I have said it more times than I care to count, and if anyone is tired of hearing it, then too bad. Because as bad as our Democrat politicians, and those who vote for them, are, it’s the RINOs and those who support them, both financially and electorally, that are even worse. Much worse! Because it seems that we have arrived at a point in our history where our country has come to differ only slightly from countries we have gone to war with in the past. And nothing proves that better than the fact that we now have a ‘former’ President who, while he is guilty of no specific crime, may actually be on the verge of being arrested and possibly even indicted. And his supposed crime? The exposing of many in his party who have made a career out of lying to their own supporters.

Now I suppose I could take the time to list the many RINO offenders that we’ve become forced to deal with for decades, but why bother. We all know who they are. After all, it has been ever since Donald Trump first announced that he had decided to run for president that these RINOs began to reveal themselves. You see, it was before President Trump that RINOs had the luxury of carrying out their treachery from deep within the shadows, and had he never been elected they would still be operating from there in the darkness. But President Trump was elected, and it was soon after that he began calling them out by name, and as we have seen that was something that was simply not to be tolerated. So an alliance was born, one that saw the RINOs joining with Democrats to destroy a common target, President Trump!

And so the time has now come for every Republican office holder, whether local, state or federal, to choose a side, to either stand with President Trump or to stand with the Democrats. To stand against what is very clearly a blatant abuse of power by Soros funded DA who has apparently taken on task of doing his part by hauling in the ‘former’ president on trumped up charges, charges that if made against any Democrat would be laughed out of court. And while some have come to President Trump’s defense, it has been far too few. This blatant miscarriage of justice, this sham of a potential indictment, this political circus is centered around the one thing that seems to unite Democrats and RINOs. And that would be to finally succeed in preventing President Trump from being able to run for re-re-lection in 2024.

And if those who love this country, were to see a little more support coming from our so-called Republican leaders perhaps Americans would be less likely to take matters into their own hands. This entire scenario is a farce and the majority of Americans know it. To see it as being anything else is to be either a Democrat or a RINO. Because that is where we are today. What has become the mission of so many of our ‘leaders,’ in both parties, has become one focused not on making America Great Again but, instead, on doing the complete opposite. And in so doing, the decision has been made that President Trump must be made an example of, if for no other reason than to keep others from getting any ideas. And that the American people can not, and they must not, view as acceptable in any way.

Personally, I am not really expecting to see much in the way of serious protests, my gut tells me that it’s many Americans who are sensing a set up here, much like the set up that was put into action back on January 6, 2021. Americans, at least those who do not wish to see their country turned into the world’s next banana republic style dictatorship, will likely keep their powder dry, for now. They will likely pursue other options perhaps choosing to approach things from an electoral direction. But never mistake their lack of protesting as being some sort of acquiescence regarding the travesty taking place in this country. We’re not stupid, despite what the opposition may think of us. We know what’s going on here, there will be retribution, you can mark my words.

In a way I can understand why Democrats and RINOs hate President Trump, he has forced them out into the sunlight. But what does tend to confuse me is why there are so many average Americans who actually hate the man. And, oddly enough, there are actually some who prefer the direction in which the country now seems to be headed to the direction it was headed for the better part of four years under President Trump. Because it was in four short years that it was President Trump who did much to ensure that every American regardless of race, gender or even political persuasion was better able to take care of themselves and those they loved. And it’s those who hate this country that are now trying to prevent this man from running for president again. That’s what this is really all about.

And finally, the American people now have a decision to make. They need to decide whether our politicians work for us, or we work for them. The priority now must be to reduce, to the greatest extent possible, the number of Democrats, as well as the number of RINOs, that we have in Congress. The American people must come together and refuse to accept as true all of the lies that continue to be told about President Trump. Simply look back at what this country, and the world, looked like a mere 27 months ago and then compare it to how things look today. If you don’t recognize the very stark difference, you’re blind. It’s time that we stop being Democrats and Republicans and simply be Americans. Americans who want the best for our country and the best future possible for our children.


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