Seriously folks after eight long years of Barry ‘O’ and one year of President Trump do we really need some cockamamie poll telling us that the American people no longer have much faith in that once venerable institution that we used to refer to as the ‘mainstream media’.  A band of losers that has, today, come to be viewed by a majority of Americans as being little more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.  But, be that as it may it’s according to a new poll by Poynter, the self-described “global leader in journalism,” that nearly half of all Americans don’t trust the news media and believe the press makes up most of the stories it reports.

But then, that’s only because they do, and quite frequently.  The Poynter Media Trust Survey discovered that 44% of those polled “believe the press invents negative stories about the president.”  Not surprising, it’s the vast majority of Republicans (74%) who feel that way.  And apparently none of those who take great pleasure in to referring to themselves as ‘journalists’ have learned anything, even after having been on the receiving end of a sizable wakeup call on November 8, 2016, when to their utter shock and dismay, Donald Trump, and not their favored candidate, Hitlery, won the presidency.  As I recall there were some pretty glum faces that night.

Because not one of them saw it coming and it was every single network, even Fox News, who was overly confident that they’d be declaring only one victor that evening, Hitlery, and their biases were clearly revealed that night.  The fallout was epic.  All the major newsrooms scrambled to figure out where they went wrong.  Most promised to do better to report the news outside of their left-wing bubbles but instead, it was in pretty short order that they were soon back to their old ways, spreading any negative story they could about Trump whether true or not. So it’s doubtful if this second supposed wakeup call will end up having any sort of an effect.

Those at Poynter are nothing short of a very determined bunch of optimists as they hope their survey will change things this time around.  They said, “The finding should be a fire alarm for newsrooms; a widespread, fundamental misunderstanding among the public of what we do points to an urgent need to be more transparent about how and why we report news. Remedies to begin restoring audience trust include annotating stories and linking original documents and images to show how we know what we know, and publishing reports and videos taking the audience step-by-step through ethical standards, methods, sourcing and fact-checking.”

And they went on to say, “The Washington Post is doing that in a new series called “How to Be a Reporter,” which cited the Poynter survey as an inspiration and launched four days after Post editor Marty Baron spoke of the need for more transparency to address the trust gap at the Poynter Ethics Summit.”  The Poynter survey did find that many Americans (49%) believe journalists report “fully, accurately and fairly,” but that’s only a few more percentage points than those that don’t. Democrats are confident in the mainstream media’s coverage to the tune of a whopping 74%. In contrast, only 19% of Republicans trust the media to tell the truth.

Now let’s just say that this is one of those very rare occasions where this poll is at least somewhere near to being accurate.  I must admit that I find it all more than just a bit disconcerting that 50% of Americans are still able to trust what’s being reported in the ‘state-controlled’ media and billed as being ‘news’ coverage.  I never watch the state-controlled media, which includes CNN and MSNBC.  And I rarely watch all that much on Fox News these days.  They sound like a broken record as they remain on their anti-Trump crusade, blaming President Trump, as well as those right-of-center politically, as the root-cause of every ailment that they can conjure up.

Then, of course, there’s the leftist entertainment industry, whose purpose is not so much to entertain but to indoctrinate imbecilic leftist viewers.  Sadly, our state-run media and the entertainment industry have now essentially become one in the same, creating fake news and incendiary propaganda meant to motivate comatose to semi-comatose liberals.  Liberals are not unlike Zombies or drones shuffling about aimlessly waiting for one of the chosen, the so-called leftist intelligentsia/handlers, to monitor their behavior and political fidelity to the Leftist Progressive subversive cause: A Totalitarian America. Liberalism is synonymous with Despotism.

You see, the true-believers of this twisted and rather perverted cause/religion are simply too incompetent to function on their own, and are completely unable to think for themselves.  And what they are, are nothing more than carriers of what has very clearly become a deadly virus that can now be said to be sweeping across our nation and the world.  It is called “Liberalism” and even the truth seems not to be enough to destroy it.  I haven’t believed a damn thing from these purveyors of ‘fake news’ for years.  Imagine how much better off this country would be if those who were once considered to be the watchdogs of our democracy actually did their job.



media 26

Apparently, at least according to a recently released Fox News poll, it’s now that nearly half of the country has come to believe that it’s the state-controlled news media who poses an equal or greater threat to the nation than do all of those supposed white supremacists said to be among us.  The poll found that 47 percent of registered voters think white supremacists are a greater threat while 40 percent think the news media is, and nine percent believe both are equal threats.  I mean, let’s face it, when it comes to spreading a little hate and discontent there are few groups, or individuals, who can hold a candle to those in our state-controlled media complex.  These purveyors of what has now become known as “fake news”, aka pure propaganda, have earned the level of contempt a rather sizable portion of the American public now held them.  And they seem not to be bothered by it in the least since they show no sign of letting up on their incendiary rhetoric.

And I know that it goes without saying, but there seems to have been a rather significant split in how Republican and Democrat voters chose to answer the question of who represents the greater threat to our republic.  It was 76 percent of Democrat respondents who said that white supremacists are the greater threat, while 69 percent of Republicans pointed the finger squarely at the press.  Voters were also asked whether they think President Trump is tougher on the press or white supremacists, and across all demographics people agreed the president is harder on the news media.  And why might that be?  How about the fact that it’s nearly 24/7/365 that those in the media are doing their best to foment all manner of hatred and distrust of this president.  Rarely do you ever hear about bona fide white supremacists, more often than not it’s Democrats and their allies in the media making false, and rather incendiary, accusations about people they simply don’t like.

This particular poll came on the heels of President Trump’s much maligned, yet perfectly acceptable, response to violence surrounding a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which he blamed both the protesters and counter-protesters for the resulting chaos. Trump also held a rally in Arizona last week in which he ferociously attacked the press.  As for Trump’s response to Charlottesville, 56 percent of voters disapproved of Trump’s response and 52 percent of voters blamed white supremacists for the violence.  Notably, however, a majority of voters, 61 percent, think that Confederate statues and monuments should stay up.  While the poll found that voters are generally supportive of how the president is handling the economy and terrorism, there was one rather negative finding for Trump.  Fifty-six percent of voters believe Trump is tearing the country apart, while 33 percent say he is bringing it together.  I guess I would be among the 33 percent.

Trump has repeatedly called for national unity but it just hasn’t been enough to satisfy Democrats or their many friends in the state-controlled media.  It was following his electoral victory in November that he said, “To all Republicans and Democrats and independents across this nation, I say it is time for us to come together as one united people.”  But as is usually the case when it comes to this president, no matter what it is that he may say, it never seems to go quite far enough to satisfy those in the media nor in the Democrat Party.  As for support of the president’s policies, the Fox News poll had one particularly interesting finding.  Support for building a southern border wall was said to have fallen from 41 percent in favor in September 2016 to 39 percent in support in August 2017.  The poll, however, found that 45 percent of voters would support Trump following through on his threat to shut down the government in order to pressure lawmakers to fund a border wall.

And again I think it worth mentioning that after the polling debacle which we were all witness to in the lead up to the last election, how is it that any of us can take seriously ANY poll taken by ANYONE and on ANY topic?  If all, or most, of those polls had things so wrong, what makes this poll, or any other, worth the paper that it’s written on?  Personally, it’s these days that I don’t put much stock in ANY poll.  I simply assume that it’s nothing more than a bunch of BS put together by someone who is desperate to alter, in some way, public opinion.  I mean, I certainly know how I feel toward the media, as well as the president, but I don’t believe in some poll to tell me how others of my fellow Americans may feel.  Those involved in today’s state-controlled media complex are far more interested in spreading all manner of innuendo, rumor, half-truth or outright lie than they are in actually presenting to the American people ‘news and information’ that is in any way, useful.

The media, together with most on the left, and even a few on the right, seem to intent upon describing anyone who chooses to stand up for whites as a white supremacist, while only a very few actually are.  Our labeling for convenience purposes has become out of control.  The Antifa thugs are not fighting against fascism, what they’re fighting against is conservatism.  But they don’t call themselves ‘Anticon’ because that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.  Nationwide, according to the ADL, there are about an estimated 3,000 Klan members and unaffiliated people who “identify with Klan ideology.”  Membership, though, remains spread across dozens of groups.  The largest Klan groups reportedly don’t have more than 50 to 100 active members, and most have fewer than 25.   Relative to the U.S. population, it’s microscopic and yet somehow it’s those on the left who see such groups as representing the graveest threat we face as a nation.  It’s all really quite bizarre.

So while you couldn’t find enough Klan members to fill a small high school gym, those in our state-controlled media continue to work very hard in their effort to convince the American people that it’s such a group that poses the greatest threat to them and to the very survival of our Republic.   But instead, I would argue, it’s all much ado about nothing, because despite what those in the media would have us all believe, not everyone on your block belongs to such a racist club.  Our various media organizations are literally chock-full of liars, and all of the very worst kind.  And our state-controlled media has now made it their mission in life to attack President Trump, as well as his supporters, and to hide news that is in any way contrary to their agenda or the narrative they wish to advance.  And because of their open acknowledgement and attempted justification of their actions how is it that we can have any trust in the media knowing just how dangerous their actions can be.

Personally, as far as I’m concerned, all of this “white supremacist” crap is really nothing more than yet another straw man created by the left, with their many allies in the state-controlled media doing all that they can to breathe all manner of life into it.  And if we were to use the same logic used by liberals, if a murderer were to wear brown shoes, they would feel justified in calling all brown shoe manufacturers ‘supporters of murder.’   We have a fringe group of idiotic “Nazis” running around, comprised of what is nothing more than a handful of idiots and those in our state-controlled media complex are now acting in concert with the majority of those on the left to turn it into “All Trump supporters are Nazi’s and white supremacists”.  It’s utter BS and leftwing concocted propaganda, aka “fake news.”  It would be safe to say that the state-controlled media has nearly single-handedly created this monster called “Antifa” and then works to defend its dishonest and violent tactics.

But I am curious, to what degree is it that all of these so-called white supremacists, have attacked our right to Free Speech, at least when compared to those who identify themselves as members of these ‘Antifa’ groups?   And have the white supremacists advocated killing our police, like ‘Black Lives Matter’ has?  Or have the white supremacists attacked our ‘free market economy like ‘Occupy Wall Street’ has?  Just sayin’.  And has it been white supremacists who have attacked those of us who voted for Trump or our electoral system the way the media and those in the Washington ‘Establishment’ have?   As bad as they are they don’t hold a candle to the thugs I’ve mentioned.  Sadly you can’t trust those in the media today as far as you can throw them, they were taken over years ago by socialists and communists with deep pockets and a plan.  The same people have also ruined our education system and turned the Democrat Party into a left-leaning socialist garbage spewing machine.

But seriously folks, forget about all of the white supremacists.  They’ve been lurking in the shadows since before the Civil War and the republic has managed to survive just fine. They’re as much of a threat as a fly.  The real threat is the unholy alliance between the scum-sucking media and the blood sucking left.  A poll that attempts to paint white supremacists as a threat while ignoring the vile left is yet another dishonest attempt by the left to mainstream their toxic ideas.  Personally, I’d say the media is far more dangerous than are the white supremacists.  Our media today is composed primarily of communists and socialists, both adherents of Marxism, a philosophy that has been responsible for the murder of tens of millions more people than the Nazis, and the oppression of literally billions, in the 20th century.  The media licks the boots of the worst monsters in human history, ones that make Nero, Caligula, Stalin, and others seem nice and compassionate by comparison.

And let’s not forget how it was that our former Community Agitator-In-Chief insisted upon viewing those of us who are in favor of a smaller, less intrusive federal government, one which operates well within the confines of the U.S. Constitution, who are Christians and who quite possibly owned guns, as being more of a ‘threat’ to America than Radical Islamic Terrorism!!  And ya know, in all my years I’ve never met a white supremacist and I’ve been in this world now for over 65 years and am someone who was raised out in the country around a good number of rednecks.  So I’m thinking they must have to be about as rare as them Unicorns.  I’ve been surrounded by white folks my entire life and never once have I had any one of them ever tell me that he, or she, was a white supremacist.  In fact there wasn’t but one black guy in my high school of 1000 students, and oddly enough I don’t remember any of those other 999 students ever causing him a lick of grief.

The sad fact is that it’s today’s Democrat Party that still runs the ‘plantation’, and with help from its many black overseers within the black community, as well as their friends in the media, they have remained fairly successful in keeping the blacks in this country on that plantation by offering up a few freebies.  Blacks seem drawn to freebies in much the same manner that crows are drawn to shiny objects.  And you would think the fact that not a single Democrat run city is a success story would be sufficient to convince anyone, especially blacks, that voting Democrat results in nothing but misery for those who do so.  And yet blacks have been convinced to think that it’s President Trump, and his 62,000,000 plus voters, who are all white supremacists and proud members of the Klan.  I find it odd that they can be so easily convinced that other minorities who voted for Trump are racist against their own, yet they refuse to see it in their own politicians.


media 07

Over the last few decades that which we were once able to refer to as the ‘mainstream media’ has been experiencing a metamorphosis, of sorts, to the point where it now operates as a single organization that spews the same ‘news’ often using the very same language in a manner reminiscent of the old Soviet ‘news’ agency, Pravda.  The sole purpose of the media today is to assist in advancing the agenda of the Democrat Party.  What ‘news’ it presents is always slanted to the left, to one degree or another, and equates to little more than ‘fake news.’  Today’s ‘news’ media is little more than a caricature of what our ‘news’ media should actually be.

Which brings me to a HuffPost/YouGov poll released this past Wednesday which found that 83 percent of Trump voters believe the media is hostile towards them, with 60 percent saying the media is “enemies to people like” them.  The Huffington Post reports that’s an uptick from February, when 51 percent of Trump voters thought the media is “an enemy to people like you.”  And while I’m sure there will be those who claim that such a sentiment is directly related to President Trump’s constant calling out of those in the media, it really isn’t.  And by the way, it was 68 percent of Hitlery voters who say media are an “ally” or friendly to people like them.

And it is also according to this very same poll that we find that men are more likely to see the press as being hostile to them, with nearly half, or 49 percent, saying the media is unfriendly or “enemies” to people like them, including 28 percent who agreed media outlets were “enemies to people like you.”  And it was forty percent of women who also saw the media as being biased against them.  Over half, or 57 percent, of Americans aged 65 and older, said the media is “unfriendly to people like you” or “enemies to people like you,” as did 35 percent of respondents between 18 and 29.  It has become increasingly difficult to take those in the media seriously.

And it should come as being no great surprise that Black respondents had a more positive view of media.  It was 45 percent of blacks who believed the media were allies to or friendly to people like them, compared to 26 percent who said the media is “unfriendly to people like you” or “enemies to people like you.”  Half, or 50 percent, of white respondents thought the media was unfriendly or outright enemies of people like them, while 29 percent viewed media as friendly or allies. Only 18 percent of Hispanic respondents thought the media was positively inclined towards them, while 39 percent thought the opposite, and 43 percent were unsure.

And not surprising, only 12 percent of Republicans saw the media as friendly towards them, while 44 percent believed the press was an enemy and 68 percent said the press was opposed to them overall.  Meanwhile, it’s 60 percent of Democrats who thought media was “friendly to people like you” or “allies to people like you.”  Only seven percent thought the press was an enemy.  Overall, 25 percent of respondents said media were “enemies to people like” them, while another 19 percent said they were “unfriendly,” for a total of 44 percent who believed the media was hostile towards them. Only 30 percent said media were friendly to or allies of people like them.

You’d have to be a moron not to have noticed that the coverage of Trump’s brief time in office has been relentlessly hostile.  A Media Research Center (MRC) study released in early March found 88 percent of Trump administration coverage from ABC, CBS, and NBC was overwhelmingly negative, with “anchors and reporters often [injecting] their own anti-Trump editorial tone into the coverage.”  And despite the fact that a growing number of Americans no longer trust those in the business of providing them with their ‘news’, there has been little impact on either the volume of ‘fake new’ being presented or the enthusiasm with which it is being delivered.

And it was according to a study released by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center back in May that found 93 percent of Clinton News Network (CNN) and NBC’s coverage of President Trump was negative, as well as 52 percent of Fox News’ coverage and 70 percent of the Wall Street Journal‘s.  According to the study: “Trump has received unsparing coverage for most weeks of his presidency, without a single major topic where Trump’s coverage, on balance, was more positive than negative, setting a new standard for unfavorable press coverage of a president.”  Those in the media are motivated by nothing less than their hatred of President Trump.

In truth, the media is a lying machine focused 24/7 on fomenting all manner of radical dissent.  And it is because of those in our state-controlled media complex that nearly 50% of our population believes President Trump is racist, misogynist, bigoted and guilty of treason.  These same people believe that Obummer was, and Hitlery would have been, the two greatest presidents this nation ever had.  The media continues to spend all their time attempting to convince we ‘deplorables’ that we are racist, misogynist, bigoted and guilty of treason.  They are angling that it is we who must be dealt with, and harshly so, because it is we who stand in the way of their utopia.

And it’s important to keep in mind here is that those who comprise our present day state-controlled media differ very little from of those media types who repeatedly sided with the Soviets, the ChinaComs, Castro, Saddam Hussein, Chavez and countless others all of whom were guilty of robbing, beating, raping, torturing, and murdering hundreds of millions of their own citizens.  Violence is being committed because weak minds are acting upon the impulses that the ‘Left’ has implanted, nurtured and who have done their best to ensure there be no consequences forced upon the perpetrators.  They have sought to blame the victims whenever violence occurs.

Sadly, what we have today is about as far removed from being a reliable ‘news’ media as you can get.  And to refer to it as being ‘mainstream’ implies certain level of professionalism, respect, and adds a certain degree of legitimacy to those who profess to be ‘journalists’ that they neither possess nor deserve.  Because, in truth, they are practitioners of ‘journalistic malpractice’.  They are the same ones who vote in overwhelming numbers for Democrat candidates and do their best to convince us that we need to as well.  Half of this country is made up of those who are ignorant to the point where they are increasingly susceptible to the propaganda they are fed.

The media is quite literally beside themselves over the fact that, despite their very best efforts, they were not able to get Hitlery elected, therefore they have now embarked on what is nothing more than a scorched earth campaign when it comes to President Trump, working to not only subvert the administration, but to actively encourage it’s overthrow.  Using classified information from the malcontents within the intelligence agencies and the holdovers from the Obummer regime, they plan to co-ordinate with the anti-Americans in Congress to impeach President Trump.  The conspiracy to commit treason is in full swing and the media is its leader.

I think it’s safe to say that the so-called “mainstream media” is essentially waging war on those of us on the right.  We are constantly being told that we can’t win, that we are wrong and that we should just give up and do what they tell us to do.  Look who populates the TV screens on these so-called “news” channels.  These ‘journalists’ are nothing more than professional actors and actresses.  Their expertise lies in how they ‘read’ the news, and what ever made us think that we needed them — or anyone — to ‘read’ it to us?  Are we children getting read bedtime stories?  No, we’re being spoon fed propaganda by well-dressed actors and actresses.  Don’t watch, don’t listen.

What I find amazing is the level of hatred that those in our state-controlled media and the Democrat Party feel toward America.  And they will stop at nothing to destroy our Constitution, our free market economy as well as anyone who stands in their way. They see Middle Americans as caricatures, not real people with real problems that were made much worse by Obummer’s agenda. Maybe if they had to struggle with paying their heating bill or lost their job without being able to find another or had a child murdered by some immigrant they would better understand the masses. As it is, though, they think their job is to save Trump voters from themselves.

Those in the media, the Democrat Party and in Hollywood are the enemies of the working and middle class. They live in their big expensive mansions and penthouses, have lavish parties, snort endless mountains of coke, are showered with all manner of praises and money and offering zero value to society.  And yet they have the audacity to go on television all day and all night and do nothing more than to ridicule the working and middle classes as ignorant racists just as they have for the last eight months.  Apparently they are under the impression that at some point they will be able to convince us that we made a huge error in electing Trump as our president.

The way the media has been non-stop in their negative coverage of Trump you bet we see them as the enemy. The see their job as not reporting the news but instead to do everything in their power to bring this President down. Their bias is on full display.  In the future this period of time will be used to make clear what happens when all the checks and balances our Founding Fathers put in place were neutralized by the banding together of those in control in order to fulfill a political agenda and grab permanent control of the country. It reminds us that human tendencies to do evil can thwart the best of plans. Free people must always be on the guard.



What if after all of the hoopla, and the wringing of hands over some supposed involvement in our last election by the evil Vlad Putin, to the point where he who was supposed to have had no chance of winning, actually won, there ends up being, as so many have already said, no there, there?  What then?  Is there any chance that those in our state-controlled media complex, as well as within the Democrat Party, who have been, and very enthusiastically so, offering all manner of conspiracy theories be held to account when they all fall apart?  While I would like to think so, I doubt many of our proud Democrats would likely give them a pass.

Actually what is far more likely to be found out here, if we actually have an honest investigation taking place, is just how it was that Hitlery’s campaign team and the DNC, were far more involved in election chicanery than was anyone onboard the ‘Trump Train.’  And am I the only one who finds it more than a bit odd how it was that a guy in the employ of the DNC, of whom it has been said allegedly fed a rather substantial number of emails to WikiLeaks, suddenly winds up dead under what are some rather curious circumstances?  And yet the focus of any investigation regarding collusion remains almost entirely on the Trump campaign.  But I digress.

The fact is that President Trump had barely returned home from his first trip abroad as president, than those supposed ‘journalists’ there at the Clinton Broadcasting System (CBS) began to get very busy suggesting how it is that he can’t possibly win a long fight with the ‘fake news’ media.  It was this past Sunday that CBS reporter Errol Barnett quizzed “Face the Nation” host Johnny Dickerson, saying, “Trump is back to tweeting his unedited opinions this morning, telling people among other things, ‘Many of the leaks coming from the White House are fabricated lies coming from the fake news media.’ Are his supporters still buying that same excuse?”

For some reason we’re simply supposed to believe every politicized story, loaded up with all manner of anonymous Trump-trashing government officials as being nothing less than absolute gospel.  It doesn’t matter that people leaking these stories are unquestionably driven by a political agenda.  Time and again, these leaked stories have collapsed.  And yet, none of that seems to matter much to our supposed unbiased and objective ‘journalists’.  These people have become so blinded by their hatred of a duly elected president, one they had virtually guaranteed would never be elected, they are now involved in nothing less than journalistic malpractice.

And so it was in responding to Barnett that Johnny Dickerson said, “His supporters that buy that line is a shrinking group. A lot of the things he’s calling and has called fake news are now things that have either been supported by officials and members of both parties. The things he said were fake and made up are now the subject of a special counsel investigation. It`s hard to make the case that this is a fake set of inquiries.”  So why is it that those issues which have now become the subject of the special counsel are automatically to be considered something other than ‘fake news’.  This assigning of special counsel is all about politics, not the facts.

So you see, this is now the kind of weird logic that passes as rational thought these days among those on the ‘looney left’ and, frankly, has for quite some time now.  A story is not considered as being fake if it’s still being investigated.  If I tell you that it’s raining and you set out to investigate that claim and it is sunny, is our story not fake because you’re still investigating it?  It’s not a question of evidence as much as it is a question of political power and momentum.  The ends must always justify the means.  From the left’s point of view, character assassination in order to diminish and hopefully eradicate the adversary, is always a good thing.

And then it was on the Clinton News Network’s program ‘New Day’, this past Tuesday that reporter/co-host, and Fox News reject, Alisyn Camerota asked former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, “Is there anything about the Russia investigation connected to the Trump campaign that troubles you?”  Sununu said, “Yeah, the reporting that’s taking place and the exaggeration of veniality at the suggestion – look, it’s now seven months since the election. And to this day no one has cited a single piece of evidence. … There is nothing there.”  He said, “Look, you’re asking hypotheticals on hypotheticals.”  And then added, “You have nothing.”

Camerota then said she was trying to gauge Sununu’s “comfort level” with the allegations against the Trump administration that it somehow worked with Russian officials in some way to interfere with or influence the 2016 presidential election.   Sununu responded by saying, “My comfort level — the only discomfort I have is with folks in the media trying to create a veniality without having the courage to specifically tell me what the veniality that I should be concerned about is. I don’t have — I have not identified a veniality. Have you?”  Camerota replied that Sununu “should be concerned if there was collusion.”

He said, “I don’t see any evidence of collusion. Do you?”  It was then that Camerota had to admit that she does not, and she said, “Nope.”  Sununu then replied, “Okay. So that should end your reporting right there. You should put an exclamation point after your ‘no’.”  But, of course, Camerota then went on say that the Robert Mueller investigation has just begun, and Sununu remarked that the FBI has been investigating for seven months, along with recently launched congressional investigations.  Sununu then said, “Okay. Can I ask a question? If Mueller comes out and says that my version is correct and yours isn’t, how much crow are you going to eat?”

It was then that Camerota, not known for being particularly bright, replied, “Governor, I don’t have a version of events. I asked –.”  Sununu said, “Of course you do. The whole half hour [of CNN] I listened to is a version.”  Camerota of course objected to his assertion and made the claim that CNN is only asking questions, and Sununu remarked that no wrongdoing, no error had been identified.  Camerota then claimed that Sununu viewed the investigation as “silly,” and he said no, the story and investigation are “politically motivated by folks trying to rationalize a horribly run Democratic presidential campaign.”  And he’s right!

Our once ‘mainstream media’ has now become so dishonest and so corrupt that most now see it as having morphed into what is nothing more than a purveyor of propaganda and as our primary source of ‘fake news’.  If our liberal ‘news’ organizations, both broadcast and print, report a story, we the “deplorables” have now become conditioned to simply ignore it.  Hence, the liberal media, the leftist political agendas, Democrats, snowflakes, etc, have become taboo when it comes to electability and honesty among the majority of conservatives.  In short, even the common person now has the media’s number.  And it’s zero.


Democrats 49

It would now seem that with each passing day the Democrat Party, as a whole, seems to edge ever closer to where they may all soon be required to wear straitjackets.  As proof that this condition, now known as Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD), is spreading like some toxic contagion, it was just last week, while on the Communist News Network, aka CNN, with Anderson “Light in the Loafers” Cooper, that we heard ‘Little Dick’ Blumenthal, you’ll remember him as the guy who lied about being in Vietnam, make a rather bold statement in that President Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey “is a looming constitutional crisis” that may lead to impeachment.  Blumenthal said, “It is a looming constitutional crisis because it involves a potential confrontation as did Watergate between the president and other branches of government…It may well produce impeachment proceedings although we’re very far from that possibility, and right now the president has not been charged, and there is an investigation under way, which should be given the kind of integrity and independence that it deserves.”

This genius, Blumenthal, went on to say that he had criticized some of Comey’s actions regarding the Hiltery probe, and said, “But still, as critical as I was, I did not consider it a reason to fire him then, and ten months afterward, Donald Trump actually expressed his faith in director Comey.”  And, he added, “So the timing and the time line make no sense here. What makes more sense is that he saw the investigation ongoing and even expanding with a request for more resources.”  He said the question is, “Why now? Why this firing? What is behind it? And that’s what we need to know in the Senate of the United States, and that’s why I’ve called for a special prosecutor to make sure that this investigation is above politics, no one is above the law.”   Blumenthal said no congressional committee has enough resources to conduct this “broad, wide-ranging investigation.”  Democrats all whined about the amount of money “wasted” on hearings regarding Benghazi, the IRS, ‘Fast and Furious’ and every other bona fide Barry ‘scandal’.  But hey, apparently we got money to burn on this non-scandal, scandal as long as it involves Trump.

And in what was, I guess, an effort on his part to create a little political drama, it was then that Blumenthal said, “Here we have a massive attack on our democratic institutions by the Russians and the possibility — I don’t want to overstate it — that Trump associates were colluding or involved in it. And that is a crime that must be investigated, the Russian attack and hacking into our system. And that’s why Director Comey apparently went for more resources. The resources are essential.”  He doesn’t want to overstate it, and he does just that.  Look, this latest attempt by the Russians, if it in fact took place, is really far from being anything new.  And Russia is far from being the only guilty party when it comes to countries who interfere in the elections that take place in other countries.  Hey Mr. Blumenthal, how about this.  How about we spend a little money on investigating how it was that Barry took it upon himself to interfere, using taxpayer money, in the Israeli election and for no other reason than because he didn’t like Prime Minister Netanyahu.  I mean, after all, if it’s illegal for Russia to do it, shouldn’t it also be considered illegal for Barry to do it?

And then it’s over in the House that we have Elijah Cummings.  A man who, oddly enough, was an active participant in the IRS scandal, but who was somehow able to successfully dodge that bullet.  It was while on MSNBC, yet another source of “fake news”, that this moron, in discussing the firing of Comey and the investigation into Russia’s potential interference in the 2016 presidential election, called that investigation “a fight for the soul of our democracy.”  Cummings, always one with a flare for being dramatically misleading, said, “We are going to do everything in our power, if there is a tape, to get that tape. This whole situation with regard to this conversation is very significant with regard to the investigation, with regard to Russia, to collusion and things of that nature. So we need to know and we need to know who’s telling the truth and who’s lying.”  Cummings is another Democrat who continually turned a blind eye to all of the lying that repeatedly came out of the Barry White House, and who now has the gall to slander a sitting president for no other reason than because his party’s candidate lost the election.

And then when asked if any of his Republican colleagues have expressed outrage, Cummings continued to spew little more than what has become his trademark leftwing drivel.  He said, “I think there is some outrage, but I think there are two things happening. One, many of them are afraid that Trump will run somebody from their right against them and they will lose their seats. The others think that this thing will just blow over and is not such a big deal. But I told them over and over again that this is a fight for the soul of our democracy. And, so, I even told Jason Chaffetz, I said, ‘Chaffetz the question is going to become when all of this is over, what kind of country are we going to have.’ And that is a good question.”  What kind of country are we going to have?  Is he serious?  He did nothing more than to sit on his hands for the last eight years as Barry set about to do all that he could to systematically dismantle our republic and to “fundamentally transform” our country and it’s only now that this clown is fearful over what sort of country we’re going have.  There is a special place in Hell for pathetic assholes like Cummings.

And then upon hearing the news that President Trump has requested the resignations of 46 U.S. attorneys appointed by ex-president Obummer it was that leftist rag Politico, which took it upon itself to create a little “fake news” of its own.  Because the publication then proceeded to slap President Trump with a headline screaming how it is that the president was about to unceremoniously “oust” Barry’s appointees.  But oddly enough, it was back in 2009 that Politico had a much different view of things, choosing to run a much less sensational headline when reporting on the fact that Obummer had fired all of the Bush-era U.S. attorneys.  And in its article on 10 March regarding the Trump administration’s decision to ask for resignation letters from 46 of Barry-appointed U.S. attorneys — an action fully within Trump’s legal right and one that many other presidents have also executed — Politico chose to create what can only be viewed as ‘fake news” by using a headline, the very clear purpose of which was, to cast Trump’s actions in a negative light.  And it was Politico reporter Josh Gerstein’s piece reporting on the president’s move was sharply titled, “Trump team ousts Obama-appointed U.S. attorneys.”

This guy, Gerstein opened his little hit piece by insisting that the Trump administration’s action was “a seemingly abrupt move that surprised many.”  And the writer went on to cast it as untoward and “politically fraught,” giving voice to several people critical of Trump’s move.  But Politico was not nearly as antagonistic about presidents replacing a past chief executive’s U.S. attorneys back in 2009 when Barry “Almighty” did the very same thing Trump just did.  In 2009, Politico’s article on Obama’s decision to begin firing Bush-era attorneys was blandly entitled, “Obama to replace U.S. Attorneys.”  Noticeably missing was the negative “oust” thrown at Trump.  Instead, a milder “replace” was used to describe Barry’s actions.  And the 2009 article contained no negative connotations, no finger wagging, and no voices of opposition. In fact, the closest Politico got to negativity in 2009 was to say that Barry’s order “began to resolve the questions” over whether Barry would fire Bush’s attorneys in light of the trouble Bush got into from the left when he fired some of ‘Slicks’s’ appointees back in 2006.

And to put an even finer point on the bias exhibited between these two articles, the writer of the 2009 piece was none other than Josh Gerstein, the very same writer responsible for the attack on Trump’s resignation request today.  But why should we be surprised to hear that.  That’s how these people operate, and proves beyond any doubt that they long ago ceased being ‘journalists’, choosing instead to become little more than propagandists in the employ of the Democrat Party.  And this clown Gerstein is far from being the only one, he simply serves as being little more than the ‘Poster Child’ for the level of journalistic malpractice that we now see being committed on pretty much a daily basis.  Look, I think we are now at a place where for one to consider there is any longer any amount of truth contained in what is now referred to as ‘news’ one must be naïve to the point of being a complete imbecile.  And whenever there is any sort of reference made to President Trump in what is being reported in either broadcast or print ‘news’, you can pretty much take to the bank that nothing will be said that puts Trump in a positive light.

And it is within the near endless stream of “fake news” stories that we’ve been forced to contend with regarding the ‘horror’ over Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to ask for the resignation of those Obummer-appointed U.S. Attorneys, that yet another ‘inconvenient’ fact has also now surfaced.  You see, Jeff Sessions himself was fired by a then newly elected president in 1993 when ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton won his first term in office.  What you will never hear from any of those in the either the Democrat Party or the state-controlled media is that the Attorney General’s actions are not uncommon.  Many past presidents and their AGs have asked for the resignations of U.S. attorneys they were tasked with overseeing.  In 2006 George W. Bush was attacked by liberals for firing seven U.S. attorneys.  And yet he was hardly the first.  Both Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan fired a list of attorneys when they came into office.  And Barry Obummer also proceeded to clean house, albeit at a somewhat slower pace, replacing many of the 94 U.S. attorneys one at a time instead of starting with a mass firing.

The level, as well as the intensity, of the insanity now being exhibited by those in the Democrat Party seems to be increasing exponentially.  Their claims just get more outrageous with each passing hour.  And it’s now gotten to the point where you would think that even THEY would have a difficult time taking themselves seriously.  And whenever you watch any of the ‘fake news’ programs all you have is crazy leftwing politicians feeding off crazy leftwing ‘journalists’ and it’s in pretty short order that things become a parody of  ‘Abbott and Costello’ doing their “Who’s on first, What’s on second and I Dunno is on Third” skit.  And it would be funny if it wasn’t so reckless.  And can this really be about Hitlery getting beat by Trump?  Can that really be what driving this sleigh ride to Hell the Democrat have currently embarked upon?  Are they really that desperate to get back into power?  And if so, what does such behavior signal to the American people wanting to save our country?  Because as far as I’m concerned, what it tells me is that these Democrats should be the last ones ever to be entrusted with control over which direction our country goes.


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If you are anywhere near a reasonably intelligent person and are someone who seeks to stay as informed as possible regarding what it is that’s going on in your town, city, state, country, or the world, I think you would have to admit that doing so has come to require much more than simply watching the ’news’ or reading the local paper, especially over the last decade or so.  And I think it’s safe to say that going back at least as far as the days of the Vietnam War, the media has always had a leftist slant, and in the days when there were just three major networks, a dozen or so major newspapers and hand full of ‘news’ magazine, Americans were left to hope that the information they received was at least somewhat reliable and was also at least mostly true.  But in looking back we can now see that that really wasn’t the case.

And then came 2008, the year in which those who had once ‘appeared’ to have been a group of independent, and somewhat objective, ‘news’ organizations came to more closely resemble the ‘state-controlled media complex’ which now serves as nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.  And it was then that our supposed ‘news’ media appeared to come completely off the tracks, finally revealing themselves to be that which, for decades, we had long suspected they were.  It was in their pursuit to ensure the election of the first black president that they seemed to lose what little objectivity they may have once possessed.  You see, it really didn’t matter what sort of man Obama really was, what was most important, to them, was that he was black.  And it was that alone that made him worthy of being president.

And so it was then that throughout Obama’s first term, the media could be reliably counted upon to run all manner of interference for our first black president.  No matter how disastrous the policy, or how dangerous the actions, the ‘fake news’ media would work tirelessly to dress it up before then presenting it to an unsuspecting public in the very best light possible.  And those too naïve to believe they are being lied to, or too lazy to go in search of the facts in an attempt to verify that what they are being told was true, would typically swallow, hook, line and sinker, what was really nothing more than pure Democrat propaganda.  The media, by then, had officially become less a source of accurate information and more a cheerleader for the man who they were most responsible for getting elected in the first place.

And it was in 2012, when facing an opponent who, at least initially, actually had a chance of winning, that the state-controlled media once again came riding to the rescue for Obama.  And it was then courtesy of all manner of lie, rumor, innuendo and every slanderous accusation imaginable that those in the media succeeded in taking out Obama’s opponent while at the same time putting that final nail into their own coffin.  Trust in the media today is at an all-time low, in fact fewer people trust the media than trust members of Congress.  And yet the vast majority of those who identify as being a ‘journalist’ continue to argue that there is no bias in the media and that they only report the facts.  But what strikes most Americans as amazing, is that fact these supposed journalists can make such a claim with a straight face.

All of which brings me a new poll sponsored by the University of Virginia Center for Politics which finds that an overwhelming number of Trump voters agree with his statement that the press is the enemy of the American people.  The Center for Politics, founded by UVA’s Robert Kent Gooch Professor of Politics, Larry Sabato, recently sponsored a poll by Glen Bolger’s Public Opinion Strategies conducted between April 17 and 19 of 1,000 voters who admitted to voting for Trump in last year’s election.  The poll featured a long list of questions for participants. The president’s supporters have what the survey called a “jaundiced eye on the media.”  I’d say that’s putting things a bit mildly.  There are those whose opinions I once valued but no longer do because everything they say about Trump is negative.

Anyway, participants of this poll were asked, “When you hear the media being critical of Donald Trump, does their criticism make you question your support for him, or does it reinforce that he’s on the right track in terms of shaking things up in Washington, D.C.?”  It was a whopping 88 percent who said that the media’s attacks on President Trump actually reinforce their feeling that he is on the right track.  In contrast, it was a mere 12 percent who said that the media’s criticism makes them question their support for the president.  And it was one female Trump supporter who told the pollsters that the media is not being a “voice of the people,” while a male voter who claimed to have voted for Obama in the past said that the media spends entirely too much time “blowing things out of proportion.”

Meanwhile, it was this same poll which also found that a huge number of Trump voters either strongly or somewhat agree that the media has now become the enemy.  When the pollsters asked, “Do you agree or disagree with Donald Trump’s statement that the press ‘is the enemy of the American people,’” another 88 percent said that they agree with Trump.  The 88 percent was closely split, with 42 percent saying they “strongly agree” with Trump’s heavily used stump speech claim, while 45 percent said they “somewhat agree” with the statement.  Only nine percent said they “somewhat disagree,” while a tiny four percent said they “strongly disagree” with Trump’s accusation, for a total of only 12 percent.  Frankly, you can definitely include me within that 42 percent who strongly agrees with the president.

Now just to be fair, as well as accurate, President Trump has never said that the media is the enemy.  What he has said is, “the Fake Media is the enemy”.  He has gone out of his way to make this point, since those involved in the ‘fake media’ keep claiming he said “the media”.  With that, they can then promote their other fake claim, namely, that President Trump is a fascist who wants to eliminate all sources of ‘news’ media.  Those guilty of journalistic malpractice, such as Jake Tapper and his Communist News Network (CNN), have come to take some measure of pride when it comes to pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people through their so-called ‘reporting’ of what is really nothing more than ‘fake news’.  And in that sense they truly have now become the enemy of a free and prosperous America.

Those in the media have this mantra that really equates to nothing more than, “Republicans Bad, Trump evil AND bad” and which they continue to spew ad nauseam.  President Trump doesn’t think like those who have essentially been continuously indoctrinated from kindergarten through Grad School to think that the only acceptable way to think is the Progressive/Socialist way, and then they end up as ‘journalists.’  They know next to nothing about how, or even why, America came to be founded, nor do they seem to care all that much what a bunch of “old white men” did in their effort to get our country initially off the ground.  And whether our country survives may now come to rest on the shoulders of those who know nothing of the history of their own country.  Which should really frighten everyone.

I would like to think that the Democrats have done some level of permanent injury to themselves in that it has not occurred to one them to call for nonviolence.  Left leaning now equals lawlessness and that appears to be just fine with the entire Democrat Party.  Civil discourse has become the order of the day.  Screeching, reasonless emotion is their signature response and violence, destruction, property damage and bodily injury to those who dare to oppose them are all part of their approved actions.  Left leaning equals lawless thuggery and nothing more.  Without the state-controlled media there would have been no President Obama.  In 2008 and 2012, they glossed over his deeply radical past, gave him a pass on missing records, worshiped his every utterance, and politically knee-capped his political opponents.

It’s impossible to list all of the devastation Obama inflicted upon this nation in eight short years, both domestically and globally. A few low-lights: More than doubling the size of the national debt, creating the Obamacare trainwreck that is fiendishly difficult from which to extricate ourselves, re-empowering Iran with pallets of American (borrowed) cash and a sweetheart deal, putting the world’s chief sponsor of terrorism on a glide path to nukes.  Stoking societal divisions of all kinds and using the government to shake down corporations and funnel the fines to radical leftist organizations.  The weaponizing of government agencies like DOJ, IRS, EPA as well as our intelligence agencies.  In truth, his abuses make Watergate look like child’s play.  So again I reiterate, with no state-controlled media there would have been no Obama.

Now that America has elected President Trump, and tasked him with bringing in a team of adults willing to get to work cleaning up the mess that was left behind, look who it is that now spends the vast majority of its time attacking and trying to thwart him at nearly every turn.  And so it is then that after being willfully derelict, for the last eight years, when it came to what their role truly is supposed to be, strangely it’s only now, with a Republican in the White House, that they once again view themselves as being a watchdog over what they claim is a dictatorial president.  So I’d say it’s pretty much a no-brainer, I now see the majority of America’s ‘news’ organizations as the enemy, and they represent a very clear and present danger to the freedoms and rights that we the American people have come to take for granted.

It is their refusal to accept the outcome of the 2016 elections, their refusal to acknowledge and respect the vote of the American people which led to the election of President Trump, their lies, their distortions to further Democrat propaganda, their bias, their hypocrisy, their rejection of ethics and professionalism, their continuing war on President Trump, their war on America’s police officers, their support for violence, chaos, and anarchy in America’s streets, their support for Obama’s spying on the Trump campaign during the election and their obvious support for the Democrat totalitarian police state that proves just how much the state-controlled media works to tear our nation apart and agitate against our internal security.  They most certainly have become the enemy of every law-abiding American citizen.



The press long ago ceased being part of the solution, and instead chose willingly to become an increasingly larger part of the problem.  That problem being, of course, the slow but steady erosion of the freedom enjoyed by those of us who proudly call ourselves Americans.  And the vast majority of those who, today, refer to themselves as ‘journalists’ either don’t see that, or simply refuse to believe it.  And never had they so brazenly revealed exactly who they are, as well as what their motives are, than when Barry “Almighty” came along.  Because during the entirety of the 2008 campaign those in the media demonstrated time and time again that there was nothing they would not say or do in their effort to ensure Barry was elected.

Now let’s fast-forward to the campaign of 2016 to where the efforts to get Barry elected pretty much paled in comparison to the near herculean effort put forth by those in our state-controlled media to get Hitlery Clinton elected.  But despite their best efforts to hide the many flaws of the Democrat candidate, enough voters were still able to see through the smoke screen and recognize the fact that as the most corrupt and dishonest candidate to ever run for president, Hitlery was simply not worthy of the high office that she was seeking.  And in seeking some level of revenge or retribution they, the media, have continued what has been a near unprecedented assault on President Trump in an effort to undermine his presidency.

Which brings me to ABC’s Jon Karl who guest-hosted for George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos, a former ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton hack, on ‘This Week’ over the past weekend.  It was in closing the show that Karl somehow thought it necessary and appropriate to close with a short ‘commentary’ in which he sought to defend the news media from President Trump’s tweet referring to them as being the “enemy of the people.”  It was during his little ‘commentary’ that Karl noted that there’s “nothing new” about presidents “criticizing and even vilifying” the press; it goes back as far as Thomas Jefferson, who got so fed up at one point that he declared, “Nothing can now be believed that is seen in a newspaper.”

As for Donald Trump, the New York mogul who was once “nothing but media-friendly… has taken presidential criticism of the news media to another level.”  Old Karl did his best to defend his colleagues in the media for what he described as being their “pursuit of the truth” and announced that, “We are not about to stop doing our jobs because yet another president is unhappy with what he reads or hears or sees on TV news… As long as American democracy remains healthy, there will be reporters willing to pursue the truth, even if it means incurring the wrath of the most powerful person in the world.”  A free press isn’t the enemy of America,” Karl concluded, “it’s a big part of what makes America great.”

You know, that all really sounds quite wonderful, except for the fact that neither President Trump nor anyone else who frequently complains about the ever-present media bias and lies is referring to journalists who are passionate about getting to the truth.  What Americans are truly sick and tired of are those in the state-controlled media whose “truth” is in service only to a blatant leftist agenda.  Those are the so-called journalists like Christiane Amanpour who openly declare their activism. They are the supposedly trusted news sources like the Clinton News Network (CNN).  They are the news media that for eight years fawned over Barry “Almighty” as the Second Coming and now try to paint Trump as the Second Coming of Hitler.

Yes, of course a free press is part of what makes America great. But many in what has become our state-controlled media are now reaping the whirlwind of having destroyed the American people’s trust in a free and independent press through their undeniable, corrosive, and yes even toxic, biases.  They have now essentially become the enemy of the truth and therefore of the American people.  It has become, quite frankly, obvious that members of that which was once referred to as our ‘mainstream media, have been bought and paid for by the political left in this country and they don’t seem to mind in the least that a majority of the American people now view them as being little more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

And please allow me to offer up a translation regarding what it was that Karl said and what he actually meant.  You see, what Karl said was: “We are not about to stop doing our jobs because yet another president is unhappy with what he reads or hears or sees on TV news…”   But what Karl actually meant was: “We are not about to stop digging for any speck of dirt we can find or even manufacturing fake news out of whole cloth because a Republican president is unhappy with what he reads or hears or sees on TV news. Our job is to protect the Democrats and destroy the Republicans. D’uh…”  And let’s be clear here, Trump is not upset about what’s being said about him, only that so much of it is nothing more than ‘fake news.’

And Karl appears to have set the bar pretty LOW here with his rather silly claim.  And I would beg to differ with him in that America was not made great by a bunch of miscreants and malcontents who oddly enough considered themselves journalistic professionals.  I like to consider myself a professional and if I employed just a fraction of the crap that these supposed ‘journalists’ pull on what has become a daily basis, I would not only likely find myself an unemployed professional but my future prospects would also look pretty bleak.  Far from being professionals, a better definition for Karl and his many colleagues might be “hacks” or “wannabes”!  They are practitioners of what some have to come to term as, journalistic malpractice.

You see, it has been over the course of at least the last 30 or 40 years that that which was once referred as the objective, and noble field of ‘journalism’ has now been effectively reduced to a what has now become nothing more than a rather pompous little clique of individuals driven by ideology and which attempts to justify its existence courtesy of all manner or slander, deceit, innuendo and falsehood disguised as journalism.  This journalistic malpractice is typically attributed to those within what many still stubbornly refer to as the mainstream media, but not exclusively.  And it is the desire of this disingenuous little cadre of propagandists to willfully mislead, manipulate and distract the American public.

And yes a free press is one of those things that makes America unique, but what Karl doesn’t seem to realize, or is in complete denial of, is that most of the American media is no longer part of a free press.  They have fallen from the lofty perch that they may have once held into the mires of yellow journalism, and pure propaganda.  Maybe the relationship between Trump and the media would improve if our supposed journalists were to first apologize for what has become a never-ending smear campaign that they have engineered and were then to simply start ‘reporting’ the news in its entirety, without all of the bias or leftward slant, and reserve all of their opining for a tiny segment of their report with it clearly identified as being such.