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Bill Maher is another one of those lefties who has long thought of himself as being just so much smarter than everyone else, especially those who are of a different political affiliation than himself.  He is easily the ideal poster child for what it means to be a Democrat today.  And it was in proving that point much better than I ever could, that he recently took it upon himself to mock red state voters, insisting that they are merely jealous of the liberal elite lifestyle.  Now I hate to burst his bubble, but I take a certain amount of pride in having absolutely no desire to be like Maher.

His idiotic outburst came during a recent segment on his idiotic little program on HBO during a discussion of Amazon’s new headquarters that he said he knows red state voters want a more cosmopolitan lifestyle because their local governments submitted proposals to bring Amazon to their cities.  Maher said, “There are no red carpets in Wyoming and no one ever asks you, ‘who are you wearing?’ because the answer is always Target.”  And he went on to say, “We have orchestras, theater districts, world class shopping, we have Chef Wolfgang Puck, they have Chef Boyardee.”

Maher added, “Our roofs have solar panels, theirs have last year’s Christmas lights … the flyover states have become passed-over states, that’s why red state voters are so pissed off.”  And he went on to assert, “They don’t hate us. They want to be us. They want to go to the party. It’s like we’re the British royal family and they’re Meghan Markle’s dad.”  Maher concluded the brutal mocking by suggesting Amazon relocate to a red state in order to bring those voters more prosperity.  He said, “If you leave the red states behind, they’re going to keep getting angrier, crazier.”

Might this outburst of his be a way of getting back at red state folks because we weren’t made to settle for a candidate who was as disastrous as Hitlery?  And might it be him who actually wants to be more like us?  I mean, wouldn’t you think rather demoralizing for someone like Maher, who views himself as being so smart, to be forced into supporting a candidate whose voter base is made up primarily of those are nothing but parasites?   If you view yourself as being so smart, do you really want to have to support the candidate supported by those who are ignorant?

Let’s face it, the Democrat Party voter base is made of those who are easily dumber than your basic doorknob and too lazy to work.  They are an entire generation still living in their mommy’s basement, would starve without food stamps and would commit mass suicide if the Jerry Springer show were ever to go off the air. They are illegal aliens who can’t speak a lick of English and millions of dumb single women who troop off to the welfare office with 5 mixed breed babies trailing close behind.  These groups make up 95% of the liberal base.  These are Maher’s fellow Democrats!

And just for the sake of clarification, it wasn’t the red states that lost the last election and who are now bitter, angry and have turned to violence.  That would, of course, be millions of leftist mouth-breathers, and there is no amount of self-aggrandizing that is going to make them better than us.  It sucks to be Bill, and it was the lowly Red State voters, the ones his kind despises so much, that elected President Trump and there wasn’t anything he, or they, could have done about it.  The lowly laborer’s vote nullified that of the ‘liberal elite’ and it still irks him.

And why would I would EVER want to be like someone who favors the killing of babies right up to the time they’re delivered, believes in bogus ‘climate change’, who sees absolutely nothing wrong with doing away with our borders and allowing those to flood into our country who have no business being here.  Or someone who, with a straight face, can defend a ‘fake news’ complex who are routinely caught lying before then blaming it all on the president and his supporters for calling them out.  No, I am in no ways jealous of Mr. Maher or his many friends who hate America.

In a way I almost feel sorry for Democrats, like Maher.  It must be awful having to deal with so much anger, hatred and violence on a daily basis! I can’t imagine anyone being jealous of anyone in Hollyweird and if Maher were paying attention to the low numbers who watch television or go to movies he’d realize that no one is!  As for award shows, audiences have become almost non-existent! No one seems very interested in any of them. Shallow, self-important, over indulged, over paid, uneducated brain-washed idiots making a living pretending to be someone else!

And I guess I have one final question for Mr. Maher.  Why is it, exactly, that I should be jealous of sidewalks covered in human feces that you can’t safely walk down, parks that are littered with all manner used needles, streets so clogged with traffic that you can rarely get to where you’re headed, people you can’t have a conversation with because they can’t speak English, taxes so high people are fleeing, air you can’t breathe, schools that don’t teach and a government that restricts freedoms I enjoy in my ‘red state’.  So tell me Bill, what is there that I should be jealous of?


Maher 1

Ya know, if those on the left are so confident that Hitlery is going to beat Trump like a redheaded stepchild why is it that they continue to see the need for using such vitriolic rhetoric whenever talking about Trump.  Democrats, as well as their many socialist supporters, have become nearly apoplectic over the Trump candidacy.  And the reason I even bring this up is because the always charming Bill Maher recently made yet another profound statement in his already-long list of profound statements earlier this week when he went on one of his psychotic rants maligning black Republicans as “Uncle Toms” and comparing Trump’s sons to Nazis.

In a live version of his HBO freak show, ‘Real Time’, Maher chided any minority that dares to vote for Trump, especially black Americans, calling them the derogatory “Uncle Tom,” essentially saying that the color of their skin dictates how they should think and vote.  In short, Maher has now officially outed himself as being a racist.  Maher said, “New rule: Marginalized black Republicans and marginalized gay Republicans have to come together and form a new group called The Uncle Tom’s Log Cabin Republicans.”  And the fact that such a statement actually prompted laughter, paints a pretty sad picture of those watch this boob.

Maher also directed his mean-spirited smugness at Donald Trump’s sons, going on to use that all-too-common leftist trope by comparing them to Nazis.  Maher said, “There was there was an outbreak of Norovirus, the one they get on cruise ships, at the convention.”  And this reject from some mental ward went on to say, “They said avoid shaking hands. So, if you see the Trump boys, just Sieg Heil and walk right on by.”  Maher later expanded on this German Nazi theme when he said: “Do people realize if they are elected Donald Trump, really the people that are going to be running the country are Douche Bag Von Fuckface Trump and Thurston Shit Bag III?”

This Hitler comparison nonsense has gotten to be pretty lame and pathetic, to say nothing of the fact that after years of having used it you’d think these people who are supposed to be so clever could have long ago come up with something new. The liberals have worn out this insult and need to conjure up some new irrelevant label in an effort to try to keep their dystopian dreams alive. If these ignoramuses were only half as intelligent and witty as they think they are, they’d realize that the party that they claim allegiance to has vastly more similarities to the Nazis, including the most obvious one socialism, than does the party they hate.

And why is it that whenever people think of evil people, the first and only person that seems to ever come to mind is Adolf Hitler?!  Have we forgotten what Joseph Stalin did in his own country?  Or how about Mao Tse Tung, or Pol Pot or even Saddam Hussein?!  Do people think that these people somehow pale in comparison to Hitler?  Personally I’m far more concerned about the prospects of our country becoming another Venezuela, a direction in which we already seem to headed thanks to their hero, Barry!  That’s a far more real concern than is fearing Trump is somehow another Hitler!  And it’s the socialist policies of the left that are greatest cause for concern.

But I find as being the most disturbing is the fact that someone can get away with spewing this kind of blatant racism on national TV and not suffer any kind of backlash or consequences.  And you’ll notice that it’s this kind of language is ALWAYS coming from someone on the left.  Now you would think that such rhetoric would draw condemnation from those whom such language is used to promote or defend, but since more often than not it’s always directed at someone on the right it is therefore seen as being acceptable.  Which makes it all the more clear just what frauds race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson really are!

I realize that Maher supposed to be a “comedian”, and I use that term VERY loosely, and likely sees himself as being some sort of a social activist.  But outside the bizarre little clique he’s neither.  It makes me wonder what type of people are watching shows like his and The View that keep these shows alive. The idiocy of people like Maher is mind numbing, believing that black people who have conservative values are Uncle Tom’s and sell outs to their race. The amount of truth and facts that people would have to ignore and dismiss to conclude that the Democrat Party is the one that has the minorities best interests at heart is absolutely astounding.