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And so once again we have yet another example of how, according to Democrats, what was good for ‘BO’ is still not good for Donald Trump.  As you may have heard Democrats are once again outraged over something President Trump has done, this time it’s his choosing to fire someone who was essentially nothing more than someone working on the inside for the opposition.  That would of course be the State Department’s inspector general Steve Linick.  And yet we heard nary a word from ANY Democrat back in 2009 when it was ‘BO’ who fired AmeriCorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin, who had pursued an investigation of Kevin Johnson, the former NBA star and mayor of Sacramento, California.  But then Johnson was a supporter of ‘BO’.

Apparently back then there was sufficient pressure placed on Mr. Walpin to the point where he was eventually fired, with the call allegedly coming from ‘BO’s supposed ethics “Czar” Norm Eisen.  Eisen you’ll remember was counsel to the House Judiciary Committee during the impeachment inquiry against President Trump and the guy who used a deceptively edited video in his questioning.  Anyway, it was Eisen who told Mr. Walpin that the president (BO) “felt it was time for Mr. Walpin to ‘move on,’ and that it was ‘pure coincidence’ that he was asked to leave during the St. HOPE controversy.”  However, ‘BO’ & Co. had to change its explanation because of a law requiring a written explanation for such firings be sent to Congress.

All of which brings us to this past Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” when it was Nancy Pelosi who once again expressed, to show host Margaret Brennan, her obvious displeasure over the fact that the president decided to fire this guy Linick, and declared that Congress would definitely be looking into the firing.  She even went so far as to say that the removal of Linick “could be unlawful.”  So it would seem that no matter what the president does Pelosi will consider it to be unlawful, even though she had virtually nothing whatsoever to say when it was ‘BO’ doing the very same thing.  But I suppose we shouldn’t be all that surprised as this is but another example of where ‘BO’ could do NO wrong, and President Trump can do no RIGHT!

So is it just me or is it everything that President Trump says or does is now always to be considered as somehow being unlawful or corrupt in the eyes of the Democrat Party.  Do these Democrats have NOTHING else better to do with their time than to spend it on harassing the president?  That’s exactly all that they have done since winning back the House which, oddly enough, is exactly what they said they would not do if they were to win back the House back in 2018.  So essentially, every single one of these scumbags lied to every one of their constituents.  I hope anybody that helped them accomplish that has learned a very valuable lesson from their mistake.  And it’s everyone one of those who were voted in in 2018 that should be voted out in 2020.

The amount of time that the Democrats have wasted, and continue to waste, investigating everything that President Trump does should disqualify all of them from ever running for re-election.  And to think that it’s all because they lost an election.   Now, not being a politician myself it would seem to me that the smarter thing for Democrats to have done would have been to work with the president where they could and reasonably oppose him where they felt they could not.  But Democrats couldn’t bring themselves to do that.  So instead, they remained obsessed with trying to remove him from office.  After four years of intense never-ending investigations the president is still in office and headed for re-election against their idiot candidate.

But the problem is also the number of RINOs who remain imbedded in the Republican Party.  Turncoats like Willard Romney, who continue to stab the president in the back and who got elected by claiming to be something that they most definitely are not.  These people too need to be sent packing right along with as many Democrats as we can get rid of.  They simply refuse to take any meaningful action and as long as they can fool people into voting for them, they’ll continue to deceive. They have no intention of holding anybody accountable.  President Trump is the only person serious about fighting back.  It is quite obvious that many Senate Republicans don’t like President Trump and are merely playing along because they want to get reelected.

Without a doubt Pelosi has to be one of the least impressive Speakers in all of modern history.  She obviously cares much more about what benefits her party than what might benefit the country.  And it’s her most recent attempt at a $3 Trillion ‘Chinese virus’ relief bill that should make that rather obvious to even the most casual of observers.  It’s this supposed ‘relief bill’ that in reality is nothing more than a Democrat boondoggle, a liberal snow job, the purpose of which has nothing whatsoever to do with anything that will assist those most affected by this ‘Chinese virus’, and everything to do with making easier for Democrats to be better able to cheat in coming elections which is really the only way they can win elections.

Pelosi herself once said that a president can fire anyone under his purview.  And the last time I checked the State Department, along with all of those employed by it, easily falls under that purview.  And as Pelosi should also well know, the firing can be for ANY reason the president sees as valid, which makes her bullshit claim that “it might be unlawful” nothing more than another attempt by a scumbag Democrat to smear/insult/cast-false-blame on President Trump.  He needs neither Congress’ permission NOR approval to get rid of someone who, as I said earlier, is in this particular case, nothing more than an inside man working for the enemy forces.  And even if he wasn’t the president would still have every right to fire this guy.

So here we have Pelosi claiming that we need yet another pointless investigation that will result only in more wasted time and God only knows how many more wasted taxpayer dollars that we simply don’t have.  And what the Hell is really the point here?  Pelosi needs to get this through her very thick skull.  As she herself has stated the president can fire anyone he wants and for any reason he wants, and whenever he wants.  Clearly Pelosi knows nothing of what she speaks.  She simply continues to screech the same old, tired and boring Democrat mantra. “That’s illegal.  It’s a violation of the rule of law. Justice is being denied.  Justice is being turned on its head.  Investigate this illegal act. Investigate that illegal act.  BLAH BLAH BLAH!”

So then, to be clear, Democrats don’t seem to have any problem with a sitting Democrat vice president, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, ordering the firing of a foreign investigator looking into corruption inside one of their firms who employed that same vice president’s crack head son, yet the current Republican president is not to be permitted to fire an inspector general, one that was hired by his ‘Democrat’ predecessor and who happens to be someone that the president no longer has any confidence in.  And so, it’s only a Democrat president who is free to fire anyone he, or she, may want and for whatever reason.  This is now the state of our politics, what’s good for the Democrats is never what’s good for the Republicans.



I think we can all agree that the Democrats have long enjoyed a luxury that very few, if any, Republicans have ever been allowed to, that being, of course, to simply sweep under the rug any inconvenient truths.  The Republican Party has had its share of boozers and perverts and news of their exploits is always front page news.  Meanwhile the antics of the many perverts, drunkards, Klansmen, drug addicts and, yes, even murderers who have long been proud members of the Democrat Party gets buried on the back page, if mentioned at all.  And what ‘Creepy Joe’ now stands accused of has long been viewed as being little more than a resume enhancer for Democrats.

And if we take a little trip down memory lane and review how Judge Kavanaugh’s denial was covered by the ‘fake news’ media, we see that ALL of the coverage was pretty antagonistic.  There were many scoffs at his inability to provide proof positive that something didn’t happen and an intense review of the accusations.  It was 24/7 coverage on every show, on EVERY network and on every day.  But with ‘Creepy Joe,’ it’s been not so much!  Despite a history of truly bizarre behavior and questionable comments, he says this incident didn’t happen and therefore the case is declared closed.  And so is that now to be simply the end of the story?  Not only no, HELL NO!

And yet during Tuesday’s episode of MSDNC’s “The Beat,” hosted by Ari Melber, Nancy Pelosi simply dismissed the sexual assault allegations against the presumptive Democrat nominee ‘Creepy Joe” Biden and declared the entire matter to be a closed issue.  Host Melber said, “I do want to play Joe Biden’s response. As viewers know, he has publicly addressed this allegation. Let’s take a listen.”  He then played the clip in which ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “It is not true. I’m saying unequivocally it never, never happened, and it didn’t. It never happened. I’m asking the secretary of the Senate today to identify whether any such document exists. If it does, make it public.”

Melber then said, “Joe Biden speaking out just days ago on that allegation of a sexual assault. Now that he has given that answer, do you view this as a closed issue, or what is your response?”  To which Pelosi responded by saying, “Well, it is for me. I have said I am proud to support Joe Biden for president. I believe him when he says it didn’t happen. But I also believe when he says let them look into the records. And that’s what they should do. But I’m not going to answer this question again. I will just say I have every confidence that Joe Biden will be a great president of the United States.”  So, she’s very proud to support this pervert?  What’s that say about her?

And it was from there that Pelosi went on to say, “Not only because of the person of integrity that he is but the person of vision that he is for just some of the things you talked about, about health care for all Americans, about job security, about the kitchen table issues that he is so familiar with in his own family when his father lost his own job. Joe Biden is Joe. He brings those values and his personal experience to a vision for America that is about fairness and not trickle-down economics, but bubble up from that kitchen table, from working families in our country.”  Yup, “Joe Biden is Joe.”  Sorry, but this perverts vision for America, is most certainly NOT my vision!

Pelosi seems in the process of handing out the Democrat Party’s marching orders to those in the ‘fake news’ media.   And they WILL listen and obey!   And as we have seen, despite all of the whining from Democrats about Fox News, it would seem that even Fox too is now onboard as well.  It’s become rather obvious that what we now have in this country is really little more than a version of a ‘state media,’ one that is very strictly controlled by the minority party and their partners in crime, the Chinese Communist Party.  It’s all quite disgusting.  There is absolutely nowhere you can turn anymore to get the unvarnished truth about what is going on in this country.

Democrat politicians seem to think that just because they want to stop talking about something, it means the rest of us will simply all fall in line and obey them.  Now while I’m pretty sure, for the most part, that the more reliable players all across the ‘fake news’ media will do exactly as they have been told, there will no doubt be more than a few stragglers who simply are not very good at following orders issued by Pelosi.  But for the most part they’ll do as they are told.  Most in the media long ago forgot that their role was to act as the watchdog over those in power, and have since morphed into resembling little more than lapdogs for those in positions of power.

I can’t help but wonder if Pelosi’s confidence in ‘Creepy Joe’ being innocent is as great as her confidence that Judge Kavanaugh was guilty?  Because not even Democrats, as much as think they should be able to, can have it both ways; unless of course you’re a lying sack of dog squeeze as Pelosi certainly is.  She is another who qualifies as being a poster child for all that is wrong with American politics today.  I would enjoy watching her lose her next election very much, but that’s not likely to happen.  So at this point all I really have to hope for is that with any amount of luck she will simply drop dead at some point during the next term of President Trump.

So let me see if I have this right, just because ‘Creepy Joe’ claims not to be able to remember the alleged offense 27 years ago we should now simply take his word that it never happened?  And because Pelosi has now issued her official decree that the matter is now to be considered as officially closed ‘Creepy Joe’ is free to continue his effort to become the next president unhindered by what are essentially nothing more than unsubstantiated rumors that have absolutely no basis in fact, or so says Pelosi.  And yet the Democrats attacked Judge Kavanaugh with virtually no proof at all and like a pack of rabid dogs for being unable to recall every second of his college years.

So, just to be clear, apparently it’s now that liberal groupthink goes something like this: believe all women are victims of sexual assault UNLESS, of course, the perpetrator happens to be a Democrat, and if that is in fact the case, then all bets are off.  Because there’s simply no way, that for the Democrat perp any supposed charge will be determined as being anything other than a nonissue and as such will require no further investigation.  But, on the other hand, if the perpetrator is a Republican, or anyone who claims to be a conservative, then the rules are to be completed changed.  Because it’s in that instance that crucifixion is always required.



It was throughout nearly the entire 77 minutes of last night’s State of the Union address, as she continued to shuffle and then reshuffle the pages of the speech she had been handed by the president, that you could almost hear the gears grinding in Pelosi’s pea size brain as she was clearly trying to conjure up that which she could do in an effort to make some sort of political statement and in do so doing make herself appear relevant to the Democrat base?  And at some point it must have come to her.

And so as President Trump wrapped up his State of the Union address last night, Pelosi ripped up her copy of the speech drawing considerable criticism from Republicans and a few Democrats.  The tension was palpable from the beginning, as the president appeared to decline to shake Pelosi’s hand after handing her a copy of the speech.  Fox News reported that the two had not spoken since the president called her a “third grade politician” during an October meeting at the White House.

Pelosi looked as if she was having a slow burn during the entire speech.  And I had to chuckle at the antics of the Democrats multiple times throughout the speech.  The craziest moment was when the ladies in white all sat on their hands when President Trump called for outlawing late term abortions as the mother of a premature baby was shown on camera literally looking upward in gratitude toward God for having a president who was pushing to protect the unborn.  I thought it was a great speech!

However, with all that said, it was during the address that the current divide between Republicans and Democrats in the chamber was rather starkly illustrated multiple times. Frequently, the Republicans stood and applauded while Democrats sat stoically, and in silence, not only when President Trump made partisan points, but even at times when he announced positive developments such as those dealing with job creation or poverty reduction and also when he chose to introduce his guests.

And so it was as President Trump completed his State of the Union address last night that we saw Pelosi slowly, and rather deliberately, tear into pieces her copy of the speech, before then tossing the bits of paper, also quite deliberately, back onto the desk.  Now I’m not sure what she thought she was accomplishing, but in fact all she really accomplished by her juvenile act was to make very clear to those watching, and who might be considering voting Democrat, that they might want to reconsider.

Asked afterwards why she had torn up her copy of the speech, Pelosi replied, “because it was a manifesto of mistruths.”  She also issued a statement which said in part, “The manifesto of mistruths presented in page after page of the address tonight should be a call to action for everyone who expects truth from the President and policies worthy of his office and the American people.”  But nowhere in the statement was there any mention made of her petulant little act of ripping up the speech.

When it comes to today’s Democrat Party it’s no longer about the American people, that ship long ago sailed.  Today it’s all about promoting every manner of perversion imaginable, from abortion on demand to wide open borders and unfettered illegal immigration all so they can have a permanent voting bloc. This is ALL about power and control.  I am praying for a total landslide in November. I pray President Trump wins reelection and pray the Republicans retake the House and retain the Senate.

Pelosi is just teed off because she sees her world collapsing. This was her last ditch effort at relevancy before Occasional-Cortez & Co. are able to seize total control of the Democrat Party.  It’s from this point on that we will remain but one election away from losing our country forever.  Democrats should take heed and be careful what it is that they wish for.  Because when a ‘Democrat’ president is next elected, which he or she most certainly will be, you can then kiss this great country of ours goodbye.

What we saw from Pelosi last night was little more than a childish temper tantrum, exacerbated, I suppose, by what is likely a worsening case of Dementia.  She is of that age, after all, and she very clearly has lost more than a step or two. The whole impeachment thing was a debacle.  Something is no longer right with this woman, and the mugging and childish faces during those parts of the speech that focused on low unemployment rates for minorities were more than just a little bizarre.

And it was someone this morning who said that the fact that she made such a production of tearing up the speech did absolutely nothing to erase the words that were spoken.  In fact I think it fair to say that her act of tearing up the speech served as being little more than an exclamation point on the president’s speech.  And the act says much more about her than it does the president and what he said.  Is this now what we can expect to see as being adult behavior from our elected officials?

And for a woman who, or so we are constantly being told, is supposed to be so politically savvy,  publicly tearing apart the president’s speech, while 45-50 million people looked on, proves the exact opposite.  She may as well have torn up the U.S. Constitution because that is what she and her party have been doing for some time.  It was a stupid and impulsive tantrum proving that she and her Do-Nothing Democrats have no interest in working with President Trump on behalf of the American people.

And let’s just cut to the chase, shall we. There is no creature on God’s Green Earth more loathsome than a Democrat politician.  They are, by definition, created from a maelstrom of infected moral filth.  There is no virtue or honor in any element of their life.  It is nihilism on full display.  They seek one thing only, to bring about as much destruction and misery as possible.  Such a blatant display of disrespect should make clear to all that Democrats are totally without honor and not worthy of respect.

And it’s Pelosi who clearly represents all that’s gone so horribly wrong with today’s Democrat Party.  More than simply being an embarrassment, she’s a liar and a fraud.  She continues to put the needs of what’s left of her precious Democrat Party ahead of the needs of regular Americans in her relentless effort to ‘resist’ this president.  So how is it that her complete lack of ‘leadership’ will result in anything other than an even more stunningly humiliating defeat than the one Democrats experienced in 2016.

And I think it very safe to say that what we are now witnessing is nothing short of a hostile takeover of the Democrat Party, and one that will essentially result in the demise of the Democrat Party as most of us older folks have come to know it.  And as it turns increasingly Socialist, it will be when the next ‘Democrat’ is elected president that our ability to remain a sovereign, and free, nation will come to be very much more in doubt.  Because it simply doesn’t suit the Democrats’ long term objectives.

What suits today’s Democrats-in-name-only, aka Socialists, reminds me of the words from an old John Lennon song, “Imagine there’s no countries, It isn’t hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion, too, Imagine all the people, Living life in peace.”  Of course the song makes no mention of the extreme poverty and abject misery that most would be made to suffer in such a world, but hey it’d be a small price to pay for a world being as one and there being “no need for greed.”  Right?


Pelosi 36

How is it that Democrats have yet to discover the magic of videotape, I mean it is something that has been around for quite some time now.  I’m not sure what else could possible explain their apparent willingness to spout all manner of political nonsense knowing full well that the chances are very high that it could come back to haunt them courtesy of the nearest guy, or girl, with a video camera.  Or, are they so confident that those in the ‘fake news’ media will never choose to expose them or if someone outside the media were ever to stumble across an embarrassing video, they could always claim that it had somehow been doctored because they never actually said what is so plainly visible on the video.  You know, much like how ‘Crooked Joe’ has denied that he ever attempted blackmail the then president of Ukraine.

Anyway, why I’m even talking about the Democrats and their rather curious ignorance regarding the magic of videotape, is because apparently a video clip has now resurfaced, one that oddly enough features Nancy Pelosi, and one that makes pretty clear how she once believed a president really didn’t need congressional approval in order to use military force.  Pelosi’s made her remarks back in 2011 after she was questioned on ex-president Barry ‘O’ and his lack of congressional approval before he decided to use force in Libya.  It was then that an enterprising young reporter asked Pelosi, “Madame leader, you’re saying that the president did not need authorization, initially, and still does not need any authorization from Congress to go in Libya.”  “Yes,” Pelosi responded before walking away.  Actually she kind of ran away.

Now if we fast-forward eight years, it has been since the missile induced death of terror mastermind Qasem Soleimani, and leader of the terrorist Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force, by U.S. forces last week, Pelosi has not only blamed President Trump for the confrontation but stated she will hold a vote on a resolution to limit the president’s power to lead the military in a confrontation with Iran.   Pelosi also claimed that President Trump had used “provocative and disproportionate” force in the successful airstrike against Soleimani.  It was in a statement earlier this week that Pelosi said, “Members of Congress have serious, urgent concerns about the administration’s decision to engage in hostilities against Iran and about its lack of strategy moving forward.”  But where were those same concerns back in 2011?

Now as I mentioned earlier, it would seem that in some regards the Democrats have yet to even make it into the 20th century, in that they apparently fail to realize that the magic of videotape can, at least in the right hands, last forever, or at least for a very long time. And it’s once again that those in the ‘fake news’ media prove just how utterly useless they have now become when they can simply choose to ignore evidence of blatant hypocrisy on the part of Democrats that has once again been revealed in yet another of those rather impressive blasts from the past in the form of these unearthed “Democrats caught on tape” gems.  And yet it continues to be a very rare event when it’s anyone in the ‘fake news’ media puts any of these videos front and center for fear of revealing just how dishonest the Democrats truly are.

I continue to put forward the premise that the Democrat Party, together with those in the ‘fake news’ media, represent what has now become the most significant threat yet to be faced by this country.  When voters are being constantly bombarded with all manner of ‘fake news,’ all of which is heavily, and obviously, slanted to the left, and substantiated by what is, in most cases, some very dubious sources to say the least, I would argue that the populace, many of whom my not even realize they’re being lied to, really doesn’t stand a chance. These days I watch, or listen to, very little ‘fake news,’ choosing instead to I get the majority of my information from various sources that I have deemed reliable, on the internet.  And it’s sad really that a press the purpose of which was to be the watch dog of government, can no longer be trusted.

Look, I think we can all agree that the Democrat Party, for whatever the reason, continue to takes the side of Iran over America and therefore what Pelosi is really up to here is nothing more than to attempt to weaken our position when it comes to responding to Iran, or any other enemy of America, in what would be the appropriate manner.  Iran was also measured in their ‘retaliation’ because they were more than a little unsure of how it was that President Trump would choose to respond.  Well, that’s a win for President Trump so we can’t have that. Let’s take the deterrence away and maybe we can help Iran win, and cause the president to lose. All the left cares about is their war with Trump and to Hell with America.  The American people must come to understand that the Democrat Party is determined to destroy our country.

What’s really behind this latest attempt to stymie the president is really nothing other than pure politics. The Democrats are obviously beside themselves regarding the fact that President Trump is doing so well fighting terrorism, getting the economy roaring, cutting taxes, growing jobs, signing new trade deals and more.  Their anger, and yes their hate, has NOTHING to do with their moral sense of ‘upholding’ the Constitution. They don’t give a damn about that.  They’re just mad as Hell and can’t take it anymore.  To accuse them of simply being unhinged, is being kind, because it goes so far beyond that.  They have become quite literally consumed by their hatred of this president.  Even if you’re a Democrat how is it that you can bring yourself to support any of those who so very obviously hate your country?


Pelosi 23

I must admit that I always have to laugh whenever I hear Democrats describing what is and is not “moral behavior.”  Because, quite frankly, I can’t think of a more immoral bunch of people than anyone involved, and in any way, with the Democrat Party.  And so once again we have Nancy Pelosi lecturing us on morality.  And what is it that once again has caused a rather sizable bunch in the panties of Ms. Pelosi?  Well, that would be the new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) rule that effectively ends the catch-and-release policy regarding illegal aliens claiming to be asylum seekers.  Pelosi was quick to accuse President Trump of “seeking to codify child abuse.”

And so in yet another statement of condemnation directed at President Trump and his administration it was Pelosi who said, “The Administration is seeking to codify child abuse, plain and simple.  It’s appalling, inhumane family incarceration plan would rip away basic protections for children’s human rights, reversing decades-long and court-imposed rules and violating every standard of morality and civilized behavior.”  And I would argue that to describe this as merely being hypocritical is to belittle what was an attempt by Pelosi to portray the effort by this president to keep the American people safe as being something sinister just to score some cheap political points.

This new rule that has so offended Pelosi was issued in response to the unprecedented flow of families across our border.  The goal is to end ‘catch and release.’  Asylum-seeking families will no longer be released into the United States with a mere promise to appear in immigration court, promises that for the most part go broken.  Pelosi repeated the same old claims that holding illegal alien children in custody is abusive and that the children are being subjected to deplorable conditions.  However, apparently it’s a very different story when it comes to the murdering of children while they are still in the womb, or even within minutes of having left the womb.

Anyway, Pelosi said, “The indefinite and prolonged detention of children would compound the cruelty and accelerate the heart-breaking humanitarian situation at the border, worsening conditions for children already forced to sleep on concrete floors, eat inedible food and be denied basic sanitation and standards of care. As the American Academy of Pediatrics has written, ‘No child should be placed in detention…even short periods of detention can cause psychological trauma and long-term mental health risks.’  What about how no child should be murdered before it has a chance to live simply because of the misfortune of having a liberal ‘mother?’

But, it was from there that the dingbat, Pelosi, went on, to say, “This inhumane and utterly unconscionable rule circumvents the conditions set in the Flores settlement, and we expect the District Court to swiftly strike it down. Democrats continue to call on this Administration to end its assault on families and children, and to join us to protect families and preserve America’s heritage as a beacon of hope, freedom and opportunity for all.”  Does this evil old hag not even hear her own words?  Democrats continue to call for an end to the assault on families and children??  Really?  They obviously seem to be more than just a little selective in that endeavor.

And as longs as Pelosi brought up the subject of “morality,” it’s important for us not lose sight of those things that she, and her entire Democrat Party, actually consider to be ‘moral’ and civilized.  You know, things like abortion right up to, and even after the moment of birth, to allow immigrants to stream, unabated, across our border, placing at risk the lives of untold numbers of Americans, to allow men into women’s restrooms and every other sort of perversion imaginable.  And yet it is President Trump who’s being accused of ripping away basic protections for children and violating every standard of morality and civilized behavior.  Does that make sense?

So I wonder, what is it going to take for the American people to finally wake up and to stop listening to these crazies like Pelosi and come to view the Democrat Party as being less of viable political party and more of this rather odd assortment of crazy loons who should never, ever, actually be placed in the position of governing our country.  Such a thing would likely turn out to be your worst nightmare on any number of levels.  And do you suppose that there will EVER come that proverbial straw that will finally come to break the camel’s back?  At this point apparently not as there currently seems to be no end in sight to all of the continuing craziness.


Pelosi 16

Once upon a time members of the Democrat Party operated much more clandestinely when it came to exhibiting their true feelings about our country.  But for some reason, starting with the election of Barry ‘O’, and over the following eight years, admitting a love for one’s country, even if untrue, came to be looked down upon by those on the left, and even before Barry left office, at least among those within the Democrat Party, love of country was replaced by possessing disdain, or even outright hatred, of one’s country.  And it was with the election of Donald J. Trump, that Democrats have become even more vocal about just how much they hate this country.

And it’s that trend that seems to have continued to as recently as Wednesday of this week, when our illustrious Speaker of the House, Nancy ‘The Botox queen’ Pelosi, explained at her press conference on Wednesday what she believes America is about.  She said, “The president wants to make America great again. We all do.”  And she then proceeded to ask, “What does that mean? What is America?”  She then said, “So many times we’ve come together and we’ve talked about America.”  Pelosi then went on to answer her own question. Below is an excerpt from the transcript of her press conference where Pelosi reveals her lack of understanding of America:

“So, it is – let’s just take it to a better place. Let’s take it to a better place: America. The president wants to make America great again. We all do.

What does that mean? What is America? So many times we’ve come together and we’ve talked about America. America as our ideals in the Constitution, an example to the world of Founding documents that rejected a monarch and put forth separation of powers, Article I, the legislative branch having that priority and listing. And that is being under – that’s being dishonored by the President of the United States.

What is America? We the People. We the People. A nation of immigrants, by and large. And he is denigrating every – all the newcomers who come to our country, in complete opposition to the beautiful words of Ronald Reagan in the last speech that he made to the country as President of the United States.

What is America? This beautiful land, from sea to shining sea and beyond, God’s gift to us, that he is almost every day, but certainly every week, degrading and saying that we’re not going to deal with climate on the basis of any science. Really?

What is America? Our values. And that’s the debate we have all the time, in the battle of the budget and the rest, in terms of how we invest in our children’s future and how these things all come together. Under the guidance of our Founders, ‘We the People,’ they said in the Preamble to the Constitution.

But they also said, ‘E pluribus unum. From many, one.’ Couldn’t imagine how many or how different we’d be, but they knew we had to be one. And that beautiful guidance is something that we must constantly keep in mind as we engage in our differences.

At the end of the day, we want to be unifying and not dividing. I wish the President would read that.”

Granted, it’s little about the history of our great nation that is still taught in our poor excuse of a government run public education system.  And yet there does remain a good number of adults who are familiar with our history and understand that our Founding Fathers were largely Christian men who respected, honored and followed the Bible and its principles for life as best as they understood.  They wrote our Constitution based on those very same principles, establishing freedom for our citizens, removing the overburdening governance of England and the tyrants who held its people bound as being little more than slaves to the government.

She asks, “What does that mean?”   She’s been in Congress for over 30 years and yet she can’t answer her own question?  Or is it perhaps that she simply chooses not to?  I’m sure she understands that America leads from the front, in technology, in business, and in education.  And how it is that by having the most advanced and strongest military this country is far better able to protect America and its interests abroad.  That someone can have been in government for as long as she has, and can still question what it is that makes America great, really says it all.  But this is the Democrat Party of 2019. A party populated by those who absolutely hate America.

The strongest, most prosperous and most technologically advanced nations are usually Christian and nearly all Caucasian and/or Asian. The United States fit this description when it successfully landed men on the Moon in 1969. Now that the U.S. is mired in crushing debt, has a population only about 50 percent Caucasian, and is no longer culturally homogenous, with the federal government in charge of the American public education system, turning public schooling into ‘government indoctrination’ ensures that another American generation bold enough, educated enough, imaginative enough, will never arise again. The U.S. will likely never again return to the Moon.

America is a state of mind.  It symbolizes what it means to be truly free.  We cannot allow more immigrants in than can be assimilated. Europe has found out the hard way that multiculturalism simply does not work. The immigrants cannot be expected to become proficient in English but their children born here can be. They can and will follow the same path as the German, French, and Italian immigrants of the past.  But the acculturation must include a voluntary commitment to individual liberty, individual responsibility, and non-dependence on government.  We don’t need immigrants who come here who only live off the labors of others.

Democrats applauded when Barry ‘O’ violated separation of powers and applauded when judges rewrote law to validate Obamacare.  They continue to celebrate as Congress attempts to strip Presidential power as they usurp the Executive branch. They’ve denigrated the Founders as racist white slave owners and the Constitution as tainted, outdated and imperfect. They denounce our history as beyond redemption, tear down our statues and paint over our murals and describe our people as being racist to their core. They honor the ILLEGAL immigrants, setting them on a pedestal as more virtuous and industrious than the American citizen or the legal immigrant.

Democrats simply bestow upon those in this country illegally the rights of citizens and at the same time essentially robbing Peter (the American taxpayers) to pay Paul (illegals) in order to provide those here illegally with all manner of ‘free’ stuff. Democrat ‘values’ include the murder of innocent children for the sin of being unwanted and the denouncing of people of faith for defending their beliefs. These are our modern day Democrats.  And these are the most dangerous foes that we now face as a country.  There is no enemy that would ever dare to take us on from without, but it is from within that we are now made to face those who are our most dangerous foe.

Pelosi would do herself a yuge favor if she took the time to read the Federalist Papers, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence.  Then, perhaps, she would understand what America is/was before politicians like herself started making up laws and regulations that have no basis in our Constitution.  Simply stated, we the people have rights that come NOT from government, but are endowed by our Creator.  The government exists only to protect those rights, not to take them away. Government exists only with the consent of the governed.  We are not serfs like in so many other countries that existed before our great country came into being.

While America still is, I think, THE land of opportunity, it’s because of growing government interference into the everyday lives of average Americans that has made it increasingly more difficult.  The initial concept of ‘limited government’ was long ago made to go by the wayside.  And where we were once a nation that took pride in “personal responsibility” and “individual accountability” we seem to have morphed into a country whose citizens seem far more interested in trying to get as much as they can while providing little or nothing in return.  What happened to that country where a Democrat politician once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you?”

America is said to be a nation of laws and a place where citizens can expect equal treatment under the law and yet somewhere along the line that seems to have become less and less the case.  We have a political party who now sees nothing wrong with turning a blind eye to people first entering into our country illegally, buy then continuing to break our laws by staying here, illegally, even when committing additional crimes while in this country illegally.  Meanwhile, the rest of us ordinary folks are expected to follow the laws to the absolute letter or be made to face the consequences that those here illegally are NEVER made to face.

So let me see if I make it so simple that even Nancy and her fellow America-hating Democrats can understand it.  ‘Making America Great Again’ begins with ridding ourselves of Pelosi and all her Socialist colleagues.  It means returning our country to its Constitutional roots.  It means finding some commonsense compromises on issues like government spending and refusing to confirm activist judges who legislate from the bench those issues Democrats can’t accomplish through legislation.  And it means protecting our sovereignty as a nation and preventing illegal immigrants from flooding into our country at will. In short, it means opposing everything Democrats support.


Pelosi 29

So riddle me this, what would any sane individual label as being the most vulnerable of ALL human beings?  And then how is it that the Democrats seem to want it both ways, they want protected the children of those entering into our country illegally and yet they have virtually no problem whatsoever with the fact that over 70 Million defenseless human babies have been allowed to be butchered during the last 45 years.  Would that not be considered a bit hypocritical, and if not, why not?

All which brings me to Nancy Pelosi, our less than stellar Speaker of the House, who earlier this week issued a statement in which she laid out her idiotic reasoning for backing a supplemental spending bill to provide humanitarian assistance to children and families at the U.S.-Mexico border, saying Congress has a “a sacred moral duty” to protect children and families.  But apparently that same “sacred moral duty” does not extend to the unborn babies of American citizens, which comes as no surprise.

And of course included in Pelosi’s statement, which was really little more than yet another rant directed at the president, was her outrage directed at President Trump and for what she described as the president’s “failed policies” for worsening the situation at the border.  She said, “The President’s failed policies have exacerbated the situation at the border, where vulnerable children endure inhumane conditions that threaten their health, well-being and sometimes, tragically, their lives.”

And it was in referencing this specific piece of legislation that Pelosi went on to say, “This legislation provides urgently-needed humanitarian assistance for families, including funding for food, shelter, clothing, medical care and legal assistance, and will relieve the horrific situation of over-crowding and help prevent additional deaths. And we are providing urgent assistance to local communities to help defray their costs of providing humanitarian assistance to asylum seekers.” And zero for border security.

Pelosi continued her rant saying, “The legislation protects families. It does not fund the Administration’s failed mass detention policy, but, instead, funds effective, humane alternatives to detention with a proven track record of success. It places strict limits on influx shelters, protects sponsors from DHS immigration enforcement based on information collected by HHS during the vetting process and creates strong oversight by Congress including to protect unaccompanied children.”

Pelosi seemed to have saved the best for last as she ended her idiotic little statement by saying, “As Members of Congress and as Americans, we have a sacred moral responsibility to protect the human rights and the lives of vulnerable children and families. To do anything less would be an outrageous and unacceptable violation of our oath and our morality.”  Which takes me back to where I started in pointing out the obvious, at least to me, irony in Pelosi’s incessant whining about the president.

The making of such ludicrous comments makes it increasingly more difficult to take any of today’s Democrats seriously.  Because say what you will about the treatment of those ‘poor children’ at the border, whatever discomfort it is that they may be made to suffer, it most certainly pales in comparison to the various methods that Democrats continue to endorse regarding how America’s unborn continue to be butchered in what is the most horrific and savage manner.   Pelosi is pathetic!


Pelosi 28

Every now and then, albeit typically by accident, a Democrat will say something that actually does have a ring of truth to it.   Granted, it is a very rare occasion.  And it was just recently that just such a thing occurred, and it was from Nancy Pelosi that we heard it.  And while what she said was intended to be just another derogatory comment directed at, of course, President Trump, I would argue that it might have had just the opposite effect.  Because what she said, and rather confidently so, was that President Trump did not have “shared values” with the Congress.

Let’s face it, the Democrat Party has always tended to lean pretty far to the left regarding its governing philosophy.  But the modern day Democrat Party has now been taken over by the radical left, who have succeeded in moving the party to the point where it now chooses to support what are some pretty extreme positions on everything from abortion, and ‘climate change’ to healthcare.  So I have no problem with the fact that the president I voted for does not share the same values of these leftwing fanatics.  What’s important to me is that the president shares ‘MY’ values!

So it was during an interview this past Sunday with one of CNN’s many resident ‘Trump Haters’, Fareed Zakaria, that Pelosi said President Trump did not have “shared values,” with Congress.  And I would only ask Nancy, “So what?” Personally I, as well as everyone else who voted for him, prefer that he doesn’t!  Because what’s important to those of us who voted for him and who continue to support him is whether or not he shares the same ‘values’ that we do.  Because neither do WE share what Nancy refers to as being the ‘values’ of most members of Congress.

And so it was Trump-Hater Zakaria who said, “Let me ask you, though, about presidential power. Is there a kind of usurpation of congressional authority? Since 1976, when Congress declared a National Emergency Act, Gerald Ford signed it, there have been fifty, the presidents have declared 59 emergencies. 32 are still in place. We still have national emergencies in place about Macedonia, about Lebanon, about the Iran hostage crisis. Is it time for Congress to start much more seriously overseeing these kind of executive usurpations of power?”  Spoken like a true hater of Trump!

Naturally Pelosi said, “Yeah. I think Congress were accomplices in some of these things, but were dealing with presidents with whom we had shared values and to give the president the facility to do what he needed —or hopefully one day, she needed to do. But it has gone too far. And if it’s a national emergency, it’s one thing but if it’s to declare a national emergency that doesn’t exist, isn’t —is an exploitation of an opportunity that shouldn’t be taking place.”  The more this moron speaks, the less sense makes.  And rarely when talking about the president does she ever make sense.

But might not it have been better, and even a bit more accurate, for Pelosi to have said that it’s the majority of those in Congress who actually don’t share the values of the president or his supporters?  But that’s only because he, and they, don’t share the Democrats’ penchant for murdering the unborn, for open borders and all of the drugs, crime, welfare costs, disease and violence that comes with it. Nor does he, or they, share the Democrats’ lunatic green deal policies or what has become their rampant antisemitism in favor of the Moslems who want only to destroy America.

And because President Trump chooses not to share the values of Democrats, he has been able to turn the economy around and created an environment that has made possible record employment, record low unemployment, and the highest consumer confidence and business optimism in decades.  He is rebuilding the military, and sending a very clear message to the Chinese regarding trade, is strong on the border and illegal immigration (but needs Congressional support), and more.  In other words President Trump is for EVERYTHING that the anti-America Democrats are against.

Now you’d have to be a complete moron, and we are talking about Nancy Pelosi, not to understand that President Trump, the outsider non-politician, was elected largely because he did NOT share the values of those in Congress.  And if you want to talk about usurpation of Congressional authority, what about the rampant offloading of congressional authority, and responsibility, to what has essentially become the fourth branch of government, one made up of legions of unelected, like-minded big government bureaucrats who retain power no matter who’s in the White House?

It’s the supposed ‘values’ to which Pelosi refers that forms the basis for the position of the Democrat Party on any number of issues.  For instance, it is their ‘values’ that apparently allows for the imprisonment of political opponents, the offering of all manner of ‘free’ stuff, such as free college, free student loans, free doctors as well as free medical treatment, all of which will, of course, actually be paid for by taxpayers, and also the call for reparations for slavery which officially ended over 150 years ago.  So why is it that President Trump should agree with Democrat values?

Listen, it is at the center of every new proposal that we see coming from the Democrats that we find the beating heart of Socialism.  That governing and economic philosophy that has failed everywhere and every time it has been attempted and yet continues to have strong support amongst those within the Democrat Party.   So again I find myself wondering why it is that Pelosi expresses such shock regarding the fact that our president has no interest in sharing those ‘values’ that now seem to be shared by a pretty sizable majority of those who identify themselves as Democrats!

So finally, knowing this president as we all now do, and what the Democrat Party, which has now moved, or been moved, so far to the left now stands for, Pelosi still seems to feel justified in accusing the president of not seeming to be on the same page as the Democrats when it comes to the subject of ‘values.’  And at a time when nearly every Democrat now running for president speaks very favorably of Socialism, it was at his last State of the Union address that the president made quite clear, America will NEVER be a Socialist country.  So don’t talk to me about values!



I find it increasing disconcerting that many of those within the Democrat Party have now become so completely unhinged as to now leave absolutely no doubt to most intelligent people that they have become a very serious threat to our freedom.  And I would be willing to go so far as to say that today you would be very hard-pressed to find anyone within the entire Democrat Party who actually loves this country. Not even she who is number three in line to the presidency.  And things show no sign of letting up as Democrats become all the more unhinged with the passing of each day.

As evidence of that, I’d like to point how just this past Tuesday Pelosi had a little get together during which she made clear to her caucus leaders that while she wants nothing more than to see President Trump in prison, she does not want to undertake impeachment proceedings against him at this time.  And in so doing Pelosi seems to have taken her hatred of the president to an entirely new level as Politico reported how it was that “multiple Democratic sources familiar with” this meeting quoted her as telling them: “I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison.”

Pelosi reportedly pushed back against pressure from House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold ‘Pumpkin Head’ Nadler, who has pressed for the speaker to approve the start of impeachment proceedings. And also, according to Politico, we have Pelosi’s Plan B which takes the approach of defeating President Trump in the 2020 presidential election, and then to prosecute him and send him to prison.  Perhaps Pelosi’s plan has something to do with the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller confirmed last month in a public statement that a sitting president cannot be indicted.

Democrats now seem to have moved well beyond merely wanting to remove the president from office, they now instead seem to be very focused on doing nothing less than to completely ruin his life.  And just what is the ‘crime’ of which he has already been pronounced guilty of having committed?  Well, his ‘crime’ is that he dared to defeat she who we were told, on any number of occasions, was the most qualified person ever to run for president.  And it is for that reason alone that he must now, or in the future, be made to pay, and to the greatest extend possible.

And it was Politico who told us that Pelosi was “expressing solidarity with pro-impeachment Democrats who want to hold the president accountable while disputing the idea that it is now time to take that step. Pelosi has long argued that certain conditions must be met before Democrats begin impeachment, public support and strong bipartisan backing, neither of which have so far materialized.”  Perhaps the driving force behind Pelosi’s plan to go after the president later has to do with how only one in three Americans are actually in favor of impeaching President Trump.

There should be no doubt that ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ truly does exist and is a remarkable phenomenon.  What we are now witnessing within the Democrat Party is nothing less than the collective psychotic breakdown of a lost and defeated political ideology, one hopefully on its last breath, adrift like a cork in the ocean with no plan, no direction, and no clue.  Enabled by the ‘fake news’ media propagandists, consumed by their hatred of the president, and refusing to adjust to new realities, they lash out like petulant children demanding respect, but deserving none.

Every Democrat Socialist I have ever met thinks he, or she has it all figured out, not only for himself, or herself but for everyone else.  So my question is this: If Socialists have it all figured out, then why are they so angry?  Seriously, they’re angry about something 24/7/365 days per year.  You’d think that having everything and everyone placed into a tiny little box would bring the poor tortured Democrat Socialist some level of peace, even joy.  But it doesn’t, just more turmoil, more hatred and violence for anyone they perceive to be even slightly different than themselves.

Pelosi is one of the worst people to ever serve in a leadership position in American history. Never has America made it a policy to lock up political opponents but now that has become the plan of the modern Democrat Party under the leadership of this feeble minded old fool. The Democrat Party has essentially declared war on President Trump and his family and by extension everyone who supports him. If he’s guilty of a crime warranting prison then impeach him. She knows the president is an innocent man and she could never sell impeachment to the majority of Americans.

Democrats are single-minded in the quest for political power and it matters not that the country may get destroyed in the process.  Because all that matter to them is that they are in charge of whatever it is that may be left at the end.  Democrats wallow in their slanderous and unhinged hysteria; locked in their own little echo chamber, telling each other how clever, smart and righteous they are and what rubes those are who dare to disagree. Wearing their ignorance like a badge of honor for all the world to see, and yet they remain convinced that they’re smarter than the rest of us.

The modern day Democrat has become little more than a cartoon character. The party has become so disconnected from reality and mainstream thought that irrelevance is a grossly understated element of their character.  Today’s Democrat has so alienated himself, or herself, from mainstream society that no one is really paying any attention to it beyond the prurient entertainment value their antics end up providing.  Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats are nothing more than macabre tabloid caricatures. Ignore them, they are deserving of nothing else.


Pelosi 26

If there is one certainty here in what is our ever-changing world, it’s the fact that Democrats just love getting awards.  And it seems to matter not whether they are actually deserving of said award, all that’s really important is that they hate America and, perhaps even more importantly, they absolutely HATE President Trump.  Which brings me to Nancy Pelosi, the recent recipient of, now get this, something called the ‘Profile in Courage Award’ which was presented to her by Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston back on May 19.

And it was during her rather rambling acceptance ‘speech’ that she made sure to suck up, as best she could, to those who somehow saw fit to bestow upon her this idiotic little award.  And in so doing, Pelosi celebrated the Kennedy family as “a model of faith and hope.”  I must admit that I was more than a little confused when I read that she had said, “The Kennedy family has given so much to America’s history and to America’s future.”  Given so much to America?  I’m left wondering what, exactly, that this clan of inbred misfits has ever actually ‘given’ to America!

Anyway, Pelosi went on to say, “We remain in awe of the courage that is the Kennedy constant: their courage to accept the best and the saddest that God’s will has descended upon them and their courage to be a model of faith and hope.”  She said, “God bless the memory of President Kennedy and the family that he loved.”  And then she added, “May we heed his words that, here on Earth, God’s work must truly be our own.”  What she conveniently left out of her suck up was that if JFK were to run for president today, his party has now moved so far left they likely wouldn’t have him.

Personally, I wouldn’t define their love of money and power as “faith.”  They love only themselves and they most certainly don’t love our country. And was ‘Teddy’ a “model” of faith.  The very same Teddy who’s the ONLY American politician with a confirmed kill in what Democrats, themselves, love to call, “the war on women.”  If anything, Pelosi’s idiotic comments prove that she, quite literally, has no idea of the realities faced by those in roughly 90 percent of America. Growing up with a silver spoon in your mouth does not teach anyone what the real realities are in life.

Do we really have to list again the many ways that the Kennedy Clan has been anything but “a model of faith?”  John, father of 2 and Robert father of 10, used to have ‘Naked Swims’ with the White House secretaries, even while Jackie was right upstairs, and they also shared Marilyn Monroe who, as you may remember, died under very suspicious circumstances.  Note: when Jackie died, she asked to be buried next to the man who she loved and who had loved her, Aristotle Onassis . The rotten Kennedy Clan and the Democrats in DC made sure she was buried next to the cheater.

Old man Joe Kennedy was nothing but a bootlegger during prohibition who paid out tons of money to keep son John from being thrown out of the Navy.  And do I really have to mention the philandering, drunkard, murdering scumbag Teddy, the ‘Lion of the Senate?’  Where else but in some bastion of leftwing lunacy could this bizarre Clan of twisted and perverted people be held in such high regard.  After all, it was this very same enclave of losers who repeatedly elected John Kerry-Heinz, another ‘great’ example of the caliber of politicians this area of country has come to produce.

Frankly, I’m sick of Pelosi and her gaggle of twisted misfits, liars and crooks.  Never before has there been such a bunch of individuals who sought to profit politically from the incitement of nothing but hate.  They truly are a vile bunch.   They claim to love this country when in fact it has now become their mission in life to destroy it.  And this tired old hag has the audacity to hold up for praise a clan that has profited to such a high degree from the misery of so many others.  It’s really pretty pathetic.  They have ‘contributed’ nothing positive to this country.  Absolutely NOTHING!