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If recent polling data is correct, might we now be able to safely assume that ‘Creepy Joe’ just might now be on the verge of going 0 and 3 when it comes to his quest to become President of these United States?  And it would seem that the longer the campaign goes on, the more obvious it becomes why he failed in his previous two attempts.  And, does the fact that ‘Creepy Joe’s’ campaign may be hanging by a thread tell us anything regarding the current state of the Democrat Party?

Now I know after the 2016 election for anyone to place any amount of confidence whatsoever in just about any poll could prove to be more than a little foolhardy to say the least.  But with that said it was an Economist/YouGov Poll released just this past Wednesday that revealed ex-vice president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s ‘secure’ footing as the Democrat primary’s solid frontrunner has become a lot less ‘secure.’  But should we really be surprised to hear such news?  I mean, we’ve been down this road before.

Now this particular little survey was conducted July 7 – 9 and was participated in by 1500 U.S. adult citizens (1140 registered voters) who were asked: “If the Democratic presidential primary or caucus in your state were held today, who would you vote for?”  And while ‘Creepy’ continued to lead the pack with 22 percent support, it was ‘Pocahontas’ Warren who landed squarely in second place with 18 percent support and ‘Hooker’ Harris who followed at a close third, garnering 15 percent support.

Interestingly it was Bernie ‘The Commie’, who now seems to have lost his solid second place status after a rather lackluster debate performance last month, and now finds himself in fourth place with 12 percent support and tied with the “not sure” option, which 12 percent of respondents chose.  The survey also showed Pete Buttplug maintaining his status as a second-tier candidate with a whopping six percent support. Which should beg the question, why is he even still around taking up space?

And yet, it’s Buttplug who is followed by a couple of other losers, ‘Con Man Cory’ Booker and Julio Castro, who both secured a less than impressive two percent support. The remaining candidates garnered one percent support or less.  Also, 83 percent of polled Democrats say they are satisfied with the 20+ choices, while 17 percent said they would like more.  I’m curious, what might those who want MORE candidates in the running really be telling us about those already in the race?

Those who took part in this poll were also asked, “Are there any presidential candidates that you would be disappointed if they became the Democratic nominee?”  Marianne Williamson topped the list with 29 percent, followed by Mayor Bill de Blasio with 22 percent, Andrew Yang, with 21 percent, Sanders with 20 percent, and Biden with 19 percent. Only nine percent said they would be disappointed if Harris secured the nomination, and seven percent said they would be disappointed if Warren did.

I can’t help but wonder what it must be like to be old ‘Creepy Joe?’  I mean, he has to take every insult that’s hurled his way and in return bestow all manner of praise to the very people who have the knives out for him as well as to enthusiastically renounce everything that he has ever stood for.  Seems to be a pretty high price to pay in terms of a public humiliation when, at the end of the day, in all likelihood he’s not even going to the nominee.  So why subject himself to all of the abuse?

Seriously, ‘Creepy’ is simply far too flawed not to fade, and Pocahontas can’t seem to stop making promises regarding all manner of ‘free’ stuff.  And Bernie, well Bernie is simply too old and too inflexible.  It is looking more and more like ‘Hooker’ Harris.  Too many assume Harris is a leftist because she mouths the standard leftist platitudes, but she is not. She is an unprincipled opportunist in the mold of Hitlery, and she will say absolutely anything and do absolutely anything to claim the prize.

So the top two Democrats end up being an old white guy with the penchant for exposing himself to female Secret Service agents, fondling women and little girls and who also appears to have at least borderline dementia, and the old white woman who got to where she is today by fraudulently claiming to be a minority and scamming affirmative action programs for decades.  And then waiting there in the wings, but well within striking distance, is the Hooker.  Quite the menagerie we have here.

So, could it be that the stars may be lining up for a repeat of 1972?  In other words, might we again end up with a socialist Democrat running against a strong incumbent Republican president?  Like today, the Democrats then had 15 candidates but with 3 main contenders in Hubert Humphrey, George McGovern and, yes, George Wallace.  Wallace had more than 23 percent support and was in third place. McGovern had the most votes at the convention but Wallace got 381 votes good for third.

I wonder if ‘Creepy’ ‘worked with’ Wallace at any time. McGovern picked Eagleton as vice president but then it turned out Eagleton had received heavy duty electroshock treatment and was replaced by Sargent Shriver.  McGovern campaigned on abandoning the Vietnam War effort and a guaranteed income to every citizen funded by taxes. Today’s Democrats are going to run on open borders and benefits for non-citizens. Nixon carried 49 states, McGovern carried Massachusetts and the District of Columbia.

Now granted, these are most definitely different times.  But the question yet to be answered is, have the American people now been moved far enough to the left so that the Democrats will be able to successfully avoid a repeat of 1972?  These days that’s really hard to say with any degree of certainty.  But I just don’t see a majority of Americans supporting such things as unrestricted abortion, wide open borders, bogus ‘climate change’, or all the other nonsense that would allow any Democrat to win.

For whatever the reason, most head to head polls do still show ‘Creepy Joe’ coming out on top against President Trump.  Yet ‘Creepy’ is running into some pretty stiff headwinds to the point where many are now wondering if he will even make it to the finish line.  Since he first threw his hat into the ring, a relatively short time ago politically speaking, ‘Creepy’ has gone from being the only ‘moderate’ in the contest to being just one more in chorus of devoted left-wing loons.  So will he survive?


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You would have to be pretty darn ignorant when it comes to the history of the Democrat Party not to understand that the party has always viewed blacks as being little more than a means to an end.  Whether we’re talking about the plantation days or about modern day politics, blacks are considered, by Democrats, a resource to be controlled.  Democrats have gone to great pains to rewrite the history of their party, to erase a century of racism that, if we’re being honest, continues to this very day.  Granted there are no more plantations, but blacks are still made to endure a form of slavery, one perhaps even more cruel than the one suffered by their ancestors.

Democrats today spend an inordinate amount of their time in a continuing effort to portray Republicans as being the guilty party when it comes to all matters having anything to do with race and racism.  Republicans, they say, are the only reason that blacks in this country remain, in large part, economically less fortunate.  But it’s the policies continually put forward by the Democrats that are to blame for so many black being unable to escape poverty.  Democrats justify these policies by claiming they have only the best interests of black folks at heart and are only working to bring what they claim is a certain level of fairness to the playing field, so all are treated justly.

But in reality all the Democrats are really doing is to further enslave blacks by forcing them to be even more dependent upon government, while telling them at the same time that it’s all for their own good.   Take, for instance, the current Democrat presidential frontrunner, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden and his defense of segregation in which he used what is likely considered to be the most racist premise of them all, that being the argument that segregation was somehow good for black folks.  Right, it’s somehow to their benefit to be segregated.  Now how backwards is that?  Who is it that really benefits from segregation?  The Democrat Party, that’s who!

And if we look back at the sterling history of ‘Creepy Joe’s Democrat Party, and I mean all the way back to its glory days when Democrats chose to go war over freeing their slaves, you will always find the “good for black people” rationale.  Go forward a few decades to the Democrats’ Jim Crow South and you’ll see the same thing.   More than 150 years ago, white Democrats argued slavery was good for the black man. More than 50 years ago, white Democrats argued segregation was good for the black man.  And just 44 years ago, in 1975, the current Democrat frontrunner, ‘Creepy Joe’, as a sitting U.S. senator, argued that racial segregation was good for black people.

And, this is the very same ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden who, just a few weeks ago, was reminiscing nostalgically about the good old days when he could work with arch segregationists, who were all Democrats by the way, to “get things done.”  This is the same ‘Creepy Joe’ who bragged about his racist colleagues calling him “son” instead of “boy,” during a time when Democrats referred to grown black men as “boys.”  And as recently as 1988, ‘Creepy’ praised a racist segregationist as a “man of character and courage.”  The year before that, he bragged about how much one of the Democrat Party’s most virulent racists, George Wallace, liked and admired him.

Worse still, ‘Creepy, Racist Joe’ even argued that the Democrat Party needed another George Wallace,  a “liberal George Wallace — someone who’s not afraid to stand up and offend people, someone who wouldn’t pander but would say what the American people know in their gut is right.”  What’s more, ‘Creepy Joe’ has yet to acknowledge his racist past or, for that matter, apologize for it.  So far, he has only managed to apologize for ‘appearing’ to praise segregationists saying, “Was I wrong a few weeks ago to somehow give the impression to people that I was praising those men who I successfully opposed time and again?  Yes, I was. I regret it.”

And ‘Creepy Joe’ went on to say, “And I’m sorry for any of the pain or misconception they may have caused anybody.”   Only he wasn’t giving the “impression” he praised segregationists, he did indeed praise segregationists and has defended racial segregation, and did so utilizing the most racist and patronizing premise there is.  But he’s a Democrat so none of that tends to matter.  Blacks apparently are not able to grasp the extremely simple concept that Democrats have NEVER done anything FOR them, unless it was of some strategic or tactical political value. Democrats are the party of segregation. Even today they still continue to segregate.

Democrats will never be able to erase the cold hard fact that it was they who propagated slavery and the Republicans who ended it. The ‘Left’ thinks slavery was ended because the slaves rose up and overthrew their masters, untrue. It was because of a bloody Civil War between predominately white people. Democrats refused to free their slaves so Republicans forced them to. The bill for that war was 620,000 men who died from combat, disease and starvation with the vast majority of those men being white. Reparations have already been paid by the blood of good men.  Further talk of reparations does a disservice to the memory and honor of those good men.


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There is a reason, likely several reasons, why ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden has NEVER managed to make across the finish line in any presidential contest that he has ever taken part in.  And his odds of now being able to successfully navigate the one in which he is currently involved to victory are beginning to look less likely with the passing of each new day of his campaign.  The most obvious reason is that he simply doesn’t appear smart enough.  Now granted, he was able to finagle a pretty long stint in the Senate, but truly that was no real feat of political prowess or required much actual intelligence. He was a reliable leftwing loon from a northeastern state, so nuff said.

And it was recently, Friday exactly, that ‘Creepy Joe’ once again put that massive intellect of his on display.  It was during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day” that he made the rather silly claim that Russia would not have gotten away with interfering in an election under his or president Barry ‘O’s watch.  ‘Creepy’ said, “Look at what’s happening with Putin. While Putin is trying to undo our elections, he is undoing elections in Europe. Look at what’s happening in Hungary, look what’s happening in Poland, look what’s happening. You think that would happen on my watch or Barack’s watch? You can’t answer that, but I promise it wouldn’t have, and it didn’t.”

Personally, I’m thinking that it’s now becoming fairly obvious that ‘Creepy’ is really starting to show his age, and it’s evident that he’s suffered some sort of a brain disconnect. He seems to have forgotten entirely that Barry was president, and he was his stalwart number two when the 2016 election, and all of this monkey business, took place. And I think it would simply be asking too much for him to admit that what he and is boss, Barry, participated in was nothing more than a hoax designed to overthrow the Constitution and effectively void a lawful election.  And they were so sure they’d get away with it because they were just as sure Hitlery was going to win.

And let’s face it, even with Swallowswell in the race ‘Creepy Joe’ is still hands down dumbest dolt of a candidate in this contest. But look, Democrats still represent low IQ voters so a platform of ignorance is acceptable for that audience. ‘Creep’ is only talking to stupid people whose reality is flawed.  Democrats are organizing stupid people as a political force.  Most people are stupid so that is where the votes are. Education, media propaganda and open borders increases the number of stupid people.  Expect the Democrats to win in 2020 (they preparing now to cheat) after which political opposition (termed hate speech) will be a crime like in Europe.

I’m hoping that old ‘Creepy Joe’ could be screwed now!  Because in spite of the many claims by Democrats, there is more than enough evidence that Barry and ‘Creepy’ were in on briefings regarding the progress of spying that went on against Trump before the election in 2016.  It was all nothing other than a treasonous conspiracy to ensure that Hitlery would get elected so that these criminals could retain control to prevent their extensive criminal activities from ever being exposed! The level of corruption is unprecedented in our history, and for that matter, the history of the planet!  Hopefully all will be coming out, but I’m really not holding my breath.


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So in his effort to win the presidential sweepstakes and be selected as the Democrat who takes on the president in 2020, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden has decided to make a pretty bold claim.  His claim?  That this booming economy we are now experiencing has everything to do with the policies put into place by his former boss, Barry ‘O’, and absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the policies that have since been put in place by President Trump.  So a guy who was part of the duo who blamed everything that went sour during their tenure on President Bush, now wants to take credit for everything good that has taken place since they left office.  Does he really think we’re that stupid?  I can only assume that that must be the case!

‘Creepy Joe’ has now gone so far as to actually demand that credit be given where no credit is due when it comes to the booming economy under President Trump.  ‘Creepy Joe’ recently took to Twitter to complain, and in so doing tweeted, “Let’s be clear: President Trump inherited a growing economy from the Obama-Biden administration.”  And then he went on to add, “And now, he’s in the process of squandering it.”  Squandering it?  Has ‘Creepy’ not been paying attention, or is he really that dishonest?  What ‘Creepy’ refers to as a “growing economy” is one that was limping along at barely 1 percent growth, since President Trump took office, and slashed thousands of burdensome regulations, it’s now growing at over 3 percent.

So, might ‘Creepy Joe’ actually be justified, in any way, in making this claim?  Well, not exactly.  But that’s only because the list of accomplishments from the era of Barry ‘O’ and ‘Creepy Joe’ includes: 1. Lowest labor participation since the 1970s, 2. Nearly 95 million Americans out of the labor force, 3. Worst economic recovery since the 1940s, 4. Lowest home ownership rate in 50 years, 5. Nearly 13 million more Americans on food stamps under Barry, 6. Over 43 million Americans living in poverty, 7. The median household income lower now than in the 1970s, 8. 1 in 5 families without someone in the workforce, 9. 1 in 6 men ages 18-24 are either incarcerated or out of the workforce and 10. More debt than all other presidents combined.

Now compare all of that against what has taken place, and in just two and a half short years, since President Trump came into the White House.  We now have millions fewer Americans on food stamps, which is likely only because unemployment for blacks, Hispanics, women, Asians and teenagers are now all at all-time lows, and the GDP is now growing at 3 percent annually.  The duo of Barry ‘O’ and ‘Creepy Joe’ was the ONLY administration NEVER to get a 3 percent annual growth, yet ‘Creepy Joe’ now wants credit for something that he’s had nothing to do with?  Again I have to ask, does he truly think we are so stupid as to believe ANYTHING he says?  And his idiotic claims about the economy makes clear that we can’t believe him!

To be honest, this is nothing more than yet another example of what Democrats do best, take credit.  Let’s be honest, Democrats don’t want to actually accomplish anything, they simply want to take credit for it.  Democrats not only can’t improve the economy, they have virtually no interest in doing so. And the reason is simple, because employed, successful and prosperous people tend not to need handouts from Democrats, so Democrats are unable to purchase their votes with taxpayer money. Democrats need poverty in order to create the ‘need’ for Democrats to run to the ‘rescue.’  Democrats don’t help people in poverty, Democrats actually are responsible, and singularly so, for people being in poverty.  It’s all by design.

Democrats like to talk as if they actually favor of a strong, robust economy.  In fact, it was Hitlery who once said, “The economy ALWAYS does better when there is a Democrat in the White House.”  But it’s while they are making such claims that at the very same time they are doing and proposing everything they can that has and/or will actually bring about the weakening of our economy.  So why would they want to do that, you might ask. Well, because these leftwing traitors-to-our-Constitutional Republic know that a weak economy, with tens of millions out of work, it becomes far easier for them to get more people addicted to any number of various government programs, which makes them far more likely to vote for Democrats.

What the Democrats, and the dynamic economic duo Barry ‘O’ and ‘Creepy Joe’, do get credit for is the tanking of our economy, hampering our manufacturing sector as well as our ability to become energy independent, for essentially forcing more people onto the government dole, essentially requiring people to get two part time jobs just to make ends meet as a result of Obamacare bringing to an end millions of full time jobs, for setting race relations back decades, for taking our culture to the depths of Hell courtesy of infanticide, gender confusion, celebrating all manner of depravity and perversion, ushering in what they’re selling as the ‘joys’ of Socialism, and for doing all they could to bring America to the brink of totalitarian tyranny.

It is not too much of a stretch to say that ‘Creepy Joe’ is little more than a lifetime liar and a worthless do nothing with zero accomplishments to show for his over 50 years spent at the taxpayer’s teat as an elected official.  He possesses zero leadership skills or ability, is just another big government advocate, he has never held a private sector job, he’s lazy, he’s old, a complete moron as well as being more than just a little ‘Creepy.’  He has NOTHING to bring to the table to make America better, ‘Creepy’ represents a ‘Barry ‘O’ third term which will only take this country backwards.  I recent read somewhere that a group of economists had said that if Hitlery had been elected our economy would now be toast, not booming.

Life sure must be good when as a sleazy, corrupt politicians can spend 8 years blaming their predecessor for their own failures and then, for over 2 years, attempt to take credit for those things that have been done to improve America that they had absolutely nothing to do with. Our ‘America First’ President has done more in 21/2 years than Democrats have done in decades, Democrats never have any interest in making America better when in charge.  Now they want credit for President Trump’s successes, despite their overwhelming opposition. The Democrats are a treacherous group. They promise Socialism, and the demise of our freedoms. The Democrats have nothing to offer, and only stupid people would vote for any of them.

In looking back it was ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton who still somehow gets credit for the economic boom that was a direct result of President Reagan’s and Bush 41’s economic policies.  George W. Bush was blamed for the crash in 2008, the groundwork of which was first laid in the late 1970s when then president Carter signed into law something called the ‘Community Reinvestment Act’, something that was made even worse by ‘Slick Willy’.  Bush was also blamed for the recession that followed although it was the policies put in place by Barry ‘O’ that only made it worse.  President Trump takes over, makes massive changes and the economy booms, and it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ who then tries to take credit, and who is now running around saying, “I built that!!”


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‘Creepy Joe’ Biden recently let fly with what has to one of the most blatant lies yet told, by him or any other Democrat, in the ongoing march to determine who will take on President Trump in 2020.  And in so doing he demonstrated how it is that he must think that the majority of Americans are pretty stupid.  What ‘Creepy Joe’ did was to claim that during the entire eight year reign of Barry ‘O’ and himself there was not “one single hint of a scandal or lie.”  Now you have to wonder, what was it that possessed him to say such a thing?  Is he, perhaps, senile or simply demented?  Or, is he simply a liar?  Either way, he has no business being our president.

It was during a speech in Iowa this past Wednesday that ‘Creepy’ made his rather bold claim.  ‘Creepy’ asked those present, “Know what I was most proud of?”  He then proceeded to answer his own question by saying, “For eight years, there wasn’t one single hint of a scandal or a lie.”  And I guess what I found even more shocking here was the fact that there were members of the audience who actually applauded.  Which would seem to indicate that many of those who had shown up to hear ‘Creepy’ speak were likely just as demented as old ‘Creepy Joe’ seems to be.  Either that or they were living under a rock from 2009-2017, which I suppose IS possible.

Now of course it was in making his claim that ‘Creepy’ very conveniently ignored some pretty significant facts, such as the failure to protect Americans at the consulate in Benghazi, Attorney General Eric ‘I’m A Racist’ Holder’s role in covering up the Fast and Furious scandal, or the IRS persecution of Tea Party groups.  ‘Creepy’ also failed to bring up Barry’s former Secretary of State, Hitlery, who used a private email server to conduct government business and deleted 30,000 of those emails to hide illegal behavior and avoid questions about donations to the Clinton Foundation after she approved the sale of American Uranium to Russia companies.

Now you would think that even ‘Creepy Joe’ would have been able to recognize the fact that he was telling what was a pretty sizable whopper in making a claim that was so easily disprovable.  Because it’s in looking back at those very dark years that were the Obama presidency that we can plainly see a president doing the very same thing that the Democrats of today are now accusing President Trump of having done.  Which is pretty ironic, as well as hypocritical, when you stop to think about it.  But this is what the modern day Democrat Party has become.  That being, of course, a pack of liars who feel justified in saying anything no matter how untrue.

And you know, I could list all of the many lies and misdeeds committed by the obviously corrupt duo of Barry ‘O’ and ‘Creepy Joe’, but those who care about such things already know of the many crimes committed and lies told, and those who don’t care, quite frankly, never will.  Those who are bothered little by such antics, I would argue, care only about whatever ‘free’ they may be in line for. But with that said I have chosen to include a brief synopsis of the lies told during the eight years this country spent living under the man who should go down in history as being one of the most corrupt presidents this country ever had the misfortune to elect.

Remember when:

  1. Obama encroached, repeatedly, on congressional powers. Once Obamacare was the law of the land, the Obama White House kept re-writing it without congressional authorization. The Obama administration even spent money to reimburse health insurance companies. It had no right to do so, and the House successfully challenged Obama in court. So, too, did the Senate, when Obama unilaterally declared it in recess; he was slapped down 9-0 by the Supreme Court.
  2. Obama usurped the legislative powers of Congress entirely on immigration. Rather than negotiate with Congress, Obama enacted the so-called “Dream Act” by fiat in 2012 when he announced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. After Democrats lost the Senate in 2014, Obama added the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) program. Both were unconstitutional and DAPA has been struck down by the courts.
  3. Obama defied the Senate’s powers to ratify foreign treaties. Obama knew that the Iran nuclear deal was a failure. So instead of presenting it to the Senate for ratification, he took it to the U.N. Security Council. Democrats backed up his unconstitutional maneuver by quashing an attempt by the Senate to vote on a review of the deal. Obama repeated his unconstitutional tactics in negotiating the Paris Climate Accords, which were written to avoid the Senate.
  4. Obama administration officials repeatedly lied to Congress. Whether it was Attorney General Eric ‘I’m A Racist’ Holder lying to Congress about the administration’s pursuit of journalists, or National Intelligence Director James Clapper (later a main instigator of the Russia collusion hoax) lying to Congress about the National Security Agency’s (NSA) spying, Obama’s senior officials showed their contempt for congressional oversight by covering up the truth, over and over.
  5. Obama administration officials abused their power to target opponents. Under Obama, the Internal Revenue Service wrongfully pursued conservative non-profit organizations, effectively knocking them out of the crucial 2012 election. Then, ahead of the 2016 election, Obama’s law enforcement appointees let Hillary Clinton off the hook while spying on the Trump campaign in pursuit of bogus Russian collusion, one of the worst abuses of power in U.S. history.
  6. Obama frequently ignored court decisions he did not like. When a federal judge blocked Obama’s attempt to impose a moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, the administration simply ignored it, leading the judge to hold the administration in contempt. Similarly, a federal judge threatened the administration with contempt after it ignored an injunction limiting work permits for illegal aliens. Obama also scolded the Supreme Court in front of the entire nation over its decision in the Citizens United case, and later publicly attacked the Court’s power of judicial review itself.
  7. Obama attempted to use “executive action” to implement gun control. In a frontal assault on the Second Amendment, President Obama vowed to use his executive powers to implement gun control policies — even though none of them would have likely made any difference in stopping school shootings or radical Islamic terror attacks.
  8. Obama, and rather famously so, lied and in the process upturned millions of lives. Without his lies, it’s doubtful Obamacare, which is perhaps the only wholly partisan national reform effort in American history, would ever have passed. “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” was only one of an array of demonstrably false statements fed to the public in order to provide long ago extinct ‘moderate’ Democrats with some manner of cover. You might remember one of Obamacare’s architects, Jonathan Gruber, explaining how this “lack of transparency” compounded by “the stupidity of the American voter” was a huge political advantage for the administration. Or maybe you don’t.

But I suppose in a weird sort of way ‘Creepy Joe’ might be right when he says that “for eight years there wasn’t one single ‘hint’ of a scandal or a lie.”  But that’s only because the lawlessness that occurred under the Barry and Creepy duo took place right in front of our eyes.  There were obvious lies, acts of obvious collusion, obstruction and malfeasance.  There was funding of Islamic terrorism, enabling of Communist regimes enabling and corruption at essentially every level of the Executive Branch of our government and in every department.  Leftists like ‘Creepy Joe’ enjoy playing these little word games in order to appear truthful.  But they are not!

And so ‘Creepy Joe’ would have us all believe that Barry ‘O’ treated the presidency with respect.  That he didn’t use the office to enrich himself, that he didn’t embrace dictators and repeatedly trash our allies.  The he was supposedly above insulting people, calling them names and would never choose to bully anyone.  Also he would have us all believe that Barry didn’t play golf every weekend and didn’t expect his Attorney General to act as his ‘wingman.”  And above all else that he respected Congress’ right of oversight.  And ‘Creepy Joe’ would have all believe that Barry was someone actually quite intelligent.  But that too is nothing but a lie.

If historians are in any way honest, that which was known as the Obama presidency will be properly documented as being one of the most, if not ‘the’ most, corrupt presidencies in all of American history.  After all, despite the idiotic claim put forward by ‘Creepy Joe’, there is more than sufficient evidence to prove that that is the case.  For instance, can anyone name any other administration that used its full power, via various government agencies, and sought assistance from multiple foreign governments to both spy on and to then attempt to destroy political opponents?  I think one would be hard-pressed to find any president who went as far as Barry.


biden 30

It was earlier this week, on Tuesday night, at a campaign stop in Iowa, that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden gave a speech that provided an image of how he apparently views America under the leadership of President Trump, one that, at least for most commonsense Americans, would at least seem to indicate that ‘Creepy’ chooses not to see America as it actually is but, for some bizarre reason, as he and the Democrats wish it to be.  Also it was this same speech that would seem to call into question whether ‘Creepy’ is actually up to rigors demanded by the office that he is now seeking, and not just mentally, but perhaps physically as well. ‘Creepy’ just appears too old and too tired.

Anyway, it was throughout his speech that ‘Creepy’ seemed to make sure to keep his focus on President Trump, and not on how he would improve things as president. He called the president, among other things, a climate change denier.  ‘Creepy’ said, “If he was just another rich guy sitting in his gold-plated apartment in Manhattan tweeting about how those pointy-headed scientists don’t know anything, it wouldn’t matter. But he’s president.”  ‘Creepy’ warned that eight years of a Trump presidency will “forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation.”  But wouldn’t the unchecked illegal immigration favored by Democrats be what accomplishes that?

‘Creepy’ explained how it is that he feels President Trump poses a “fundamental threat.”  And of course, and something that should come as no surprise, ‘Creepy’ again resorted to thoroughly debunked nonsense, and something he knows to be a lie, when he said, “First, to our core values. What we stand for. What we believe. We saw it in Charlottesville….”  And it was from one lie that ‘Creepy’ moved on to yet another when he spoke of the humanitarian crisis at the border, and how he said President Trump has taken “kids from their mothers and fathers, putting them literally in the equivalent of cages, thousands of them – what does that say?”

And just as a little reminder here it was the Barry ‘O’-‘Creepy Joe’ administration that also “detained large numbers of unaccompanied children inside chain link fences in 2014,” as was reported by the Associated Press.  And it was images that circulated online of children in cages during the height of President Trump’s family separations controversy that were actually from 2014 when Barry ‘O’ was in office.  But as we have seen countless times telling the truth is something that Democrats have no real interest in.  They are very comfortable in lying because they know they won’t ever be called on it by their many friends in the ‘fake news’ media.

Anyway, ‘Creepy’ went on to say, “Everywhere we turn, it’s clear that Trump is shredding what we believe in most. I believe we have to restore those basic values.”  ‘Creepy’ criticized the president for his treatment of U.S. allies and for being the only American president who has ever threatened to leave NATO.  And of course ‘Creepy’ praised Barry ‘O’ as a “president of extraordinary character and decency,” saying he was a president our kids could look up to…And if you don’t think we miss him, Trump just reminded us that we do.”  Frankly I thought it a rather amazing thing that he was able to get through the saying of such a ridiculous thing with a straight face.

And ‘Creepy’ also made sure to make time to ‘slam’ what he called the president’s ‘insults’, which are usually delivered courtesy of Twitter. ‘Creepy’ said, “Look, Donald Trump a threat to the United States. Attacking private citizens using language like ‘total loser.’ Barack Obama would not do that. No president would do that. Most teenagers wouldn’t do that. You know, he’s setting a standard, the standard of crude language and embarrassing behavior that is burrowing into our culture for real. It’s in our culture. It will take time to get rid of it, but we must. We must.  It is not who we are.”  No, who we are, are butchers of the unborn, right ‘Creepy’?

‘Creepy’ also accused President Trump of what he described as “tearing down the guardrails of democracy.”  ‘Creepy’ said, “Tearing down the things that prevent the abuse of power.”  ‘Creepy’ said, “‘Fake news,’ ‘Enemy of the people,’ these aren’t words to be laughed at or dismissed. Just look at what’s happening around the world. Think of the dictators and tyrants using Trump’s words to justify their own abuses of power in their countries…Trump’s goal is simple — discredit the news, discredit the free press — and run over the American people…roughshod.”  But it’s in that regard that perhaps ‘Creepy’ should be more concerned with those within his own party.

Because for whatever reason, ‘Creepy’ doesn’t seem to be bothered in the least by those Democrats, such as his old boss Barry ‘O’, or the worst secretary of state in modern history, John Kerry-Heinz, just to name just a couple, who repeatedly disparage this country whenever on foreign soil.  And it’s this kind behavior that provides to those very same dictators and tyrants that ‘Creepy’ speaks of, the perfect sound bites that can then be used to justify the mistreatment of their own citizens by allowing them to point to such idiotic comments as a way of showing that what they are doing is no worse than what’s taking place right here in America.

‘Creepy’ also accused President Trump of attacking the independence of the courts and “completely ignoring the legitimate authority of the Congress.”  Although he was more than a little unclear, as is usually the case with this clown, about how it was that the president is actually accomplishing that.  Perhaps it’s because President Trump has focused more on appointing those judges who actually believe in the Constitution and who tend to not behave like the leftist clowns nominated by Democrats and who seek not to enforce the Constitution but instead to assist those on the left in what has become their continuing mission to shred our Constitution.

And so, what is it that Creepy Joe’ would do better, as president?  According to the text of his prepared remarks he, “will look to work with the Congress. I will work across the aisle. I will seek to find consensus.”  But ‘Creepy’ didn’t utter those things out loud on Tuesday night.  Instead, ‘Creepy’ made it clear that he would work to undo everything President Trump has accomplished, including tax cuts (“gone,” ‘Creepy’ said). ‘Creepy’ would also, of course, rejoin the international climate-change chorus; and he would seek to protect Obamacare.  Those two items alone should disqualify ‘Creepy’ from being considered for the highest office in the land.

‘Creepy’ concluded his idiotic remarks by saying, “The only thing that can tear America apart is America itself.”  ‘Creepy’ said, “Everybody knows who Donald Trump is. No, I’m not joking, even the people who support him, they have no illusions about who he is and his character….We have to let them know who we Democrats are. What we stand for. We have to let them know that we choose hope over fear. Unity over division. Truth over lies. And science over fiction.  “It’s time for us to pick our heads up and remember who we are. This is United States of America. There’s not a single thing — not a single thing — is beyond our capacity to do — together.”

I am curious though, when is it that the Democrats have EVER been in favor of “unity over division, truth over lies, and science over fiction.”  After all, it’s their work to divide the American people by race, by sexual orientation, by financial standing or by whatever else they can, that has for decades allowed the Democrat Party to remain a viable political party.  And the party as a whole, working in concert with their allies in the ‘fake news’ media, will peddle any lie they can if made against this president.  And it’s these believers in science who ignore completely the science that tells us life begins at conception.  So ‘Creepy’ can peddle that BS to somebody else!

And by the way, President Trump also spoke in Iowa on Tuesday night and sounded much more upbeat than did ‘Creepy.’  Trump told his crowd: “We put America first, we’re putting America first again, folks. And this is truly an extraordinary time for our nation. America is thriving, optimism is booming, our people are prospering and our country is winning again. Winning, winning, winning, winning again, we are winning like never before and doing great and respected again all over the world — they respect us again. They weren’t so respectful for a long number of years, but they respect us again as a country. America’s economy is now the envy of the world.”  Nuff said!


Biden 25

Now you may find this hard to believe but it was once upon a time that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden was actually against amnesty for those in this country illegally, and also he seemed to be very much in favor of requiring anyone who migrates to America to learn English.  So I’m guessing he was against amnesty BEFORE he was for it?  Which seems to be pretty common practice among Democrats when it comes to any number of different issues.  And it makes pretty clear how it is that the Democrat Party has come to be where it is today, a party that cares much less about the country and the concerns of the American people than it does about acquiring political power.

And so it was a little more than a decade ago that our ex-vice president and now 2020 Democrat presidential candidate, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, argued against amnesty for illegal immigrants and maintained that anyone who migrates to the United States should learn English.  The comments came 13 years ago, when he was in the Senate arguing for the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act, otherwise known as the “McCain-Kennedy Bill.” An immigration reform bill introduced the previous year by then-Democrat Sen. Teddy ‘I got Away With Murder’ Kennedy and RINO Sen. John ‘I’m a War Hero’ McCain, but the proposed legislation thankfully never got to a vote.

And if you’re old enough to remember this particular piece of legislation, it was supposed to have been an attempt at what was, and still is, commonly referred to as ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform when it was introduced in 2005 by duo of Kennedy and McCain and also many may recall that this particular piece of legislation was more about amnesty than it was about the implementing of any actual immigration reform to make our system better.  And I feel pretty confident in saying that we dodged a rather sizable bullet when the proposed legislation never made it to a vote, instead, dying in the House in what was a landslide of negative public opinion.

Anyway, it was then in a discussion with MSNBC’s Chris ‘Mr. Tingles’ Matthews, that ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “The Democratic position also recognizes you’ve got 11 million illegal aliens here.”  And it was ‘Creepy’ who then went on to say, “They have to have a way to earn their way into the deal. This isn’t amnesty. They’re required to take 11 years work. They’ve gotta pay a fine. They’ve got to learn to speak English. They’ve got to pass testing … ”  Matthews interrupted saying, “If we want the problems of Canada right now, keep encouraging people to keep their foreign language. ” Matthews added, “English is gonna unite this country, potentially.”

And it was in yet another video, this one from 2006,that ‘Creepy Joe’ argued for a 40-story fence to stop the drugs coming from “corrupt Mexico.”  It was to members of a rotary club in South Carolina that he said, “Folks, I voted for a fence, I voted, and unlike most Democrats — and some of you won’t like it — I voted for 700 miles of fence.”  And he went on to say, “But, let me tell you, we can build a fence 40 stories high — unless you change the dynamic in Mexico and — and you will not like this, and — punish American employers who knowingly violate the law when, in fact, they hire illegals.”  He said, “Unless you do those two things, all the rest is window dressing.”

But it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ who, in running to become the next president of our country, is now singing quite the different tune when it comes to both the building of a fence and demanding that people coming into this country learn English.  Because today it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ and the rest of the Democrat Party that has absolutely no interest, whatsoever, in building a fence, nor for that matter in securing our border in any meaningful way and view it as being nothing short of racist to demand that those immigrating to OUR country actually learn OUR language.  They want as many people to come here as may ‘want’ to come here, which is nothing less than insane.

But it’s this sort of radical shift in position that’s really nothing new for Democrats.  And when it comes to their position on the issue of illegal immigration there is really no difference between that and how Democrats once spoke out about such things as gay marriage and abortion, having moved from once being somewhat opposed, or at least claiming to be, to now being not only supportive, but out and out advocates for both.  And why might that be?  Well because this is the direction in which their political winds are now blowing.  And if they are to have any possibility of attaining higher office then it must be damn the country and full speed to the left.

The American people have got to be able to recognize the fact that those in today’s Democrat Party have no interest in making the country better for all.  They are driven by a single purpose, that being to acquire ever more political power and to then proceed with making it impossible for them to EVER lose that power once acquired.  We are literally surrounded by all manner of examples regarding the catastrophic results of endless majority Democrat rule.  Look at any of our largest cities or states like California or New York and then ask yourself, do we really want our country to be made into what any of these decrepit enclaves of Democrat governance have become?

And on a side note, politicians of both parties have now made it very clear that, while they may still be elected by the people, once safely in office the priorities that receive the most attention from them are not the priorities of those who placed them into office. And until we decide the time has come for us to be much more hands on when it comes to how our country is to be governed, the idiocy that we have witnessed taking place over the course of the last several years on the part of those in Congress is likely to only get worse.  Republicans and Democrats alike MUST come together and rein in our politicians, because if the ship goes down, we ALL go down.

And while we’re on the subject here, well sort of, let me be perfectly clear on something.  The Democrat Party of today hates America and ALL that she has come to stand for.  And don’t let yourself be fooled, the days of being able to find an actual moderate Democrat are long gone, that particular breed of political animal was long ago forced into extinction.  And too, don’t be fooled by ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, he’s as much of a left wing kook as any of the other 22 Democrats now vying to be the one selected to take on President Trump in 2020.  All of these Democrats are of a single purpose, and would of course be the complete destruction of our country.


biden 22

If I didn’t know better I’d swear old ‘Creepy Joe’ was already asking for a recount in an election that hasn’t yet even taken place.  Because it was earlier this week that our ex-vice president and potential 2020 Democrat presidential nominee, in an effort to do I’m not sure what, dipped into election conspiracy territory arguing that fellow ex-vice president Algore did not actually lose the presidential election back in 2000.  So he too is yet another Democrat who was cheated out of a victory that was his.

So can we also assume that ‘Creepy Joe’ must also think that Japan won World War II, the New York Yankees took the 1960 World Series, Adlai Stevenson defeated Dwight Eisenhower and Jimmy Carter won a second term in the 1980 presidential election?  Who knew?  What a twit.  So to be honest, it is now my very fervent hope that ‘Creepy Joe’ does turn out to be the Democrat nominee because I think that his rather advanced age would become all the more obvious on a debate stage standing next to President Trump.

Anyway, it was during a conversation about his nineties-era crime bill that ‘Creepy’ made the claim that things got worse after Gore lost the election.  It was at a campaign stop in New Hampshire that ‘Creepy’ told the few that had gathered, “I wouldn’t say lost, when a hanging chad sort of did a few things.”  ‘Creepy’s’ idiotic remark continues a history of doubt that the left has cast on the results of the 2000 election.  It’s a lie and he knows it’s a lie, and yet he continues to repeat it.

In 2013, then-vice president ‘Creepy Joe’ insisted to Gore during a fundraiser that he had actually won the 2000 election.  ‘Creepy’ said to Algore, “This man was elected president of the United States of America.”  And added, “No, no, no. He was elected president of the United States of America. But for the good of the nation, when the bad decision in my view was made, he did the right thing for the nation.”  So as we can plainly see, the delusion that somehow Algore won still lives on, on the left.

Despite the never ending claims to the contrary, it was a widely hailed investigation funded by eight major ‘news’ organizations in 2001 that concluded that George W. Bush would have won despite the Supreme Court ruling in 2001.  And yet that was simply not enough to satisfy the many loons who reside on the left and so they have continued to perpetrate that which they know to be a lie in what has become their continuing effort to bring about a lack of confidence in our election process.

So for those who continue to reside in that same little ‘Twilight Zone’ kind of a universe as ‘Creepy’, we’ll go over it again.  Yes, Algore lost!  And why?  Well, simply put, because more states voted for George W. Bush than did for Algore.   Because, as we all know, states vote for president, not people.  You are voting for whom you want your state’s electors to vote for in the Electoral College.  Hence the rationale now coming from a growing number of Democrats for scrapping the Electoral College.

Democrats continue to call for elections to be determined by popular vote which would be much like a football game being won by the team with the most yards, not by the team with the most points.  Perhaps the number of counties won should become the standard for determining who it is that’s been declared the winner of a presidential election. For instance in the last election, Donald Trump won 2,622 counties and Hitlery, of the hate-America Democrat Party, won 490.

And there is a method to the madness behind the entire ‘stolen elections’ narrative.  If you’re hoping to motivate tens of thousands of your activists across the country what better way would there be than to convince them that the ‘other side’ has been cheating all along so they then feel justified in doing the same.  But there’s just one thing wrong with that, the ‘other side’ hasn’t been cheating so there’s nothing to retaliate against.  So we end up with one side, the Democrats, doing all the cheating.

The methods for motivating these ‘activists’ are pretty numerous.  After all, there is no shortage of people who know how to cheat, especially in states where Voter ID laws have been declared unconstitutional, which only serves to encourage voter fraud, and/or allow same-day registration as well as where absentee ballots are not checked to see who really filled them out, or if those voters really exist and really voted.  Remember, in the last election, some places had voter turnout well over 100%.

Why is it, do you think, that in these more recent times every time a Democrat loses an election they insist upon claiming that they didn’t really lose at all?  In fact, not only did they NOT lose, they actually won and then were somehow cheated out of their victory?  Is it because they’ve gone through their entire lives being little more than recipients of various ‘participation trophies’ or maybe because teachers and professors gave them a passing grades regardless of the quality of their work?

Now in getting back to ‘Creepy’, I’m not discriminating against him because he’s older than dirt, just like I didn’t discriminate against Barry ‘O’ because he was black, or against Hitlery because she was a woman.  The only reason that I chose not to vote for Barry or for Hilery, is the very same reason I would never vote for ‘Creepy’.  And that would, of course, be because of their overwhelming hatred of America and their continuing effort to destroy it in what is their continuing quest for political power.

But regarding the whole age issue, if he were to actually win the next election it would be by the time that he officially assumed office that ‘Creepy’ would be older, at 78, than Ronald Reagan was, at 77, when he came to the end of his second term.  And keep in mind whomever he would select as his VP would be a mere heartbeat away from being president.  And amongst those names already being floated as his potential vice-president are names like Kamala Harris and Stacy Abrams.

Now I don’t know about you, but the just the idea of having either one of those leftwing loons as his VP is more than a little frightening.  And to be honest, I wouldn’t trust either one of these two loons, were either one of them actually selected as ‘Creepy’s’ potential number two , not to give old ‘Creepy’ a bit of a nudge while at the top of a very steep, and very long, flight of stairs.  After all, old people take some pretty severe tumbles all the time.  So I doubt anyone would be too shocked.

But with all that said, ‘Creepy’ may not even be who ends up getting the Democrat nomination.  After all, I think the Democrats are now up to 23 or 24 potential candidates with each new candidate being crazier than the last.  And while ‘Creepy’, at least at this point in time, seems to be leading the pack, I’m sure everyone remembers how back in 2016, when we had 16 Republicans running, it was Jeb Bush who everyone thought would end up being the nominee.  So a lot can still happen.


biden 21

Democrats have always been rather fond of labelling themselves as being the party that always takes the high road, choosing never to enter into the mud.  Therefore it only stands to reason that it must be those evil, mean, racist, bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic Republicans who predictably ALWAYS take the low road.  So imagine my surprise when ‘Creepy Joe’ must have apparently taken a detour by referring to the president as a “no good S.O.B.” just this past Saturday, and after just telling donors he intended to take the high road in any coming discourse regarding the president.

And so it was while speaking at a private donor event in South Carolina that ‘Creepy Joe’ responded to nicknames, like “Sleepy Joe,” that the president has applied to our ex-vice president and Democrat presidential hopeful.  And it was according to Bloomberg that while an unnamed donor urged ‘Creepy’ to respond with his own nicknames for Trump that ‘Creepy’ said he’d aim to keep discourse at a higher level.  We’re told that ‘Creepy’ said, “The only place he has any confidence is in the mud. The only thing he doesn’t know how to respond to is issues and specifics.”

Even so, at another point in his response to the question, ‘Creepy’ referred to President Trump as a “no good S.O.B.” who would likely turn to attacking his children and grandchildren, “the last people I want to go through” what President Trump is likely to hurl their way.  Now anyone the least bit familiar with old ‘Creepy Joe’ is likely very well aware of his willingness, even eagerness, to drag things down into the mud, just like every other member of his pathetically corrupt party.  What they’re still not quite used to is the fact that we now have a guy not afraid to take them on.

While ‘Creepy’ fears the president will verbally assault his family, Democrats like Alabama State Rep. John Rogers, have routinely attacked the president’s family.  This boob Rogers has said of Donald Trump Jr: “Him being born is the very good defense that I have for abortion. His mother should’ve aborted him when he was born, and then he wouldn’t have made that stupid statement.”  He added, “He’s retarded or crazy, Donald Trump’s son. I knew he was crazy. The best defense I’ve got for abortion right there, looking at him.”  Yup, Democrats ALWAYS take the high road!

Democrats have a rather long and storied history of taking the low road.  And it’s a very rare event indeed when one from our side chooses to join them, choosing instead to remain on the high road and ending up getting their ass kicked.   And it is in doing so that those on our side end up being perceived as being little more than a wimp.  And while President Trump may be a lot of things, the one thing he most definitely is not, is a wimp.  So if ‘Creepy Joe’ wants to embark down the low road he does so knowing full well that he won’t be alone in doing so.  And I’m just fine with that.

Frankly, I really get tired of hearing from those folks who have refused to vote for President Trump claiming that he’s not “dignified” enough.  Really?  President Trump is EXACTLY what this country needed after having barely survived eight long years of Barry ‘O’ & Co., of which ‘Creepy Joe’ was number two. And the president has done a tremendous job of exposing the Democrats’ true colors. Now they say, “He’s retarded or crazy” and “The best defense for abortion.”  President Trump has now become the ‘dignified’ candidate by comparison.  And it’s all thanks to the Democrats.

Over the years it’s become rather tiresome to be left having to vote for the wimp in the contest.  I’m a firm believer in that old adage that nice guys tend to finish last, especially in politics.  You need to show that you’re willing to get your hands a little dirty, especially when going up against those who not only live in the gutter, but actually thrive there.  I have long argued that we needed someone on our side willing to play the game as the Democrats do and not make the idiotic claim of being above such behavior.  When the country is at stake I want a fighter, not another damn wuss.


biden 20

Yes, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden finally went there, and we knew it was just a matter of time.  You see, in his effort to get himself elected, ‘Creepy’ already apparently feels it necessary to grasp at every last straw.  And so it was during an ‘interview’ on ABC’s “Good Morning America” (GMA) this past Tuesday that ‘Creepy’ said, “If, in fact, [those in the Trump administration] block the investigation, they have no alternative but to go to the only other constitutional resort they have, [which] is impeachment.”

‘Creepy’ also told GMA host Robin Roberts that while impeachment is a possibility, his focus is on unseating Trump in 2020.  He said, “My job, in the meantime, is to make sure he’s not back as President of the United States of America.”  Yup, you go get em’ ‘Creepy!’  That was a pretty ballsy statement coming from a member of the dynamic duo who did pretty much everything they could to thwart any and all investigations into the rampant corruption committed by Barry ‘O’ and Co.

So yes, President Trump has said that his administration is “fighting all the subpoenas,” claiming that Democrats in Congress are incapable of acting as impartial investigators. And the president is suing House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings after Cummings subpoenaed his financial records.  So I’m not exactly sure why ‘Creepy’s’ panties are in such a bunch because, after all, it was he and Barry ‘O’ who actually set that precedent.

So old ‘Creepy’ officially launched his campaign last week after months of speculation. The ex-vice president is widely considered to be the front-runner in what has become little more than a Democrat sideshow largely due to his name recognition and connection Barry ‘O’ who, for whatever reason, remains popular within the Democrat Party.  “Creepy’ has called this election “a battle for the soul of this nation,” and has warned of dire consequences should President Trump be re-elected.

‘Creepy’ said, “If we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation. And I cannot stand by and watch that happen.”  But in saying such a thing it would seem that ‘Creepy’ has forgotten entirely how it was that Barry ‘O’ had come into office with his stated goal being to “fundamentally transform” the country.   But then we shouldn’t be surprised, ‘Creepy’ is getting pretty old, and memory is always the first thing to go.

If President Trump is guilty of anything it’s trying to restore America to what it was before Barry ‘O’ and Co., of which “Creepy Joe’ was one of the major players, set about trying to destroy it.  Granted, there is still much to do, but the president can’t be expected to undo in two years what it took Barry and Co. eight years to do.  And where Barry ‘O’ hated this country to the point of wanting to destroy, love him or hate him I think it’s very obvious that President Trump truly does love America.

So while President Trump wants to MAGA, his potential Democrat contender, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, wants to MAMA.  In other words, Trump wants to “make American great again” and ‘Creepy’ wants to “make American moral again,” or so he announced to GMA host Robin Roberts while flanked by his wife, Jill.  ‘Creepy’ said, “Make America return to the essence of who we are … the dignity of the country … end this god-awful deliberate division.”  It was all so odd to hearing coming from this tired old pervert.

So I can only assume that the lesson that the Democrats are trying to teach us here is that when you run in a election and your side loses, despite having taken cheating to a whole level, you whine and cry about it like a bunch of spoiled little brats, and then work to remove the person to whom you lost, out of office, by any means necessary.  I simply don’t recall an election in my lifetime where the losing side then spent so much time, effort and money to take down the winner.  It’s just all so bizarre!

So ‘Creepy’ has now officially sold his soul to the fanatical impeachment wing of the Democrat Party, and likely all for naught. The ‘fake news’ media’s own polling seems to show that most Americans, even those who don’t much like the president, do not want to go through an impeachment.  Most Americans’ are tired of this seditious travesty, and if the Democrats can’t beat Trump at the polls, they don’t deserve the leadership.  Americans love a good fight, but few are willing to tolerate a dirty one.

And you know, perhaps it’s because of his dementia that ‘Creepy’ may not remember the corruption that took place when he was Barry’s sidekick.  But oddly that same level of dementia doesn’t seem to be a showstopper when it comes to his running for president. But then, if there is one thing that Democrats can be said to excel at, it’s being able to forget, or to simply ignore, their own crimes.  And it was ‘Creepy’s’ fellow pervert, Teddy Kennedy, who was the best at being able to do that.