog of either party but an unbiased and objective provider to useful news and information.  Instead, they consistently use the talking points provided to them by their Democrat masters.

Now imagine, if you can, that we had an honest media that was aggressive in its efforts to hold both parties equally accountable.  But instead, the Democrats are continually allowed to operate with complete impunity, able to say and do anything they please. Laws and rules are for the little people. ‘Creepy’ is on video bragging about doing the exact same thing that Democrats claim, without an iota of proof, President Trump did.  Thus the reason we no longer take them seriously.

And despite the best efforts of those on the left to keep secret the many questionable activities, both legally and morally, surrounding the ‘Creepy Joe’ Crime Family, things are managing to get out and will likely continue to get out.  The only question that remains is, will any of it matter to those who so reliably vote Democrat?  Most likely it will not.  Because the left has now become so consumed by their hatred of the president that ‘Creepy’ could be guilty of murder and still get voted for.

Leftist bureaucrats hiding out of sight in the halls of the ‘Deep State,’ and Democrat ‘lawmakers’ continue to tag-team to play dirty.  Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers, for the most part, say precious little in defense of the president, who also just so happens to be a member of their own party.  And it’s scum like Romney who continue to do little more than to backstab the president.  Disgusting!  He might as well be a damn Democrat, as he is absolutely useless.   He’s simply jealous of President Trump.

And so the media exploded with all manner of claims of how it was illegal for the president to ask a foreign country to interfere in an election.  But ‘Creepy’ is not yet the president’s official opponent.  Democrat primaries have not yet even started.  ‘Creepy’ is however, due to his on air confession of threatening to Ukraine to not get aid unless they fire the prosecutor investigating his son as part of a shady company’s alleged crimes, a private citizen who may have committed crimes while in office.

I wouldn’t think that just because one is a potential candidate for president that that would give one immunity from any criminal prosecution.  But then, being a Democrat does improve the odds for old ‘Creepy Joe’ in that regard.  And the corruption that took place came before ‘Creepy’ had even decided to run for president, but did occur while he was our vice president.  And it’s those in the ‘fake news’ business who seem to be of the opinion that there’s nothing for which ‘Creepy’ should be prosecuted.

And can you possibly imagine the reaction to the uncovering of events where President Trump threatened to withhold $1 Billion of American taxpayer money unless the Ukrainians fired the prosecutor investigating his son for having received millions of dollars for absolutely nothing?  Or can you imagine what would happen if the president’s son had been given $1.5 Billion by the Chinese after going to China on Air Force 1?  What would the fake new media and the Democrats do or say then?

I wish I could say that what we are witnessing today is the beginning of the end for the Democrat Party. The Democrats are truly desperate. The only shot they have left in their effort to keep President Trump from being re-elected is their bogus ‘impeachment’ ploy based on hearsay, rumor, innuendo, a hope and, dare I say, a prayer.  Consider the perjury evidence against ‘Slick Willy’, who was impeached, but not removed from office versus the lack of evidence against President Trump.

The Democrats are banking on the fact that most Americans are just too stupid to recognize what it is that they are up.  And while a goodly number of Americans, especially those who habitually vote for Democrats, are pretty stupid, it’s far more who are simply uninformed and, frankly, are pretty content to remain that way.  They simply can’t be bothered by something as trivial as politics.  But by the time they realize they should have been paying attention it will likely be too late, for ALL of us!


Trump 37

While I am by no means declaring that a Trump victory is anywhere near a certainty come 2020, it is also nowhere near certain that he will lose to any of the current cast of Democrats who are increasingly outright hostile toward their own country.  Also, if the 2016 election made anything painfully clear, it was that we should pay very little attention to most polls, especially those conducted roughly 16 months prior to the next election.  Such as a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll already showing a tight general election matchups between President Trump and top Democrat candidates including Creepy Joe, Commie Bernie, Pocahontas Warren, and Hooker Harris.

We’re told this most recent poll in question surveyed 800 ‘registered’ voters between July 7-9 and supposedly showed President Trump trailing those identified as the ‘top tier’ of Democrat candidates, with ‘Creepy Joe’ leading the pack.  According to the results, ‘Creepy’ leads the president by 9 points – 51 percent to President Trump’s 42. Sanders leads President Trump by 7 points – 50 percent to 43 percent – and Warren leads President Trump by 5 points, 48 percent to 43 percent. All three of those candidates come in outside of the margin of error, which is +/- 3.5 percent.  Harris’ lead was within the margin of error – 45 percent to Trump’s 44.

Despite what appears to be a solid lead, as NBC News notes, the general election is far off, and “much can change” over the course of the next year. The Democrat field has yet to be narrowed. Many voters remember the total upset of the 2016 general election, with Trump securing victories in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, and Ohio and ultimately finishing with 306 electoral votes.  Additionally, the majority of polls showed Hitlery coming out as the general election victor. Although the gap narrowed, the final Real Clear Politics average still had Hitlery winning by over two points.  And yet here we are almost 3 years later still listening to her whine.

So if I’m reading this poll right the Democrats already have this thing all wrapped up and can just sit back and enjoy the ride because there is simply NO WAY President Trump will ever be re-elected.  Just as there is NO WAY the Republicans will retake the House and NO WAY the Republicans will grow their lead in the Senate.  Shoot, we might as well just cancel the election because these two unbiased news sources have all but made it official that any of the Democrats will kick the president’s ass. After all, everyone knows that when the economy is booming voters want a new president, especially a President who promises open borders and free healthcare for illegals.

Look, we all sympathize with immigrants who are attempting to flee economic, war, religious, or political turmoil.  But why is it that the United States has now somehow been made responsible for everyone on the planet born into some shithole of a country?  Because we most definitely are NOT, nor can we afford to be!  America is the most generous country on the planet when it comes to helping the needy here at home as well as abroad.  Yet we have politicians encouraging people to come here courtesy of their unwillingness to properly secure our border and by offering all manner of free stuff once they’ve arrived that taxpayers are forced to pay for.

So where is it that we are to draw the line, exactly, between legal versus illegal entry into our country?  If you listen to the Democrats there shouldn’t be any line.  America is in serious trouble when our laws say that even though you’re breaking our laws you will only be held for two weeks before then being set free with a court date for which you are expected to show up. Setting criminal illegal immigrants free after breaking our laws and expecting them to meet court dates takes stupidity to a whole new level, and sadly this stupidity has been going on for 20+ years.  And the ones whose job is change the current laws seem to have no interest whatsoever in doing so.

The polls today are more meaningless than ever.  In order to believe any of these polls you must also believe that the majority of the country also strongly supports open borders, reparations, secularism, unrestricted abortion and free health care for illegals, over the lowest unemployment level in decades, getting NATO to pay its fair share for their own defense, moving the judiciary back to the center, rebuilding our military, the elimination of ISIS, taking on China and protecting the unborn as well as religious freedom.  But, if that truly is the case and Americans do vote for Socialism then our country will, most certainly, be put on the path to what will be an ugly end.

President Trump is a polarizing figure, no doubt. But take away the fake controversies, the ridiculous accusations, the 90 percent negative news coverage, the circus atmosphere, etc. and he really hasn’t done that bad of a job as President.  What the Democrats are pushing sounds absolutely crazy, and frankly destructive to the country. Now it’s just my opinion, but I just can’t see voters choosing any of the Democrats over President Trump. Also, a lot of these polls seem to contradict one another. This poll says President Trump will lose to any Democrat. Another says his approval rating is higher than Barry’s at the same point of his presidency.

I’m telling you right now, if every man, regardless of race, religion or sexual persuasion in America doesn’t vote for President Trump that America truly is a nation of pussies. He does nothing less than to tell it like it is.  His only crime is that he has made good on many of his campaign promises.  And it’s the same people claiming how he has yet to make good on securing our southern border and building ‘The Wall’ who are also the same people who have pulled out every stop in their effort to prevent him from doing just that.  He is not to blame, they are.  The very same ones who hate this country and want nothing less than to see it completely destroyed!


Trump 44

QUESTION: Will the Trump presidency ultimately be little more than a speed bump on the way to America’s demise?   Or, will it instead be a signal to those who are working so very hard to bring about that same demise that the American people have finally awakened to the fact that the greatest enemy that they now face is right here at home and operating under the guise of a political party.  A political party that has long claimed to be the guardian of the weak, protector of the middle class, and of course the champion of diversity, but that in reality is none of the above.  A political party comprised of those who seek only more, and permanent, political power.

And something that should come as virtually no surprise is the fact that the party involved here is exactly same one with the rather checkered past when it comes to all matters dealing with racism in this country, going all the way back to the days of slavery.  This same party was not only willing to go to war over being able to own other human beings, but once it lost that battle it persisted in its effort to treat blacks as being something other than human via legislation and even the Supreme Court.  Also it was those in the party who resisted very strenuously against allowing blacks to vote and to essentially enjoy the same God given rights that they enjoyed.

And then enter into the fray a no nonsense kind of man who, while he had attained a certain level of success in the business world, was a complete stranger to the world of politics.  A man who very obviously loves his country and who could no longer sit idly by and simply watch from the sideline as his country was ridiculed from abroad, continued to embroil itself in pointless wars, continued to amass skyrocketing debt, continued to allow millions of illegal immigrants to flood over its borders and on and on.  He stepped up, spoke to the American people, and the American people liked what they heard.  And he has since made good on much of what he promised them.

And it has been since his very first day in office that those who represent the status quo, on both sides of the political aisle, have been very determined in their effort to bring his presidency to a premature, if not an abrupt, end.  And it would seem that there is, quite literally, nothing that the political enemies of this president will not do or say in their attempt to make that happen, to the point where they accomplish little more than to make themselves appear to be raving lunatics.  The absolute absurdity of their many claims only serves to diminish their argument that the president must be removed from office if our nation is to have any hope of surviving.

But make no mistake it is not only those who are hip deep in ‘The Swamp’ that are determined in their effort to remove this president from office, it’s also roughly 90 percent of those currently employed by our supposed ‘objective’ news media.  These wannabe ‘journalists’ seem to have long ago forgotten what their part to play is in our being able to maintain this unique exercise in human freedom.  Instead they now seem to see as being their mission the allying of themselves with those whose only mission in life is the complete and utter destruction of our country.  And make no mistake that is their true goal here, although they’ll never admit that.

And let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that those who comprise the forces of darkness, those that form our own ‘little axis of evil’ right here at home, are unable to overturn the will of the people and not only does the president survive his first term in office but goes on to be re-elected overwhelmingly, what next?  Who is it that might be waiting in the wings that the president can then pass the baton?  Realistically, I just don’t really see Pence as being the guy. He’s a nice guy and all, but our current president will be leaving behind some very sizable shoes to fill, shoes difficult to fill, and that will require someone who is not easily intimidated.

And so in the end even if the 2020 election yields the result that all patriotic Americans are all hoping for, the Trump presidency may well end up serving as little more than a speedbump, historically speaking, unless we are able to somehow prevent those who despise freedom from regaining sufficient political power that would enable them to erase the gains, economically, militarily and internationally, made by President Trump.  And make no mistake it’s never too early to start looking beyond the Trump presidency, and to begin our search now for those who could be likely replacements, and who would be unafraid to take the baton from the president.

But being able to continue down the path that President Trump has put us on is going to be no easy task.  Those on the left, courtesy of our public education system combined with the vast majority of our ‘institutions of high learning’, our children, for what can be 20 out of their first 25 years of life, are constantly bombarded by all manner of leftwing propaganda which, as we have seen, makes for an adult voting population comprised of generations of Americans who are virtually clueless about the history of their country.  So the challenges that we will likely encounter in a post-Trump America could prove to be many and rather difficult to move beyond.


Trump 12

First let me start by saying that I have NEVER in my adult life agreed with anything that has come out of the mouth of our less than stellar ex-vice president ‘Slow Joe’ Biden.  BUT…with that said I’m afraid in this one instance I just might find myself in somewhat of agreement.  It was when he recently told ‘The Intercept’ that it was in his humble opinion that “anybody can beat” President Trump in 2020’s forthcoming presidential election.  ‘Slow Joe’ offered his impromptu remarks on December 5 while departing from the Lantos Foundation’s 10th Anniversary Gala, in Washington, DC.

It was ‘The Intercept’s’ Nicholas Ballasy who intercepted ‘Slow Joe’ as he exited the aforementioned event.  And it is a transcript of that exchange that follows below:

Ballasy: Can I ask you why you’re the most qualified person to take on President Trump?

‘Slow Joe’: No one should run for president unless they think they’re qualified

Ballasy: And why do you think you can beat President Trump? Why is this your time?

‘Slow Joe’: I think anybody can beat him.

Ballasy: Anybody? Anybody on the Democratic side?

‘Slow Joe’: Anyone from the Democrats can beat him.

It was earlier in December that ‘Slow Joe’ went so far as to describe himself as being “the most qualified person” in America to be president while speaking at the University of Montana.  It was then that he said, “I’ll be as straight with you as I can, I think I’m the most qualified person in the country to be president. The issues that we face as a country today are the issues that have been in my wheelhouse, that I’ve worked on my whole life.”  I thought it odd that he would actually make such a claim considering his rather sketchy knowledge of all things related to foreign policy.

I guess what really worries me is that if President Trump is unable to keep his promise regarding ‘The Wall’ and continues to cave to Pelosi and Schumer, perhaps he really can be beaten by just about any Democrat.  I remain a pretty solid Trump supporter.  But if he doesn’t make good on his threat to shut down the government to obtain funds for ‘The Wall,’ it may become difficult to remain so.  As I see it President Trump now has 2 options, he can keep his promise and get re-elected, or try to be friends with the Democrats and possibly end up being a one term president.

Now I know he has accomplished much for this country in what has been a relatively short period of time.  Things like rebuilding our military, our booming economy, the return of offshore drilling, the return of manufacturing jobs (without a magic wand), two conservative Supreme Court justices, trade negotiations more favorable to America, getting North Korea to the table, tax cuts, and much more.  But the American voter is a notoriously fickle creature, and elections usually tend to be more about ‘what have you done for me lately.’  And he promised to build ‘The Wall.’

And I fully realize that the president is not a King and cannot rule by fiat, although Barry ‘O’ did do a pretty good ‘King’ impersonation.  That said, border security is a winning issue and shutting down the government is not the worst thing that can happen.  The president needs to stop listening to RINOs like McConnell and the other ‘Establishment GOP’ clowns who quake in their boots whenever they hear the word “shutdown.”  And if he thinks he can waffle on this issue, he’s wrong.  And while many like me will never vote Democrat, the president could expect a primary challenge.

And I think if he fails on this last ditch effort, then we’ve wasted enough time on all of this wall business.  Frankly, it should have been done as the first thing right out of the gate.  And I am afraid that if he doesn’t shut down the government for at least a few days, then his negotiating days may be over.  Nobody will believe ‘a boy who cries wolf.’ How many times can he threaten a shutdown before people just laugh at him for it? He is making himself look weak by making grand promises of fighting back and then simply bending over instead. A shut-down for a few days hurts no one.

And as I mentioned earlier, the president has succeeded in doing a lot of good. But that was before the midterms.  And it seems that ever since November, except perhaps the recent Oval Office meeting, he has been trying to be best friends with the Democrats.  If this continues, then it wouldn’t be any different than if we had Hitlery as president. I support him, for now. But if he doesn’t carry through with his threat to shut down the government few will ever take him seriously again.  Everyone will simply laugh and ignore him and continue to do what they’ve always done.

By no means do I wish to imply that I’m ready to depart the ‘Trump Train.’  But I must say that after having been forced to deal with those who have been, and continue to be, little more than political eunuchs, it was in President Trump that I had high hopes in that we had finally elected a Republican in possession of a ‘pair.’  Democrats understand one thing and that’s to be grabbed by the short-hairs and yanked in the direction that’s best for the country and not the Democrat Party. And I thought that in Trump we finally had someone willing to do just that!

Or perhaps was it in making his comment that ‘Slow Joe’ was up to nothing more than employing that tried-and-true tactic of the left where we have the repeating of a falsehood to the point where it becomes accepted by the uninformed as being true. You see, his comment has now been echoed over all of ‘fake news,’ those who continually spew all manner of falsehood about the president to the unwashed masses to the point where they must surely be convinced by now that he colluded with the Russians, used campaign funds illegally, is a racist and therefore unfit for office.

The reality is, is if the Democrats had chosen to run almost anyone other than who they did there would now likely be a Democrat in the White House.  President Trump was handed a unique opportunity to change the nation for the better for generations to come.  But he has yet to deliver on the one issue that got him elected, ‘The Wall.’  And now we may well end up kissing the greatest country in all of human history goodbye, because the man who was provided with the opportunity to save it, in the end may not have been up to the challenge.  But I guess we’ll see! He still has time.



Ya know, it was really a very simple task that President Trump had laying before him back on January 20, 2017.  To keep the promises that he had made to the American people who chose to support him and who voted for him.  What could be easier than that?  But once again those of us on the right have been made to deal with yet another disappointment.  Promises made should be promises kept, but I guess that’s simply too much to expect from a politician, even one new to the ‘profession.’

And the source of my most recent bout of frustration comes by way of this latest spending boondoggle, this RINO/Democrat collaboration that does absolutely nothing to make good on the promises made to those who voted for Trump.  But it does provide funding for Planned Parenthood and blocks penalties for Sanctuary Cities. This pork-riddled bill forks over half a billion dollars to build a tunnel for Chuckie Schumer yet fails to provide one dollar for a border wall along our porous southern border.

And it is this same bill that also does NOT include the necessary language that would allow for carrying concealed weapons across state lines, which was yet another promise made but apparently not worthy of being kept.  And hidden deep in the over 2,000 pages of this monstrosity is buried a little section on school safety which actually prohibits money from being used for guns and gun training.  In other words, there are zero funds allotted for arming teachers or school resource officers.

So when all was said and done it’s the Democrats who got nearly EVERYTHING that they were wanting while those of us who supported, and have continued to support, President Trump got next to nothing.  And while I held out hope that the president would veto this abomination, even he too took the easy way out.  So, so much for running the country like a business, which is what I thought I was voting for.  Once again, the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same.

This bill should be seen as being completely unacceptable and conservatives should be outraged.  It’s nothing more than a continuation of the status quo that has infuriated conservative voters all across the country and for longer than I care to remember.  Republicans in Congress should be championing tax reform, cutting stifling regulations and getting the federal government out of the way of job creators.  Instead, they seem interested only in coming up with more effective ways to lose in November.

We’ve all heard the many excuses regarding why this bill came out the way it did.  You know, how it’s all because the Republicans hold just the slimmest of majorities in both houses of Congress and how the Republicans had to give a little in order to get a little.  And that would be fine if they had only given a little.  As I have said before, it’s almost as if the Republicans are doing all that they can to ensure that come this November they will lose, and in rather spectacular fashion, to the Democrats.

So where do we conservatives go from here?  Do we just suck it up and deal with it like we’ve been forced to do so many times before?  If I suck it up anymore my bellybutton will pop out my backside.  I had such high hopes for President Trump.  I thought finally here was a presidential candidate who thinks the way I do.  And yet I find myself feeling more than a little betrayed.  I, like millions of others, listened to candidate Trump.  What we heard, or thought we heard, was a man who cared.

And I think that there is now very high probability that this bill will turn out to be somewhat of a unifying force that may result in keeping conservatives, like myself, home this November.  And who can blame them?  Since first being able to vote, I have NEVER not voted.  But I too am beginning to wonder, what’s the point?  Conservatives are tired of getting screwed just as they are tired of voting for Republicans and getting Democrats and tired of being lied to by those whom they elect.

Year after year these RINOs run for office promising to stand with the people, then, once elected they continually vote with the Democrats.  I remember the promises of “give us the majority in Congress and we will get rid of Obamacare and stop the flood of illegals.”  Well, we gave them the House and got nothing.  Then we gave them the House and the Senate, and we still got nothing.  And then we gave them the House, the Senate and the White House and here we are, still with a whole lot of nothing.

In all likelihood it’s too late to do anything regarding the next election.  ‘The Swamp’ has been very successful in essentially running out the clock.  To the point where the election is now less than eight months away and our chances of being able to come up with viable conservative primary candidates gets just that much slimmer with each passing day.  I envision the Democrats taking back control of Congress come this November with impeachment hearings beginning by the end of January.

And President Trump could have so very easily averted all of this by simply choosing to veto this horrible bill.  And though he did threaten to veto it, in the end he did what I’m sure he intended to do all along, and that was to sign the bill.  And he only proceeded to make matters worse when he tried to justify the act.  People were expecting a fighter when they elected Trump, but a fighter would have vetoed the bill and sent it right back to Congress so fast RINO heads would have been spinning.