Booker 22

Ya know, there are losers, there are real losers, and then there’s ‘Con Man Cory’ Booker who takes being a loser to what is an entirely new level. Now granted, he has managed to gain for himself a fair amount of success in the world of politics, first as a mayor and then as a senator, but that had much more to do with the ignorance of the voters in New Jersey than it did with him possessing any great political prowess, or even much intelligence for that matter.  After all, ‘Con Man Cory’ has demonstrated, on far more than one occasion, that he is far from being very smart.  He’s proven himself to be little more than a joke, both as a politician and as a human being.

And so it was during a recent appearance with one of those ‘geniuses’ on late night television, the very ‘unfunny’ Seth Meyers, that ‘Con Man Cory’ once again demonstrated yet another reason why he is simply unfit, to the extreme, for the office which he is now seeking.  It was during an exchange with the show’s rather idiotic host that ‘Con Man Cory’ took some personal shots at President Trump while discussing, of all things, civility in politics.  Old ‘Con Man’ told Seth Meyers on Monday night, “My testosterone sometimes makes me want” to punch the “elderly out-of-shape” Trump.  Yup, sounds like a guy worthy to president to me.  You?

So it was to hoots and hollers from the members of the morons there in the audience that ‘Con Man’ said, “Donald Trump is a guy who you understand he hurts you, and my testosterone sometimes makes me want to feel like punching him, which would be bad for this elderly out-of-shape man that he is if I did that — this physically weak specimen.”  So all that we really have here is just one more example of Democrats fantasizing about committing some act of violence against President Trump, and to then use that fantasy to win applause, to win love from Late Night leftists, and I assume to win votes.  This is obviously how they think we can win.

‘Con Man Cory’ then tried to use that fantasy to signal his own virtue. Just after he earned all that audience laughter and applause for describing his fantasy about punching the president of the United States and engaging in outright body-shaming and ageism, ‘Con Man’ quickly humble-bragged about how he keeps his oh-so manly testosterone in check.  He said, “But you see what I’m talking there? Even — that’s his tactics. And you don’t beat a bully like him fighting him on his tactics, on his terms, using his turf. He’s the body-shamer, he’s the guy that shows — tries to drag people in the gutter. And I — and this is a moral moment in America.” “A moral moment?”

He went on to say, “And to me, what we need from our next leader, especially after the time of moral vandalism that we’re in right now, is we need a leader that’s not going to call us to the worst of who we are, but call us the best of who we are.”  There is not a Democrat who has been born capable of, or in possession of, the desire to “call us the bet of who we are.”  He, or she, who seeks the job of president must be a leader, and ‘Con Man Cory’ Booker is no leader by anyone’s definition.  But quite frankly, when looking over the current Democrat field, there is not a leader among them.  But our last few Democrat presidents weren’t true leaders either.

And I’m thinking that perhaps ‘Con Man’ might want to be a bit more careful when it comes to shooting of his big mouth.  After all, elderly out of shape Americans are the largest voting bloc in the nation, and most of them are NOT Democrats.  But this is yet another example of what is obviously his extremely low IQ.  This just shows you that there’s no respect for people when it comes to politics. Use and say every dirty trick in the book.  The problem is when you make fun of elderly people, or anyone for that matter, it shows your rather twisted personality.  Good luck in your endeavors Cory, most folks wouldn’t vote for you to be in charge of a lemonade stand.

Democrats continue to make the claim that their party is the party of love and not hate. Unless, of course, you happen to be a conservative who happens to oppose the butchering of babies, oppose to some guy who feels like a woman today using the same restroom as your wife of daughter, see it as being in any way normal when two members of the same sex get married, actually see a real need for a secure southern borders or happen to be a supporter of President Trump, because if you are any of those kinds of people, well then you just need to die so Democrats can control the population with the Socialism they impose on the weak minded that are left.

‘Con Man Cory’ accuses President Trump of being a bully?  But how is it that ‘Spartacus’ arrives at such a conclusion?  Is it because the president is simply attempting to follow the immigration laws that Democrats actually voted for and supported until just recently?   Or because he is appointing Conservative judges?  Or because he stands up to ‘the Squad’ who are so openly hostile to our country in thought, word and deed?  Or is it because he attacks those who continue to attack his family, including his youngest son?  You can’t alter facts ‘Spartacus’ unless you are one of the few who happen to still be employed at either CNN or MSNBC!

Sometimes I find myself wondering if ‘Con Man Cory’ along with the rest of his fellow bottom tier candidates running for president actually even want the job or are just taking the opportunity to bash the president in front of would be for them a larger than normal audience.  But then, as least from my point of view, it’s when looking at this gaggle of anti-America zealots that there really seems to be no standouts, other than vying to be who it is that’s willing to promise the most ‘free’ stuff. Other than that they all sound pretty much the same in that they ALL hate America, they ALL hate President Trump, and they ALL think that ALL white folks are racists!

Finally, Donald Trump spent decades building a billion dollar company that employs thousands of employees.  And what is it, of any significance, that ‘Con Man Cory’ Booker has ever actually achieved in his life?  Has he ever built anything?  Has he ever been responsible for meeting a payroll?  Has he ever done anything where he wasn’t living off taxpayers?  Nope!   He was a mayor of a crime infested city that he did virtually nothing to make better, from which he moved on to become a spectacularly mediocre U.S. Senator and now a obviously childish presidential candidate.  Yet he sees himself as one who would be a better president than President Trump?  Hilarious!



Presidential wannabe ‘Con Man Cory’ Booker, or he who views himself as being Spartacus, seems to be a bit selective when it comes to following our Constitution.   You see, when it was his bro Barry ‘O’ who was the president, ‘Con Man Cory’ had no issue whatsoever with Barry’s rather loose interpretation of how the Constitution defined the scope of his powers as president.  However, now that we have President Trump, ‘Con Man’ seems to view things quite differently.  But the thing is, hacks like ‘Con Man’ are never able point to actual violations of any laws committed by President Trump.  Whereas during the last administration, when corruption was as clear as it was rampant, folks like “Con Man’ simply chose to look the other way.

But I am curious, of course, about what exactly it is that the ‘Con Man’ ‘thinks’ President Trump has done that specifically violates our Constitution.  President Trump’s administration has been, and continues to be, dragged through the mud for no other reason than because he had the audacity to win an election.  And it’s clowns like ‘Con Man’ who have only continued to spew all manner of incendiary, idiotic and more than a little imbecilic rhetoric all of which is driven by their very intense hatred of this president.  How sad it must be to be consumed by hatred of someone for no other reason than they disagree with you politically.  And while this moron, ‘Con Man’, views himself as being worthy of being president, it’s few others who do.

This past Thursday during an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Beat,” 2020 presidential hopeful ‘Con Man Cory’ put forth yet another unsubstantiated bit of bull shit about how President Trump “seems without remorse in his willingness to subvert the Constitution.”  Let’s face it, if brains were dynamite this boob ‘Con Man Cory’ wouldn’t be able to bow his nose.  Booker said, “I’m on the Judiciary Committee and we just got last week and I went down and read some of the un-redacted report but then I went back and reread it in sections in total. I really hope that Americans go and read this report. It is as it stands even with the redactions, it is a deep implication, Mueller clearly says there are about ten things that point to misconduct.”

This dolt went on to say, “Here’s someone who has instructed people to lie instructed people to change documents, had people on his campaign team cooperating with foreign adversaries. There is just so much there. And now he is instead of acting like the leader of the free world, he’s acting like an authoritarian leader by denying Congress what their constitutional duty is which is provide checks and balances to the administration to, provide administrative oversight. This is one of those times I’ve said very clearly, I was not a quick person towards beginning impeachment proceedings but seeing what I’m seeing right now that will Congress is being stymied by this president and where there’s real clear evidence, anybody that reads the plain black and white of the Mueller report, there is clear evidence of misconduct there, this is unacceptable what’s going on right now.”

He then continued, “The Congress should be able to do its work and it’s a shame that we’re now seeing this not only having to go into the courts but prudentially being stymied by a president that seems without remorse in his willingness to subvert the Constitution.”  What does it say about the people of New Jersey who, in there infinite wisdom, thought it was in any way a good idea to elect a braindead stooge like ‘Spartacus.’  I find it hard to understand how, even in a state like New Jerse, ‘Con Man Cory’ was the best they could come up with.  But then I suppose there should be no cause for surprise since it’s the senior senator from this cesspool of the north who is little more than another twisted creep of a pervert in the person of Bob Menendez.

The fact is that ‘Con Man Cory’ can whine about the president until the cows come home but the only people I see trying to subvert the Constitution, and succeeding far more than I’d like, are Democrats and their activist judge friends.  Barry’s threat to use his “Pen and a Phone” was clearly an attack on Constitutional checks and balances between the Legislative and Executive branches and indicated his willingness to do an end run, if necessary, around Congress’s legislative powers if they didn’t produce the kind of laws and legislation he wanted.  Claiming that President Trump is somehow subverting the Constitution by negating and undoing Barry’s Executive Orders is a load of crap, it’s well within the president’s authority to do exactly that.

And like I mentioned earlier, I don’t seem to remember ‘Con Man Cory’ ever having any sort of a problem when Barry ‘O’ granted executive privilege to the many members of his administration when being questioned by Congress. The Department of Justice under Eric Holder refused to testify or provide documents to Congress about Fast and Furious. Hitlery’s State Department refused to cooperate with investigations into Benghazi and her private email server. They openly destroyed tens of thousands of emails that had been requested by Congress. Records requested by Congress were never provided and supposedly destroyed by ‘accident.’  ‘Con Man’ was one who then called these legitimate congressional oversight investigations partisan witch hunts.

The Democrats realize that they cannot win on merit, because they have nothing to offer but further deconstruction of our Republic, which, sadly, appeals to a significant number of people.  All they have left are lies, obfuscation, disinformation, and projection of their own weaknesses and flaws on their opposition. The neo-Democrat party is full out subversive.  When Blacks insist upon voting for morons like ‘Con Man Cory’, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters and just about every other racist member of the ‘Congressional Black (Brain Dead) Caucus, why is it that they should be the least bit surprised when no one respects their race, when they belittle the greats in their race, like Thomas Sowell and elevate a traitor like Barry ‘O’.  How sad is that?

‘Con Man Cory’ lecturing us all on the Constitution, now that truly is a good one.  You know the Constitutionally illiterate Democrats are in some pretty deep trouble when they’re out thumping the Constitution.  Actually, it’s surprising that a halfwit like Booker can even pronounce a four-syllable word like ‘Constitution.’  Bald and unhinged, effeminate and obnoxious, and identifies as Spartacus-like.  A Democrat who supports abortion on demand up to third trimester, open borders and for illegal immigrants to get free taxpayer paid healthcare!  How do scumbags like this imbecile ever get elected in the first place, let alone allowed to run for president?  It just goes to show you that the country is worse trouble than any of us ever thought.

‘Con Man Cory’ is just another elevated imbecile, corrupt to the core, with nothing in his quiver but dishonest Democrat talking points.  I doubt he has ever read the Constitution, it would certainly help his argument if he had as he could then point to the part of the Constitution that he thinks President Trump has supposedly violated.  It is the Socialist Democrat Party that is working overtime in its effort to subvert the Constitution, by trying to get rid of the Electoral College, placing limits on free speech, repeal the Second Amendment, open borders, talk of packing the Supreme Court, introduce income and wealth confiscation and turn the Country into another third world shithole!  If you value liberty you must vote them out in 2020.


Booker 14

So, in their search to find a worthy candidate have the Democrats now found their man? (Or am I no longer allowed to ask that question?)  Cory Booker, Democrat from New Jersey, officially announced his candidacy for President of the United States on Friday, joining what is expected to be a rather crowded Democrat primary field. So the ‘man’ who fancies himself as being the next Barack Hussein Obama now thinks he’s ready for prime time.  Personally, not being a Democrat myself, I’m thinking that if Booker truly is the best the Democrats will be able to come up with, they’re worse off than even I thought.  He’s little more than a cartoon character.

But having said that, in declaring himself a candidate Booker tweeted out to his dozen or so followers, ““I believe that we can build a country where no one is forgotten, no one is left behind; where parents can put food on the table; where there are good-paying jobs with good benefits in every neighborhood; where our criminal justice system keeps us safe, instead of shuffling more children into cages and coffins; where we see the faces of our leaders on television and feel pride, not shame.”  He said, “It is not a matter of can we, it’s a matter of do we have the collective will, the American will?” And he added, “I believe we do.”  The American will?

Further, in his announcement video, Booker invoked the fight against slavery, while touting the importance of immigration.  He said, “The history of our nation is defined by collective action; by interwoven destinies of slaves and abolitionists; of those born here and those who chose America as home; of those who took up arms to defend our country and those who linked arms to challenge and change it.”  And it came as no surprise that Booker made no mention of the fact that it was his Democrat Party that was the party responsible for slavery and who stood in stubborn opposition against those who sought to abolish the blatantly barbaric practice of men ‘owning’ men.

So, as we approach 2020 it would appear that we now have liberal men wishing they were women, liberal women wishing they were men, Booker thinking he is Spartacus, Elizabeth Warren thinking she’s an Indian and Barack Obama still claiming to be an American.  Oh, and then there’s ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden who’s really Homer Simpson, ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton who was really the first black president and Hitlery who thinks she is President.  Am I the only to see a bit of a pattern developing here?  Come on folks, we have got to be able to do better than what the Democrat Party has thus far presented to us as being those they feel are the most qualified to be president.

And don’t be fooled into believing that any of these Democrats are anything other than what they’ve always been and that the Democrat Party platform is about anything other than hate:  Hate of President Trump, Hate of white people, Hate of working people, Hate of babies, Hate of law and order, Hate of morality, hate, hate and even more hate.  And too, make no mistake, voting Democrat will only result in nothing more than: the murder of more babies, higher taxes, more welfare, free college, more debt, more regulations, gun confiscation, open borders, and trans kids rights!  So they’re definitely headed in the right direction, right?

And one thing is for sure, most of those now running under the Democrat Party banner have, what are for Democrats, some pretty solid resumes. After all, it’s Booker who has had sexual harassment charges filed against him, Kamala Harris has been outed for sleeping with an old married man in order to garner for herself a $72,000 a year state job and Elizabeth Warren lied about her ethnicity in order to gain employment.  And yet, these ‘swamp’ creatures feel quite comfortable, even justified, in accusing President Trump of being responsible for all manner of dastardly deed, of being a white supremacist, a racist and, of course that old standby, a Nazi.

I can’t wait for the Democrat primary debates and the ‘promises’ piling up.  Everything from free cellphones, free education, free healthcare, free citizenship, free retirement, free, free, free!  Except for the poor shmucks who are stupid enough to keep working and who will end paying for all this free stuff courtesy of higher taxes.  And notice that Booker is promising what President Trump has already delivered?  But there’s one big difference.  Booker wants the government to own and run businesses and healthcare while President Trump has proven capitalism can work the way it’s suppose to if big brother keeps his nose out of everyone’s business.

And it remains rather difficult for me to believe that what’s now being touted as the priorities of today’s Democrat Party are also the priorities for the requisite number of voters that would actually be required to provide any Democrat candidate for president with a viable path to victory.  Are there really enough voters who support such things as open borders, abortion up to, and in some cases after, the time of delivery, men being allowed to use women’s restrooms and the bogus theory of manmade ‘climate change?’  Do such things really trump the desire for a ‘booming economy’, low unemployment, increased border security and lower taxes?


Booker 15

I continually find it to be rather amazing how anyone with any amount of intelligence is able to take New Jersey Senator, and potential 2020 presidential wannabe, Cory Booker seriously.  He revealed much about himself when he told reporters this past Tuesday that Judge Kavanaugh’s actual guilt or innocence regarding the allegations being made against him is simply irrelevant to the question of whether or not President Trump should rescind his nomination and pick someone else.  But is there anyone that the president could have nominated that Booker and his fellow Democrats would not have chosen to destroy?  Doubtful.  And yet Judge Kavanaugh has had a distinguished career and he is deserving of this nomination.

Booker told reporters, “My hope is, beyond the vicious partisan rancor that is going on, beyond the accusations, we don’t lose sight of what this moral moment is about in this country, and ultimately ask ourselves the question: is this the right person to sit on the highest court in the land for a lifetime appointment? When their credibility has been challenged by intimates, people that knew the candidate well, as a classmate. When his temperament has been revealed in an emotional moment, where he used language that, frankly, shocked a lot of us. And then ultimately, not whether he’s innocent or guilty — this is not a trial — but ultimately, has enough questions be raised that we should not move on to another candidate?”

And then this moron went on to say, “Ultimately, the Supreme Court is not an entitlement. Just because you went to Yale or were president of your class doesn’t entitle you to the Supreme Court. This is a sacred institution and the people who should be on it — whether you disagree with their political or judicial philosophy at all — the people who should be on the Supreme Court should preserve the integrity of the court, and be beyond the reproach of these difficult partisan times.”  And then, as if it would somehow make ANY difference who it was that the president might have nominated, suggested President Trump choose someone else from the “long list put together by the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society.”

You know, if Booker were being honest, which we all know is a pretty rare occurrence for ANY Democrat, he would just admit that this continuing circus has absolutely nothing at all to do with finding “the right person to sit on the highest court in the land” and everything to do with the Left’s fear of Judge Kavanaugh’s belief in our Constitution.  And it is because of ‘that’ that those on the Left, including Booker, will manufacture all manner of lie, innuendo or smear necessary in their effort to satisfy their brain-dead supporters.  Democrats don’t care if there is any truth to these accusations, only that the accusations are being made and then repeated over and over again until, hopefully, enough people will come to see them as being true.

This moron asked, “Is this the right person to sit on the highest court in the land?”  Well, he was confirmed thirteen years ago to sit on the SECOND HIGHEST court in the land, so I’d say that’s a pretty good qualifier.  Let’s be real, President Trump could have nominated the Dalai Lama and the Democrats would be calling him out as a wife beater, a drunk and a pervert, and for being an elitist, a racist and, just for good measure, a Nazi.  At some point America is going to need to rid itself of the liberal scum that has nothing to say.  It’s all negative. Our President just keeps right on winning on everything.  I’ve never seen a President in my 66 years that has done more for the working man than President Trump. Thank you Mr. President.

Contrary what this imbecile may claim, this ‘IS’ a trial, and it is only a moron who would think it isn’t. They questioned him, they cross examined him.  They then demanded an investigation by the FBI.  That is all part of a trial. This is not just a job interview and they know it.  The only thing Booker was honest about is the fact that the Democrats will do whatever it takes to stop Judge Kavanaugh, or any other conservative, from getting on the Supreme Court.  And as they have repeatedly shown, there is absolutely nothing that can be considered as out of bounds or that crosses the line of common decency.  Such is the type of behavior that has become commonplace for members of the modern day Democrat Party.

Long before Judge Kavanaugh’s name was placed into nomination, it was stated by more than a few Democrats, and on more than a few occasions, that it really didn’t matter who it was that President Trump might chose to nominate, so Booker’s idiotic notion that if someone else were to be chosen from some previously mentioned “long list” they would not, necessarily, be made to run the same gauntlet as Judge Kavanaugh is just as bogus as was his self-described ‘Spartacus moment.’  I’m quite confident that everyone has known all along that Democrats were never going to vote for this nominee, or for any other Trump nominee.  To believe anything else one would had to have spent the last two years living under a rock.

This has been the tactic all along.  To find some way, any way, that would allow the Democrats to delay the process for as long as possible and to raise as many doubts as possible, all in the effort to convince the nominee himself, or the President, to withdraw the nomination.  And if able to achieve such a thing it would result in what would most certainly be a Democrat win.  I would like to hope that every Republican senator, including those RINOs in question, will come to understand what’s really being attempted here and vote accordingly, just as the rest of us will come November’s elections.  Any Republican who votes against Kavanaugh’s confirmation needs to be defeated and sent back to where they came from.


Booker 14

Any of the regular viewers of ABC’s “The View,” tuning in on this past Monday heard what I’m sure was music to their ears as Cory Booker made the claim that President Trump’s “vile, vulgar” Twitter attacks on the intelligence community were bringing down the “dialogue in our democracy” to a “venial, sort of guttural level.”  I’m not sure where Cory was going with that since the definition of “guttural” is: “Of or relating to the throat, harsh throaty, pertaining to or characterized by a sound articulated in the back of the mouth”.  It has absolutely no relationship to the word “gutter” which is what this ignorant, presidential “wannabe” was trying to imply.

But I feel pretty confident in saying that if you’re ignorant enough to be a regular viewer of this type of idiotic programming, then you likely don’t really care that this guy, Booker, is dumber than post.  Because what’s far more important to you is the fact that he supports your supposed ‘right’ to murder your baby right up to the time, and even a short time thereafter, of delivery.  And also, if you’re someone who tends to tune in on what can be considered a regular basis to watch these geniuses at work, I think it’s pretty fair to say that you probably didn’t vote for President Trump, so it’s throughout the program that you probably nod your head in agreement.

Anyway, what follows here is a partial transcript of the exchange that took place between Booker and Meghan McCain regarding his rather low opinion of our president:

McCain: Senator, Bob Mueller is a long-time Republican but Trump tweeted that 13 out of the 17 members were registered Democrats. Six of them donated to Hillary Clinton. Don’t you think the optics are difficult?

Booker: I haven’t fact checked that this morning. I heard “The New York Times” question that fact. I’ve never seen this in any—in business, when I was the mayor. You just don’t see executives heckling and maligning law enforcement the way that this president seems to be comfortable to do. And so for him to be active, this is part of a larger pattern of Donald Trump going after the intelligence agencies, the FBI. This is unacceptable in America.

McCain: You don’t think it’s fair game if there are Democrats that donated to Hillary?

Booker: I don’t think it’s fair game for him to be doing what he’s doing, which is trying to undermine the integrity of agencies by doing all this picking at them. This is so un-presidential of him, but more importantly, it’s exactly what the Russians want, us to be going after our sacred institutions, whether they’re the press or the public. What we see right now is a president going after continuously, in a vile, vulgar way, institutions in our country and people who are trying to serve our nation and keep us safe.

McCain:  Does it concern you if they’re leaking though? That’s the accusation right now and even for people like me, obviously I’ve always had the upmost respect for the CIA and FBI, but if there’s leaking that’s a problem.

Booker: There’s an inspector general report that he could have waited for, let the authorities of the process, let the due process happen. Why is he always on Twitter tormenting people, bullying people in ways that we tell children not to do? It’s the worst type of behavior, and it’s having a consequence on even the dialogue in our democracy He really brings it down to a venial, sort of guttural level. You saw this with Bush, John McCain is somebody who does this all the time, people elevating the dialogue in our country, talking in a more honorable way. This is a guy that for the year-plus he’s been in office and even before that, he’s demeaning and degrading people, heckling folks and really showing the worst, in my opinion, of American conversation and not trying to bring it up to a higher level.

First off, I’m guessing that someone should take the time to explain to this genius that we are not a democracy, we are a Representative Republic.  And if he doesn’t even understand the type of government we have, then why should anyone bother to listen to anything he has to say, least of all about how he views our president.  Second, Booker mentions “our sacred institutions.”  But I’d be curious to know just which of these institutions it is that, as a radical leftwing Democrat, he might consider as being “sacred.”  Likely not the ones most conservatives do.  Let’s face it, Booker is nothing more than a whining socialist/fascist who hates President Trump.

And it’s because of his hatred of President Trump that this political lowlife will do anything, and I mean absolutely anything, to denigrate Trump, no matter what the damage he may end up doing to the country.  That’s what’s so pathetic, Democrats possess so much hate they will gladly risk damaging the country in their effort to do all that they can to damage President Trump.  Democrats, and especially scum like Booker, are disgusting anti-America fascists.  Booker was part of Obama & Co. and as such was all in for in for the shameless and the blatantly Crooked, Crazy, Creepy, Corrupt, Traitorous Benghazi Liar and Hate-America First Progressive, Hitlery.

Yes, as we all know how the Democrats are famous for having elevated the dialogue for some time now.  NOT!  They speak only in vile lies, complete distortions, feigned outrage, false equivalencies, references to perverse sexual activities while championing sexual freedoms, using fake statistics, mocking people of faith, knowingly confusing correlation with causation, spewing vitriol and hate as Comedy, championing abortion without any understanding of Human embryology and using terms like “fetal goo” and “clump of cells.”  Yet if you ask any one of them to define “Liberalism” as a philosophy of governance they will not even attempt it.

Booker’s yet another example on what has become a rather long list of examples of the hate-America crowd, aka Democrats, who must be purged from every level of government, local, state and federal, and then cast into what is nothing less than the everlasting darkness of political oblivion, especially if we are to ever have any hope of surviving as a sovereign nation.  Clearly, they are nothing but a menace, a plague, an infestation and a scourge of the deadliest sort.  They are clearly as dangerous as they are hazardous to the well-being of our nation.  And to elect more them, besides being an act of rabid stupidity, only serves to reduce our survivability as a nation.

You know, in a way I hope this clown does end up being the Democrat candidate for President, because I’d like to think it would be a cakewalk for President Trump if he does.  But then there are a lot of ‘sheeple’ out there who will vote Democrat if for no other reason than it increases their odds of getting more ‘free’ stuff.  But if a Democrat, regardless of who it is, does actually win in 2020 everything that President Trump will have accomplished by then will be destroyed.  Taxes will again be made to go through the roof, we will become a sanctuary country and far from building a wall the borders will be thrown wide open.  And that we simply cannot allow to happen.


Booker 6

Without a doubt Cory Booker, Democrat from New Jersey, has to be considered as being one of the most insignificant, inconsequential and, to be perfectly honest, useless members of the U.S Senate.  And, oddly enough, despite all of that he still seems to fancy himself as being the next Barack Obama.  Here is a fella who managed to maneuver what was a very mediocre performance, at best, as mayor of Newark into a gig as a U.S. Senator.  If nothing else that would seem to prove the point that the political pickings must be pretty slim there in ‘The Garden State.’

This past Wednesday Booker was invited to appear on MSNBC’s “The Beat”, hosted by some clown by the name of Ari Melber, for what turned out to be little more than yet another mindless rant by a Democrat regarding just how ‘dangerous’ a man our current president really is.  And as is usually the case, Booker did not disappoint those who had tuned to hear him spew the latest talking points as he again made the claim that we have heard from others on his side about how President Trump’s “dangerous rhetoric” and “dangerous decisions” are causing “a crisis” in American government.

A partial transcript from this rather bizarre exchange is as follows:

Melber asked, “On the Mueller probe, last question to you. When you see the president under scrutiny for potential obstruction, the way he’s treated the DOJ and the FBI, and then you see his former aides, like this witness Sam Nunberg, openly talking about defying Muller then now saying maybe he will cooperate, do you think the president bares any responsibility for that and should publicly tell everyone to cooperate?”

To which Booker responded by saying, “The leadership really stems from the top and we have seen the way the president has been attacking the Justice Department, attacking high level officials, from firing an FBI director to attacking Jeff Sessions, who I am no apologist for, but you see how he’s treating the rule of law and important institutional norms. He’s setting the standards of his administration and a lot of the bad behavior we’re seeing is reflective of the person at the top.”

Booker went on to say, “So we’re in a crisis in American government right now, where you see very important institutions that the Founders knew about, from the attacks on the media and the First Amendment rights to the attacks on the rule of law, and this is all stemming from the dangerous rhetoric and the dangerous decisions that are being made in the White House that really have me worried about the long term institutional strength of our country.”

And he added, “Which ironically is exactly what the Russians have been attempting to do, undermining the strength of our intuitions, undermining the strength of our media, and undermining our very faith in truth, and that’s something we should all be working against.”

Booker is another of those on what has become a rather long list of many leftwing zealots who support employment based on social engineering, the concept of hiring and promoting mediocracy in the workplace.  The government is the leader of hiring non-white/non-male employees, even when many of these hires are not the best qualified applicants when compared to their white male counterparts.  And the resulting increase in errors and other workplace issues that are related to affirmative action in the workplace are hidden under the guise of employee “privacy rights.”

While Booker supports unyielding union protections and employee rights, he also rejects firing minority workers for any cause or error.  President Trump wants to change things up.  The president wants “Deplorables” hired when they are best qualified and he wants to be able to fire government workers for mediocracy or just cause.  As the former proprietor of a large privately held company, President Trump is well aware that no enterprise, public or private, can operate efficiently when those under its employ lack the required knowledge, skill, or abilities to perform their job.

And frankly I was more than little surprised that Booker actually brought up the subject of leadership as being something that comes from the top down, because as mayor of Newark this man was blatantly inept when it came to displaying anything that could even remotely be defined as leadership.  And he speaks of the president’s “dangerous rhetoric?”  What about the steady stream daily lies and verbal attacks on everything conservative by these out of control Democrats in Congress, like Booker?  They have lost all sense of reason and attack anyone who dares to question them.

Democrats have zero respect for the law and for our Constitution.  Another stellar Democrat is Adam Schiff who’s a prime leaker regarding meetings which are supposed to be secret.  You would think that the Democrat Party would be doomed as more Americans come to see the danger that it now represents to America.  And they MUST be held accountable?  Most Democrats no longer possess any credibility when it comes to those issues that are most important to the greatest number of Americans.  And while they remain able to win elections we cannot allow them to be in charge.

Despite all the rhetoric, there is no crisis in our government.  This president has accomplished more of real substance than almost any president before him. The ‘crisis’ exists for the Democrats.  They have refused to work with this president. Their main focus is to obstruct in every way that they can like a bunch of grade school bullies on the playground who didn’t get their way.  That is the crisis here.  And much to their chagrin, they may well learn that most Americans are fed up with their obstruction and the leaving the ‘people’s’ business neglected and un-done.

And I am curious as to which dangerous rhetoric Booker may be referring to.  That we should build a wall to stop those who are flooding into our country ILLEGALLY?  Or, that we should show respect for our flag?  Or, perhaps that Americans deserve to keep more of their own money?  And yes, that would include even those evil rich!  Or, that we need to get rid of Obamacare which has cost millions to lose their insurance, or prevents them from getting care because of enormous deductibles?  Or perhaps that we need to support those who put their lives on the line every day to protect us?

Many of us “Deplorables” are sick and tired of those in the Democrat Party who applaud violence and have no respect for law and order. We’re tired of being afraid in our own homes and of seeing violent criminals being protected by people like Booker and put back into our communities instead of in prison.  And we’re tired of the attempts being made to prevent law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves with a gun. And we’re tired of the assault on our pocketbooks and watching as our hard-earned money is used to entice people to vote Democrat.

Look, Democrats like this boob Booker can lie and cheat and throw their hissy fits all they want.  But come November, we ‘could’ be looking at the beginning of the end of the liberal Democrats in this nation, and I will not miss them one bit, starting with this idiot Booker.  I say we ‘could’ only because there remains in this country a great many people who would like nothing more than for politicians like Booker to have far more say over in which direction we go as a country.  But one need look no further than nearly any big city to see what it is that the Democrat Party seeks for America.

At the end of the day I think it fair to say that Booker and his Democrat Party are busy waging a war on hardworking, patriotic Americans to happen to love their country and who believe in our Constitution.  These people are tired of seeing this country’s institutions being destroyed by those who think as Booker does.  And they’re tired of those would rather burn our flag than to proudly hold it high.  In truth it’s Booker and his Democrat Party that is guilty of spewing dangerous and violent rhetoric.  They are the party of hate, and they seek only the complete destruction of our country.


Booker 1

If anyone were to still have any doubts about the weakness of the Democrat bench or the shallowness of the Democrat gene pool one need to hear no other news, fake or otherwise, that Corey Booker, the mayor who left Newark far worse off than he found it and then used the race card to finagle a seat in the U.S. Senate, easily tops the list of potential Democrat contenders for 2020.  Is that not the most hilarious thing you’ve ever heard?  Booker’s youth, as well as his popularity with the vocal progressive wing of the party, make the rumors easy to believe, but Booker himself was unwilling to address the speculation head-on until recently.

And it was in taking to the airwaves, courtesy of the Communist News Network’s “State of the Union,” that Booker refuted the rumors that he may be interested in running for president come the 2020 presidential election.  Booker said, “I think that we are doing — anybody in office is doing exactly what the American people are fed up and sick and tired of by talking about politics.”  And he went on to say, “Let’s talk about people and purpose now. I want to be authentic in who I am right now. I want to be a person of purpose not thinking about a future office.”  Anyone buying any of this bullshit?  Because if we’re being honest here, that’s really all it is!

Booker asserted that politicians who focus only on the next attainable office weren’t good politicians, before adding that such ambition usually forces someone to make compromises in their current office.  He said, “I am going to be fearless in telling the truth. I don’t care where it ends me up because I think when I go home to Newark, New Jersey, that’s what my community wants from me.”  Right, so old Corey is going to be fearless in telling the truth?  But the ‘truth’ by whose definition, I wonder?  Because this guy, like most Democrats, wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit him in the ass.  So it’s rather difficult, for me, to take this guy seriously.

And as if to reinforce the whole notion that the Democrat Party seems to have not only hit the bottom of the barrel, but has now proceeded to go right through the bottom of said barrel, regarding its number of suitable candidates for the office of president, we’re told that other top contenders for the Democrat nomination in 2020 include Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, and even former presidential candidate Hitlery herself.  Hitlery will be in her early 70s by then and likely even less appealing than she was in her late 60s.  Oh, and rumor also now has it that the crook from New York, Andy Cuomo, may decide to run.  Need I say more?

And it was during this same CNN interview that Booker accused President Trump of creating a “toxic environment” of “increased fear in our country.”  He said, “This is the problem, I don’t care what party you are in right now, recognize this, we are at a time of increased fear in our country.”  And why might that be, Mr. Booker?  Because any fear that I may possess has as its source you and nearly every other member of your pathetically corrupt party.  Because it’s you who want to allow into this country those who seek nothing more than to kill me or those who wish to take advantage of the generosity of the American people.  And for what, so they’ll vote for Democrats?

Booker said, “There is something seriously wrong when mendacity has become the norm. There is something seriously wrong when law-abiding citizens are afraid to leave their homes. There is something seriously wrong when hate crimes are surging. There is something seriously wrong when this is a toxic environment being created right now. And I don’t care who you are, if you consider yourself a leader, you have an obligation to stand up and do something about it and lead with love and not appealing to people’s darker angels or exploiting that fear.”  Like when a president throws open the jailhouse doors or pretends our borders don’t exist?

Personally, having already gone down that road once and having it result in what was nothing less than an unmitigated disaster, I’d like to think that the American people would have it in them the wisdom to NEVER AGAIN elect a black president!!  Thank you Barry “Almighty”, because not only did you destroy your own party but you have ruined any chance of a black man ever being elected president again.  If there was some way for Booker to become president he might even be worse and more corrupt than Barry “Almighty”.  For the sake of race relations in this country the very last thing we would need again, is another black Democrat as president.

And look, as far as a “toxic environment of increased fear”, the only fear President Trump is creating is the fear within a Democrat Party that’s bleeding voters due to its failures, its lies, its arrogance its corruption and its communist tendencies.  Theirs is a dying party and their over the top hateful rhetoric is a clear reflection of their panic.  Personally I feel much safer now than I did when Mr. “Overseas Contingency Operation” was in office.  His constant bending over and spreading ‘em for his then favorite non-enemy-enemy got to be more than a little unsettling.  After all, being a Democrat means never being able to say “Radical Islam”!

Booker’s idiotic claim of a “toxic environment of fear” reminds me of Barry’s eight years of incessant race baiting and race hustling. He convinced every black person they had to fear for their lives.  It’s how he eventually put a target on every cop’s back.  It was Barry who created the ‘environment of fear’.  Whites getting punched in the head for no reason when they were walking down the street, whites getting yelled at and accused of “white privilege”, whites getting screamed at in colleges, and now white students are being murdered at colleges.  Trump didn’t cause any of this, Barry did!  It was going on long before Trump took office.

Liberals never cease to amaze me.  Democrat politicians consistently work against the best interests of those constituencies that repeatedly vote for them over and over, much like the abused wife who constantly returns to her abuser.  Basically every word from Booker’s mouth is exactly what the liberals are all doing. The only ones freaking out and trying to scare everybody, is them!  They shouldn’t really call themselves “progressives” anymore, because what they are, are ‘RE-gressives’.  Because if you look at what were once classic liberal values, like freedom of speech, freedom to practice your religion, they don’t possess those values anymore.

That sounds much like the Moslem concept that if only ‘everyone’ would simply give in to Islam then there would be no more violence and no more problems. I can see why the progressives love Moslems now, they think exactly the same way.  So Booker’s idea is that if President Trump just stopped opposing the progressive, open borders, business destroying, identity politics juggernaut of the last 8 years then the fear progressives have of losing those same things would disappear.  I have news for the many snowflakes like Booker, all that President Trump needs to do is to simply ignore the progressives/regressives among us, and just do what he was elected to do.

Those who proudly wear the moniker of ‘progressive’, or if you prefer, RE-gressive, would never vote for Trump anyway so there’s simply no point in trying to appease them in any meaningful way.  In the end Trump’s administration will act like an intervention in their twisted lives and maybe some will wake up to themselves as happened in Reagan’s first term.  But there will always be a hardened core of liberal ‘malcontents’ who will always think the toxic civilization they have created these last few years is the only a viable model for this country going forward and that anyone who views things differently should never again be allowed a place at the table.

That Cory Booker could even be considering the possibility of maybe running for President in 2020 is nothing less than the most hilarious thing I think I have ever heard.  He has zero charisma, zero debating skills, and zero ideas except racism and identity politics.  In other words he’s another Hitlery, only in a darker, male form.  And if true, that he is at or near the top of potential Democrat contenders for 2020, then perhaps the Democrat Party is in far worse shape than we thought.  But that said, it’s as long as we have Republicans like McConnell, Ryan, McCain and Graham, to name just a few, we can never truly count out the Democrats.