Napi 6

Now I know I swore I was never going to be talking about Judge Nappi again, but I just couldn’t help myself.  I mean the metamorphosis that this guy has gone through is far more startling than even the one experienced by Dr. David Banner when turning into ‘The Hulk.’  I mean there was a time when Judge Nappi, at least appeared to be, a pretty enthusiastic supporter of President Trump.  But somewhere along the line, whether it resulted from being denied a seat on the high court, a capitulation made by him in order to get back on television, or because of a change in the network’s upper management, Nappi most definitely has come completely off the rails.

And that was again made painfully obvious during Monday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” hosted by another of the network’s star NeverTrumpers, Neil Cavuto.   It was during their silly little exchange that ‘judicial analyst’ Judge Nappi again took the opportunity to criticize President Trump, focusing this time on his decision not to send lawyers to the House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing.  Host Cavuto asked Nappi, “I am curious what you make of the fact that the president might want to skip out on this Judiciary Committee opening hearing and maybe others to follow because it is essentially a Kangaroo court or it’s not fair.”

To which Judge Nappi responded by saying, “The rules about which the president are complaining were written by a Republican House of Representatives in 2015. The president would be very unwise not to send lawyers there.”  He continued, “The Democrats are not doing anything that the Democrats did not do to Nixon, or the Republicans didn’t do the Bill Clinton. But I think he makes a mistake when he refuses to participate. It is a valid vote by the House of Representatives that authorized this.”  He added, “He also loses the argument that it’s unfair if he doesn’t take the opportunity to participate himself.”  Judge Nappi knows little about what he speaks.

Personally, if I was the president I would listen to whatever advice it was that Nappi had to offer and would then proceed with doing the complete opposite.  Because by doing that you could never go wrong.  And I have to say that referring to Nappi as a ‘judicial analyst’ is much the same as referring to Colin Kaepernick as a star quarterback because they both possess an equal amount of talent in their supposed chosen profession, zero. Nappi knows that the only chance he has of remaining the least bit relevant, in any meaningful way, is to continue to openly criticize the president every chance he gets, and the more outrageous his criticism, the better.

And I really don’t blame President Trump for not wanting to be a part of this circus. There’s simply no upside to doing so.  They are going to impeach him regardless of what any witness might say.  Let it go to the Senate where the Republicans will run a hearing, actually fair to the president, calling their own witnesses as well as some who have already testified and giving the Democrats time for questioning.  In other words, run the hearing the way ‘Pencil Neck’ should have. People will see that and it will make a lasting impression.  Democrats, with the help of those like Nappi, have dug themselves a rather sizable hole that they won’t soon be able to crawl out of.

It’s now clear that Judge Nappi has become a very loyal member of what has become the disloyal opposition, aka the resistance, that has now wasted three years trying to delegitimize our duly elected President while demanding that he legitimize their circus like court proceedings.  Right now, the disloyal opposition doesn’t seem to be all that sure whether they will even vote on impeachment.  So far, the entire thing has been pretty much of a total bust.  Few people are watching and would seem that despite the Democrats’ best efforts to convince people that they are doing this out of their concern for the Constitution, most Americans remain unconvinced.

So Democrats continue full-speed ahead down the road they have chosen, either blissfully unaware, or totally uncaring, that it’s just around the next turn that the bridge is out.  And despite the many warnings from the other side, the Democrats have made a conscious decision to continue down their present path.  I can’t help but wonder, when all is finally said and done, whether a majority of Democrats, as well as those like Nappi, who played a part in their little circus, will have second thoughts regarding what they tried to do in their attempt to impeach the president.  Or if they will still feel that they were somehow justified in doing so.  I guess we wait and see.


Napi 6

When is it, do you suppose, that it will finally dawn on those at Fox News that when we want to hear leftwing propaganda, we already have plenty of options.  And that we really don’t need them to force down the collective throat of the American people, courtesy of boobs like ‘Judge Nappi’ Napolitano, their own supposed ‘Fair and Balanced’ brand of the aforementioned propaganda.  It becomes more obvious every time this dolt opens his mouth that he bears a rather sizable grudge against President Trump for no other reason than because the president had the good sense to laugh him out of the Oval Office when he came asking for a seat on the Supreme Court.

You know, I swore after the last time I wrote about this twit who calls himself a ‘judge’, that I wasn’t going to bother wasting any more time on him because, frankly, he’s just not worth it.  But I felt I simply couldn’t allow his most recent anti-Trump rant to go by without making some sort of a comment.  You know, they say, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” but perhaps we should come up with something new for ‘Nappi.  How about, “Revenge hath no limit when perpetrated by a sniveling, back-stabbing, crybaby, wannabe ‘Judge’ when he doesn’t get what he wants!”  Because that’s what this is really all about.  Nappi feels he’s been slighted.

You see, it was on Tuesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” hosted by yet another of Fox News’ many resident Trump haters, Neil Cavuto, that ‘Judge Nappi,’ supposedly the network’s senior judicial analyst put his less than exceptional ‘legal mind’ to work and proceeded to dismiss entirely the Republican argument that if President Trump did attempt a quid pro quo with Ukraine, it would not rise to level of impeachment.  Now look, I have no idea what Fox is paying this boob for his supposed ‘legal expertise’, but there has to be someone who is not only smarter than he is, but also someone who might be just a tad bit more objective than ‘Nappi.’

‘Nappi’s’ fellow NeverTrumper, Cavuto said, “Republicans will probably counter judge, ‘Well yeah, but the aid wasn’t—they did eventually get it, all be it delayed. I guess why I’m raising that is some go so far as saying even if there was such an arrangement, a quid pro quo it’s not impeachable.”  To which ‘Judge Nappi’ responded by saying, “It is clearly impeachable. Because the president requested something that’s criminal to ask for. ‘Can you help my campaign?’” Cavuto said, “But he didn’t say it.”  Nappi said, “Of course he didn’t say it that way. But he basically said I need a favor.”  Now I’m no legal scholar here, but “clearly impeachable?”

I have no doubt that Nappi would enjoy much adulation from both those who work at and who routinely tune into CNN or MSNBC, yet for those watching Fox News ‘Judge Nappi’ has become yet another on what has become a rather long list of on air personalities whose appearance draws the immediate response of turning the channel.  Make no mistake, there has come to be quite the cadre of Trump haters at this once ‘Fair and Balance’ ‘news’ network.  I’m sure most folks are familiar with names like Wallace, Baier, MacCallum, Williams, and Hemmer just to name a few and all of whom, I assume, pride themselves as being totally objective ‘journalists.’

To make the claim that the president’s actions were “clearly impeachable” is truly a stretch, even for a boob like ‘Nappi.’  President Trump clearly did nothing wrong.  There is no comparison between the ongoing ‘Fake Impeachment’ and that of either Nixon or Clinton and yet the Democrats, assisted by those like ‘Nappi,’ continue to make the case that they are remarkably similar.  Meanwhile, it was Hitlery who paid the DNC who paid lawyers who paid Fusion GPS who paid Christopher Steele who paid the Russians to write a Fake Dossier on candidate Trump.  That was somehow legal yet President Trump asking Ukraine’s President to assist AG Bill Barr is NOT?

Fox News has long been a very enthusiastic passenger on the impeachment bandwagon, going all the way back to day one of this continuing farce.  And in so doing they have assembled for themselves quite the ‘crew’ of supposed ‘journalists.’   Folks who apparently have no qualms whatsoever about stooping to the level of spewing, on a 24/7 basis, every absurd Democrat talking point handed them.  And yet they have no problem ignoring completely how it was that ‘Crooked Joe,’ on video, bragged about extorting Ukraine by threatening to withhold a billion dollars unless the prosecutor investigating the company on whose board his son sat was on got fired.

The Democrats and their RINO allies, supported by the majority of those in the ‘fake news’ media, are attempting what is, in reality, nothing other than a coup.  And yet where were many of these very same people, ‘Nappi’ included, during the entire eight year reign of Barry ‘O’.  They were simply sitting on there on the sidelines not saying a word as Barry was free to simply ignore our Constitution and began issuing all manner of illegal executive orders.  And it is only now that all of these supposed defenders of our Constitution managed to find their voices as they attempt to bring down a duly elected president whose only ‘crime’ is that he won an election.

I find the fact that ‘Nappi’ continues to think that he has any level of credibility whenever it comes to intelligently discussing any issue, no matter how remotely it may have to do with President Trump, pretty ironic.  And while Fox may continue to refer to itself as being ‘Fair and Balanced’ it’s after spending only a few minutes watching nearly any of its program that one would come to realize that it is anything but.  So I think it fair to say that the time has come for us all to admit that Fox News is lost.  They have made it quite clear on which side they are on when it comes to this continuing impeachment circus.  ‘Nappi,’ like the rest, is only saying what he’s paid to say.


Napi 5

You know, it’s really kind of sad when someone you’ve always thought of as someone who made a lot of sense, suddenly goes completely mad.  And what makes it all even sadder is when you find out the reason that he went mad, and has since become nothing more than a vindictive old f*ck, is because he wasn’t given that which he thought he truly deserved.  And of course he of whom I speak is none other than ‘Judge Napi’ Napolitano who actually thought himself worthy of being on the Supreme Court.  However when President Trump failed to agree, it would seem that old ‘Napi’ slipped a rather sizable cog and has been residing in la-la land ever since.

And it was just yesterday that old ‘Judge Napi’ once again left little doubt that he is most definitely in need of a rather thorough psychiatric evaluation.  During his most recent rant, via his recent “Judge Napolitano’s Chambers” video, ‘Napi’ accused Republican lawmakers of smearing witnesses in the House impeachment inquiry.  ‘Napi’ said, “A group of Republicans in the House of Representatives were unhappy with hearings being held behind closed doors, even though those hearings are perfectly consistent with House rules that were written by Republicans when they controlled the House.”  I’m thinking ‘Napi’ is pushing a little revisionist history here.

Anyway, ‘Napi’ continued, “The proofs have been admitted to by the president. He had the phone call with the president of Ukraine. He did hold up nearly 400 million dollars in aid. Ukraine is in a war with Russia. Russia seized a province of Ukraine and is occupying it. They desperately need the military equipment the president held up until the Ukrainian president could do a favor for him, and the favor was to investigate an American citizen who happened to be the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination to oppose President Trump’s re-election. None of that is in dispute.”  You know, the more ‘Napi’ talks, the less sense he actually makes.

And ‘Napi’ said, “The question is, does that behavior on part of the president constitute an impeachable offense. The Republicans’ best objective would be to argue it doesn’t. Instead, their arguments are to smear the witnesses being interrogated in secret and to smear the process.”  Anyone who has spent any amount of time watching all of the screwy goings on would know that ‘Napi’ is doing little more than talking out is ass.  What ‘witnesses’ have been smeared?  Look, what we have here are people who, because they disagree with the policies of this president, feel somehow justified in telling all manner of lies in their attempt to bring him down.

‘Napi’ makes the claim that merely by mentioning the fact that all of these ‘witnesses’ also happen to be previous Democrat operatives, or have worked in Democrat administrations and on Democrat campaigns, they have somehow been “smeared.” Smeared with what, the truth?  They are ALL, every single one of them, political enemies of President Trump. This is all political, not criminal.  And it’s every time that ‘Napi’ now opens his mouth that he proves himself to be less of a ‘political analyst, and more of your average run-of-the-mill partisan leftwing political hack.  I’m not sure who it is that ‘Napi’ thinks is still paying him any amount of attention.

And I have no doubt that ‘Judge Napi’ will have absolutely no problem whatsoever regarding the fact that the ‘impeachment inquiry resolution’ passed by House Democrats today, interestingly enough just so happens to include a “loophole” that would provide to the Democrats, on the Judiciary Committee, veto power over ANY witness requested by the White House.  In other words, the provision gives Nadler and fellow Democrats on the committee power to reject White House witnesses as a form of retribution.  When asked about the provision, Nadler remained tight-lipped, describing it simply as a “precaution” and adding, “I hope we don’t need to use it.”

And it’s according to ‘Napi’ that the Republicans have absolutely no recourse but to stand idly by while Democrats continue to produce a steady stream of liars against President Trump for the purpose of impeaching him by innuendo.  Yup, sounds perfectly fair to me, NOT!  And let’s be honest, ‘Judge Napi’ is one to complain about the Republicans “smearing” anyone since “smearing” the President is all this dope has been doing, 24/7, ever since he got turned down for the Supreme Court.  And all of the issues he claims on his video that are “beyond dispute” are, in fact, very much in dispute.  ‘Napi’ has proven himself to be both a disgrace and an embarrassment.

In truth we are all witnesses!  Witnesses to the fact that the drive to impeach President Trump has been present since even before he was elected.  Democrats have been relentless in their effort to come up with any excuse or any crime, real or imagined, that can then be used to remove from office our duly elected president and finally succeed in overturning the 2016 election.  The Russian collusion conspiracy came to nothing, so they moved on to the next issue without embarrassment and proceed to act out the entire fiasco again. Any issue will serve as a vehicle for their obsession and their predetermined outcome, with the ultimate goal always being impeachment.


Napi 5

Come on, was ‘Judge Napi’ Napolitano really ever a Judge, or does he just continue to play one on television?  Or, did he once perhaps spend the night at a ‘Holiday Inn Express?’  Because I gotta tell you, I am having an increasingly difficult time buying anything that this supposed ‘legal analyst’ has to say when it comes to just about anything that involves the president.  Or is he, as Joe diGenova has described him, nothing but a fool who’s now doing his best to pay back the president for turning down his request for a seat on the Supreme Court?  I’ll let you all decide which it is.

The latest example of ‘Napi’s’ questionable legal expertise came during Thursday’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends,” when ‘Napi’ attempted to shoot down complaints about how the Democrats were holding “secret” hearings during their impeachment inquiry of President Trump.  ‘Napi’said, “I read the House rules and as frustrating as it may be to have these hearings going on behind closed doors the hearings for which Congressman Schiff is presiding, they are consistent with the rules.”  But how is following the rules that Democrats themselves wrote, an indication that the rules are fair?

‘Napi’ then went on to say, “When were the rules written last? In January of 2015. And who signed them? John Boehner. And who enacted them, a Republican majority.”  He added, “These are not the impeachment hearings. The impeachment hearings have to be held in public by the House Judiciary Committee. This is the initial interview of witnesses to see what they have to say.”  Let’s face it, ‘Napi’ is about as much a judge, as Al Sharpton is a preacher, both of these loons operate in pretty much the same manner, and seem to possess the very same character flaws.

And it was co-host Ainsley ‘The Airhead’ Earhardt who asked,” And they will continue to go on and on and on until they find something on the president?”  To which ‘Judge Napi’ said, “Yes. That’s what police and prosecutors do. They come to a conclusion that the person is probably guilty, and then they look for evidence to support or negate that. That’s what Congressman Schiff is doing, and he’s following the rules, as frustrating as those rules are.”  Like I said, how difficult is it to follow the rules that you yourself came up with and those on the other side had no part in creating?

Now granted I am about as far removed as is humanly possible from being a legal expert of any kind.  But I am a bit perplexed by ‘Napi’s’ comment about how police and prosecutors first come to a conclusion that a person is ‘probably’ guilty before then going looking for evidence to support that ‘guilt.’  Silly me, I’ve always thought that first evidence was first compiled that a crime had been committed and that it was then followed wherever it led.  ‘Napi’s’ conclusion seems to be a bit back ass-wards.  You don’t first start with a defendant before then going in search of a crime. Do you?

And so, either ‘Napi’ was a man of integrity before all of this impeachment lunacy started and has since become a lying, vindictive rat-bastard all because President Trump declined to put him on the Supreme Court OR, he’s been a lying, butt-kissing weasel all along who sought to curry favor from President Trump, and conservatives in general, and has now opted to reveal his true colors now that his career fortunes have shifted.  So, is he a toady stooge or a vindictive rat…either way, he is now a man totally without integrity who is in no way worth listening to any longer.

If the Democrats were truly interested in having this continuing circus of theirs viewed as being a bona fide impeachment inquiry then it will need to be conducted out in the open as impeachment proceedings are supposed to be conducted.  And if not all the cheerleading from frauds like ‘Judge Napi’ will be for naught.  The American people want a fair and open process. The only reason to be so secretive is to make it easier for the Democrats to control the narrative, a fact that ‘Napi’ seems to be totally oblivious to.  A transparent process would expose them for the frauds they are.

But an argument can be made that Schiff is less “following the rules” as they have been written than he is making them up as he and his fellow Democrats go along, making it all the easier to flagrantly abuse the House’s impeachment power.  Anyway, questions of transparency and due process shouldn’t be so much ‘rules’ as they are matters of basic decency.  If Republicans were ever to try something like this ‘Napi’ would likely be screaming bloody murder!  Yup ‘Judge Napi’ is quite the constitutional expert.  Sadly he’s just another fake driven by his hatred of this president.

The Democrats are using the House Intelligence Committee which allows for closed door ‘hearings.’  This is an unusual, secretive and rather backhanded approach to this very important constitutional process.  Impeachment hearings are a House Judiciary Committee function, with no closed door ‘hearings.’  Those are the rules Republicans used back in 1998 and Democrats were involved. The only possible reason Democrats are using this unusual tactic is that they are: (A) trying to hide something, and/or (B) trying to keep the story in the news to fester.  And ‘Judge Napi’ seems all in favor.

‘Napi’ comes across today as being little more than a leftist shill.  This entire process is a sham.  Democrats are holding an “impeachment inquiry” without there having been a vote of the entire House.  Pelosi has essentially turned the entire process on its head by taking the hearings away from the Judicial Committee, the committee responsible for the handling of such inquiries, and turned it over to the Intelligence Committee which has no authority to run such an inquiry.  And yet ‘Judge Napi’ has boldly declared that all is taking place just as it should according to the Constitution.

If anything ‘Judge Napi’ is proving exactly why he WASN’T qualified to be on the Supreme Court.  Imagine the disaster he would have been had he actually been first nominated and then confirmed by the Senate to be on the Supreme Court?   What seems to drive ‘Judge Napi’ these days is what drives most everyone who spends the majority of their time seeking approval from those in positions of power in exchange for attacking this president.  ‘Judge Napi’ continues to prove that he is willing to say absolutely anything in his effort to be seen as relevant, while lining his pockets.

And finally, and on what is kind of a side note, how much better prepared would the Democrats now be in going up against the president in 2020 had they actually worked with him where they could to pass legislation that actually had something to do with solving at least some of our country’s serious problems?  Instead they wasted three years, and counting, doing nothing more than to search for some sort of evidence, either real or imagined, that President Trump is actually guilty of some supposed crime.  At this point the president’s only crime seems to be the fact that he won the 2016 election.


Napi 3

There’s an old adage that goes something like: “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and simply appear to be a know-nothing-political-hack than to open it and remove all doubt that that is exactly what you are,” or something to that effect.  And it has been since the day President Trump was elected that a growing number of folks would have done well to have followed that advice.  In particular is the guy who operates under the title of Fox News’ legal analyst, ‘Judge Napi’ Napolitano.

‘Napi’ recently joined his fellow Fox News Trump-hater Neil Cavuto on Thursday’s broadcast of Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast.”  And it was then that ‘Napi’ described to Cavuto yet another in what has been ‘Napi’s’ continuing string of baseless accusations of presidential wrongdoing, claiming this time that the president’s plan to host the G7 at a resort he owns was a “direct and profound” violation of the Emoluments Clause in the Constitution.  Sounds pretty serious right?

And so it was, or so I assume, that it was in trying to make his idiotic point that ‘Judge Napi’ said, “The Constitution does not address profits, it addresses any present, as in a gift, any emolument as in cash of any kind whatever. I’m quoting the Emoluments Clause, from any king, prince or foreign state. So if this were a meeting of the governors of the United States, there would be no problem.”  What credibility this old boob may have once had, is now long gone.  He’s now just a stooge.

Anyway, old ‘Judge Napi’ then went on to say, “The purpose of the Emoluments Clause is to keep the president of the United States of America from profiting off of foreign money, here we go again, not in the campaign but in some event or entity that he controls or is running. He has bought himself an enormous headache now with the choice of this. This is about as direct and profound a violation of the Emoluments Clause as one could create.”  You gotta give old ‘Napi’ an ‘E’ for effort.

And it was in doing his best to make a mountain out of a mole hill that ‘Judge Napi’ added, “Most respectfully, Mr. Mulvaney’s focus on profit, while it may make sense in the economic world, is not what the Framers were concerned about. They were concerned about a gift or cash coming directly or indirectly to the president of the United States, even if it’s done at a loss. Now, the president owns shares of stock in a corporation that is one of the owners of this, along with many other investors.”

‘Judge Napi’ continued by saying, “He also owns shares of stock in the corporation that manages it. So those corporations will receive a great deal of money from foreign heads of state because this is there. That’s exactly, exactly what the Emoluments Clause was written to prohibit.”  Can we be honest here, ‘Judge Napi’ is really nothing more than a clown posing as some sort of constitutional expert.  But you gotta give old ‘Napi’ credit for creativity in coming up with ways to slam the president.

Now if ‘Judge Napi’ truly was the constitutional expert he thinks himself to be he would know there is no such thing as a clear violation of the Emoluments Clause.  The Supreme Court, upon which ‘Napi’ wanted a seat, has repeatedly avoided the issue as the language is so vague and ambiguous that nobody has ever been successfully charged with violating said clause. Remember how liberals and ‘Napi’ claimed Kellyanne Conway violated it?  Here’s a hint, she didn’t thus nothing happened to her.

Yes, Mulvaney did say they originally had twelve venues and narrowed them down to ten. Then the advance team went and looked at the top four.  Out of those in Hawaii, and the two in Utah, Doral had the perfect location, privacy, space, transportation, safety, etc. And they agreed to do it at cost with no profit to be made.  And any argument that President Trump still somehow benefits from this is simply laughable. I think it’s fairly safe to say that the TRUMP name is already known worldwide!

I guess I must be missing something.  So, the federal government hosts an international diplomatic event at a property owned by the Trump Organization and that somehow translates to the acceptance of a gift from a foreign government or head of state?   Keep in mind that Trump is exactly the kind of person the Founders envisioned as governing the country, that being an ordinary citizen who would serve a couple of terms and then return to whatever he did prior to being elected.

So the president’s family business, the one he spent his entire adult life building, is somehow barred from earning money while members of Congress remain free to use their insider knowledge and influence to clean up in the stock market and in fact manipulate national and foreign policy to financially benefit themselves.  Meanwhile, the president is not taking a salary.  So it’s once again that I see this president being held to a much higher standard than are is many accusers, ‘Judge Napi’ included!

When is it that anyone in the ‘fake news’ media will take an interest in how the Clintons and the Obamas were able to come by their personal fortunes after leaving ‘public’ service?  Delayed compensation needs investigating. These career politicians were not rich before coming into office.  Publishers owned by media giants like Time Warner, Viacom Disney and others routinely lose money on their books and yet pay out staggering amounts of money to publish them, and in exchange for what, exactly?

And it wasn’t all that long ago that old ‘Napi’ got himself booted off the air over his unverified claims that British intelligence had wire-tapped Trump Tower at the behest of ex-president O-Bummer.  And since returning he has been far more anti-Trump, which causes me to wonder if that was perhaps required to get him back in the good graces of those in charge.  And if that’s the case, then I’d have even less respect for ‘Napi’ than I presently do after he’s come up with all of his conspiracy theories.

So once again I think old ‘Napi’ is doing little more than to be grabbing at straws, and plastic straws at that, not them damn paper ones!  I mean it’s now gotten to the point where it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to take him seriously regarding anything, especially anything related to this president.  He’s reduced himself to being little more than joke, somebody who continues to throw a hissy fit just because he didn’t receive from the president that which he felt he deserved.


Napi 1

Yes, there was once a time I actually thought old ‘Napi’ knew what he was talking about, but sadly that now seems like such a very long time ago.  These days, whether it has anything to do with the fact that the president turned down his request for a seat on the Supreme Court, or because he might be suffering from yet another strain of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), old ‘Napi’ seems to have seriously slipped a sizable cog.  The original strain of TDS showed up in those who opposed his running for president, this new strain seems to inflict those who don’t get from him what it is they think he should give them.  Both strains are very dangerous, and are apparently incurable.  And in Elijah Cummings’ case, apparently either can even be deadly.

So anyway, it was just this past Wednesday that Fox News’ ‘legal analyst’ Judge ‘Napi’ Napolitano released his “Judge Napolitano’s Chambers” video, in which he said the impeachment inquiry currently underway was actually following the Constitution.  ‘Napi’ said, “Is the impeachment process fair? That is not an easy question to answer. The short answer is—the impeachment process is whatever the House of Representatives decides it should be. That is because of two clauses in the Constitution. One says the House of Representatives shall have sole power to impeach. So only the House of Representatives can conduct an impeachment. The second clause states that the House of Representatives can write its own rules.”

And he added, “So the House can write whatever rules it wants.”  He continued, “You may not like the rules. You may not agree with the people that are doing this. But under House rules, any one of the House committees—in this case, the Intelligence Committee—can begin to interview witnesses. The witness are interviewed by Democratic members of the committee and Republican members of the committee to decide if these witnesses have evidence of impeachable offenses by the president. Then they have to decide—are the witnesses credible, is the evidence believable, is this a case for impeachment, should we present this to the public? All of that takes time and is traditionally done behind closed doors.”

And old ‘Napi’ then went on to say, “If they decide to move forward on impeachment, there will be great public debates on the floor of the House and elsewhere about the meaning of the evidence and the credibly of the witnesses.”   And he then added, “If the president of the United States of America intentionally withheld military aid and financial assistance the Congress had authorized and ordered to an ally the Ukraine, which was threatened with invasion by Russia, until that ally did a personal favor for the president’s campaign that he asked for, did he commit an impeachable offense? The answer is — if the House of Representatives says it was impeachable, it was impeachable.”  Ya know, I can’t believe I ever actually liked this guy.

I have virtually no doubt that old ‘Napi’ would never have been in favor of impeachment being brought against ex-president O-Bummer, despite the fact that there was an overwhelming amount of evidence of his very real crimes.  But old ‘Napi’ appears to be all in when it comes to impeaching President Trump based on totally frivolous charges, and with the proceedings being conducted completely behind closed doors. ‘Napi’ quoted that the “House of Representatives shall have sole power to impeach”, but he seems unwilling to recognize that what’s happening is the Speaker of the House is impeaching, not the House. They haven’t voted as a body on whether to begin the process, proving this is simply a personal vendetta and a sham.

‘Napi’ is offensive in his rhetoric against the President. He is offensive in that he minces and spins his views against President Trump, and I guess he thinks the public is too dumb to know the difference. Because these are VERY politically sensitive times and I no longer have the time nor the inclination to listen to ‘Napi’s’ BS.  ‘Napi’ reminds me a bit of that scorned ex-girlfriend who sees you out with a hot new girl. There is really very little that he won’t say or do in what now appears to be his own little effort to ‘get’ President Trump and likely for no other reason than because he denied a seat on the Supreme Court. He’s is an immature buffoon and his actions make it clear he would have been a terrible choice for ANY job in this administration.

The impeachment process will always be considered a political hit job unless they follow established rules and protocols.  You can’t, as Democrats have become so famous for of doing, simply make shit up as you go along.  But since Pelosi can’t really do that because if Republicans were to be given a chance to subpoena witnesses her ‘impeachment’ charade would soon be exposed for what it is, as a political hit job aimed at hurting President Trump as we begin heading into the 2020 election.  Either way Pelosi & Co. loses, so they decided the safest thing to do would be to keep things tucked safely behind closed doors and just spread rumors and badmouth the president publicly.  And apparently ‘Napi’ views all of this as being constitutional?



Yes there was once a time when I thought old Judge Napi actually knew what he was talking about, but that now seems such a long time ago.  These days he sounds as unhinged as does just about any Democrat.  Rumor has it he went asking for a seat on the Supreme Court and President Trump turned him down, so since then old Napi seems to have gone all Scaramucci.  So I’d say we dodged a rather sizable bullet.

And I say that because it was on Monday of this week, on Fox Business Network, that Napi let fly with his latest rant directed at the president saying President Trump’s call to the Ukraine president where he has confirmed he mentioned 2020 presidential candidate and ex-vice president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden was an “act of corruption,” if true. But wasn’t the act of corruption actually committed by ‘Creepy Joe?’

Anyway, Judge Napi said, “I think this is the most serious charge against the president, far more serious than what Bob Mueller dug or dragged up against him. If there was a quid pro quo. It does appear as though a quarter of a billion dollars in defensive weaponry was held back for a period of time while these eight conversations were going on between the president.”

And Napi continued, “If you are the President of the United States and making a conversation that you know your intelligence community is listening to, of course you’re not going to articulate a quid pro quo. You’ll just make the quid pro quo happen.”  Napi needs to unclench and deal with reality like other former anti-Trumpers who’ve found that President Trump is actually on our side.

He added, “This is probably the end of Joe Biden’s presidency and it ought to be the end of his dream for the presidency, but doesn’t diminish one iota what the current president is doing which if an act of — if true, we haven’t seen the whistleblower complaint, and, under the law it has to be revealed — if true, this is an act of corruption.”  ‘If’ true?  “Rumor has it Judge Napi is a pedophile, if true why is he still on TV?”

And you know, that has to be one of the dumbest things I think I’ve ever heard from this boob, unless, of course, he was being sarcastic, which I doubt.  The president hasn’t committed a single crime. Napi can’t name one illegal action he’s taken, yet he will still sit there and lie. The cognitive dissonance is remarkable when it comes to today’s Democrat’s.  They ignore facts and just spew emotional drivel. It’s pathetic.

And yet, not a single word was uttered about how Hunter Biden received a $3 Million payment from this company.  Not a single word about the $650,000 payment he received from a front company for the Bank of China.  Not a single word of the $1.2 Million payment he received from a shell company represented by a Swiss bank which was under no less than six separate investigations for money laundering.

And let’s be honest here, Napi, how is what the president did any different than if the Mexican president had called President Trump and told him a Mexican citizen suspected of drug crimes is doing business in America and always comes back to Mexico with lots of money, please look into it and have your FBI investigate. Nations cooperate like this. This is not corrupt nor is it, by any measure, an act of treason.

If ‘Creepy Joe’ is suspected of corrupt business practices then the President, as the chief law enforcement officer of our nation, besides having the authority, also has every right, to vocalize this with other national leaders where he might be doing corrupt business.  It just goes to show the lengths these ‘NeverTrumpers’ will go in their continuing effort to bring down our duly elected president.

Look, it’s pretty common knowledge that the Bidens engaged in what was nothing less than extortion and money laundering with the prior Ukrainian administration.  With a new president in place, President Zelensky, it was ENTIRELY appropriate for our president to mention it to him and suggest that it be investigated and the fact that ‘Creepy Joe’ is a presidential candidate is Creepy’s problem, not the president’s.

And as a matter of fact, I suspect that when ‘Creepy Joe’ announced his candidacy he did so knowing full well that with a new Ukrainian president, President Trump would bring his misdeeds to President Zelensky’s attention, and hoped to prevent that just by being a candidate.  Now he has the nerve to cry foul for being called out for having actually bragged about his blatant act of corruption on behalf of son, Hunter.

And does Napi seriously think that after all the corruption, including a coup attempt, against President Trump by the ‘Deep State’ the public is going to tolerate this attempt to say there was a quid pro quo with the Ukrainians while ignoring the ACTUAL interference by ‘Creepy Joe’?  Judge Napi seems to forget the Ukrainians have already confessed to helping the DNC to try to kneecap then-candidate Trump.

And by continuing to attack the president in such an insidious manner old Judge Napi has only succeeded in revealing himself to be someone who is nothing but a fool and a dupe of the left.  And in so doing he has made it very clear that President Trump was quite correct in passing him over for a seat on the high court.  And it is his attacks on the president that say far more about him than they say about the president.

I find it all rather strange that this supposed judicial analyst, Napi, fails to recognize the fact that ‘Creepy Joe’ has committed a very serious crime against our nation and it’s President Trump’s job as chief of law enforcement to gather the evidence and protect our nation from these kinds of crimes. Just like in our big cities, it’s actions taken to actually enforce our laws that are now actually said to be the crime.

What kind of a Judge was Napi?  I mean the President asks a government if our ex-vice president, now looking to be our next president, used our taxpayer money to extort a foreign government and the good judge thinks that’s the corruption taking place here? Fox has got to get a new lineup.  Napi would be a far better fit over at the Communist News Network (CNN) or the Mostly Stupid News Broadcasting Company (MSNBC).

The main argument here seems to be that it’s anyone running for office, as long as they are a Democrat, can’t be held accountable for their crimes.  Yet it’s according to them that Trump committed a crime merely by running for office. And he has been accused of behaving like some tin horn, banana republic despot whenever he tries to hold our supposed leaders accountable for their obvious corruption. Make sense?