Rep. John Lewis Diagnosed With Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

At the risk of being called cold and callous, or accused of sounding like those on the left after the death of a prominent conservative, I must admit that it was upon hearing the recent news of John Lewis’ recent diagnosis of Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer, I wasn’t all that surprised.  You see, I remember being told as a child that I should never ‘hate,’ because it was hate that would destroy me if I were ever to let it control me.  And if Lewis is anything, he’s the perfect example of how that is in fact the case.  And when he does finally leave this earth, it won’t be because the cancer that killed him, it will be the hate that has been festering inside of him for decades.

Lewis is now in his 17th term as a congressman, and is now finishing up his 32nd year in the House, and what exactly does he have to show for all that time in Congress?  Not much really, legislatively speaking.  And what is it that his constituents have to show for these many decades of continued support and a willingness to send this dolt back to Washington time after time after time.  You’d think they would have come to their senses at some point, but apparently that’s not the case.  And it’s really kind of sad that the people in his district don’t seem bright enough to see that just because he’s black doesn’t mean that he’s someone that they can, or even should, trust.

Anyway, Lewis said he was diagnosed after a routine doctor’s visit earlier in December and it has now apparently been confirmed by other physicians.  It was in a statement that he said, “I have been in some kind of fight – for freedom, equality, basic human rights – for nearly my entire life. I have never faced a fight quite like the one I have now.”  Actually what he’s been involved in during nearly all of his political life was fighting very hard against those very things and for moving this country further and further to the left.  There is nothing he can claim to have done that has made our country stronger or safer in any meaningful way.  He’s nothing but a fraud.

It was then, in his statement, that he went on to say, “To my constituents: being your representative in Congress is the honor of a lifetime. I will return to Washington in coming days to continue our work and begin my treatment plan, which will occur over the next several weeks. I may miss a few votes during this period, but with God’s grace I will be back on the front lines soon.”  And he concluded by saying, “Please keep me in your prayers as I begin this journey.”  Ironic, don’t you think that such a man who has spent nearly his entire adult life hating those who are different from himself, politically as well as racially, would now be asking for prayers.  Sorry!

Lewis’ leftist politics and racial hatred have been as a cancer on our country and our way of life.  He’s another who lives only to hate.  He is a self-centered racist who has never been part of any real solution and seemed quite pleased with himself to only be part of what has been a continuing problem!   So while I’m sorry for those he will leave behind, it does not change the fact Lewis is a devout racist who will go to his grave spouting his ugly, hateful lies about President Trump and all those who support him.  And I have no doubt that the Democrats will seek to somehow use this ‘very sad’ news to their advantage.  It’s already starting.  It’s what they always do.

Lewis is a guy who has been riding on his reputation of being a supposed civil rights icon for decades.  But that was 40 years ago.  What exactly has he done in his last 32 years in Congress?   How has his district been made any better?  Are there better schools, better housing, better jobs or lower crime?  The answer is NO!  He’s just like every other Democrat who makes promises which are never kept from election to election.  Baltimore, it was recently announced, will set a record this year for the number of murders committed in the city.  What has Lewis done to address that?  Or will that also be, as is usually the case, considered as being President Trump’s fault?

It’s in Lewis that we have yet another corrupt politician who has done precious little to improve life for the American people.  Can anyone name a major piece of legislation he’s gotten passed that has significantly changed the life of anyone for the better?  Neither can I.  Every time I hear about him giving a speech he’s always denigrating the country and angrily railing on about his favorite boogie man, the endemic and pervasive racism of America.  Perhaps Lewis’ Stage IV cancer was a direct result of his Stage VI Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).  I mean how is it that you can spend your entire life hating and not be adversely affected by it in some way?

Lewis is one of the most hateful racists that America has ever produced.  And dare I say his end will be a rather fitting one.  And it should leave no doubt that this is how a life built on what has been the purest form of hate imaginable, ends.  And he not only hates white folks, but I would argue that he hates black folks as well.  Why else would we see him as being a proud member the very same party that supported slavery, Jim Crow and the KKK, and succeeded in coming up with what was nothing more than a new and improved from of slavery, but slavery just the same, by actively destroying the black family and creating a near total dependency on government?

Lewis is a charlatan of the very worst kind.  He knew that his Democrat Party was, is, and always will be most responsible for the continuing plight faced by Blacks.  And yet he still stands out in front of Black Americans and boldly declares that he’s been doing everything that he could for them and were it not for those racist Republicans he would have been able to get far more done for them.  Lewis is, and will long be remembered as being, the textbook definition of what it means to be a racist in America.  In fact, if one were to look up ‘racist’ in the dictionary one would likely see a picture of Mr. Lewis.  The world will be a much better place once he’s gone.


Lewis 08

Racist Georgia Democrat, John Lewis, said Tuesday it is now time to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump, after continued calls from many of his Democrat ‘colleagues.’  But impeach him for what, exactly?  Assumptions?  Just because they don’t like him?  Because he plays their wacky head games better than they do?  Or perhaps for destroying Lewis’ voters base by reducing black unemployment?  What?  I have just five words for the Democrats: ‘Shut up and DO IT!’

It was from the House floor that this corrupt old bigot said, “We cannot delay. We must not wait. Now is the time to act. I have been patient while we tried every other path and used every other tool. We will never find the truth unless we use the power given to the House of Representatives and the House alone.”  And he went on to say, “I truly believe the time to begin impeachment proceedings against this president has come. To delay or to do otherwise would betray the foundation of our democracy.”

Despite Nancy Pelosi’s apparent reluctance to push for impeachment, there are currently 126 Democrats who support impeachment or an impeachment inquiry, compared to the 109 Democrats who don’t support impeachment or impeachment inquiry, at least so far. Pelosi has said she believes president Trump is “goading” Democrats into impeaching him from office because he thinks it will help him fire up his base.  And it’s on that that I think the crazy old hag is probably right.

Many of Pelosi’s Democrat colleagues have continued to push for impeaching President Trump, such as Democrats Al ‘The Caveman’ Green, who broke with Pelosi when he vowed to force a vote to impeach President Trump in late March.  Green, who previously had several bills to impeach President Trump overwhelmingly rejected by the House of Representatives, called for a third impeachment vote.  Pelosi said impeachment was “just not worth it” in a March interview.

Lewis is nothing more than a race-baiting moron. And it was either he or that other racist POS Elijah Cummings (2 rotten peas in the same pod) who years ago said millions of slaves had been thrown overboard from the slave ships trekking from Africa to the Caribbean.  And that sharks still troll those same trade routes waiting for more slaves to feast on.  And this low life is still squatting in the Congress sucking $185,000 a year out of the taxpayers. Yes sir, this is what passes for Democrat intellect.

I wish these Democrats would just go ahead with this insanity and try to impeach President Trump. But all they do is talk, talk, and then talk some more.  Either put up, or shut up!  These dolts are so consumed with their hatred of the president they can even think straight.  If they ever could!  But sadly, we’ve had more than a few RINOs willing to join them, scumbags who need to be removed from office at our earliest convenience because they are no longer of any use.

Lewis is a perfect example of the afterbirth of the civil rights movement. He was only a peripheral player then, but by being a natural born hustler he has carved out a life by convincing people that it’s still 1964 and the whole nation is Philadelphia, Mississippi. He has caused more hopelessness, despair, death and damage to the black community than the KKK could have in a thousand years and the WORST part is that got rather rich doing it and did it all on taxpayer money.

But continue on, John. Indulge your petty, idiotic fantasy of trying to impeach President Trump. PLEASE! All your pedantic effort will do is waste time and OUR money- even if the Democrat fools, idiots, misfits, miscreants, and misanthropes in ‘the majority’ DO vote to impeach the president, it will NEVER fly in the Senate, and truthfully, your charges are so meritless, petty, childish, and not provable that the people, or least most of them, will never accept your baseless impeachment vote.


Lewis 09

It has long been a standard tactic of those in the Democrat Party, tell a big lie, tell it over and over and eventually your imbecilic followers will come to believe it as being the truth. And it’s everyone’s favorite racist, John Lewis, who has made quite a career out of doing just that.  Democrats like Lewis continue to profit from the racial divide in America prompting them to work all the harder to make it even worse.  Oddly enough it was during the tenure of our first black president, a time when things should have improved, that race relations in America took a serious nosedive.  And just like Barry, Lewis has done nothing to fix things, instead he has done just the opposite, making Lewis not only a fraud, but a fraud of the very worst kind.

Most intelligent people understand that the Charlottesville hoax has now been thoroughly debunked.  And yet it was Lewis who told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews just this past Monday that President Trump “feels at home with” recent acts of racist violence, citing the president’s comments on the Charlottesville riots in 2017 as proof.  Lewis said:  “I don’t think this president has been helpful. I think he feels at home with what is going on. When he reacted to what was happening in Charlottesville, you know, “Good people on both sides,” I cried. It’s not the America that I dream for, the one I was trying to help set right. It’s not the America we had during the days of President [John F.] Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. It’s — it’s different.”

Now if Matthews was anything other than a partisan hack interested in something other than the spreading of ‘fake news’ he would have pointed out that President Trump had been referring to non-violent protesters on both sides of the issue of the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. He specifically excluded neo-Nazis and extremists, whom he said should be “condemned totally.”  And that the president had delivered a televised statement from the White House the day before saying,  “Racism is evil — and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.”  But nope, not Chris.

And it was Lewis, after being prompted by Matthews, who likened him to “a character out of the Bible”, who then went on to make the rather idiotic, and patently false accusation that it was President Trump’s election that had “arrested that movement toward goodness and openness” that had characterized race relations under his predecessors.  But in fact, and we all know how Democrats LOVE facts, a widely-cited Gallup poll shows pretty clearly that race relations began to tank pretty serious during Barack ‘O’s second term, in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin controversy and through the Black Lives Matter movement that followed.  So we see how Mr. Lewis again has a rather obvious difficulty when it comes to telling the truth.

And I’m pretty sure that most will remember how in 2010, it was our same Mr. Lewis who was at the center of another alleged racial hoax, one that supposedly took place when several Democrat members of the Congressional Black Caucus claimed that Tea Party protesters had shouted the “n-word” at him as he walked through their demonstration on the weekend that Congress was voting on Obamacare. The claim, widely repeated throughout the media and used to malign the Tea Party as racist, was never substantiated.  Despite Lewis and his colleagues being literally surrounded by hundreds of video cameras at the time, no video of the alleged incident has ever emerged.  But that hasn’t prevented this pathetic racist from perpetuating the lie.

And it was back in 2008 that the racist Mr. Lewis cast Sen. John McCain and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as being nothing more than couple of racists and persisted in his likening the Republican presidential ticket to segregationist George Wallace, noting that Wallace “created the climate and the conditions that encouraged vicious attacks against innocent Americans” and warning the Republican candidates were doing the same, without explaining exactly how.  While I was never a fan of McCain, he was certainly no racist.  In fact he had cited Lewis as being one of three leaders whom he would consult for advice once elected.  And then in 2018, after McCain’s death, Lewis kind of changed course praising the late senator as being a “warrior for peace.”

I have no doubt that Lewis actually believes the many lies he’s told, after all, he’s told them so often that he’s likely now convinced himself that they’re all true.  He’s another of those who are basically hard-wired to see ALL white folks as being racist.  But then when you stop and think about it accusing whites, and more specifically white Republicans, of being racist has been a shtick used by the Democrat Party going back more than 50 years.  And over the years it’s something that has continued to work pretty darn well for them.  Because despite the fact that Democrats have done absolutely nothing to address any of the many issues the plague the black community, blacks continue to vote nearly 100 percent Democrat.  Weird, don’t you think?

But I have to say, this persistence in calling the president racist is really beginning to wear a little thin.  At a time when black on black crime is skyrocketing, rarely do we ever hear someone like Lewis talking about it, choosing instead to focus only on those issues than can be exploited.  You’d think Lewis would be more concerned about how black babies have an 80% chance of being born into fatherless homes, let alone the fact that black babies are aborted at rate much higher than their percentage of the population. We’re supposed to believe that this racist old fool is crying because of something that President Trump never said about the group of people that showed up in Charlottesville to try to stop the removal of what was a historical monument.

That Lewis continues to play the race card after having not uttered a word when Barry ‘O’ was invited ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) thugs to the White House, tells you all you will ever need to know about this racist scumbag.  BLM is nothing more than a black supremacist group, one that conjures up images similar to those of such groups as the Ku Klux Klan in promoting racial animas and violence.  And that would be the very same Klan which, as we all know, was a creation of Mr. Lewis’ own Democrat Party.  And I’m a bit appalled, to say the least, that Lewis and his fellow members of the Congressional Black Caucus actually condone the racist actions of BLM.  After all, racism is racism, and it should always be condemned and never condoned.

How does a man live with himself knowing that he has helped, and continues to help destroy his own community?  A man who marched with Dr. King seeking equality for the black man and yet some 60+ years later is now found advocating for the same type of policies promoted by the very same Democrat Party that once prompted him into action!  Is he now in favor of abortion clinics on nearly every corner in the black community, is he okay with restrictive guns laws effecting those in predominantly black neighborhoods, is he okay with segregation returning to our schools, does he favor policies that destroy the nuclear family and encourage generational dependency on government?  And yet it’s somehow the Republicans who are the racist ones?

And this same man who once marched arm in arm with Dr. King, has now chosen to proudly endorse what has been and continues to be nothing less than the mass killing, courtesy of abortion, of what has been millions of his own people.  And he seems to have no problem whatsoever with the fact that the black family has been absolutely decimated by his party’s having actively encouraged a level of dependency on government that has ruined the lives of millions more.  It’s people like Mr. Lewis who continue to represent the single biggest problem within the black community and the single biggest threat to our country.  And strangely enough he has now become someone who serves the very people against whom he once marched!


Lewis 08

The Democrat Party continues its effort to push their theory that President Trump somehow actually resorted to cheating, with help from Russia, in order to win the 2016 election for essentially two reasons.  Neither of which has absolutely anything to do with the fact that they actually think he cheated.  With the help of Putin or anyone else.  One reason is that they see as being their only hope of winning in 2020, the getting rid of the president before the election. By any means possible.

And of course the other reason has to do with the fact that leftist Democrats, like Lewis, which is just about EVERY Democrat, have now given into what is nothing less than complete desperation.  Since assuming control of House this past January, they have offered citizens ZERO solutions, only more FREE STUFF for everyone.  So as a way to distract attention away from that fact they must swing from one absurd conspiracy to another.  And there seems to be no claim considered to be too absurd.

And what continues to blow my mind is how any of these idiots could have ever possibly imagined how an absolute dud like Hillary could have ever been elected in the first place.  Hitlery failed to campaign in all 50 states (or 57 if you’re Barry).  She quite literally gave the finger to the citizens of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, all part of the blue wall, by not spending money there nor campaigning there.  And those folks responded to voting FOR the candidate who did both.

All of which brings me to last Saturday’s less than thrilling episode  MSNBC’s “AM Joy” with the appearance of John Lewis, racist Democrat, who offered his ‘thoughts’ on the completion of Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, which was submitted to Attorney General William Barr on Friday.  Lewis insisted Congress will demand that the report be released to the public. He also said he still believes that President Donald Trump’s impeachment remains inevitable.

Lewis was asked about the prospects of impeachment and responded by saying, “I think that day will come’” And it was then that this racist old fool went on to say, “I don’t think he’s legitimate. I said it back at the end of the election. I still believe that today.”  Lewis was one of those who couldn’t quite bring themselves to attend President Trump’s inauguration. And while he may have thought he was making some sort of grand statement by doing so, he simply proved how small he really is.

The sheer hatred for a man who doesn’t even take a salary, is yet another new low for Lewis, and most others in his Democrat Party.  Perhaps he’s off his medication, after all what else is that could cause a man to spout such incendiary gibberish.  He is obviously a very sick individual.  I can’t imagine what Dr. King would say today of the man who marched with him, and for just cause, all those many years ago.  I can only assume that he would be very disappointed in a man who I assume was his friend.

Actually with their House majority the foolish Democrats could vote for impeachment with ZERO evidence of wrongdoing and, in all likelihood, probably will.  And it is then that the American people should voice their displeasure by proceeding to vote every one of them out of office for putting the needs of their party above the needs of the country. But such behavior is really nothing new for Democrats, especially more recently and after the era of Barry ‘O’.  It’s ‘the Party’ above all else!

And it’s Democrats such as Lewis who continue to ignore that it was HIS party, and NOT the Republicans, that is the party of Slavery, Segregation, the KKK, and Jim Crow.  And that today is the party of infanticide, antisemitism, open borders and the destruction of our economy through what being called the ‘Green New Deal.’  All while it has been President Trump who is responsible for a bona fide economic boom courtesy of a massive reduction in government regulations and his tax cuts.

And Lewis also seems to ignore how it’s President Trump who made possible the lowest unemployment rate in history for Lewis’ fellow blacks. But hey, none of that is important to the guy who supports Planned Parenthood whose founder Margret Sanger saw abortions as a way to cull Black and Brown babies from society and where today blacks account for 40% of all abortions despite being only 12% of the population. Yet Lewis stays on the Democrat Plantation because it has granted him wealth and power.

And Lewis continues his claim of how he doesn’t think President Trump is legitimate. Funny how it was many of us who reside out beyond the beltway thought the very same of Barry ‘O’.  And despite Barry numerous lies to the American people (if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor), and being what so many Democrats, Lewis included, now accuse President Trump of being, the most corrupt president in American History, there was NEVER any serious talk of impeaching Barry ‘O’.

And remember this is the same party that told us Trump would be a sore loser? It has now been more than two years and these crybabies are still carrying on as if the election was only yesterday. And other than making periodic comments on Twitter about there being a witch hunt for evidence of wrong doing, the president has pretty much ignored them, which I think pissed them off even more.  He’s never retaliated against them as Barry would have done by using various government agencies.

And keep in mind it wasn’t President Trump who said to Putin’s stooge Medvedev, “I will have more flexibility after my election.” Or pushed a silly Russia reset button that really changed nothing, as Hitlery did. He wasn’t who watched, in real time, as our embassy in Benghazi was attacked and did nothing and who then tried to hide the true reason of that attack by blaming it on some video so he could win an election.  In spite of all this, President Trump is still the bad guy?  Democrats are dangerous.

Democrats, like this racist Lewis, should never underestimate the desire for freedom and liberty.  There are worse things than death and living with the boot of government on your throat is of them!  We will not go quietly into the night because a bunch of anti-America, anti-Constitution, anti-Freedom and pro-Socialist mentally deficient goons think we should! You are more than welcome to give up your Constitutional rights, but you will not make that decision for me and mine!


Lewis 04

I am of the opinion that there is no one better qualified to identify true racism, than one who is a true racist.  Which brings me to someone who we all are able to recognize as being one of the preeminent racists in America today.  That would of course be that stellar member of Congress from the state of Georgia, John Lewis.  And it was during an appearance on Tuesday’s less than thrilling episode of CNN’s “New Day,” that Lewis proceeded to go off on yet another of his trademark ‘race rants’ when he was asked on to discuss the then ongoing gubernatorial race in Georgia between Socialist Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp.

“New Day” host, and Fox News reject, Alisyn Camerota asked Lewis about supposed racist robocalls speaking out against Abrams, the attempted voter registration hack in the state and Facebook removing President Trump’s midterm ad that CNN and other ‘fake news’ entities, including Fox News, deemed “racist.”  Lewis said, “[T]he scars and stains of racism are still deeply embedded in American society.”  And he went on to say, “We need to lay down the burden for racism and separation and create what I call one America, one community, one house.”  Lewis added that if Democrats take the House, they will do everything in their power “bring the people together.”

Lewis said, “It is my hope and my belief that the Democrats, my party, will win the House of Representatives and we will do everything in our power to bring the American people together.”  And he went on to say, “We must come together. We cannot continue to be divided. We must find a way to do the right thing and be kind to each other and not be so mean. I came to the heart of the civil rights movement as indicated. We were out there for Dr. [Martin Luther] King to redeem the soul of America, and that’s what we must continue to do in the political arena.”  Lewis has spent decades milking his relationship with Dr. King for all it is worth.

I always have to laugh whenever I hear some race-baiting fraud talking about bringing people together.  It’s just an odd thing to hear from a member of the party that spends so much time and effort dividing people up into various factions. Lewis is another black who has made a good living by working hard to keep his fellow blacks on the plantation. And I have no doubt that if Dr. King were able to see how such men as Lewis continue to use his name, he would be less than happy about it.  Lewis is a perfect example of the black racists who have used racial hatred their whole life for fun and profit and will continue to do so until they finally rest in peace.

Lewis has long been one of the biggest race baiters there is.  And it’s always in very short order than any conversation with him quickly turns into an issue of race, because like all Democrats whenever faced with facts, they have absolutely no leg to stand on so they immediately resort to that which they do best, and that is to immediately label the other person as being a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist or any number of other things in an effort to shut down the conversation. Which is why they hate President Trump so much, they cannot find a way to shut him down.  He doesn’t care because he knows he’s right, so he pushes them right back.

The only ones who keep whining about racism are people like Lewis, and every other members of that rather unique little group of overseers called the ‘Congressional Black Caucus’, a merry little band of losers who have made a pretty good living out of promoting racism.  Despite the fact that in just two short years President Trump and the Republicans have given blacks in this country their lowest unemployment rate in history, and the highest wages, we are all still to be considered racists.  Lewis, can go peddle his lies to those who also keep blacks on their leftwing plantation until election time when they promise them everything and deliver nothing.

Yes, it’s called the Democrat party. The same party that fought for the owning of slaves. The same party that formed the Ku Klux Klan.  The same party of Jim Crow and ‘separate but equal.’  The same party that stood against Republican Martin Luther King Jr.  And the same party that voted against the Civil Rights Act in Congress. The same party that this pathetic sellout continues to work so hard at keep blacks enslaved to.   As long as there is a Democrat Party, and men like Lewis, racism in America will never go away.  Democrats must continue to stoke the flames of racial hatred if they are to have any hope of winning elections.

Democrats have no valid arguments on issues so they have to accuse everyone else of being a racist, and the ‘fake news’ media uses that for their Democrat-run propaganda machine.  Lewis the gatekeeper always bringing up life on the plantation as if the country hasn’t progressed, every time he opens his mouth it’s like pouring gasoline onto a fire. If this country was so bad he’s getting paid pretty well for doing nothing and keeps seeking election. I’m so sick of him.  I know racism exists, but in my life the most racist people I have ever met, were black. They seemed comfortable with their racism.  But yet we’re constantly being told that blacks CAN’T be racist.

Blacks will always use the race card and try to make a living at it. The Democrats will try to heal America?  How much “bringing America together” did we see during the eight years we were forced to contend with Barry ‘O’ in the White House?  Lewis is old enough to know which party has the more checkered history when it comes to racism.  But seeing as how he ended up joining that very same party, I question both his memory and whatever role he claims to have played in the advancing of civil rights in this country.  It was Democrats who created the scars and stains of racism while it was Republicans who continue to improve the lives of blacks in America.


Lewis 07

I know, I know, it’s impossible for someone who’s black to be a racist. But there is no one who proves better the falsehood of that claim than someone who, oddly enough, was laughingly once referred to as a ‘civil rights’ leader.  And yes I’m talking about John Lewis.   And in proving my point I need to go back no further than last Friday, when during Friday’s Democrat Weekly Address, Lewis remembered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  He stated there has been progress made in the past 50 years, “But there are new forces trying to take us back, trying to turn back the clock, trying to take us to a darker time.”  Yup, and the majority of those forces are…BLACK!

You can watch Lewis’s racist rant here, or read the transcript of the rant which follows:

“Hello. I am John Lewis, and I represent Georgia’s Fifth Congressional District.  On April 4, our nation and the world paused to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Growing up as a boy in rural Alabama, I remember when Rosa Parks and Dr. King came together in December 1955 to launch the bus boycott in Montgomery.  As a young man, I wrote Dr. King a letter, and his response changed my life forever. Dr. King was my inspiration, my leader, and my mentor. He was my friend.  Back then, segregation and racial discrimination were all around us – in the voting booth, in the courtroom, and in the classroom.

In many parts of our country, people of different races could not sit together on a bus, sleep in the some hotel, or drink water from the same fountain.  Dr. King taught us the philosophy and the discipline of nonviolence and sparked a nonviolent revolution – a revolution of values, a revolution of ideas, and a revolution of action. On August 28, 1963, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial the world learned of his dream of building the beloved community.  Over the years, he convinced President Eisenhower, President Kennedy, and President Johnson to understand that civil rights was a moral issue.

He used his moral leadership to fight for equal justice for sanitation workers, for people of color, for those who had been left out and left behind.  In particular, I will never forget when Dr. King spoke in Berlin against the danger of building walls. He reminded the global family – the global community – that God’s children were on both sides of the wall.  In the past 50 years, as a nation and as a people, we have made progress. But there are new forces trying to take us back, trying to turn back the clock, trying to take us to a darker time.  Times like these can seem overwhelming, but I ask you to recommit yourself to the way of love, the way of peace, and the way of nonviolence.

I ask you to look in your heart and to trust that justice will prevail.  If Dr. King were with us today, he would continue to push our country to respect the dignity and the worth of every human being – no matter where they are born, no matter their race, age, religion, or gender identity.  He would argue that we have a right to know what is in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.  He would preach that we have a mission, an obligation, and a mandate to leave this country and this little planet a little cleaner, a little greener, and a little more peaceful for generations yet unborn.

Most importantly, if Dr. King were alive, he would ask each of us to speak up, to speak out in the face of injustice, and he would demand that each and every one of us to do our part and do it well.  Thank you.”

I guess, in one sense, you could say Lewis is right.  There ARE forces wanting to help blacks in America get back to the days when they worked, went to school, got married, had children, stayed away from drugs, stayed out of prison, respected the law, and didn’t spend so much time killing one another.  But those hideous days are too difficult for Lewis and his ilk to comprehend.  He much prefers how 75 percent of blacks are now born out of wedlock and 50 percent of blacks are dropping out of school, and chooses to ignore how those things hurt the Black community the most.  But Democrats always ignore the facts, it always has to be someone else’s fault.

Lewis has been in Congress for over 30 years and his district is one of the worst in all of Georgia.  And therefore I think it perfectly fair to say that Mr. Lewis, himself, can safely be described as being the member of these ‘racist forces’ of which he speaks.  As such, it’s doubtful that he’s played any part in the progress that has been made.  And when has this man ever done anything to help anyone but himself?  All that he has managed to create for himself came by using Dr. King’s name and reputation.  Lewis chose to exploit his relationship with Dr. King and, in so doing, was able to construct for himself a political career that has gone on for far too long.

All this guy has ever done throughout his entire career is to look out for himself.  He doesn’t give two squats about those folks in the black community.  He views them as being nothing more than as a source of votes.  He’s accomplished nothing, zero, except continued racial bitching and moaning.  He has elevated himself on the backs of his constituents while their plight has only further deteriorated.  Just look at the crime and poverty statistics for his district.  He should be thankful that Dr. King is not around today, because if he was he would be ashamed of all those like Lewis who cry that racism is the reason why blacks are not able to better themselves.

And then there’s the rampant drug problem, non-achievement mentality, fatherless children, welfare breeders, the dropout rate in the black community and the embracing of violence that seems to be a part of their culture.  The black community is its own worst enemy but they continue to blame everyone else for their problems.  Then there’s Lewis, a ‘supposed’ former civil rights leader, who has made a rather nice living for himself by complaining about things the ONLY solution for which is the spending of MORE money, lots more.  And after all the tax money giveaways, and eight years of having a black president, things are now worse than ever.

I am well aware that you don’t need me to tell you how it is that Democrats base everything on the color of one’s skin or how they do NOT want blacks with character.  Because possessing character means that you believe in yourself and can think for yourself.  Democrats long ago turned Dr. King’s dream into a national nightmare and for no other reason than to maintain them as a reliable voting bloc.  Democrats use it AGAINST blacks, having convinced them that they cannot succeed without them.  Whites have lost all patience and compassion for their plight.  As for myself, fool me once, shame on me, fool me for three entire generations, shame on you.

Lewis talks of how we need to commit ourselves to the way of love, the way of peace, and the way of nonviolence.  This pathetic hypocrite preaches love, peace and nonviolence while he remains a very vocal supporter of openly violent groups like ‘Black Lives Matter’.  A group you’d be hard-pressed to describe as one committed to “the way of love, the way of peace, and the way of nonviolence.”  And where was racist scumbag while this very same group was chanting, “Pigs in blanket, fry ‘em like bacon?”  Oh, that’s right, he was nowhere to be heard.  Such is the reason that it has become a waste of time to take anyone in the Democrat Party seriously.

Lewis is a racist of the very worst kind!  He followed Dr. King around for years while he preached about the races working together, judging a person by the content of their character but ever since Dr. King left us racist scum like Lewis, Cummings, Sharpton, Jackson, Barry ‘O’ and others have done nothing but work night and day to cause discord between the races, and to moan and groan about how everything is so unfair.  I doubt that Dr. King would be pleased with their behavior!  What a shame because we were turning things around and now we’re right back where we began, and it’s only because of these black racists like Lewis and others like him.


John Lewis

I cannot be the only person who sees it as being more than just a little sad, and on a number of levels, that we have a man today who has, over time, made the rather startling metamorphosis from civil rights ‘icon’ to being a man who is nothing more than the very worst kind of racist.  And he’s not your average run-of-the-mill racist either.  Not by any means.  He’s fomented racial hatred nearly his entire life, and is more akin to a black bigot and opportunist than any kind of civil rights ‘icon.’

And the man of whom I speak would be none other than Georgia Democrat, John Lewis.  It was Mr. Lewis who claimed in a statement, just this past Thursday, that the election of President Donald Trump emboldened racists to “to put on those hoods, put on those sheets.”  Lewis said, “When we had this most recent election, it helped create the climate and environment to bring out something that had been a little asleep, and people feel like now they can just get away with doing everything.”

In what was nothing more than an attempt to slander the president, Lewis continued by saying, “What happened in Virginia made me very sad. We faced mobs, we faced the Klan, we faced overt, open racism during the ’60s. During the freedom rides in 1961, black people and white people couldn’t be seated together on a Greyhound bus, leaving Washington, D.C. to travel through the South. We were beaten, attempted to burn us on the bus, we were left bloody and unconscious by angry mobs.”

He said, “When we attempted to march from Selma to Montgomery just for the right to vote, to protest in a peaceful, orderly, non-violent fashion, we were beaten by the state police and left bloody and some unconscious, and some of our people died,” Lewis added. “After the march on Washington in 1963, there was so much hope and optimism, but 18 days later, a church was bombed in Birmingham, where four little girls were killed on a Sunday morning. What we see happening now, it’s not new.”

He added, “The man that some people voted for just made it very comfortable for people to put on those hoods, put on those sheets, and I tell you, if we’re not mindful or watchful, we are going to go back. We’ve come too far, made too much progress to go back. I don’t want to go back. I want to go forward, and we must go forward.”  He claims that he wants to go forward.  But he seems to have little or no interest in making things better for anyone but himself in the process.  He’s truly quite pathetic.

For all his bloviating, what has this civil rights ‘icon’ done for his people of late.  How are blacks better off 50 years after the movement?  The poverty levels are higher, graduation rates are lower, incarceration rates are much higher, single parent households are more plentiful, and young black males are much more likely to die violently than see the age of 30.  So while the John Lewises of the world continue to preach the same old tired sermon, blacks in American make little forward progress.

And correct me, if I am wrong, but it would seem to me that the last time Lewis actually did anything FOR the black community was during his days with Dr. King.  And from where I’m sitting, he’s been willing to milk his status as a civil rights ‘icon’ for all he can get from it.  But, seriously, what has he done since?  I put him in the same category as the ‘reverend’ Jesse ‘The Extortionist’ Jackson and fellow ‘reverend’, Al ‘Not-So’ Sharpton.  Two who have done nothing but to put money in their pockets.

And lest we forget, it was this very same John Lewis, the notorious race-pimp, who accused members of the Tea Party of spitting on him and calling him the ‘N’ word as he strolled through the Congressional Plaza packed with thousands of Tea Party folks in 2010.  There’s just one thing, it never actually happened.  He was walking with the now convicted felon Jessie Jackson Jr., and fellow liar and racist Emanuel Cleaver, complete with cameras and recording devices, hoping to catch such an incident.

Despite those cameras, this trio of racists were never able produce a single frame of footage, or soundbite corroborating their incendiary accusations. Thousands of others had cameras too in the plaza that day, every step of the way.  Of course it was all a hoax because no footage ever emerged.  Nevertheless, the state-controlled media chose to run with this epic slander, never questioning the complete lack of ANY corroborating evidence.  The accusations were sufficient to run with the ‘story’.

And it seems that these days instead of actually doing something that will genuinely help those within the black community, people like Lewis prefer to blame all of the problems of blacks on white people because, quite frankly, Lewis and his fellow Democrats need to keep blacks poor and dependent on government.  Because they fear should the day ever come when blacks become self-sufficient they will no longer need government handouts, and will no longer feel compelled to vote for Democrats.

Men like Lewis don’t want blacks to feel like they should be accountable for their actions and to stop blaming others or to take the opportunity to address the real problem, themselves.  Looking inward and taking responsibility for ones owns actions is huge step in the right direction.  And as long as the so-called ‘leaders’ in the black community do not address the real problem, nothing will get better. I do agree it is up to each individual, especially when there does not seem to be many role models.

Because the old form of slavery was considered evil, LBJ and the Democrats figured out a better way, the generational welfare plantation.  And, if they played their cards right they would even be able to convince blacks to vote for keeping that plantation going!  We are now into 4th generation welfare in this country.  And it’s been along the way that blacks like Lewis, and a (whole) host of others, have aided and abetted the enslavement of their people in exchange for a seat at the Democrat Party table.

Sadly, the bottom line here is that it was Obummer himself who made it acceptable for blacks to riot!  To go rob, loot, destroy private property and to commit 90 percent of all violent crime in America and to shoot cops dead whenever cops try and police them.  And I think Obummer made it far more acceptable to scream racism every time the black man didn’t get his way!  To the point where the term racist has now become so overused by blacks that it no longer has any sort of meaningful impact.

No, Mr. Lewis, President Trump is not making it easier for the Klan.  On the contrary, it’s you who are doing the Klan’s work by encouraging your fellow blacks to call everything that is white, racist, overtly hating America, and blaming whites for all of the problems that blacks bring upon themselves.  All behavior that will serve only to further damage race relations in this country.  All this anti-white rhetoric is accomplishing nothing for blacks but the shooting of themselves in both feet.

And if Lewis and the other supposed ‘leaders’ of the black community really wanted to help they would encourage young blacks to stay in school, to choose resume over rap sheet, and to prepare themselves for decent, good paying jobs.  Also, learning to speak Standard English would be a giant step in the right direction.  Also, it wouldn’t hurt to call out your rappers for their hate filled, anti-white, anti-police rants.  And finally, if Lewis can call ME racist, I think it only fair that I return the ‘favor.’


U.S. Representative Lewis speaks before he helps unveiling the Harvey Milk Forever Stamp at its dedication ceremony at the White House in Washington

I swear, it’s becoming more and more difficult to take Democrats seriously.  In their effort to delegitimize President Trump’s election first the Democrat sought recounts, then attempted to convince Electoral College electors to vote for Hitlery and then claimed there was collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign to steal the election, claims that continue to this day eight months after the election.  And now we have Democrat Rep. John “The Racist” Lewis coming up with something new.  You see it was during an interview which aired on Friday’s edition of CNN’s “Axe Files” that Lewis stated that he believes the 2016 presidential election was rigged in Republican nominee Donald Trump’s favor.  Yep, you heard me right!

Clinton News Network (CNN) Senior Political Commentator and Director of the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics David ‘My Mommy Was A Commie’ Axelrod asked Lewis, “So, despite the fact that he got the requisite number of electoral votes, you — he [President Trump] often uses the word ‘rigged.’ You think the election was rigged in his favor?”  Lewis answered saying, “I truly believe to this day, that this election was rigged in his favor.”  He can’t be serious.  This guy is dumb as a box of rocks if he actually believes this and blatantly lying if he knows better.  Are there any Democrats in Congress who AREN’T braindead buffoons?  Because I gotta tell you, I’m really beginning to doubt it.

For the love of God!  How is it that someone like Mr. Lewis can continue to get elected to represent his district in Congress?  He represents what has come to be the ROT from within.  He is a “group thinker”, meaning he doesn’t really THINK at all, nor is he capable of thinking!  He depends on DNC provided talking points to tell him what to think.  And I gotta say, until the Democrats start electing and keeping smarter people, they will continue losing despite their having raised cheating to an art form.  And by the way, isn’t this the same whacked out dummy who said slavery altered the ecology of the ocean forever because so many slaves were tossed overboard that the sharks permanently migrated to the shipping lanes?  I think so.

Lewis is yet another perfect representation of “diversity” which mandates all government offices must be staffed with members who are the most ignorant, incompetent, paranoid schizophrenics to ever wear a suit.  Lewis has made this kind of ludicrous statements for decades, and gotten away with it.  He hides behind his reputation as a supposed civil rights leader back in the 1960s.  Now that more people are beginning to pay attention they’re starting to realize just how daffy he is, except to his constituents who seem more interested in free Obummer phones.  His district is 60.45% black, so there’s nothing special about this brand of stupid, he’s just run-of-the-mill stupid.  So among his low IQ constituents Lewis likely appears a genius.

Lewis seems to ignore completely the fact that Hitlery had the entire Establishment behind her as well as donors who gave her billions, the corrupt state-controlled media providing her with all manner of cover, her many liberal Hollyweird friends and she STILL lost!  Mr. Lewis, keep it going, because you’re only embarrassing yourself.  And it’s only gonna help President Trump for 2020.  Look, in truth Hitlery could not have done a worse job at trying to get herself elected if she had tried. She had to remake herself several times and still few seemed interested.  So if the election was rigged in ANYONE’s favor the truth is, is that the election was totally rigged in Hitlery’s favor, in every conceivable way and yet she STILL lost.

Lewis also seems quite content to ignore how it was that the DNC colluded to get rid of Bernie Sanders, and got caught doing so, and how Hitlery then hired the mastermind behind that collusion, Debbie Wizzerman Schultz, to work for her campaign.  And how the then acting DNC head, Donna Brazile, straight from CNN, slipped questions for the upcoming debate with Sanders to Hitlery’s campaign.  And again Hitlery STILL lost.  And that’s what the leftists can’t stand.  That’s why they have so completely lost their minds.  They thought they had made it impossible for Hiltery to lose.  But even with everything they did, they ignored the obvious, that Hitlery was an absolutely horrendous candidate.

All of these Democrats who continue to mouth off about the President, and who continue to declare their refusal to work with him, like crazy ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, ‘Crazy Al’ Green, Sheila Jackson Lee and Elijah Cummings, look at their districts and what do you see?  More often than not it’s nothing more than abandoned buildings, drug dens, filthy public housing, NO jobs and high crime rates.  These people make themselves rich at the expense of the poor black voters who vote for them election after election and get nothing in return.  I would love to see President Trump visit their districts with a camera crew in tow and show the public just how pathetic these people truly are, and how they only care about themselves.

So I guess we’re expected to believe that in over 3,000 counties the elections were rigged?  Is that what this boob expects to believe?   There are 3,141 counties in the United States and Trump won 3,084 of them, Hitlery only 57.  And, there are 62 counties in New York State, Trump on 46 of them and Hitlery won 16.  So who’s buying the argument that anyone would have the ability to somehow rig the elections in these 3,084 counties that President Trump won and somehow not be able pull off the same feat in the 57 counties won by Hitlery?  Am I the only one who views such a claim as being insane?  I think we can safely say that in making such an idiotic claim the Democrats have now officially run out of excuses.


U.S. Representative Lewis speaks before he helps unveiling the Harvey Milk Forever Stamp at its dedication ceremony at the White House in Washington

Rep. John Lewis is another one of those Democrats who simply cannot bring themselves to accept the fact that there still remains left in this country just enough Americans who are not in favor of Socialism.  He, and his party, refuses to admit that they and the policies they continually attempt to shove down the throats of the American people are why, on next Friday, Donald R. Trump and not Hitlery Clinton will become the 45th president of the United States of America.

So far in their efforts to somehow prove that there has to be another reason for what they see as being Hitlery’s ‘stunning’ loss, they have forced recounts, blamed FBI Director, James Comey, made the claim that our Electoral College is severely outdated, and of course they continue to make the claim that Vlad Putin somehow made the Trump’s victory possible.  And all of their idiotic and rather juvenile claims only prove how desperate it is that they have become.

Lewis says he believes Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election is not valid due to Russia’s efforts to tip the results by hacking and releasing private Democrat Party emails.  And in a yet to be aired interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press”, Lewis said, “I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president.  And he adds, “I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.”

And when asked whether he would try to forge a relationship with Trump, Lewis said, “it’s going to be very difficult.”  And he also reveals he doesn’t plan to attend next Friday’s inauguration.  Lewis said, “It will be the first one that I miss since I’ve been in Congress. You cannot be at home with something that you feel that is wrong, is not right.”  Quite frankly I doubt very much whether he, or any other Democrat who chooses not to attend won’t be missed.

And yet nowhere in any of all this endless chatter about the hacking of emails does anyone, not even Lewis, dispute anything that those email said.  Now imagine if you can, if it had been the RNC that had been hacked and it was revealed that they were trying to tilt things in favor of Trump.  If it was Trump who had lost and the Republicans were making the same idiotic claims we’re now hearing from Lewis and his friends, what we would be told is to “Get over it, you lost!”

And to tell you the truth, I think it wouldn’t be fitting for him, or any Democrat to attend the inaugural festivities.  Because those in attendance will be there because they want to see America made great again.  Democrats like Lewis have no interest in such an endeavor.  Their only interest is in destroying America, in weakening America and in doing all that they can to enslave as many Americans as they can to government.  And the American people disagree with them.

I find it rather difficult to believe that this clown, Lewis, was once considered a civil-rights giant.  I can only guess that that must have been well before he recognized the political advantage of becoming nothing more than your common, garden variety racist.  Believe it or not, this racist asshole has been representing his Georgia district in the U.S. House since 1987.  Which I suppose says just as much about those in his district as it says about him.

Look, what those like Lewis refuse to accept is the fact that Hitlery defeated herself.  She’s a crook who had an arrogant sense of entitlement. It was her turn, and that all she need to justify her candidacy.  Her campaign was very poorly managed. She didn’t flip any of the states that Romney won and lost key states that Barry won.  She thought she had this in the bag because there was simply NO WAY should could lose to Trump.  She thought she could win this from home.

Too bad for Lewis too. He’s nothing more than a piece obsolete farm equipment who should not be heard. I would prefer that he not even be seen.  But it gets his name in the paper and on the Internet, it’s his little moment of glory.  And I bet if you ask people in his own district they wouldn’t even be able to name one thing that he’s accomplished in Congress.  Why do we even waste our efforts to disavow people like him when it only keeps their ignorance alive?