So as the economy continues grow at what can only be described as a near record pace, we still have any number of Democrats, some more loudly than others, who are out there talking about what they see as being the number one issue and telling us why it is that we should be voting for Democrats this fall, and not Republicans.   And it was yet again that we were told, just this past Sunday, the number one most important reason why we should all vote for Democrats is so that we can finally have President Trump removed from office, for the good of the country.

Sunday on MSNBC’s “Live,” it was our favorite crackpot, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, out making the claim that President Donald Trump will be “in trouble” if the Democrats are successful in their effort to take back the House of Representatives in the upcoming midterm elections.  Waters said, “This president is wreaking havoc on this country. And so while there is some improvement in the economy, we have all of this other mess that we have to take a look at and what is, you know, in the forefront of what is being talked about in the media. And so let him try it. Let him go out there.”

She said, “As a matter of fact, I don’t think that that’s going to be so powerful that people can overlook how he’s dividing this country, how he is upsetting our democracy, how he is aligned with Putin, how he is in bed with the Kremlin.” She added, “You know, he can talk about the economy, and people are appreciative when they are benefiting from the economy, but when you are as messy as this president, all of these liars—Giuliani and junior and the president himself—I want to tell you, the American people are getting fed up with this president and his leadership.”

And she continued, “So I don’t think he can get away with just talking about GDP or anything like that. I think he is going to have to answer some real questions about the fact that he lied, that he knew that the meeting was going to take place.”  She added, “Democrats are working very hard. We have a lot of enthusiasm. We have good candidates. We have raised an awful lot of money, and I think we’re in a good position not only to take back the House, but I believe even possibly the Senate. Of course, if we do that, look out, president. You’re in trouble.”

And further proof of ‘Mad Maxine’s’ highly questionable mental status, as if we needed any, is her continuing claim that the current state of our economy has nothing whatsoever to do with President Trump, and has, quite literally, EVERYTHING to do with Barry ‘O’.  It was also on MSNBC that she referred to the Republican tax cuts as a “tax scam” which she promised Democrats would be working to reverse if they are able to retake Congress this fall.  And demonstrating a new-found concern for the deficit, she said this alleged ‘tax scam’ will only serve to increase the deficit.

She said, “Of course, the economy has improved, and of course he would like to take credit for all of that.”  And she added, “But in the final analysis, when this country understands and feels what has been done with the tax scam and what that’s going to do for our deficit in this country, it’s going to be reversed.”  So the woman who has crafted only three bills in 30 years says the Trump policies will “undermine” the economy.  She said, “A combination of the tax scam and the tariffs will undermine all that has been done in the economy that was started by Obama.”

Well, we can always count on ‘Mad Maxine’ to provide us with that rare bit of candor and honesty.  She is once again threatening our president, and threatening his policies which have brought about a true economic recovery in this country, not the excuses we heard from Barry’s about what was to be the new normal.  Democrats continue to represent a very clear and present existential danger to the United States of America on so many levels. The Democrat Party, the party of slavery, the KKK, of segregation and of Illegal immigration, must never again be handed the reins of power.

So here we are, eighteen long months after what can easily be defined as the rather historic presidential election of 2016, and still the Democrat Party, as a whole, has remained  unable, or unwilling, to move forward.  Worse, their current mental state now seems all the more questionable.  And if anything, those of us chose to vote for Trump over Hitlery have clearly been vindicated.  We placed our trust in Donald Trump, and he has delivered results in spite of what has been an epic level of opposition.  But the job is far from over.  It is time again for patriots to do our part.

Therefore, it’s imperative for anyone sitting on the fence to realize that it will be those who think like ‘Mad Maxine’ who will be in charge if Democrats do become the majority in Congress.  It’s outrageous that this woman continues to be provided with a platform from which she is then permitted, even encouraged, to spew her toxic rhetoric.  If the Democrats are able to win back the House then all of America will be in serious trouble.  Democrats have made it quite clear that they will do everything they can to stymie the Trump agenda on everything from taxes to immigration.

If we have one ounce of concern for our children and grandchildren the Democrat Party must never again be handed the reins of power. Let them destroy their cities and states. But never ever let them destroy the entire country.  Democrats have made it very clear that they hate America. Their willingness to open the borders and ignore the massive increases in crime and disease and poverty they will create proves that. Their desire to tax us and then give our money to illegals essentially says it all.  Democrats have declared war on us and the time has now come for us to respond.



While things do still seem kind of up in the air when it comes to whether or not Nancy Pelosi will be the next Speaker of the House, it’s over in the Senate that any hope the Democrats may have had of retaking control of the Senate this November is fading fast as the much anticipated ‘blue wave’ seems to have now become little more than a ripple.  That would be because the Democrats now appear to be in an uphill battle in November’s midterm elections as they struggle to overtake the GOP-led Senate.  That according to an Axios and SurveyMonkey poll of key states released on Tuesday.

Although Democrats only need to pick up two seats to gain the majority in the Senate, they are struggling to control the 10 states that they already hold. These states are now predominantly red states with voters who are strong supporters of President Trump. They include Indiana, Missouri, Montana and North Dakota, all of which Trump won in 2016, while his Democrat opponent Hitlery couldn’t manage over 40 percent of the vote in any of those states.  And I doubt the current, and rather incendiary, rhetoric we’re now hearing from Democrat leadership will help them in their cause.

And the chances of flipping most states where Republican senators are up for reelection now seems pretty slim, with states like Nebraska, Utah and Wyoming most likely a solid GOP win. Democrats’ only hope will be to replace ‘retiring’ RINO Jeff Flake from Arizona with one of their own, while simultaneously defeating GOP Sen. Dean Heller in Nevada.   Midterm prediction polls show that in an effort to add two seats to Democrats’ existing 26, they will likely lose races in Nevada, Florida and Indiana, which will squash any chances of overtaking Republicans in the Senate races.

When Barry ‘O’ was elected in 2008 we were told that with his election we were entering into what was going to be 40 years of solid Democrat rule.  And at the time the Democrats had 60 seats in the Senate and they controlled the House.  Yet it was over the course of the next eight years that the Democrats lost 1000 legislative seats nationwide, including the House, the Senate, and then the White House.  And now in their effort to turn things around the best strategy the Democrats can come up with is that Trump is a Racist/Misogynist who colluded with Russia in order to beat Hitlery.

The next election is less than four months away and it looks like all the Democrats are going to do is to continue to rage about President Trump.  They are going to pretend they’re not for open borders, don’t favor immigrants over American citizens, and are not in favor of impeaching President Trump. Do they have a plan to improve jobs and wages?  Do they have a better plan for dealing with North Korea and Iran?  Because all I’m hearing from the Democrats is how they intend to ‘resist’ everything Trump does with everything they’ve got. If that’s leadership, then I guess I’m missing the point.

Democrats have been crying wolf for decades.  And as a result, many voters have grown tired of their nonsense. And along with those blue collar Democrats leaving the party, this coming midterm election could well turnout to be a landslide for Republicans. Those Senate seats currently held by Democrats in Missouri, Florida, Indiana, West Virginia, and North Dakota could, after the dust finally settles, be in Republican hands.  And RINO Flake’s seat too will likely remain under GOP control.  And personally I don’t think Democrats will flip the House, but may gain some seats.

And you know, by all rights the Democrat Party should now be smaller than the Green Party as those who proudly identify as Democrats have moved further and further to the left.  And the fact that it isn’t just goes to show you that there are still plenty of crazies spread all across our nation.  But the last thing we need to be doing is to underestimate them because they have most of the ‘fake news’ media on their side and most of academia as well. And Democrats will continue to pose a threat to this country until the day comes when they are no longer a political force in this country!

And if all those who pay taxes, go to work every day to provide for their families get out and vote this November then this coming election will likely be no contest.  But if these folks fail to do what needs to be done, then it will be the group comprised of the non-working and non-tax paying who will instead succeed in putting more Democrats back into office. The Democrats showed their true colors when they refused to help in getting badly needed tax reform passed and instead all voted against it.  They made it clear that their ‘support’ for working class families is a lie.

Finally, there are times when I think that the Democrats have become their own worst enemy.  Because instead of choosing to act like adults regarding the fact that their candidate lost the last presidential election, they’ve have chosen to throw a tantrum for nearly two years.  And I’m just not sure how such behavior will convince any rational American voter that they are in any way worthy of being voted for. Now granted the nutcases who now seem make up the more vocal members of the party will buy into such nonsense as abolishing ICE, but it’s a hard sell to most others.



If you’ve spent any amount of time lately listening to Democrats like ‘Little Dick’ Durbin, and the newly elected, and rather foul-mouthed, leader of the DNC, Tom Perez, you’re likely to have come away thinking that the Democrat Party must have an over-abundance of members, to the point where it can now afford to thin out some non-believers.  Because it’s according to these two less than stellar imbeciles that the 28 percent of Democrats who oppose abortion now have no place in the Democrat Party.  Now to be honest with you, I had no idea that anyone in the Democrat Party actually opposed abortion, so imagine my surprise when I heard that so many do.

Durbin echoed party chair Tom Perez Sunday in saying that there has become no room in the party for dissent when it comes to the abortion issue.  It was during an appearance on the Communist News Network (CNN) that Durbin said, “I am committed to women’s rights under the law, reproductive rights certainly, and our party is [committed].”  ‘Little Dick’ went on to say, “We’ve made that part of our platform and position for a long, long time. I know within the ranks of the Democratic Party there are those who see that differently on a personal basis, but when it comes to the policy position, I think we need to be clear and unequivocal.”

Apparently those who identify as Democrats and personally believe abortion is wrong can be allowed to remain in the party, but only on one condition, at least according to ‘Little Dick’.  He said they can stay but only “as long as they are prepared to back the law, Roe versus Wade, prepared to back women’s rights as we’ve defined them under the law.”  That is: all members of the Democrat Party are expected to publicly support abortion, regardless of what they may personally believe.  Perez, who has struggled to unify the moderate and far-left wings of the Democrat Party, had also demanded conformity from party members on the subject of abortion.

Because what really got things started heading in this direction was in a statement released last Friday by Perez that said, “Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body and her health.”  And this statement went on to say, “That is not negotiable and should not change city by city or state by state.”  Durbin and Perez’s disavowal of pro-life Democrats followed Bernie Sanders coming under fire for supporting a Democrat mayoral candidate in Nebraska who previously opposed abortion but later reversed his position after coming under some pretty significant pressure from liberal activists.

Despite Durbin and Perez’s rather ludicrous demands for ideological purity, a not-insignificant number of Democrats do seem to be pro-life.  Pew Research Center found last year that 28 percent of Democrats say abortion should be illegal in most or all cases.  Hispanic voters, a pretty reliable voting bloc for the Democrats, are deeply divided on the subject of abortion.  Pew found that 49 percent of Hispanics say abortion should be illegal in most or all cases, while 48 percent say it should be legal in most or all cases.  But I’m sure when it comes right down to it, those who are against abortion, I’m sure, could be financially enticed to change their mind.

And then, oddly enough, it was just this past Sunday, while on MSNBC, that House Minority Leader Nancy ‘Botox Eats Your Brain’ Pelosi appeared to contradict both Tommy ‘Garbage Mouth’ Perez and ‘Little Dick’ Durbin.  She said, “Of course” Democrats can also be pro-life.”  But it was after making the comment that Pelosi proceeded to quickly change the subject, and she did not address whether Democrats can support pro-life policies, in addition, to personally opposing abortion.  So I’m curious, how does Ms. Pelosi really feel about this sort of dissent from within the Democrat ranks?  Does she really disagree with Perez and Durbin, or not?

But look, isn’t this the sort of thing that drove, quite literally, millions of Democrats, and Democrat leaning independents, throughout the country to vote Republican this last election, especially in the formerly Democrat industrial heartland?  Democrats have lost pretty much everything since 2010 mostly because of their rather narrow minded ideology that allows for zero dissent.  Just look at a college campuses, also look at a map by voting districts, virtually everything that they managed to win was in a few large urban centers in a couple regions of the country.  Democrats have now become a regional party with no appeal outside of specific liberal zones.

And I must admit that I get some level pleasure from watching the Democrats as they keep coming up with new and improved ways to expedite their own political demise.  And you have got to love the Nazi-like, as much as I hate to use such an analogy, intolerance and demands for conformity.  The Democrat Party now seems to be committed to a process that both encourages and endorses the ejecting of undesirables from their Party.  Those being: Straight white males, those who are not for unfettered abortion, those who believe in God (but not Allah), the working class and rural America. Eventually they will eject all who identify as whites.

But why is it, do you suppose, that these supposed ‘leaders’ of the Democrat Party are so determined to bring about this rift within their own party?  Are they so confident in their numbers that they are willing to lose the support of over a quarter of their voters because they refuse to support something that goes against their morals?  What will be the result of these leaders telling people how to think and what to believe regarding their opinion on certain issues.  Perhaps it will be that these voters who cannot side with the Republicans on so many issues, will turn to an independent candidate or simply sit on the sideline during the 2018 elections.

Now I realize that I am nowhere near a political strategist of any kind, but it would seem to me that the type of behavior we’re now seeing from the Democrat Party would seem to be more than a little foolish.  President Trump won the election with such a close vote.  And now it’s the my-way-or-the-highway crowd choosing to cast so many voters aside, risking the putting future elections even further into jeopardy.  But I must say that my comfort in a shrinking Democrat Party is somewhat tempered by my concern that the Republicans only seem to have value when they are opposing the left, and most have no intention whatsoever of ever doing the right thing.

And the perfect example of such Republican hypocrisy is Obamacare.  Because it was time after time that they pounded their collective chest as they put a repeal bill on Barry “Almighty’s” desk.  And now we find out the truth, that it was all merely for show.  Because now that we have a president who would sign it, it’s now that all of a sudden their true intent, or lack thereof, becomes all the more obvious.  So while I am glad for what we DON’T have, I have to wonder, and still have a great many reservations, about exactly what we DO have.  The time has come for the Republicans to either shit or get off the pot because 2018 now hanging in the balance.

And as much as I hate to mention Hitler in reference to what’s going on here, because the comparison is overused, I do think he would be very proud of today’s Democrat Party. He would see many similarities such as attempt at gun control, eugenics, violence to silence ‘non believers’, crony capitalism, police state tactics, informing on your neighbor, using ‘immigrants’ for jobs that ‘Germans’ won’t do, and the censoring of, or banning outright, other points of view.  And Democrats today can’t stand the Jews either.  And it would seem that the more Islam takes over the Democrat Party, the more it will be aligned with the Nazis.  But, we’re seen as being the ‘crazy’ ones.



Try as they might, the Democrats keep coming up short, first in Kansas and now in Georgia.  And while the contest in Georgia has not yet been officially decided, that will come in June’s runoff election, Democrats had had some pretty high hopes to avoid that eventuality by winning it outright last night.  But such was not the case.  The upstart Democrat, Jon Ossoff, a 30-year-old former congressional staffer, ended up with 48.1 percent of the vote which fell below the required 50 percent plus one needed to prevent a runoff.

The progressive establishment all around the country had hoped to secure an outright victory for Ossoff in this suburban Atlanta Congressional District, one that President Trump won by only one percent back in November.  The hope among progressive activists, as well as among the liberal state-controlled media, was that an Ossoff victory in this district would be an early indicator of an impending anti-Trump tsunami that could return the House of Representatives back to Democrat control in the 2018 midterm elections.

Though Ossoff hovered at or near the majority threshold that he needed to win throughout the night, his lead begun to shrink as more precincts rolled in from across the district, a district that has been held by a Republican since Newt Gingrich was elected there back in 1978.  That means a June 20 runoff that will now pit Ossoff against the top Republican vote-getter, Karen Handel, the former Georgia Secretary of State.  So it’s that election that may be much more of an accurate harbinger of things to come in 2018.

And then in what is a rather weird turn of events, rumor now has it that Democrats are already throwing him under the bus with many saying Ossoff was a terrible candidate.  They go on to claim that the bench remains pretty deep there and that there were a lot of other people who wanted that seat.  But such comments would seem to contradict the fact that the Democrats are known to not have a lot of candidates to choose from, and not just in Georgia, but around the country in general.  And fewer still under 60.

Still, I think it can safely be said that this most recent contest is a test for both parties’ strategies for the upcoming national election cycle.  National attention, already significant, intensified after last week’s closer-than-expected Republican victory in the Kansas special House election.  Trump did not perform as well as other Republicans last November in the Georgia district, an affluent, well-educated swath filled with the kind of voters Democrats need if they hope to reclaim a House majority next year.

The far left political machine raised huge amounts of money from liberal strongholds all around the country, from New York to San Francisco, and of course from Hollywood, to bankroll Ossoff’s campaign to the tune of more than $8.3 million raised in the first three months of his campaign.  But it does make one wonder when there are now some saying he was a terrible candidate what was it that convinced so many to contribute so much to his campaign?  It just doesn’t seem to make much sense.  But we are talking about Democrats.

Republican groups ran a blitz of ads trying to tie Ossoff to Pelosi; a political action committee backed by House Speaker Paul Ryan spent more than $2 million on those and other attack ads.  National Republicans say any of the four competitive GOP candidates could defeat Ossoff in a second round.  They predict conservative voters would be more energized in a Republican vs. Democrat scenario. “Republican voters are not going to sit by and let this district go to a Democrat,” Handel said at one of her final campaign stops.

The Republican establishment, initially caught flat-footed, did end up spending over $5 million in advertising against Ossoff in the last weeks of the campaign, but it never caught up in the all-important ground game.  And in retrospect, Republicans failed to recognize the unique opportunity the “jungle primary” provided Democrats who focused all their support behind one candidate.  Republican leadership could have made a similar choice from among their own eleven candidates but, for whatever the reason, chose not to do so.

And while there may be no requirement to be a resident of the district one is running to represent in Congress, it would seem to me that voters would want to choose someone from among their own.  So in that sense Ossoff was just another carpet-bagging charlatan willing to say whatever was needed to whomever would listen in order to get elected so he could then go to Washington and be a step-and-fetchit for Nancy Pelosi.  Because we know that within the Democrat Party individual thought is neither encouraged nor accepted.

And you know, back in 1994 I was hopeful that the Republicans had thoroughly exterminated Democrats, when they won almost every state and federal election.  Newt Gingrich promised a “Contract with America”, and conservatives were giddy with optimism that liberalism had been soundly defeated.  But eight years later, Democrats had overtaken us, and to this day, it seems we remain outnumbered.  Hitlery was easily the worst Democrat candidate in my lifetime, and yet she won the popular vote.

And whatever you may think of Donald Trump, he is somewhat of a rather divisive figure, so Republicans are far from being a dominant political force.  However, with that said, we still have reason for significant optimism because Republicans dominate state and local government, and all thanks to Obummer.  But let’s not spike the ball just yet.  Democrats are very much alive and kicking, and they represent a threat to our freedom.  And the number of uninformed imbeciles in this country is at an all-time high.  And it is they who the Democrats feed on.

The bottom line here is that the Democrats lost because most of Middle America has now chosen to reject their blatantly socialist agenda of offering to all, all manner of ‘free’ stuff.  The collective political message of the left has been reduced to simply ringing the dinner bell to let parasites know that it’s time to feed off of their unsuspecting middle class taxpayer hosts.  The left detests the middle class hosts but they can’t survive without them; and yet, they do everything in their power to destroy the host.

The incredible irony here is that the more parasites that are essentially created by the left, the fewer of these reviled hosts there will be left to feed them.  Eventually the parasites will reach critical mass and the whole society implodes…just like Greece and Venezuela. Incoherent logic leads to implosion and then…whoosh.  And if Trump is unsuccessful, or if we insist upon electing knuckleheads like this guy Ossoff, then the ultimate outcome for this grand experiment in human freedom will come about in only one way.



That leftwing dynamic duo comprised of the frenetic and rather foul-mouthed Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), along with that self-professed Socialist, and somewhat senile, Bernie Sanders have now apparently teamed for a nationwide tour which is really nothing more than a string of cross-country vitriolic attacks on President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.  They kicked off their imbecilic little roadshow this past Monday night in Portland, Maine.  This entire exercise reeks of desperation as the Democrat Party goes about trying to reconstitute itself after eight rather disastrous years of Obama.

And it was as the night got underway that a rather wild-eyed Perez was heard yelling at those in attendance, “Those Republican leaders and President Trump don’t give a s**t about the people they were trying to hurt.”  Perez criticized Trump for his fiscal year 2018 budget proposal.  He went on to proclaim, “They call it a skinny budget. I call it a s**tty budget because you know what… budgets are moral documents.”  He seemed somewhat oblivious to the disconnect in his use of profanity while speaking of morality and the likely effect it may have among some voters in red states, whom he claims are his intended audience.

Perez went on to say, “We need to continue to cause good trouble, and that good trouble includes making sure we call out this budget.”  And then he proceeded to criticize President Trump’s stated desires to repeal and replace Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, which he said, “has been a lifesaver, not a job killer.”  And he concluded by saying, “Our strength in our nation lies in our compassion as a nation.”  The hyperactive Perez was then followed on stage by Bernie who then proceeded to deliver what was nothing less than hardcore socialist message to the largely millennial audience in his nutty grandfatherly manner.

Bernie began his leftist spiel saying, “Our job is to bring millions of people into the political process who, today, do not vote or do not participate in any way.”  He went on to say, “Our job is to radically transform the Democratic Party into a fifty-state party and a party which does not continue to ignore half of the states in our country, including some of the poorest states in America.”  Echoing a theme from his ultimately unsuccessful presidential campaign he added, “Our job is to create a democratic Democrat party, a grassroots party where decisions are made from the bottom on up, not from the top on down.”

It was then that Bernie asked the crowd, “Can you imagine the Republican leadership wanting to give tax breaks to millionaires?”  Then he went on to make the blatantly dishonest claim that Republicans want to drop nutrition programs.  And in what I have to assume was only a rhetorical question, Bernie asked the crowd, “What kind of morals do these people have?”  Rhetorical because as we all know, politicians of Bernie’s persuasion essentially have no morals, therefore they have no right whatsoever to call into question anyone else’s morals.  These leftist nutjobs will say absolutely anything in their effort to regain their power.

Anyway, Bernie would go on to tell his many mind-numbed followers there in attendance, “It is not acceptable to me. It is not acceptable to you that we remain the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care.”  Bernie told the crowd that was why he would soon be introducing legislation calling for a single payer Medicare-style health care system.  And Bernie concluded by saying, “You don’t drain the swamp when you include more billionaires in your cabinet than any president in the history of our country.”  No of course not, it makes much more sense to include a bunch of academia types who have never done anything their entire life!

Look, everyone is familiar with the net result of having had Obama in office for eight long years.  The Democrat Party has been essentially decimated and this nation experienced what was the most anemic period of economic growth in the history of our country.  And the effect on the DNC is that it is now rapidly approaching what can only be describes as critical mass with, oddly enough, Bernie appearing as the great white hope with his offering up a near endless stream of all manner of free stuff.  Bernie’s appeal is that he comes across as being more authentic than most on his side, but really he’s nothing more than just another dim-bulb Socialist.

The Democrat Party is starting to look like an ‘Old Folks Home.’  Yes, they are in need of an infusion of the young rioters from the liberal campuses into their leadership positions.  It is one thing to bang on a tray for ‘Made in America’ applesauce, and another thing to smear ketchup all over your young face, screaming in campus meetings about how badly minorities are treated in these EEOC-governed offices with 90% minority workforces or how bad women have it when 51 percent of managers in the U.S. are women who accommodate their fellow baby-vacationing, mom-clique employees in taking off a ton of time while maintaining their job security.

When you get right down to it ‘progressivism’ is really nothing but another name for communism.  When it comes to those on the left the nomenclature of the day really doesn’t matter.  Don’t let these communists like Bernie Sanders and deranged and vulgar Tom Perez succeed in taking away your freedoms that generations of veterans, our fathers and grandfathers, our mothers and grandmothers all fought for.  These two communists have no values, no integrity and no patriotism and definitely no love for the American people or our country.  When one chooses to vote for a Democrat what they are really doing is voting for bringing about the end to their freedoms.

And while I would like to think that the further left they go, the more support they will come to lose, sadly that tends not to be the case or there would be no Democrats in public office.  They are out there pimping a system of government that has failed in every single nation that instituted it.  This coming not long after they completely removed the word “God” from their charter, and their support for an illegal system of sanctuary cities where they openly harbor criminals and oppose law enforcement efforts to enforce the laws they swore an oath to defend and enforce.  And yet there are people who willing vote for those who support such policies.



After recently coming up short in the recently held special election in Kansas’ 4th congressional district, Democrats have now pinned their hopes on Georgia’s 6th congressional district when it comes to their next attempt to flip a U.S. House seat from Red to Blue, and in the process declare that victory as being a referendum on the policies of President Trump.  And that opportunity will come early next week.  But a new poll may dampen those high expectations just a bit.  Democrats have already given $8 million to help their candidate, Josh Ossoff, prevail among the 18 candidates running in the district primary.  The district was previously represented by Republican Tom Price who has since been tapped by President Trump to become his Secretary of Health and Human Services.

And although Trump barely carried the Georgia district in 2016, a new poll released by Decision Desk HQ and shows that Mr. Ossoff is heading toward a rather difficult runoff with one of the five Republicans in the primary.  Ossoff can only avoid a runoff if he gets at least 50 percent of the vote in the district, but the poll now shows Ossoff with just 39 percent.  Another Democrat in the race takes 4 percent, pushing total Democrat support to 43 percent.  The smorgasbord of Republicans in the primary have a combined total of 51 percent, with Karen Handel at 15 percent.  So this new polling, if in any way accurate, would seem to indicate that the Democrats will have no better luck in Georgia than they had in Kansas with Ossoff likely getting beaten like a rented mule.

It’s also this same poll that shows that with more than 39,000 ballots cast overall as of Wednesday, Democrats currently lead Republicans in early voting.  And as many as 95,000 to 130,000 voters may ultimately turn out to vote by Tuesday.  Decision Desk HQ notes, “Republicans remain divided on who to back, and this is their Party’s blessing and curse going into Election Day.  Ossoff is barely clearing a third of the remaining vote with much of the rest divided in a battle royal between four Republican hopefuls.”  The site goes on to add, “If these voters stay engaged and do eventually show up, they’ll prevent Ossoff from clearing 50% Tuesday. If they aren’t as eager, things get hairy and Ossoff’s first round win odds improve greatly.”  So Democrats, I’m sure, are holding their collective breath.

And it’s both this upcoming election and the previous one in Kansas, that should make very clear just how shallow of a bench the Democrats truly have, all thanks to Obummer, because this guy Ossoff is nothing more than a fraud and on a pretty significant number of levels.  First of all he’s claimed to be a small business owner, which he is not.  And he’s also claimed to have held high security clearances, but this is also apparently not the case.  So I guess you could say that he’s the perfect individual to be picked as a candidate for the Democrat Party.  So I can’t help but wonder if this is truly the caliber of individual that the Democrats are looking for, and if they feel that fielding such candidates provides to them their best opportunity for winning enough seat to once again become the majority party.

But I do have some questions for Democrats.  Such as, if the Democrats truly are the party of the poor, the middle class, and of America’s “working families” then why is it that they continue to demand amnesty and citizenship for millions of illegal aliens?  And too, why is it that they seek to increase the number of immigrants from third world countries including those from the most dangerous area on the planet including countries that both sponsor and support terrorism as evidenced by the attacks in Germany, Italy, Greece, France, Great Britain, Sweden, etc.?  And why do they continue to support open borders thus simultaneously serving as the instrument of destruction of the very poor, the middle class and the same “working families” that they claim to represent and to champion?

And I guess what I’m most curious how it is with such an agenda that Democrats plan to convince enough voters to go off to the polls and to vote for them, and in so doing agree with providing what will be the billions of dollars which will be required to cover the costs of that agenda.  The most egregious lie I think that I have heard in my lifetime came from Democrats when they declare that they are the party that is the protector of the poor, the middle class as well as the workers and minorities.  The truth is that when it comes to Democrats their only remaining path to power is through the destruction of our sovereignty via the legalization of millions of illegals and so called “refugees” regardless of the danger and financial costs to our own citizens.  I simply do not see that as being a winning strategy.

But in spite of all that has been said about the issues now confronting the Democrat Party, and there are many, there is also mounting pressure on the Republican Party to produce.  If they continue to squabble amongst themselves and remain unwilling, and unable, to move forward on President Trump’s agenda of repealing and replacing Obamacare as well as, tax and immigration reform, including the building of ‘The Wall’, then make no mistake, come 2018 I have no doubt that we will witness a great resurgence in the Democrat Party’s ability to regain positions of power, at least in Washington.  So our Republican leadership must recommit themselves to advancing the agenda of our still new president just as our still new president must remain committed to keeping his campaign promises.



There seems to be some level of disagreement out there in the outer fringes of leftwing lunacy when it comes to the recent election that took place in Kansas’ 4th congressional district.  Because of the closeness of the outcome and the fact that the district has been reliably Republican for 20 years, there are some who describe it as being an opportunity lost while others describe it as a harbinger of things to come and still others say it’s much ado about nothing.  After a longshot Democrat candidate came within seven points of winning, progressive strategists have since come out to blame the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) for not putting enough money and resources into the contest, and national operatives more broadly for paying too little attention to it.

And despite the fact that Republican Ron Estes won the Kansas special election Tuesday evening, prominent news outlets were quick to interpret the win as a positive sign for Democrats.  NPR asserted the race was in a very strong Republican district and should have been won easily.  The reason the race was close, NPR suggests, is because the race was a referendum on Trump, and not a referendum on Hitlery, like the district voted in 2016.  The outlet blared the headline: “A Special Election In Kansas Could Signal ‘Big League’ Problems For GOP, Trump.”  Politico noted that the Democrat party didn’t shell out any cash in the race, and compared that to the fact that President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Speaker Ryan all held fundraisers and campaigned on behalf of Estes.

Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer noted in ‘Playbook’ that Trump carried the district with a 27 percent lead over Hitlery, implying the win should have been much bigger, so it was a good sign for Democrats.  They wrote, “The DCCC did not spend a dime in this race. Again: Trump won this district by 27 points.”  CNN called the race a “surprisingly strong challenge” to Republicans, asserting that the GOP closely avoided a loss.  Some unnamed GOP staffer told CNN, “This should be a wake-up call to the Administration and the Republican Congress.”  And then added, “The Democratic base is fully mobilized and unlikely to be defused. We will have to beat them. That will take motivating our base. So far we have not.”   CNN ran the ominous headline: “Republicans avert disaster in Kansas but 2018 trouble looms.”

And it was Jim Dean, president of something called ‘Democracy for America’, a progressive advocacy group, who said, “To the Washington Democratic insiders who wrote this race off before it began, it’s time to wake up and realize that the grassroots expects this resistance effort to be waged unflinchingly in every single county and every single state across the country.”   And then we have Bernie Sanders’ former presidential campaign team, now running a group called Our Revolution, that piled on saying, “The Democratic Party can no longer ignore districts that they consider ‘safe’ for Republicans.”  Even the Democrat candidate, James Thompson, himself said that the party needs to become more active everywhere – even in conservative districts and states.

Thompson’s ‘strength’ heading into the final days of the Kansas special election is said to have stunned Republicans forcing national GOP officials to make a major, last-minute effort to help their nominee.  Democrats in Washington flatly reject the charge that they did anything wrong in Kansas, arguing that involvement from the national party would have been counterproductive and an unwise use of scarce resources.  For many reasons, moving the needle in a district this conservative is difficult for a group like the DCCC.  But the split over Kansas is emblematic of the rift growing wider between the activists and the operative class as two wings of the Democrat Party struggle to find common ground not only on policy but on the strategy and tactics that might lead them back to power.

Although the race was closer than former Rep. Mike Pompeo’s win in 2016, politically speaking it was hardly close.  Estes won with 52.5 percent of the vote, and Democrat candidate James Thompson earned 45.7 percent of the vote.  That’s substantially lower than Pompeo’s 60.7 percent of the vote in 2016, but the lower number could be a result of any number of factors.  For starters, 275,251 people voted in the 2016 election, indicating that the presidential race brought a lot of people to the polls, and only 120,897 people voted in the special election.  Estes also didn’t have anywhere near the high name recognition enjoyed by the nationally-known Pompeo, who had held the seat since 2011.  So I think we can all agree that come liberals are making some fairly broad assumptions here.

Meanwhile, Democrat allies of the DCCC have argued that running TV ads in the Kansas district would likely have done more harm than good because the Republicans could have then used them to argue that Thompson was nothing more than a tool of the national party – a potent criticism in such a conservative area.  They also say that calls for the party to help with mail or field staff would have taken months of preparation for a race nobody knew would be competitive until just last week.  Apparently the DCCC did not even conduct a poll of the race until just days before the election.  Ian Russell, who served as DCCC’s political director last year, said, “Everybody’s internal numbers on both sides didn’t have this being a race in time to start a field operation.”

Mr. Russell then went on to add that the committee also had to be realistic in its assessment of the race, which many party strategists deemed unwinnable even with an energized Democrat base.  Any investment from Democrats would have most assuredly been met with an equal or greater response from Republicans, while donors might have been misled into thinking that a victory was imminent.  Russell said, “The DCCC has to be honest with its donors about where they have opportunity.”  And he went on to say, “If you cry wolf all the time, it makes it very difficult to actually move resources you have a real race.”  But that misses a larger point, some progressive leaders say. To many on the left, the party went to great lengths to ignore the race entirely, refusing to acknowledge it in emails or fundraising pitches.

But we can rest assured that Democrats will continue to use every opportunity that they can to demonstrate that discontent, regarding President Trump, is mounting and tend to favor them come 2018.  Progressives and the DCCC will have another chance to get on the same page next week, during another special House election, this one in the north-Atlanta suburbs, one both parties see as a political bellwether. The political committee has had field staffers working in the Georgia congressional district for months and is spending $250,000 on get-out-the-vote ads on African-American radio stations.  The efforts are poised to benefit Jon Ossoff, who has become a favorite of the activist left, which has helped him raise more than $8 million for his campaign in only a couple of months.

National Democrats have long had reservations about the viability of the race, but they do see it as being a better bet than the contest in Kansas. And DCCC officials say their involvement there – along with the relationship they’ve tried building with activists groups and the 20 staffers they sent into Republican districts in February – is proof they have a strong partnership with their party’s grassroots.  Meredith Kelly, DCCC spokesmoron, said, “Energy amongst Democrats is off the charts, which the DCCC recognized and acted on earlier than any previous cycle.”  She said, “We now have a good sense of energy that’s out there in terms of how it actually translates at the ballot box.”  She added, “That certainly is going to shape how we look at the remaining special elections and the general elections next year.”

But the problem is not the Democrat strategy being applied to the elections, the problem, I would argue, is the message of the Democrat Party.  It’s a message that simply no longer connects with working class Americans.  Americans who place more importance on having a job than allowing thousands of refugees into the country. Things are already getting better because of Trump and the Republicans in Congress.  Hopefully, it will be years before the Democrats are ever able to again gain control of anything.  But lest we forget, liberals are far from being powerless because they still control the media, the majority of our most powerful corporations, and our entire education system.  And the ‘Republican Establishment’ in Congress continues to allow the ‘snowflake’ Democrats far more power than they have to.

Considering their habit of refusing to look in the mirror and correct your errors and doubling down on the far left rhetoric that caused your losses in the first place, there is zero reason to expect anything other than more losses. So let the Democrats spend all they want, I very much doubt they’ll win in Georgia.  In the end, The Republican will take his seat in Congress.  But even with all that being said, the Republicans in Congress, beginning with our hapless Speaker of the House, and a less than impressive leader in the Senate, must get busy working ‘together’ in advancing the Trump agenda or there will undoubtedly be Hell to pay come November 2018.  Replace Obamacare, cut taxes and begin work on ‘The Wall’ THIS YEAR and then brag about it all next year in the run up to the election and it’s a done deal.