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I’ve often heard, and read, that liberalism is essentially little more than the equivalent of a mental disorder, and what I’ve seen over the past few months, since the last election, I kinda have to agree.  Apparently it’s an affliction that most often strikes while one is still in their teenage years and then later is either cured of once one acquires certain responsibilities or continues to live out life with the disease continuing to slowly metastasize until one becomes like Nancy Pelosi, a raving lunatic.

And in an effort to demonstrate just how far gone Pelosi has now become, I point to her most recent weekly press conference, the one that took place this past Thursday, during which she took the opportunity to take pot shots at Republican lawmakers for taking a two-week recess for the Easter-Passover holidays.  Pelosi said, “Today, here we are, 77 days.”  And then she continued to ramble on by saying, “The Republican House departs for a two-week break now for the Easter-Passover holidays.”

She then went on to say, “I’ll begin by asking the same questions that Republicans will face from their constituents.”  And then she said, “What have the Republicans done with their control of the House, Senate and the White House to produce jobs?”  She said, “Where are the jobs?  Show us the jobs. Democrats believe we should focus on every day on job creation and growing paychecks for everyone, everywhere in our country.”  And yet, what was it that they focused on when they were in total control?

I guess my first question here would be to ask if Pelosi actually receives a copy of the monthly jobs report.  And if she does, does she not bother reading it.  Now it’s possible that over the last eight years it’s something she likely gotten out of the habit of doing, since it was a period of time during which far more jobs were lost than were created, and roughly 10 million Americans actually left the workforce because they couldn’t find a job and simply gave up looking.  But, that was then and this is now.

So what exactly is she talking about? The jobs are there, the reports show it.  Perhaps a better question to ask is what have the Democrats done in those same 77 days to repair Obamacare?  Obamacare exchanges are disappearing faster than Democrats from elected office, and some areas of the country will soon to be left, or have already been left, with no insurance exchanges whatsoever!  What have they done to clean up their mess?  Make no mistake it’s Democrats like Pelosi who own Obamacare!

I have to wonder if Pelosi’s staff or her speech writers have any input into what it is that she says.  Where are the jobs?  Does she or your staff not read the newspapers or read the government reports from Dept. of Labor?  Or is she just that stupid or dishonest?  I guess we can look for Nancy to be wandering around the empty halls of Congress during the next two weeks, just slaving away focusing on jobs while her fellow party of obstructionist slugs, and utter hypocrites, also go away for two weeks?

The real problem here is that those in the Democrat Party are genuinely nuts.  And I would even go so far as to say that some of them should probably be locked up.  Pelosi talks of infrastructure and it hasn’t even been three months.  What did Barry do for eight years, just how many of those supposed ‘shovel-ready’ projects ever actually materialized?  All he did was to give tax payers money to other countries and invite all the immigrants in and gave them healthcare, food stamps and welfare checks.

The Democrats had a president in office for eight long years and funny they weren’t too concerned about creating jobs then, and only pretended that they did.  Their president, Barry, was little more than the Jobs-Killer-in-Chief.  And yet at the end of every month, when the bogus jobs report hit the street, they all cheered knowing full well that the report was nothing more than a bunch of manipulated numbers the purpose of which was to create the impression of a rapidly improving economy.

Now that Trump is president and is actually creating real jobs for the American people while revoking job killing regulations, it’s all of a sudden that Democrats are now worried about creating jobs.  Democrats are liars and continue to demonstrate just how desperate they truly are.  They’ll say anything to get elected.  For example, remember when Hitlery said she would put the coal miners out of business.  Then she said, “I have always been for the coal miners. They took my words out of context.”

Pelosi exhibits that same ideological flaw that is possessed by essentially all Democrats in that she actually believes that a job cannot exist without there being significant intervention by the government.  What she completely swings and misses on is that the Republicans actually help a lot just by not adding to the massive amount of regulations already on the books.  Business owners now know that some level of relief from the threat of ever increasing taxes and regulations is on the way.

Let’s be real, Democrats care very little about jobs.  The only thing they wish to do is create more government dependents who will then vote for them.  They want to lower requirements again, to get food stamps, as Barry did, they want to extend unemployment ‘benefits’ for another year, as Barry did, they want to provide ‘free’ medical care for everyone, they want ‘free’ college tuition for everyone, they want ‘free’ public transportation for everyone and they want to expand public housing.

If they truly cared about jobs, the why did Barry, throughout nearly his entire eight years in office seem to go out of his way to make it more difficult for businesses to hire?  Businesses could not expand because the associated costs of Obamacare was a job killer and his ‘economic policies lead to millions of work eligible Americans giving up even looking for work.  Democrats want to keep their voters on the plantation and addicted to all manner of government handouts.  And jobs make that more difficult.




Well, if you can believe the newly re-elected House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Party neither wants, nor does it need, to venture off in some new direction.  She said as much during an appearance on “Face the Nation” as recently as this past Sunday.  Despite the Democrats underwhelming results on election night, Pelosi put forth the argument that the party is not questioning its identity.  And it was to host John Dickerson that Pelosi said, “Well, I don’t think that people want a new direction. Our values unify us.”  And she went on to say, “And our values are about supporting America’s working families. That’s one that everyone is in agreement on.”  I can only assume that Pelosi must have been dropped on her head as a baby.

A number of Democrats blamed her for the party’s poor performance November 8, with Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan even going so far as to challenge her for her leadership position, arguing if they don’t change directions they will soon become obsolete.  Pelosi said it is not the direction, but the messaging that’s the problem.  She said, “What we want is a better connection of our message to working families in our country. And that clearly in the election showed that message wasn’t coming through.”  And added, “But we are united in terms of the security of our country, which is our first responsibility, to be smart and strong and not reckless in how we protect the American people, strong in how we protect our economy.”

Republicans, of course, praised Pelosi’s leadership win, saying that as long as she is in power they believe they will retain the majority.  Because the message we’ve heard from Democrats over the course of the last six years, and the message we are likely to continue to hear, equates to little more than screaming racism at everyone who isn’t a Democrat.  And I’m not sure how that helps “working families” in any way.  And I’m confused about how it is that “fighting” for transsexual bathroom usage assists those same working families.  And I doubt the passing of a Rube Goldberg healthcare law “so we can see what is in it” only to find that what’s in it are huge increases in deductibles and premiums clearly wasn’t done with working families in mind.

And if by helping the American worker she means giving jobs and government aide to Illegals or having Americans getting shot by Muslim terrorists while calling the victims racist bigots, then yeah she’s right.  Pelosi is an old school hardliner who may have been powerful when the presidency, House and Senate were all under Democrat control, but as the leader of the minority she’s been far less than impressive. The Democrat Party is based solely on the spending of other people’s money.  They claim to be the Robin Hood political party, taking from the rich and give to the poor.  But I question their definition of ‘rich’, as I view more of my tax dollars being provided to poor illegal aliens and refugees in the hope of growing more Democrat voters.

When Pelosi says, “she doesn’t believe people in the Democratic party want to take a new direction”, I agree with her.  Democrats don’t want to go in a different direction. That’s obvious by the bought-and-paid-for-protests, the recount effort, and the continuing Snowflake meltdown in the media. That’s probably the first thing she’s said that isn’t a lie.  And when she says, “Our values unify us. And our values are about supporting America’s working families. That’s one that everyone is in agreement on,” I’m confused.  Because while the Democrats’ ‘values’ certainly do unify them, and they claim those values support America’s working families, it’s only so long as you’re not white nor a Christian.  And they certainly are all in agreement on that.

Pelosi said it is not the direction of the party, but its messaging that’s the problem.  The direction that she is talking about is sharply to the left, because there’s no other direction in which the Democrat Party desires to head.  As for the messaging, I agree.  But in order to get Americans to agree with your message, you must first have a cohesive, precise, and honest message.  And none of these three ingredient are apparent in the current Democrat message.  Before allowing America to understand your message, you must actually tell them what you stand for and that has never been the objective with the Democrats.  Because if they were to be intellectually honest with their message to the American people, it would be rejected outright.

And now that the media has been pretty much outed from their rather crowded ultra-Liberal closet, there is less of a chamber than there once was which allowed the left to do little more than to regurgitate their incessant talking points.  This message is definitely “off” as Pelosi so eloquently puts it.  To most rational, freedom loving Americans, the Democrat Party message is, to say the least, “off-putting”.  And that’s far worse than merely having a problem communicating something successfully.  Now I’m no genius when it comes to formulating a political message, but it would seem to me that the message I’ve heard coming for those in the Democrat Party for at least the last eight years isn’t one that would resonate with me, were I a loyal Democrat.

Pelosi “wants” to better connect the party’s message with working families, yet she won’t tell them she wants to raise their taxes, again, she won’t tell them that she believes that the sale of baby parts by Planned Parenthood should be funded by taxpayers and, worse yet, that she wants the courts to be able to prevent investigative journalist videos from exposing such atrocities.  Also she won’t tell them she supports grown men sharing public bathrooms with little girls, won’t tell them that she believes that whites should be subjected to greater scrutiny when entering college than people of color.  So she’s right about one thing: those messages were not coming through in the election, because they were purposefully omitted from the platform in order to obfuscate the truth.

Pelosi also says Democrats are united in regards to the security of our country.  Now if, by “security”, she means that we need to blindly accept without question hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern refugees into our country, or that we need to continue to restrict the rights of legal gun owners, or that we must continue to whittle away at the Second Amendment, or that we must early-release convicted felons of “lesser crimes” in order to right past inconsistencies in the court system, or that we must embrace globalization and be a country without borders, or that we must continue to ignore the growing threat of radical Islam, then I guess “security” means something completely different to me and millions of other Americans than it does to Nancy.

But united the Democrats remain, at least according to Pelosi.  Except for those, I guess, who didn’t vote to re-elect her as their fearless leader.  But, I suppose, even those folks will eventually come around because, after all, independent thought isn’t something that’s usually tolerated from within the ranks.  So, I guess all in all, yeah…she’s probably right.  So what we have here is the Democrats being united and many of the American people being united, with there being a failure to communicate.  And if things remain as they are, never the twain shall meet.  And the longer that situation is allowed to continue the greater the chance remains that the Republicans will remain in control of at least the House and maybe even the Senate.