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It’s become just about impossible, these days, to determine just which ‘news’ organization it is that is least interested in reporting the ‘news’ and far more interested in assisting the Democrat Party in its quest to, and by any means possible, undermine and to delegitimize the Trump presidency.  And now that rabid Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) seems to be running rampant throughout our ‘fake news’ media establishment, and at near epidemic levels, have we gotten to the point where it can now be said that ‘journalists’ have now all simply gone extinct?

And so as President Trump continues to spar with House Democrats over subpoenas, it was MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host, Joe Scarborough who, while not an actual ‘journalist,’ recently applauded Democrats, going so far as to say that “history has chosen” their party to “stand up and defend the rule of law” in America. Scarborough said that as a former Republican, it makes him “sad” to see the Republicans “breaking the law.”  And the most remarkable thing, I think, about him saying such a thing is the fact that he was able to get through his entire rant with a straight face.

Joe said, “You can look at all of the document requests that they’ve ignored.”  And then went on to say, “They’re in contempt of Congress.”  He later added, “History has chosen the Democratic Party at this point in time to be the only party in America who will stand up and defend the rule of law. The only party. There is no one else there.” Personally I can’t stand this boob if for no other reason than because he’s a freaking idiot!  I don’t seem to recall ever once having heard him complain when Barry ‘O’ and crew actually did break all kinds of laws, including spying on the opposition.

But I’m more than a bit curious regarding how it is that Joe may choose to actually define the ‘rule of law’.  I mean does it include such things as being in favor of open borders, sanctuary cities and allowing anyone who may want to come into this country to simply ‘come on down?’  Does it include favoring rampant election fraud that always seems to benefit the Democrats, and does it include granting voting rights to criminals, the killing of babies right up the moment of birth and even after?  Is this how he might define the “rule of law?”  I’m serious, I’d really like to know.

And if history truly has chosen the party which has committed the most egregious breach of our laws in attempting that which was nothing less than a coup of a sitting, duly elected President, to ‘Stand Up and Defend the Rule of Law’, then I would have to say that Hell hath truly frozen over.  Who would have ever thought that the party of slavery, the Civil War, Jim Crow, the Ku Klux Klan, segregation, Black Lives Matter, By Any Means Necessary and more, would actually be the party that history would decide upon as being the ‘rule of law’ party?  Sure didn’t see that coming.

But an interesting little factoid that Joe must not be aware of:  In 1999 Congress passed additional laws after ‘Slick Willy’s’ impeachment regulating the powers of the Special Prosecutor. One addition was when the final report is released, information could be redacted that would reveal the names of peripheral and non-involved witnesses, as well as information that was being used in ongoing federal investigations.  That is precisely the law followed by Mr. Barr.  Democrats are now asking Mr. Barr to break that very same law and release the UNREDACTED report.

When you run into someone who declares the Democrats are the party of the rule of law ask them when they intend to prosecute Hitlery for her: 1) willful violation of FOIA, 2) destruction of governmental property by deleting 30K emails, 3) her obstruction of justice by deleting those 30K emails will they were under subpoena, 4) her will removal of classified materials from secure storage to insecure storage, and 5) her deliberate dissemination of classified materials to people without clearance. You will see them fly into a rage as they try to declare she did nothing wrong.

Joe has become a punch line, but is too dunderheaded to get it. His haircut is suited for a twenty something skateboarder (you aren’t fooling anyone, Joe. You are in no way “hip”). He has a third grader’s understanding of the law and the Constitution and can’t help proving it day, after day, after day. Mika is a simpering dingbat who nods and pearl clutches at his idiocy and has nothing of substance to offer. They’re a couple of clowns, stuck in an echo chamber where the rest of the clowns reside. No worries, though. The two of them are so obnoxious no one watches anyway.



There are losers, and then there are LOSERS!  And it’s these LOSERS who continue to think that calling folks racist, who most definitely are NOT racist, is still somehow a viable political tactic.  They fail to see that when everyone is racist, in effect no one is.  And these same people actually think that just because one chooses not to vote for a black candidate, that action in and of itself is sufficient for one to be identified, or labeled, as being a racist?  For instance, I live in Florida and I have no intention of voting for Gillum for governor.  But it has nothing to do with his being black.  It has everything to do with his being a hardcore leftist who wants nothing more than to raise my taxes and to allow those in this country illegally, to flood into my state.

But there are many now in our ‘fake news’ media who continue to make the claim that there can be only ONE reason why a guy like myself, a white guy in his mid-60s, would choose not to vote for a guy like Gillum.  And that one reason is, of course, because I’m a racist.  We saw that again on Monday’s episode of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, when host Joe Scarborough predicted the 2018 midterm elections will go down in history as being “about racism” because President Trump continues to “attack brown people” in rallies rather than talking up the economy, jobs and tax cuts.  Now I’ve been paying pretty close attention and I’ve yet to hear the president make any statement that could be seen as an attack on brown people.

Scarborough went on to say, “The final several weeks of this campaign has been about racism.”  And he went on to add, “By the way, it will be written that way in the history books. It has been about racism.”  He claimed the president created a “story about an invasion of brown people” by talking about the migrant caravan that is headed for the country from Central America.  He said, “Donald Trump has made up a story about an invasion of brown people coming to the United States, bringing diseases.” And he said, “At every opportunity, he could talk about tax cuts, he could talk about the economy, he could talk about jobs. He has chosen to attack brown people. To attack the others.”  What a bunch of political BS.

And I will continue to use Gillum as my example, here, simply because it’s closer to home.  Why is it that anyone, regardless of their skin color, would ever choose to vote for someone who has as their stated platform the raising of taxes and the intent to make Florida into a sanctuary state?  Seems to me the racist ones would be those who refuse to vote for Gillum’s opponent who would seem to be the far better choice for everyone interested in having a job, living in a safe neighborhood and paying the lowest taxes as possible.  But because Gillum’s opponent happens to be white, the vast majority of blacks will likely vote for Gillum despite his disastrous agenda.  And is that not classic definition of racist behavior?

Apparently not, if you can believe people like Scarborough, because it doesn’t fit how they choose to define racism. The left is obsessed with racism, and ALL manner of other isms and phobia alike because they view the world through the Marxist lens of juxtaposed collectives where one must necessarily be the oppressor and the other their oppressed victim.  This is literally the only way these LOSERS are able to convince the uninformed and the less intelligent to vote for them.  Democrats were once be able to assess things based on the strength of a certain policy relative to overall positive or negative outcomes based on logic, reason and/or historically observed outcomes.  But that is not today’s Democrat Party.

Now with all of that said, President Trump has done MORE for minorities in two years than Barry ‘O’ did in eight!  And yet he is still called a racist, just as are those who continue to support him.  I did not vote for Trump because he was white anymore than I never voted for Barry ‘O’ because he was black.  As I mentioned earlier, I vote FOR those with whom I agree with on the issues and I do NOT vote for those whose position on the important issues differ from my own.  Race, quite literally, never even enters into the equation.  I support the building of ‘The Wall’, the keeping of taxes as low as possible and keeping the government away from how I acquire my healthcare.  Those are the reasons I do not vote Democrat, not anyone’s skin color.


Scarborough 1

I think there just might be another benefit, of a sort, from Trump now being our president, and it’s something you don’t really hear people talking about all that much.  But it’s his rather uncanny ability to cause those who have long pretended to be conservative Republicans to reveal themselves regarding not only what they really are, but what they’ve apparently always been, ‘Republicans In Name Only, or what we commonly refer to as ‘RINOs’.  And now yet another of those have now finally chosen to come out, and is none other than Joe ‘The Schmo’ Scarborough.

You see, it was on Friday that Joe ‘The Schmo’, host of MSNBC’s little viewed morning show, “Morning Joe,” reacted to the Republican response to the ‘fake bomb’ scare in which they, at least in part, blamed those like him in the ‘fake news’ media for choosing to get people all riled up.  ‘The Schmo’ said it was “hard to even think” that he used to be in the Republican Party because of how “sad” they are now.  Sad?  Actually, ‘Schmo’, what’s truly kind of sad is that there was anyone anywhere who actually believed this guy was anything other than a crazy liberal.

‘The Schmo’ said, “You know, yesterday several prominent Republicans actually backed up the president’s sad response to the mail bombs by criticizing news organizations. And get this. The news organizations had bombs mailed to them, who Donald Trump had been attacking —”  At which point the future Mrs. Schmo interrupted, saying, “Calling the enemy of the people.”   So it becomes very easy to see why it is that these two boobs are now an ‘item.’  Because one is just as dumb as the other, and they barely have a brain cell between them.

Anyway, ‘The Schmo’ then continued saying, “[A]nd calling the enemy of the people, and the president has been warned time and time again that that sort of rhetoric would lead to violence.”  He said, “Well, these Republicans — it’s hard to even think that I was ever a member of this party, as sad and pathetic as they are right now — but Republicans, actually instead of offering condolences to the news organizations and the human beings, the sons and the daughters, the moms and the dads that work there, they actually mocked and ridiculed them and attacked them.”

Frankly I’m pretty sure that just about every Republican is having the very same reaction, Joe.  No one can believe you ever were a Republican, EVER, and we’re all rather embarrassed by the fact that you actually were.  Oh, and by the way, we’re also all ever so glad to finally be rid of your RINO butt, especially since you and your trusty sidekick, and future significant other, have now gone so completely round the bend and are obviously suffering from a rather extreme case of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome.’   Yes, we are all just oh so glad to be rid of you!

‘The Schmo’ can get as sanctimonious as he likes but he’s no different than every other RINO that we’ve ever come across.  And like every other RINO, he’s essentially full of crap.  He’s finally come out of the closet as what he really is, a complete idiot.  He and gal-pal Mika are a couple of real losers.  He once was a member of Congress and it was just five months into his fourth term that he chose to resign.  And some say it has something to do with how Lori Klausutis, a young intern, was found dead in his office.  Not saying one thing has to do with the other, I’m just sayin’.

Anyway, ‘Schmo’s’ now a TV talk show host who thinks he’s worthy of being listened because he’s been blessed with incredible wisdom that everyone must hear.  I will admit that President Trump might not be a real Conservative, but he certainly is doing lots of Conservative things, and, more importantly, he’s doing the one thing we’ve been begging Republicans to do for decades, namely, fighting back against the Democrats and the ‘fake news’ media in a sustained manner. If you won’t fight for your beliefs, then why should anyone believe you?

Finally, ‘Schmo’ we’re glad you’ve finally had the guts to admit what you really are, a fraud.  I know it must have been difficult for you.  Now you can focus on the more important things, like joining your fellow sock-puppet ‘journalists’ who go about spewing the exact same Democrat talking points all day, every day.  Everything you say is scripted and coordinated, and you likely have not had an original thought in God knows how long.  You are one those ‘journalists’ whose actions have destroyed the trust your profession once possessed.  In short, you are irrelevant.


Scarborough 2

I just don’t understand how it is that those on the left think that they will convince me to see the sanity of their position on nearly every issue, or will somehow instill in me the ‘wisdom’ of voting for ANY Democrat by simply calling me names.  I’ve been called deplorable by Hitlery, a dreg of society by ‘Slow Joe’ Biden and now I’m being asked what kind a degenerate raised me to be the moron I am today.  A man who is obviously a racist if for no other reason than because I wish to prevent those coming into my country who are seeking nothing more than to live off the U.S taxpayer!

It was MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough who, in once again choosing to attack those of us who are President Trump’s supporters, went so far as to question what it is that’s wrong with those of us who applaud his “lines that they know are lies.”  Scarborough said President Trump will tell an “obvious lie” and his supporters respond by cheering like he just delivered a “punch line” or scored a touchdown.  Really?  If we’re going to talk about someone who had a reputation for telling lies we need look no further than Barry ‘O’.  The same guy old Joe responded to by cheering.

It was in demonstrating just how much of an imbecile he truly is that Scarborough asked, “Who raised them? What church did they go to growing up? Do they still go to church every week? Do they go to church on Sundays and then Mondays they applaud somebody beating up the press for asking a question about healthcare reform? What do they tell their children at night about the type of character they want them to have?” Scarborough asked. “You see, you can’t cheer about somebody committing assault and battery and beating up somebody and throwing them to the ground.”

And if that weren’t enough, Joe went on to say, “You can’t cheer on lies that you know to be lies and then go home and try to teach your child anything. You just can’t. Because they will see that you are the hypocrite standing behind the president, cheering him on and laughing as he applauds assault and battery, as he lies about the most basic facts, as he tears to shreds one constitutional norm after another.”  Again I bring up all of the lies told by Barry, all of which I’m quite sure most reasonably intelligent Americans remember, and remember very well, as if it was just yesterday.

Anyway, Scarborough continued, saying, “I’m just wondering what do you do when you go home from that rally, applauding what’s going — applauding of the lies, applauding the assaults, applauding the abuses, applauding the vulgarities. It’s a question, Mika, that I think we need to start asking a lot more.”  And it was then that Joe’s less than stellar co-host, Mika Brzezinski, piped up saying, “It’s fair enough.” Scarborough then added, “Who are the people that continue to applaud things they know to be lies?”  We are the people who genuinely love our country, that’s who!

Because Joe, my Mom and Dad raised me, and they knew the difference between a man and a woman.  And until Democrats admit that their fake world is just that, reasonable people are not going to vote for them. There ‘is’ a difference between a man and a woman, just as there is a difference between an unborn child and a lump of tissue, a difference between a sovereign nation and a geographic region and a difference between law and lawlessness. Democrats like Joe can herald the coming of a ‘Blue Wave’ all they want, but I remain convinced they’re in for a rude awakening.

And even ‘IF’ President Trump were to do nothing but lie to us nonstop every single day he would still not be able to hold a candle to Joe’s hero, ex-president, Barry ‘O’, the same guy that Joe Schmo was cheering for.  Deep down he knows why we cheer our president, he has too.  But he just can’t get over how President Trump has been so successful.  Unlike Joe, my parents raised me to think for myself. They also taught me to detect BS from a mile away. There is nothing on the left that appeals to me. When your platform is murdering babies and open borders I just can’t get on board.

The Democrat and Republican elite, and their many media allies, have NEVER gotten over the fact that Trump was able to beat them.  Ninety percent of the news coverage of President Trump has been negative and yet they still haven’t managed to separate Trump from his supporters. They say more nasty things about Trump than they ever said about Barry.  Barry the guy who supported helping the BIGGEST sponsor of terrorism in the world, Iran, get nuclear weapons, and supported American Terrorist groups, Antifa, BLM, and foreign terrorist groups, Hezbolah and Hamas.

When you watch a President Trump rally, what you see is a crowd of normal American people.  When you watch a leftist march or demonstration all that you typically see is little more than a bizarre freakshow consisting of every manner of freak.  And it’s every time that I see one of these mob actions that the very first thing that crosses my mind is, “Who is it that raised them?”  I’m quite sure that their mommy and daddy are just oh so proud of them.  And you know, what further proof do we need that there are those in this country who simply should not be allowed to reproduce!

Scarborough and his ilk are despicable to their very core. I can tell Joe who these people are that continue to believe and to applaud all of the lies. They are Democrats, that’s who they are.  They applauded the lies about Judge Kavanaugh. They continue to applaud all of the lies about Russian collusion.  They applauded all the lies about Hitlery’s ‘LOST’ e-mails.  They continue to applaud the lies about socialism.  I could go on but you get the point. Perhaps Democrats are so willing to believe these lies because they are the ones perpetrating them.



I know conservatives everywhere will be very sad to hear the news that it was just yesterday that MS(LSD)’s ‘Morning Joe’ co-host Joe Scarborough made it official that he is no longer a member of the Republican Party.  I know, right?  Were you as shocked as I was?  Not!  So apparently he’s now registered in his home state of Connecticut as an Independent.  Scarborough announced his new voter registration status via Twitter finally making good on a series of threats he’s made that he would leave the party.  And I’m sure most folks will be bothered by that news about as much as they were bothered to hear that a Tennessee Titan football player, Rishard Williams, has now ‘threatened’ to stop playing football if he has to stand for the national anthem.  And I should care about that why?

Anyway, in getting back to Scarborough, making his announcement, he tweeted, “I became an independent today. Here I am holding a copy of Donald Trump’s birth certificate, proving he was born in Nambia.”  I can only assume that Scarborough’s rather idiotic attempt at humor was intended to mock the so-called “birthers” who demanded to see ex-president Obummer’s birth certificate after questioning whether he was born in the U.S.  Scarborough first announced that he intended to leave the party three months ago during an appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  He told Colbert, “I am a Republican, but I’m not going to be a Republican anymore.”  Scarborough, for those unaware, served as a congressman from 1995 to 2001  representing Florida’s First Congressional District.

But look, Scarborough has long been little more than simply a Republican-In-Name-Only (RINO).  Not since his days as a Florida congressman, when he apparently did have a fairly solid conservative record, has he taken a position on any issue that could be considered even remotely as conservative.  He has, over time, become little more than an overpaid mouthpiece for MS(LSD), one who frequently tends to advocate for the liberal, progressive or, dare I say, Socialist position on those issues that are deemed most important.  And if you’re one of those who tune into ‘Morning Joe’ then I’m sure you’ve come to realize how it is that he seldom strays far from the script that has been provided to him.  And like Chris Matthews, he’s satisfied to lick the boots of the people in charge and getting rich in the process.

Scarborough has been a NeverTrumper since Day 1 of, then candidate, Donald Trump’s campaign, and has remained an outspoken critic of Trump’s presidency since the election, as well as of those in the Republican Party who chose to vote for him.  He most recently described President Trump as being the reason for the “destruction” of the Republican Party and in a tweet on Wednesday said, “The destruction of the Republican Party will be part Trump’s political legacy, and the least damning.”  News flash, Joe, and not ‘fake news,” the GOP essentially destroyed itself by putting RINOs like McCain up against Obummer in 2008 and then running another RINO in 2012.  And, also by breaking nearly every promise they ever made to the American people.  The party hasn’t been a truly conservative party in years.

And by the way, Joe, I do want to take this opportunity to say thanks for finally making it “official”.  We out here in the real world have long suspected that you had left the Republican Party a long time ago, and that you have far more in common with Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi than you do with hardworking Americans.  Time after time you’ve made it pretty clear that you’re far more comfortable standing with ‘The Establishment’ than you are in standing with the people.  I mean, seriously Joe, when was the last time you actually supported your party or had a conservative thought filter through that anatomical area that YOU like to think of as being your brain?  But on the bright side, I guess, at least you won’t have to bother playing “let’s pretend” anymore.  You’ve finally come out of the closet.

So Joe was a Republican?  Like I said, most of us average folks have long thought of him as one of those guys commonly referred to as a RINO.   So it’s good riddance, I say.  After all, with ‘friends’ like him ‘pretending’ to be a Republican, or at least pretending to be conservative, who needs enemies here on the Republican side.  We have enough of those already!  And while he may now claim to be an Independent, what he really is, is nothing more than a traitor, politically speaking of course, a socialist/progressive/liberal Democrat.  So I can’t say that I’m not sorry he’s gone, and I hope others like him will leave because they long ago abandoned their base and their values and their principles.  Many who call themselves ‘Republicans’ long ago abandoned America and patriotic, hardworking Americans.

And let’s face it, the real purpose behind even having Scarborough on MS(LSD) in the first place is a relatively simple one.  That would be for the very same reason that whenever any ‘news’ show needs some Republican willing to bash the president they just call in McCain or Graham who are always happy to oblige.  They just need someone with an (R) after their name to try to push the definition of ‘Republican’ further left.  Now that it’s finally moving back towards the right, albeit slowly, he’s fulfilling his final purpose, denouncing the GOP to poison the well as much as possible.  And like most self-indulging idiots who work in the media, they will call themselves anything that they think will increase their ratings and inflate their ego’s.  In my opinion, Scarborough is little more than a waste of skin.