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‘Crooked Joe’ Biden has been my favorite to go up against President Trump from the very beginning.  The vision of him standing next to the president on that debate stage brings a smile to my face every time I think about it.  But, I’m here to say, it’s just not to be.  Joe is now toast, and is a dead man walking without yet having realized it.  Poor ole Joe seems to be reaping that which he has been sowing for years.  And as more people become aware of his decades of corruption and of his taking full advantage of his elected office to line his pockets, they’re turning away from him.

And so it was, just last night, that ex-vice president, and soon be a three time loser presidential candidate, ‘Crooked Joe’ delivered a gaffe-riddled, yet quite defiant, message shortly after suffering a blowout in the New Hampshire primary.   It was in speaking to his ‘supporters’ in South Carolina, where he retreated to after yet another humiliating defeat, which was all but assured on Monday, that ‘Crooked Joe’ remained defiant that his White House prospects were still very much credible.  But I think the general consensus, among most people, is that ‘Crooked Joe’ is…DONE!

‘Crooked Joe’ told those assembled, “Tonight, we just heard from the first two of 50 states. Not all of nation, not have…not a quarter of the nation, but two [states].”  And he added, “Now, where I come from that’s the opening bell. Not the closing bell.”  Despite the confidant tone, the ex-vice president quickly tripped himself up with a gaffe, claiming that although “Iowa and Nevada have spoken,” his campaign planned to vigorously contest the next series of primaries.  And by this time it should come as virtually no surprise that the gaffes did not end there.

While extolling his support among black voters, ‘Crooked Joe’ actually made the claim that his former running mate, Barry ‘O’, had defeated an incumbent president in 2008. The 77-year-old ex-vice president said, “All those Democrats that won against incumbents, from Jimmy Carter to a guy named Clinton and a guy named Obama, my good friend, guess what. They had overwhelming African American support. Without it nobody’s ever won.”  It’s every time old Joe opens his mouth that he proves he’s just not up to the rigors of being president, but do Democrats care?

‘Crooked Joe’ delivered his remarks shortly after polls closed in New Hampshire, where his campaign cratered.   And it was when the dust had settled and the results tabulated that it was the ex-vice president who had ended up firmly in fifth place behind Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Warren.  The poor showing all but ensures Joe will not receive any delegates from the state, even though his campaign, and an affiliated Super PAC, had spent heavily on what was apparently a last ditch effort to avoid disaster.  But disaster was not to be denied, and so Joe quickly left town.

The loss in New Hampshire, where ‘Crooked Joe’ had been predicting victory as late as November, follows his fourth place finish in the Iowa Caucuses.  Those losses, coupled with ‘Crooked Joe’s’ looming cash crunch, has led many to speculate that the ex-vice president’s campaign is fading fast, with South Carolina proving to be either a firewall or more of a last stand.  Old Joe, himself, admitted as much on Tuesday when he told supporters, “I know, this is going to be the fight of my life.”  Before then going on to say, “I can’t do it alone, I need your help to climb this mountain.”

As far as Joe being a ‘regular guy,’ that is an absolute fallacy, a myth.  And to tell you the truth, I don’t know which way to go.  Do I revel in his downfall or look at how truly pathetic he’s become?   Based on his attitude, I think I’ll choose to revel in his downfall. This guy has been a phony and a fraud from day one.  Old Joe’s supposed popularity is a media invention. They needed him to look like a strong contender to support the “Trump wanted his rival investigated” impeachment narrative.  Now that President Trump has been acquitted, the media has kicked old Joe to the curb.

And let’s be honest, old Joe is nothing other than your average run-of-the-mill corrupt politician whose decades of influence peddling and corrupt family chicanery has been given a pass.  He should have ducked and run, happy to toddle off with his family’s ill-gotten booty, but nope!  So now he may end up on the receiving end of what would be a very well-deserved investigation into his years of corrupt dealings (which he must have seen as being just another fringe benefit for being in public service). Even the Chinese picked up on this and gave his crackhead son money to manage. It’s insane!

And I love how we’re constantly being told, granted usually by Democrats but also a few establishment RINO types, that old Joe would be the frontrunner if for no other reason that because everybody likes the ‘guy’ who is Joe Biden, he’s just a regular kind of guy. But he’s not, he a fraud. And from everything I’ve seen, repeatedly, during his campaign he is nothing more than a snippy, petty and aggressively insulting old thug who has all of the downsides of a sloppy bar drunk with absolutely none of the upsides.  He has absolutely nothing going for him in this ongoing contest.

To be honest, ‘Crooked Joe’ hasn’t been the true frontrunner at any point during this entire contest.  Which only proves, yet again, that the polls, as well as those in the ‘fake news’ media, are full of crap. No matter how much the media lies about the chances of ‘Crooked Joe’ making it across the finish line, those chances are slim and none.  Joe was finished before he even started. How do you come in fourth and fifth place in the first two states of the Democrat primary season and still expect to come out as the real clear winner after all is said and done?  Talk about being delusional!

Not even a lying ‘fake news’ media is going to be able to keep Joe afloat.  I mean even Klobuchar has been beating the Democrats proclaimed frontrunner and she’s a freaking disaster.  Deep down inside even Amy is shocked she came in third place last night.  Poor Democrats, neither Warren nor ‘Crooked Joe’ did well.  Wait till ‘Crooked Joe’ comes in fourth place, or even worse, in South Carolina. It’s going to be hilarious to see old ‘Crooked Joe’ fall face down after his much talked about firewall collapses in rather spectacular fashion.  Almost as funny as Hitlery losing in 2016.

But even with all that said, my advice to ‘Crooked Joe’ would be to keep on fighting!  By golly, take it all the way to the convention, Joe.  Don’t let this miserable showing sap your resolve, the convention needs you, your party needs you.  Your supporters can help you turn this thing around. Just send them out there to drum up the support you need in order to make it to the convention.  Get that money.  I would send you some myself but I actually support President Trump.  Don’t be a quitter, Joe.  Remember, nobody likes a quitter.  And above all else, God hates a coward!

And finally I have a little advice for Democrats, even though I’m sure they’re not likely to take it from someone like me.  So be that as it may, my advice would be for them to just accept the fact that Donald Trump is going to win this November and to focus their efforts on 2024 and in getting their political house in order.  And by that I mean drop all of the impeachment nonsense, and also their efforts to ‘resist’ and instead work with President Trump wherever they can, so that they would then be able to claim some level of credit for whatever positive results come about.

And also the Democrats, as a party, need to focus back to those working class issues that were central to the successes achieved by the party of the 40s, 50s and 60s, and to realize that socialism is nothing but a loser.  Also, they need to at least appear as if they are putting the needs of the country above the needs of their party, even if they don’t really mean it.  But even if they were to follow such obvious advice, I’m not at all sure that it wouldn’t be too little, too late.  They may have, as a party, already moved beyond that point of no return.  So any advice is likely all for naught!


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Many who are in the business of ‘reporting’ on such things have long described ex-vice president, and current presidential candidate, ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden, as being the only TRUE moderate Democrat in the ongoing contest to determine just which Democrat genius will be the one to face off against President Trump later this year.  But it’s their definition of “moderate” that would seem to differ considerably from mine.  Because as I see it, as the Democrat contest continues to move forward, what ‘Crooked Joe’ comes across as being is anything but a ‘moderate.’  Because, you see, the “moderate” Democrat long ago went the way of both the dinosaur and the Dodo.

And it was ‘Crooked Joe’ himself who recently made that more than abundantly clear when in a recent interview he rather emphatically stated that his administration would actually fire any Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent who chose to arrest and then deport ILLEGAL immigrants who are not guilty of felony crimes, adding that he doesn’t “count drunk-driving as a felony.”  ‘Crooked Joe’ made his insane comments at a Vice News forum on minority issues in Des Moines, Iowa, on Monday evening. This is what we hear coming from the one guy who so many continue to push as being the only reasonable choice among those Democrats now running.

It was when asked what changes he would bring to the agency as president, ‘Crooked Joe,’ 77 (going on what appears to be 90), said he wants to change the fact that children of ILLEGAL immigrants live in fear that their parents will be arrested and deported.  He said, “They go off to school wondering whether their mom comes and picks them up [or] if she’s not going to be there because an ICE agent was there to arrest her. Or she takes him to the doctor, that she’s going to not be there because she is ‘undocumented’ and an ICE agent is going to pick him up.”  Well then MAYBE mom shouldn’t be in this country, ILLEGALLY.  I mean, I’m just sayin’.

Anyway, ‘Crooked Joe’ then went on to say, “You change the culture by saying you are going to get fired. You are fired if, in fact, you do that. You only arrest for the purpose of dealing with a felony that’s committed, and I don’t count drunk driving as a felony.”  Look, these people are already breaking the law by simply being in this country, they don’t belong here.  So why is it that when they break any additional laws they aren’t on the very first bus headed south?  What other country on the planet treats those in their country ILLEGALLY in the same manner that we do.  And yet I’m seen as being the bad guy, the RACIST guy, because I want them outta here!

The sad fact here is that too many Americans have been killed by drunk-driving ILLEGALS, and DUIs are commonplace among ILLEGALS.  For example, in fiscal year 2019, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency arrested many thousands of ILLEGALS following DUI charges. The 2019 end-of-year report showed 49,106 criminal convictions for DUIs, alongside 39,717 traffic violations, 47,453 “dangerous drugs” convictions, and 26,156 assault charges.  These people represent a menace that could so very easily be brought to end were it not for corrupt politicians who don’t seem to mind in the least when those in this country ILLEGALLY, kill American citizens.

It was shortly after ‘Crooked Joe’ made his ludicrous comments that Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) issued this statement:

Drunk driving is the Number 1 killer on America’s roads and a violent crime that MADD believes should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, regardless of the offender’s immigration status.

Drunk driving laws differ by state, and the fact that only four states charge a felony for a non-injury second drunk driving offense illustrates the enormous challenge MADD faces in helping to pass laws that will eliminate the horrible tragedies caused by drunk driving. In all drunk driving cases, MADD supports the victims and their wishes in the prosecution and sentencing of offenders who kill or injure someone.

For example, the roughly 800,000 younger ILLEGALS who got DACA work permits from ex-president Barry ‘O’ included 4,210 ILLEGALS with drunk-driving arrests.   Sanctuary state officials routinely release many drunk-driving ILLEGALS back into an unsuspecting public in California, as well as any number of other states, and immigration lawyers argue that DUIs are insufficient to justify the deportation of ILLEGALS, despite the fact that these people are in our country, ILLEGALLY!!!!!  Many ILLEGALS are charged with DUIs, so helping ICE identify them in jail and accelerate their deportation.  But that’s now apparently a no-no for those like ‘Crooked Joe.’

In May 2017 an ILLEGAL by the name of Oscar De La Rosa-Mendoza, 31, reportedly pled guilty to driving while intoxicated, as well as resisting arrest from local police after they had had the audacity to pull him over.  And this particular ILLEGAL had already been deported seven times.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Removal Operations (ERO) officers arrested 25 ILLEGAL immigrants in Long Island, New York [of whom] 24 were convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  And I think it safe to say that ‘Crooked Joe’ is totally opposed to these ILLEGALS being pulled over in the first place.  And he wants to be president?

Our so-called ‘leaders’ choose to allow this insanity to continue with absolutely no regard, whatsoever, for public safety.  Those who are victims of this ILLEGAL scum have no legal recourse because ILLEGALS never have insurance.  Allowing these ILLEGALS to drive around does nothing more than to put all of us at risk. But none of that seems to matter to those like ‘Crooked Joe.’  When we American citizens cross over into Mexico, we have to show proof of insurance.  When Mexican citizens cross over into the United States they’re able to drive pretty much wherever they want and with no insurance.  And when stopped by the police, they are to be sent on their way.

So, since not a single Democrat, regardless of the office held, actually represents the citizens of the United States, should that not disqualify them from holding any public office?  Seriously, why should any rational American citizen vote for any Democrat? Drunk drivers ‘murder’ over 10,000 people annually in the U.S.  It’s considered a homicide under the law and as it’s a decision to drink and drive, it’s no accident. There’s almost as many drunk-driving homicides as homicides involving every type of gun.  Less than 300 homicides involved the use of any type of rifle in 2018 per the FBI crime stats. So why doesn’t ‘Crooked Joe’ care to save American lives?

At some point the American people must stop referring to those whom we elect as our supposed ‘leaders’ as anything but ‘leaders.’  They claim to care about public safety and yet, like ‘Crooked Joe,’ seem interested only in continuing to put the public at even greater risk by allowing those who have no business being in this country in the first place to break additional laws and then allowed to go free with virtually no punishment, whatsoever, being administered.  If you or I were caught drunk-driving, and God forbid killed someone, would we be afforded the very same treatment?  Of course not.  We would go directly to the nearest prison for a very long time.

And you know, with all of the calls for the destruction of those institutions that allow our country to function, and calls for the outright shredding of our Constitution, calls for unlawful imprisonment and forced re-education of those with opposing political views and the of those who head both insurance companies as well as companies involved in the production of fossil fuels by the leftist Socialist Democrats, why hasn’t today’s Democrat Party been labeled an actual terrorist organization?  No actions, legal and illegal, are off the table in their quest to usurp legal elections, seize the reins of power, and to “fundamentality transform” America as we know it.

Finally, it’s at the risk of being accused of being heartless that, while I dislike wishing ill will on anyone, even a Democrat, I sincerely hope that there comes a time when ‘Crooked Joe’ experiences what it’s like to have a family member taken out by a drunk driving ILLEGAL.  Because it’s then, and only then, that he will be able to tell us how driving-drunk is not a serious crime.  Of all the things this moron has said this has got to be the stupidest.  And you would think that someone who has already lost someone in a senseless motor vehicle accident would be a bit more sympathetic toward those who have lost someone on such a manner, but nope.  It’s all about politics.


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You can always tell when a Democrat candidate, regardless of the office being sought, is in trouble.  It’s when the only thing they have to run on is how racist their Republican opponent is.  And it would seem that that’s the stage where the ‘Crooked Joe’ campaign for president now officially finds itself.  And that was made painfully obvious as recently as yesterday with his comments made at a black church.  And oddly it was one of Biden’s primary contenders, Elizabeth Warren, who recently posed a very interesting question.  It was when she asked, “How could the American people want someone who lies to them?”  But that would seem to disqualify every Democrat.

Anyway, in getting back to ‘Crooked Joe,’ how is it that I know his campaign is now in trouble?  Well, it was just this past Sunday, on the eve of Martin Luther King day, in what was described as a ‘sermon’ given in a black church in South Carolina that ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden went well out of his way in trying to associate President Trump with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).  As expected, there was absolutely no mention of how, because of President Trump, black unemployment is now at a historic low, or of fairly recent prison reform legislation signed by the president, only a baseless accusation that the president somehow supports a Democrat founded organization, the KKK.

And so, right there at the Bethlehem Baptist Church in Columbia, in South Carolina, it was ‘Crooked Joe’ who told those in attendance that, “We can defeat this moment of hate. … This president and his — the Ku Klux Klans and the rest of them, they think they’ve beaten us again. But they have no idea — we’re just coming back. God love you all.”  ‘Crooked Joe’ went on to once again to repeat the false claim that President Trump had referred to white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville as “very fine people” back in August 2017.  ‘Crooked Joe’ claimed, “They asked the president what he thought, and he said, ‘There are very fine people on both sides’.”

But in fact, President Trump specifically condemned those groups, as the transcript of his remarks, made at the event, makes very clear.  But what he actually said apparently seems not to matter, only that he dared to say anything.  President Trump praised non-violent protesters on either side of the removal of a Confederate statue as “very fine people,” contrasting them with violent rioters, and saying neo-Nazis and white nationalists should be “condemned totally.”  And that the Democrats, and their many minions in the ‘fake news’ media, continue to perpetuate this fraud in their continuing effort to unseat President Trump, tells you all you need to know.

And it’s a partial transcript of the event back in 2017 that follows:

President Trump: “Excuse me, they didn’t put themselves down as neo-Nazis, and you had some very bad people in that group.  But you also had people that were very fine people on both sides.  You had people in the group, excuse me, excuse me.  I saw the same picture as you did.  You had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of, to them, a very, very important statue and the renaming of a park from Robert E. Lee to another name.”

Reporter: “George Washington and Robert E. Lee are not the same.”

President Trump: Oh no, George Washington was a slave owner.  Was George Washington a slave owner?  So will George Washington now lose his status?  Are we going to take down , excuse me.  Are we going to take down, are we going to take down statues to George Washington? How about Thomas Jefferson?  What do you think of Thomas Jefferson?  You like him? Okay, good!  Are we going to take down his statue?  He was a major slave owner.  Are we going to take down his statue?  You know what?  It’s fine, you’re changing history, you’re changing culture and you had people, and I’m not talking the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, because they should be totally condemned totally, but you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists, okay?  And the press has treated them absolutely unfairly.  Now, in the other group also, you had some very fine people, but you also had troublemakers and you see them come with the black outfits and with the helmets and with baseball bats, you had a lot of bad people in the other group too.”    

‘Crooked Joe’ has been trying to make a mountain out of this same molehill since he first announced he was running, even citing for why he was running.  It was last summer when confronted by a member of the media, regarding the fact that he seemed to be purposely misquoting the president, that he and his campaign claimed otherwise.  And ‘Crooked Joe’ has continued to push the “Charlottesville hoax” throughout his campaign. His Sunday sermon repeated what he has said previously in South Carolina, but this time with a bit of an added twist.  That being, an explicit link to the KKK.  It’s what those like ‘Crooked Joe’ do when they have nothing else.

‘Crooked Joe’ was introduced on Sunday by Terri Sewell, a black member of the U.S. House, a Democrat who has also endorsed ‘Crooked Joe.’  This genius has said that there was “no bigger threat to [Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s] legacy than the person who is in the White House now.”  Ms. Sewell, by making such a patently idiotic comment made very clear whose side it is that she’s on, and it most certainly is not on the side of the black community.  She appears to be another of those blacks in Congress who seem quite content to do the bidding of her Democrat masters regardless of the impact on those within her own black community.

‘Crooked Joe’ claims to be someone who has been involved in the civil rights movement “for real” since he was a teenager.  He said, “I got my education — for real — in the black church. And that’s not hyperbole, that’s a fact.”  ‘Crooked Joe’ repeatedly referred to ex-president Barry ‘O’, who has not yet endorsed anyone in the 2020 primary.  But Sunday’s ‘sermon’ was not the first time that ‘Crooked Joe’ has linked a political opponent to white racism, in an effort to appeal to a black audience. During his 2012 re-election campaign, he told a predominantly black group of voters in Virginia that Republican Mitt Romney would “put y’all back in chains.”

But this is now all ‘Crooked Joe’ has.  Because with the economy doing so well and with record low black unemployment, the Democrats’ Plan A would now seem to be their effort to portray Donald Trump as being the worst racist in all of human history.  And I’m sure there will be more than a few blacks who, because of their desire for free stuff, will buy into that nonsense.  But the Democrats still may be in danger of losing a significant percentage of blacks.  Of course their Plan B, impeachment, although hanging by a thread, continues to be talked up because Democrats can’t take credit for either the recent trade accomplishments nor the booming economy.

What better place than a black church to try to stir up the congregation by associating President Trump to the KKK.  And yet, it’s old ‘Crooked Joe’ who very enthusiastically supports Planned Parenthood, a rather efficient exterminator of blacks, having murdered more blacks than the KKK, another Democrat organization, could have ever thought possible.  But this is exactly what Democrats do when unable to run on what they’ve actually accomplished that benefits the American People.  After all, things like open borders, bogus ‘climate change,’ or banning fossil fuels, are not exactly winners when it comes to gaining the support of most intelligent folks.

When Trump announced at the State of the Union that black unemployment was at an historic low, what was it that we saw from those proud members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)?  Was it a standing ovation for the president?  Nope, they allowed their hatred of this president to take precedent, and sat there on their hands, stone-faced, while everyone else in the chamber applauded and cheered.  That alone tells you all you really need to know about today’s Democrat Party.  Democrats care only about gaining power, power that will enable them to better control every aspect of Americans’ lives and to implement its socialist/progressive and anti-Christian agenda.

Democrats keep bringing up Charlottesville over and over again as an example of what they believe proves President Trump is a racist.  But if the president is such an obvious racist shouldn’t they be able to come up with more examples of his supposed racism than rehashing Charlottesville ad nauseam?  It’s like that movie Groundhog Day. The biggest threat to blacks today is the election of a pro-open borders, pro-amnesty Democrats. Getting tough on illegal immigration and holding the line on legal immigration has been a huge benefit for low wage workers, many of whom are black. Perhaps someone in that congregation should have asked ‘Crooked Joe’ about that.

Democrats have no plan, at least no serious plan, to make America better and they can take no credit for anything positive that has happened over the course of the last three years.  So what’s a Democrat Party to do?  Well, attack President Trump as being a racist, attack President Trump as being a white supremacist, and attack President Trump as being a Nazi.  In other words, attack, attack, attack. What a joke! It’s the Democrat Party that is the party of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow and segregation.  The Democrats offer only hollow promises while Donald Trump continues to deliver on those promises he made to the American people.

The only place we see hate is coming from these days is the left.  They spew it all day long, every day of the week.  President Trump is called racist by the very people who are very proud members of the political party that has a history steeped in racism.  And to simply deny that fact or to attempt to rewrite racism out of the party’s history does not alter the facts.  It’s President Trump who has done more for blacks in three years than Barry ‘O’ and his trusty sidekick, ‘Crooked Joe,’ did in eight.  And yet it’s Donald Trump who’s the racist?   And what did Barry and ‘Crooked Joe’ do other than to make Blacks poorer and more dependent on government?  Absolutely NOTHING!


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Anyone who tuned into last night’s Democrat Presidential Debate, in Des Moines, Iowa, was once again treated to ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden’s rather peculiar fondness for taking specific moments from the not so recent past, and representing them in such a manner as to make them completely unrecognizable.  And all in what was a blatantly transparent attempt to portray himself as being far more qualified for the job of president than is the current holder of that high office, Donald trump.  But in so doing ‘Crooked Joe’ based most of what he said on nothing more than pure malarkey.

You see, it was during last night’s ‘debate’ that ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden embarked on what was nothing less than yet another attempt on his part to portray himself as something other than what we all know him to be, and doing so by rewriting history in such a way as to portray his many disastrous foreign policy positions in a more favorable light.  For instance, he claimed that it had been Barry & Co. that had actually defeated ISIS.  ‘Crooked Joe’ has come under fire in recent weeks for his penchant for trying to rewrite history, but it seems to have had very little effect.

In particular, ‘Crooked Joe’ argued that it was of vital importance for the U.S. to cooperate with foreign nations in routing out terrorist organizations and ensuring global stability.  He said his work, as part of Barry & Co., included being part of the coalition that put together over 60 counties to deal with stateless terror as well as failed states. But it’s upon closer inspection that ‘Crooked Joe’s’ claim simply does not stand up to scrutiny.  ISIS—officially the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant—was founded in 1999 but did not rise to significant power until the early-2010s.

The terrorist group specifically took advantage of the destabilized situation in Iraq and Syria during the time Barry & Co. was in charge, to advance its numbers and territorial claims.  At the group’s height, it controlled large swaths of both Syria and Iraq.  And contrary to ‘Crooked Joe’s’ claims, it was Barry & Co. that proved to be quite inept in fighting the terror group.   And despite the claim made by ‘Crooked Joe’, it was only after President Trump took office in 2017 that ISIS then began to hemorrhage fighters and territory.  ‘Crooked Joe’ played no part in defeating ISIS.

And also, it was in 2019, long after Barry & Co. had left town, that, thanks to an intensified strategy, U.S. forces not only killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the long-serving leader of ISIS, but also the individual most likely to replace him, leaving the terrorist organization in turmoil.  So once again we have ‘Crooked Joe’ taking certain liberties with the actual chain of events.  In other words, he lied!  Apparently ‘Crooked Joe’ is of the opinion that just because those within the Democrat Party likely take what he says at face value, the rest of us know better and fact check everything that he says.

But still, that was far from being the only ‘attempt’ during the evening by ‘Crooked Joe’ to embellish a bit on the supposed ‘accomplishments’ of the previous administration in what was clearly an attempt to ‘blow his own horn.’  Because ‘Crooked Joe’ also claimed that the nuclear deal with Iran was actually “working” before President Trump withdrew from it in May 2018.  But obviously, in making such a patently false claim ‘Crooked Joe’ made quite clear that he must have some very strange criteria when it comes to determining if something is actually “working.”

‘Crooked Joe’ conveniently ignored the fact that the deal essentially allowed Iran to become a nuclear power upon expiration and did Iran ever end nuclear research.  And ‘Crooked Joe’ went on the record, at the debate, declaring that if elected he would return to the Iran deal, and even claimed that President Trump had precipitated the current confrontation with Iran by leaving the agreement.  But not only is the U.S. back in step with Israel and the Sunni Arab world, which opposed Barry & Co’s appeasement of Iran, but Europe also backs President Trump’s current efforts.

And ‘Crooked Joe’s’ ongoing fictional account of recent history continued as he argued that President Trump went “into Iran” by ordering a strike on Iran’s terror mastermind, Qasem Soleimani. ‘Crooked Joe’ said that President Trump was wrong to order the strike, using the authorization of force granted by Congress after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  ‘Crooked Joe’ said, “It does not give authority to go into Iran. It gave authority to deal with these other issues.”  President Trump did not send military forces into Iran to kill Soleimani, what he did was to order an air strike.

‘Crooked Joe’ was also inaccurate when he claimed that he had opposed the Iraq War from the very beginning.  He was asked by the debate’s moderators to expand on his foreign policy judgments, especially in light of his support for the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  ‘Crooked Joe’, although admitting he regretted his vote for the Iraq War, claimed that he only supported the conflict as a tool to convince Saddam Hussein to allow United Nations weapons inspectors into his country.  But in truth, ‘Crooked Joe’ did not oppose the war as soon as it began.  Hence another lie!

In fact, ‘Crooked Joe’ supported the effort until 2005 when he came out against then-President George W. Bush’s handling of the conflict, not the reasoning for the war itself.  Further evidence also disputes ‘Crooked Joe’s’ claim that he believed the authorization vote could be used as leverage against Hussein.  During a 1998 Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, ‘Crooked Joe’ argued that U.N. weapons inspectors would never succeed in Iraq while Hussein remained in power.  Yet the ‘Crooked Joe’ of today seems to tell a very different story.  Odd, don’t you think?

And it was during this same ‘debate’ that ‘Crooked Joe’ also claimed that President Trump “weakened the sanctions” on North Korea, an allegation contradicted by the fact that North Korea is currently under unprecedented sanctions and the Trump administration has refused to soften them.  ‘Crooked Joe’ also stated that he would not, as president, meet with Kim Jong-un without preconditions. He then proceeded to claim that President Trump gave Kim “legitimacy” by meeting with him twice, in 2018 and 2019, and that President Trump had loosened sanctions on the country.

And his claim that President Trump “weakened the sanctions we have against” North Korea simply is not true. The Trump administration has not weakened sanctions and imposed new sanctions on Pyongyang as recently as Tuesday. The U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned the Korea Namgang Trading Corporation, a North Korean company that generates funds for the regime overseas, and Beijing Sukbakso, a Chinese company that helps process the profits, on the very same day ‘Crooked Joe’ claimed the administration was weakening sanctions.

The new sanctions join those that the Trump administration convinced the United Nations Security Council to impose on the country in 2017, following its most recent nuclear weapon test. The administration convinced North Korea’s closest allies, Russia and China, not to use their veto powers to prevent unprecedentedly strict sanctions on the regime.  So the more ‘Crooked Joe’ opens his mouth, the more we can expect him to spew nothing but lies.  He seem to be under the misguided impression that he will believed no matter how outrageous his lies are about President Trump.

And so it is then that ‘Crooked Joe’ continues with his attempt to misrepresent, or outright lie about, certain recent events in what would appear to be an attempt, on his part, to portray himself as being something other than what he most definitely is and to portray President Trump as something other than what we know him to be.  It’s sad, really, that ‘Crooked Joe’ feels that the only way he can convince Americans to vote for him is to so blatantly lie about what President Trump has done, and continues to do, in his continuing effort to “Make America Great Again.”


biden 30

I think we are all quite familiar, or we should be by now, with the peculiar Democrat penchant for wanting to rewrite history so as to make it appear more Democrat ‘friendly.’  And how it is, more often than not, that Democrats tend to be for something before then being against before again, depending on political points to be gained or lost, being for it again.  I know, it’s confusing but stay with me because I do have a point in bringing this up.  Apparently Democrats are of the opinion that there is absolutely no one who is going to do a little checking up on the claims they make.

But lo and behold, we did.  And stranger still is how we have evidence of how current Democrat contender and ex-vice president, ‘Crooked Joe,’ recently got more than a bit ‘creative,’ to put it nicely.  You see, it was as recently as this past Friday that ex-vice president ‘Crooked Joe’ told a reporter from ‘Fox News’ that he had not actually advised ex-president Barry ‘O’ against ordering the attack that killed Islamic terrorist Osama bin Laden.  Now either ‘Crooked Joe’ is suffering from some age related memory or he’s as we have video and documentary evidence counters his claim.

It all started when at a campaign stop that ‘Crooked Joe’ was asked, “If you were ever handed a piece of intelligence that said you can stop an imminent attack on Americans but you have to use an airstrike to take out a terror leader, would you pull the trigger?”

“Well, we did,” ‘Crooked Joe’ confidently responded. “Guy’s name was Osama bin Laden.”

He was then asked, “Didn’t you tell President Obama not to go after bin Laden?”

‘Crooked Joe’ again responded saying, “No, I didn’t. I didn’t.”

But not long after this exchange it was a strange thing that happened.  It was when Trump communications staffer, Zach Parkinson, tweeting footage of ‘Crooked Joe’ in 2012 explaining his role in the 2011 raid planning saying: “The president, he went around the table with all the senior people, including the chiefs of staff, and he said, ‘I have to make a decision. What is your opinion?’ He started with the national security advisor, the Secretary of State, and he ended with me. … He said, ‘Joe, what do you think?’ And I said … ‘Mr. President, my suggestion is, don’t go.’”

But there was more to come that would make very clear that ‘Crooked Joe’ was not being exactly honest, (big shock there, right) when it came to where he stood regarding the elimination of bin Laden.  You see, it was also courtesy of some documentary evidence from some of ‘Crooked Joe’s’ administration contemporaries including such folks as ex-Secretary of State Hitlery, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and others that also made clear that ‘Crooked Joe’ had indeed opposed the raid.  Tell me it isn’t so!!

And it was Parkinson who also tweeted 2012 debate footage showing Barry ‘O’ himself confirming our ex-vice president’s position.  We see Barry telling then Republican nominee Romney: “When it comes to going after Osama bin Laden, you said, well, any president would make that call.  But when you were a candidate in 2008 … you said we shouldn’t move heaven and earth to get one man, and you said we should ask Pakistan for permission. … And even some in my own party, including my current vice president, had the same critique as you did.”

So I believe what we have here may be yet another textbook example of what’s called the double-reverse-Kerry-Heinz maneuver where one was against something before one was for it then at the perfect time one able to honestly say one was both for and against it because instead one preferred to personally go to Pakistan and challenge bin Laden to a push up contest.  It has been noted that ‘Crooked Joe’ has been wrong on every single important foreign policy and national security issue that came about during his entire time in politics.  He is that last person who should be our president.


biden 44

What is it about Democrats and what seems their overwhelming NEED to keep things hidden from the American people?  After all, how much is it that we still don’t know about our last president because he was able to keep so very much about his past under court ordered lock and key?  And when, by chance, any of what Barry has worked so hard to keep secret ever does see the light of day, the American people will likely be shocked to find out the extent to which they were bamboozled.

Which brings me now to what is said to be the thousands of documents pertaining to ‘Crooked Joe’s’ nearly 40-year career in the U.S. Senate that are still unavailable to the public after one of the preliminary release deadlines agreed to by our ex-vice president passed just this past Tuesday.  What is it that gives ‘Crooked Joe’ the right to keep from those whom he was supposedly working for ANY information that may be related to that same employment?  And why is it ALWAYS Democrat who does this?

These documents, which are said to fill some 1,875 boxes and include 415 gigabytes of electronic records spanning ‘Crooked Joe’s’ time in Congress between 1973 through 2009, were supposed to be made public on Dec. 31, 2019.  That was according to an agreement our ex-vice president entered into with the University of Delaware in 2011 upon donating his papers to that institution.  But was we all know, it’s whenever dealing with Democrat politicians that agreements are most often etched in Jell-O.

Because you see, the original parameters regarding the release of these documents were changed back on April 24, oddly enough the day before ‘Crooked Joe’ declared himself to be running for president, when the university announced the trove of documents would now be made public on Dec. 31 or “two years” after our ex-vice president “retires from public life.” At the time, the university provided no definition for what it considered “public life,” leaving open the final date for release.

Included among these ‘thousands’ of documents are said to be “committee reports, drafts of legislation,” and personal correspondence between ‘Crooked Joe’ and many of his colleagues, both Democrat and Republican.  Some of the records are likely to be controversial, especially those detailing our ex-vice president’s early work alongside southern segregationists to oppose busing to integrate public schools.  But that should have no bearing whatsoever on whether or not they should be released.

This issue reared its head in June 2019, when Biden praised the “civility” of two such allies, the late-Sens. James Eastland, Democrat, and Herman Talmadge, Democrat, while touting his ability to forge bipartisan consensus.  “I was in a caucus with James O. Eastland,” our ex-vice president then told donors at a fundraiser in New York at the time. “He never called me boy, he always called me son.”  Well gee, that would most certainly excuse any all racist tendencies that might have been held, right?

‘Crooked Joe’ continued by saying, “Well guess what?  At least there was some civility. We got things done. We didn’t agree on much of anything. We got things done. We got it finished. But today you look at the other side and you’re the enemy. Not the opposition, the enemy. We don’t talk to each other anymore.”  Civility?  Who is it that represents the greatest roadblock to civility?  I’m thinking that it’s those who are all of ‘Crooked Joe’s particular left-leaning political persuasion.

Not to make light of ‘Crooked Joe’s continuing to keep hidden from the American people what they have every right to know, what it is that ‘Crooked Joe’ actually accomplished during his many years as a U.S. Senator, other than to make both himself and his coke-head son extremely rich.  We all know that ‘Crooked Joe’ is another of those on the left who have sought little more than to destroy America and do we really need these documents to tells us that which we already know about him?

And as you may recall it was back during the 2008 campaign that our ‘fake news’ media showed virtually no interest in looking into Barry ‘O’s past, or to look into what the then Democrat candidate was working so hard at trying to keep from ever seeing the light of day.  Everything regarding his days at Harvard and anything that had to do with his time as both a community agitator as well as a state senator.  All things that the voters should have been made privy to before choosing whom to vote for.

Why is it, exactly, that ‘Crooked Joe,’ or any public servant, has what is in effect property rights over any of these thousands of documents that are related, no matter how remotely, to their time spent in public ‘service?’  And it’s not only ‘personal’ records of these public servants, it’s all of the hidden programs and budgets of just about every government servant and agency we have that’s also being kept from us.  Keep in mind that this was supposed to be a government of, by and for the ‘PEOPLE!’

That, of course, is not what we really have these days.  WE now serve the government instead of the other way around. And none of this will ever change until “We the People” decide to change it.  And with each passing day that it becomes less and less likely to be something that likely to take place peacefully.  And that would seem to be the direction in which many of those on left, including those in the Democrat Party, want us to go.  Destroying America by any means possible is now their goal.

I do find it rather odd that ‘Crooked Joe’ is the frontrunner for the Democrats. He put his lunacy on full display recently when he said that coalminers could easily turn into computer programmers, “because anybody can learn to code.”  But he makes no mention of the rather sizable cut in pay these miners would be forced to accept if such a thing was even possible.  Which is highly unlikely and he knows it!  It makes clear just how out of touch ‘Crooked Joe’ really is with hardworking Americans.

How any Democrat has a chance in the 2020 election shows the sheer idiocy of a good many voters.  Many of those with whom I work claim his is a racist and a liar yet no one is ever able to point out any specific example of him being racist or a time where he has lied.  But listen to what the Democrats are planning, it’s nothing less than the complete destruction of this country.  One of their methods is to replace our existing population courtesy of those whom they are seek to allow to flood across our border.

Democrats have no problem with mass poverty. Keep the people dependent on big government for their welfare and food stamps.  China has supposedly built hundreds of coal plants and yet those on the left, including ‘Crooked Joe’ thinks it’s a fantastic idea to do away with ALL fossil fuels here, going so far as to threaten executives in the oil and coal business with prison.  This is beyond insanity, and points out yet again how removed from reality those within the Democrat Party truly are.  It’s amazing!

And I find it mindboggling that there aren’t at least some Democrats who are able to accept the fact that President Trump is fighting the government that has refused to work for the American people for what has been decades.  He’s the one person who is doing everything he can to get government to work for America’s citizens and not for those in government.  Democrats like ‘Crooked Joe’ are doing all they can to keep him from succeeding because what’s best for the country is not what’s best for them.


biden 5

We continue to hear from Democrats, nearly ad nauseam, about how it is that President Trump acts as if he considers himself as being above the law.  But in truth, more often than not, it’s the Democrats themselves who have behaved, and continue to behave, in such a manner.  So yet again the Democrats are busy accusing the President of behaving how it is that they themselves behave.  If you ever want to know what crimes the Democrats are actually guilty of, all you need to do is to simply look at the list of accusations they continue to make against President Trump.

Which brings me to a recent interview with the Des Moines Register on Friday during which 2020 Democrat presidential candidate, and ex-vice president, ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden, stated that if he was subpoenaed to testify at the Senate’s impeachment trial, he would not comply because if he were to testify it would create a “diversion” that would allow President Trump to “get away.”  So, by his merely being questioned about HIS, at least alleged, involvement in what was an obvious act of quid pro quo it would somehow allow the president to “get away?”  Am I missing something?

‘Crooked Joe’ explained that he wouldn’t testify “because it’s all designed to deal with Trump doing what he’s done his whole life, trying to take the focus off him. The issue is not what I did. Not a single person, not one single person, even that thug Giuliani and his [unintelligible] compatriots have said I did anything other than my job. … This is all about a diversion.”  And he said the Republicans wouldn’t have any legitimate grounds to call him as a witness.  He also maintained that appearing before the Senate would shift the media’s attention and allow Trump to “get away.”

Democrat rhetoric never seems to disappoint. In his own lame excuse for not complying with a subpoena ‘Crooked Joe’ is doing exactly what Democrats have been busy accusing President Trump of.  He has spent his entire political ‘career’ hiding behind one facade or another.  Some days it’s “lunch bucket” Joe, other times it’s how he was someone who Barry ‘O’ simply could not have done without. But at the end of the day he’s nothing but a fraud. He’s gone from being a serial plagiarist to being dead wrong on every foreign policy issue to getting rich by trading his office for big bucks.

Beginning back in 2015, all of the players who together form the much talked about ‘Swamp’ set out to stop Donald Trump from exposing all of their corruption.  Since day one ‘The Swamp’ has known they must destroy President Trump, or he would continue to expose them as the danger that they are to our freedom and to our country.  Those in ‘The Swamp’ become a little more unhinged with each passing day, and it’s nothing that makes that more clear than their continuing effort to come up with something they can use to impeach the President, even if they have to create it.

And isn’t it all just a little too convenient that 100 percent of all the career Democrat politicians in Washington for the last 40 years, along with all of their lawyers, their advisors and their staff, and all their allies and appointees in the intelligence community, NEVER committed ANY wrong doing and are all pure as the wind-driven snow?  And ONLY the guy who just arrived in town to reform things happens to be the guy who’s corrupt?  Oh, and so is everyone who has ever worked for him?  Just how stupid do Democrats think people are?  This is the stuff of banana republics.

And how is it that Democrats think that they are somehow able to set their own rules. Pelosi finished the impeachment ‘inquisition,’ but chooses not send the articles over to Senate, takes a break over Christmas and then re-impeaches President Trump in the House. How many times can she hold her kangaroo court in the House?  And how is it that those who comprise what’s referred to as our “ruling class,” like ‘Crooked Joe’ and Hitlery, can totally ignore our laws with no fear of punishment, or even arrest?  Especially when you or I would be in jail so fast it would make our head spin.

‘Crooked Joe’ has admitted, on video, to withholding aid in exchange for having his son’s Ukrainian prosecutor fired, something even he himself has defined as an act of quid pro quo.  This guy is a real piece of work, he’s gone from being the vice president to a completely unintelligible babbling buffoon. He stupidly bragged about his corruption, to impress his friends at the Council of Foreign Relations. Now the whole rotten box of corrupt politicians, and bureaucrats have been exposed, and he thinks he can use the President as a means to deflect from his own corruption.

If he didn’t do anything wrong then why not testify?  After all, that is what the Democrats are now saying about President Trump?  The left in America couldn’t exist without double standards and hypocrisy.  Subpoena him anyway, it would be interesting to hear Democrats explain why it’s impeachable for President Trump to exercise his right to executive privilege and it’s okay for the man who wants to be president to outright defy a Congressional subpoena.  And nary a Democrat waving the Constitution in ‘Crooked Joe’s’ face demanding that he testify.  Rather telling, NO?

‘Crooked Joe’s’ entire argument is drawing on moral equivalence, knowing that he’d be carved up or have to shamelessly plead the Fifth if forced to testify under oath.  ‘Crooked Joe,’ being the Democrat frontrunner, tells us much about the corrupt Democrats.  Democrats have cornered the market on being worthless. Everything they touch turns to sh!t.  And that is their intent should the American people ever again be so foolish to provide them with the opportunity.  Democrats must be shunned, to support them is to agree with their claim that America must be destroyed.

Democrats, as well as their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media want the President to testify based on nothing more than rumor, innuendo and hearsay.  But it’s at the same time they are perfectly willing to give ‘Crooked Joe’ a pass, when there is video of his bragging about how he abused his position.  ‘Crooked Joe’ needs to testify or withdraw as a candidate.  Another politician who claims to love the constitution, but will refuse a legal subpoena. I’m beginning to wonder if deep down inside ‘Crooked Joe’ is hoping that he doesn’t get the nomination.  Personally I hope he does.

‘Crooked Joe’ is one of the worst. He’s been in government for decades and now thinks he has all of the answers to the ‘problems’ that President Trump has supposedly ‘created.’  You know, things like a booming economy, record low unemployment, especially for minorities, building ‘The Wall,’  leveling the playing field regarding trade with China and more.  All of those things ‘Crooked Joe’ says are now in urgent need of being reversed.  By all means, vote for ‘Crooked Joe’ if your interest is in returning us back to the ‘Obama’ years.  I’m voting for President Trump!


biden 10

You’re going to have to excuse my confusion, but perhaps I would be better able to understand the inner workings of the Democrat Party if I were unlucky enough to be one of them but, my confusion notwithstanding, I thank my lucky stars every day that I am not.  So, the reason for my aforementioned confusion?  Well, if you listen to any of those now claiming to support ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden’s run for the presidency, they all seem to be working very hard to convince as many people as they can that he is the ‘ONLY’ ‘moderate’ Democrat who is now in the running and therefore is the ‘ONLY’ one capable of defeating President Trump.  But how does one do that when the candidate himself seems to adamantly deny that he is in any way a ‘moderate?’

But seriously folks, who among those with a brain actually believes that ‘Crooked Joe’ is in any way someone who can be, or should be, viewed as a ‘moderate’ regardless of the issue being discussed.  During the years he spent in the Senate ‘Crooked Joe’ did seem to be quite determined to keep his crazier side well under wraps.  But apparently it was after spending eight years in fairly close proximity to Barry ‘O’, it now appears that more than a few of Barry’s more unseemly qualities seem to have rubbed off on him, to the point where “Crooked Joe’ appears to be in total agreement with Barry’s prior assessment of things especially when it comes to how our country is in need of what are some pretty “fundamental” alterations.

So it was during an Iowa town hall sponsored by the folks at the Communist News Network (CNN), on Monday night, that ‘Crooked Joe’ finally ‘came out’ revealing himself to be just as nutty as his Democrat competition.  He said, “My proposals on education, climate change, healthcare are as radical and change-driven enough as anybody else’s plan, anybody else’s plan.”   He said, “The difference is, I believe, and I don’t criticize the other people who don’t agree with me. But the idea, we’re talking about fundamental change in education; fundamental change in the way we deal with health care; fundamental change in the way we deal with the environment; fundamental change in the way we deal with the criminal justice system.”

And ‘Crooked Joe’ then went on to say, “So there’s nothing, I love this thing about, well, Biden’s the moderate. Tell me, if I had — if tomorrow I was able to change the system like I’m calling, what do you think history will write? Was it moderate change? I don’t think so. I don’t think so.”  He said, “And we can get it done. We can get it done. It will be hard as the devil. It may take more than four years for some of it, but we can get it done by driving it home to the American people and letting them know what we are for. Everybody knows who Donald Trump is. We got to let them know who we are — who we are. We choose science over fiction. We choose hope over fear. We choose truth over lies…”  Science over fiction, and truth over lies?  Since when??

Actually, ‘Crooked Joe’ sounded quite offended that anyone would dare to describe him as being someone who is a ‘moderate’ and proceeded to reject the mantle of moderation while responding to a question about what change in American society makes him proudest.  ‘Crooked Joe’ said, “Well, there’s a number of things I’m proud of.”  He went on to say, “One, I think leading the fight to change the culture of how we treat women in America with the Violence Against Women Act. I’m proudest of doing that. It’s about a cultural change. It’s not just the act. I had great difficulty getting it passed. Even, I had opposition from women’s groups initially because they thought it was going to take the focus off of choice and gender issues.”

Frankly, ‘Crooked Joe’ sounded more than a little desperate as he then went on to say, “Another thing I’m incredibly proud of, every American president, Democratic president since Roosevelt has tried to come up with a comprehensive plan for health care. Well, Barack and I did it. Barack did it, but I helped a lot getting it done.”  And he went on to add, “I also am very proud of the fact I was able to be the guy who sort of led the effort on the arms control agreement for nuclear weapons with Russia, which this guy is now blowing. So there’s a lot of things that I’ve done that I’m very, very proud of.”  Was ‘Crooked Joe’ also proud when millions of people were lied to, multiple times, about how if they liked their doctor they could keep their doctor?

‘Crooked Joe’ speaking about making “fundamentally changes” when it comes to such things as education, in the way we deal with healthcare, in the way we deal with the environment or in the way we deal with the criminal justice system was eerily reminiscent of Barry ‘O’s desire to “fundamentally transform’ the United States of America.  And so, just like his buddy Barry, ‘Crooked Joe’ apparently sees the need to make some fundamental, and dare I say radical, changes to America all in an effort to transform it into something that would, without question, bear very little resemblance to what it was that the Founders originally had put in place envisioning what they hoped  our country, but would resemble a Third World country.

What we have in this boob, ‘Crooked Joe,’ is someone who is little more than a leftist clown whose policies will accomplish nothing more than to advance an agenda the goal of which is the complete destruction of America.  So if that’s what you’re looking for in a presidential candidate, then rest assured, ‘Crooked Joe’ is most definitely your man.  I would like to think that most intelligent people understand that when it comes to today’s Democrat Party, the destruction of our country remains their primary goal?  If not we learned nothing from the insidious changes promulgated by Barry ‘O’ that resulted in long-lasting and, in many cases, irreversible damage done to America?  And now this ‘non-moderate moderate’ wants to inflict even more damage?

And finally, as I said early besides being a little confused, I must say that I find it rather ironic that ‘Crooked Joe’ rejects the one label that is the very reason why he remains a viable candidate.  For many Democrats ‘Democratic Socialism’ isn’t yet something they are willing to commit to, and are therefore looking for a more ‘moderate’ voice from within their party.  And now with ‘Crooked Joe’ essentially admitting that he too has gone over the ‘Dark Side, those folks who once thought it relatively ‘safe’ to vote for him may now be left with no other option than to either vote for no Democrat or to, God forbid, resort to voting for President Trump.  I can only assume that whoever is advising ‘Crooked Joe’ can’t be all that bright.


biden 56

It’s the longer this insanity continues that the more I find myself wondering if ‘Creepy, Sleepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden might now be having some second thoughts about his decision to run for president.  I mean does he seriously think he can beat President Trump?  Because while I most certainly am no expert on such matters, it’s to the untrained eye that the time to stick a fork in him may have finally arrived, because he most certainly at least appears to be quite done.  He should quit while he’s ahead and go live out his remaining days enjoying he ill-gotten gains.

I personally have not been able to bring myself to watch any of these exercises in stupidity, oddly referred to by so many as being ‘debates.’  I simply have better ways to use my time.  But having said that, it’s from all that I have read and heard thus far about the most recent ‘debate’ that it was ‘Crooked Joe’ who once again turned in what has been described as being a less than stellar performance during which he exhibited bouts of confusion and became tongue-tied several times when trying to explain his answers.  And yet his gaffe-ridden campaign for president continues.

A few examples of ‘Crooked Joe’s’ obvious difficulties from last night’s debate are as follows:

1: “Expodential:” It was apparently at one point during the evening that ‘Crooked Joe’ mistakenly pronounced one of the Democrats’ favorite adjectives, exponential, as “expodentially.”  And it was at another point that ‘Crooked Joe’ appeared confused when he talked about people “clipping coupons in the stock market” when talking about the capital gains tax.

  1. And it was another point in the evening that ‘Crooked joe’ also unexpectedly gestured at Bernie Sanders when referring to Vladimir Putin. Bernie interrupted saying “Excuse me, Vladimir Putin, here?”
  2. And then it was when ‘Crooked Joe’ defended his son Hunter Biden serving on the board of a Ukrainian energy company but failed to differentiate him from his deceased son Beau Biden, who was the Attorney General of Delaware. ‘Crooked Joe’ said, “Even when my son was the attorney general of the state of Delaware, we never discussed anything so that there would be no potential conflict.”
  3. And it was on the subject of ending Roe vs. Wade ‘Crooked Joe’ also stumbled when saying he was “put in the position of ending Roe vs. Wade” before correcting himself to talk about gun sales.
  4. Old Joe was vague himself on the issue of being vague. ‘Crooked Joe’ criticized his Democrat rival Elizabeth Warren for being vague, but ended up sounding even more vague in the process. ‘Crooked Joe’ said, “Part of that requires you not being vague.” When asked to explain what he meant, he meandered on for several seconds talking about the different costs of healthcare.
  5. And it was when asked about his age that ‘Crooked Joe’ said that his advanced age provided him with the necessary “wisdom” to be president. He said, “One of the reasons I’m running is because of my age and my experience.” And then he went on to add, “With it comes wisdom. We need someone to take office this time around who on day one can stand on the world stage, command the respect of world leaders.”  I’m sorry, but I just don’t see any of these Democrats as being that person.

And again it’s relying on the opinions of others that I can say that old Joe struggled to make the point that his advanced age made him more qualified to be president than any of the younger candidates.  So I guess things being what they are, and not how I assume he would like them to be, is it any wonder that ‘Crooked Joe’ has now dropped to third place in this little contest, behind of all people Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, at least according to a George Washington University Politics Poll released ahead of Tuesday’s Democrat debate in Westerville, Ohio.

And it was this very same survey that also found that Warren now seems to be the overwhelming second choice of supporters of other candidates.  Per the release: “Ms. Warren is making inroads with other candidates’ supporters too. The same group of Democratic and leaning voters were asked for their second choice, should their main pick drop out. Ms. Warren was the second choice of 34% of Democratic and leaning voters who support another candidate. Of Mr. Biden’s supporters, 45.1% chose Ms. Warren second. Of Mr. Sanders’, 31.2% chose her.”

So after four questionable performances in what has now been four ‘debates’, plus numerous gaffes, and that rather bold declaration regarding the withholding of a rather sizable amount of cash unless the then President of Ukraine did as he was told, how is it that this doofus, ‘Crooked Joe’, is even still in the running to be our next president? People who still want ‘Crooked Joe’ to be the Democrat Party’s standard bearer insist that the guy is a ‘moderate,’ when he has proven numerous times that he is not.  The ‘Moderate Democrat’ is a species that long ago went extinct!

As it was, I think, pointed out by the president that ‘Crooked Joe’ has never been considered by anyone to be all that smart or even anything approaching it. He was the consummate egotistical showman and grandstander during all his years in the Senate. And putting all the butt-kissing aside, he gave O-Bummer a little credibility and stability among the racist Democrats who were, and rightly so, worried that O-Bummer would take this country off the deep end.  So all these gaffes age, and the early stages of dementia aside, are par for the course for ‘Crooked Joe.’

So I’m wondering if Democrats maybe be beginning to panic because ‘Crooked Joe’ was to be elected front man along with his specially handpicked vice president.  You see, the master plan was always for Joe’s vice president to take over a few months after the election and working quietly behind the scenes conducting the actual running of the country.  Because it became common knowledge long ago that “Crooked Joe’ no longer possesses the necessary mental capabilities required to be president.  But I would argue that their master plan may be beginning to crumble.

And of course ‘Crooked Joe’ would be always be there standing at the ready to provide whatever rubberstamp that may be required just in case the Democrats are able to move forward with any of their personal favorites from their platform of: Open borders, sanctuary cities, aborting live babies, slavery reparations, Green New Deal, impeachment, wealth tax, Medicare for all, free health care for illegals, transgender bathrooms, legalizing drugs, gun confiscation, or job-killing regulations. And we know they hate cops and supporting violent groups like BLM, Antifa.

So I’m beginning to think that the ‘Crooked Joe’ show is now pretty much toast, or at the very least on the downhill slide.  It was popular in the beginning because the old elites in the Democrat Party saw him as being a replacement for Hitlery.  But the longer this goes on, the more obvious it becomes that it was all nothing more than wishful thinking on their part.  Now with Hunter being used to expose Joe’s old style political tactics, the stuff that was common when he was a kid, old Joe ain’t looking quite so good. My guess is that Warren will move up with Bernie behind her.

I must admit that I would absolutely love to see a Trump/Biden debate, but I just don’t think it’s in the cards.  And sorry Joe, but age does not bring with it any amount of wisdom. If you were a dumbass when young, you’re probably going to be a dumbass when old.  Compared to President Trump (73), Joe (76) and Bernie (78) are clearly over the hill and deep into the valley.  Only a little older than the president, both should be sitting on a park bench somewhere feeding the pigeons. Warren (70) reminds me of a grandma pitching advice that nobody much wants to hear.

Finally, the Democrats are defeating themselves. Instead of presenting a unified vision on how they plan to bring the country forward, all they do is bicker with each other. How on Earth would anybody expect this to be a party of good leadership skills, when they can’t even bring themselves to discuss those things that are actually important to voters?  And trust me when I say, this continuing impeachment nonsense matters to no one but the hardcore leftwing fringe of their party.  President Trump has clearly demonstrated he is a leader.  All of these Democrats have yet to do that.