Well now that the dust has pretty much settled, it would seem that even after being presented with what I thought was a very clear, even stark, choice regarding the direction the respective parties wish to take our country, it was the gullibility of the American people, at least when it comes to believing the Democrats care about anything other than political power, that once again proved insurmountable.  For the life of me I can’t figure out why anyone with half a brain would see this wisdom in handing over to the Democrats control of any segment of our government.

But then as we all know, the Democrats have come to depend rather heavily on those voters who go through life blissfully uninformed, and therefore willing to believe pretty much whatever it is that they are told.  It seems to matter very little to them that our economy is booming, or that those wishing to come into our country illegally are still allowed to stream over our southern border.  It was those who chose to vote for politicians who seek to stymie our economic growth and favor taking no measures whatsoever to secure our border, that represent a very clear and present danger.

So in deciding to once again allow Democrats to acquire some level of political power, the American people demonstrated what can only be described as a reckless disregard in choosing who will run our government.  And despite how the Democrats made it very clear, throughout their entire campaign, that they had very little interest in keeping our economic recovery moving forward and that they were far more concerned with preventing the president from moving forward with any meaningful border security measures, they still were handed control of the House.

And as someone who loves this country, I had truly hoped that everyone with a (D) after their name would go down in flames, but unfortunately such was not the case.  So while the very last thing that any freedom loving American should ever want to see happen, at any level of government be it local, state or federal, is to have even one more Democrat elected, there were apparently those voters who somehow thought differently.  I can only assume that those voting for Democrats wish to return us to the days of Barry ‘O’s stagnant economy and wide open borders.

In these days where each election seems to be more important than the last, this one was no different. The Democrat Party has become increasingly more radical having moved further to the left.  The rather misplaced priorities of the party should make all the more obvious how it is that the limiting of the freedoms enjoyed by every single American is now firmly in the crosshairs of the Democrat Party.  Therefore anyone concerned about whether their children, and even grandchildren, will be able to live in freedom should take it upon themselves to never vote for ANY Democrat.

We now have in one of our political parties a party that has come to be increasingly made up those who seem to have what can only be described as a rather insatiable appetite for power.   And it is the members of that very party who have what is a vendetta, of sorts, against our country.  And where they once seemed much more concerned about keeping their true motivations better under wraps, these days Democrats seem of have cast aside their cloaks of invisibility and are totally unafraid of allowing their true colors to show through, and for all to see.

And the willingness of the Democrats to lay bare, and pretty brazenly so, that which they seek to bring about in this country seems to have gone pretty much ignored by a great many people, with their increasingly radical behavior seen by many as little more than a nuisance.  And whereas the Democrats were once forced to lie about who they really were and what that sought to bring about, these days they operate much more out in the open and still there are those who will vote for them.  It seems to matter very little to a great many people that Democrats hate America.

Allowing the Democrats to once gain a foothold in our legislative body will, I think, certainly be bad for the country.  It means two years of gridlock and dysfunction, even worse than the gridlock and dysfunction that already plagues our government.  The Democrats have made their plans very clear. They will spend the next two years launching investigation after investigation and wielding their subpoena power in what is nothing more than a blatant attempt to settle political vendettas. Apparently the first item on their list is President Trump’s tax returns.  Not much to look forward to.

The ultimate goal for the Democrat Party is, of course, the impeachment of President Trump, and I have no doubt that they will move toward that goal just as swiftly as possible.  And it is that that everyone who voted for Democrats were really voting for.  Not the economy, not taxes, not even illegal immigration.  And now that they have regained for themselves they will focus on nothing other than the complete dismantling of President Trump’s agenda and the personal destruction of the president himself.  That is what their crazy base demands and why they voted for Democrats.



So while his boss is out on what can only be described as a ‘garbage-mouth’ tour with Bernie, it was the second in command of the DNC who was out telling folks that much of the blame for his party’s electoral failures of the last several years can be place that the feet of Barack Hussein Obama.  No man, tell me it isn’t so.  So are we to assume that this nutjub-Moslem Brotherhood-supporting-Socialist-of-a-Democrat has finally come to his senses?  It was on Wednesday of this week that Ellison, at an event held at the University of Minnesota, said, “Barack Obama could have been a better party leader, and I think the fact that he wasn’t has put his legacy in jeopardy.”

It was in our last presidential contest that Ellison chose to back Bernie over Hitlery and he was also an early supporter of Barry Obummer.  But he seemed to be singing a somewhat different tune this week as he said that the former president’s failure to lead the Democrat Party led to steep losses at the national level as well as in state houses across the country.  He said, “His true legacy is in danger, and I think he can’t say that he wasn’t part of those losses. I mean, who else?”  Frankly, if there is one thing that absolutely needs to be done, and as quickly as is humanly possible, it is the complete erasure of all that is recognized as being Barry’s “true legacy”.

And something else this week that struck me as being a little confusing was how on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” New York Times White House Correspondent Glenn Thrush reported, “my inbox this morning’s been flooded by Democrats who are sort of saying Ossoff was a terrible candidate.”  Thrush said, “[W]hat is interesting is my inbox this morning’s been flooded by Democrats who are sort of saying Ossoff was a terrible candidate.”  Granted the guy is pretty far to the left, and was a big Bernie for president supporter, but the one thing he had going for him was that at least he was under 60 years of age.

Anyway this Thrush guy went on to say, “[H]e was not electric. He was more static electric. But I think, in general, that is an issue. Look, the other thing is, look how deep the bench was down there. There were a lot of people who wanted that seat. I think the larger issue that we’re dealing with here right now, is the fact that the Democrats just don’t have a lot of candidates, not just in Georgia, but around the country in general. There’s not a lot of people to kind of catch this Trump wave.”   So I’m curious, if not Ossoff, then who?  Who is it that all of the leftwing complainers might have preferred to see run as the Democrat in this particular race?

And while I have never considered myself in any way a fan of Barry, I must admit that he was responsible for getting more Republicans elected than Ronald Reagan, and he singlehandedly convinced millions of Americans to become proud gun owners.  So I guess in the big scheme of things he wasn’t all bad.  But that said, I find it rather priceless how Democrats are now all busy blaming each other and refuse to accept the very real fact that it was their progressive platform and the direction in which they insist upon taking this country that is the primary reason behind their numerous electoral failures.  This didn’t just happen with Trump.

It was Barry who gave America her first real taste of progressive socialism, and most Americans chose to spit it right back at him and his party.  The losses the Democrats have suffered over the years should make it clear to even the most devoted leftist that the socialist platform was not accepted.  Perhaps if the Democrats were to ditch the snowflakes and then attempt to rebuild their party without the free giveaways, the anti-white, anti-cop, anti-religion and anti-gun platform, the Democrats might once again meet with some level of electoral success.  But if they stick with what hasn’t worked they will continue to wander in the political wilderness.

But look, I do think that it might be more than a little unfair to put all of the blame on Barry.  After all, he did have plenty of help.  There was ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid, Chuckie Schumer, and Nancy ‘Botox Eats Your Brain’ Pelosi to name just three of his very loyal comrades. The focus of the Democrat Party was, and in some respects remains, on such things as restrooms usage, open borders and Moslem refugees, meanwhile unemployment is sky high and health care costs are going through the roof and crime is skyrocketing.  And Barry’s many scandals didn’t help either and then there are all those other issues the DNC refuses to address.

But you have to admit, if Barry was anything over the course of his presidency, it’s that at least he was consistent.  He lead the DNC with the same “You didn’t build that” administrative thinking that he did the country.  And it was this hapless boob, Ellison, who did everything he could to support the 2008 Democrat ‘vote by color’ campaign.  He can’t now run from the failure of 98% of the black electorate voting solely on the basis of color.  And shaming the other Democrats to join in with hints and accusations of racism.  They got their guy. They got the anti-American outlook they wanted.  Ellison and the rest of the DNC own the failure that that produced.

The Democrat Party attracts followers, and maintains their base, with a carrot dangled in front of numerous but separate groups of people, each with their own pet desires; free this and that, free college, gay marriage, abortion on demand etc.  They don’t openly reveal their true party platform, which is to create a true socialist government and a country with no borders.  If and when that goal is achieved they will move on to their ultimate Utopia; a single world socialist government under the control of a “benevolent”, totalitarian, non-elected and self-perpetuating board of directors.  A world stripped of all feelings of “nationalism”.

Far be it from me to offer up any advice to Mr. Ellison, but it would seem to me that if he has a legitimate beef with Obummer it would be that Obummer was perhaps a bit too quick to reveal a little too much about “The Plan” which Obummer intended to implement once he was elected.  I mean it was even before he was elected that he announced that his plan would be to “fundamentally transform the United States of America!”  And what were the first things he set about doing, with a Democrat controlled Congress right behind him?  It was to pass a bogus ‘stimulus’ bill that was nothing more than a kick back to all those who chose to support him and Obamacare.

And as for this Ossoff guy down in Georgia 6th district, I’m not quite sure why there are those who thought he was such a bad candidate.  Personally he wasn’t my cup of tea because he wanted amnesty for illegals, but then I’m not a Democrat.  That’s nothing more than a slap in the face for many immigrants who have worked and sacrificed a great deal, to follow our immigrations laws, and did things the right way. America loves immigrants, however, we love immigrants that follow our laws. Just as other countries expect us to follow their laws, we should be no different, in that aspect.  As Americans we are expected to uphold the laws of our land.

Ossoff openly said he did not mind our laws being broken, and actually favored rewarding those same law breakers by giving them amnesty.  Every government/state official, needs to understand that they serve the people.  This guy has not taken that stand.  He chose to placate his party, instead of being the servant of the people and for the people, we the American citizens.  We want our country, our traditions, our jobs, and basically, our way of life back.  And we don’t just want it for ourselves, we want it for future generations who are not embarrassed about our culture, and in being an American citizen. We want to help our President Make America Great Again!

The most worrisome part for me is the sheer number of people out there who are either not educated enough or are either unable to, or refuse to, recognize what is truly going on in this country and who actually believe every word they hear from those in our state-controlled media. Those are the folks who the Democrats and the media are really speaking to!  If only people could use a little logic and a liitle commonsense!  But nope!  You’d think people would be pretty tired and fed up with all of the negativity being thrown at them!  Or fed up with being told every day how stupid they are!  Because that is what those in the media are really doing!

For me, and I can assume for all those who voted for Trump, it gets rather tiresome hearing them tell me, ad nauseam, that the President we voted for sucks and that we were stupid for having voted for him.  And if we would only listen to them and understand what it is that they telling us, they would come to prove it to us!!  And te fact that they have to make things up and create any number of ‘fake news’ stories in their effort to convince us seems to matter very little to them.  I mean how would they like to be told, on a daily basis, that they are a racist or a misogynist or a homophobe or to be slandered in some other way?

And finally, this current state of disarray in which the Democrat Party now finds itself is not going to last for long.  And I wish I could say that the Republicans were able to recognize that fact and begin to react accordingly and to be a bit more aggressive in trying to seize what I consider as being nothing less than a golden opportunity.  An opportunity to work on consolidating their power in Washington and to work harder to move forward with the conservative agenda, but quite frankly they seem to be in nearly the same state of disarray as the Democrats.  Our country is quite literally hanging by a thread and it’s conservatism that is the only thing that will save it.