Flake 9

The longer this continuing, and obviously orchestrated, smear campaign goes on against Judge Moore, the more transparent it becomes.  Now we have RINO Jeff Flake, the ‘retiring’ Republican Senator from Arizona, trying to do all the damage that he can as he heads toward the exit.  He recently said that if he were voting he would vote for the Democrat over Republican candidate Roy Moore who is running for the Senate in Alabama.  Anyone surprised by that statement hasn’t been paying the necessary attention over the years to this RINO creep, Jeff Flake.

It was on Monday of this week that our esteemed Mr. Flake, in expressing his feelings about the Alabama candidate on the receiving end of all manner of accusations that he sexually harassed several young women over 40 years ago, told reporters, “If this choice is between Roy Moore and a Democrat, a Democrat, for sure.”  And this boob went on to add, “I would literally — if I were in Alabama — I would run to the polling place to vote for the Democrat.”  This is the continuing kind of crap, from the ‘Establishment GOP’, that Judge Moore has found himself up against.

Flake, of course, doesn’t have a vote in the matter since he’s not a voter in Alabama. And soon he won’t have a say in the very body that Judge Moore, hopefully, will soon be joining.  Also not a surprise was the fact that Flake said he would also back a move to have Moore expelled from the Senate even if he wins.  And it was when asked about just such a move, and if it might become a reality, Flake said, “I don’t think it will get to that, but if it does, yes.”  If I was in Alabama and I heard that, it would only make we want to vote for Judge Moore all the more.

But, even if Moore were to step aside and quit the race, which I sincerely hope that he does not do, Alabama election law does not allow for the Republican Party to replace a candidate at this late date in the race.  Meanwhile, as Flake attacks the morality of a Republican Senate candidate, he has been mysteriously silent when it comes to the case of Democrat Senator Robert Menendez who has been fighting public corruption charges for some time, now.  But this is just another instance where this RINO is shows his true colors.  And it’s what we’ve come to expect.

Yes you could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that Mr. Flake would be voting for a Democrat if he was in Alabama.  No, not really!  In making such a statement he simply proves why it is that so many conservative refer to him as a RINO, and why they are right.  If you’re a Republican and feel so strongly that you simply cannot bring yourself to vote for Moore, then why vote for anyone?  This snowFLAKE thinks he’s going to persuade Republicans to vote for a Democrat?  Does he really think the people of Alabama are that stupid?  Apparently he does.

And yes by all means, don’t vote for the guy about whom all of these nasty rumors are now being spread.  Instead, vote for Doug Jones, the Democrat, who has actually come out in support of such things as it being ok to be teaching Kindergarten students the joys of anal sex, and the legalizing of naked men to be showering with little girls.  That’s what’s now being advocated as being the ‘sane’ approach!  So folks what is comes down to, is accusations with absolutely no basis in truth or fact, at least at this point, versus what we actually KNOW about Mr. Jones.

Keep in mind that it was also Mr. Jones who made the rather bold assessment that The Trump Administration “was wrong” when it decided to rescind Title IX guidance implemented during the Obummer’s Administration on how transgender students should be able to access sex-segregated spaces, including bathrooms and locker rooms, in public schools.  And it is this guy who also said the Trump Administration “was wrong” when it announced the U.S. military could no longer afford to accommodate transgender soldiers.  Yet, he’s never been in the military.

So what the people of Alabama are going to have to base their decision on when they cast their vote on December 20, is all of noise that they’ve heard regarding Judge Moore, which up to this point can be described as being little more than fiction, and the facts of what we actually know when it comes to Democrat Doug Jones.  And if I were able to cast a vote in Alabama there is absolutely no doubt for whom I would be voting for.  And it would be Judge Moore.  Because what is being done here, against Judge Moore, is nothing short of criminal.  He deserves to win.



Flake 2

Nothing makes it more clear, when it comes to just how much of a RINO fraud Jeff Flake of Arizona is than the recent news that he is at least now considering running for his seat as an Independent by giving his blessing to an outside organization to conduct polling to explore just such a possibility.  I’m sure everyone remembers when Flake announced last Tuesday that he would not be seeking re-election to a second Senate term next year in light of his dire chances of winning a Republican primary and his frustration with the tenure of President Donald Trump.  Polling showed him trailing his insurgent challenger, Kelli Ward, by double digits.  But now Flake has come up with what he sees as being a Plan B that would likely result in nothing more than to hand the seat to the Democrats.  Which is apparently his preference.

The Centrist Project, which is a group created to recruit independent candidates, apparently approached Flake about running outside the dominant two-party system during a meeting this past Friday.  The senator signaled he was open to the possibility and was interested in what polling would show. A spokesperson for Flake did not respond to an inquiry.  After initial publication of this story, the senator tweeted that an independent run is “not gonna happen.”  Flake tweeted, “I subscribe to the old saw Running as an Independent is the future … and will always be the future.” And he continued shortly afterward with another post saying, “I am a conservative and a Republican. This fever will someday break and we can rebuild our party once more.”  Personally, I would not trust this guy as far as I could throw him.

The Centrist Project is planning to poll Flake’s chances as an independent in a three-way race this week.  While Flake is skeptical about the feasibility of an independent run, the source says, he indicated he was open to the idea if he’s provided a viable path to victory. Since Flake’s announcement last week, a segment of Republican and Independent-leaning donors also have been encouraging the option.  The source attributed Flake’s public disinterest in an independent run to public pressure from Republicans.  Joel Searby, a strategist for The Centrist Project said, “Donors and like-minded Americans who care about a functioning democracy are realizing they’re going to have to look to new options as party primaries continue to not only encourage but essentially guarantee the most extreme candidates.”

Searby added, “In the case of Jeff Flake, people from both the center-right and center-left realize that they can basically have whichever most extreme Republican emerges from the primary or, as an independent, a level-headed, principled Jeff Flake. When they start thinking in those terms, they begin to realize it’s time for reconsidering the old ways.”  And if Flake should launch such a bid, it would further complicate what’s already expected to be a highly competitive race.  While Ward has been in the contest for a year, White House aides, leery about her candidacy, have been looking for alternatives.  GOP Rep. Martha McSally made members of the Arizona congressional delegation aware she’s weighing entering the contest, and Jay Heiler, a member of the Arizona Board of Regents, has formed an exploratory committee.

Meanwhile Democrat Rep. Kyrsten Sinema is already in the race and is not expected to face a difficult primary which means that she be able to horde whatever money will predictably be coming her way from all across the country.  You see, this is the way these scumbag RINOs like Flake operate.  They’re never stratified to simply take their ball and go home.  They always feel compelled to take things a step or two beyond that, hoping to inflict as much damage as they can against the team who saw fit to remove them from their ranks.  Because it must always be made to be about them and not, as it was this case, being about what’s best for our country.  They don’t care about what’s best for the country, only about what’s best from them.  Flake learned that lesson very well from his presumed mentor, John McCain.


Flake 8

Granted we still have a very long way to go but with Jeff Flake now following closely behind Bob Corker in heading toward the exit, it would seem that ‘The Swamp’ may actually be self-draining.  But what strikes me as being a little odd about Flake’s departure is that here we have a guy with an 18 percent approval rating back home and who has been a ‘NeverTrumper’ practically since day one, suffering from what can only be described as delusions of grandeur the likes of which we haven’t seen since ‘Crazy Uncle John’ Kasich ran for president.  And why I say that is because when asked, just today, about his possible future intentions, Flake repeatedly refused to rule out a potential bid against President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.  What the Hell is this guy smokin’?

You see, it was when asked if he will run for president in 2020 that Flake told the folks on ABC’s “This Morning”: “That’s a long way away. I’m focused on my next 14 months in the Senate, making sure that we get some good policy, there are some things that I want to accomplish in the short term.”  Flake, you’ll recall, announced Tuesday afternoon that he does not intend to seek re-election in 2018, choosing instead to join his fellow RINO in the Senate, Bob Corker, as both head toward the door.  Flake was widely considered one of the most vulnerable Senate Republicans, if not the most vulnerable, up for re-election.  And like I said, he has been a rather outspoken and very vocal critic of President Trump, but he also hasn’t got much support from the voters of Arizona.

And also it was in a telephone interview with ‘The Arizona Republic’ that Flake said, “Here’s the bottom line: The path that I would have to travel to get the Republican nomination is a path I’m not willing to take, and that I can’t in good conscience take.”  And he went on to say, “It would require me to believe in positions I don’t hold on such issues as trade and immigration and it would require me to condone behavior that I cannot condone.”  The Arizona senator did not respond again when asked if he will take on President Trump in the next presidential election cycle, saying, “you know, that’s a long time away. And we’ll deal with that when it comes to it.”  I guess I don’t understand what would make someone who can’t even win in his own state think they could win nationally.

I think it’s fair to say Flake and Corker were but two of those on ‘our side’ who were fully expecting, maybe even hoping, that Hitlery would win the election last November, and when she didn’t they were still confident that once candidate Trump was sworn in all of his campaign rhetoric would conveniently go out the window and he would revert to the old Washington RINO two step and dance right along with them.  But instead President Trump has ended up dancing on their political graves.  I suspect that Democrats are terribly disappointed that Flake won’t be running.  The fact that he was seen as being vulnerable, I’m sure, had them with visions of adding that seat to their caucus.  They will now face an uphill battle.  Better for Republicans to have a new candidate rather than a disliked incumbent.

So now with them heading toward the door, and I’m sure we can expect to soon see both of these losers making the rounds to all of the leftwing news shows.  And I’m pretty sure we won’t be hearing them admit how it is that for the first time we have in Trump someone who gives it better than he gets it.  Why do you think all of the ad hominem attacks both the Republicans and the Democrats failed to put a dent in first candidate, and then in President Trump?  Far from criticizing the continuing stream of vile filthy attacks against the president that came, and continue to come, from those on the left, Flake and Corker, along with McCain and a few other RINOs, simply chose to join in.  And then they have the nerve to act offended when the president fires back at them.  What exactly did they expect?

Look, then candidate Trump beat 16 contenders to gain the nomination before going on to beat Hitlery despite having the entire Democrat Party, 99 percent of the state-controlled media and over half of the Republican Party all waging war on him.  I think the only way Flake would have a chance of beating President Trump would be if Trump decided not to seek reelection. “Rough around the edges” doesn’t begin to define Trump, but as I heard someone say on some show, we need to focus more on what’s being accomplished than on the words being used.  The people support the policy changes Trump espouses and will doggedly support him against what has largely been unprincipled and disingenuous attacks.  If given a choice, most of us would rather have him in our corner than the Washington insiders.

And it was also a bit disingenuous of Flake to imply that we who support the president are somehow demanding of him complete and unquestionable loyalty to the president.  Because that’s not the case at all.  All we are asking for is for there to be some level acceptance, from members of his own party, of the man who was duly elected president.  And it is that that men like Flake, Corker and McCain simply can’t bring themselves to do.  And why is that?  Many of us think it’s because these men, and the many others like them, long ago forgot why it was they were elected to serve in the first place.  It was not to allow them a way to enrich themselves, or to simply do the bidding of their wealthy donors, it was to fairly represent the people, all the people.  And that is what seems to have been forgotten.

And, it is that that has finally become completely and totally unacceptable.  It seems that these men expect loyal long standing conservatives to believe that they remain the few politicians still roaming the Earth that are without blemish.  While I do not always endorse the style of President Trump, you certainly can make the argument that at least some of his tweets do have merit.  And while I would most certainly prefer an end to all of the bickering, there are those who seem interested in doing nothing more than to fight with Trump over those issues on which he ran and, quite frankly got him elected.  And at least for the time being I’m content to remain a steadfast support of his, rather than of those who prefer to bicker.  Because it is Trump who is still willing to listen to the forgotten working class in America.

It’s Flake and the many other immigration happy global corporate elites who could care less.  Flake seems to care little that we are losing America.  Over 30% of families in his home state now speak languages other than English at home.  In the state just to the west that number is 45%.  Language is central to unifying a culture.  The rich have prospered in the last 20+ years while wages have been stagnant for most of the middle class.  Unemployment is still at record levels among those that have to compete with cheap illegal foreign labor.  Long before Trump made it to Washington Flake and his buddies stood by and watched as Obummer used extra constitutional methods to sell out American interests here and abroad.  Where was this precious voice of opposition then?

Mr. Flake, I have no reason to believe you anything but a decent man. You were given the unbelievable privilege of representing the good people of the great state of Arizona in the Senate of the United States.  But that said, it does not give you the right to judge me or my motives for choosing to support Mr. Trump.  I am every bit the American you claim to be.  I will be glad to see you leave ‘The Swamp.’  I have a difficult time respecting a person who only quit because it was a less embarrassing option than the total shellacking you were about to get.  You say that it was because the President was tarnishing politics.  If he is, he borrowed the brush from you and those like you.  If Trump is the disaster that you claim that he is, you would switch parties and join with the impeachment crowd.

And it’s in all likelihood that by next week most of us will have forgotten Flake’s rather sorry attempt at a resignation speech, but that likely won’t stop the ‘Crappy News Network’ (CNN) from trying to get a temporary ratings boost out of it.  One of the oddest things about the coverage of Flake’s resignation is how those in the state-controlled media tried to spin it as being a loss for the president.  A prominent critic of Trump deciding to leave office doesn’t exactly sound like much of a loss, no matter how many lame barbs Flake lobbed in his direction during his “defiant” surrender.  Flake’s resignation is the epitome of a trend that began when Trump first secured his party’s nomination for president and that now has various conservatives melodramatically announcing their exit from the Republican Party.

The main attack against Trump in the primary was that he was not a conservative. That had little effect on voters.  There is also nothing in the arguments of these disaffected Republicans to win over the party’s base.  Unrestricted free trade means their jobs can easily be shipped overseas.  Open borders means they have no say on who is allowed to come into this country and their communities.  More foreign interventions mean their children have to bear the cost for the grand schemes of think tank warriors.  These stances win disingenuous praise from liberals, but they’re not going to win elections.  It is abundantly clear that the average Republican cares more about the culture war than they do about the Export-Import bank and other obscure issues that only folks like Flake care about.

Lastly, it was on my way home from work last night that I happened to be listening to Fox’s ‘The Five’ when the subject of Republicans who oppose the president came up.  And it was Juan ‘Dumb As A Brick’ Williams who, in trying very hard to make his point, brought up how it’s members of his own party that are attacking President Trump.  Of course those who Juan was busy quoting were Flake, Corker and McCain.  While I guess you can call these guys Republicans if for no other reason than because they are always listed with an (R) after their name, most see them as RINOs.  And if quoting these guys is the best old Juan can do in trying to make his point, he’s not going to get very far by using creatures from ‘The Swamp’ when trying to make his case against Trump to those folks outside the beltway.


Flake 5

After last year’s polling debacle I don’t suppose it would be a wise decision, regardless of which end of the political spectrum you may reside, to put much faith in any poll having to do with the next election.  But I must admit that it does do my heart good to hear that, it would at least appear, Republican Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, one of President Donald Trump’s more vitriolic critics, should be worried about keeping his Senate seat.  And such news comes from the recently released JMC Analytics poll which said that if the GOP primary for the 2018 election was held over the weekend challenger Kelli Ward would be ahead with 47 percent, and Flake would be behind with 21 percent. Twenty-nine percent of Republican voters said they were undecided.  Flake and Trump have attacked one another, and Trump recently tweeted, “Great to see that Dr. Kelli Ward is running against Flake Jeff Flake, who is WEAK on borders, crime and a non-factor in Senate. He’s toxic!”

Now while this was in no way a direct endorsement of the former state senator, Trump allies have certainly gotten behind Dr. Ward.  A pro-Trump super PAC, ‘Great America PAC’, spent $20,000 helping Ward, according to federal election filings.  In addition, prominent Trump donor Robert Mercer gave $300,000 to Ward.  Mercer previously gave to Ward’s 2016 campaign in which she failed to beat RINO John McCain in the state’s GOP primary.  One result in Monday’s poll that bodes well for Ward is that 67 percent of likely Republican voters have an unfavorable opinion of Flake and just 22 percent like him.  Forty-three percent of those polled have a favorable opinion of Ward.  The poll also said that 66 percent of likely GOP voters think someone other than Flake should be the GOP nominee for the 2018 race.  Granted, there is still a very long way to go before the election, and no doubt a great many things can happen before it gets here.  But it is cause for hope.

JMC Analytics’ John Couvillon, shows Flake in almost irreparable shape ahead of his reelection bid in 2018.  That an incumbent U.S. Senator like Flake could be polling as low as 21 percent in his own primary, while a challenger like Ward has pulled 26 points ahead of him at 47 percent, is almost unthinkable with nearly a full year to go until the August 2018 primary.  Three percent of the electorate said they would vote for Nicholas Tutora, another candidate, and 29 percent are undecided, when asked which candidate they would vote for between Ward, Flake, and Tutora.  When asked if Flake should be re-nominated in 2018, it was a rather astounding 66 percent who said that someone else should represent the Republican Party on the Senate ticket next year while just 22 percent said Flake should be re-nominated with 13 percent saying they are undecided.  Undecided?  What, have they been living under a rock?

Fifty-six percent said they would be more likely to vote for a candidate if President Donald Trump endorsed someone in the primary, while 19 percent said they would be less likely, and 25 percent said a Trump endorsement would make no difference.  The survey also asked respondents about Trump’s criticism of Flake as “weak on borders, crime, and a non-factor in the Senate.” It noted that Trump “wants to unseat Senator Flake in the Republican primary,” and asked if that makes voters more or less likely to back Flake in 2018. In response, a solid majority—60 percent—said that Trump’s opposition to Flake’s reelection makes them less likely to support the senator, while only 21 percent said it makes them more likely to back Flake, and 19 percent said it makes no difference.  A whopping 76 percent of respondents in the JMC Analytics poll approve of President Trump’s job performance, while just 21 percent disapprove and six percent have no opinion

In his analysis of the polling data it was Mr. Couvillon who detailed just how big of a deal it actually is that Flake is currently so far underwater in this recent polling.  He said, “Next year’s Senate race already has the potential to be competitive, given that (1) Senator Flake won his first term in 2012 with a 49-46% plurality (running behind Mitt Romney’s 54%), and (2) in last year’s Presidential election, Arizona moved perceptibly towards the Democrats, as Donald Trump only carried the state 49-45%  (In 2012, Mitt Romney carried the state 54-45%).  But while the general election will be a challenge (Arizona is one of two Republican held Senate seats that Democrats could put in play next November), Senator Flake has a more immediate problem: he faces a substantial primary challenge as well.”

Mr. Couvillon then went on to say, “On the primary ballot test, Kelli Ward has a 47-21% lead over Flake (with wide leads over the incumbent among virtually every demographically significant group), despite Flake’s having nearly two decades of Congressional experience.  And Flake also faces underwater approval ratings (his unfavorability rating is 67-22%, while Ward’s approval is 43-23% positive) nearly identical to the overwhelming negative opinion Arizona Republican primary voters have of him: by a 66-22% margin, they would prefer someone else over the incumbent in the primary.”

Couvillon continued by noting how big of a deal Trump involvement may play in the race.  He said, “President Trump is still fairly popular (76-21% approval among Republican likely primary voters), and that popularity also translates to the value of a Trump endorsement in this contest: respondents by a 56-19% margin would be more likely to support President Trump’s endorsed candidate. That sentiment is especially potent when President Trump makes an incumbent (in this case, Senator Flake) the subject of his ire, such as his August 17 tweet dismissing Sen. Flake as “toxic” and a “non-factor” in the U.S. Senate. JMC tested the impact of that message, and on the basis of that tweet, respondents would by a 60-21% margin be less likely to support Flake (those more likely to support Flake already support him 76-5% on the ballot test, while those less likely to support Flake support Ward 68-5%). In summary, Senator Flake faces a substantial primary challenge from Kelli Ward, and this race could determine partisan control of the U.S. Senate.”

And it was this past Sunday evening that Dr. Ward appeared on Breitbart News on ‘SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel’ to highlight her challenge against Flake.  And it was on that show that Dr. Ward said, “There are so many reasons” that Flake is tanking in the polls.   And she went on to say, “His popularity wasn’t even very high before he started on this anti-Trump tirade that he has been on. You know he has been a Never Trumper forever. He was a Never Trumper during the primary. He said that Donald Trump was not his 14th choice to be our nominee. After Donald Trump fought his way through that field of contenders in that primary process, he still said that Donald Trump should get out and that America deserves better.”  She said, “That’s what he was featured in Hillary Clinton’s campaign commercial about.”  This guy Flake is the personification of why it’s so important that President Trump drain ‘The Swamp.’

Anyway, Dr. Ward went on to say, “And since Donald Trump’s been in the White House he has been a huge thorn in his side. He came out with his book, his ‘manifesto’ to conservatives, basically putting us down and belittling us because we just don’t know what is happening in Washington, D.C., and in the world, and he needs to tell us and he needs to pat us on the head and tell us what conservatism is all about, forgetting that the election of 2016 was a mandate here in our country for people who want what Donald Trump told us he was going to give us: the secure border, stop illegal immigration, repeal Obamacare, fix the tax code, grow the economy, make sure the military is the strongest military in the world. Those are the things that people want, and those are the things that Jeff Flake as well as other people that dwell in the swamp are standing in the way of.”

And what should be of even more concern to the good senator from Arizona is the fact that the JMC Analytics survey is hardly the only polling organization currently showing him to be in such a dire situation.  Because a HighGround Public Affairs survey conducted from Aug. 18 to Aug. 19 of 273 “high efficacy Republican and PND/Independent voters” with a margin of error of 5.93 percent also found that Ward was leading Flake by 14 points.  She was at approximately 42 percent in that survey, while Flake was down at around 28 percent.  So it would seem that things have only gotten worse for Flake since then.  And deservedly so.  This guy could very easily jumped onboard the ‘Trump Train’ and assisted in getting this country back on the road to recovery after eight years of the worst president in modern American history.  But nope, he just couldn’t bring himself to do it.  So here’s to hoping that soon it’ll be Senator Ward!

But now comes the rumor that Sheriff Joe Arpaio may be considering that he too is interested in taking on Flake for the senate seat.  Now no offense to good Sheriff Joe, but that would be nothing short of a disaster!  How about, instead, we have ‘Sheriff Joe for GOVERNOR’ of Arizona, but definitely not Senator!  I think it’s fair to say that Dr. Ward has EARNED her spot here and has a YUGE Lead!  If he was to enter the race that would nothing more than to guarantee that, short of another brain tumor diagnosis, we’d would likely be saddled with Flake another 6 Years!!  Arizona needs one, I repeat ONE, primary challenger to Flake.  The RINOs will likely throw in a Potemkin candidate to further dilute the anti-Flake vote.  All other potential challengers should simply stay away. I’m thinking that Dr. Kelli Ward has this one covered and will be the only one to get any money from me.

So here’s Plan A going from here:  In the GOP, we wipe out Flake, Strange, and Heller in the primaries.  On the Democrat side we target McCaskill in MO, Tester in MT, Donnelly in IN, Manchin in WV, Heitkamp in ND, Stabenow in MI (go Kid Rock!), Nelson in FL, Brown in OH, Frankin in MN, Kaine in VA, and Casey in PA.  Can you imagine 14 new conservative Senators in the Senate helping pass Trump’s agenda of lower taxes, lower immigration, and ‘The Wall?’  McConnell would be so beside himself that he might even go so far as to blow his brains out.  We take out ‘RINO Ryan in 2018 by donating and voting for Paul Nehlen in Wisconsin’s 1st District!  We replace McConnell in 2020 by drafting KY Rep. Thomas Massie, who has a 100% Conservative Rating.  Also, we keep donating to Dr. Ward to assist in her effort to take out Jeff Flake, the UN Globalist-Open Borders/Amnesty Snake in 2018!   Also, we need to convince Sheriff Joe to stay out of the way and allow Dr. Ward to win!  There’s no Plan B.

And here’s one final warning to all of our lying-sack-of-shit, back-stabbing RINOs.  They had better start getting behind our president, and the sooner they do that the longer their life expectancy, electorally speaking or course, will be.  Because otherwise they all just might be looking for a new job in a little over a year.  They don’t seem to understand that Trump has 60% or 70% of Republican voters and 35% or 40% of all voters who will vote for Trump no matter what he does.  So they either need to get with the program, or get out of the way of those whose mission has become the saving of what’s left of this country after eight years of Obummer.  I always get a rather sizable kick out of watching President Trump whenever he starts naming names of all our pathetic sellouts.  It’s about time we had someone willing to play real hardball with these pretend-wannabe-conservative-RINO-Republicans.  I’ve had it with the whole lot of them, Flake included!


Flake 2

It would seem to me that the further into the Trump presidency we get, the more vocal our RINO members of ‘The Swamp’ become in their effort to assist the Democrats in trying to undermine our duly elected president.  They continue to ratchet up their incendiary rhetoric about what a danger Trump has become to represent to the party, the nation and even to the world.  There seems to be little difference between what we’re now hearing from them and what we’ve been hearing from their Democrat colleagues for some time now.  Our cast of RINOs seem to take great offense to the fact that President Trump has been calling them out on such things as their promising for seven years to “repeal and replace’ Obamacare and yet when they have the opportunity to do just that, they don’t.  And then there’s their very obvious reluctance to secure the southern border and to construct the much needed border wall.  These RINOs are no different than the Democrats.

Which, I guess, brings me to Jeff Flake, RINO from Arizona, who has made the claim, in a recently released excerpt from his upcoming book, that his party is in “denial” about President Donald Trump.  Flake argued that the Republican Party helped to create the Trump movement and now is in complete denial over the “chaos” the Trump presidency has created in his new book “Conscience of a Conservative,” which was featured in Politico.  While Flake may view himself as being a “conservative” his actions speak much louder than his words, and his actions make it very clear that he is anything but a conservative.  And it would seem that the only ones in “denial” are those like Flake who seem to be interested in nothing more than to lie to the American people, and those who tend to vote Republican are getting pretty fed up with these establishment politicians, like Flake, who tend to ignore the wishes of those whom they work for.

It’s in this pathetic little work of fiction that Flake writes, “It was we conservatives who rightly and robustly asserted our constitutional prerogatives as a co-equal branch of government when a Democrat was in the White House but who, despite solemn vows to do the same in the event of a Trump presidency, have maintained an unnerving silence as instability has ensued.”  And he goes on to write, “To carry on in the spring of 2017 as if what was happening was anything approaching normalcy required a determined suspension of critical faculties. And tremendous powers of denial.”  Flake explained that he understood why Republicans were ignoring the issues the Trump presidency created, saying he has done the same thing. He wrote, “I’ve been sympathetic to this impulse to denial, as one doesn’t ever want to believe that the government of the United States has been made dysfunctional at the highest levels, especially by the actions of one’s own party.”  What hypocritical pabulum.

Flake said, “For a conservative, that’s an awfully bitter pill to swallow.”  Let’s be honest here, this guy is nowhere near to being a conservative, he only likes to pretend he’s a conservative whenever he appears on television.  Anyway, he went on to say that one of the few ways to stop a way-ward president is through Congress before calling on his fellow congressmen to acts as the “checks and balances” against some of Trump’s demands.  He said, “As the first branch of government (Article I), the Congress was designed expressly to assert itself at just such moments. It is what we talk about when we talk about ‘checks and balances.’ Too often, we observe the unfolding drama along with the rest of the country, passively, all but saying, ‘Someone should do something!’ without seeming to realize that that someone is us.”  Does he actually hear the crap coming out of his mouth?  Flake is up for re-election in 2018 and God willing he won’t be showing back up in January 2019.

So the good people of Arizona will soon have the opportunity to be sending off to Washington two new senators, and wouldn’t it be great if, for a change, both of them turned out to be bona fide conservatives instead of pathetic RINOs!  Will they take full advantage of it?  Although I see little reason for hope since it was just last year that they thought it appropriate to once again send John McCain back to the Senate.  But it would seem that God has since intervened and will be removing McCain by another means.  But, the people there will have a chance to redeem themselves by electing a suitable ‘conservative’ replacement for Flake, one who will hopefully make good on the promises he, or she, makes.  This guy, Flake, has been living off the taxpayers since 2003, first serving the House and then gaining a promotion for himself to the Senate in 2012.  So I fear the chances may be rather slim that the people of Arizona will finally come to their senses and send this dishonest RINO packing.

Odd that we should be hearing complaints about a dysfunctional government coming from one of those most responsible for making it so.  I would love nothing better than to see President Trump throw his weight behind whomever it might be that faces Flake in a primary and then to proceed to make an example out of him.  Flake should be made the poster-boy when it comes to all of the promises made by his fellow RINOs that were then broken as soon as the election was over.  Because when you get right down to it, it sounds like he is talking more about our many RINOs in Congress not making good on all those many promises they made when they had a Democrat as president.  Flake, like every other RINO that we’re forced to contend with, is a loser.  The people of Arizona owe the country an apology for repeatedly sending McCain off to Washington and then compounding that act of stupidity by electing Flake.  Both are nothing more than modern day Benedict Arnold’s.

Flake voted against Obummer simply because it was easy and he could bolster his record as fighting Obummer’s liberal/progressive agenda.  Remember, he’s only been in the Senate for 5 years, all under Obummer.  He was an early NeverTrumper who has supported mass immigration, both legal and illegal.  Flake is the personification of all that’s wrong with Washington. “Conservatives” like Flake are the problem.  We the People created the Trump movement, not go-along-to-get-along politicians like Flake, Rubio, McCain and Graham, to name just a few, who do whatever the spineless McConnell tells them to, while surrendering any claims to being defenders of the Constitution.  Everything Obummer did could have been stopped but instead, the Republicans became silent and indifferent enablers who are now terrified that they might be rightfully identified for what they’ve allowed to happen to our Republic.  Flake and his ilk should be dissatisfied with Mr. Trump, they’re why we elected him.

I think it’s safe to say that most Republican voters have had more than enough of the NeverTrump wing of their party.  They lost, and lost overwhelmingly.  If they cannot accept the decision of the Republican voters or at least remain silent, they have no business being in our party.  They just need to be honest and become Democrats. Going after Trump is going after those who voted for him. Any Republican who believes that that is a winning strategy will find out how far it goes in the primaries when Trump voters throw them all out.  We have had it with this garbage.  If Flake wants to do the work of a Democrat, get out of the party and become one.  After all, the stock market is up, business revenue is up, wages are up, Illegal immigration is on the way down, and consumer confidence is up.  Thank you President Trump!  Meanwhile, healthcare reform appears dead, tax cuts have not yet been acted upon and border wall funding is minuscule.  Thank you congressional Republicans!

Let’s face it, the Republicans did little more than roll over and play dead for the entire eight years that we had to tolerate Obummer being in the White House.  All we got was lip service.  And now they want to stand in opposition to Trump, a guy who’s a member of their own team?  Flake and the many other RINOs were only too happy to throw their support behind Hitlery.  Even after the base pretty much repudiated the ‘Establishment’ types in the primaries because they could not be trusted.  So here’s hoping Trump supporters can defeat Flake in 2018.  His weak poll numbers are only going to get weaker.  And these RINOs need to have their collective head examined if they think they can bring our President down and then pick up all the pieces he pulled together for his victory.  And if they do manage to bring down our President the Republican Party is through.  They will never again win another presidency and become the permanent minority party.  Which may be what they’re really after.

RINOs like Flake represent a very clear and present danger to this country.  All they’re doing, and have been doing since election night, is to throw a tantrum because it turns out that we can have immigration enforcement without comprehensive amnesty.  They kept dangling enforcement so they could double the number of illegal immigrants per year to 2 million and to legalize those already here.  Sorry, we got enforcement without letting you flood the country with cheap labor and letting you destroy the language and culture.  Yet they keep babbling on about “our broken immigration system” blah, blah, “comprehensive immigration reform,” blah, blah, “path to citizenship,” blah, blah, “illegals are better than American citizens,” blah, blah, and “xenophobia, nativism, and racism.”  There are a lot of Senators who don’t realize how much trouble they may be in.  And all the donor money in the world won’t make up for a lack of votes.  Just ask Hitlery if it worked for her.

Flake has managed to progress from being just your average run-of-the-mill backbencher to being one of the more prominent back biters in Congress.  Flake has literally never done anything throughout his entire political career.  He opposes everything conservatives want.  He’s pro-choice, pro-open borders, pro-higher taxes, and against school vouchers.  I mean who is this guy to call for Congress to block the President from his own party?  Flake and his RINO cohorts are telling America to F- off.  So the time has come to remove as many of them from office as we can and replace them with those who love their country.  So because the Republicans can get nothing done in the Senate, it’s somehow the fault of the President?  This is nonsense and he knows it.  With the election of President Trump the Republicans were handed an opportunity to do the right thing and yet they still can’t get it together.  It’s a shame and not what the American people voted for.

America was built with hard work, sweat, and a lot of blood. The two major parties are embarrassing our country.  The Democrats by pushing their social agenda issues, and the Republicans constantly afraid of offending the Far Left.  The Republican old school types have grown accustomed to kneeling in front of their Democrat betters and receiving their abuse and liking it.  Meanwhile, Trump has fought back and I look forward to watching Trump endorse those candidates who choose to run against incumbent RINOs like Flake.  “Make America Great Again” is happening and ‘The Establishment’, both right and left, just can’t handle it.  None of them thought that President Trump had a snowball’s chance in Hell of beating Hitlery, and nine months later they are still unable to accept it.  So now we see the RINOs teaming up with the Democrats in what has become a less than covert effort to topple a duly elected president.  And we the people must make it known that this is simply unacceptable.