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So riddle me this, how is that a tax-cheating, race-baiting and completely fraudulent ‘man of God’ like Al ‘Not So’ Sharpton has become someone whose opinion anyone should give a rat’s ass about?  Now granted, it’s essentially no one except those whose business is the spreading of “fake news”, except for a rare few of ‘NeverTrumpers’, who choose to waste their time providing to this racist buffoon a platform from which he can spew his rather unique brand of hate.  And why isn’t this racist hack serving time in federal prison for failure to pay his taxes, I certainly would be.

It was just this past Friday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” that network host Sharpton made the rather bold claim that “sexist” President Trump was intimidated by someone who, much like Al himself, has a bit of a continuing problem when it comes to being able to string more than two words together to form a reasonably coherent sentence.  Of course, she of whom I speak is none other than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Sharpton’s idiotic claim came during a discussion about the president’s recent tweet of a video of Pelosi slurring her words rather badly and stammering.

And it was Sharpton’s fellow genius there at MSNBC, Host Nicolle Wallace, who said, “I wanted to cover it without furthering his smear of Nancy Pelosi, which had the intent of doing exactly what he did to Hillary Clinton, who fell ill at an event, on 9/11 I think, in New York. This is part of the sexism of Donald Trump where he makes a woman look feeble, and part of the debasement of our politics where he tweets someone in a doctored video.”  Now keep in mind that Sharpton has never been known for his intelligence, what he IS known for, is for being a racist.

And of course Sharpton stayed right on script and responded by saying, “Absolutely I think it’s sexist. He does not do it to men. I think he’s intimidated by smart women. Nancy Pelosi is smarter than Donald Trump and he is intimidated by that. If you notice, every time there’s a meeting with them, he completely falls apart. He went berserk the other day, there’s no other way to describe it. I think that his misogyny and his being unraveled by a smart woman. He just can’t help it.”  So here as have another of example of Sharpton doing what he gets paid to do.

These scumbags on the left are really needing to come up with some new insults to hurl at the president.  Simply referring to him as being a Sexist, Racist, Homophobe, Islamaphobe…blah, blah, blah, has, to be honest, become a bit boring after more than three years. They’re going to have to stop simply using the same ones over and over again. But I’m quite sure that, being the creative geniuses they are when it comes to such things, they should be able to come up with something new.  Let’s face it, they have people whose specific job is to come up with this sort of stuff.

But I do find myself wondering how it is that by simply pointing out the fact that some very elderly women have now become little more than a babbling fools is somehow sexist.  It is simply a fact and something that our ‘fake news’ refuses to point out. The mental instability demonstrated by these pathetic old fossils, has become obvious to all except those in ‘fake news.’ From Pelosi to Waters to Hitlery, from Speaker of the House to she who ran for president, none of these senile old gals seem to have the necessary mental faculties to be anywhere other than in a ‘home.’

Sharpton markets himself as being a civil rights ‘leader’ and those in the media allow him to go unchallenged in that regard.  And sadly there are still enough of those within the black community who buy his brand of crap, but that number does appear to be shrinking.  In truth he, like any number of others, is merely acting out the role that the Democrat Party, and the media, has assigned to him to further the narrative that the left wants to push. He shows up on time, gets paid and says what he’s expected to say. In what way is this any different than being some paid actor?

For crying out loud, wake up America.  Have we really gotten to the point where we might actually care what a racist stooge of the Democrat Party has to say about our president?  The Democrats are pulling the covers off themselves by aligning themselves with scum like Sharpton.  Responsible members in the media, of which there are very, very few, shouldn’t give this creep one line of ink or one second of air time.  This supposed ‘civil rights’ leader has zero credibility on ANY issue.  And yet he is still treated by too many in the ‘fake news’ as if he does.


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Call me silly, but I keep hoping there will finally come a day when racist losers like Al ‘Bull Horn’ Sharpton are no longer listened to, by anybody.  When he will spew his racist, hate-filled rhetoric and people will simply turn their back on him.  But apparently we are still a very long way away from that day as there remains in this country people who still listen to, and actually believe, all of his hate-filled noise.

And it was just this past Wednesday that Sharpton joined fellow racist Tom Joyner on Joyner’s morning radio show and commented on President Trump’s Tuesday night address on border security.  Old ‘Bull Horn’ said, “Many people last night wasted their time watching the president give an emergency address to the nation when the only real emergency is him. He’s the emergency, getting him out of office.”

And of course he went on to say, “He said nothing he hasn’t been saying for the last three years; when he was running and two years as president.”  And then he added, “This is as bizarre and as bogus as you can get.”  And if there is anyone who knows a thing or two about being bogus, it’s bobble-headed old Al ‘Bull Horn’ Sharpton.  Perhaps Al should focus just a bit more on paying his overdue taxes.  But I digress.

The truly sad thing here is that Sharpton is no more concerned about the plight of those in the black community than he is about a cloudy day.  Because if he was he would be standing shoulder to shoulder with the president when it comes to keeping out of this country those who continue to enter illegally.  Strangely, the ones most often made to suffer the most from the effects of illegal immigration, are blacks.

And it says much about our first black president that his go to guy on all matters having to do with race was someone like Sharpton.  Which explains how it was that over the course of Barry’s eight year reign race relations in this country not only deteriorated, but remain worse than they have been in decades.  I suppose we should consider ourselves fortunate that things are not worse than they are.

And frankly, I’m not sure what sort of event will need to take place before blacks are finally able to recognize the fact that Sharpton does not have their best interest at heart.  And see that the ONLY thing which Al Sharpton truly cares about is, Al Sharpton.  But he is far from being the only one who works very hard to make sure blacks remain very firmly on the Democrat plantation, there are also many others.

Let’s face it, what has this bigot on a soap box ever done that actually helps the black community?  Does he encourage school choice, does he fight against illegals that end up taking jobs away from Black Americans?  Nope, because all of his power comes from working to keep those in the black community right where they are seen as belonging, the Democrat plantation.  He is a very well paid, modern day overseer.

So there are losers and then there are real losers, and it’s the longer that blacks continue to feed into what they hear from Sharpton, the longer it will take them to make it ahead from where they are now.  The choice is theirs.  They know the guy is a fraud, or at least they should.  They’re certainly not as stupid as he apparently thinks they are.  I really don’t understand the infatuation blacks continue to have with him.

There is one explanation, although I doubt you’d find anyone willing to agree.  It’s common knowledge that Sharpton is a racist.  And it’s at the same time that he continues to decry how it is that racism still exists in America.  What you never hear from him is how it is that blacks are more apt to exhibit racist behavior than are whites, which might explain his continued support from within the black community.

Those on the left, of which Sharpton is most definitely one, still apparently think that Trump elected himself president, and that all they need to do is to get rid of him and all will be right in their world. They fail to recognize that half the country hates their policies and their partisan, do-nothing-but-resist freak show. They seem to have forgotten that voters elected the president and voters continue to support his agenda.

Their ideas can’t compete and their strategy of ‘resist, resist, resist’ simply is not a winning strategy.  Their only hope of being able to continue as a viable political party is to create for themselves a new base of voters courtesy of illegal immigrants and by allowing felons to be able to vote.  Democrats are a desperate party, one that squashes new ideas, defends the status quo, does not negotiate and imports voters.

Other than random appearances with buddies like Joyner, or the occasional stumbling across his show on MSNBC, you don’t really hear that much from Sharpton anymore now that he doesn’t have unfettered access to the White House.  But, once a race-pimp, always a race pimp.  It’s a shame, really, that Sharpton is more concerned about his own influence rather than the well-being of his ‘community.’


Sharpton 15

I get so tired of those on the left who insist that those of us on the right be made to play the game differently than the way they play it.  Word now comes that ‘Rev’ Al ‘Not So’ Sharpton, self-described ‘civil’ rights activist, community agitator, tax cheat and founder of the National Action Network, told reporters on a conference call this past Tuesday that Democrats should not bother meeting with Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s recent nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Kennedy.

And it was in referencing Barry ‘O’s nominee to replace the late Antonin Scalia, Merrick Garland, in 2016 that Al said, “No Democrat should even meet with the judicial nominee Kavanaugh because no Republican would even meet with Garland.”  Sharpton said, “I think that the Democrats owe it to us to stall and really wait until after the election.” Sharpton said, “We can stop and stall.”  Actually, Democrats can really do neither, and it’s essentially their own fault, which is kinda funny.

Anyway, it was on this very same call, which included representatives from the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and the NAACP, that Sharpton accused the Republicans of having a “double standard” when it came to seeking to block Merrick because it was an election year, but now want to confirm Kavanaugh ahead of the midterm elections.  But actually Republicans then were doing nothing more than to play the game by the same rules that had been advocated by the Democrats.

Now of course the big difference here, which Sharpton ‘seems’ to be oblivious to, is the fact that Merrick’s nomination was made ahead of a presidential election, not a midterm election, and since it’s the Executive Branch and not the Legislative Branch that has the authority to nominate a potential justice to the high court I feel confident in saying that Sharpton is once again doing little more than to talk out his ass, which is something that he has become quite adept at over the years.

In fact, if the Democrats are able to earn back a majority in the Senate in the coming midterm elections, they would then be in a position to reject any of Trump’s Supreme Court nominees going forward.  But Sharpton and the others framed their opposition to Kavanaugh by implying that he somehow poses a threat to the civil rights of Americans, specifically “rights” to abortion and contraceptives on demand, universal health care, gay marriage, and racial consideration for college admission.

Leftwing kook Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee, actually made the rather idiotic claim that the Trump administration wants to “reverse and undermine civil rights across this country.”  Clarke also called for “carefully and cautiously” vetting Judge Kavanaugh to determine if he is “capable” of doing the job, despite his lengthy judicial record, including his present post on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

Actually, I think old Al has a GREAT idea.  Why should Democrats meet with Judge Kavanaugh?   After all, I think we ALL know how they’re ALL going to vote.  And if Democrats choose to blow off meetings, we would get to the confirmation process all that much quicker. And along the way we’ll make note of those Democrat Senators who chose to abandon their Constitutional obligation for no other reason than partisan politics.  Sharpton is a flipping genius. You can tell by the way he talks.

And if you think the Democrats are coming apart at the seams now just wait and see what happens should Justice Ginsburg retire or die.  After all, she is 85 not in the best of health, and Trump stands a very good chance, as of at least right now, of being president until 2024. Imagine if President Trump were able to obtaining a 6-3 center-right profile on the court, it would literally DESTROY the leftist agenda and the Democrat Party for an entire generation.  And that’s what so terrifies Schumer & Co.

And this conservative windfall would be directly traceable to Barry ‘O’.  The Democrats were sure his election had proven once and for all that radicalism had finally been mainstreamed, so they luxuriated in their Obamagasm.  But they were sadly mistaken in that they didn’t realize, or simply chose to ignore, the fact that Barry ‘O’ was little more than an empty suit; he had an appealing persona, but his ideologies and policies were complete CRAP and he was incredibly stupid.

Not only that, Barry demonstrated time and time again he was simply in way over his head and clearly lacked the necessary skill set to be president.  That said, he was still able to achieve some level of success in his effort to “fundamentally transform” America which resulted in what was undeniable, catastrophic failure and proved to people that socialism was a disaster.  And it was the resulting backlash that brought about first the Tea Party movement and then the election of President Trump.

How is it that these Democrat Senators can be considered as being, in any way, legitimate servants of the people if they refuse to do their Constitutional duty every time they disagree politically?  Do they really think we are too stupid to notice their staggering arrogance, in that they willingly bend the rules in their favor when they’re in power, but somehow now that the Republicans are in power they should go against their own interests and surrender to the Democrats’ ludicrous demands, for no reason?

So let them be derelict in their duty. They’re simply capitulating to the crazies within their party and making it all that much easier for the Republicans to succeed in this confirmation.  And succeed in general, as has been happening pretty routinely during the Trump presidency.  ‘Three cheers’ for the Democrats’ political suicide!  Stalling is what progressives do. They have no solutions and have not fixed one problem in decades. One reason the left despises Trump is that he is a doer.  And he is a leader.

And finally in getting back to Sharpton, he’s someone who has always fancied himself a powerful civil rights leader much like Martin Luther King.  But just like with everything good and legitimate in this world, there are always cheap knock offs and fakes that try and trick people into believing that they’re the real thing. Sharpton is nothing more than the cheapest of knock offs of the real thing, and he someone who has done more to set race relations back than perhaps even Jesse Jackson.


Sharpton 13

I really do think that the only ones paying any amount of attention, these days, to the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and anything they might have to say on nearly any topic, are those among us who are truly mentally deficient.  But sadly, these two sleazy characters are nothing more than the tip of a very substantial, very racist, and very black iceberg.  Because just as racist as these two race pimps is also every member of that pathetic little cadre of disgusting racists hysterically referred to as the ‘Congressional Black Caucus.’  But I digress.

Because the topic of this particular piece happens to be Sharpton who, on Tuesday’s nonsensical little episode of MSNBC’s “The Beat,” was at it yet again, this time discussing Donald Trump, Jr., because Donald Jr. had said that his father isn’t racist because “all the rappers, all his African-American friends, from Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, have pictures with him.”  Sharpton responded in what has become his typical fashion by ripping Trump and said he had become “one who has proposed some of the most racist, bigoted policies.”  Really?

Sharpton went on to say, “I met Donald Trump marching on him about Central Park. Later, he tried to turn Democrat and came to a few of our conventions. Then he went all the way back right with Birtherism.”  And he added, “We haven’t changed. He changed. And what he’s changed to become is one who has proposed some of the most racist, bigoted policies. When he was talking right, we took pictures with him and welcomed to him to our events. When he went left, we stood up for what was right. He is he promoting racism.”

So while there was once upon a time when Sharpton and Trump were good buddies that friendship apparently came to an end once Trump became the Republican president. Now, Sharpton has nothing but ill feelings toward his old pal.  Which, knowing Sharpton we all do, shouldn’t as all that much of a surprise to anyone.  And, you know, I find it more than a little ironic that Sharpton can be so cavalier with his throwing around accusations of racism when it’s he who is one of most racist individuals on the planet.  He defines racism.

Let’s face it, these days bigotry has become little more than a code word for whites who are less than cooperative when it comes to the prospects of being wiped out.  The left labels ALL whites as racists and white supremacists, so this message is neither personalized nor tailored.  The left uses these labels to create a rationale for the white genocide policy that they have on their mind, just like Nazis went after Jews because “they deserved it!”  Sharpton is a ‘Nation of Islam’ collaborator/ sympathizer and is an Islam apologist!  He’s a traitor.

But then, that’s how it’s done.  You come out and declare someone a racist. You claim the person says racist things. You claim the person has bigoted views.  You offer absolutely no proof whatsoever for your claims.  Dumb, uninformed, and low information people will either hear a sound bite or catch a glimpse of the headline, and assume you have something to back up the accusation.  These same people get on social media and repeat what they heard, taking it at face value as being truthful.  This is how you make dumb people even dumber.

These days no main stream media ever follows up with facts or examples, when interviewing liberals, not even Fox.  They just let them spew their talking points with no hard follow-up questions.  They just let Democrats call the president racist or white supremacist, never demanding examples of what policy or law it is that supposed proves their point.  Opportunity after opportunity to make clear just how phony and hypocritical those on the left truly are is continually allowed to pass by.  And they allowed to drown out anyone who disagrees with them.

So why is it that blacks hate whites with the intensity they do?  Well, because it serves their purposes and it makes the race-pimps like Sharpton lots of money. Bottom line, it’s behind all this racist bull that you find the Democrat Party revving up its base.  Making black people angry is how they win the black vote.  If blacks were honest and less angry they would see that Democrats have never really helped them. Their communities are worse off than ever, even after voting Democrat for the last 60 years. When will they wise up?  Never!

Oddly enough Sharpton is supposedly a teacher of the Bible and of God’s words.  He must have missed the warning that able-bodied people should WORK lest they not eat. Sharpton appears to be a bigot, defending the trap of welfare for his people.  He calls President Trump’s work requirement in order to get welfare “racist,” while the Bible demands the same thing.  Sharpton is a con man, a racist, a charlatan, an opportunist, a liar, a race pimp and a tax cheat.  And he certainly doesn’t come across, in either deeds nor words, as a true man of God.

And I also think it fair to say that anything good for Americans is bad for the hyphenated, semi-Americans like African-Americans.  And that’s the way it should be, and will be until they finally get with the program, and stop being racist and divisive, and finally come to their senses.  We Americans can’t help them.  They need to do it themselves.  But clearly, after decades of thinking that throwing money and Obummer phones in their direction will solve the problem, they don’t want to.  So screw ‘em.  Let them continue to kill themselves off.


Sharpton 08

What does it tell you about the country that we live in when a man who possesses zero integrity takes it upon himself to question the integrity of others?  I think it safe to say that our country is still in a state of being somewhat upside down.  And what makes it all the more troublesome, is the fact that man doing the questioning bills himself as being a ‘reverend’.  I was totally unaware that one could be ordained by a box of ‘Cracker Jack’.  And judging this man solely by his behavior I have a very hard time believing that he is in any way, a man of God.

All of this brings me to Al ‘Not So’ Sharpton who this past Sunday on MS(LSD), said in light of allegations of an affair with a porn star and the “Access Hollywood” tape, evangelical leaders who supported President Donald Trump should have their integrity questioned.  So I’m guessing a guy who owes the IRS $5 Million in back taxes, who has incited riots that have resulted in the death of innocent people, is guilty of slandering others in an effort to promote himself, is a man who belongs in prison, this guy is justified to call into question the integrity of others?  Don’t think so!

It was Old ‘Not So’ who said, “I mean, I think when you look at the Access Hollywood tape, when you look at even President Trump’s comments about other people based on other than the Christian religion, his Islamophobia and all, I think  to give all of that a pass, the Evangelical leaders, I think, is to really begin to question the integrity of some of them that have presented themselves as these leaders of faith and belief that will give people a pass based on their wanting access to power. I think it is very unfortunate.”  Odd coming from such a blatant religious hypocrite!

Let’s face it, Sharpton is little more than a walking advertisement for bigotry of every sort and for hate in its purest form.  All he has done for as long as I can remember is to accuse others of what he’s most guilty of.  Sharpton long ago sold out the black community.  For him, as well as for the Democrat Party, blacks have become little more than a means to an end.  And while I would like to think that someday blacks in this country will come to realize this, the odds are against it since there are so still many working to convince them that there’s really no need to pull back the curtain.

And to be honest, Sharpton deserves all the derision that he gets, and deserves every personal attack that’s ever thrown at him.  Has Sharpton ever once talked about the immorality within the Democrat/Progressive?  That said, I’m willing to provide the president a pass because he IS the moral choice, in a relative sense, over any Democrat.  Sharpton, because of his lack of moral criticism against the Democrats and his own immoral behavior, disqualifies him as a moral arbiter.  The president is trying to save lives and the Democrats are not capable of standing against death.

Look, President Trump has never claimed to be perfect, after all who among us is. And that said I would much rather support someone who is honest about who he is, who is an imperfect person, yet who works for policies that I support, over a politician who pretends to be perfect, who falsely presents himself, or herself, as being honest and above reproach, while promoting policies that will only serve to buy the most votes or attract the most campaign funds. That’s the choice we were given.  I will not say I voted for the lesser of two evils, I will say that I voted for the best candidate.

And I continue to stand by the choice I made in the last election, and so far, for the most part, the results continue to justify my vote.  And no shaming by a shameless race-baiting hypocrite like Sharpton is going to change that.  He is the very last person who should be calling into question the integrity of ANYONE.  Here we have a so-called ‘reverend’ who has spent his entire life in the gutter.  And what’s worse, is that all he has done is to spend time convincing blacks that the gutter is the place to be.  And sadly far too many seem to have taken him up on that.

And while I’m not about to try to convince anyone that President Trump is in any way a perfect man, keep in mind that he was the first president ever to attend and speak at the March for Life Rally in Washington, D.C.  He also ceased making abortion a cornerstone of American foreign policy.  He’s proven himself to be a true friend of Israel, making it clear that Jerusalem belongs to Israel – not ‘Palestinians.’  He has appointed strict constructionist judges across the entire federal judiciary.  He also made it a feature to honor Christ at Christmas time.

I don’t see this president covering up any crosses in the vicinity before he makes a speech, or mandating that people of the Christian faith must compromise their beliefs so that others feel ‘included’ or get access to federally-funded abortions.  The contrast between this president and the last one, insofar as moral leadership, could not be more pronounced.  And I might add that it was the last president for whom Al ‘Not So’ Sharpton was considered to be a ‘spiritual advisor.’  Is that a hoot, or what?  That says much about both Sharpton and he whom he was ‘advising.’


Sharpton 14

You know, much like the little boy who cried wolf are those one left who are today running around and accusing all who disagree with their position on illegal immigration or those who favor the building of a wall of doing so ONLY because they are racists.  And that said, how much longer can these baseless accusations of racism continue before calling someone a racist becomes totally meaningless?  Especially when you factor in how most of those doing the accusing are the ones who are racist.

Take for instance Al ‘Not So’ Sharpton.  Here is a man who proudly identifies himself as a ‘reverend’ and yet is perhaps one of the most racist individuals on the planet.  And as such, how is it that anyone, black or white, can take this this pathetic race-baiter seriously when he identifies the president as being a racist.  This past Monday at Reagan National Airport TMZ caught up ‘Racist Al’ and asked him about President Donald Trump’s supposed “shithole” comments.  His response was as expected.

When asked if the president is racist Sharpton said, “You don’t have to spray paint the N-word over the Oval Office and sleep with a KKK hood to be racist. If you have racist policies, say racist things, operate in a racist manner you are are a racist, period end of story.”  Obviously Sharpton wouldn’t recognize a racist if one was to bite on the ass since he had no problem working closely with the most racist president ever elected.  And that president would of course be none other than Barack Obama.

Let’s face it, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Al Sharpton is to race relations as an open trench of human feces is to a ‘shithole country.’  In other words, Sharpton is the literal personification of the worst of the worst.  In addition to being a tax cheat and using Jesus Christ’s church to spread nothing but hate and venom against all white people, he is a mean-spirited turd and more than a bit of a bigot.  And he has made for himself a rather tidy sum of money, some of which he neglected to pay taxes on.

Despite his title of ‘Reverend’, Sharpton’s behavior is anything but that of a true man of God. And he has very little interest in anything even remotely considered to be spiritual.  But then that’s only because doing so generates insufficient revenue and near zero notoriety.  The only thing religion is good for, as far as Sharpton is concerned, is as a way of getting people to give money, which while intended for doing God’s work, is used to enrich himself and support his bogus organization .

And you know, it says a lot about the current state of the black community that there are still those out there willing to listen to racist tripe served up by this boob and, worse, actually believe much of his racially incendiary rhetoric which is intentional in it delivery.  Of all the black men out there that should be listened to, men like Ben Carson, Allen West or Tim Scott immediately come to mind, far too many young black still tend to migrate toward losers like Sharpton and Jesse ‘The Extortionist’ Jackson.

Sharpton is little more than a racist creep who while hiding behind the title of ‘reverend’ has made a career out of race baiting, going all the way back to the Twanna Brawley hoax back in 1987.  He has frequently engaged in inflammatory, and even incendiary, racist incitement in numerous incidents which lead to deaths of people including the Crown Heights riot in 1991 and the arson attack on Freddy’s department store in 1995.  He is not someone worthy of being looked up to.

The truth is, and what has the Democrats frightened, is that a growing number of Blacks trust Trump far more than they trust those who resemble Sharpton.  Much of that has to with President Trump’s handling of the economy.  And he has managed to turn around, in just his first year in office, many trends in black community that were headed entirely in the wrong direction under Obummer.  And therefore even those in the state-controlled media has been unable to convince them that he is a racist.

How is it that President Trump can continually be called a racist when in just the short time that he’s been in office he has already accomplished more for the black community that Barry ‘O’ accomplished in eight long years?  Is that making any amount of sense to anyone?  Blacks need to start doing a better job in helping themselves and the first thing that they can do in that endeavor is to ignore the race-baiters like Al Sharpton.  Sharpton doesn’t care about them, he uses them.

President Trump is out to ‘Make America Great Again’ for everybody, not just the white folks.  And those who spend their time actually listening to him and not to racist morons like Sharpton very quickly realize that.  His goal is to make it so anyone who wants a job, regardless of the skin color, can get one.  Those who tend to be more willing to side with Sharpton are usually the same ones who have no interest in working preferring, instead, to live off of those of us who do want a job and to work.



I think there comes a time in every person’s life when you just have to look at the facts, and call a spade a spade, no matter what.  And it would seem that there may now be a growing number of those within the black community who are willing to that when it comes to the racist antics of Al Sharpton.  Apparently he was questioned about his motives by some local activists when he arrived in Baltimore to ‘preach’ at the Douglas Memorial Community Church this past Sunday.  And it was one of those locals, Duane G. Davis, who, in a video he streamed on Facebook Live ahead of Sharpton’s arrival at the church, said of Sharpton, “They come to exploit tragedies and collect money.”   And added, “How much money he going to get paid to speak here?”

And it was as Mr. Davis videotaped the encounter that another unidentified man questioned Sharpton on topics ranging from race and mass incarceration to gun violence, and also asked him what he’s doing to help young black men.  The man also asked Sharpton about Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old black man who died while in police custody in Baltimore back in 2015.  And it was in answering the question that Sharpton replied, “What did I do with Freddie Gray? What are you talking about? I didn’t deal with that, y’all did.”  And it was to that that the unidentified man responded, “Exactly, that’s the problem, Al.”  And then it was Al, being the ever concerned ‘Man of God’, who said, “That is your problem.”  Really?

Frankly, it’s about time that we’re beginning to hear how there are at least some people coming to the realization that Sharpton has done next to nothing to truly help the black communities or black youth.  And I’m a little confused on why it took them so long.  After all, Sharpton’s main goal is, and always has been, to use the black community as a way to line his own pockets.  When looking at the condition of our inner cities, to find out how they got that way you need look no further than at what political party has governed those cities for decades.  One has to wonder where Sharpton, Jesse ‘The Extortionist’ Jackson and many of the other so-called black leaders have been as our cities continued to descend into a special kind of hell.

For example, why isn’t Sharpton working in Chicago to stop black on black crime instead of trying to get Blacks to protest at Trump’s inauguration?  Is he afraid that Trump will actually help Blacks in inner cities?  I’m glad there are those, at least a few anyway, who are finally seeing Sharpton for what he is.  And I’d like to think that there are a few more blacks out there who are becoming aware of who this guy really is.  Let’s face it, Sharpton is nothing more than a con artist, a fraud and a tax cheat. Those leaders who really care about blacks in this country are the ones working the streets and not working the media!  These are the real leaders. Many of their names we will never know. They are doing it for the right reasons, not for fame or money.

Sharpton, as you may recall, was Barry’s go-to man on all matters related to race.  And as such met with Barry in the White House 60-80 times for what were described as being strategy talks.  And together they were successful in setting race relations back over 40 years.  Anyone who has spent even the slightest amount of time over the years watching this racist clown, Sharpton, should have little trouble in recognizing him as being nothing more than a race hustler.  At least if they’re being honest.  And one thing you never want to do is to get between this guy and a television camera or a microphone.  Because to do so is to put your life in peril.  This guy is the definition of publicity whore, and yet there are those who, strangely enough, respect him.

What’s truly sad is that Barry could have done so much more for the black community but instead, thanks to those like Sharpton, he chose to do very little.  The black community is far worse off today than it was back in 2009.  But if you’re familiar with what is the true history of the Democrat Party, why would you be surprised?  It was the Democrat Party that was the party of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation and the KKK. And remember it was the Republicans who voted in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965, against massive Democrat resistance.  Do the research if you don’t believe it.  You’re going to have to, because you won’t hear such things from blacks like Sharpton or any member of the Democrat Party.

Sharpton and his racist partner in crime, Jesse ‘The Extortionist’ Jackson have been leeches on black society, in particular, and on all society in general for years.  Sharpton is especially guilty of exploiting any situation that might erupt and of inciting all manner of violence at every oppoerunity.  He’s the black knight who rushes to cash in, throwing the racist card in everyone’s face.  He’s the biggest raciest of all.  It’s good to hear that there are those now taking a stand against him.  He should be shunned by all of them and run out of town on a rail. Or, better yet, thrown in jail for his foul deeds and society should throw away the key.  He lives a very lavish lifestyle off the woes of those who look up to him.  What a worthless piece of crap.

Liberals have created quite the little system here, one that handsomely rewards unwed females with food stamps, section 8 housing, free cells phones, healthcare and education benefits and all they have to do is keep having as many babies as possible before they turn 25.  But the problem is that these babies then grow up to be teenagers without a strong male role model and who, before you know it, are dropping out of school, dealing drugs, stealing and making the inner city into a crime infested ghetto.  And then liberals always find some way to somehow blame it all on white privilege.  And then along comes, and in pretty short order, the black race pimps who seek nothing more than to profit off the misery of others.

You’d have to be a complete moron not to be able to recognize that the real goal of Sharpton, and the other race-baiters like him, is to instill anger and rage in young black people.  Because without that anger and rage over the misconception of being lessor citizens and recipients of unfair treatment, Sharpton has no value or power. Sharpton’s actions have contributed to the death toll in the black community since his actions keep young black men angry and not prepared to settle disagreements in a non-violent fashion. Even Sharpton’s, as well as other activists’, support and insistence of continuing “Affirmative Action” is in a sense sending the message to young black people that “you are not good enough to make it on your own”.

If blacks were to ever wakeup and finally come to the realization that the race hustlers like Sharpton are only about lining their own pockets, I’m confident that Sharpton would eventually fade away.  Blacks also need to wake up to the fact that the Democrat Party simply uses them for their votes every four years.  It’s the Republican Party that is for such things as charter schools while Democrats simply protect teachers and don’t really care about student outcome.  It is minority students who benefit from charter schools in a much bigger way than do whites. Democrats demonize Republicans and the oblivious populace simply believes them without ever paying attention to what Republicans actually say and do.

As I have said many times before, in my opinion blacks are their own worst enemy.  Millions votes for Barry for no other reason than because he’s black.  And what did they get in return?   Well, there has been a 58 percent increase in food stamps, a 20 percent jump in those out of the workforce, home ownership 20 percent lower than the national average, unemployment higher than the national average, a racial wage gap the worst in nearly 40 years, a median household income $20,000 lower than the national average, and a poverty rate 10 percent higher than national average.  Now does that sound like much of a return on their investment for voting in a black president?  And Al Sharpton can defend these kinds of numbers?  Nutty much?