Just when you think old Bernie couldn’t come up with yet another reason for folks to vote for him, damned if he doesn’t prove us all wrong.  And just what might this latest reason be?  Well what Bernie now says is that if the American people are crazy enough to elect him he will halt deportations for all illegal immigrants now in federal custody, including those who are convicted murderers, sex offenders, sexual assailants, and drunk drivers.  What a deal, right?  I mean this even tops his promises to wipe out all college debt, of Medicare for all, to support the ‘Green New Deal,’ his promise for stricter gun control and any of the other idiotic promises he’s made.

For sure, that is some serious thinking outside the box and demonstrates Bernie’s seriousness for wanting to do whatever it takes to make this country even better!  Yes sir, diversity is our strength and therefore the more foreign murderers, pedophiles, rapists, etc that we welcome in, the better our country will become!  Right?  And I literally can’t wait to fork over even more of my hard-earned money to pay for endless list of freebies that Bernie, if elected, will make a reality.  After all, it’s my duty to do so as a means of paying for past indiscretions that I had absolutely nothing to do with.  I’m also looking forward to waiting in lines for toilet paper too!  You?

It was in his national immigration plan released just this past week that Sanders, who once actually disavowed open borders and endorsed more detention space for border crossers, is now vowing to halt the deportation of all illegal immigrants currently in deportation proceedings in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody, regardless of their criminal history.  Keep in mind that it’s in any given year that more than 6,600 convicted murderers and sex offenders are arrested by ICE and placed into deportation proceedings. Under Sanders’ plan, they would have their deportations halted, allowing them to remain in the United States for an extended period of time.

In December 2018, there were more than 6,100 “Level 1” convicted criminals in ICE custody. These are some of the most violent, career criminal-types.  Sanders’ plan would ensure that none of those scumbags are deported.  At the same time that ICE would be banned from deporting even the most violent convicted criminal illegal aliens under Sanders’ plan, new arrests by ICE agents would pile up and potentially cause a shortage of detention space for the agency.  One particular case, for example, involves 59-year-old Amir Abdelghani, a convicted terrorist, who was deported this year by ICE. Sanders’ plan, though, would have halted his deportation.

And it was in wasting little time that Elizabeth Warren jumped to copy Sanders’ plan. She too has promised to decriminalize illegal immigration, and said this past week that she may halt all deportations of illegal immigrants until Congress passes an amnesty for the 11 million to 22 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S.  Are there really enough people who would actually support such a notion?  I know there are a lot of wacky Democrats, but are there really enough of them, in places other than your typical bastions of complete leftwing lunacy, who would actually support such a cockamamie, and even dangerous idea?  I would like to think that there are not!

Now you would think that, if anything, Sanders and Warren both continue to remind the American people that the Democrat Party, if nothing else, is America’s terrorist party and, if our country is to have any hope of surviving, every single Democrat must be forever purged from all levels of government, local, state and federal.  And what it is that they, as well as the rest of the Democrats all vying for the same ‘honor’, are proposing here in their effort to gain their party’s nomination for president has little to nothing to do with actually improving the country.  In fact, I dare say that what they are promising will do far more harm to this country than any level of good!

It seems logical to me that any Democrat in their right mind would want to ask a few questions about this latest idea of Bernie’s, and with which Warren seems to agree.  Such as, why would Bernie, Warren and whomever else, actually promise to do such a thing? What’s the motivation behind doing such a thing?  There can be only one explanation possible.  To garner potential votes!  Anyone who buys into such insanity is absolutely insane.  If ‘we’ can give these ‘illegals’ a ‘free pass’ regarding any crime they commit, isn’t it only commonsense to expect more, and perhaps even more violent crimes, to be committed?  Think about what they’re really saying here!

So I would like to pose a question.  Suppose, just suppose, that Bernie, and perhaps even Warren don’t really want to win.  Wouldn’t that explain the offering of stuff that no one, except those on the extreme left of the party, even want?  What reasonable Democrat, of the few that may remain, want their guns taken and want illegal immigrants flooding into the country any more than the rest of us do, with them taking their jobs and living off the taxpayers.  And I’d like to think that there are those within the party who are neutral on abortion and who certainly don’t want babies murdered shortly before or after birth. Or am I completely wrong on this?

So might this actually be about something as simple as a deliberate attempt on the part of Bernie to get himself eliminated from the contest?  And might Warren be doing the same thing? As moronic as Sanders and Warren are, they can’t actually be THAT stupid.  Personally, I’m thinking that they both know they’re not going to get the nod because Hitlery still owns the DNC. The Clinton foundation took over their debts in 2015 and are still effectively in charge. Sanders and Warren are deliberately running the primaries far to the left and scaring Democrat voters so that when Hitlery rides in at the last minute the Democrats will be so relieved that they’ll beg her to run.


Warren 7

Democrats continue to push the nonsense that people don’t actually have a responsibility to grow up and to be self-sufficient members of society.  And they also are none too shy about telling anyone willing to listen that the government is there to assist anyone who would simply rather not take part in all that is required for one to become a fully functioning adult.  And that the Democrat Party stands at the ready to make all of those pesky decisions that are always necessary as one goes through life.

Which brings me to one of the many Democrats now vying to be the one who will take on President Trump in 2020, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren.  You see, it was during something called the “She The People Presidential Forum” in Houston, Texas on Tuesday that Warren said that people should remember that federal government regulation is what ultimately will make the difference in their economic status.  So apparently a willingness to work hard would have absolutely nothing to do with it?

Anyway, Warren attempted to make her idiotic point by telling a ‘story’ about how her mother went to work at a minimum wage job after her father had a heart attack that prevented him from working.  And it was then, she said, that she learned about “government and how no matter how hard you work, the rules that are made by the people in government will still make the big difference in your life.”  But what she conveniently leaves out is the fact that that big difference is usually for the worse.

She went on to say, “Because when I was a girl, a full time minimum wage job in America would support a family of three—it would pay a mortgage, it would cover the utilities, and it would cover food.”  And she said, “Today a minimum wage job in America will not keep a momma and a baby out of poverty.”  Now I find it pretty hard to believe that being able to feed your average sized family and pay the mortgage was actually possible with the minimum wage, even back then. It’s simply not true.

And so just what is this group that calls itself “She The People?”   Well, according to their website, it refers to itself as “a national network connecting women of color to transform our democracy. We are elevating and amplifying the voice and power of women of color as leaders, political strategists, organizers, and voters. She the People is building an inclusive, multiracial coalition driving a new progressive political and cultural era.”  Sounds like another front group for the Democrat Party to me.

So while I’m not sure exactly what year it was that this little scenario of hers came to play out, but the minimum wage back in 1970 was $1.60.  And I’m pretty sure anyone who was being paid that amount could not have afforded a mortgage along with a family.  So I think what have here, once again, is yet another lying Democrat who’s doing little more than blowing a little smoke in what is a continuing effort to con people into believing that the system is somehow stacked against them.

And something else this moron leaves out of her idiotic little story is how upping the minimum wage will accomplish nothing more than to put more people out of work just as it has nearly everywhere it has been implemented, at least the much sought after $15 minimum wage.  And apparently such unintended consequences are of little importance to Warren, it’s only the rhetoric that’s truly important.  While her little family story may be touching, it is, much like her, completely meaningless.

It is the bureaucracy that this woman and her fellow Democrats seem to have so much love for, and that they continue to work hard at making grow, that is really nothing more than the poison that is slowly killing this country.  And that is why I both fear and loathe them.  They consider the fact that I have little need for them that they see me, and the millions like me as being a threat to their power. I don’t agree with their ‘values’ that includes abortion, open borders and bogus ‘climate change.’

And let me tell you, it’s going to take a whole lot more than a few sob stories such as the one heard from Warren to change my mind and to want the government more involved in my life.  For one thing the price is just a little too high.  They want control of my life and I’m not willing to hand that over to them.  They are already able to control my much of my life and I’m not about to grant them any more.  I’ll just continue to trust in God and a do what I need to do on my own.

Demagoguery is the way Democrats do business, and it’s defined as political activity or practices that seek support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than by using rational argument.  The Democrats love to claim that without their help we would all be doomed to poverty.  And yet what is it that they tend to do that makes it any easier for those living in poverty, to escape it?  Nothing!  They work to make it nearly impossible for a ‘poor’ person to break out of poverty.

And there is really nothing that proves that any better than the Democrats’ continuing call to increase the minimum wage.  Because it’s in the long run that this little scheme actually results in nothing more than to cause more people to lose their job and force them onto some sort of government program and therefore more likely to vote Democrat in the attempt to maintain their ability to remain dependent on the government to take care of them.  No one should EVER listen to Democrats!

Whether on purpose or because they truly are that stupid, Democrats always seem to be totally oblivious to those pesky little things known as unintended consequences.  And they always claim to have no responsibility whenever they occur.  It’s reminds me a little of following one of those big dump-trucks, loaded with gravel, down the highway that has, in bright white letters, across its tailgate, “NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BROKEN WINDSHIELDS.”  Democrats are the party of broken windshields.


Warren 4

In what has to be one of the more extreme examples that I think I’ve ever heard of, involving an incident where we have a pot calling a kettle black, it was just this past Tuesday at a gathering identified as being the Center for American Progress “2018 Ideas Conference,” that we had Elizabeth Warren, who just so happens to be up for re-election this year, accusing President Trump of lying “for sport.”

It was Warren, the senior senator from the ‘People’s Republic of Massachusetts’ who said, “The debates I see happening around me in Washington these days —they aren’t real. Most of them are just for show. The real deals get cut behind closed doors like the one and a half trillion dollar tax bill drafted in secrecy and rammed through without so much as a single public hearing, let alone a real debate.”

And it was then that this leftwing-kook-of-a-Democrat went on to say, “And the debates we actually do have are plagued with misinformation which is another part of the problem. The President of the United States lies for sport and gets away with it.”  I found this to be a rather bizarre statement coming from an individual who very rarely lets any day go by without making any number of false statements.

Warren is a demonstrable liar who, even at the request of the tribe from which she pretends to hail, has refused to take a DNA test to verify her longstanding, and rather absurd, lie.  I find it rather curious that this charlatan of the highest order has the temerity to label our president with the moniker for which she herself is best known, a liar for sport.  But nothing much about her surprises really me.

Warren is a total and complete fraud who knows full well that she criminally checked the Native American box on every school/job application she has ever completed.  Without remorse, she has gone about the stealing of jobs/opportunities from true Native Americans.  And despite the fact that she has been repeatedly confronted about her blatant dishonest heists, she has PERSISTED in her lies.

She screams accusations of racism and ridiculously spews endless idiotic yarns about how her family told her Native American tales.  She is the epitome of cultural appropriation.  But as is usually the case when it comes to those who vote for her particular brand of politician, none of the lies matter.  Because all that matters is the amount of ‘free’ stuff being offered up in exchange for one’s vote.

And it is this hypocritical clown, like her genital hat wearing ilk, who has the gall to smear Trump and scream racism and sexism. But many, I think, are able to see right through it, they both laugh at her and are nauseated by her. This unhinged, frightening quack is the poster child of the left and their media lackeys: they have nothing to offer except hypocrisy, corruption, fraud, hysteria, hate and rage.

They are proudly on parade daily as they go about screeching racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, Trump hate and rage with every breath.  As their heads explode 50 times a day, the people simply laugh at them and hopefully will make them pay at the polls.  And although Pocahontas is a great name for this ignoble bozo, I think that ‘Screeches with Crazy Goats’ would be far more fitting.

And it’s in a weird way that she reminds me of somebody’s psycho grandmother.  I always half-expect her to whip-out a plate of cookies, home-made and fresh from the oven. But if you slip the mask off, just a bit, what who you find behind it is a lying, pandering, thieving, power-mad psycho, ‘Indian’ version of Hitlery. Remember them both up on stage looking like the twins from that movie, ‘The Shining?’

Look, what Warren is doing is exactly what liberals ALWAYS do, they accuse others of committing the very crimes that they themselves are most guilty of.  You gotta love ‘em.  Warren lies about being an American Indian and that creep from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, lied about serving in Vietnam and both supported the most corrupt and dishonest president in the history of our great Republic.

But you know, I’m thinking that what really has her panties in such a wad is the fact that President Trump has managed to keep a good many of his campaign promises unlike the lying Democrats, and many RINOs, who will lie about anything in order to get elected and stay in office.  She, for example, made up a ‘Victim Card’ to get an Affirmative Action Professorship at a swanky school.  Pathetic!

And whenever I ask people to point out what lies the president has told, they’re never really able to point to any.  Barry ‘O’, on the other hand, remains known for the many lies he told to the American people.  With Barry if his lips were moving, he was lying.  The only truth he EVER told was when he said that once elected his mission would be to “fundamentally transform” America.  And, sadly, he largely succeeded.

But anyway, in getting back to Warren, any Democrat pretending to value honesty is nothing more than a fraud.  Lies are their only stock and trade, it’s what they do.  And anyone who willingly trusts any Democrat will most certainly always live to regret having done so.  Democrats, like Warren, are a cancer of the worst kind, and together they form the greatest threat that we face as a free and sovereign nation.


Warren 2

So once again, we have Leftists without a message or any idea that can withstand 5th grade level scrutiny, accusing the adults in the room (conservatives) of THE VERY SINS that they themselves have habitually engaged in.  Is it just me or has it now become nearly impossible to take any of these wacky Democrats seriously?  And what I find as being more than just a little frightening is the fact that we are being told that they are in excellent position to regain control of one or both houses of Congress come this November.  How is it, exactly, that such a thing can, in any way, be possible?

Which brings me to Wednesday’s less than thrilling broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” with that purveyor of ‘Fake News’, Jake Tapper as host.  And it was during an interview with Elizabeth Warren that she took the opportunity to respond to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Interim Director Mick Mulvaney’s comments that there was a “hierarchy” in his Congressional office that he wouldn’t talk to lobbyists who didn’t give him money, but “might talk to” lobbyists who did by declaring the Trump administration the “Most corrupt administration ever.”

The esteemed Ms. Warren, aka Pocahontas, said, “Most corrupt administration ever. I mean, come on, this is a man who stood up in front of 1,300 people and said, ‘You get to listen — the congressman will listen to you, but only if you pay.’ That’s called pay to play. And that’s just another way of saying, ‘This joint runs great for those who can hire armies of lobbyists and lawyers and have them make big campaign contributions, but not here for real people.’”  I’m thinking that what we have here is yet another instance where the old girl might have decided to skip her morning meds.

So I’m not sure in which universe Warren may now reside, but the truth is that never in the history of this great nation has there ever been a more corrupt administration than that of ex-president Barack Hussein Obama, (Fast/Furious, Libya/Bengazi, ISIS creation/arming, PizzaGate, oathtrashers Clapper, Brennan, Lerner, Clinton, DOJ and FBI for sale, et al) but no one is supposed to say that because he’s part black and therefore august and above scrutiny.  And to actually advance such a claim does nothing but bring upon those who dare to do so, accusations of being a racist.

I can only assume that Warren must have been suffering from some form of selective memory loss, or worse, that would cause her to have virtually no memory of the corrupt goings on that took place during the entire eight years that preceded the election of Donald Trump as president.  Shady Uranium deals, clandestine files showing Hitlery’s pay to play, guns for Mexican drug cartels, IRS targeting, allowing Black Panthers to terrorize polling places, and on it goes.  But none of that was anything that could be defined as being corrupt as far as Pocahontas is concerned.

Like most Liberal Democrats Warren is nothing if not certifiably insane.  She is still going to have to answer for the corruption that was found at the CFPB where hundreds of Millions, if not Billions, of taxpayer dollars were funneled to far left wing radical groups.  I’ll give Warren this: She is a very good liar.  She knows how to twist the truth and she has all the crazy liberals there in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts believing her progressive shtick.  She most likely will be elected again as there are simply not enough conservatives left in this bastion of left wing lunacy.

But none of this should really come as any sort of a surprise, after all, this is how Democrats operate, have always operated and will continue to operate as long as there remains a Democrat Party.  We’re supposed to see these people as being as pure as the wind driven snow, when in fact a more sinister bunch of political thugs you will never come across.  But that said, it’s as long as there remains in this country those who are willing to go through life blissfully uninformed, that the Democrat Party will remain safe in its existence and continue to be a threat to our freedom.


Warren 3

Now there are the many reasons why I could never be a Democrat, but one of the more obvious reasons is that it simply requires the expending of so much energy.  For one thing, to be a Democrat you have to be creative in coming up with reasons why it is that you oppose those laws that make the most sense and would be most beneficial to the most people, solely because they run contrary to your leftwing ideology.  You have to work very hard at making the insane sound, sane.  Also, you must be completely oblivious to reason, and be able to make up your own ‘facts’ in order to justify why you oppose legislation that actually makes sense.

For instance, Democrat Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts during a recent interview on Fox News, railed against GOP-led tax cuts before admitting that they will likely result in lower electricity rates for people in her home state.  But she then back-peddled a bit after Bret Baier mentioned energy companies are planning rate cuts in response to reduced corporate taxes.  She said, “And good for them. I’m delighted to hear that.”  After that she ranted about the giant corporations getting tax breaks and how she wanted to stop it, utterly oblivious to the fact that it was the same giant corporations extending the tax cuts to their customers, who were benefiting.

Massachusetts energy giant Eversource announced earlier this month that paying millions of dollars less in taxes under the new tax law President Donald Trump signed in December would allow it to reduce rates for customers.  The law, which received no Democrat support in Congress whatsoever, slashes the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent.  And apparently the fact that her constituents will now be able to pay less in utility rates matters little to the senator.  Which makes one wonder why it is that any of her many constituents would bother voting to reelect her.  But then we are talking about folks who kept Teddy Kennedy in the Senate for nearly 50 years.

So let’s get that straight, Warren actually said she wanted to get rid of the tax cuts, unable to grasp that the tax cuts are the exact instrument that enabled the energy company to cut rates for consumers.  Warren was supposed to be smart enough to be a Harvard professor.  It’s got to be painful to contort herself this way. What’s more, it’s not the first time she’s had to do it, jumping like a monkey to Trump the organ-grinder’s tune.  According to Fox News’s Sean Hannity, citing Townhall, when asked about the bonuses company after company has showered on American workers in the wake of the tax cut bill’s passage, she danced to pretty much the same tune.

She said, “Look, I am glad when I read that there are companies that have given out $1,000 bonuses.  There are companies that say they’re going to re-work some of their benefit plans.  I’m in favor of all of that.  I want to see working families do better, you bet.”  She followed it with another rant howling about how corporations – those same corporations handing out the bonuses – had benefited and how that somehow was a bad thing.  She apparently thinks Massachusetts’s workers are stupid and are unable to see any connection between bonus money in their pockets and the tax breaks extended to the people who employ them.

Warren, who has become one of President Trump’s biggest opponents, also appeared to double back and chastise the very measure allowing energy companies to slash rates.  And it was in speaking about Republicans’ being able to reduce corporate tax rates that this reject from a loony bin said, “What we have to do is change it.” She went on to say, “You got to take out the parts that are giant giveaways to big corporations that right now the Republicans plan for hard-working families to eventually pay for it.”  This is what I mean by trying to make the insane sound sane.  You honestly can’t make this stuff up.  And yet…

Liberalism is being unable to admit to that the government doesn’t actually make any money, it provides no goods or services in order to do so.  Therefore it has to steal what money it brings in from hardworking American tax payers.  Despite claims always made by those on the left, tax cuts ALWAYS generate MORE revenue and an expanded economy.  And it was Hitlery, you may recall, who made the rather bold statement that our economy ALWAYS does better when there is a Democrat in the White House.  And yet it was their way of handling the economy, under Barry, that resulted in the fourth worst U.S. economy in history.  So tell me again how the Democrats are for the middle-class.


Warren 4

When it comes to liberal women, and their penchant for being nasty, I can only say that if the shoe fits ladies, then wear it and wear it proudly.  And apparently if one loudmouth liberal is correct, when it comes to the antics of these nasty liberal ‘females’, we ain’t seen nothing yet.  You see, it was just this past Friday that Elizabeth Warren, senior senator from Massachusetts, that bastion of leftwing lunacy, appeared on an empty New York stage and read excerpts from her latest book, “This Fight is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class.”  And it was while doing so that she could hardly contain her excitement while reading what sounded like a warning for President Donald Trump.  And it was in reading some of her favorite anti-Trump signs from the nationally-coordinated Women’s March in Boston, Massachusetts, that she said, “And only one more because I have to discipline myself on this. This is a good sign: ‘Donald, you ain’t seen nasty yet.’”

The phrase “nasty woman,” quickly became a slogan after Trump uttered the phrase during the final presidential debate following Hitlery’s remark that she would raise taxes on the rich in order to pay for the nation’s mounting debt.  It was at the time that Hitlery said, “My Social Security payroll contribution will go up, as will Donald’s, assuming he can’t figure out how to get out of it.”  It was then that then candidate Trump moved into his microphone and said in response, “such a nasty woman.”  Warren was speaking at The Town Hall, a New York City-based performance space Friday evening where those in attendance chose to watch Warren read portions from her book and answer questions, instead of attending a rendition of Julius Caesar in which President Trump is killed off.   Another one of her favorite signs was, “women’s rights are not up for grabs.”  Yet, apparently the rights of those who disagree this kind of tripe are most certainly up for grabs!

And it is also in a video that Warren can be seen saying, “What Donald Trump and the Republican majority in the House and the Senate want to do to us, is they want to deliver the knockout blow to the middle class.”  The far-left senator went on to say, “The character of a nation is not the character of its president. The character of a nation is the character of its people.”  Warren read a paragraph from her book that documented her emotion from the Women’s March in the state she represents. She said, “As I marched in Boston with tens of thousands of others that day, I had no illusions. I knew it would be a hard fight. I knew there would be dark moments. But I knew that we had tens of millions of people with us, and this fight would be our fight.”  Warren, who has said she won’t run for president in 2020, recently said she hopes Republicans would “leave their bodies to science” because she “would like to cut them open.”  It would appear she’s quite demented.

For those who may be unaware of just how disgusting and, yes, truly nasty, Ms. Warren is, it was during a debate back in 2010 about proposals about how to fix the financial system that Warren said if a bill for “a stronger consumer agency” was not a possibility, she would choose “no agency at all and plenty of blood and teeth left on the floor.”  And then it was one year later, in an interview with MS‘LSD’s Rachel Maddow that Warren said, “And I have thrown rocks at people that I think are in the wrong.”  And she went on to add, “I’ve done it before, I’ve continued to do it, and I’m going to do it in the future.”  President Trump may not have seen “NASTY” but there is very little doubt that long-suffering Mr. Warren most certainly has!  The Democrat Party has always been rather toxic in how they went after the opposition, but since Obummer, civility seems to have all but died as Democrats have become much more violent and incendiary in the language they use.

Apparently Warren seems not to remember that despite his not getting the ‘nasty’ woman vote, President Trump was quite successful in his bid to win the ‘non-nasty’ woman vote.  Or maybe, that’s where the Russians come in, who knows.  And you know, it’s whenever I hear Warren speak that my first reaction is to reach for the remote so I can hit the mute button because her voice reminds me of fingernails scraping across a chalkboard.  But seriously, I think it’s safe to argue that Warren is trying to do little more that to remain relevant.  Because while I haven’t seen any polls recently, it was not too long ago that she was in a pretty tight race in trying to win re-election.  Maybe she thinks such a tone allows her to better attract the many leftwing kooks who reside in her state, of which there are many.  And I’m quite sure that should she win re-election it will only serve to encourage her to ratchet up her hateful and disgusting rhetoric even further.

I’ve always thought that the title of her book, “The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class”, was more than a little dishonest.  Because the policies that she espouses, as well as every other member of her party, would result in nothing more than to have those in the middle class being ground into the dirt as their hard work and taxes are used to support every bone idle over-breeding Hispanic, black and Moslem who happens along.  With the only possible result being that the society that the middle class wants and works for, will slowly dissolve into third world chaos.  People like Warren need to be locked up not only for their own good, but for the good of our country.  The Left and the Democrat Party is becoming the “New ISIS” in America by creating hate and terror using violence and verbal attacks on free speech, assaulting marriage, “inciting” shootings of the party in power and threatening to overthrow the sitting, legally elected, President every single day.

And am I the only one who finds it all just a bit curious that while your average American citizen can be arrested and thrown into jail for being an “accomplice” to a shooting and/or murder, those in politics, as well as in the state-controlled media, are never held to the same standard.  And in politics we know that if you’re a Democrat you can, quite literally, even get away with murder.  And I would also argue that it is any one of those in the Democrat Party or in the state-controlled media who have constantly been preaching their nonstop hate-filled screed can be said to be just as guilty of “pulling” the trigger on the rifle used to shoot the Republicans at this baseball field as the shooter himself.  And what Warren was doing during her toxic little standup routine was nothing less than to “incite” violence and is actually encouraging her mentally unbalanced followers to go out and commit crimes against the sitting president of the United States.

There was a time when an elected official would have been “censured” by Congress with there being a recommendation for that official to tone down the rhetoric regarding a sitting President. Democrats are now represent the primary danger to the American way of life.  People like Warren scare me.  Because in looking back to where it is that she came from it doesn’t take much time, or effort, to find how mentally warped as well as morally bankrupt Warren really is, not to mention the corruption thrown into the mix.  And yet she is a prominent leader and voice on the Left.  If that isn’t disturbing enough there is also quite the laundry list of prominent Democrats that are just as bad, if not worse. And to make it even more disturbing is the fact that a good portion of the American people continue to believe in this crap.  God help us if the Democrats are ever successful in their attempt to regain control of our government.  That will truly be a very dark day for ALL Americans.



With her first term as a U.S. Senator coming to an end, and with just 51 percent of Massachusetts voters viewing her favorably should we be surprise to hear a note if desperation in voice.  And the fact that a recent poll shows that only 44 percent think Sen. Elizabeth Warren “deserves reelection,” and 46 percent think voters should “give someone else a chance.”  So I would argue that it is such numbers as these that are a pretty good indicator of what motivated Warren’s outrageous tirade against Sen. Jeff Sessions to the point where she was formally silenced on the Senate floor.  Ever since his nomination to be Attorney General I’ve found it to be more than just a little dishonest that those who have worked with him for years have suddenly come to the conclusion, that the guy is nothing more than a racist.  Really?

Warren was reading a letter from Coretta Scott King that was written in 1986 which was highly critical of Jeff Sessions, President Trump’s pick for attorney general, when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell accused her of violating Senate rules by impugning Sessions and the Republicans formally voted to shut her down.  McConnell said, “The senator has impugned the motives and conduct of our colleague from Alabama, as warned by the chair.”  After she was barred from speaking on the Senate floor, Warren continued reading the letter on Facebook Live.  And it was in the video that she went on to rant, “Tonight, I wanted to read that letter, and Senator Mitch McConnell and Republicans came to the floor to shut me down for reading that letter.”  And she added, “I just want to read the letter.”

So because they lost an election that they were so sure that they had in the bag, Democrats like this loon Warren have managed to work themselves into a frenzy that makes them appear as being completely unhinged.  And as a result they now find themselves in the predicament, however temporary it may eventually become, where they are pretty much irrelevant.  So in what I guess is an attempt on their part to reverse that situation they have apparently decided that behaving like spoiled children is the best course of action to garner attention for themselves as they go about attempting to lay the groundwork for staging a comeback in 2018 to the point where they hope to gain control of one or both houses of Congress.  Some might call into question such a tactic, but not these Democrats.

And it’s all of this rather bizarre behavior coming from those on the left that makes quite clear how it is that ‘progressivism’ represents what has to be considered the greatest threat there is to our American way of life.  I think it goes without saying that progressives loath America, hate our Constitution, and despise free market capitalism.  They have destroyed our economy with measures like the Obamacare, actually encouraging illegal immigration into this country and supported a whole host of economy-killing measures.  Obamacare has been nothing short of a disaster on so many different levels.  Thanks to Obamacare I lost the insurance that I had had for years, and liked, and was essentially forced into taking insurance with a significant deductible and cost more every time I went to the doctor. What a deal.

Old Pocahontas has repeatedly bragged about being a “nasty woman”.  And as near as I can tell there has been no one who has challenged her credentials for being one.  So, why does she continue to further prove that she is indeed NASTY?  It is not like anyone has risen to tell her she is not.  If she is going to be the new voice of the Left because they don’t believe the country is progressive or liberal enough then we should thank them, and her particularly, for making the elections in 2018, 2020, 2022, and perhaps even 2024 into what could be a walk in the park for The Republicans and conservatives.  She will see to it that we have a veto proof Senate and another dozen or so representatives in the House. Thank you Pocahontas for all that you do for us and your efforts to reduce the Democrat Party to rubble.

Look, there’s no argument that at the present time the Democrat Party can be said to be in disarray.  And it’s my argument that the Republicans would be more than a little foolish not to take advantage of that to the greatest extent possible.  Because there is more than enough time before the next election for Democrats to get their shit together.  And thus far I have seen precious little coming from the Republicans that impresses.  It’s been nothing more than one excuse after another for why work hasn’t already begun on repealing Obamacare or on cutting taxes.  And while the Democrats have plenty of time to get their shit together, the Republicans are rapidly running out of time to their shit together.  Trump needs to read the riot act to both of our supposed leaders, McConnell and Ryan.  And soon.

If these stalling tactics continue on the part of our congressional Republicans then they shouldn’t be surprised when they come to be confronted by any voter outrage that may end up coming their way.  They’ve been promising to do something about Obamacare for the last 8 years and yet what have we got?  Absolutely nothing.  If McConnell and Ryan aren’t up to the task of ‘leading’ then maybe they need to get out of the way and make room for somebody who is.  The clock is ticking, and unless they wish to see the lunatics once again put in charge of the asylum, Republicans had best get their collective head out of their ass and get moving in the right direction.  And President Trump may need to take a more active role in order to speed up the process on the many campaign promises that got him elected.


warren 07

After having spent some time in that bastion of leftwing lunacy known as Massachusetts, where nearly everyone gets paid under the table in order to avoid paying the taxes levied against them by the very ones they vote for, the antics seen coming from Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren comes as no surprise.  The cause for my spending time in such a loony bin was because my duty station at the time which was just south of Boston.  And if there really is a God there will never be a reason for me to return to a place so overflowing with the mentally challenged.  Now it should come as no surprise that this hypocritical dingbat calls ‘The Bay State’ home, after all so did Teddy Kennedy as does John Kerry-Heinz.

And what we have here in the person of “Fauxcahontas”, as she is fondly, or not so fondly, referred to by some in the conservative blogosphere due to her fictitious claim of Native American ancestry, is another Democrat who has shown herself to be a classic example of liberal hypocrisy as she blasted, among others, Republican nominee Donald Trump for having the nerve to buy homes for profit during the housing crisis. But a funny thing happened on the way to her soapbox, because as it turns out old ‘Goofy’, aka Pocahontas, did the exactly the same thing.  And for years.  According to a report by National Review  (NR) Warren bought several homes — including ones that had gone into foreclosure — in order to “flip” them for a quick profit.

Of course this would not be problematic if she had not built her entire political career on vilifying people who’ve done exactly the same thing.  NR points out, “She campaigned for the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, intended to shield people from the predations of the mortgage and credit-card industries, among others.”  And adds, “In her 2006 book, All Your Worth, co-authored with her daughter, Amelia, Warren lists as a top myth the idea that ‘you can make big money buying houses and flipping them quickly.'”  Which is more than just a bit odd especially since that’s precisely what she did for a number of years. And listed elow are but a few examples of Warren’s home purchases:

“Nearly two years after Veo Vessels died, her daughter, 70-year-old Mary Frances Hickman, decided to sell the home her mother had left to her. A sprawling brick house in Oklahoma City’s historic Highland Park neighborhood, it was built in 1924, just a year after Mary’s birth. Decades later, one of Vessels’ great-grandchildren fondly recalls the wood and tile floors, the fish pond, the butler’s quarters, and the multi-car garage where children played house.

“It was really, really nice,” says Hickman’s granddaughter, Andrea Martin. That’s part of the reason she’s so surprised her grandmother sold the home in 1993 for a mere $30,000. Despite a debilitating stroke, Martin says Hickman remained sharp, and she had always been business-savvy. As an Avon saleswoman, she had at times ranked among the top ten in the country. “So I don’t know why,” Martin says.

“Maybe she just wanted out from underneath it, but to sell it for such a low number — I don’t know. Maybe she got bad advice, maybe she was just tired.” The home’s new owner: Elizabeth Warren, today a Massachusetts senator who has built a political career on denouncing the sort of banking titans and financial sophisticates who make a buck off the little guy.

Five months after purchasing Veo Vessels’ old home, Warren flipped the property, selling it for $115,000 more than she’d paid, according to Oklahoma County Property Assessor records. Warren rose to political prominence in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis as a crusader against big banks and a dispenser of common-sense economic advice.  […]

Warren bought two homes after they’d fallen into foreclosure. And though she spent money fixing up the Hickman home before selling it, records suggest she sold others at a significant profit without making any meaningful upgrades.”

The report indicates that Warren made more than $240,000 in profit flipping homes. For more details on each of Warren’s home purchases, read the full report.  So as we can once again plainly see, the ultimate form of political power in America is the power of hypocrisy, and those on the left are masters of this, and this alleged Indian is the latest, greatest version. She is also one of the more dangerous elected leftists in America, and since her lack of honesty doesn’t seem to be much an issue with her supporters, including those in the state-controlled media, that makes her that much more powerful.  Because she’s essentially free to say, or do, anything she wishes, no matter how outrageous and no matter how dishonest.

I suppose it goes without saying that I find the lack of ethics regarding this women quite disturbing.  Her claims of origin based on a family tale of ‘high cheek bones’ that enabled her to meet employment quotas, hiring quotas, business requirements should be considered as being deeply offensive to families of native Americans. Her playing while making a quarter of a million dollars during (in her words) the great recession by buying low and selling high, the private homes of unfortunate families, is just more evidence of what a corrupt woman she really is. She says one thing, yet lives another reality. I would not trust her as a friend, nor as a neighbor, why would anyone ever trust this liar with the reins of power?

“Do as I say, not as I do” is, always has been, and will likely continue to be for the foreseeable future, the mantra of those on the left.  And it’s inside every liberal Democrat that there resides a liar waiting for just the right opportunity to demonstrate how little they are to be trusted.  You see, Democrats are able to say, or do, whatever they want and are never be made to face any consequences. These people are nothing more than parasites who prey upon the misfortunes and hopelessness of minority groups.  And all the while being able to convince their victims that it is only they who have their best interest at heart.  And their victims continue to buy it, and sadly to their own detriment!

And if there is one common denominator, so to speak, among these unscrupulous scumbags, it’s that they are millionaires many times over.  And like all those who are supporters of socialism, they lead lives that are much, much different than those whom they claim to represent?  Just like all of those liberals who seem to take such great pleasure in running around screaming about ‘climate change’, while the same time flying everywhere in their private jets, owning numerous, and very huge, homes, big shiny yachts and their own personal fleet of cars.  We know they don’t actually believe what they say, it’s just a way for them to get rich and to increase their control over the people.  Because that’s what it’s always about.