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I always get hit with a wave of nausea whenever I hear some scumbag Democrat working so hard to convince pretty much anyone who will listen that it’s those evil Republicans who must always be watched ever so closely because it’s they who are guilty of behaving like their favorite third world depot.  It’s never the Democrats that anyone needs to be worried about because, as everyone should know, they are as pure as the wind-driven snow and possess only the very best of intentions.

For instance, it was during this past weekend’s less than thrilling episode of “Fox News Sunday,” with that less than impressive, and obviously left-leaning, host Chris Wallace, that we heard ‘Little Dick’ Durbin claim that President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer John Dowd’s suggesting special counsel Robert Muller’s probe should end in light of the ouster of FBI Director Andrew McCabe was part of a pattern of “desperate and reckless conduct to intimidate” law enforcement.

‘Little Dick’ said, “If the president reaches out and stops this investigation, that is a constitutional crisis in this country. That’s been said by Democrats and Republicans alike. What it means is: It would be incumbent on Congress on a bipartisan basis to use the tools at its disposal.”  Nowhere at all does ‘Little Dick’ mention the level of intimidation of law enforcement that occurred during the entire eight years that Barry ‘O’ was in office.  The level of hypocrisy taking place here boggles the mind.

Anyway, ‘Little Dick went on to say, “There are two bills before the Senate Judiciary Committee — which has been absent without leave on this issue — two bills before the committee, bipartisan bills to protect the special counsel.”  And he went on to add, “We should pass those bills now. This president is engaged in desperate and reckless conduct to intimidate his law enforcement agencies of this country and to try and stop the special counsel. That is unacceptable in a democracy.”

I guess ‘Little Dick’ thinks we’ve all forgotten the “desperate and reckless conduct to intimidate” law enforcement that occurred during the Barry ‘O’ administration.  Let’s face it, you’d have to be blind not to recognize how much time was spent by Barry in his effort to portray police officers as being nothing more than a bunch of trigger happy, out of control racists just waiting for their next opportunity to shoot an unarmed black guy.  Yet ‘Little Dick’ remains, one of Barry’s most ardent defenders.

Never have I witnessed such a concerted effort to undermine a duly elected president for doing nothing more than keeping those promises he made when running for election.  And ‘The Swamp’ is now pulling out all the stops in its effort to effectively take down this president.  And what’s now being undertaken involves those on both sides of the Isle.  We don’t have two parties, just controlled opposition. The President is doing what he can, but he is seriously hamstrung without support.

And ‘Little Dick’ is guilty of his own “desperate and reckless conduct to intimidate” law enforcement, as he himself has often referred to the police as being Stormtroopers and, that old Democrat favorite, Nazis.  None of us must ever allow ourselves to ignore the fact that it is the Democrat Party that represents the gravest threat that we face as a nation and it consists of those who are a very clear and present danger to our Constitutional Republic and American way of life.

‘Little Dick’ is desperate to hide the crimes his party has committed and is reckless in his choosing to support treasonous actions by bureaucrats and Democrat politicians.  How much longer are we going to allow this behavior to go on before we start fighting back against these traitorous hypocrites?  They lie, they cheat, they distort and yet members of the press continue to turn a blind eye because they’re far more interested in the ramblings of porn star or spewing baseless Democrat talking points.

And should not the fact that ‘Little Dick’ continues to claim that the most important thing his party can do is to stand tall and fight for those in this country illegally, and do whatever it takes, including shutting down the government, to make sure that these illegals get more favoritism, more special treatment, and more opportunities than those who came to America legally get, or even more than the legal U.S. citizens get, be considered as conduct that is both “desperate and reckless?”

It is neither desperate nor is it reckless to call out a law enforcement agency that became so corrupt under its former Director as to become totally dysfunctional.  Those involved deliberately put their desire to bring down a duly elected president over the reputation of their agency.  Conspiring to overthrow the government of the United States because you don’t agree with the people’s choice must surely be a treasonous act.  Comey and his FBI cabal must be outed and brought to justice.

‘Little Dick’ is one of the most polished liars in a city that overflows with them. “Desperate and reckless conduct?”  Does he mean a politicized and weaponized intelligence community taking sides in a presidential election, paying millions of dollars for a political, and blatantly fictitious, smear document, then having his friends at the FBI sell it to a FISA court as if it was legitimate intelligence, then leaking all of it to any number of those in the state-controlled news media?

That must be what ‘Little Dick’ means by “desperate and reckless conduct.” And when the duly elected President (the only clean player in the entire episode) dares to defend himself, the blame is all put on him?  The effort to remove our president will continue by those in ‘The Swamp’, using as their model for doing so your typical third world banana republic. Those who voted for him, regardless of our party affiliation, must remain behind him, to do otherwise would be to allow ‘The Swamp’ to win.



Durbin 5

Let’s face it, for someone to actually believe anything that they’re told by just about any Democrat, but by some more than others, it requires that one possess a rather excessive amount of what can only be described as being that very special kind of stupid.  And one of those Democrats for whom much of that special kind of stupid is always required is none other than ‘Little Dick’ Durbin from Illinois.

I recently read somewhere that the late Sen. Fred Thompson was once asked who it was that he considered to be the most disreputable member of the Senate, and it was in pretty short order that he replied it was this guy Durbin because he would never keep his word.  Everything he says ought to be instantly disregarded.  And after all that I’ve seen from ‘Little Dick’, I’d have to agree with that assessment.

Anyway, the only reason I even bother to bring up this turd, ‘Little Dick’, has to do with his recent appearance on the Communist Broadcasting System’s ‘Face the Nation’ and what was his very obvious attempt to squelch all of the talk now circulating about how there was somewhat of an ulterior motive behind the Democrats’ decision to finally give Al Franken the old heave-ho.

‘Little Dick’ did his best to portray the decision as being nothing more than a much needed attempt to do the right thing, and I found it quite remarkable that he was able to get through his entire spiel with a straight face.  He even went so far as to describe it as being painful to see Franken announce his resignation last week, after ‘Little Dick’ and a few dozen of his ‘friends’ had urged Franken to get out.

‘Little Dick’ said, “I can tell you, it was a painful process because of our personal friendships and relationships with Al and his family.”  And he added, “There was no political calculation in here. It was just a painful moment when we made a decision, moved forward on the Democratic side. I hope the Republicans will face that reality as well.”  Give me a break!  What a bunch of idiotic leftwing drivel.

‘Little Dick’ said it’s up to Alabama voters to decide who they send to the U.S. Senate in Tuesday’s special election, but he said, several times, he hopes Alabama voters will “do the right thing,” which, to Durbin, means voting against Republican Roy Moore.  He said, “And I hope that they will do the right thing in terms of defining their standards and values when it comes to people representing them in Washington.”

And since being provided with some cover from his RINO colleagues there in the Senate, ‘Little Dick’ said, “But we have heard from Republican senators first who have suggested that, if Roy Moore ends up being elected to the Senate, he would face close scrutiny, investigation, even removal from the Senate once he arrives.”  Here we have yet another reason to thank our cadre of pathetic RINOs.

‘Little Dick’ said Democrats “faced the reality” last week.  He said, “I have known Al Franken for over 20 years. He is my friend. He was on the floor of the Senate announcing his resignation.”  He added, “I sat just a few feet away from him. He said it was the worst day in his political life. It was a somber feeling. It was a reality. And I hope the voters of Alabama appreciate that reality when they make their decision on Tuesday.”

Look, anyone who views this little exercise in deception as being anything other than a TOTAL political calculation is either a complete moron or a hardcore-leftwing-kook-of-a-Democrat!  Because, plain and simple, it was nothing less than a very feeble attempt to gain the “moral high ground” by claiming Democrats have cleaned their house and now they expect the Republicans to do the same.

And I think it’s also worth noting that Franken hasn’t actually resigned yet.  And if Judge Moore does lose the election in Alabama, who among us will be shocked to see Franken sticking around after all?  Franken is simply waiting to see of the Judge loses before announcing that after much prayer and reflection he’s decided to stay in his job in order to continue being a champion of women’s rights!

Let’s face it, the Democrats want nothing less than for President Trump to be driven out of office by baseless accusations of misconduct because NONE of their other schemes have worked.  This pabulum coming from ‘Little Dick’ is nothing but pure hogwash. There is nothing that the Democrats do that does not involve some level of political calculation.  That’s simply how they operate, and always have.

It’s the Democrat Party that has tolerated for decades the same sort of behavior that Franken has been accused of.  And with all their talk about the Republican “war on women”, it’s the Democrat Party that’s responsible for the only casualty in that war, at the hands of Teddy ‘The Drunken Pervert’ Kennedy.  So deciding to send Franken to the locker room does nothing to expunge decades of atrociously bad behavior.

And on the subject of Judge Roy Moore, I think over time the attempt by the Democrats and their many allies in the media to cast him as being some sort of letch has pretty much fallen flat.  Perhaps if they had waited until a bit closer to the election their sick ploy just might have worked.  His accusers have been shown to be liars and hopefully the good people of Alabama will see that and elect Judge Moore.


Durbin 1

You know, Democrats just kill me.  I can only assume that they must think that none of us are paying any attention to what it is that they’re trying to do here.  Granted, those who routinely vote for this scum likely pay little attention to their never ending shenanigans, what’s most important to them is the continuing of their gravy train.  Meanwhile, the rest of us most certainly do pay attention.  Now I’m quite sure we’re all aware of how the Democrats continue to feel that their less than stellar candidate for president was somehow robbed of her richly deserved election victory that was supposed to nothing less than a cakewalk.  And when it didn’t happen it was almost immediately that a search was begun to identify how things could have gone so horribly wrong.  And they came up with only one possible explanation, RUSSIA!

So now, as Congress and our state-controlled media, both left and the right, continue to chase all manner of Russia-Trump conspiracy theories, no matter how outrageous, the people’s business is left to languish.  And then we have ‘Little Dick’ Durbin who during an appearance earlier this week on MS’LSD’s’ ‘Morning Shmoe’ actually complained about the fact that very little has been accomplished by the Senate in the first 5 months of this year.  ‘Little Dick’ said, “Just take a look, if you will, at the record of the United States Senate the first five months of this year.” And he went on to say, “With the exception of filling the Supreme Court vacancy and reaching a bipartisan agreement to fill out the budget for this year, we’ve done virtually nothing.”  And, sadly, he’s right!  But there’s plenty of blame to go around.

Then ‘Little Dick’ proceeded to complain about the slow pace of nominations coming to the Senate, which has dragged its feet on most of Trump’s nominees to this point.  He said, “The Trump administration is dramatically behind previous presidents in even sending up the names of nominees to fill positions in their departments.”  He added, “We’ve not tackled a single major issue in the United States Senate.  One of my Republican Senate colleagues said the other day of his own party — we’re wasting a majority. We’re not doing anything.”  Now if that was something that was actually said, I can certainly agree.  And I place a certain amount of blame for that on our piss-poor Republican leadership, however the Democrats, including ‘Little Dick’ himself, also deserve a fair amount of the blame for nothing getting done.

Asked about the then imminent Comey hearing, ‘Little Dick’ described the former FBI director’s written statement, released Wednesday, as “basic.”  He said, “You don’t need to be a legal scholar to realize that no one, absolutely no one, including the president, should either try to stop a criminal investigation or influence the outcome of that investigation. That is what Comey says in his opening statement.” And then he went on to say, “The questions to be asked of him obviously get into detail. What did this president say?  What was the state of mind?  What were the circumstances, and can you, Comey, prove that what you said in this statement is something that would hold up in court?”  And he added, “It’s really very fundamental.”

‘Little Dick’ Durbin is just another one of Chuckie Schumer’s clowns.  And it is they who represent the bigger problem in trying to move forward from here.  Because not doing anything is exactly what he and his fellow Democrats want.  In what other job could you declare on live television that you have not done anything for months, and yet still expect to be paid.  I, for one, am glad they are not passing new laws every couple of hours as was done during Obummer.  But this cat and mouse game needs to stop and they need to let Trump get back to doing what Trump is good at. He has shown, in the limited amount of time that he’s been in office, that he can get things done.  They clearly knew there was going to nothing to find in the way of Russian collusion, and now look at all the taxpayer money that has been wasted over this.

And, that would be the fault of the Democrats!  Not to worry Durbin, the American people know full well that it’s your party that’s at fault!  Your party, is in essence, holding the country and our citizens’ hostage with your actions and threatening to burn it to the ground lest we cede control to you.  When you spend all of your time trying to bring down the president you don’t have much time left to tackle the actual important issues.  Democrats seem not to realize that the American people are aware of this and that they are essentially destroying their own party.  Pretty amazing isn’t it, and the people who support the party of Schumer, Pelosi and ‘Little Dick’ are just a bunch of low information, whinny and detached individuals who care little for the country, our kids futures, and making progress on the truly important issues.

Instead they thrive on drama, retaining their power, status and wealth.  To their constituents they promise handouts, government intrusion into their lives and basically someone to make decisions for them. They are a party of losers.  Meanwhile on the other side of the aisle we have the ‘Establishment Republicans’ either purposely trying to deny Trump any accomplishments or we have McConnell and Ryan as nothing more than totally incompetent boobs.  Either way we are facing some tough issues in the coming months, first we have the debt ceiling and then the budget not to mention Obamacare, tax cuts, and Trumps Trillion dollar infrastructure bill.  We are rapidly running out of time and yet I see no sense of urgency coming from our leadership, only speedbumps.

The fact is, Trump has gotten more done even with the Democrats blocking his every move then the traitor who took up space there for the last eight years. With eight years of Trump America will become great again.  Most Americans have now seen the true colors of the Democrat Party and the so-called polls and biased media can’t cover for them anymore.  But that said, we ‘knew’ the ‘Establishment Republicans’ would drag their feet in an effort to deny President Trump his agenda, while working behind the scenes with the Democrats to derail and if possible, terminate his administration, and resurrect their ‘uni-party government’.  Frankly, I’m somewhat surprised to see a prominent Democrat bringing it up. It’s the kind of thing they normally try to keep quiet.  Makes one wonder how Durbin got off the reservation on this one?



In what has become this moron’s typical spiel as it relates to gun control, it was to an audience gathered at the ‘City Club of Chicago’, this past Friday, that ‘Little Dick’ Durbin, senator from the state of Illinois, spewed his nonsense that the criminal justice system in America is “a harsher system for poor people, especially people of color,” and that no serious discussion of crime, “can start with any other topic than guns.”  So here we have yet another avenue that Democrats, and others on the left, hope to pursue in their effort to strip from law abiding citizens, the right to possess a gun.

And it was then that this escapee from some psycho ward went on to say, “People are angry about the fact that we have two separate systems of justice in America. One for people with money and connections – and a harsher system for poor people, especially people of color.”  And it was in making it very clear that no connection is too remote to be attempted, that ‘Little Dick’ said, “There are several ways we can make our criminal justice system fairer or more effective. No serious discussion of crime in Chicago or America can start with any other topic than guns.”

He said, “We cannot allow ourselves to be numbed or resigned when it comes to the deadly impact and easy access of firearms.” He then went on to add, “I went to the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) agency office a few months ago here in Chicago, they just completed a survey of the crime guns that were seized in the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago. 40 percent of those crime guns can be traced directly to gun shows in Northwest Indiana. All you need to do is produce an ID there and you can fill up the trunk of your car with guns and ammo.”

Actually what ‘Little Dick’ did in trying to make his point was to tell more than what was a little white lie.  Because as it just so happens, The City of Chicago website hosts a 2014 report on the impact of illegal guns.  The “Tracing the Guns” report shows that it’s only 19 percent of Chicago’s illegal guns that came from Indiana.  Now you’d think that if ‘Little Dick’ was going to tell such a blatant lie, he would have focused on something that could not be quite so easily verified as being a lie.  But no one has ever accused this guy of being bright. Which he so obviously is not.

‘Little Dick’ continued to say the only way to address the issue is through elections, “Until we start replacing members of Congress who live in fear of the NRA. Congress is going to stand on the sidelines while this gun death epidemic continues.”  Actually, until we start electing more politicians who actually chose to abide by their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, we’re going to continue to lose more and more of our freedom as we elect more of those who think that they are the ones who determine what rights the people are to possess.

All of which is further proof that ‘Little Dick’ is nothing but the classic example of a white liberal racist and a hypocrite. Those like ‘Little Dick’ love to condescendingly preach down to minorities about how it is that they should live out their lives. Liberals want minorities to be disarmed, defenseless and totally dependent upon Democrats and other white, liberal hypocrites like himself for their protection.  Of course, ‘Little Dick’, has his own armed guards for protection, doesn’t he?  The progressive hypocrite motto is, and always has been: “Do as I say, not as I do”.

Mentally disturbed individuals like the our esteemed ‘Little Dick’ represent what can only be described as being a clear and present danger to America.  Freedom will never win with those like ‘Little Dick’ because they think that freedom and justice are to be measured and controlled by people just like them.  However, it’s our Constitution that says something very different. And until Illinois takes on the responsibility of cleaning up their cities and jailing criminals permanently, they will continue to have a growing problem with violence.  Illinois is a wrecked state.

You have garbage like Barry, Lynch, ‘Little Dick’, and a whole host of others to blame for the condition of Chicago as well as the state of Illinois. Once you take away the hope of the people, there’s nothing left but poverty and violence. Decades of liberal Democrat rule have decimated nearly every large city in the country. Only the people of Illinois can save themselves, and I will not give up my rights just for them. I have a suggestion for the people of Illinois, if you don’t want to face the justice system then don’t commit crimes. I don’t want to face it myself, so I abide by the law.

How is gun control going to help the poor minority criminal? They don’t bother with background checks and they don’t follow the law anyway. When they are caught, our liberal gun control freaks refuse to prosecute using the laws already on the books.  So if I have this right, ‘Little Dick’ thinks that if a black guy in an inner city walks in to a convenient store, robs it at gunpoint, gets caught and goes to jail…it’s the system’s fault?  He wants to make the system “fairer” by taking guns away from law abiding citizens. I guess he wants to put the crooks on an even playing field with the rest of us.