Harris 3

And so, once again we have she who, when running to be the Democrat chosen to face off again President Trump come this November, never garnered more than one percent of the vote now is whining about how our evil president, because he opposes the latest Democrat effort to essentially cheat on what would be a massive scale, is, in reality, simply suppressing the minority vote.  How humiliating must it be for her, as well as the rest of those who were all vying for the same prize, to have been beaten out by a senile old pervert who rarely, if ever, knows where he is, what day of the week it is, or even what office it is that he’s supposed to be running for?

So anyway, it was during an appearance just this last Wednesday on MSDNC, that Kamala ‘Headboard’ Harris once again accused President Trump of attempting to “suppress the vote,” this time because he has voiced his opposition to vote-by-mail during the ‘China virus’ pandemic.  When asked about President Trump threatening Michigan for mailing out absentee ballot applications in a tweet, it was ‘Headboard’ who said, “Yeah. Mr. President, it is a federal crime to withhold money from states with the purpose of interfering with people’s right to vote. So, you may want to talk with your lawyer Bill Barr about that, and that would be my advice for the president.”

‘Headboard’ continued her rant by saying, “But, you know, Joy, it’s clear he has done this because, one, he is always in the business of attempting to intimidate and using his tweets as the method by which he does that. But it’s clear he’s worried about whether he’s going win this election. So it is an attempt to suppress the vote, which is an attempt to have these states not send these applications for vote-by-mail so that people will not get those applications to vote by mail and then not vote by mail.”  And she then added, “This is another example of Donald Trump being complicit with an attempt or even purposely attempting to suppress the vote in an election.”

Yup, by golly, the fact that President Trump opposes allowing the Democrats to cheat is nothing short of being racist, plain and simple!  And yet she seems to have no problem with the fact that her party’s presumed nominee for president was around when this country was still segregated and actually opposed integration.  It’s every single election season, and I do mean every single one, that the Democrats trot out their same old and used stinky claim that “Republicans are trying to suppress the vote, and they are racist!” You would think they could eventually come up with a new talking point!  But then, this one does still work, just not as well as it once did.

The only thing worse than an American politician leading from (her) back is the continuous lying about the core of the Democrat agenda/platform in every election: yell “voter suppression” when what that means is the attempt to prevent illegals and dead folks from voting.  Suppressing voter fraud is not suppressing the vote, you flipping moron.  People can always sign up for absentee ballot.  I’ve done it several times myself. It used to be that only conservatives and service members who ever bothered.  But now the Democrats want to blanket the country with unrequested ballots just to see if enough people will vote with someone else’s ballot.

Actually, if we’re being honest here, which ‘Headboard’ most definitely is not, what the president is trying to suppress is voter fraud and the inevitable war that would follow any attempt to seize power through vote-by-mail.  He is working to protect the citizens of America from dangerous people like ‘Headboard.’ So there is a certain level of truth in what ‘Headboard’ says because President Trump does not want to see those who are dead, those who are in this country illegally or who are convicted felons voting. So if these people can’t vote then, I suppose, at least from ‘Headboard’s rather skewed perspective, you could call that voter suppression.

What actually can be referred to as being racist is what Democrats, like old ‘Headboard’ continue to do, which is to put forward their argument that somehow it’s voter ID laws that are truly racist. And that because claiming that “those people” lack the necessary intelligence, education, or the wherewithal to acquire a driver’s license or some other form of identification. How long are we going to allow Democrats to promulgate their racist policies?  If President Trump is reelected it will likely be because of people like ‘Headboard’ who seem to think that all Americans are simply too stupid to see what the Democrats are truly up to here.  And we are not!


Harris 2

In what I assume was an attempt to ‘polish’ up her resume in an effort to make herself more appealing in the ongoing ‘VP sweepstakes,’ regarding who it is that will selected to keep ‘Senile Old’ Joe, if elected, from wondering off, it was ‘Headboard’ Harris who recently resurfaced to make what was a rather sad and pathetic attempt to project the inherent weakness and piss-poor leadership on the part of ‘BO’ onto President Donald Trump.  But then this is what Democrats do.  And there will, no doubt, be more than a few clueless Democrats who will think her comments clever but in so doing they simply make very clear just how truly ignorant they really are.

And what I am of course talking about is Kamala ‘Headboard’ Harris’s recent appearance, just this past Wednesday, there at ‘fake news’ HQ, aka the Communist News Network (CNN), with “Anderson Cooper 360”, during which time she said she was tired of waiting for President Trump to lead during the ‘Chinese virus’ pandemic.  Translation: President Trump is leading the country in a direction that Democrats, like old ‘Headboard’ most definitely do not want to go because instead of increasing the amount of control the government has over the American people President Trump views things just a bit differently, and actually believes in the Constitution.

Now as we all know Andy ‘Light-In-The-Loafers’ Copper is not a big fan of President Trump.  So there was no cause for surprise when he asked, “I hesitate to even lead with asking you about the president threatening to unilaterally adjourn both chambers of Congress because it seems like such an obvious distraction to keep people from focusing on his own failures, but he is the president and this is his threat. What do you make of that?”  Harris answered, “Well, Anderson, you’re quite right. He is doing it on purpose, so this would be the lead question to deflect from the fact that he has failed to be a leader during a pandemic, an economic crisis facing our country.

And it was from there that old ‘Headboard’ went on to say, “I think we have to stop waiting for him to act like a president and just move on and talk about what is happening in states. What is happening with local leaders around the need to address the pain that Americans are feeling every day? It’s a distraction. He’s doing this as a way to distract us from the topic at hand. Let’s talk about the topic at hand. Checks are starting to be cut by the Treasury Department. I’m sending a letter with others of my colleagues to demand and request that Secretary Mnuchin make it clear that debt collectors cannot take those checks because those checks are going to start flowing.”

She added, “These are the issues at hand. We have had an abject failure of leadership from Donald Trump, and I’m frankly tired of sitting around waiting for him to act like a president or be a president. He doesn’t know how to do the job.”  Look, I will be the first one to admit that President Trump is not perfect.  But that being said, to hear any career political hack who has never done anything other than to live off the taxpayer talk about leadership is laughable.  Especially when that same career political hack is a skank like ‘Headboard’ Harris.  We all know how it is that she got where she is today, and her supposed ‘leadership skills’ had nothing to do with it.

For those who are unaware of just what kind of person ‘Headboard’ is, a perfect example would be how in 2010, as San Francisco’s DA 2004 to 2011, ‘Headboard’ chose to withhold information about a police laboratory technician who had been accused of “intentionally sabotaging” her work and stealing drugs from the lab. ‘Headboard’s deputies knew of the technician’s wrongdoing, but failed to alert defense lawyers.  So the net result was that more than 600 cases handled by the corrupt technician ended up being dismissed.  And yet today she feels qualified to criticize the president during this time when politics should be set aside.

Now old ‘Headboard’ can complain about what she views as being the president’s lack of leadership until the cows come home, but what exactly is it that has SHE has done to help at any time during this ‘Chinese virus’ inspired pandemic?   Has she managed to put politics aside, even for a second, or offered to help those in her own beleaguered state?  NOPE!  Now since she seems incapable of leading herself what she needs to do is to get firmly out of the way and allow the president do that which he does best.  Perhaps ‘Headboard’ should be trying to help AMERICANS instead of sitting on your rather sizable butt and whining to a fellow Trump hater, like Cooper.

And I must say I’m getting a little tired of hearing and reading the same old lies, from the same old Democrats, when it comes to morons like ‘Headboard’ bashing the president. People like ‘Headboard’ and their media lackeys, like Cooper, have spent the better part of four years railing against Donald Trump, calling him a demented and corrupt liar who’s unfit for the office.  They have never supported anything that he’s done, nor have they tried to work with him, and now they claim they want leadership from him?  Had he sounded a five-alarm warning back in January, they would have accused him of wagging the dog to deflect from the impeachment farce.

And talk about gaslighting. The man just sent out stimulus checks, passed by both houses, he is working to get the economy turned back on, the ‘fake news’ types are on him like a pack of wolves, and she claims he’s not leading?  A stupid ghetto gutter rat that snuck her way into politics and couldn’t even get 1 percent of the vote, and who has to appear on CNN because no real news network will have her, has the nerve to talk sh!t about the president?   I’m really tired of hookers with law degrees getting into Congress on their knees, but here we are.  Expecting integrity from a person like ‘Headboard’ is like going to a crack house to find an accountant.  Trash is trash.

‘Headboard’ is one more poster child of the radical left. It amazes me that ANYONE still votes for or takes seriously people like ‘Headboard.’  The scary part of all this is that we have lemmings who go along with anything these people say.  What we are watching is the havoc inspired by the left in the form of failing government schools, attacks on faith and religion, attacks on the family and attacks on anyone who disagrees with the perversion and debauchery embraced by those on the left.  Just imagine where we would be today without President Trump. Try to imagine the nightmare we would now be living in real time had Hiterly been elected president.

And does anyone doubt that were she the one now in the position of having to deal with what this president is having to deal with that old ‘Headboard’ would have any idea of what to do, or of what needs to be done?  He put together a coalition of American companies to meet the demands and has the companies mass producing the medical equipment and tests needed to deal with this crisis.  He replenished the medical supply system that BO & Co. depleted and simply chose not to replenish.  He also gives a daily briefing to the country with his health crisis team on the status of this virus.  The president leads while ‘Senile Old’ Joe hides out in his basement.


Harris 6

Look, in the first place you’d have to be a complete moron to have ever thought that Kamala Harris, despite all of the idiotic references made by her many cheerleaders in the ‘fake news’ media regarding how she was somehow reminiscent of Barry ‘O’, was EVER going to be the Democrat selected to go up against Donald Trump.  And yet, and as expected, the failure of her presidential campaign should, in no way, be seen as being in any way her fault.  Because, you see, she’s a woman and on top of that she’s a black woman, and so it was from the very beginning that the deck was most certainly stacked against her.  She, quite simply, never had a chance.  And yet…

You see, Harris dropped out of the presidential race on Tuesday after having spent over $25 million in her attempt to become the next president.  Which sort of begs the question, who was it that was stupid enough to donate that much money to old ‘Headboard’ Harris in what had to be seen, by anyone with a brain, as being a lost cause practically from the very beginning.  The latest campaign finance report issued on September 30 showed that Harris had spent $25,877,003, with $10 million cash on hand. The campaign likely spent millions more in the two months since the last report, but the exact numbers will not be revealed until January 2020.

Prior to her announcement, Harris canceled a high profile fundraiser on Tuesday at a New York law firm.  The New York Times and the Washington Post recently reported problematic divisions within the campaign with little leadership, a narrative that clearly hurt her ability to fundraise.  Although some Democrats questioned Harris’s decision to attack ex vice president ‘Crooked Joe’ for his past opposition to federally mandated public busing, other strategists saw the attack as proof she had the skill to take on President Trump in the general election.  Harris began the race polling in double digits in the summer, after a big campaign rollout in California.

Among those who seemed to be working very hard to place blame anywhere other than on the candidate herself was fellow candidate Julián Castro, who said during an interview with CBS on Tuesday that some media outlets had held Harris “to a different standard, a double standard,” that was “grossly unfair and unfortunate.”  Castro commended Harris for her candidacy and stated that she is “one of the most qualified people running.”  Now, personally, I’m not quite sure how it was that he was able to arrive at such a conclusion, but then we all know that Democrats have a rather peculiar notion of what does and does not qualify one to be president.

That being said, Castor did go on to say, “I will say that the way that the media treated Senator Harris in this campaign has been something else. In the last few days, to see articles out of Politico, the New York Times, the Washington Post, that have basically trashed her campaign and focused on just one small part of it, and I think held her to a different standard, a double standard, has been grossly unfair and unfortunate.”  I am curious though, to what “different standard, double standard” it was, exactly, that Harris is supposed to have been held to?  And how is simply reporting in issues within the campaign considered as “trashing her campaign?”

And it was also on Tuesday, during a broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” that yet another 2020 presidential candidate stood up for the departing Harris.  ‘Con Man Cory’ Booker stated that he was “angry,” and it’s “a damn shame” that Harris had dropped out and that the party is “spiraling” towards potentially having a debate stage without any ‘diversity.’  ‘Con Man Cory’ said, “I’m a little angry, I have to say, that we started with one of the most diverse fields in our history, giving people pride, and it’s a damn shame now that the only African-American woman in this race, who has been speaking to issues that need to be brought up, is now no longer in it.”

And it was from there that ‘Con Man Cory’ went on to say, “And we’re spiraling towards a debate stage that potentially…could have six people with no diversity whatsoever. The way this is shaping up, especially with the rules of the DNC, it is preferencing millionaires and billionaires and a lot of other things that don’t ever translate into viability in Iowa.”  By all means, we must have diversity above all else, says the black man running for president who, if recent reports are correct, may soon be following Harris out the nearest exit.  Whether, or not, one is qualified for any position should have nothing whatsoever to so with the color of one’s skin.

And never to be left out when it comes to an opportunity to throw around accusations of racism, it was also on MSNBC during Tuesday’s broadcast of “Deadline,” that network host Al ‘Bull Horn’ Sharpton was asked to provide his most highly sought after opinion on the subject of Harris’ departure.  According to Sharpton, Harris had to drop out of the 2020 presidential campaign in part because of racism and sexism.  Sharpton said, “First of all, I think that she ran a great race. I think that she is a great candidate.”  He continued, “But she is dealing with an environment where you have for the first time, that you have these kind of rules that are different.”

And it was then that ‘Bimbo Host’ Nicolle Wallace asked Sharpton, “What rules?”  And Sharpton went on to explain, as only he can, by saying, “Certain amount of money, certain amount of polling to be in the debates. And when you have a Tom Steyer who is fine, raised great issues, but this woman is a U.S. senator, was attorney general of the state and was a district attorney.  Steyer could come in and buy commercials and up his polling. And I think that the real problem the Democrats are going to have is the next debate, you have no black on that stage. The Democratic Party cannot have a stage where black voters do not see themselves reflected.”

Look at the people at the top of the Democrat Party, they are a laughingstock.  Just ten years ago they all would have been laughed off any debate stage.  Harris is as sleazy and corrupt as a human being comes.  Castro is a Marxist while Bernie is an old dinosaur of a communist.  Biden is a corrupt old pervert who enjoys children rubbing his hairy legs and Warren is a leftist fraud.  Buttigieg is a sickening little pervert and Booker has delusions of grandeur.  Yang is another communist and Bloomberg is an embarrassingly pathetic apologist.  Together they form quite the freak show.  I cannot believe that an entire party has now been hijacked by this traveling circus.

The problem with almost every so called ‘person of color’ who runs for higher office is that they run as a minority candidate, representing their particular race or ethnicity, usually winning in districts that ‘look like them.’  A winning candidate on the national level has to have broad appeal and give voters the confidence that they will treat everyone equally, regardless of race.  Once the Democrats understand that, they might decide to stop race-baiting and instead start discussing real issues. Either that, or the so called ‘people of color’ in the Democrat Party will wake up, leave the party, and start celebrating the reality that we are one human race and ALL Americans.

And why is it, exactly, that every time some ‘person of color’ fails to succeed in any political contest the very first conclusion that everyone jumps to as being the only possible explanation is the fact that he, or she, as a ‘person of color,’ was either somehow treated unfairly or is said to have been held to a different standard?  And it’s in the case of Ms. Harris that perhaps people just didn’t like her because of her past record, her policies or perhaps even her winning personality.  The reason she failed doesn’t have to be anyone’s fault and it doesn’t have to be because the voters hate women. Maybe it’s that they just hate HER and not women in general.

And just as with Barry ‘O’, I did not not vote for him because he was black.  I chose not to vote for him because I did not support any of the policies that he seemed to be so very much in favor of.  And because he made it very clear that one of the primary reasons he was running for president was so that he would then be provided with the opportunity to “fundamentally transform the Unites States of America.”  And I felt then, just as I feel now, that America is not in need of being transformed, fundamentally or in any other way.  America is not perfect, but it is the greatest experiment in human freedom that has ever been conceived, and Democrats hate it!


Harris 4

After having watched more than a few presidential campaigns over the years, it’s become increasingly easy to recognize when it is that a campaign is slowly, even begrudgingly on the part of the candidate, coming to a rather unceremonious, and somewhat anticlimactic, end.  That time when the candidate comes to the realization that they really don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning.  And, of course, there are always those who run never really expecting to win, doing so only as a means of obtaining for themselves a little name recognition or to perhaps have some impact on directing the platform of their party in their desired direction.

Now for the life of me I have not yet been able to figure out whatever possessed Ms. Kamala Harris, a first term Senate Democrat from the Not-So-Golden-State of California, to think that she is in any way capable of being president.  Being black, female and someone who quite literally hates ALL white folks, and to have gotten where she is by having spent a lot of time on her knees does not qualify one to be president.  And I’ve never heard her articulate, in any way that made much sense, why it is that she even wants to be president.  And it has been she who, even more than Hitlery, has taken pandering to what has been near stratospheric levels.

So, Harris appeared on MSNBC this past Thursday and it was during her interview that she made the claim that President Trump is “probably the most corrupt” president America has ever had.  She said, “It is sad to see the level of desperation that some people are willing to go through to protect someone who has been probably the most corrupt, unethical, most unpatriotic president we’ve ever had.”  She later tweeted out a clip from her appearance saying that President Trump “has been the most corrupt, unpatriotic president we’ve ever had.” In the text of her Tweet, she did not use the word “probably” and instead said “Trump has been the most corrupt.”

And it was in this tweet that Harris sent out a clip of herself from that MSNBC interview of her saying, “Donald Trump has been the most corrupt, unpatriotic president we’ve ever had, so it’s sad to see the level of desperation congressional Republicans will stoop to protect him.”   And it was also during this interview that Harris stated that she would stop campaigning in Iowa and return to Washington, D.C. in order to be able to attend Senate proceedings if the House did actually move to impeach President Trump.  She said, “Listen, I’m running for president. I need to be in Iowa full time.”  But she implied impeaching the president was more important.

She said, “I will tell you, if the impeachment inquiry gets to the United States Senate, I will be there against my political interests to be in Iowa every day.”  So I guess she wants us to believe that she sees impeaching the president as being more important than getting herself elected?  She said, “This has to be a moment where everyone says that we took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.”  And she said, “The underlying issue here is that a foreign government was invited to interfere in our election for the highest office in our land.”  Before going on to add, “This is so basic. This is so basic.”

Here is an excerpt from Harris’s idiotic interview with even more idiotic MSNBC where she talks about what she will do if the House succeeds in impeaching President Trump:

“Listen, I’m running for president. I need to be in Iowa full time. I will tell you, if the impeachment inquiry gets to the United States Senate, I will be there against my political interests to be in Iowa every day.

“This has to be a moment where everyone says that we took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.

“The underlying issue here is that a foreign government was invited to interfere in our election for the highest office in our land. This is so basic. This is so basic.

“And, you know, so it is, it is sad to see the level of desperation that some people are willing to go through to protect someone who has been probably the most corrupt, unethical, most unpatriotic president we’ve ever had. You can disagree with policy, but this is a whole other thing.

“And, again, this is not like we don’t know what happened. We know what happened. It happened in plain view. So, what is this process about? And, you know, I do believe that this is a moment that certainly our Framers anticipated, and the question for each of us—and particularly those of us that took an oath—is to look in a mirror and ask whether knowing what are the foundational ideals of our country are we willing to fulfill our constitutional responsibilities or are we going to play a political games?”

So once again we have in Ms. Harris yet another Democrat trying to make the case that the only motivation for the Democrats’ continuing their attempts to impeach President Trump is the oath they have taken to protect and defend our Constitution.  But sadly, in truth such a claim is something that could not be further from the truth.  Think about it, since when is it that ANY Democrat, least of all some leftist bimbo like Harris, ever gave a squat about the Constitution or took seriously their oath to protect and defend it?  And when was the last time you recall seeing the American flag used as a backdrop at any Democrat function? And it’s President Trump who’s unpatriotic?

It’s not really all that surprising that Harris would resort to telling such blatant lies!  It’s just another telltale sign that her campaign is going nowhere!  If she were truly interested in identifying the least ‘patriotic’ President in U.S. history, she would need to look no further than that span of U.S. history from 2009-2017.  It was then that one of her own, a Democrat, made quite clear his open hatred and obvious disdain for this country.  Yes, Ms. Harris, took an oath to support and defend the Constitution, against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and it is has been on any number of occasions that she has made quite clear how little that oath actually means to her.

And what Ms. Harris does is to very conveniently leave out of her little diatribe just how it is that she has absolutely no qualms whatsoever to ignore the oath, when necessary, that she took as a member of Congress and how her allegiance to that oath is somewhat flexible to say the least.  Because it’s whenever that oath stands in the way of some attempt by her party to force down the throats of the American people some new Democrat policy that robs them of something else which the Constitution very clearly guarantees, that the Democrats have no problem casting the Constitution aside while standing firmly in favor of whatever is sought by the party.

Excuse me, but can someone please explain to me what it is that this woman actually stands for, other than simply hating President Trump?  I have yet to hear what she plans to do for me if she’s elected.  Oh wait a minute, I’m a self-sufficient, older white guy so she plans to do pretty much nothing for me other than to likely have no problem raising my taxes so that she can then provide more ‘free’ stuff for those who agree to vote for her.  And to be honest, I find her hypocrisy a bit over the top. She’s not exactly a person who should be talking about corruption.  She’s so desperate now that she will say absolutely anything to get a little positive press.

Desperation has now descended upon the Harris campaign.  She’s already benched she just doesn’t know it.  Democrats under the influence of political desperation has now reached epidemic proportions.  President Trump “has been the most corrupt, unpatriotic president we’ve ever had?”  How ironic that such an accusation could come from someone who is without a doubt one of the most corrupt, unpatriotic people in government today.  And this is the caliber of those behind the ongoing farce that is the impeachment being pushed against the president that we’re all just supposed to accept is being pushed all in the name of protecting our Constitution.

And as much as the Democrats might wish it were so, you can’t impeach a president simply because you hate him, which is really all this continuing impeachment saga is all about.  And ask yourself where were many of these very same people now claiming to be acting in the name of the Constitution during the entire eight long years that O-Bummer, someone who was genuinely corrupt and who routinely exceeded what fell under his purview as outlined in the Constitution, was in the White House.  Or is it that the only time Democrats feel it necessary to claim the Constitution is being threatened is whenever there happens to be a Republican in the White House?




So riddle me this.  Do Democrats ever bother to listen to what it is that they say, or do they simply possess such a low opinion of those to whom they are speaking that they don’t really care what they’re saying because we’re all too stupid to remember, and those in media aren’t going to spend any amount of time reminding us of what they said.  But you do have to wonder sometimes about the things these people say.

Case in point would be Kamala ‘Cruella de Vil’ Harris, Democrat, who recently said in a Tweet: “Our American values are under attack.  Babies are being ripped from their parents at the border. A tax bill passed that benefits corporations and the top 1% while millions of middle-class families struggle to pay the bills. We’re better than this.”  Now am I the only one who left scratching my head at such a comment?

I say that because Democrats think it’s both horrible and un-American to separate illegal aliens from their children when caught sneaking across our border, and yet at the same time seem to think that it’s totally acceptable for a baby can be aborted anytime the mother wants, from conception to delivery.  Does she not see the irony here?  And if not, if she is totally oblivious, what exactly does that say about her?

Now if she had said, “American values are under attack as evidenced by the fact that babies are being ripped from their mother’s womb,” then I would be in total agreement with her assessment of things. But her Tweet, as written, makes little sense, as parents who commit crimes are generally put in jail when convicted, thus separating them from their children. But then I’m talking about American children.

Now I do have a bit of friendly advice for those folks at the border who prefer not to be separated from their children.  All that would be for them to ‘Stop Trying To Break Into Our Country Illegally!  Because when you break our laws, the consequences of said lawbreaking is on YOU, not on the men and women of I.C.E., not on those who work for our Border Patrol, nor anyone else in the U.S., but totally on YOU!

What we see coming from Ms. Harris is an inexcusable transfer of blame from those committing illegal acts to those who are merely doing their job.  And it is this twist of reality that should make her unfit for holding any public office.  She is free to move to Mexico, since she cares more for illegal immigrants from that nation than she does for the safety, security, and prosperity of those she is supposed to be serving.

And it’s as a former prosecutor that she should know, children and adults are always separated after an arrest.  Democrats, such as herself have virtually no problem with murdering babies in the womb and now suggest we can even murder them after they’re born. Hardly a comparison.  Don’t show us your false compassion because you really don’t have any and you really don’t care. They’re merely talking points to spew!

Yes, American values are under attack, not by our folks at the border, but by those like Kamala/Cruella determined as they are in their effort to murder innocent babies. The fact is, all of those coming to the border trying to enter illegally should not be putting their children in such a situation in the first place.  That there is now anyone being separated at the border is the fault of no one other than these ‘parents.’

We already had plenty of child separation occurring during the Barry ‘O’ reign with nary a word coming from Democrats nor the ‘fake news’ media.  But then, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised.  Typical though is how she is so concerned about illegal immigrant minors being separated from their illegal immigrant parents but she doesn’t give a squat about full term babies being murdered in the process of an abortion.

And finally, what do Democrats really know about American values?  Values such as patriotism, faith in God, hard work, honesty and self-reliance, to name just a few of those values that are so uniquely American and none of which are possessed by anyone who can call themselves a Democrat.  And yet the same Democrats who are always claiming to be the guardians of American values, believe in none of them.

It goes without saying that Democrats are not very patriotic and also tend to be little more than freeloaders, always eager to see how much they get for little or nothing in return.  And yet whenever you point that out to them they get all indignant, as if you’re telling them something that just isn’t true. And it’s people like these who vote for politicians like Ms. Harris, who are always more than willing to buy their votes.


Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris urges funds for tracking prescription drugs

Now I know that I cannot be the only one able to recognize the fact that we have in this country today those who now comprise a political party that more than anything seems to run on hate.  And not your ‘normal’ kind of hate.  It’s the kind of hate driven by a type of desperation, and perpetrated by those so desperate to acquire power they can taste it.  And it is whenever listening to any of those considered to be in the hierarchy of this political party that one comes to recognize just how consumed with hatred they are, especially when it comes to those who dare to disagree with their vision of what this country needs to become.  Recently, she who is already being touted as the ‘front runner’ for the Democrat Party regarding the next presidential contest revealed to us yet again the level of hate and rage that exists on the left.

You see, it was recently during what was comically referred to as a town hall, there at ‘fake news’ headquarters, aka the Communist News Network (CNN), on Monday, that Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris, Democrat from California, put forward her rather disingenuous claim that there has “been new fuel” igniting hatred in the past two years.  And of course, it was during what was really nothing more than another hate-filled rant that she then proceeded to do her best to point out exactly who it is that she considers as being the source of all that ‘hate and division.’  And make no mistake, it most definitely is not any of those who comprise what has become the very frenzied, and totally unhinged, Democrat Party but is instead those who disagree with the vision the Democrat Party has for America.

Harris stated, “You know, we have to speak truths about this. Racism is real in America. Sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia. These things exist in America, and we have to speak truth that they do so that we can deal with them. But we have seen in the last two years that there has been new fuel that is lighting that fire in a way that has been harmful, in a way that we have seen, when Charlottesville, and a woman was killed, that we’ve had a president who basically said, well, there were equal sides to this. We have seen what happened at the Tree of Life Synagogue. And so, we know that hate is something that in the history of our country, and currently, fuels not only dissension and division, but is — actually can lead to death. And so, we have to take it seriously.”

She continued, “The vast majority of us have so much more in common than what separates us. And we need leadership in this country that recognizes that and understands that, and also understands it is against who we are as Americans, in terms of our values, and in terms of what we aspire to be, to ever fuel that kind of division in our country. And enough with these powerful forces that are trying to sow hate and division among us. That is not reflective of who we are as Americans, and we need leadership that recognizes who we are in our hearts and our souls, which is that we do think of ourselves and know ourselves to have more in common than what separates us. But there’s a lot of work to do. There’s a lot of work to do, and certainly, it’s going to start with the top, and not fueling the kind of division that we have seen.”

The translation of this nonsense is the same as it always is with Democrats who spew this sort of cockamamie BS.  Whatever they say is to be considered as truth in its purest form, and anyone who dares to disagree with this form of thinking has to be a racist, has to be!  Remember the eight year sleigh ride to Hell that was the Barry ‘O’ presidency.  So despite things are today much better for blacks, under President Trump, Democrats like Harris will do their darnedest in an effort to convince blacks that they are not REALLY better off, and it’s only if they join Democrats in their Marxist quest will they truly become all that they can be.  In truth all Democrats truly care about is the destruction of every value that built America: family, hard work, rugged individualism and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

And yes, Kamala, unfortunately hate is very much alive and well in this country.  And despite you’re blatant incendiary rhetoric, it comes almost exclusively from Democrats exactly like you.  Democrats have become maniacally consumed by not only its hatred of President Trump, but also of the millions of Americans who saw the wisdom in voting for him.  And too, they hate absolutely anyone who dares to oppose their rather warped view of reality. The hatred has now become so ingrained in these people that they will even try to destroy members of their own party who tend to stray even a little from the stated Democrat goal. It is a sickness, incurable, and doomed to failure, because they no longer even know what they stand for. They know only what they hate, which is anything that make the lives of all Americans better.

Let’s be honest here, if Democrats were truly as interested in identifying those so intent upon sowing all of hate “hate and division among us” as they claim to be, the solution to their quest is literally staring them right in the face.  Because in seeking out the culprit all they would need to do is to casually take a glance in the nearest mirror.  Actually, what can be said to be the fuel lighting that fire of hatred has been the Democrats’ constant use of racism and immigration in their effort to obtain political power in this country. Those of us who see how the Democrat have undermined our political process are understandably angry.  When the social contract has been completely trampled, when the voice of the people has finally been silenced through this ongoing political manipulation, anger will be the least of their worries.

It continues to amaze me how it is that the loss of a single election has now resulted in what seems to be a complete and total mental breakdown of an entire ‘political party.’   The level of insanity now present in the party, and the continuing appearance of being possessed by such an unreasonable level of anger and hate should cause most Americans to at least ponder the wisdom of voting for ANYONE who proudly calls themselves a Democrat.  Make no mistake about it, Democrats like Harris are not just after President Trump. They are on a mission of destruction, of our Constitution and all God loving, patriotic conservative Americans. President Trump is on the front line, directly in their way, so he is currently bearing the full force of their hate. This is a real war people, and our country is in real trouble.

Harris’ silly little speech sounds eerily familiar to Barry ‘O’s “Purple America” speech back in 2004 at the Democrat convention when he first popped up on the national scene.  Then he was elected president and in what was record time, became the most corrosive, most divisive, most racist, most toxic president in all of American History.  Democrats like Harris keep saying that it’s President Trump, and his millions of supporters, who are the ones guilty of stoking racism and division, and yet it is they that are always the ones accusing anyone they disagree with of being Nazis, saying Trump’s supporters are Deplorables, silencing and chasing all people away from public settings that would dissent from their political views, and encouraging violence and incivility against those who do not share aforementioned views.

And make no mistake, it will be over the course of the next two years that we are going to hear a lot of claims about racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia and more. To assume anything else is to be beyond naïve.  For these are the false flags employed by the Democrat Party and they are all deflections from their true agenda.  Redistribution is really all the Democrats have, but it’s not so easy taking away those things that took a life time to earn. Democrats are laying the ground work, vilifying those who work hard, save, and play by the rules. If they succeed in being able to turn you into the villains, then the voting public will have no qualms about taking everything you’ve got. Because if you’re perceived to a racist, a sexist or a homophobe, then you deserve it.

And finally, if what the ‘Democrat’ politicians are trying to do would end up effecting ONLY the Democrats who vote for them, then I’d say fine, knock yourself out.  But that’s not the case, because it’s not going to effect just Democrats, it’s going to effect all Americans, and that is something that all of us need to keep in mind here. It’s Democrat hatred that has fueled the demise of civility in our country. Theirs is the politics of personal destruction and collusion with what is today nothing more than our ‘fake news’ media which has been going for years, even decades. Free college, Medicare for all, jobs for life are all going to be expensive, very expensive.  And how it is that you think they intend on trying to pay for all those things?  You need to think about that.  Democrats in power is something that should be avoided at all costs.



Have you ever wondered what is it that seems to so confound your average Democrat about why it is that there must be consequences for not obeying our laws?  For instance, suppose you, as someone who is a responsible and mature adult, took part in some illegal activity that you knew going in would result in you being separated from your child if you were to be apprehended.  Now, whose fault should it be, if you were to be apprehended during the committing of said illegal activity, that your child would then be removed from your custody and placed in ‘protective care?’

According to Democrats the fault lies not with the offender, but with those who took part in enforcing the laws.  You see, it was Democrat Kamala Harris, your average run-of-the-mill Democrat, who attempted to grill Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen over the policy of separating illegal aliens from their children when they are caught entering the country ‘illegally.’  Harris opposes the policy, in which illegal alien adults are detained and children are placed in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services while the adult’s case is adjudicated.

It was during a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Tuesday that Harris, in using part of her opening statement, said, “I’m extremely concerned about the administration’s repeated attacks on some of the most vulnerable communities, and in particular children and pregnant women as it relates to the world of DHS.”  It’s worth nothing that Harris is another of those rabid progressives who sees no real need for any amount of border security as she is also of the opinion that ANYONE who wishes to come into America should be able to do so.

Ms. Nielsen denied that she had been asked to separate illegal alien parents from their children as a method of deterrence.  She said, “My decision has been that anyone who breaks the law will be prosecuted.”  And she went on to say, “If you’re a parent or you’re a single person or you happen to have a family, if you cross between the ports of entry, we will refer you for prosecution. You’ve broken U.S. law.”  It would seem that suffering any form of consequence for breaking the law would be a concept that is completely foreign to anyone in the Democrat Party.

Harris, of course, expressed her concern regarding the policy of detaining parents, causing separation from their children.  But it was Ms. Nielsen who then proceeded to remind the Senator from California that U.S. citizen parents are separated every day in the United States when those parents are arrested or sentenced to prison.  When an illegal alien is arrested crossing the border with a child, Harris said she worries “they will be separated from their parent.”  Ms. Nielsen responded, “Just as we do in the United States every day.”  Which must have come as quite a surprise to Harris.

Perhaps Harris should take a long look in the nearest mirror.  And if she did what she would see looking back at her is a racist, nasty, mediocre, dull, vacuous politician of the very worst sort.  She chooses to ignore that all of those illegal immigrants that she wants in this country are the very ones taking jobs from legal American CITIZENS, and that includes teenagers, minorities and low-skill level men and women, or the ones she claims she most wants to help.  Hopefully it’s Nov. 6, 2018 that will prove that Americans have grown tired of power-driven commies and socialists like Ms. Harris.

I have officially put Harris in the same category as Hitlery. I’m so sick of seeing her face or listening to her selective outrage I just turn her off. Someone needs to ask her just exactly what she has accomplished for America while serving as a U.S. Senator. Then ask her point blank, for a yes or no answer, “does she support the rule of law and all laws as written?”  She is allowed to worm her way out of answering questions just like Hitlery, was and continues to be. Time for some tough media questions and tough follow-up, but it’s unlikely that any will be forthcoming any time soon.

I’ve always found it to be more than just a little hypocritical how it is that Democrats are so easily able to view as perfectly acceptable their tendency to be rather selective when it comes to viewing which laws are in need of being enforced and which laws are not.  Because typically it’s those laws that seem to impact their core constituencies the most that they claim are either in no need of being enforced or that the punishment for breaking them is far too severe.  Democrats seem to think that the laws should simply not apply to those who chose to vote for them.

I’d like Harris to please explain to me how it is that since the government produces absolutely nothing of any value, where does the money come from to clothe, house, feed, educate, and provide healthcare for these future Democrat voters?  Will it simply fall from the sky or will it simply grow on the money trees there on the Democrat plantation.  And where in the Constitution does it say that the American people must provide for the financial support of all those who come to the U.S. either legally or illegally? Is it in fine print or perhaps written in invisible ink?

And can you, Ms. Harris, also explain to me again about how it is that the Democrat Party is the party of the poor, the middle class, and American working families while at the same time seeking to allow those to flood into the nation those who compete for jobs at ever decreasing wages and what little affordable housing remains.  How many of our own citizens have been displaced by those here illegally?  How about a bit of honesty on the part of your party by admitting that the Democrats long ago abandoned working class Americans in favor of those who come here illegally.

Look, I think we can all agree that the only thing Ms. Harris is the least bit concerned about is her own political, self-serving agenda.  She’s another socialist who calls herself a Democrat.  She continues to suck up to the extreme left of her party so they will back her career.  Too bad she doesn’t have a drop of charisma.  Anger, and having a perpetual chip on your shoulder, will only get one so far, just ask Hitlery.  And I feel confident in saying that Ms. Harris has gotten about as far as she’s going to get.  She is nothing more than another arrogant female suffering from delusions of grandeur.