So how about we just cut to the chase here. Just how far into the sand must one’s head be buried in order to become totally oblivious to what’s taking place in this country, and what’s been taking place for roughly 27 months. And what has us headed in a direction that, on its best day, does not even remotely resemble the ‘right’ direction. I ask because it’s once again that we have a poll that reveals that there remains a segment of our population that continues to think things are going swimmingly. And you have to wonder what it’s going to take to convince these people to understand the trouble this country is in, and that they bear some of the blame.

And so it was this past Thursday that results from a poll conducted by the Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research were released. And it was in this poll that Joey notched an approval rating of 38 percent, after 45 percent had said they approved back in February and 41 percent said as much in January. The poll also asked about Joey’s handling of the national economy and his ability to project authority as he charts the nation’s economic course in an increasingly troubled world marked by inflation and bank failures. Just 31 percent approve of Joey’s economic stewardship, hovering where it’s been over the course of the last year.

I’m sure most are familiar with how Joey has previously lashed out at those voters blaming him for inflation and economic misfortunes as if it is somehow his fault. It was a year ago, in a speech during a Democrat policy retreat about issues facing his presidency that Joey said, “I’m sick of this stuff… The American people think the reason for inflation is the government spending more money,” adding “Simply. Not. True.” Despite his protestations, his handling of the nation’s economic fortunes has been a weak point at least since late 2021, when the inflation the administration had suggested was transitory became a bigger load for businesses and families.

The difference between Joey’s approval overall and his approval on the economy is driven largely by Democrats, 76 percent of whom say they approve of how he’s handling his job as *president while 63 percent approve of his handling of the economy. The problem with Democrats is they know, but they don’t care. Because the ends justify the means. Democrats under the age of 45 feel less positive about Joey, just 54 percent approve of the *president’s economic leadership, compared to 72 percent of Democrats older than 45. Similarly, just 66 percent of Democrats under 45 approve of Joey overall, compared to 85 percent of older Democrats.

Let’s be honest, anyone, and I do mean absolutely anyone, who agrees with the very purposeful, and ongoing, attempt to destroy this country must now be seen as being nothing less than this country’s ‘Public Enemy Number 1.’ And that includes every single Democrat politician as well as every single Democrat voter who chose to support them. Clearly Joey has been nothing less than a monumental failure and an unmitigated disaster on so many different levels. Joey now claims the title of being the worst President in U.S. history! What we need is REAL leadership, and a long-term ‘America First’ agenda. And we need President Trump to return to the helm!

President Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda includes economic nationalism based on prosperity for all, not on politics! It’s built on the traditional and proven American values that made this country great and the envy of the world! ‘America First’ is immensely popular with middle- and working-class Americans, and not so popular with Democrats and their parasitic voters. It’s bigger than President Trump or anyone else. With traditional values, prosperity, and election integrity, America could be returned to greatness! But it order to accomplish that the American people, at least the majority of them, must want a return to greatness. They will be the driving force.

There is no one who can name one positive accomplishment of Joey during his strive for the destruction of our way of life that supports, one that defends and honors the rules of law and our Constitution. Are Democrats really that stupid or are they just loyal to the party that is destroying America? Let’s look back and remember what it was that American looked like when Joey took office just 27 months ago: Inflation was at 1.4 percent, a 30-year mortgage was 2.77 percent, gas was under two dollars a gallon, food was plentiful and cheap, there was no risk of being dragged into WW III, banks were not in crisis and our border was more secure than it had been in decades.

Fast-forward just a little over two years and America is now a combination of Cuba and Venezuela thanks to corrupt Democrats and their RINO allies. And just who are these people who approve of: High energy costs. High inflation. High food costs. Attacks on the First and Second Amendments. Wasteful spending on ‘climate change.’ Wasteful spending in Ukraine. Open borders. Sending millions to Syria for their border but not to Texas, New Mexico or Arizona. Fentanyl overdoses. Increased crime due to defund-the-police zealots. Rogue FBI, CIA interference with elections. Big Tech interference, and censorship with elections. And so on. Who are these people?

Joey effectively shut down our oil production, embarrassed us in Afghanistan and allowed Putin to invade Ukraine. He opened our border to thugs and drugs. Caused rampant inflation. He’s been an embarrassment on the world stage. Now he’s crashed our banking system and the Fed simply can’t keep up. He’s destroyed the Judicial system and allows a rogue Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI to run Amok. And he’s corrupted our election system and now we have moron Democrats who actually want to vote for him again. There is not a single word one can use to describe the level of stupidity that one would be required to possess to vote for him again.

Speaking only for myself, it’s difficult to believe that his approval rating is much over 20 percent. Depending on which poll, and what questions are asked. There is nothing good that this administration has done that would lead intelligent people to believe they have done anything good. There has been nothing but failure and weakness. Since the very first day, it seems that everything has been made to crumble around us. Everything! I know we’re all one ‘American family,’ but it’s become increasingly difficult to tolerate those who refuse to recognize the damage Joey is wreaking on this country. At this point I don’t know if we’ll ever recover. I really don’t!

And finally, do we really need some wackadoodle poll to tell us that Joey is doing a magnificently shitty job as *president? I mean, seriously! Never in my life have I felt so powerless as I do today. With so many of our ‘leaders’ hip deep in corruption and busily selling out our country to the highest bidder. Democrats seem determined to destroy this country on every single level, morally, fiscally, socially, economically, even militarily. And sadly, it’s our cadre of RINOs who seem all too eager to help in exchange for a piece of the action. So unable to trust our leaders and unable to trust our supposed ‘news’ media, we’re slowly being left with nowhere to turn.



  1. I’m sure by now everybody is familiar with a whole bunch of disgusting illegal. Aliens that tried to rush the border. The El Paso border station. If you just Google this,

    “ El Paso border station almost got overrun the other day”

    No, we are staring down the barrel of 100,000 a day!!!! when title 42 drops here in just a few months. What happened? The other day is nothing like we’re going to see one title 42 drops. I am truly scared for our country. I am my God. We haven’t seen nothing yet.

    They’re gonna be Russian borders all over the place. Biden won’t have any choice but to order the military and you can’t let millions and millions and millions crossover that will make all the ones it’s already come across look like child’s play.

    I read an article the other day. The border patrol is scared. They’re actually looking at 100,000 a day to 200,000 a day. They will be rushing the border at all different checkpoints.

    If you don’t know about title 42 and when it drops, just google it. It is damn scary. What are countries going to get hit with? This will definitely guarantee Joe Biden if he even runs? He will lose big time.


  2. Please forgive me for all the miss types. Where it says Russian borders, it’s supposed to be rushing borders. I will definitely be reading everything before I hit. Send. Do my own spellcheck.

    My 2 pet peeves online is spelling correctly and making good paragraphs. And this has really pissed me off!!!! That I was that damn lackadaisical!!!!


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