Why is it that none of the do-nothing RINOs who have now decided they’d rather call it quits than do what they were sent to Congress to do, can’t quite bring themselves to go quietly?  Why is it that they seem compelled to cause as much damage as they possibly can as they head for the exit?  And the latest RINO scum to join in the effort to openly torpedo the president of their own party, is none other than Bob Corker.  Corker joined former ‘Slick Willy’ hack George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos this past Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” and claimed that Republican senators are “conflicted” with their support for President Trump because he said, “Things change daily.”

Partial transcript of this idiotic exchange follows:

Stephy, Stephanopoulos: You — you’ve also been asked a lot about President Trump and — and what you say seems to depend a little bit on the day of the week, sometimes your harshly critical of the president, talking about something is —

CORKER: Yes, sometimes the hour — sometimes the hour of the day, George, but go ahead.

Stephy: OK, well let me try this hour, then. It’s — it’s almost 10 o’clock here on the East Coast, just on Friday you said you kind of doubt the president’s going to run again in 2020. Why do you doubt that?

CORKER: Look I, you know, was having this rhetorical situation of somebody trying to pin you down as to what you — who you may vote for in 2020. I don’t know — I don’t know who’s going to be running in 2020, I don’t know if the president will be running in 2020, so — so it was really a — you know how — you know how television is today, George, it’s a gotcha situation. It’s really just pushing back against that.

Stephy: But you did say this week that any GOP senator is not conflicted is either — I’m going to quote this here, comatose or pretty useless in their blindness.

CORKER: Yes, so look, I think that — that, sure, I think Republican senators have to be conflicted from time to time, as I mentioned, things change daily. One day we’re going to, you know, tariff the European Union and then we’re not, thankfully. One day we’re going to tariff Canada and then we’re not, thankfully. One day we’re going tariff Mexico and then we’re not, thankfully. One day we’re going to get out of Syria immediately, and then we’re not, thankfully. So, you know, I mean things change quickly and that was the reason for my response.

Corker epitomizes all that’s wrong with today’s Republican Party.  RINOs like him long ago sold out not only their constituents but also the American people and have since pitched in with the Democrats in what is nothing more than a combined effort to destroy the country.  The problem that we have is that there remains far too many Republicans who are “conflicted” about our Constitution, “conflicted” about our Bill of Rights, “conflicted” about taxing our great grandchildren into slavery, “conflicted” about enforcing immigration law and “conflicted” about the BASIC PRINCIPLES upon which our nation was founded.  They should all be ‘encouraged’ to retire.

And let’s face it, the only reason that Republican members of Congress are concerned about President Trump is because they have no desire to work for ‘We the People,’ they are far more interested in working for only themselves.  Corker claims Republicans are “conflicted” because he doesn’t care for a president that actually does what he promised to do.  RINOs like Corker have no problem with making all sorts of promises because they intend to keep none of them. He doesn’t vote the interests of his constituents, but rather the will of his donors.  Hopefully, the folks in Tennessee will install a true conservative Republican to replace this useful idiot.

But what disgusts me the most, I think, is the eagerness with which these so called Republicans go public with their hatred of Trump.  Republicans, or so it seems, would rather eat their own than fight the Democrats.  I understand that there may be Republicans who disagree the president, but that disagreement should ALWAYS be kept behind closed doors.  Democrats stick together no matter what, for instance look at how they still refuse to accept the fact that Hitlery broke laws, cheated and fabricated lies to win an election she still lost.  The American people voted for Donald Trump and elected him their president.  And yet the RINOS seek to bring him down.

Come this November I sincerely hope that the American people will allow the Republicans to hold onto the House and allow a 60+ majority in the U.S. Senate, albeit with a far more conservative membership, and will decide to re-elect President Trump in 2020.  But I’m far from confident that any of that will come to pass!  Because when you have men like Corker, Flake and Ryan out doing all that they can to undermine our Republican president, who is guilty of nothing more than trying to do what he promised, there tends to be much collateral damage to America as a whole.  Which makes the behavior of such men all the more ‘deplorable.’

And might I add that voters too are more than a bit “conflicted,” when it comes to supporting those Republicans who after what they promise to do differs so significantly from what they do once they’ve been safely elected.  RINOS continue to treat those of us who voted for President Trump as if we somehow didn’t know what we were doing.  But they must get it through your thick heads that the more they continue to obstruct our willful choice for President, the more obvious it becomes to more in the middle, and even to a few on the left, that we made the only choice we could in the effort to save our country from politically assured destruction.

Lastly, all of these departing RINO scumbags couldn’t be any more transparent if they tried.  I only hope enough of the American people are able to see through all of the BS and are able to recognize what it is that’s really being attempted by these losers.  I mean, you gotta be pretty low to try to take down the president of your own party.  That tells you all you need to about these RINO imbeciles.  They were cowardly when confronted by a Democrat president whom they didn’t like, but seem to have no problem whatsoever with ‘standing up’ to a president of their own party?  Corker won’t be missed, just like Flake and Ryan won’t be missed.  Good riddance!