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As difficult as it may be to believe, there is still a rather significant number of those who remain unable to move beyond an election that was held, now, nearly seven months ago.  They remain so focused in their hatred and so consumed by their effort to continually undermine the victor that they are able to do little else.  They stubbornly refuse to examine the real reasons their candidate lost the contest choosing instead to concoct reason after reason why it was that the candidate who was not supposed to have any chance of winning, actually won the election.

Which brings me to ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters who appeared on MS/LSD’s “AM Joy” this past Sunday to once again call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.  Host Joy-Ann Reid, one of the dimmer bulbs that you’ll find anywhere on TV, actually hailed Waters as a “resistance hero.”  And it was then she asked about Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner and his ties to Russia.  Apparently Kushner is said to have tried setting up a secret communications channel with the Russian ambassador. The White House has said it is not concerned with these reports, and frankly, neither am I.

And ‘Mad Maxine’ wasted precious little time in going after Kushner and raised the possibility of collusion and wrongdoing between Russia and the Trump administration.  She said, “For him to talk about setting up this back channel … It seems unseemly that he would be involved in that kind of relationships with the Russians.”  Waters pressed on, saying that the Russians had hacked the DNC and many other prominent politicians in Washington and that they were a threat to be taken seriously.  But we now know that the leaks suffered by the DNC were actually nothing more than an inside job.

And once again displaying her fascination with dots, she went on to say, “We can connect the dots…We can get the facts that will lead to impeachment.”  And she added, “I believe this president should be impeached, I don’t care what others say.”  Waters closed saying she feels Congress is dragging its feet on the Russian investigation, and that there is enough information to move forward with impeachment.  ‘Mad Maxine’ said the public was “getting weary” that Democrats have not done enough to begin the process of impeaching President Donald Trump.

And yet it was also on Sunday over there on the Communist News Network’s “State of the Union,” while also in the process of discussing Mr. Kushner and reports regarding his attempt to set up a back channel with Russia, that former Democrat state senator from Ohio, Nina Turner said, “No one in Ohio is asking about Russia.”  So which is it?  Is the public, like ‘Mad Maxine’ says, getting weary waiting for President Trump to finally get impeached, or is the public more like how Ms. Turner describes the people of Ohio, who apparently seem far less interested than ‘Mad Maxine’ and her friends?

Ms. Turner said, “No one in Ohio is asking about Russia. I mean, we have to deal with this. It’s all on the minds of the American people. But people in Ohio, they want to know about jobs, their children. I was just in California where California folks, especially the national nurses, pushing for healthy California, single payer, Medicare for all kinds of things. I talked to a Boomer, a Baby Boomer who is an African-American Baby Boomer who lives here in D.C., Russia is not in his top five. He believes that both parties are failing.”  Yes, but only one party remains stuck on Russia.

And then she went on to say, “The president should be concerned about this, all Americans should be concerned about this, but if we were to go to Flint, they want to know how they’re going to get clean water and why 8,000 people are about to lose their homes. We are preoccupied with this. It’s not that it’s not important, but everyday Americans are being left behind because it’s Russia, Russia, Russia.  Do we need 535 members of the Congress to deal with Russia?  Can some deal with some domestic issues?”  Can some of them deal with some domestic issues?  Really?

Ya know, maybe someone should remind Ms. Turner that it was her guy who occupied the Oval Office for the last eight years.  And it was the same guy who saw the wisdom in squandering the first two years of his first term by using his majorities in Congress to force something onto the American people that they didn’t want instead of choosing to deal with domestic issues.  And now all Democrats want to talk about is Russia because their policies left the American people behind and they know it.  So maybe she should pose that very same question to many of her fellow Democrats.

But if she were to actually do that it’s very likely that Ms. Turner’s pleas would fall on deaf ears.  Because despite the fact there is no evidence against Trump, and everyone on both sides of the isle admits it, the calls for impeachment by those on the left haven’t diminished.  But obviously leaders of the radical Left like don’t need facts or evidence to prosecute, so how about we precede then following your rules and prosecute: Obummer, Hitlery, Holder, Jarrett, Lynch and Rice.  After all, fair is fair because we actually have real evidence against them, and lots of it.

Personally I would like to inform Ms. Waters that most folks from all those ‘Red’ counties across the U.S.A. who voted for then candidate Trump, today could care less about her opinions, as well as those of her fellow Democrats, and all of their endless chatter.  And perhaps, just perhaps, if they would come up for air and talk to ordinary folks, instead of to braindead, leftwing talking heads, someone might just begin to take them seriously as a political party, rather than viewing them as being little more than a bunch of crybabies who lost a contest and who now refuse to accept it.

What might be a little closer to the truth here is the fact that I think ‘Mad Maxine’ is getting more than a little weary regarding the fact that the public now seems a bit more interested in finding who killed Seth Rich.  And when we discover that it was an inside hit job, and that Rich was the one who gave the DNC e-mails to Wikileaks, the whole liberal house of cards will come crashing down.  Self-preservation is an incredibly motivating instinct. The left would seem to be fighting for its life right now and it seems to be ‘Mad Maxine’ that they’ve now pinned their hopes for survival on.

‘Mad Maxine’ seems to have arrived at a place where she has become, quite literally, consumed by the level of hatred she feels toward President Trump.  Most of us have grown tired of listening to her because she is an unAmerican hag and completely dishonest.  We are not yet tired of Trump but we are tired of you ‘Mad Maxine’ and all your traitorous morons in Congress who cannot get their act together choosing instead to denounce Trump every chance they get. Please wake up to the fact that your chosen one, Hitlery, lost of her own doing, and Trump is now our President.

Anybody with a lick of commonsense knows that Russia and other governments have been trying to meddle in elections for decades, and in the U.S. the impact is non-existent.  Moreover, they know that Trump, whatever his faults, is a patriot and only wants to “Make America Great Again.”  You would have to be an idiot to think he was colluding with the Russians.  So, of course, the people don’t care about the Russia wet-dream of those in the Democrat Party and the media. The people care about jobs, the economy, terrorism, securing the border, and killing off Obamacare.

And how about this, how about we turn our eyes toward the real meddlers in our elections, the DNC. The Illegals and dead people voting, districts with 100% for one candidate and 0 for the other, the ballot stuffing by the Democrats caught on video, Wizzerman-Schultz, and the others like her.  How many times do we need to hear the voices that matter say, “There’s no there, there,” when it comes to Trump and Russia? It’s time to arrest the real meddlers in our government, all those colluding and paying these undisclosed or unverified sources of absolute lies and destruction.


Waters 1

It’s these days that more and more members of the Democrat Party seem to have little time for anything other than trying to cope with what are their increasingly intense symptoms of their mind-numbing affliction of Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD).  Because the Democrat Party platform, at least at this particular moment in time, is all anti-Trump, all the time, and that seems to be fine with ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters who remains out in front leading the charge to impeach Trump.  During her appearance on MSNBC last Friday, ‘Mad Maxine’ struggled to give a coherent explanation of what her party stands for besides being against the president.  What’s even more surprising was that leftist host Katy Tur seemed to be more than a little frustrated and unsatisfied that her party is so hyper-focused on ousting Trump.

You see, it Ms. Tur who asked, “Congresswoman, what do the Democrats stand for other than being against Donald Trump?”  And then added, “What do you stand for other than trying to get Donald Trump impeached?”  Maybe someone should have briefed her that one should never ask such a question if one isn’t fully prepared to hear the answer.  And it was in so doing that she came dangerously close to what could be considered by some as actual journalism.  Waters’ answer rambled on but could be perfectly summed up as simply, “Umm.”   Waters reminded Tur that she is the ranking member of the Financial Services Committee.  She said, “We pushed back on the Republicans, we fight against them.”   But that wasn’t exactly Tur’s point.  She wanted to know, “Are Democrats focusing enough on their ideas?”

But ‘Mad Maxine’ wasn’t having any of it and talked over Tur about her senior status in the government peppered with some general talking points about the socialist ideals of the Democrat Party.  Waters barked, “Now, what else would you like to know?”  Ms. Tur responded, “Well, I personally wanted to know if you think Democrats are getting out there and giving their message enough?  If they’re saying what they want to do to fix things like the economy, like you said, to make sure the government is working for them instead of coming out and reacting to Donald Trump day in and day out?”  Wow, you go girl!  But you best tread lightly, because you just might end up without a job or, worse, like Seth Rich!  Members of the state-controlled media complex are not to hold Democrats to account for anything.

Waters rambled on, rather incoherently, saying, “I think people understand that we are fighting and that we are working on the issues of health care and housing and transportation and all those issues that are very dear to us.”  And then went on to say, “I think that’s very clear.”  Clear to who, exactly?  Obviously if you have some lefty ‘journalist’ who feels that it’s now become necessary to ask what it is that the party she very likely supports stands for, then it’s not clear to her.  And that was the second time in roughly 24 hours that MSNBC wasn’t buying Waters’ line of crap.  Weird huh?  Which brings to light what is perhaps a much larger question, “Is something in the water, or now not in the water, over there?”  Because I’m sure that when Waters walked into the place, the last thing she was likely expecting was to be challenged.

One can only assume that Waters must realize that whenever she walks into any room she automatically becomes the most ignorant person in the room.  What must it be like to go through life, realizing what an imbecile you truly are?   Struggling to keep up with the conversation, noticing everyone can reach the proper conclusion hours before you’re able to come up with it.  Not really understanding what’s going on, while everyone else is having the “ah-ha” moment.  How frustrating it must be to be dumber than your average 7 year old.  But, apparently, none of that matters to those who have continued to vote her into elected office, regardless of the position she has sought, for her entire political career.  And as long as that continues she can simply pretend that she really can’t be as stupid as everyone says she is.

Waters can’t explain what the Democrat Party stands for the very simple reason that they don’t really stand for anything other than being against Trump.  It’s all they have now, and it’s essentially all Hitlery had as being a reason for Americans to vote for her.  And I’m guessing they figure it’ll be enough to convince the American people to vote Democrat in the next election.  But let’s be real here, the Democrats have nothing.  Nothing but the same, old tired and worn out socialist bullcrap plans that do nothing more than to run up the debt while doing absolutely nothing to help anyone but themselves.  Oh but I forgot, they do have one idea?  And that would be to allow into our country millions of Moslems from Islamic hellholes all over the Middle East to assist them in their continuing endeavor to destroy America.

Now in my own little attempt at being bipartisan let me see if I can help ‘Mad Maxine’ out a little, if I can.  Here are just a few of the things that many Americans now view the Democrat Party as being fully supportive of: Racism, Hate, Socialism, Lying, all manner of Hypocrisy, aborting unborn children at nearly any stage of pregnancy, letting criminals free from prison and to freely roam our streets, and letting criminals take over our country politically, holding America hostage, violence against anyone, or any group, that does not agree with them, Christian bashing, cop hating and the list goes on.  I’m sure you all get my drift and I have no doubt that among those now reading this there will be those who can easily fill in the blank when it comes to all of the crap that the Democrat Party has come to stand for.

The modern Democrat Party is composed almost entirely of utterly worthless career apparatchiks who have never worked a single minute in the private sector at a substantive job the purpose of which is to produce goods or services of actual value.  The vast majority of these hypocritical scumbags are nothing more than egomaniacal, vain, shiftless and lazy losers with what is an extremely high opinion of themselves and who possess no practical job skills, save the political skills of self-promotion, gilded tongues and a sort of breezy arrogance that masquerades as confidence and self-styled notions of competence.  We all know who they are, people like Comrade Sanders, Barry Obummer,  Fauxcahontas Warren, Chuckie Schumer, ‘Stretch’ Pelosi, the bloviating twit crone, Maxine Waters, to name but a few.

But in getting back to MSNBC, I can’t help but wonder if maybe the LSD in the old watercooler hasn’t run out because it’s so unlike anyone associated with that ‘news’ organization to ask such a pointed question of a Democrat.  Usually such questions are reserved only for Republicans.  It was a great, and likely totally unexpected, question posed by Ms. Tur, and I was quite impressed.  The Democrats, specifically ‘Mad Maxine’, have become particularly obsessed with their hatred of President Trump!  I really enjoy saying that, PRESIDENT TRUMP!  And I hope it sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard to ‘Mad Maxine’ and her ilk every time it’s said!  They have no ideas, no plans for spending or tax cuts, no reduction in the insane number of regulations and no cure for the disaster of Obamacare.  Nothing but their hatred of Trump!

And still ‘Mad’ Maxine, as well as just about every other member of the Democrat Party, continues to sit down ever so carefully due to the significant butt-hurt they still experience over the fact that there was no coronation for ‘Queen Hitlery’ last November.  And the continuing stream of ‘fake news’ regarding possible collusion on the part of the Trump campaign and Vlad Putin has begun to fall on an increasing number of deaf ears.  If there was any collusion that took place during the campaign it was on the part of a now deceased DNC employee and WikeLeaks.  How many more ways can the claims being made by Waters and her comrades in the Democrat Party be discredited?  And yet McConnell was still happy to hand Democrats yet another unearned victory by allowing a ‘Special Counsel’ to be assigned to the case.

And far from driving those who voted for Trump into the waiting arms of the Democrats, what should be seriously considered is how the unwillingness of our Republicans in Congress to support their president could actually incentivize those voters to rid themselves of as many of these RINOs as they can and replace them with those who will work with President Trump to turn his campaign promise to “Make America Great Again’ into a reality.  Because if that is what a majority of the American people truly do want, voting for Democrats will do nothing to accomplish that end.  And as things continue to progress what has become painfully obvious is how there seems be collusion, of a sort, between the Democrats and RINOs like McCain and Sasse.  And it is that which should now be the focus our outrage!


Waters 5

Every time, she who is one of Congress’s more prolific spreaders of political bullshit, Maxine Waters, opens her big fat mouth you can pretty much bet your bottom dollar that the only thing coming out of it will likely amount to little more than that which has become her trademark conspiratorial gibberish.  And it’s because of this rather peculiar habit of hers that Waters is very quickly cementing her position as the congressional Democrats’ go-to conspiracy theorist on all matters related to the much exaggerated ties between Trumpworld and the Kremlin.  And as evidenced by her TV appearance on Tuesday of this week, Ms. Waters never disappoints.

And in what I can only assume was an attempt on her part to once again prove beyond any and all doubt that she is as ignorant as we all think she is, it was in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that Waters went so far as to actually speculate that Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s recent announcement that he will not seek re-election in 2018 may actually be due to his own improper links to the Russian government.  Now for those of you who may not know, Mr. Chaffetz is a Republican which, therefore, makes him fair game for such pathetic accusations.  Waters, of course, acknowledged that she has no evidence to support that theory, but she saw fit to offer it anyway.

And it was in making her typically idiotic comments about Mr. Chaffetz that our esteemed Ms. Waters said, “There is a lot of speculation about what he’s doing.”   And then the old dingbat went on to say, “There are those who think that he, in some ways, have some connections to what is going on in the Ukraine and perhaps in Russia itself and knows something about all of this. I don’t really know. I can’t say, but he’s strange in the way that he’s conducting himself.”  However, the more conventional theory regarding Chaffetz’s departure, which Waters did also casually mention in passing, is the fact that he plans to run for Utah governor in 2020.

Chaffetz happened to be the subject of conversation because he had announced earlier on Tuesday that he had seen evidence suggesting that former Trump national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn may have broken the law.  It was then that Chaffetz had said, “As a former military officer, you simply cannot take money from Russia, Turkey or anybody else.”  And then he went on to add, “He was supposed to seek permission and receive permission from both the secretary of state and the secretary of the Army prior to traveling to Russia to not only accept that payment but to engage in that activity. I see no evidence that he actually did that.”

But Waters was determined to dig a little deeper into her reservoir of harebrained theories and offered up another possibility for why Chaffetz may have been critical of Flynn, who was fired from his job in February for misleading Vice President Mike Pence about his conversations with Russia’s ambassador.  She said, “Maybe [Chaffetz] thinks that if he rolls out and points to the fact that something is going on with Flynn that he did not disclose, and this is criminal, I mean he’s violated a federal law, that somehow this will raise him above maybe what connections he may have with the Kremlin.”  And she added that “we need to keep an eye on him.”

Hayes cracked a smile as he tepidly attempted to interject during Waters’ remarks.  He said, “I should say, congresswoman, I have not seen any evidence produced of that,” adding “but we’ll look for the evidence.”  Waters’ profile has risen during the Trump administration. She has repeatedly called for Trump’s impeachment for a variety of reasons, including the allegations that Trump colluded with the Russian government to influence the election.  To the point where rumor has it that many are now questioning, of not openly at least behind the scenes, her mental fitness when it comes to continuing in her present position as it may adversely affect her party.

I guess my favorite part of her idiotic little rant was when she said, “… I don’t really know. I can’t say…”  But, you know, I will anyway.  Liberals, you just gotta laugh at ‘em.  There’s nothing they won’t say in the effort to advance their rather twisted, collectivist creed.  What we have here is another instance where Waters is allowed to throw out all manner of lies and go unchallenged.  But then, I guess, why should we expect anything different.  Current ‘news’ programming has now become unwatchable.  There’s a reason imbeciles like her never go anywhere near those who might ask them to actually backup the idiotic statements that they make.

And so Democrats continue to prove to the American people that they are not an all-inclusive political party whose platform and ideas are for the benefit of all the American people. Theirs is a party of old unpopular ideas, no solutions to the big problems facing this country and makes clear their inability to actually govern this nation.  And yet, it’s always their way or the highway. They will assassinate the character of anyone who dares to oppose them and they will vehemently obstruct a sitting President because they are too sophomoric and immature to accept the harsh realities that the American people rejected their party and their leftist ideals.

And I must say, and I mean no offense to anyone, that at 65 years old, I’ve yet to see any black Democrat politician who doesn’t come across as being more than a little clueless and patently hypocritical about all that their party seems to stand for.  Obviously, commonsense and critical thinking aren’t their strong-suits.  I have always been somewhat baffled as to why black politicians support the party of slavery and of the KKK.  And it’s Democrats from Pelosi to Hoyer to Waters to Rangel who are nearly all in their 60s, 70s or even 80s with most, if not all, showing the very distinctive signs of dementia demonstrated by the mindless drivel which they continue to spew.

It’s become difficult, at least for me, to pick the #1 imbecile from this bunch of leftwing crazies.  After all we have Hank “I’m afraid Guam might tip over and capsize” Johnson, Sheila Jackson “Where is the flag the astronauts left (while VIEWING MARS) Lee”,  and we can’t forget about ‘Slow Joe’ “The number one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be… a three-letter word, J-O-B-S” Biden.  And these three are but the tip of a very substantial iceberg.  All of which makes you wonder how it is that any reasonably intelligent individual could ever bring themselves to vote of any of these people?  Sometimes I think we’re just too far gone to be saved.


Waters 1

Since nearly the very second that Donald Trump was declared to be the winner of our last presidential contest, Maxine Waters, Democrat, has been in what can only be defined as being a constant attack mode and began calling for his impeachment after being in office for less than a week.  She hides behind her harsh criticism of the president by calling it “patriotic.”  But when the ridicule comes her way, she doesn’t take it too well.  Ridicule of the type she recently received after going to the House floor and declaring, “We fight against this president and we point out how dangerous he is. We’re fighting for democracy. We’re fighting for America.”

But the racist old bitty didn’t stop there.  Nope, she was on a roll by then and she was going to work it for as much as she could.  Because Waters went on to say, “We’re saying to those who say they’re patriotic, but they turn a blind eye to the destruction he is about to cause to this country.”  And then added, “You are not nearly as patriotic as we are.”  All I can say is that she must define ‘patriotism’ much differently than I do.  Because, quite frankly, after having been on this planet now for nearly 65 years I can’t say that I’ve ever actually encountered many genuinely patriotic Democrats, white or black.  Most Democrats hate this country.

So anyway, a clip of her rather imbecilic pronouncement from the House floor was recently played on Fox & Friends with Bill O’Reilly as a guest and he was asked to comment on her antics.  And he apparently started somewhat of a firestorm with his comments regarding Waters.  O’Reilly joked, saying, “I didn’t hear a word she said. I was looking at the James Brown wig.”  And it was then that resident airhead and Co-host Ainsley Earnhardt pushed back a bit, admonishing O’Reilly for attacking Waters’ appearance.  O’Reilly responded saying, “I didn’t say she wasn’t attractive.”  And then added, “I love James Brown, but it’s the same hair.”

But because everything is considered to be as offensive these days and jokes are no longer permitted, nor tolerated, O’Reilly has since faced the ire of liberals everywhere.  And as someone who professes to be a ‘tough guy’, O’Reilly demonstrated very little spine, as he quickly cowed to the political correctness and issued an apology.  He said, “As I have said many times, I respect Congresswoman Maxine Waters for being sincere in her beliefs. I said that again today on Fox & Friends calling her ‘old school.’ Unfortunately, I also made a jest about her hair which was dumb. I apologize.”  Personally, sometimes you just gotta call a spade, a spade.

But, as to be expected, Waters was not about to accept his apology, and, of course was quick to inject race into the discussion.  She Tweeted:  I am a strong black woman. I cannot be intimidated, and I’m not going anywhere.”  No, what she is is a pathetic racist.  She appeared later on MSNBC with Chris Hayes to thank Hitlery for standing up for black women.  And guess what else she did?  Ridiculed “right wingers” as “dishonorable people” and questioned O’Reilly’s credibility with a promise to “stick to the issues” — that is, right after she gets through slinging mud.  If anyone can be said to be lacking credibility it’s this boob, Waters.

Personally I don’t have a problem with criticizing her or any other scumbag Democrat.  What’s she gonna do about it?  She gonna get her ghetto minions to whoop me upside ‘da haid?   This hateful, ignorant, parasitic, racist, commie bitch of a scumbag has been haunting the halls of Congress for far too long.  She’s an embarrassment to this country.  In a better and more just world, she’d be the madam at some rural Alabama black cathouse.  Fortunately, she’s 78 years old, so we can only hope that in the not too distant future the good Lord will see fit to lock her heart up like a rusty chainsaw and then escort her to the gates of Hell.

And by the way, isn’t Maxine’s phony Caucasian hair style an example of cultural appropriation?  If she’s such a proud and strong black woman, shouldn’t she just go with the Angela Davis-style ‘Brillo Pad’ afro look?  Apparently not.  I’ve always thought it a bit curious that the blacks who tend to hold the most disdain for whites tend to spend a bigly amount of their time, effort, and money, trying to look white.  Why do you suppose that is?  I mean, why would you want to try to look like those who you profess to hate.  Because if we’re being honest here, the fact is that Blacks are some of most racist, hateful people you will ever meet.

As a side note here is my nomination for ‘Quote of the Year’: “In the midst of a national financial catastrophe, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) used her position as a senior member of Congress and member of the House Financial Services Committee to prevail upon Treasury officials to meet with OneUnited Bank. She never disclosed that her husband held stock in the bank. This outrageous conduct has led Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) to include the congresswoman as one of the Most Corrupt Members of Congress.”  Now I’m criticizing the esteemed Ms. Waters, I’m simply repeating FACTUAL, and not fake, news.

I proudly served this great nation for 24 years in the U.S. Navy contributing to securing the freedoms for the American people.  I cannot, for the life of me, understand how such a horrible, moronic, anti-American, racist individual like Maxine Waters ever managed to get elected into public office.  Was it because there was no one else wanted the job?  She is a compete embarrassment and one of the most ignorant politicians I think I have ever heard.  Very shameful that someone like her is elected into a leadership position and is supposed to serve as a representative of the people.  Her district must be comprised of some very racist individuals.

And can someone, anyone, please explain something to me.  Why is it that all of these progressive leftists who want O’Reilly fired for his albeit rather silly and quite unfunny remarks had absolutely no problem when liberals like Bill Maher had some rather choice, as well as very disgusting, words for Sarah Palin?  Oh silly me, that’s right, when comments are made about conservatives, no matter how vile, despicable or hateful, and we’re told they need to be taken in the spirit in which they are given.  After all, liberals will ask, where’s your sense of humor?  To the progressive left, such remarks are considered offensive only when being directed at them.

Waters is one of those liberal Democrats, of which there are very many, who got to the top by riding the big city machine and never faced another challenge in an election.  Lucky for her she never had to demonstrate any signs of intellect, only a loyalty to the party line.  She hardly ever suffered any criticism because, of course, any criticism against her would be considered racist.  In her constant drumbeat of impeachment of Trump, she has yet to give a single solid reason why, other than she has somehow determined that he is not fit for office.  Her long tenure in Congress proves that the democratic process has some serious flaws.