So with another ‘awards show’ comes yet another opportunity for those in our ‘entertainment industry’ to demonstrate, to an ever-shrinking viewing audience, just how completely ignorant, and out of touch, they truly are.  This time around it was the ‘60th annual Grammy Awards’ which took place over the weekend.  And to no one’s surprise it was just as politicized and just as forgettable, if not more so, than every other show of its type as once again self-righteous, self-involved celebrities virtue-signaled on everything from President Trump to DACA to gender equality.

One wonders what it might actually take before any of these narcissistic hypocrites finally decide to get back to what it is that these stupid little shows are really supposed to be all about.  Might we need to get to the point where there’s virtually no one tuning in to watch?  I mean, I can’t remember the last time that I made it a point to watch any of these exercises in stupidity.  And it seems that with each passing year, all of these shows have fewer people watching them than they did the year before.  Why is it that ANYONE would want to tune in to watch this crap?

This year those in charge sought to pull out all the stops as we had more than a few bona fide nobodies, Kendrick Lamar, Camilla Cabello, and Cardi B, if you’ve never heard of them don’t feel bad few people have including myself, joining in with host James Corden, I wasn’t sure who he is either but have heard him described as being perhaps the biggest celebrity butt-kisser in all of Hollyweird, making Progressive speeches and poking all manner of ‘fun’ at Trump.  Is this really what these people think viewers want to watch, them having their pathetic political temper tantrums?

For example, it was this loser Cabello who went so far as to actually make a plea for the DACA ‘Dreamers’.  And it was in so doing that she said, “I’m here on this stage tonight because, just like the Dreamers, my parents brought me to this country with nothing in their pockets but hope. They showed me what it means to work twice as hard and never give up. And honestly, no part of my journey is any different from theirs. I’m a proud Cuban-Mexican immigrant, born in Eastern Havana, standing in front of you on the Grammys stage in New York City.”  Brings a tear to your eye, no?

And this dolt went on to say, “And all I know is, just like dreams, these kids can’t be forgotten and are worth fighting for.”  This imbecile went on to say, “No part of my journey is any different from theirs” — except you’re in the country legally. Slight difference.” And then we had Bono-fronted rock band U2, fresh off a controversial music video which featured Trump supporters as the KKK, opening the show with a politicized joint performance with rapper Kendrick Lamar, in which Lamar’s backup dancers began falling to the floor as the sounds of gunshots rang out on stage.

Then there was a rather odd, pre-taped segment during which a cadre of braindead simpletons, comprised of John Legend, Cher, Snoop Dog, Cardi B and DJ Khaled, each read excerpts from Michael Wolff’s bizarre work of fiction, ‘Fire and Fury.’  I’d be curious know who was the creative genius behind this display of idiocy.  It finished with a surprise appearance by failed presidential candidate and Clinton Foundation mafiosa, Hitlery, who also read an excerpt, because she doesn’t have anything else to do since she’s not President, and, God willing, never will be.

Purported comedienne Sarah Silverman, black comedian Dave Chappelle, and Daily Show host Trevor Noah all attempted their own lame anti-Trump jabs.  All of which those in attendance thought were humorous, but anyone with an IQ outside of double-digits would likely have seen as being rather childish and very unfunny.  But it wasn’t really about the humor, it was all about mocking the president that millions of regular folks, and none of these elites, voted for.  And what is it that they were truly trying to accomplish with all of their foolishness?  That they were right and we were wrong?

Singer Janelle Monae spoke up for equal pay for women and for victims of sexual assault, which is showbiz’s hashtag cause du jour.  She said, “We say time’s up for pay equality… Time’s up for harassment of any kind. It’s not just going on in Hollywood, it’s not just going on in Washington. It’s going on right here in our industry. We have the power to undo the culture that does not serve us well. So let’s work together, women and men, as a united music industry committed to creating more safe work environments, equal pay and access for all women.”  Wow, what a concept!

And it was Rapper LogicL who rounded out the show with a silly speech on gender equality and immigration.  He said, “And lastly, on behalf of those who fight for equality in a world that’s not equal, not just and not ready for the change we are here to bring, I say unto you, bring us your tired, poor and any immigrant who seeks refuge – for together, we can build not just a better country, but a world that is destined to be united.”  Right, a perfect ending to a perfectly idiotic television show with the American people being lectured to by this ignorant little twerp.

And it’s become rather obvious that no one really cares about ratings. The ratings for this year’s Grammy’s were the lowest in history.  That’s apparently the kind of collateral damage no one cares about, not even the producers and participants of this rather twisted event.  As long as they have a platform from which to spew their nonsensical propaganda, that’s all that’s important.  The participants were encouraged to repeat leftwing political drivel, and were quite happy to do so.  And those who make up the show’s viewing audience anticipated that and stayed away.

This year’s show went so far as to feature that notorious liar Hitlery, the lady who openly mocked the accusers of hubby ‘Slick Willy’, referring to many of them as being nothing more than bimbos.  What seems so dishonest to me is Hitlery presenting herself as being a champion of women’s rights.  She should be denounced by women, all women, even those on the left.  I think it’s hysterical that the most qualified woman for the job has been reduced to reading silly gossip books to celebrity children.  She continues to validate Trump’s victory on nearly a daily basis.

The woman is far from a class act. But then this is the Grammys we’re talking about here, where class acts are nonexistent.  Let’s face it, haters have to hate, it’s what they do.  And it’s ALL that they do.  And the far lefties of Hollyweird are the world champions of hate!  And anyone who believes in the greatness of our Constitutional Republic or the freedoms that it bestows upon us all to enjoy, will surely be a target of their incendiary attacks.  After all, they are haters of America and it’s President Trump, and those who voted for him, who seek a return to American Greatness!